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tv   ABC7 News at 4  ABC  December 29, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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heartbreak in hollywood. debbie reynolds passing away a day after her daughter carrie fisher. michelle: reynolds you probably know from "singing in the rain" and fisher from "star wars" lived next door to each other. they were so close. reynolds was 84. fisher, just 60. reynolds son saying his mother told him, "i want to be with carrie" before dying in the hospital. the grief todd fisher is experiencing is unimaginable. now planning for two funerals. q: sad to take -- say the least. we're looking at broken heart syndrome. someone can die from a broken heart. >> absolutely. anyone who has been through it say the pain of losing a child is horrific. stressful. losing anyone is stressful. you can die from broken heart syndrome. in many ways it mimics a heart attack and more likely to have in women over the age of 65. >>
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>> ♪ good morning >> debbie reynolds leading lady and hollywood icon passing away wednesday a day after her daughter carrie fisher. the news shocking the world and leaving many to ask did she die of a broken heart? >> e said you can die from a broken heart. there is a syndrome called broken heart sin drome. it's stress induced cardiomyopathy. >> the center at women's cardiovascular health and says 90% of the patients with broken heart syndrome are women. and the symptoms mimic a heart attack. >> we know that about the mortality rate for it is 4% during the hospitalization. >> fisher died tuesday, days after suffering a heart attack on a plane. reynolds' son says the stress was too much for his mother. although reynolds suffered a stroke, doctors say the stress associated with losing a loved one can trigger broken heart syndrome. she has treated patients with it before. >> it's no
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seen with a loss, especially if the loss is unexpected. >> doctors say the symptoms are chest pains, shortness of breath and loss of consciousness. it can be brought on by losing a loved one or diagnosed with a new illness. you have to imagine the pain that the family is under losing debbie and carrie one day apart. >> yes. a sad story to say the least. thank you for the report. that said, you can imagine reynolds' death took social media by storm. michelle: a lot to take in, just in 24 hours. lindsey mastis is in the newsroom. absolute shock over this. the fact that it happened sost fa. lindsey: a lot of celebrities are in shock but they understand just how close debbie reynolds was with her daughter carrie fisher. this tweet by alyssa, i totally get it. hug her so tight for all of us. debbie messing saying heartsick. debbie went to be with carrie. she was my mom for year
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a legend. a lot of the hollywood stars talked about how they played family on television. neil patrick harris said debbie reynolds played his grand mother once and she was the best. losing it with so sad. duane johnson says we will never know about things like this but dying of a broken heart is a real thing. love, light and strength so their family. back to you. q: if you are interested in seeing more about the lives of debbie reynolds and carrie fisher lived, true hollywood royalty. head to the website and search "reynolds/fisher." you can see how close they actually were. that being said, we will turn to the weather now. it's starting to feel a lot more like late december. the rain moved away this morning. it's breezy and cold. the eyes are turning to the 2017 forecast. we have stormwatch7's meteorologist steve rudin in studio. you can watch out for.
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you are notice them over the next couple of hours or so. the winds are going to start to pick up. the wind gusts upward of 25 to 30 miles per hour. it's cool out there now. 46 in reagan national 5. 1 in warsame. 41 at winchester. the winds are increasing to the west of us. sustained winds 23 to 25 miles per hour at hagerstown. not arriving in the immediate metro but it will change in the next hour or two. temperatures are in the 340's. winds kick up out of the west 10 to 20 miles per hour. wind gusts at 30 miles per hour. talking about tomorrow and ringing in the new year. more on that coming up. q: thank you. new at 4:00, president obama taking executive action against russia for the hacking related to the election. dozens of the russian nationals getting booted. jonathan elias is at the
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jonathan: this is getting play all over the world. president obama imposing strict sanctions on the russian officials. here is what we know. 35 russian diplomats are being kicked out of the russian embassy in d.c. and the consulate in san francisco. they have 72 hours to pack up the stuff and get out. the reason, they are accused of acting in a manner that is inconsistent with the diplomatic status. the president said russians will no longer have access to government owned come pounds in maryland and new york. the u.s. investigations investigated hacking throughout the campaign season and came to the conclusion that russia's government was trying to influence the outcome of the election. russia denied this saying they have no business and they weren't even involved in hacking the election process. this is one of those how do you prove it? abc7 is monitoring this and including the potential retaliation. spokesman for
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that the russian president is considering taking his own action against the united states accusations. we will have more on this at 5:00 6:00 and abc7 news at 6 -- "world news tonight" at 6:30. michelle: the man charged in tricia mccauley's murder should have been wearing an ankle bracelet. he had been ordered to show up december 21 following a prior arrest but that never happened. that is raising questions in d.c. jeff goldberg has the developing story and is asking the questions. what are you finding? a lot of anger about the situation but not too many answers. in the bloomingdale section of d.c. tricia mccauley was well known and beloved, people are heart broken over her loss. this is the yoga district where she was a teacher. flowers in her honor. people are angry. they want answers why johnson was not wearing the ankle bracelet at th
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tricia mccauley went missing. he was charge with first-degree murder. authorities say he sexual assaulted, strangled and beat tricia mccauley. but last week, johnson was released from the d.c. jail on a misdemeanor theft charge. on the 20th of december a judge ordered him to get mental health treatment and have the ankle bracelet installed on the next day, 231st. johnson never showed. a hearing to find out why he didn't show set for january 24. but she went missing on christmas day. johnson left without wearing the ankle bracelet. >> could it have prevented this crime? we are not sure that it is true. but we know that it's not okay for people to be released upon conditions and then the conditions not be met prior to them being
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>> we tried to get answers why he wasn't placed with the ankle bracelet. they tell us action of the pretrial services agency, a different agency. it does seem like this was the case of not only court procedures working out but also court bureaucracy as well. as you can imagine and as you have heard neighbors are furious. they want answers to why this situation unfolded the way it did. we have more on what they are doing in an hour. michelle: day of mourning, u.s. and the state flags at half-staff across maryland this evening. in an hour they will be raised again at the order of governor larry hogan. it's in honor of sergeant first class alan b. brown. the army soldier from takoma park that died in a suicide bombing attack. the blast that killed the
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habbed in afghanistan. q: -- happened in afghanistan. q: the search continues for a serial armed robber terrorizing convenience store across maryland and virginia. john gonzalez has more on how many shops have been hit. >> the police department in alexandria, prince george's and hear in montgomery are all working together to find this serious robber. they belief he is behind 11 robberies. look across the street. shell gas station there. they believe a guy carjacked a woman last month. police say someone has to know the guy and they have to recognize them. they believe he will strike again. that is december 21st. the robber jumps over the counter at the dunkin' donuts in
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he wears a mask and hand and gun he takes cash at each location. police believe he is driving a silver chrysler that date back to last fall. he has been busy lately. seven robberies in eight days. >> the montgomery county police are doing a good job. every time they go in, everywhere, in the parking lot, overnight. when we are walking. the beltway makes it easier for them. >> six in prince george's, four in montgomery county and one in virginia. most of these are occurring in the middle of the night. michelle: extreme animal abuse. the shocking
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>> the officers who graduated yesterday will be assigned in times square. q: on guard and at the ready. the police presence planned for time square at new year's eve. >> here in maryland the terps are going to face number one uka in a women's basketball showdown. the rally towels are ready. we have a
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michelle: "7 on your side" consumer alert. troubled air bag maker takata could be close to a criminal settlement. in "wall street journal" reports takata could agree to pay anywhere from hundreds of millions of dollars to about $1 billion. takata has been negotiating with the u.s. prosecutors over its handling of exploding air bags which have been linked to 11 deaths and 184 injuries in the u.s. q: millions are planning to pack times square to celebrate the new year. in new york, a heightened sense of security. there is no specific threat but they are not taking chances. marci gonzalez is in new york with the tight security measures. marci: the crossroad of the world soon to be the center of intense security when more than a million people pack in new york's times square for the annual new year's eve
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with the confetti tested and the ball personnelled in place the nypd is ready to bring in 2016 with extra precautions taken for the festivities this year. >> as lot you will see and as per usual a lot you will not see. that is the combination that keeps us safe. marci: officers, including some sworn in this week are on patrol. some blending blending in with e crowd. some monitoring the close circuit feeds from hundreds of cameras and others watch from rooftops and helicopters. there is no credible threat to the most iconic new year's eve celebration in the world, a law enforcement bulletin went out citing concerns about the lone wolves and the violent extremists targeting the event. they were mindful of the attack in nice and berlin when they developed this year's security plans, that includes barrier with 65 dump trucks and other large vehicles in and around
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more than before. >> this is a protected event. with multiple players of security. >> among the layers of security when people start gathering here in times square as early as 8:00 saturday morning they won't be allowed to bring large bags. we are told every person will be searched multiple times. in new york, marci gonzalez, abc7 news. michelle: if you want real real-time information driving downs have's highways, you have got it. ddot partnering with waze to show you accidents, speeds, slow downs on the reports provided by the users. the highway department will add info to the app on construction zones. abc7 is on traffic watch. erik smith has a look at the commute. erik: hey, michelle. thank you very much. a very busy ride today. looking at the wide view around the beltway, you can see near bet
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we will go right in the camera views to look at the delays. this is the inner loop at the connecticut avenue to georgia avenue. for the outer loop past river road to the 270 spur that is slow toward the american legion bridge. of course, heading to the bridge itself on the virginia side here, you can see the big delays near the george washington parkway for both directions. this is virginia, southbound crash at route one in woodbridge. this looks like it's cleared. a crash that is blocking two lanes at one point. now it's focused on the bottleneck where the lanes narrow down. for both directions the delays are solid in this area. taking a look at the northbound to norton. it's tough either way.
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the ride southbound out of dumbfries toward fredericksburg. that is all from the traffic desk for now. back to you. michelle: all right. maryland, shot at number one. the turns taking on uka with a chance to end the huskies' historic winning streak. the xfinity center will be sold out for the blockbuster winning basketball game. scott abraham is there for the top five matchup. this is a good one. >> this is the calm before the storm. number one versus number four tonight. maryland trying to hand the huskies the first loss in 86 games.
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so are the terps. maryland has the opportunity to take down the giant of their sport. >> it's exciting to play the number one team. it is good for our journey. it's fun. it will be exciting. scott: maryland is playing in front of a sellout crowd. 1700 fans at the xfinity center. the first 2,000 fans get this beauty. this is a freeze press. they get this t-shirt through the door. calling at it white-out as
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uconn. it might be a wite-out, out here. hopefully it's not a white out for weather going forward. michelle: yeah. we don't want that. q: good point. steve: no, no, no, no. >> we'd have to worry about that for the next few days. but looking at the ten-day outlook may bring a little wintry weather. michelle: colder temperatures. steve: maybe a few -- q: don't say it! steve: it's almost january. if you have anywhere to go, the ice skatingricks are open. shopping and enjoying the stroll. the temperatures are falling from the lower 40's to the 30's come early tomorrow morning. we have snowshowers to the west of us. they have a winter storm warning for ga
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elks, west virginia, higher elevation. this is great for the skiers. if you plan to go skiing, it looks great out there. especially with the colder temperatures on the way. this is the winter storm warning. garrett county and western allegany county. we could see snow flurries here. but around freezing so if you are getting up for work, it will be chilly out there. the future casts as we head through the overnight and through the day on friday. the wind gusts are 25 to 30 miles per hour. not out of the question. but it will only stick around tonight and the day tomorrow
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we look for the winds to ease. the forecast tomorrow hys will make it to the 40's. add cloud later in the day with the flurries. new year's eve dry conditions. good for the fireworks and first night for a lot of people celebrating. 42 at 10:00. ring in the new year under 40. we can't rule out showers late in the day on sunday for the redskins game. it's not major. it's warmer on tuesday. focus to friday and saturday and the week after. we could look at the wintry weather across the mid-atlantic. q: thank you. next up for the netflix trick. how they can help get your kids to sleep on new year's eve. michelle: next at 4:00, if you are in th
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q: georgetown has been making progress
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as erin hawksworth shows us the team player is doing more than shooting jumpers. erin: he has been a nightmare for the opposing defenses. >> i'm doing better than i thought i would be but there is more things to wk on with the rebounding, tightening up the defensive play on the defensive end. >> he is a 6'5" transfer from robert morris. he chose hoyas over florida and gonzaga. ultimately he wanted georgetown. >> the stage, the big-time organizations. and the academics is important to me and my family. erin: he heads the team in scoring and ranks second in the big east. what is just as impressive is what he does off the court. >> i got into preaching two years ago. i'm
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it's something my pastor brought up to me two years ago in the summer. i went with it. studying my word. i read the bible a lot. i read it every day. >> do you know we were getting a good player? yes. did i know he'd score as much? i hope so but you weren't sure. i love the kid. >> you're this week's team player. >> shoot out on the eastern shore. a deputy shot and gunman dead. that's coming up. >> caught on camera. look at the surveillance video. we will have it here. the car that the police want why are you checking your credit score? i think we can finally get a bigger place. bigger place? yeah, let me check my score too.
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credit karma. give yourself some credit.
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announcer: you're watching "abc7 news at 4:00". on your side. q: developing this everything a shootout on the eastern shore. deputies shot responding to a domestic dispute call in queen anne county. the gunman was shot dead. richard reeve is at the shock trauma center in baltimore where the deputy is being treated now with what police are saying about the
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richard: the deputy is in critical condition. many police officers are arriving to give support to the deputy and the family. he is on the mend but it will be a long recovery. 32-year-old hogan shot at close range with a shotgun. take you to the scene. this is last night at midnight in chestertown, maryland. hogan arrived with a woman to pick up items. she had gotten in a physical confrontation with 50-year-old james rich the, home opener there earlier in the everything. once they got in the house rich got in an argument with the woman. he went in the back room and came out with a shotgun. he shot it once and he approached the deputy. the two men fired on each other. rich was shot death. hogan was wounded in the abdomen, injure bed low his body armor. >> it's sad. both sides, the
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he was on the offense the other way when it came there. >> you can see the police cars parked outside at the baltimore shock trauma. rich had a 2015 protective order issued against him when police went there. he has a long background of alleged domestic abuse. that deputy continues to hang on. we have the latest on the story coming up at 5:00. for now, reporting live from baltimore, richard reeve, abc7 news. michelle: for updates on the story and all breaking news when it happens subscribe to the abc7 text alerts. head to to sign up right now. let's talk about the weather. changes are on the way. steve: lower 50's at reagan national airport. you say it's not too
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looking good. sunshine out there. the winds will start to pick up in the next couple of hours or so. so if you are putting off going outside over the next hour or two you will notice a marked difference. look at the winds. these are sustained winds across the area. not so bad around the immediate metro. off to the west sustained winds at 20 to 25 miles per hour. that is making it feel cooler. maybe are you going to walk your dogment to. we don't have a huge temperature change. but the winds will increase. the wind gusts later are around 30 miles per hour. we are talking about welcoming in the new year and looking ahead to
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more coming up in a few minutes. q: thank you. we have video tonight showing vehicle that police say was involved in a deadly hit-and-run. jacqueline cole was killed tuesday morning. abc7 transportation reporter brianne carter has a closer look at the s.u.v. police are trying to find. brianne: 54-year-old jacqueline cole was right here. this crosswalk along 14th street when she was struck and killed. the driver of the s.u.v. police believe hit her never stopped. it was caught on camera. three the images where police release this video showing the several angles of the s.u.v. believed to be involved in the hit-and-run that happened before 6:30 tuesday morning. cole who neighbors say was deaf died at the hospital. she was nice and the type of
4:35 pm
you anything she had. police are asking the public to look at the video. if you no anything give them a call. tonight talking to folks in the area they can't believe it happened. hoping they will have more information. brianne carter abc7 news. q: the search for a missing woman and her great granddaughter in virginia is over. the pair found alive last night in the secluded woods a mile off the road in central virginia. they vanished traveling christmas eve. 71-year-old barbara had to be in the hospital. and she is in serious condition. michelle: "7 on your side" with a consumer alert.
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the fixed rate is going up. it's a serious increase over the past five weeks when you consider the year, the same loan average 3.65%. historic lows. q: the number of the americans filing for unemployment benefit for the first time has fallen again. this week by 10,000. the four-week average is 263,000. the fun unemployment report for december is out tomorrow. michelle: twitter users can watch at any angle they use. they launched a 360 video feature to allow people to change what you see by moving the phone or swiping the screen while anyone is streaming live.
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periscope has a similar feature for select partners. "hamilton" ousted the "lion king" as the top ticket earner. it brought in $506 million in 2016 and the first broadway show to make $3al million in eight-show week. i am waiting for my chance to see it. i can't wait. q: same here. michelle: you have young ones. q: i do. michelle: if you want them to go on early new new year's eve, netflix is helping out. q: providing on demand countdown. you play them at any time to give kids the feeling they stayed up to ring in the new year. they are available now so you
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i have a 2-year-old. 4-year-old. my son is all about staying up late. if we can have a countdown hap it is a good idea. >> tuck them in and you have your own toast with your wife. q: thank you, netflix. michelle: next for us at "abc7 news at 4:00" -- >> confusing. michelle: i don't know to laugh or be horrified for that. hold on to your teeth. the popular game, grandpa was playing that left the family and the millions of online viewers in stitches. er the call. white know in haw
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q: the dentures flew out of his mouth to the floor. you can hear the family erupt to laughter. the granddaughter posted this to facebook. >> how confusing. q: it gained 35 million views. it has gone viral for good reason. michelle: it just looks so creepy. q: look, look, look. michelle: my gosh. q: something else. that is a hot seller for christmas if you are wondering at home. that is great. michelle: you can't get enough of it. q: the kids are like what is wrong with your teeth, grandpa? michelle: next for us at 4:00. >> two montgomery county animal owners are facing cruelty charges. up next how you can help rescue the dogs in nee
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michelle: a disturbing case of animal abuse. dogs removed from a home in
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the conditions they were kept is deplorable. kevin lewis has an update on the conditions and criminal charges. kevin: a family member called the police and they found 11 dogs on the first place, basement and the backyard. some were crated, others roaming free. the smell inside the home was pungent with the dog feces smeared on the ground and the walls. one pit bull named oprah was found buried in the backyard. oprah, they say had been recently attacked by another dog at the house. they are charged in 11 count of animal cruelty that could result in prison time. the father is also charged in
4:47 pm
news camera but later returned to tell us he and his son are innocent. >> dogs in a room empty except for the dog cases and feces on the floor. dogs were in their own waste. you need to report it. this could be prevented. we can get the animals and the person the help they need to correct the situation. kevin: a number of the surviving dogs all pit bulls are available for adoption. including this one right here. the montgomery county adoption center open this saturday from noon to 5:00. q: there is evidence of explosion on board the military plane that crashed in the black sea after taking off from societe
4:48 pm
92 were killed. they are not ruling out foul play. it went down after taking off to drop 820 feet. impacts the water at 230 miles per hour. michelle: developing in berlin the man taken in custody this week in connection to attack on a christmas market has been released. they believe the suspect contacted anis amri before the attack but they learned that was not the case. emmitsburg believed to have driven the truck that plowed in the market killing 12 people. german authorities believe automatic braking system saved lives in
4:49 pm
attack. it forces the large trucks to have automatic brake system installed. the truck stopped after losing less than 90 yards through the crowd when it sensed an impact according to the german investigators. q: we have also found out there will be attacks in france. citizens have extra on the insurance policy for a fund to go to the victim of extremist attacks. more than 200 people died in attack across france in the past two years between nice and paris. michelle: in florida three teens are back on land after the boat sank in the florida keys. michelle: they were fishing when they started to take on water. they were able to climb on top of th
4:50 pm
they were spotted and rescued. q: sas is a sharing these -- nasa sharing these images on the peaks in hawaii that is covered in snow. nearly every year there is snow in the winter. michelle: you never think hawaii in snow. steve: they ski on the higher illvation. for us a few flakes for us. we are not hawaii but we'll take what we can get. 43 to wake up earlier tomorrow to saturday your friday in bethesda. the wind gust
4:51 pm
miles per hour noon tomorrow. stay bundled up throughout the day. by early saturday they will give up and pick up a bit. the tomorrows will make it in the 40's. the wind chill will make it feel 10 to 15 degrees colder. we have temperatures in the upper 40's. the 30's to make that. mostly cloudy skies. temperatures stay on the cool side. we will see the highs on new year's day around 50. let's check on traffic. >> we have a bit of good ne
4:52 pm
a lot of volume around the beltway. a ton of delays for bethesda. you can expect a slow ride. look at the live cameras now. 395 north. a crash cleared. that was blocking the right lane here a few moments ago. this has a chance to die down. capital beltway below the baltimore parkway. a factor between college park and the landover. this will continue to look bad. look at the outer look here. the outer loop is struggling across the legion bridge. you can see that continuing in to virginia past george washington parkway as well. that is all there the traffic desk. q? q: the world's tallest bridge is open to
4:53 pm
this is part of a highway that is linking two provinces in china. look at that. construction began in 2013. the cost is the equivalent of $150 million. if you are afraid of heights forget about it. michelle: i would stay on the other side of the bridge. >> next at "abc7 news at 4:00" -- tracking terror suspects in the wake of berlin and what can be done to prevent a wanted man from crossing borders next. michelle: new at 5:00 -- sketches offering a glimpse in the future. how hamson plans to use the blimps like these to revolutionize how y
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jonathan: everyone is wondering how the suspect in last week's truck attack crossed borders without raising red flags. we look at how the attacker navigated under the radar. >> according to the immigration experts, last week's prechristmas touch attack is a tragic case study in the europe failing immigration policy. >> it does speak to the importance of getting that vetting done right on the front end like we
4:57 pm
doing in the united states. that europe isn't doing. >> anis amri came to italy five years ago in the arab spring. he pledged allegiance to the isis leader and served five years behind bars after leading attack on school. he was released last year. they did not accept the request. they cited improper paperwork. >> we talk about the sanctuary cities but europe is a sanctuary continent. >> 26 nations take part in the agreement that allows free movement of the european citizens across the continent without the use of passport and national
4:58 pm
this allowed him to navigate undetected. some immigration experts call for more stringent vetting procedures in europe. especially with thousands are arriving without proper paperwork and background checks. >> that is what you have to have. terrific control at the outer borders if you are going to have free movement inside your borders. until that happens they can expect more terrorists to unleash hatred of the west. kristine, abc7 news -- kristine frazao, abc7 news. >> the family is having a hard time of this. jonathan: sheriff deputy shot responding to a call for a domestic dispute in maryland. president obama retaliates. sanctions on russia in response to the election
4:59 pm
amazon hope for the floating warehouses. >> abc7 news at 5:00. on your side. michelle: we are following a developing story. the clock is ticking for the diplomats to leave the u.s. russia has to close two come pounds. kenneth moton reports the president says this is a situation that should alarm all americans. >> u.s. retaliation against the russian cyber attack. naming naming and kicking operatives out of the u.s. >> sanctions were aggressive and bold. it's designed to send a message that this behavior is unacceptable. >> president obama is on vacation in hawaii but gave the green light to sanction
5:00 pm
2016 election. companies accused of providing support. the state department is shutting down the russian come pounds in maryland and new york. the kremlin is denying involvement saying if washington takes hostile steps it will get a response. >> do i think it will change how russia does business in the cyber world? the answer is no. >> u.s. intelligence says russia's goal was to help donald trump who continues to question the findings. >> we need to get along with our lives. computers complicated lives greatly. >> paul ryan slammed the obama administration calling the sanctions overdue. >> this is a threat to the fundamentals of democracy. >> the us who says they will provide evidence that russia is


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