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tv   ABC7 News at 5  ABC  December 30, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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u.s. they -- >> it is a strong slap on the wrist. >> the c.i.a. and the f.b.i. saying the investigation found hacking was in an effort to help trump win the white house. >> he is not retaliating by expelling the u.s. diplomats from moscow. >> i think we ought to get on with your lives. >> president elect trump not agreeing with the u.s. intelligence agencies about the assertion about the hacking. >> the computers complicated lives greatly.
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>> later this afternoon he tweeted out "great move of delay by putin. i knew he was smart." we are hearing about the pushback on capitol hill from both sides of the aisle with hearings. coming up next week to investigate the alleged hacking. live in northwest washington, richard reeve, abc7 news. michelle: speculation tonight that those sanctions are an attempt by the obama administration to box in the president-elect. it may not be the only controversy. q mccray reports that now the sitting president is calling for a huddle next week on the hill to protect the affordable care act. q: friction between the outgoing administration and the incoming trump is setting up the stage for one of the most contentious we have seen. trump saying i'm doing my best to disregard presi
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thought it would be a smooth transition. not." they turned on one of the strongest allies when john kerry accused benjamin netanyahu of preventing peace in the middle east. then president obama imposed sanctions against russia for allegedly meddling in the 2006 elections. the trump transition senior adviser kellyanne conway. >> i will tell you that even those who are sympathetic to president obama on most issues are saying part of the reason he did this today was box in transition. >> saying it's time for the country to move on. >> i find it fascinating that trump says it's time to move on from an active cyber war with russia but he actually can't move on from a bad restaurant review or not winning
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apprentice. >> most democrats applaud the sanctions and call for stricter restrictions on russia. russian president vladimir putin says he will not be expelling american dip low malts. trump says he will meet with the intelligence leaders next week. while he could reverse sanctions against russia that could have hurt him politically. members of both parties in congress want tougher measures taken against russia. that is the latest from the "live desk." i'm q mccray. back to you. michelle: coming up at 5:45 a local restaurant that honors every president since dwight eisenhower may not include the president-elect. find out why the owners say politics doesn't play into it. jonathan: today the presidential inauguration committee released the initial parade line-up. we put it on the website so you could see it. go to to find it there. michelle: 7 is on storm watch after a flurry of activity across the area this morning.
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conditions along the beltway in maryland. unbelievable. this was at the intersection on route after is 11:00. but the winds have been the
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middle 30's by 10:00. we will ring in the new year tomorrow. how about a warmup in time to start the new year? more coming up. michelle: stay connected with the storm watch 7 team throughout the holiday weekend through and the abc7 facebook an twitter feeds. you can download the storm watch 7 app for your phone or tablet. >> plenty of people travel for the holidays. that can translate to the long lines at the airport. going through security. look at this picture. from any angle, this the not fun. but the it is it is is creating a new tool to track you and your weight in real-time. we look at behind the t.s.a. operation center. >> they look like typical grass. >> they are going over what they projected. >> the information in this
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the time you are stuck waiting in airport security line. >> the airport operation center is a game changer. >> they got a behind the scenes look at the transportation security administration. this is after the lines like this started to pop up. this is the up in of those screened, the wait times are in real-time. hour by hour at the top 29 airports. >> that happened at dulles. way below five-minute standard versus projected. if 30-minute yellow line is the standard. an issue can pop up here. 29 airports with the information with a real-time issue in houston today.
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>> when we can we will open additional lane. we work with the airports to move passengers to adjacent or a nearby checkpoint as well. >> any airport can call in. this is not just the top airport. they can call the airport center. >> in arlington, brianne carter, abc7 news. michelle: new information about a crash in l'oreal men's l this week. a car veered off the road and it killed a passenger. we learned that the driver the son previously had undoing niced medical procedure. jonathan: a bizarre stry
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eight hit-and-run accidents in a hummer. the driver hit eight cars before jumping out. that is when it went bad. the passenger shot him. we know tonight he is alive but we don't know the condition or what started all of this. >> after 21 of searching, d.c. police made an arrest in a 1995 murder. they found nathaniel williams shot to death. they arrested oliver in connection with williams death. oliver is charged with first-degree murder. jonathan: montgomery county, police looking for a woman who seems to like expensive sunglasses and she doesn't like to pay for them. kevin lewis is live in chevy chase with the surveillance video you have to
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>> this stretch of the wisconsin avenue is lined with some of the d.c. area most lavish shops. that attracts shoplifters from time to time. in this case a man dressed like a woman entered the optical store inside the shops at wisconsin place mall. the clerk grew suspicious that the individual was trying to steal merchandise. so they called the police. to days later the same man entered the store and pepper sprayed the clerk and stole five chanel sun glasses from a display case that are worth combined $3,600. the shoplifter last seen running to the district. back live you can see
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replacing the glass door damaged in the recent robbery. we are live in heavy chase. >> bold. >> what the local lawmaker thinks is a threat to your health and what he wants to do to stop it. >> plus, making the long weekend longer. michelle: a major storm nearly shut down northeast. jonathan: and the eagles nest capturing attention from people all over the world. michelle: heading to break a few pictures released today by the white house photograph every in the year in review. the eighth and the final year
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of his compilation. you can see
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michelle: it's only a matter of ti
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first of two eaglets waiting to hatch. live picture of harriet. the first of the eggs started to crack yesterday. the video of the cracked egg. you can watch it online when you want. if and when the bald eagles that nest at the national arboretum come back the eagle camera will return. mr. president and the first lady had two eaglets last year. organizers of the d.c. eagle cam say when they turn it back on in 2017, it will include audio so you can hear what is happening happening in the nest. jonathan: listen to them talk. all right. thanks. "7 on your side" with storm watch and what nasa provides us to give an idea of what the nor'easter looked like from pace.
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state of new york. 138 inches to two feet. virtually every town in the state is effective by the power outages. most of those are in cumberland and canada county. today the crews ands the other states are helping central main power restore power to as many families as possible. they have saying they won't get everyone back up today. it may take multiple days to restore power in some
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>> he has a lucky job of doing the story. it brought snowshowers to the area today. this is what it looks like in northwest washington area at 11:00 this morning. it looks impressive. it lasted a little while but it didn't stick at all. michelle: they treated out this of the snow in largo. he says it made it slick in the area. >> it was sticking to the rooftops. by the end of the day the national weather service said nothing measurable on the ground. so make this was a tease to give us an idea of what is in store in a week or two. steve: give them a trace. at least. a little sticking. we saw the picture from the wisconsin avenue.
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snow. they went out with the business. a few more snowshowers remain. the sun is going down to find yourself in a snowshower. it's heavier. you may see dis ability but it won't last long. head in closer to the metro. there is nothing to accumulate. oxon hill, the mgm area is not seeing anything at this time. pisarcik. that is what -- pistcataway you are looking at snowshowers and they will continue for a few hours. but the winds will settle down a little bit. temperatures in the area is middle 30's. reagan national airport and leesburg at 36. still mi
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eventually. it 10 to 15 miles per hour. tonight the temperatures will foul tephrassing. downtown d.c. is colder in the northern and the western suburbs where the wakeup temperatures come in the morning. we will be in the 20's. 25 in fairfax. columbia. 26 degrees. for the last day of 2016, the future cast. the sunrise for the d.c. metro. added clouds for the noontime hour. i will stay dry. winds out of the south at eight to 12.
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getting ready to ring in the new year you will see the mostly cloudy skies and it will be dry and the stroke of midnight we will call for partly to the mostly cloudy skies inside the beltway. the daytime highs will make it to the upper 40's. the winds are not as strong as we had earlier today. ringing in the new year the temperatures are around 39 to 40. the first day of 2017, hard to believe we're saying that. 50 degrees. in the redskins game temperatures temperatures from the 30 to middle 40's at the end of the game. don't rule out a few showers. a ten-day outlook. warming trend on the way for the beginning of 2017. it's 50 on monday. 60 on
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late next week we could look at a wintry mix. highs in the 30's. michelle: we are overdue. steve: it's time already. jonathan: thank you. coming up for us at "abc7 news at 5:00" -- the end of 2016 is near. michelle: it is. coming up, preview of one of the more popular new year's eve celebrations in the area. jonathan: guess who will get together at the carnegie deli? not many people. the fate of the same eatery. we will tell you what is happening ahead. >> 14 months ago the couple bought this home in the southeast d.c. i'm chris papst. coming up, why the district doesn't believe they live there. michelle: first, a look at what is coming up tonight. my daughter wants to stay organic. my husband wants to stay free from artificial ingredients.
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maybe i should check my credit score. try credit karma. it's free. oh woah. that's different. check out credit karma today. credit karma. give yourself some credit. jonathan: a d.c. couple found out the house they were living in as classified by vacant from the city. they are playing more in property taxes. they wouldn't change it to occupy until "7 on your side" stepped in. chris papst is live in southeast washington with the story. chris: jonathan in the district of columbia, the property are listed as vacant have a higher property tax f
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the idea is to incentivize homeowners. the people who bought the house on 28 street in southeast d.c. didn't get the benefit. at the time it was vacant. [audio interruption] this is still classified as vacant as far as the district of columbia is concerned. they are charged at extra high rate for the property taxes. coming up, we tell you what happened when they called "7 on your side." the big gift they got just a few days after christmas. chris papst, abc7 news. michelle: thanks. a page-turner, minnesota man found two books in the parent's cabin in canada due back to if library. get this, more than 40 years ago.
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kraemer says he plans to keep the book and he doesn't mind paying late fees in the future. jonathan: good for him. still ahead, feeling trapped in 2016? not as much as these folks. this is not good if you are claustrophobic. michelle: this is not a pretty picture unfolding outside popular restaurant. the threat that may have more to do with money. >> is pornography a public health hazard? a man in virginia believes it is and he wants to do something about it. we will tell you what after
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michelle: a top i cannot many people like to talk about but could pornography be bad for your health? a virginia lawmaker thinks, northern virginia bureau chief jeff goldberg has a look at what delegate bob marshall wants to do about it. jeff: first, he is not asking the virginia legislature to
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the state government to vote to declare pornography is public health hazard. he says on this topic he has had enough. >> it's propech waiting a sexually toxic environment and contributing to the hyper sexualization of teenagers. those are some of the views on the top frick the republican delegate bob marshall of prince william county. >> objectifying women. nothing but sex objects. this is not good for a society for social stability. >> because people can access porn online and on their phones at any time it's especially harmful to children. he says often leads to so-called sexting. >> we have asking the members of the general assembly who represent the people of virginia to say yes, this is a problem. >> i don't think it's a public health hazard.
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>> linda who did not want to show her face or give her last night manages night dream. adult entertainment and paraphernalia store in tysons corner. she believes if people want to view pornography that is their business. >> the government kneads to stick with doing -- needs to stick with doing what they do. what someone does in their bedroom is strictly up to them. >> tracy whitehead of vienna believes the government should probably focus on other issues. >> it seems interesting and strange. >> but she is not against a public debate on pornography. >> i think it should be talked about and brought more awareness to it. >> this legislation will be up for debate next month at the general assembly in richmond. if it passes, marshall says it could pave the way for possible restrictions against pornography in virginia. live in the newsroom, abc7 news. jonathan: this is very sad. the end of an era in new york city. people lines up around the block to eat
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deli one last time. today is the last day the iconic restaurant will be open. if new york daily news reporting that a former dishwasher stepped up to offer the owner $10 million to keep it up and running. they declined. they want to close the store but they want to keep the name for future retail operations. miss the sandwiches. huge. michelle: the dishwasher had $10 million? jonathan: the former dishwasher. on to bigger and better things. down the street in times square, organizers of the big new year's eve party tested to drop in the ball. to ring in the new year. michelle: back at home, fireworks are the centerpiece of the family friendly first night alexandria celebration.
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police know what to expect. the families can focus on what is important. the countdown. a mother i met is hoping for a relaxing new year's eve. >> new year plans with this guy. in you have any concern you can call the nonemergency line. if you see something suspicious speak up. back to you. jonathan: remindser where you are going tomorrow, metro will be open until 3:00 a.m. michelle: rides are free after midnight. you can tune in for dick clark new year's rocking eve. ryan se
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year. this morn leg tried to talk about the show on "good morning america" he ran into a problem. he got stuck in an elevator. don't you hate when it happens. trying to get to the roof of the building to show off the set. instead, he and a half dozen other people had to wait for the firefighters to come in and rescue them from said elevator. he tweeted about it the whole time. nobody was hurt. michelle: seacrest not out. jonathan: most people claustrophobic can do the ride because they know it's coming in an end. if you get stuck, doors won't open -- michelle: you panic. jonathan: people freak out. ryan held it together. michelle: cameras were rolling. on sunday remember all virginia state parks are free if you want to head out for a first day hike? see a list of the park and the program at jonathan: a lot of fun things to do. >> free. i like that. coming up at 5:00 -- >> ♪ i'm going to see you out
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♪ bye, bye, bye michelle: the length some kids will go to make their parents smile. jonathan: the surprise a firefighter were able to deliver to a local hospital. wait until you see the story. michelle: tonight on abc7 -- "abc7 news at 6:00". one year ago bill cosby was indicted for sexual assault in pennsylvania. today his lawyers filed a new motion. what they are pushing for six months from the start of trial.
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steve: ready to ring in the new year. temperatures are 39 to 40 degrees. as we welcome the first day of the 2017, looking at 2 temperatures around 50. slightly above average for this time of year. don't forget the redskins
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the temperatures are 50. it's not a --out but dress
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bagram, afghanistan. i'd like to wish my family in virginia a happy holiday. love you, miss you, see you soon. jonathan: we thank you for your service. mannequin challenge is out of this world. literally. these are the astronauts on the national space station frozen. i guess they are floating. this is tough to do in zero gravity. thomas with the european space agency tweeted out the video saying that the astronauts usually have sundays off. this week, though, they decided to have fun with the lack of gravity. they pulled off the mannequin challenge. well done! >> yeah. jonathan: good stuff. all right. back on earth, a big message for a mother fighting to kick cancer. >> ♪ i'm going to see you out that door ♪ jonathan: that is awesome. michelle: these are her daughters. the daughters made changes to
5:39 pm
the n'sync, "bye, bye, bye" and recorded the video to lift her spirits. the daughters coring raphed it and they recorded it with their own vocals in one of the rounds of chemo. great distraction for them as well. because it's not easy for the other family memberses a watching that loved one go through it. jonathan: i imagine that cheered her up. e.m.s. d.c. fire helping an out of town visitor feel at home. hunter scar blow from alabama. hunter has a rare medical condition and hassed a bunch of surgeries. he dreams of becoming a firefighter. so his local fire department contacted d.c. fire and e.m.s. to arrange a visit today. they did. >> this is very uplifting. he gets to
5:40 pm
his hometown but from washington, d.c. to let him know we all care about his well-being. jonathan: that is why everybody loves a firefighter. that is the coolest thing. hunter is staying here for several months while he recuperates from the latest surgery. he has an open invitation to visit the d.c. firefighters on the job to go to the fire house and turn on the sirens. he has to get well before he can do that. hopefully a motivator get him back on his feet. michelle: i love that story. he will remember that for the rest of his life. jonathan: he will grow up and get healthy and become a firefighter himself. we wish him well. michelle: yes. still ahead navy basketball player fights hard to get back on the court of after a serious knee injury. >> a restaurant in adams morgan says without donald trump painted on the mural they are taking a lot of heat but they say it's not political. i have that
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ jonathan: from the golden get a bridge, and the cable cars and the houses, what a great place to work and live. not so much. it smells. the city
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cause of a rotten egg smell that has descended on the entire bay area. the bay area air quality management district says it does not think that the smell is toxic. they don't think. but they suspect a local refinery could be to blame for the bad smell. michelle: a member of the famous mormon tabernacle choir has quit rather than sing at next month's presidential inauguration. over the past few days we have heard about protests from the rockettes as well. now a local restaurant with a mural featuring every president since dwight eisenhower says it won't be adding the president-elect. but as amy aubert found out the reason may not be political. amy: if you have driven through adam's morgan, you might have noticed it. a mural on the side of the restaurant showing 11 presidents side-by-side. >> that is every president since we have been open. momma welcoming them to d.c. >> currently mi
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painting president-elect trump. >> regardless of what personal beliefs or the personal opinions are, president-elect trump will be the president and he will belong here just as any president before him. >> they say the painting was done all at once around 2008. saying it was cosponsored by the restaurant and the d.c. commission on the arts and the humanities. he says there is space for two more but currently they don't have enough funds for the project. >> regardless of hillary won or president elect trump, whoever won is going up on the wall. we don't have the money for it now. >> he says since an article was published published in the "washingtonian" they have gotten feedback. >> i was shocked when i saw the article come out. >> it threw me bab a bit. >> recently they have gotten negative phone calls. people backed out on the reservations and left poor review online. >> it doesn't matter to me if they put trump up there or not. i support the small business. especially in my neighborhood.
5:46 pm
reached out wanting to help. for the restaurant, it is just a matter of time. he will go up up when the money is there for us. >> they tost me last year the mural was vandalize and the community relled raise $3600 to help repair it. they are still seeing that response. telling me at least one person has called them already. wanting to help out to pay to have the president-elect painted right up there on the mural. live in northwest washington. amy aubert, abc7 news. >> it's beautiful artwork. thank you. time for a check of the roads. erik smith is keeping an eye on the traffic home. it's friday night. i imagine it's crowded out there. erik: it's finally starting to get better right now. it has been a tough rush hour. we have less and less volume to worry about. you can see some of that is still remaining here, 495 at the american legion bridge. far side of the screen for the outer loop. a little of the volume. it's
5:47 pm
look at river road. this is a big improvement. this is the outer loan from 50 to 202. it's heavy but a minor delay if anything. past the truck scales the lanes will narrow down and those delays are much improved. 66 is looking good. you may see volume there but for the most part it's lighter. the trouble spot, northbound to the parkway. the delays are jam packed. this is a tough stretch.
5:48 pm
northbound out of prince william parkway to dale city. a few delays from dumfries but that is improving as well. a few slow spots are all that remain. that is all from the traffic center for now. michelle, back to you. michelle: tonight at 6:00, a house has been occupied for a year and how a phone call ended up a 14-month-long nightmare for a couple and put money in their pocket tonight at 6:00. jonathan: tonight 2016 is going to be remembered for the fires. i cost taxpayers $200 million to put it out. more and more an agency task with managing the forest burning through the budget. trying to fight fires. we will if they can survive. that's on "full m
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michelle: we need a rocking forecast. it looks like it's going to be nice. >> it's on the cool side. we have a few snowshowers now. but they are quickly fizzling out. ethey are moving to southern maryland. it's a conversational snowshowers we have seen all day long. temperatures for the overnight inside the beltway will fall to 32 degrees. i will be colder northern and the western suburbs or the wakeup temperatures are in the 20's. middle 20's in gaithersburg and bethesda. around 25 degrees in fairfax. college park, you will wake up to a temperature tomorrow morning around 26 degrees. the future cast, a little sunshine early tomorrow morning. the midday hours. the clouds will increase a little bit. the winds are out of the south. we will see added clou
5:50 pm
hour. we ring in the new year partly to mostly cloudy skies. it's dry with the temperatures holding in the upper 30's to 40. your forecast for tomorrow shows a daytime high that is around 45 to 46. we will ring in the new year, the ball drops and we are looking at the temperatures around 39. mix of the partly cloudy skies. the first day of 2017 high just around 50 degrees. if you are going to the redskins game on sunday evening you will run into showers. a better chance for showers on monday and tuesday. we look at the highs by tuesday. 60 degrees. moving to the end of next week we could look to wintry mix around the d.m.v. with the temperatures that will be in the 30's for daytime highs. jonathan: thank you. michelle: thank you. all right. scott has an uplifting story for us. scott: yeah, rising star action. we will take you the annapolis where the navy men basketball
5:51 pm
get on the basketball court. for any athlete suffering a knee injury it may seem like the end of the world. it takes sweat, tears and the rehab to make it back from the injury. for one navy men basketball player he is ready to make his senior season a special one. we take you to annapolis for the rising star. tim was a three-point specialist. >> three from the corner is good. >> hit big. i feel like in an ocean now. that has to be the best feeling for a shooter. >> one of the leaders of the navy men's basketball team. >> he is a tough kid. he makes basketball plays for us. >> tim tore his a.c.l. >> i had a season-ending injury. hoping to play a lot. it was devastating. >> no pity party. he tackled the rehab with a vengeance. >> you have to have the
5:52 pm
self-motivation. nobody checks up at you for nine months. >> a long process to recover from the a.c.l. injury. he had his fair share of the ups and the downs but he is healthy in a senior season determined to leave annapolis in a big way. >> this is what i've been working for, for 22, 23 years. i couldn't be happier where i am personally. >> getting ready to serve our country. >> coming here the biggest thing to me is following in the footsteps of those before me of the naval academy. >> bright future awaits for this future. >> do you know someone in the d.m.v. overcoming adversity to excel in the athletic arena? remail us. that person could be featured in upcoming story. tim and navy are back in action tonight hosting bucknellle in annapolis. jonathan: we hish him luck. >> absolutely. scott: doing well.
5:53 pm
you have the crud? scott listen i'm on the d.l. but fighting through. michelle: you are a fighter. scott: got to fight through. michelle: a memorial was held in beverly hills to say goodbye to zsa zsa gabor today. jonathan: how the plans are taking face for debbie reynolds my daughter wants to stay organic. my husband wants to stay free from artificial ingredients. whole family nts to stay free from artificial preservatives. and my debit card wants to stay on a diet. fill your cart with giant's nature's promise brand. great prices on over 800 organic and free-from items. eat well for less. my giant. it's all about customization. the possibilities are endless.
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ed jonathan: george michael's autopsy was inconclusive and the death is still called up explained but not suspicious. michelle: family and friends will say goodbye to debbie reynolds and carrie fisher on the same day. despite losing them a day apart. as we report family members are hoping to hold a dual funeral service for both actresses. >> the
5:57 pm
debbie reynolds' honor. her hand prints have been immortalized there since 1965. fans are placing flowers on the walk of fame as they begin to plan a dual funeral service for the "singing in the rain" star who died wednesday following a stroke and her daughter carrie fisher who played princess leia. she died a day earlier after she went into cardiac arrest on an airplane. >> she told me a couple of times she is not going to carrie's funeral. now she is hanging out with her. >> todd fisher tells us minutes before the stroke his mother said he wanted to join her daughter the two were close, even neighbors. fisher saying his mother adored her children. >> she was amazing at so many
5:58 pm
things. >> family members say it will be a celebration of their lives and the love for each other. michelle: tonight, "general hospital" fans are remembering tarbuck. she die monday after fighting a rare brain disorder. she was 74. >> this is a strong slap on the wrist. but i don't know if it will make a difference. jonathan: now at 6:00, differing opinions in d.c. as nearly three dozen russian intelligence operatives face a ticking clock to get out of the united states. michelle: a vacant house fight to change status to get the homeowner money back. frustration sticks with "7 on your side" made a phone call. >> a plea for information. reward from the f.b.i.
5:59 pm
a permanent end. michelle: the chill between the united states and russia get colder. trucks were spotted leaving the come pounds from new york and the maryland eastern shore. the clock is ticking inside of 48 hours for the 35 russian diplomats who need to leave the country. richard reeve is live outside the russian embassy with today's new development. >> do you think that mr. obama is right? >> no. not at all. >> there are divided
6:00 pm
about president obama's demand to expel the operatives from the u.s. >> this is a strong slap on the wrist but i don't know if it will make a difference. >> the white house order retaliation for the amounted efforts to interfere with the presidential election hacking the american political site and the e-mail accounts. >> not much happens in russia without vladimir putin. >> putin con dimming the u.s. actions but not retaliating by expelling the u.s. diplomats from moscow. trump not agreeing with the hacking assertions by 17 intelligence agencies. >> computers complicated lives greatly. >> something is wrong with the system of the united states. th


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