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tv   Good Morning Washington 6am  ABC  December 30, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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>> now, "good morning washington," on your side. jummy: police on the hunt, a man dead, the killer on the run, we will tell you what we're learning about the killer overnight. larry: -- retaliation overnight from the kremlin. jummy: the redskins, eyeing the playoffs. how do you need to dress if you're headed out? you to say good morning to here at 6:00. jummy olabanji. larry: and i'm larry smith. [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] larry: raising the roof, as autria calls it. veronica: because your elbows only go up this high? at have -- i had no idea they could go past there. [laughter] larry:
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jummy: sorry. [laughter] see, the only guy up. every day, just for you, just for you every day. chronic a: that's as long as you don't have any [indiscernible] larry: i retired those. veronica: jeans and everything today. i been saying it's going to feel a lot like winter and look, it's going to look a lot like winter today, to. the blue on the doppler has a little bit in the way of right overming hagerstown, woodstock, winchester. it is starting to dry out. this pocket right here stand the best chance to the morning hours of seeing some of us flurries. that's a pretty strong northwest wind that will continue to pick up today.
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that is a winter storm warning because of the six inches that could accumulate. snow on the ground here down towards western grand. the next chance of seeing good rain coming back to the area will be next monday. starting with a slight chance sunday, late coming into the area. today, 40 three, sunshine, windy with windchill temperatures that are going to be 25 to 30 degrees to the afternoon. you will talk about a little bit of a warm up in 10 minutes. been light on the interstate, but we're focusing on the light rail. shuttle bus service is in place to accommodate the writers from penn station and mt. royal. in d.c. it looks great. look at this, it's pretty cool, we can get down this close to the washington monument, but everything in the green, not even any yellow popping up. probably will not
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pretty significant happening. inbound 395 moving very well us and working street ridge, and onto the k street freeway. going up just a little bit more you get that you of how much green we are seeing in the average of all the interstates is at about 55 right now. heading in on 66, a quiet ride from centreville. city streets, downtown silver spring, colesville road, it is a quiet ride. back to you, larry. news, theaking kremlin retaliating after president obama issue sanctions espionage during the presidential election last month. the foreign minister of russia suggesting that they expel diplomats and close facilities in moscow, and i-4 and i moved that mirrors the sanctions the president announced yesterday in hawaii. one of the facilities that was closed was here at this home in centreville, maryland.
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dozens of employees and d.c. are being told to pack their bags and head home. morning.s dead this the person that shot and killed them, nowhere to be found. jummy: police have been searching throughout the night for whoever is responsible. where does it stand right now, sam? sam: right now prince george's county police are in this capitol heights neighborhood preserving the crime scene. we are on the 3900 block of buyers street just off of southern avenue across from the d.c. line. behind me you can see what it looks like. let's go to the video from last night when the shots rang out. police rushed to the scene and found a man lying on the ground with multiple gunshot wounds. he was rushed to a hospital that he was pronounced dead there. investigator spoke with the people on the scene last night, but right now
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any suspect or who the person was. we are looking to find that asormation out and as soon we have it we will pass it along. this is just a couple of blocks away from the officer-involved shooting that took place on the 22nd. several neighbors have come out and said the can't believe another killing has happened in the neighborhood. reporting live, sam sweeney. larry: happening today of vigil will be held for the man shot and killed by d.c. police on christmas day. responding to a domestic disturbance involving gerald hall and his girlfriend, they say that when they arrived, he was holding a knife and he was shot when he ignored orders to drop it. his family claims they did not -- the man did not have a knife in the vigil is set for tonight on walnut street northeast. a new development following attack inside of a d.c. hotel. a man who tried to sexually assault the gran
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arrested monday, police say that on november 26 he was working at the hotel and the suspect was captured on surveillance video. police tracked him for weeks by tracing his smart trip card and didn't know his identity and till he was arrested this week at the landover station. larry: right now it is the evil new year's eve and the nypd is in overdrive looking to shore up times square tomorrow for after recentt area terror attacks are the one in berlin they will not be taking any chances. >> a lot that you will see and as usual a lot you will not see. the keeps combination us safe. >> this will be a well prevent -- well protected event. probably the most protective. larry: 7000 officers just one in this week will be on patrol. there is no credible threat to the celebration, but
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enforcement bulletin that went out last week they cited concerns about lone wolves and violent extremist targeting the event. julie: the playoffs are in sight, but it is going to take more than a win to make the season.
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jummy: this weekend the washington redskins are going for a shot at some playoff of all and here is what needs to happen for d.c. to make it into the postseason. first, they got to win, no question. the second thing rests on this weekend's game between green bay in detroit. it actually doesn't matter who wins the game as long as it's not a tie. if they don't tie in the redskins win, then there in. hopefully, new year's day everybody gets out there with tickets and heads out to fedex field. how is the weather going to be? veronica:
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keep your what fingers crossed starting now. whatever it's want to take to make the wind happen. as far as the weekend we are going to see temperatures going up but today and especially this morning it is cold out there. near freezing temperatures in silver spring, maryland. damascus at 33 near the elementary school there. coming in at 34 and 35 in takoma park. look at this, by lunchtime we are running a 40 degrees thehtly higher for afternoon. your hour-by-hour forecast for the day, really back to average for late december temperatures here for this afternoon, but we are going to be going up with increasing temperatures for the weekend, especially on sunday. mid 40 possible fredericksburg agn, with sunshine throughout the area, clearing tonight with the wind starting to diminish a bit. and then the clear
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far as the headlines go, take a look, we have got some rain to start off. with the rain it is looking like it is going to be somewhat roads for going back to work in school but low impact throughout the weekend, showers coming in late on sunday after 7:00 or so. i really think that right now the game is looking drive. that sounds good. you want an easy commute this morning? i have been giving it to you all week. it has been light. maybe it hasn't had to do with a holiday week? very clear ride from dale city to the mixing bowl. gw parkway, the beltway to the 14th street bridge, 13 minutes with just over 10 minutes and bound on 66 between the roosevelt bridge. mostly clear, we have seen a few minor issues popping up
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road, onto the 270 spur, democracy boulevard looks good. whatsoever on the beltway. back to you, larry. larry: coming up next, breaking news, a desperate search and it was
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even when life isn't. come in today and save. the holiday sale is on now, at havertys. life looks good. the u.s. coast guard searching for a plane that has gone missing over lake erie that took off from the lakefront airport late last night outside cleveland. air traffic control called the postcard it -- coast guard at 11:30 saying that all contact have been lost. the coast guard has called in a chopper from detroit to help. we will keep you updated as we learn new information. larry? larry: a consumer alert for honda owners, recalling 600,000 odyssey minivans because the second row seats could move unexpectedly. the impacted vehicles are the 2011 through 2016 model years. they remain -- were made
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august 1 of 2010 and october 1, 2015. the problem was identified through warranty claims and honda says it will fix the problem for you for free. all of this as we are now learning that a criminal settlement could be close up for a troubled airbag maker, reported that they may agree to pay anywhere from hundreds of billions of dollars to about a billion dollars. those airbags have been linked to 11 deaths and 180 injuries in the u.s.. the recall has been the largest in u.s. history. jummy? we are giving you a behind-the-scenes look at the chaos of the travel season. it was so busy that the tsa created a brand-new operations center and we are touring the facility. transportation director is taking you inside the nerve center of holiday travel
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this morning and you can catch her report later today. larry: check this out, a train absolutely destroying a fedex truck yesterday, turning onto a pilot road -- private road with no crossing. the truck simply had nowhere, no time to get out of the way. amazingly everyone involved is expected to be ok. ins happened, by the way, the nashville suburbs this week. jummy: here is something you don't see everyday, cows on the loose on a nebraska highway. they just made a break for it. no or yet on how long it took to wrangle the herd. larry: oh, boy. jummy: don't see that everyday. they are animals, can't expect them to say when a truck flips over. they are out. larry: you're safe, not injured? just a here, we will get another truck. hungry?
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another truck is coming. ok? [laughter] jummy: no, they know they are going to be burgers. veronica: right, they are like going -- go, free. [laughter] larry: run for your lives. [laughter] larry: exactly. the cisco this way. veronica: anytime you have got the wind and lower temperatures, cold, you want to go fast to get your car. keep that in mind if you have loved ones, family in town, doing some sightseeing today, dress like it's winter. indeed, it is. we have got sunshine on tap today and we are going to need 38 in d.c. and close to the justing mark, these areas to the north and west, montgomery county, loudoun county, fairfax county, 34 degrees in falls church.
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at 34 degrees right now, the wind will continue to increase, seeing up breeze right be that is dry but it will picking up someone gusts later, over 30 miles per hour. even for a short time we could see the wind gust up to 40 miles per hour. tomorrow, mid 40's and up to 50 on sunday. sunday i am giving a thumbs-up. notice we don't have the sunglasses for sunday, because the clouds will be moving in on sunday and still it is a warmer day and drive for those daylight hours on sunday. getting to the weekend just fine. go,ts redskins, here we temperatures falling into about 43 degrees area transfer showers after 7:00 is looking later and later. you see that the bar there? it's during the overnight, midnight going into early monday morning.
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we have a crash coming in on 270 southbound in the past few minutes and we are already seeing a bit of a backup find it. getting to gaithersburg, a crash around 370 two of the lanes blocked, which is why we are seeing this backup. this is our southbound stretch, volume building, we do not have a view of the accident, but we have global track seven about 15 minutes away so coming up we will make sure to give you the latest on the accident, especially if you are heading in from germantown or gaithersburg, because it may affect you. look at the capital beltway, completely in the green. we look great on the bw parkway. 95, maryland, virginia, checking 66,ust fine, virginia on same thing. coming up we
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>> you are watching "good morning washington," on your side. jummy: tragedy striking in colorado are
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woman killed in her two daughters injured after falling from the chairlift. morning in our gma first look, authorities it -- authorities investigating a deadly accident on the slopes. feetlling approximately 25 . >> of 40-year-old mother from texas and her two daughters, falling from this chairlift in colorado. >> you have to be serious and careful, it can be dangerous. >> being rushed to hospitals, transporting 19-year-old girl by helicopter, the 12-year-old by ambulance. the mother did not survive the fall. >> we know that they fell from the chairlift. immediately the ski patrol was on the scene. >> investigators are trying to determine how and why they fell out. >> it's a sad day in the skiing business. this type of incident is extremely rare. >> we will have the latest details coming up at 7 a.m.. ab
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>> now, "good morning washington," on your side. we
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breaking this morning, the kremlin firing back. two major developments right now. what does moscow now want to do in retaliation against u.s. sanctions? plus the critical deadline just hours away as tensions are to heat up? say good morning to you this morning. larry: checking in on the forecast with veronica johnson, is it true that we are seeing some snowflakes in maryland? veronica: it is. little whitehe flakes coming towards the windshield there. with impact on area roads, but it is so windy, whatever is falling is getting blown around out there and it's not going to accumulate. the next time that we could see some wintry weather around here is next week at this time, there is the possibility that we will talk about in just a moment
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. storm trak 7, right here on live doppler you can see just that. this is what we are seeing around the areas of 15, that patch of blue eastbound, continuing north of interstate 70 with another area here, blue that will be advancing east, southeast, towards warrenton in the next couple of minutes. just south of 66, not really having a ". tothe highest of elevations the west, snow continuing to accumulate. 41 to 43 on saturday and sunday, cold and breezy. bigger storm, video out of the poconos and areas of new england, they have had more than a foot. the hourly forecast for today, high temperatures of 43 but feeling more like we are in the degrees.ust around 30 jamie: it has been fairly light, although one issue popping
6:31 am
maryland, the commute headed southbound a little bit slow. you can see a few flashing lights on 270 southbound, just past montgomery village avenue. hopefully we, and can, just to show you that we have two lanes blocked, everyone is getting by, again, this is not going to be a big issue, but it is something to talk about as we move to take a look at the backup. this is near 124. montgomery village avenue is going to be congested headed south with mobile trak 7 heaven and -- headed in this direction. you get the idea that the slowing is beginning and the backup is only averaging in the teens. we will keep you updated on 270 because that's the only thing we have to update you on. 50's and 60's on most of the interstate area of larry: breaking news from russia, the kremlin retaliating te
6:32 am
for the alleged cyber espionage during the presidential elections. the russian foreign minister suggesting an eye for an eye, saying that their country should expel 35 u.s. diplomat and close buildings in moscow. all of this coming after a heated battle with frosty relations on the world stage. >> president obama, sending a powerful message to punish russia, striking back against the cyber attacks aimed at influencing the election. >> the sanctions were aggressive and told and were designed to send a message to russia that this behavior is unacceptable. >> the president taking executive action, giving them and their families just 72 hours to get out of the u.s.. also shutting down to russian compounds used for gathering intelligence in maryland and new york, slapping sanctions on their leading intelligence agencies, for officials, and to cyber criminals wanted by the fbi.
6:33 am
thealleged involvement. obama administration reporting to russian groups hacking democratic officials in the dnc, saying that they tricked victims into handing over credentials and then stealing tens of thousands of internal emails. top republican supporting obama's sanctions, calling them overdue. notident-elect trump, still convinced, repeatedly refusing to collect -- except the by 17sion reached different intelligence agencies about the kremlin's involvement. >> i think computers are complicated. the age of the computer has made it where nobody knows what's going on. >> trump saying that he will meet with the leaders of the intelligence community next week. ordering the closure of the anglo-american school of moscow, serving th
6:34 am
top of everyg on development in this breaking story. to sign up for breaking alerts. happening today, a vigil scheduled for the man fatally shot on christmas day. officers responding to a domestic disturbance involving gerald hall and his girlfriend. police say that when he arrived he was holding a knife and was shot when he ignored orders to drop the knife in that his family claims that didn't happen , he didn't have a knife in his hand. the shootings remains under investigation and a vigil is set for walnut street northeast. jummy: developing right now, police outside richmond are trying to figure out who spray-painted hateful graffiti on a littleanguage league complex. andals tagged the complex destroyed the restrooms. in all they did about $5,500 worth of dag
6:35 am
reynolds. the life -- the lights dimmed last night, as she died a day after the death of her daughter. in 1985 she had her hand print and footprint imprinted in concrete outside the theater. fans have left flowers there in her memory. jummy: an incident outside the gallery place metro station, going viral. take a look. >> every step of the way julie: kenny sway frugally performs their and wednesday he caught the eye of mary evelyn, who has down syndrome. she was visiting from her family with -- with her family from north carolina. created an
6:36 am
an experience of freedom and love. jummy: they started streaming the performance on facebook live. the video has been shared more than 900,000 times. love it. barry: less than two days? so good. nowhere to go? watch
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veronica:you do -- what do you do you are snowed in? you build a snowman. it started with an overnight crash that left traffic in a standstill. this family from north dakota got out, put on their winter gloves, they had some fun on the side of the road. present and everything? maybe there's something in the bag. what is that for eyes? to tell,hard -- hard probably a snack. some orange wedges. a big snowa had already this year. they probably thought they would escaping it. a
6:40 am
in vermont, just a few minutes ago, around frederick, maryland, southeast towards vermont, crossing over 15, eventually it's going to make its way towards areas like woodville, damascus, urbana. all of these pockets of snowflakes tracking to the east and even southeast here. the nextflakes in couple of minutes with a very strong wind that we have. north, 36 inup leesburg. above freezing. with theblowing snow wind going up to 20, 30 miles per hour already, bringing down the windchill. , with as like factor cold wind tonight and the wind easing, that's the way it's looking right now. higher 46, much better feeling willor us coming up, we talk more about the rest of the weekend in a few minutes.
6:41 am
jamie: 270, coming in with an accident that will definitely be slowing us down. storm trak 7 out there kind of doing double duty for us, going to check out an accident. the roads are drive. that definitely wasn't the case yesterday. headed south check out these delays for us closer towards gaithersburg. that is because of an accident. the crashes right near montgomery village avenue. we have had two lanes blocked for most of the morning, you will be able to get a better idea of some of that volume a look nearh, take montgomery village avenue. you can see some of that heavy traffic. it's a shorter area where it is going to be heavy where a crash has been reported on 370 right near 270. both in the same area. traveling on the capital beltway we still have traffic above the posted speed limit inbound on 66, 390 five, a quiet ride with light rail, right now the pen cam
6:42 am
shuttle bus service is in place to accommodate the riders. from penn station you can take the light rail to the mt. royal station. that is look at traffic and we will keep you updated. jummy: thank you. this morning, and i for an eye. larry: that's right, russia retaliating after president obama issues sanctions. we are live with the deadline for diplomats, just hours away. i killer is on the loose in prince george's county. police are still on the scene of an overnight shooting.
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one man is dead, his killer is nowhere to be found. sam, where do things stand right now? sam: police are preserving the scene in capitol heights across the line from d.c.. you
6:46 am
officers closing off the street right now. all of this unfolding last night at about 8:45 when shots rang out. you can see at the accident investigation. prince george's county police rushing to the scene where they ground man laying on the with multiple gunshot wounds to his upper body. he was rushed to the hospital but he was pronounced dead. the search was on for the killer. speaking with a number of people in the area last night, at this hour it is still unclear what suspectw and what the information is, but we are working to find that out and as soon as we have it let you know. blocks just a couple of away from the officer-involved shooting that left a 19-year-old man dead on december 22. neighbors coming out this morning, they can't believe that another person in their own neighborhood has been killed again. we are continuing to follow the new details in the case as the morning news forward and we will have much more as we make the switch over to news channel 8. actor you
6:47 am
studio. jummy: developing now, a clean and county sheriff's deputy in critical condition after being shot on the job. the deputy responding to a domestic disturbance call in chestertown early yesterday morning, escorting a woman into that house to get her belongings when the homeowner, james rich, shot him in the stomach. hogan fired back, killing him. we are told that hogan is out of surgery and is expected to recover. larry: it is new year's eve eve and right now the nypd is working on overdrive to shore up times square for the ball drop. security is at an all-time high. they say there is no specific threat right now but after recent terror attacks like the one in berlin, they will be taking any chances. 7000 officers sworn in just this week and they will be on patrol. again, there is no credible threat to the celebration, but a law enforcement bulletin went outside and concerns about lone wolves and
6:48 am
boston police say that they have a strong security plan in place for the cities first night celebrations. in entire square block will be locked down on new year's eve. police putting up more barricades and usual to protect the recent terror attacks in other countries. jummy: the washington redskins are trying to get a shot at the playoffs, playing the giants at fedex field the sunday. for's what's happening washington to make it into the postseason. first, they have to win, no .ussian about that second, it rests on the game going on this weekend. green bay in detroit. it doesn't matter who wins it as long as they don't wind up in a tie. if they don't, the skins are in. and i would say -- oh, if they win, that shouldn't be a tie, but the skins do have a tie the season. larry: the team that is the winner wins their division.
6:49 am
division champs. one would be the winner, one would be the wildcard. knock wood. jummy: that's what, knocking on it. veronica: a few like whatever you do stuff like that, we need this, we need that to happen, you have to circle things for the sports analysis. larry: and then we will pray. [laughter] all right, well, we are seeing some low temperatures this morning with the big arrow colderown, it will feel and colder going throughout the day. certainly going to look more like winter. of course, storm trak 7 has been out on the roads, showing you the little snowflakes that have been coming down in some parts of the area north and west of d.c.. these of the locations that we are talking about. this pocket of here weather is a little batch coming through and another one coming through
6:50 am
into frederick county in virginia near winchester. that is one area where you are probably going to notice it a most if you are headed out early. this afternoon we might see some flakes coming our way. windy enough with the wraparound flow from the storm system yesterday. 1:00,you can see it at moving from the 30's to the 40's after lunchtime. for sunday, temperatures increasing throughout the weekend, running a little bit above average, tracking the rain for the later part of the weekend, comparing the weekends, next weekend, maybe a bit of a wintry mix. that's why you need to download the stormwatch 7 app to stay on top of this as we get into the new year and these changing times, jamie, because we are moving more into winter now. jamie: i'm ready for it, we have to accept it. we had a pretty good december, so bring it on, sn.
6:51 am
better on 270. though we had an earlier issue headed southbound approaching 370, that was because of an accident that was moved to the into theare back up 50's. not too much to worry about right now. take a look at montgomery village avenue with southbound traffic back up to speed. no issues here headed southbound, although northbound being reported as a vehicle fire . closer to 80 in urbana. take a look at the big picture of what we have in the beltway. it looks great. loop, outer loop, virginia, not too bad, catch a flight out of town for the weekend? issue. to reagan is no 20 minutes to the beltway, not bad at all. light rail, it will not be operating shuttle bus services that are currently in place to accommodate raters from penn station to light
6:52 am
at mt. royal you can void the writ -- for the regular light rail service. in dcb look really good right now, completely in the green around the washington monument. no delays at all. constitution avenue looks good. larry, back to you. larry: this morning we raise the glass to an unsung hero of american culture. you may not know his name, but there is no doubt that you know his contribution to tailgates, beaches, and backyard parties everywhere. he invented the iconic red solo cup. the 84-year-old passed away last week. he took over his family's the 1970's.etime in again, he was 84 years old. to him. our cups jummy: who doesn't love those cuts? hard to ignore the turbulent year in the world of entertainment, including celebrity deaths, politics on broadway, and
6:53 am
with thear began shocking death of david bowie. that the music pioneer was ill. no one was prepared for in prince died in april of an accidental opioid overdose at age 57. anton yelchin was just 27 when he died in a freak accident and we lost such love and figures as gene wilder, alan rickman, gary shandling, and florence henderson. 2016 also saw hollywood most -- hollywood's most famous couple decoupled. ranjit li na breaking up with angelina jolie filing for divorce from brad pitt. they are still negotiation custody of their six kids. another star couple with a starcrossed year. kanye west was hospitalized for exhaustion after delivering a bizarre onstage rant and then canceling tour dates. earlier his
6:54 am
gunpoint in paris. on the brighter side, it was another big year for "-- for hamilton. stepping into present-day politics when the star reddit message for the vice president elect, mike pence. >> we are the diverse america that is alarmed and anxious that the new administration will not protect us. >> prompting calls for a boycott, after which the sold-out show had its last week ever. the clean,ained winning awards for her second visual album, lemonade, breaking records with her formation tour. >> it all feels incredibly surreal. dicaprio, finally winning an oscar, facing unbearable conditions in the revenant. disney dominated the box office
6:55 am
four films. and bob dylan won the nobel prize for literature and then said he wouldn't show up in stockholm for the ceremony. he supposed to give a lecture there within six months. we will see if he changes his tune in 2017. jummy: breaking new developments in the last 90 minutes, the diplomatic showdown escalating between the u.s. and russia. larry: the kremlin retaliating, they want to expel 45 american diplomats and close to of the facilities in moscow, mirroring announceddent obama yesterday. jummy: closing russian compounds, kicking out 35 russian intelligence operatives from the u.s.. larry: those diplomats and their families have just 72 hours to get out.
6:56 am
with more on the evictions happening today. john? are correct words that you are using. if fiction, showdown, that's what it is. not since the cold war have we seen such animosity between russia and the united states. you can see the christmas trees are still on, but inside it is definitely not a festive mood with russian officials already retaliating to president obama's sanctions with plans of their own this morning to expel 35 u.s. diplomats and van american diplomatic staff from using facilities there in moscow. of course, this is in direct response to president obama's call yesterday to kick out 35 russian officials here, imposing harsh sanctions on to russian intelligence agencies over alleged spying and hacking that president obama and other officials here in the u.s. believe may have influenced or affe
6:57 am
presidential election, the recent election here. to russian compounds in new york , long island and here on the eastern shore in maryland will shut their doors at noon today. clubs, ofountry sorts, awarding russian diplomats working here in the states, rewarded by the russian government. president-elect donald trump pagenaud commented this morning. he did say yesterday that he would meet with intelligence official soon. we will have much more on this coming up. you can change over to news channel 8.
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good morning, america. striking back, president obama laying out an unprecedented punishment, cracking down on russia in the wake of those election hacks. kicking dozens of russian operatives out of the country, shutting down two russian compounds in the u.s., and now the kremlin with its new retaliation. saying good-bye. abc news learning overnight that carrie fisher and her mom, debbie reynolds, will have a joint funeral bringing all of hollywood together to celebrate these stars. ♪ words wouldn't come in an easy way ♪ >> the new details from the family this morning about the final farewell. times square on high alert. new york officials stepping up security for new year's eve. giant trucks set to


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