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tv   ABC7 News at 5  ABC  December 28, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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monday duane johnson was driving around the district of columbia in tricia mccauley's car for a time period with a prostitute making purchases on tricia mccauley's credit cards. all while she was deceased in the backseat. as 29-year-old duane johnson was charged with murder in court, a friend of mccauley screamed out, "he's an animal. he stole my friend for me." that man was gregoire: because of a senseless, insane act that is completely random we will never see her eyes again. we will never hear her voice again. never see her smile again. jeff: johnson was arrested at a cvs in downtown d.c. at midnight on monday. at the time he was driving tricia mccauley's toyota scion. they looked in vehicle and found her body on the floorboard between the front and the rear seat with items covering her. she was badly bruse
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seat belt. >> it's one of the worst cases i have seen in a long time. it's harrowing. jess after his arrest, johnson told police that mccauley offered him a ride somewhere in d.c. but he couldn't remember where. he claimed claimed the two had d afterwards the decedent became emotional and acted like she wanted to kill herself. johnson adding he was standing outside the car when she hung herself in the car. authorities say she had been sexually assaulted, strangled and murdered. johnson had been in jail in d.c. on theft charges and after being released last week was supposed to have an ankle bracelet installed. but he never showed up to have it done and it never happened. >> we feel the justice system is broken and we pray to god that our loss is not something anyone else will have to go through again. jeff: now because duane johnson's claims in no way match up with the facts that the investigators are
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throughout this investigation, thigh are still asking for -- they are still asking if you have information about the case to come forward. the next court hearing is january 133. jeff goldberg, abc7 news. michelle: thank you. the apparent random nature of the murder of tricia mccauley and the details of what happened are disturbing. frankly, just sickening. in d.c., residents are determined to not let this violent act change the habits. brianne carter has reaction. brianne: we know she got in her car and never made it to christmas dinner. but tonight, how it happened and how the two came together, the questions remaining is causing concern for many. >> it's the shock. brianne: long the 2200 block of m street northwes
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tricia mccauley's body was found in the back after her own car, people are still trying to come to terms with what happened to a beloved member of the d.c. community. >> it's horrible it happened. i don't understand how it happened. there are always people here. >> they do not believe that mccauley, an actor and a yoga instructor knew the alleged killer. the fact it's a random crime is worrisome to many. >> definitely a little concerning. it makes you feel unsafe. >> what is tough is not knowing what happened to the woman who is part of the tight-knit bloomingdale community. >> things like that could be paused. >> this woman in the neighborhood didn't want to be on camera says she will pay closer attention anytime she is out alone. >> it could be me. i'm a smaller woman. it could happen to me any time i get in the car. >> a majority
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talked to say they feel safe walking through the street of the city no matter the time of day. some say they would like more answers to the questions about what happened. reporting live, brianne carter, abc7 news. >> up to the minute on the mccauley murder case. we'll have updates online here at just search "mccauley" on the website. jonathan: developing now at 5:00, a missing bethesda's man credit card is being used by somebody else. john patrick donohoe hasn't been seen since december 13. look at the video. six days ago, thursday, a woman used his credit card several times in the hyattsville area spending hundreds of dollars. detectives want to talk to the woman who has seen using the credit card. you can hear from the missing man's father coming up at 6:00 we have had big changes in the weather in the
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now rain is on the way. stormwatch7's chief meteorologist doug hill has the timing. we are looking at the a.m. commute closely. doug: a good bet there will be rain in the the morning rush. start early between 3:00 and 4:00 in the morning in the metro area. clear now but the skies will turn cloudy and the rain will move in. the temperatures are 40 in the metro area. not expecting snow or the ice issues. but cold and damp and not pleasant start to this upcoming weather pattern here we have for thursday. the rain will move in and it will be raining steadily through the rush hour. by 11:00 in the morning it should be east of the city. after that clearing and sunshine. in ten minutes we will talk about the new year's weekend weather pattern in detail and have a glimmer of good news in that forecast as well. michelle? michelle: all right, doug. thank you for that. it was a horrific crash 24 hours ago. abc7 there when a young mother was airlifted to the
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child out of the backseat. richard reeve is live now with an update on the mother's condition and how the 11-month-old girl was saved by her car seat. rich? richard: michelle, that is right. a horrible crash. but also somewhat of a miracle. with this little girl. now we are using the news car to demonstrate what happened here. ortiz was pulling the girl out of the car. the little girl was in the baby seat when she was struck. if you can see behind me, a vulnerable situation. take you now back to the scene. this was in aspen hill yesterday. about 3:is a in -- 3:15 in the afternoon. you may see the orange markings. a mercedes veered off the road and side-swiped ortiz's car. her injuries were horrifying. one of her leg nearly severed off and the other legh
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sofia was literally unhurt even though the car seat went airborne and landed on the other side of the car. most people think she ruse protected by -- she was protected by the car seat. >> i heard a screech and car impact. it sounded like the engine was accelerating again. i heard a woman screaming. it was terrible. it was terrible. we are glad to hear the lady appears to be surviving. >> they are looking at many factors that could have been the cause. distracted driving. maybe medical event behind the wheel. at this point they don't know. richard: so police still investigating. meanwhile ortiz is praying for her recovery and right now they are struggling to pay their medical bills. from montgomery county police headquarters richard reeve, abc7
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michelle: updating a christmas day police involved shooting. conflicting reports over what happened when d.c. opened fire. officers killed paul after he sponding to a domestic disappearance. they allowed his family members to review the police body cam video but the family and the police department disagree over what the video show. >> he had a knife. we seen it with our own eyes. >> we are sensitive to the fact they have lost a family member. so we allow them to see the video. there is indisputable evidence the suspect had a knife in his possession. michelle: that was the interim chief of police responding exclusively on newschannel8 "news talk" today. they can't release the video while h
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mayor's approval to release them. jonathan: in the war on terror , german investigators say a man is in custody in connection with the christmas market attack in berlin. they say his number showed up in anis amri's phone. amri is the man that they say drove the truck through market and killed 12 people. the new man may have been involved. this comes as we are getting new pictures of anis amri. this is him right there. this is from the train station in torino on the 22nd. he was spotted in milan a couple of days later. amri was able to travel between several hundred miles through a few countries undetected when he was killed in a shootout with police. michelle: dylann roof the man accused of killing nine black church members in a racially motivated massacre says he doesn't wan
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hearing -- sentencing hearing. he plans to add his own lawyer. he doesn't want secret or embarrassing information about his family coming out. it's unclear what he is referring to. jonathan: new fallout from the united nations security counsel resolution condemning israeli setmment on land claimed by palestinians. today john kerry says they abstained from the vote. >> it's the only way to ensure israel's future as a jewish and a democratic state. living in peace and security many with its neighbors. the only way to ensure a future of freedom and dignity for the people. jonathan: benjamin netanyahu called the speech unbalanced as the resolution himself. in a speech before the
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being treated with disdain and disrespect. michelle: being president certainly isn't easy and neither is preparing. donald trump now saying president obama is to blame. he tweeted, "doing my best to disregard the many inflammatory president o's statement and road blocks. thought it was going be a smooth transition. not. that tweet came after president obama said he could have beaten trump. meanwhile in china, this statue has popped up at a mall. the artwork commissioned the maliceive rooster sporting a donald do if you will. if you don't believe they are related. 2017 is the chinese year of the rooster and he will become president. it's reported that the hairstyle was inspired by the president-elect. it's not clear whether it is a compliment.
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jonathan: coming up next, a family searching for answers after a family member died in a hospital but no autopsy was conducted. >> they could have stepped up to do it quickly but they didn't. jonathan: results are back after two years. "7 on your side" with the iteam and an update up next. michelle: remember this in june? the work done now to prevent another cleveland park waterfall and the parking restrictions on crowded block. jonathan: plus, does an amazon echo hold crews to break a murder investigation wide open? police think so and what it might have overheard still ahead for us. >> plus, the worst case scenario is there could be an accident that would have been preventible. >> the neighborhood left in the dark. the one thing they want pepco to do they say will make everyone safer. coming up on ab
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jonathan: every day our "7 on your side" team works to your problems. staples it's out of our hands. following an i-team investigation, a korean veteran body resumed and the family
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learn what it was that killed him. the v.a. didn't do it. government watchdog investigator chris papst broke the story. he has been following it for nearly a year now he has the results. >> i miss him making me laugh. chris: the last time monica made the walk was ten months ago. with us. why are you staying away? >> it's hard to come here. i'm disappointed in the v.a. and how they handled the situation. chris: in february 2015, monica's father robert fields underwent routine heart surgery at the v.a. medical center in d.a. -- d.c. but he died on the operating table. they requested an autopsy to find out how he died but we found out the autopsy was never done and he was buried at the cemetery. a serious mistake the v.a. acknowledged in may. >> do you own the mistake? >> we do own the mistake.
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on retirement and lack of employee training. problems at the v.a. have been fixed with better training and new protocol. >> we don't want it to happen again. >> after the i-team exposed the v.a., felted's body was -- field's body was resumed for autopsy. the first in quantico's history. now finally two years after his death fields got the report. in the report the pathologist wrote the autopsy was made very difficult because the advanced state of decomposition. the cause of death cannot be determined. >> once the mistake was known they could have stepped up to do it quickly, expeditiously but they didn't. it makes me wonder what did happen and if they are covering anything up. now i won't know. >> they sent this statement saying we express severe condolences to the family.
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procedural and the communication breakdown. >> veterans should be treated with more respect and honor. i miss my father every day. i hope he is proud of the answer i tried to get answers. merry christmas, daddy. chris: chris papst, abc7 news. michelle: tracking breaking news. tmz reporting that actress deb dee recommend -- debbie reynolds has been hospitalized and may have had a stroke. the 84-year-old has obviously been upset since her daughter's death yesterday. we have more on the developments as they become available. jonathan: turn our attention to the weather. from yesterday to today did you notice a change? michelle: not really. both nice. chillier today but for the time of year. doug: 68 yesterday.
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michelle: i'm always hot so this is okay. doug: then you won't mind the rain tomorrow. jonathan: she will notice that. michelle: i'll notice that. doug: it is getting rainy and beautiful now. time lapse from maryland to prince george's county. it's average temperatures and clear but then the rain will roll in tonight. it's 47 in fredericksburg. quantico at 48. 43 in college park. the story tonight will be clear skies for a while longer. slow, steady increase in clouds from the west. you can see the arrows that we put on, tracking the rain heading north and east. it has two identities for the system. one is rain
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it will put snow in interior new england and measurable snow. winter storm watch up for them. give you a sense of the timing. there may be a mix of rain and snow on the pennsylvania border. winds turn southeast and that will bring us warmer air overhead. 100% chance of rain. but the snow will shift well north. we have consistent tracking on this and it should end by 11:00 and by noon be out to the picture and heading offshore to the east. the temperatures to the low 50's tomorrow afternoon. colder air lingering behind the front. snow and a fair amount of it in the higher elevations when the winter storm posted and high elevation winter storm
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warnings. how much rain generally in the metro area a half an inch it will come and go. making plans tomorrow. plan on rain tomorrow. the sun will mick an appearance in the midday and the afternoon hours. wind advisory in effect tomorrow, too. higher elevations along and west of the blue ridge. new year's forecast looks better. partly cloudy and 44 saturday. maybe, maybe a sprinkle near midnight. sunday some sunshine and the clouds increase late in the day. 46. the rain will happen. but it will end by the afternoon. the rain is coming and going. it's windy and cold on friday. warming up on tuesday and wednesday. turning colder when we head to the end of next weekend. i think that's it. i have done all i can
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that is beautiful. michelle: nice. still ahead for us at "abc7 news at 5:00" -- a neighborhood left in the dark. >> an entire street lined with the lights but they are not working. so they called "7 on your side." see what pepco did when we con about thed them coming up. >> georgia avenue is one of the busiest roadways in the district. now at havertys furniture, it's our holiday sale. where you can create the perfect home from now until january 2nd, find savings in every room. furniture and accessories to complement your style this season and all year long. plus, enjoy thirty-six month, no-interest financing. with havertys, your home can be perfect, even when life isn't. come in today and save. the holiday sale is on now, at havertys. life looks good.
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it's all about customization. the possibilities are endless.
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jonathan: welcome back. this is a geyser shooting up in air. someone hit a hydrant, knocked it over. boil heights, los angeles, east of l.a. getting toward the rush hour. rush hour starts at noon. this is tying things up. it's what happens when you hit a hydrant. it's bad. d.c. police are now hosting a community meeting tomorrow night. "7 on yr side" fighting back against crime. mike carter-conneen has an update for us. mike? we told you about a shooting on christmas eve. a few hours after the report aired on abc7 another shooting happened here. this time a stray bullet went in the apartment and police believe it was
5:26 pm
suspect vehicle involved. >> you hear bang, bang, bang, the first thing is not to jump under your desk. >> residents say they heard both shootings. saturday and again on monday night. >> it's scary people can't be uptown without hearing gunshots. really sad. >> this man was too scared to speak on camera but said his family was watching tv and they heard the gunfire and hit the floor. a bullet found in the closet. no one was hurt. but residents are feeling anxious. >> i have two kids. they were scared enough not to want to sleep in their own beds. >> there is this belief in the takoma neighborhood that a 37-year-old homeless man known by most as j.r. was shot and killed outside the says says. >> he -- outside the 7-eleven. >> the customers knew him. he seemed like a nice person.
5:27 pm
disheartening. >> a verbal altercation that becomes physical. handgun is pulled out. >> they had the upper hand. >> police are searching for two men and say they are patrolling the area. >> the community meeting thursday night will be held at the m.p.d. fourth district station in northwest. residents are urged to keep if eyes open looking for a red, late model hyundai with maryland temple rare tags. reporting live in northwest, mike carter-conneen. jonathan: thanks. ahead for us at "abc7 news at 5:00" -- could an amazon echo hold the key to a murder mystery? police believe the peeps of tech -- piece of technology could be a witness. michelle:
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overshadowed carrie fisher in ref-lyle. the tributes that keep coming in still ahead. >> plus, "7 on your side" tonight. fios is not cable. we're wired differently. in still ahead. >> plus, "7 on your side" tonight. so we're offering incredibly fast 150 meg internet, just in time for the holidays. hurry, freddy, you're gonna miss it!
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out of bounds -- >> announcer: you're watching "7 on your side." michelle: the entire street is lined with light but on heinz road, a number are out. subdivisions line the street and the families that live there are fed up. "7 on your side" gets action. kevin lewis shows us. kevin? kevin: dog-walkers, children and everyday adults use the sidewalks on a daily basis. in other words, the streetlights are essential. the results are clare. >> this is one of the main roads through. kevin: cars are commonplace along heinz road. a stretch of street that links hundreds of single family homes. >> the worst case scenario there could be an accident that would have been preventible. >> a number of light poles are
5:32 pm
potentially dangerous at night. >> red means outage. they marked the problem poles with the red tape but determined it was a pepco issue. to date, when the sun sets, heinz goes pitch black. >> if you don't see action taken after several months you wonder what is going on. >> yesterday, when "7 on your side" called pepco it told us a crew would replace a transformer last week and would return today to fix a severed underground cable. the utility company is hopeful every light will be working by week's end. >> this is a busy road.
5:33 pm
not part of the plan. >> the red tape that marked the broken lights are now gone. this is a vul tage issue so culpeper had to get involved. we're -- this is a voltage issue so pepco had to get involved. kevin lewis, abc7 news. jonathan: the national transportation safety board association is looking into brake issues. the federal safety officials say the brake pedal on the vehicles may lose pressure to make it difficult to stop. michelle: amazon has been handed a court order to hand over information on echo
5:34 pm
bathes is accused of killing a coworker last year and the prosecutor want to know if the echo speaker was on online and sending auto to amazon at the time. the attorney says her client has nothing to hide. but says the prosecution request are raising privacy concern. jonathan: there have been so many celebrity deaths in 2016. michelle: it has people wondering what might happen in the final days leading up to 2017. lindsey mastis shows us a man's effort to save a beloved celebrity. lindsey: this is a go fund me page to protect betty white from 2016. the guy who set it up said he will use the money to travel wherever she is to protect her. if she is uncomfortable with that, it will be donated to a theater in south carolina. this has gone viral. people on social media can't get enough. but for j.j
5:35 pm
enough. he writes can we extend it to 2025 or something? rosa writes bubble wrap her. but not everyone is on board. steve thinks this is a publicity stunt to get noticed. carl thinks this is a keep to make money. this is the guy that started it all. he says he is glad that the money will go to a good cause to hemp support the arts. back to you -- help support the arts. back to you. jonathan: i wonder how much money they will raise. what will they do with it? michelle: good cause. the arts. still ahead for us. one man turns a hobby to his new job. he hasn't looked back since. >> i knew i was making a sacrifice. i was tired of sacrificing my happiness for a paycheck. michelle: stick around for this.
5:36 pm
miles powells finds his true calling in the kitchen next. jonathan: still ahead for us, too, a losing venture. making pennies. you are not going to believe how many pennies our country makes each and every year and the millions of dollars it loses in the process. michelle: coming up, new at 6:00, a fix for this mess from back in june. what metro is doing to make sure one metro stop doesn't flood again.
5:37 pm
doug: clouds will continue tonight. we have rain for the rush hour tomorrow. that is a sure bet. but we may see sunshine developing and hitting 50. colder on friday. partly cloudy and windy. highs near 40 and wind chill in the 230's to 30 most of the day. looking ahead to new ye
5:38 pm
weekend. cloudy and 44 on saturday. sprinkles in some spot on saturday night. improving news for new year day weather on sunday. partly cloudy highs of 46. clouds increase late in day but the rain will hold off until after 7:00 or 8:00 sunday night. that is good news. stay with us
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michelle: we have the inspiring report and what put him to follow his passion. >> the pineapple buffalo sauce has the heat to it but it's the most versatile we have. michelle: whether you are looking for sweet heat or miles mannered, miles powell has a sauce. >> they are made with real fruit. only with natural sugar and gluten free. they are delicious. michelle: making sauces used to be a side gig for him. >> shortly after landing an engineering job he realized this is his passion. he quit his 9 to 5. >> i knew i was making a sacrifice.
5:41 pm
i knew it would be big. >> a lot of this is learning the industry. i don't have a culinary background. michelle: he is in the kitchen when most of us are sleeping. >> i produce my sauces at night. 6:00 p.m. to 6:00 a.m. to when i make them. >> one-man operation. >> how does it feel to walk in store and see the products on the shelfs? >> it's surreal. i couldn't believe it's my name on the store shelf. michelle: he says starting his own business 18 months ago and facing rejection taught him to stop treating life like a checklist. enjoy the journey and embrace every mile. >> i'm trying to encourage people to take a moment and appreciate what they have. >> you will see it on every bottle of sauce. there are three flavors
5:42 pm
the goal is to have eight sauces, hence the name eight miles. he makes them at the mess hall in northeast. i tried to buffalo pineapple one. i have to tell you it is delicious. i'm going to make chicken an bring it in to share with you. jonathan: crazy good. michelle: yes. >> i'm a barbecue nut. i have to pick some sauces up. good for him. >> great. courageous. jonathan: good for him. >> coming up for us at 5:00, you won't believe how much the u.s. loses minting pennies. how many are made and the millions -- yep,
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it's all about customization. the possibilities are endless.
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jonathan: we told you earlier more sad news out of hollywood. tmz reporting carrie fisher's mother, debbie reynolds the actress taken to the hospital. michelle: this is one day after fisher died. leaving fans around the world in mourning. we see how fisher is being remembered on and off screen. >> as fans of carrie fisher continue to process the news of her death -- >> i was stunned. >> they can't help but share why they fell in love with her. >> she was amazing. >> first, she was p
5:46 pm
she was a role model she was people with messed up lives. >> known by the world for her role as princess leia, her influence spread well beyond "star wars." >> i grew up going to the movie. i saw the first one in the theater. it makes me sad. she was a really smart woman, feminist. said what she was thinking and feeling and fought for mental health issues. >> tributes to fisher are happening around the country. in san francisco, lucas film headquarters a statue of yoda looks down on the messages left by her fans. in hollywood -- >> we have seen fans walking around and talking about her and having flowers. but no place to set them down and pay respects. >> looking to pay homage to the actress surprised she doesn't have a star on the walk of fame. so they gave her one. across the country in new york, people dressed in "star wars" gear. a way to honor the wo
5:47 pm
screen. fisher's funeral plans are still being finalized. her brother says we can expect her memorial to be a celebration of her life because she liked a good party. abc7 news. michelle: two families in louisiana made a swap that will last a lifetime. drew and sheila both needed kidney transplants but their family members were not exact matches for them. but cross-donor program discovered the two families were matches for each other. >> i feel better than i have felt in years. >> a hundred times better. i could feel the difference. >> with so much going on in the world and the division and hatred, this is a prime example of how love trumps it all. they are family now. michelle: drew has plans to play pool in vegas some day and sheila's daughter says she will go watch when he does.
5:48 pm
need to do, give drew a bigger table. he will need the real deal. how about this? it costs more to make a penny than the value of a penny. think about that for a second. the cost is 1.5 cents per penny according to the "wall street journal." if you think it's not that much it adds up especially when you make 9 billion of them in a year. that is more than the nickel, dime and quarter combined. they are making a bunch of pennies. the government lost $45 million on pennies in 2016. pennies, bad investment. wow! all right. abc7 on traffic watch. trenice bishop has a look at the ride home for us. how is it looking out there? trenice: a lot of brake lights for you on the beltway. right now slow. no report of new incidents but we will take a large look at the big picture. the top of the beltway is slow. making rounds from the outer loop at the 270 spur. toward the virginia side. but here if you are takng
5:49 pm
live look at the cameras on the beltway at prince george's, heavy inner loop delay from 195 to ritchie marlboro road. that span most of the trip on the beltway to prince george's. talking of the beltway this the brake lights leaving bradley boulevard. 270 spur most of the way to georgetown pike. we are under speed. brake light action. earlier crash moved. the travel lanes are open. delays to get out of the city as well. earlier stall at the 359 corridor, 14th street bridge. leaves you with the volume on the southeast/southwest freeway to make the ride home to virginia. michelle? >> thank you. next at 6:00, places in the d.c. area with the most ride share dropoff throughout the year. also what you need to have to get in the m.g.m. national harbor casino on new year's eve. another big play from nfl star cam newton.
5:50 pm
10-year-old boy that will melt your heart. that's coming up. doug: the cold rain will be here. lower 30s in the mountains to the west and scattered closer. mostly in the western zone. we think we are only dealing with rain. the temperatures will warm up. it will be chilly wakeup and a wet one as well. plan ahead. extra time driving. the rain will move in at 4:00 in the morning. the winter storm watch is up for new england. for us it's rain. the rain will move out and skies brighten in the e
5:51 pm
gusty winds bring in colder air for tomorrow night. there is snow in the ridge top. higher illvation along the -- higher elevation along the mountains. in advance there are winter storms watches. in the higher elevation a winter storm warning. there is also an alert for windy conditions in the high elevations tomorrow. 50 tomorrow. cold and windy on friday. partly cloudy sunday. the rain will hold off until nightfall on sunday. michelle: talk football. redskins. jonathan: keep winning and keep winning. given a gift by the cowboys. erin: this game sunday means everything for the skins. not so much for the giants. we start with an injury update. jay gruden said the rookie craven dealing with a warm injury is a longshot to play in
5:52 pm
for more on the showdown with giants, here is robert burton. robert: we have reached the do or die point for the redskins. a win over the giants on sunday, and they are playoff bound. >> we have to play the best football. week 17 we should be mentally sound. physically in good shape. ready to roll. a lot to play for. >> that's it. nothing more or less. just win. robert: there is a catch. they have to play the giants. if the lions and packers tie on sunday, no postseason for the redskins. >> i joke around with it with my wife. i said that would be something else. we win and they get a tie. we joke around about it. we are the first game. we are control. ties don't come a lot. hoping and praying it won't happen. >> we don't think it will be a tie. possibility is low. the only thing that matters is winning. >> the giants are expected to play the starters on sunday. the skins say they could care less.
5:53 pm
they could bring back jeff hoststettler. whoever. they come off the bus they have to line up. >> every game is important. if we had won a game earlier that we ended up losing we would already clinched. they are all important. this is no different. robert: at redskins park, robert burton, abc7 sports. erin: thanks, rob. to atlanta where a christmas wib came through for a 10-year-old boy. erin: all he wanted for christmas was to meet panthers quarterback cam newton. he got his wish yesterday. his teacher started a social media campaign for newton to meet the boy. cam found out and surprised him. you can see them hugging there. the young boy doesn't want to let go of his hero. a very nice gesture there from cam newton. jonathan: you know, when you see athletes do this, it warms your heart makes you feel good. erin: this went viral as well.
5:54 pm
michelle: great to see. jonathan: thank you for sharing that. up next at "abc7 news at 5:00" -- >> dozens of car windows smashed in here at the green belt metro station. i'm cheryl conner. we talk to folks coming home from vacation to find the damage. >> i'm randy, stationed at langely air force base. i would like to say hi to my
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jonathan: coming back from vacation is hard enough but it's more difficult for dozens who parked on the greenbelt metro station in the long-term parking area. cheryl conner shows us the damage after someone went on a window-smashing spree. >> a bunch of broken glass. the cops will have a long day. cheryl: a long day for matthew o'neil as well. >> it's easier to drive in the long-term parking. cheryl:
5:58 pm
to his parents to say the new car had no passenger window. >> they went through the glove compartment. nothing seems to be missing. cheryl: metro transit police took pictures and they left notes on cars to call a number to file a report. they are searching for these suspects pictured in surveillance video at the station. >> i walked around i counted 37 vehicles with windows smashed in. this is in the area of marker 7c where drivers talk long term. a metro spokesman said it started this morning after service started and it could be as many as four dozen cars damaged. metro says there are no reports of items taken from vehicles. that is true for a brooklyn couple who waltz up to find the trunk pop and windows smashed. it was a mess but everything was there. we found a lyft driver who may need a lift returning to his or he
5:59 pm
and the club on this deal can't stop a break-in. >> normally we want to get on the road. it's just a hassle. cheryl: police are calling on the public to identify these suspects. in greenbelt, cheryl conner, abc7 news. jonathan: next at 6:00, a yoga teacher murdered and her killer in court. how the two might have met and how the crime might have been stopped. michelle: next at 6:00, a busy day for the president-elect. we didn't see much of him in florida but he shared a lot on twitter. jonathan: stopping the floods. what metro is doing to headache sure riders don't have to water anymore. the news at 6:00 starts now. announcer: "7 on your side." >> one of the worst cases i have seen in a long time. jonathan: that is d.c.'s top cop saying it's the worst case he has come across. the murder of a yoga
6:00 pm
day. there are new details in her death. michelle: the man accused of killing her making the first court appearance in court. jeff goldberg is live outside the courthouse. the unanswered question tonight remains. how did the two meet? jeff: well, that is the question that investigators are still trying to answer. because the information that duane johnson is providing to police in no way match up with the information that the investigators are finding. johnson being held without bail after the hearing today in d.c. superior court. in the hearing a friend of tricia mccauley yelling out, "he is an animal. he stole my friend from me." 29-year-old duane johnson faces first-degree murder charges in brew stall killing of tricia mccauley. but her friends are at a loss of what to do next. >> we can't get her back. that is the reality. that is where we


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