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tv   ABC7 News at 5  ABC  January 3, 2017 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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>> you can imagine the victim's family is in shock. our heart goes out to them. we are doing everything we can for them. >> detectives found no link between zaremba and crizer except they lived in the same neighborhood and they both went to howard high school. 2:00 in the morning, zaremba's mother heard something from the bedroom. there she found a masked armed person now identified as crizer struggling with her daughter. crizer on life support died earlier tuesday. still no moment but at crizer's home they found key evidence that linked him to two robberies in recent weeks. >> where they found evidence linking him to two burglaries in the same neighborhood over the course of the last few weeks. in one of the burglaries a gun was stolen. that was the gun used in this shooting. >> still so many questions. why crizer opened fire inside the home?
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cruising around looking for places to rob? the family issued a statement saying they are grateful for support and the prayers and they are asking for privacy. larry: a prince george's county police officer is recovering after a man driving a stolen s.u.v. crashed into three miscruisers and nine other cars. this happened before 2:00 this morning on benning road near 137th street in northeast d.c. the officer was in the arizona and not pursuing the vehicle. 25-year-old burrwell was arrested and faces array of charges including assault on police officers. sign up for breaking news text alerts from abc7 news at alison: on the hill today, larry, the 115th congress was sworn in to office, but the flip-flopping and the debate started before anyone took an oath. karenkaren travers -- karen
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what happened today? >> 2017, three days into it and a new dynamic in washington. but also a day with a lot of drama. they are making a move for an oversight committee but that is not in line with trump's promise to drain the swamp. >> order in the senate. >> the 115th congress came to order on capitol hill tuesday with the traditional pomp and procedure and some fresh faces. >> please raise your right hand. >> in control of both houses and in tandem with the incoming trump-pence administration, hill g.o.p. leaders have an ambitious agenda. out of the gate, a proposal that threatened to erode what little trust many americans still have washington. breaking with party leaders and their president-elect, republicans monday night pushed a place independent ethics office under the control of the very lawmakers it is tapped with watching. democrats sharply criticized the move. >> they completely blind sided us. it's
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>> some republicans insisted it was smart. >> anytime you can provide more accountable and more transparency to any process that is in place, then you are going to take another step toward draining the swamp. >> amid the controversy and perceived optics the republicans took it off the table tuesday afternoon. once the dust settles, they hope to move quickly on the trump cabinet nominee. holding vote on it. but democrats are trying to stall the plans. is there we would be derelict in the responsibility to the american people if we said let's do it in a week and not asking tough questions. >> trump and republicans are on the same page when it comes to the top priority. >> the obamacare repeal resolution is the first item up in the new year. >> it's also the promise of the president-elect who will take office in two weeks. >> they will pay a visit to the democrats tomorrow morning
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underscoring how important the legacy law is to him. he will hud with the hill democrats. the hill democrats have plans of their own in the next few weeks. they are going to their district to highlight potential consequences of a republican repeal. back to you. alison: so we just heard mitch mcconnell mention that. one of the biggest threat of appeal is the affordable care act. what does the president hope to achieve with the meating with the hill democrats tomorrow? >> this is an interesting meeting. we haven't seen president obama on the capitol hill too much in his st. i despite he -- in his presidency despite he came from capitol hill. but this is a meeting that president obama hoped he didn't have to have. obviously when he campaigned on behalf of hillary clinton last fall he was campaigning on behalf of his legacy. and the affordable care act that we all call obamacare is part of that. he is talking about strategy and how the democrats can go in the district to talk about the successes of
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the house democrats have plan to talk up the successes and emphasize the fact that the republicans don't have a plan in place to replace it. >> thank you very much. staying with us now. among the new class of senators, maryland's van hollen. the long-time congressman succeeds barbara mikulski who joined van hollen's family at the swearing in. van hollen admitted he has big shoes to fill. >> i will remain in regular touch with senator mikulski. i will welcome and cherish her input. >> there are two members. the one taking over chris van hollen's old seat and anthony brown now represents the fourth district. larry: in annapolis today, governor larry hogan laid out the priorities for the coming year. brad bell reports among other things the governor would love to see you driving
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car. brad: larry hogan is rolling out his priority list. today focusing on the environment and a package to make the state a healthier place. >> all the proposals i'm talking about today are common sense, innovative. forward thinking solutions. >> this puts money in jobs and solar energy and other renewable energy. he is pushing what he calls the cleans car act of 2017. which increases the cash available for tax credits for those who buy electric cars and doubles the rebate for installation of the charging stations like this. >> to ensure that maryland is leading the way to safeguard the envi
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jobs and improving the economy. >> the maryland director of the chesapeake bay foundation says the devil is in the details but she applauds the plan. >> it is a good thing. chesapeake bay will be better off if we stick to the efforts. the legislative session starts this month and there will no doubt be battles. chesapeake bay, brad bell, abc7 news. alison: the south braces for more stormy weather after being pounded by deadly storms yesterday. five people died as a result of the severe weather. four of them in alabama. that is where people were drenched with heavy rain leading up to massive flooding. it may have been a tornado that killed the victims but they won't be sure until the experts visit the site. >> we don't know if it's a micro bu
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>> we were watching and it was on top of us that fast. the whole building shook. we saw a piece of roof hit my mother's car. >> another man died in the flooding in the florida panhandle. more heavy rain is moving across florida and the carolinas today. there is heavy snow in the northern plains. plenty of rain around here today. especially this morning. stormwatch7's doug hill is here with a check on the forecast. a lot going on this week weather wise. doug: we do. heavy rain was the same system that caused severe weather you showed in the mid-south to the gulf coast. the rain is in the area. the rain has stopped but the fog may be an issue heading in the evening for cloudy skies. 46 at reagan national airport. the winds are out of the west/southwest at 8 miles per hour. this evening we stay cloudy with the areas of fog. temperatures nold the mid-40's. maybe in lower 40's by early tomorrow
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we have areas to start the day. but we are up to 56 tomorrow afternoon. but one-day deal. the cold air will return on thursday. beautiful weather tomorrow and we step up in the discomfort with the colder temperatures. late flurry thursday afternoon. overnight thursday to friday a system that is coming through that may give us dusting of snow. keep an eye on that. it could be enough to cause effect on the friday morning commute. we talk about that, the weekend and the next ten days that comes your way in eight minutes. larry: new information about the u haul of a.t.m. found in southeast washington on monday. police confirming the struck was stolen in prince george's county last friday and they found four a.t.m.'s inside. right now it's unclear where the money machines came from or if there is any money inside. alison: two months after admitting just how man
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untested rape kits were in maryland now the state says it has a plan to overcome the backlog. q mccray has the story. q: in october we reported that thousands of rape kits in maryland had not been tested. they want to have victim notification of the result and keeping it until the statue of limitations run out. they want to test kit in parameters. they surveyed the 135 law enforcement agencies in the state and found out that 60% of the kits were collected between 2009-2016.
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they reported that the kits were deliberately not tested due to the testing policies. that is all going to change now. a committee is assembled to make sure backlock kit are tested and the agencies have the money to do the work. larry: coming up at "abc7 news at 5:00" -- change in plan. why florida is canceling a proposed plan and what it means for the jobs. alison: then later what the change to a republican administration could mane for the district. >> everybody needs to bolt down the dressers to the wall. >> it happened to one of the woman's children that will drive that point home. >> instead of tossing them to the curb, one state park wants to take
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larry: just in. look at this. anaconda found in a it to. -- in a toilet. it's a juvenile but it's still
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they are serious about this. by the end of the first day the scoopers reported 2,132 of those snails. they are serious about the work. alison: how many anacondas? there is one in arlington. the gifts are gone so now it's time to think of what is becoming of the tree. if if you leave them on the curb, prince william county won't pick them up. they are looking at the big picture to return them to nature. amy: thestate park in woodbridge is taking recycling to another level. this is going to the environment. >> the pi
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stacked high and getting new life. >> this shows we can take, recycle and reuse to reduce the waste we produce. to put it to good use. >> mulch or the habitat in the water. >> we take center block and string. it's to the base of the tree and we tie it to the cinder block. sink it. >> sinking the trees provides for a better fish habitat near the pier. >> anything that helps create suitable environment for them. >> this mound of trees is double what they got last year. >> i guess this year was a good year to buy a real tree. we have more here. >> a good year for the habitat.
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>> this provides food for larger game fish. >> it's one of four sites looking to recycle or repurpose the trees. amy aubert, abc7 news. larry: all right. alison: so we were talking about this week has something every day that is different. doug: that has been the pattern since thanksgiving. this is not so pleasant today. a view from the naval academy. this is a time last from there. the rain stops and visibility immaterial proved. cloudy skies will remain. calm winds. fog is a good bet here. they have ten mile visibility in fredericksburg and hagerstown. only th
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andrews. i doubt this will make it to our area. just low clouds and area of fog. tomorrow after a touch of fog in morning it will brighten up quickly. the temperatures are in the 40's overnight. outlining areas to the shenandoah valley could dip in upper 30's but a quiet night. the high pressure whip up the winds from the west at 20 miles per hour. a few higher gusts than that. temperatures at 56. it's pleasant compared to the past few days. the winds are increasing to the west. it's breezy in the afternoon.
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the clouds will increase. this will be the mechanism for thursday night overnight through friday. we do expect dusting and that could cause slick spots. we will keep you appraised of that. 3:30 in the morning and the time line the band over the area and pushing out to the rush hour and breezy and chilly. cold weather through the upcoming weekend. headlines for you for late thursday night and friday morning, light snow.
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you can download the stormwatch7 app to keep ahead of storms headed our way. 36. by the time we get to friday we are back to sunshine. saturday is partly cloudy, 34. chilly. 30 on sunday. we will start to warm up next week. 43 is the projected high for tuesday. a if days of this and that. but no siege of cold air. larry: there is something to look forward to, no matter what you like. alison: still to come the push is on to give students a college education for free.
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>> c'mon man! larry: the best of biden. as he helps swear in members of the senate for the last time. >> the florida avenue grill, institution in d.c. about to hit the auction block. i'm stephen tschida. the story in a moment. we have a preview of what to expect tomorrow on "good morning washington." >> tomorrow on "good morning washington," suffering from p.m.s.? find out what is best to eat when it's your time of the month. >> as president obama heads to the hill to meet with congressional democrats get a look at the plans to save obamacare and the impact it could have on you. >> and stay with us for traffic and
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alison: well, this just in. at the age of 50, janet jackson is a mom. "people" magazine says a representative for the singer confirmed she gave birth to a baby boy this morning. it is the first child for jackson and her husband. mom and baby are said to be doing well today. larry? larry: good for them. well, a washington institution's fate on the line literally. the florida avenue grill that cooked up southern style food for seven decades hits the auction block in days. stephen tschida has reaction from the grill's regulars. >> an old
5:26 pm
cooking up traditional southern cuisine. some regulars started coming a long time ago. >> probably 40 years ago. >> check out the sign. it shows how long this diner has been in operation. >> the news almost killed rhonda's appetite. >> no, way! i'm sorry to hear that. >> it's going to the highest bidder january 138. the owner has days to work something out with the bank. we caught up with him who took over the grill several years ago. >> i will talk to you off the record. >> he didn't want to talk about the current situation and the efforts to come to an agreement with the bank. some in the neighborhood wonder what will happen if he loses the grill. >> i would just hope that whoever takes over the establishment on this corner will keep the tradition alive to provide a quality
5:27 pm
>> this is a prime location in a bustling neighborhood. if he fails to work something out the grill may go away. stephen tschida, abc7 news. alison: wow! we'll have to see what happens there. we'll keep you posted. stuck in his stomach. find out how long a man had a pair of scissors in the digestive track. larry: later, five years after the tax started why are the people using more plastic bags in montgomery county? sam: as work continues for inauguration for republican in the white house and a congress down the street how does it sit with folks here at the democratic d.c. city hall? i'm sam ford. that is next on abc7
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alison: the 115th coverage was sworn in today. what does the completely republican congress mean for d.c.'s overwhelmingly democratic area? we have more. sam: the capitol, friends and the family are celebrating republican congress, the d.c. delegate and mayor wondered how democratic d.c. will
5:31 pm
>> my job is to prepare the city and make sure that whatever, whatever happens, that we will be able to operate our city and protect our values. >> but with the fears of the republican attacks on the d.c. gun laws to labor laws, out in the city -- >> it's a challenge for the city, i think. a lot of aspects of the home rule are under attack. >> all we have to do is brace ourselves honestly. >> brace? >> yes. >> just before house action on party line denying d.c. a floor vote, city pays $26 billion in federal taxes. >> i do understand this figure. the highest federal taxes per capita in the united states. don't even have a vote. >> the city's top republican thinks d.c. has little to fear from trump and the congress. they will be too busy on other things. >> i don't think they will have time to micro manage the district of columbia in the first two years.
5:32 pm
time the republicans controlled controlled the capitol and the white house and concluded that the folks at d.c. city hall didn't fare that badly and she hopes history repeats itself. reporting from northwest washington, i'm sam ford. abc7 news. alison: thank you. meanwhile the governor of new york is proposing free tuition at the public colleges for in-state residents. >> college is a mandatory step if you want to be a success. the way this society said we are going to pay for high school, because you need high school. this society should say we will pay for college because you need college to be success ful. >> bernie sanders pushed for free tuition in the campaign. larry: the decision to cancel a visit to mexico is a vot
5:33 pm
confidence to donald trump but it came the same day that the president-elect threatened general motors on twitter. it boils down to jobs in the u.s. >> ford is taking the future of the electric car business in this plant in michigan. creating 700 new jobs. partly because of president-elect trump. >> it's a vote of confidence around the pro growth policy he is outlining. >> pro-growth policy and the threat of tariff. trump promised to renegotiate nafta and impose import tax 35%. today tweeting general motors sending the mexican made model of the chevy cruze tax free across the border. the g.m. says some of the heavy hatchbacks are built in mexico but the sedan version is built in ohio.
5:34 pm
leave, there are consequences. >> trump signaled out g.m. today. ford and other companies felt the heat. >> ford is moving the mess of the division now. >> the plans for a $1.6 billion plant south of the border are now being scrapped. >> this business decision was done independently. we did speak to president-elect and vice president-elect. >> trump said it was a move in the right direction. tweeting instead of driving wealth away it will become the world's magnet for innovation and job creation. alison: we have breaking news out of fiji where a magnitude 7.2 earthquake trigger tsunami threat. we don't know if there is damage or injuries.
5:35 pm
warning is issued for the hawaiian islands but we will keep you posted. larry: we are following a developing story in turkey where authorities released a photo of the man they believed killed 19 people at a nightclub in istanbul. they say that the wife of that man had no idea that her husband was connected to isis. alison: decision on whether to stop a man's execution will come next week. today ricky gray's attorney tried to convince a drug that the execution drugs that the state plans to use will cause him unnecessary pain. he is expected to be executed january 16 for the killing of a richmond couple and their two daughters. larry: we have new information on a story we brought you yesterday. a woman in texas is in critical condition after everyone in her home was accidentally poisoned. a hospital spokesperson says 45-year-old martha balderas is fighting
5:36 pm
others are expected to be okay. someone mixed pesticide water to create poisonous gas that killed four children in the home. alison: more breaking news to tell you about. this regarding a story we have been telling you about. a woman on camera using a missing bethesda man credit card turned herself in. surveillance video caught the woman using john donohoe's card in the hyattsville area. she bought $700 of beauty supplies. she has been charged with credit card fraud. but police still don't know where john is and they are trying to figure out how to woman got the card. larry: coming up at 5:00 -- >> i usually hear everything. we didn't hear a cry or a big thud. larry: how a toddler was able to save his twin. >> it doesn't come up in auction for sure. >> we hope
5:37 pm
come. alison: how you can get your hands on the piece of presidential history. >> the number of the murders in prince george's county was up in 2016.
5:38 pm
steve: looking ahead to the upcoming weekend. big changes are on the way. we could wake up friday morning to light snow on the d.m.v. 34 for a high on saturday. 30 and sunshine on sunday. the biggest story is the wind chill temperatures for saturday. single digits and that will continue until early sunday morning. stay with us.
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5:41 pm
the one accident that happened and hope it doesn't happen to any other families. larry: both by as we are happy to report -- boys we are happy to report are fine. the mom only knew what happened because the camera captured the incident. alison: that is awful to watch but it's impressive how the 2-year-old handled that. the presence of mine to astes the situation and help his brother. larry: if -- assess the situation and help his brother. larry: he looks at it and says how can i help him? he pushes him and they worked together. amazing. alison: well, speaking of terrifying video. here is some more. this is a man from vietnam that never imagined what caused his stomach pain. an x-ray shows a pair of scissors scissors in his abdomen. they were left inside in the operation he had. get this. 18 years
5:42 pm
the man is said to be recovering. larry: it's funny nobody missed them, the surgeon later. "i had a pair of scissors." that is incredible. 18 years later. >> i hope he is doing better. larry: coming up at 5:00 -- >> game mother of the family for that small time. that was a big thing for me. larry: scott abraham will introduce us to today's rising star. >> in montgomery county, residents it might be wise to invest in more reusable shopping b did you know slow internet can actually hold your business back? say goodbye to slow downloads, slow backups, slow everything. comcast business offers blazing fast and reliable internet that's 10 times faster than slow internet from the phone company.
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alison: dozen of flights are delayed and highways are closed as a thick blanket of fog descend on china. an orange alert is in effect in beijing because of the poor air quality. it is expected to last three days. 25 cities in china issued red alerts on sunday. the highest warning level for air quality. larry: montgomery county attack on pl
5:46 pm
years ago. but since then the number of people using the bags have gone up and not down. a reporter kevin lewis looks at what could come next. kevin: in the confines of the building one counselman is pondering a ban on all plastic bags. >> it's more widely effective than a fee and -- more widely accept and more effective than a fee. kevin: they used 4.3 million plastic bags each month but now half a decade latest the plastic bag usage is up by 27% increase despite a 5 cent per bag tax. >> that is too many plastic bags being used. we need to make a change. >> last month, they banned all
5:47 pm
bags. the remaining options were traditional paper or reusable bags. residents mostly celebrate the move. >> a lot of jurisdictions around the country has done this. it is doable. there are plenty of models out there. >> to date, montgomery county generated $12 million from the back tax. all of that money is used to clean up the lakes and the streams in the county. back to you. >> a reminder now that paid parking started today at the reston town center. the hourly rate varies depending if you park in the street or the garage. parking at both had been free. the new policy was supposed to take effect last fall but it was delayed so people had plenty of time to prepare. larry: time for a check of the roads. jamie sullivan is on traffic watch. jamie: seeing a few things now. one thing i
5:48 pm
slowing. that is something we haven't seen for a while. this a live look near route 2010. there was an earlier crash. it did clear away on the 20's from the outer loop from van dorn street crossing the wilson bridge. this is a look at the wilson bridge. at the backup seeing heavy traffic getting across the bridge. another spot on the beltway is further in the northwest corner near seven locks road. heavy here as you continue to wrap around to connecticut avenue. we are still on the brakes right now. not any big crashes to worry about. back to you. larry: thank you so much. news here among our fellow anchors. fox news anchor megyn kelly is headed to nbc. she sparred with president-elect donald trump in the presidential campaign and she was involved the ouster of the fox news head roger ailes following allegation of sexual harassment. she left abc7 in 2004. she will hour a one-time talk show and a sunday evening news magazine. alison: her first tv job was here at
5:49 pm
soon you will have a chance to bring a u.s. president or first lady home. well, a wax figure of one. if you want that. the hall of presidents and the first lady's museum in gettysburg, pennsylvania, featured the life-size figures of all 44 u.s. presidents and smaller versions of the first ladies. but the museum closed in november. the figures are being auctioned off on january 14. but the museum is holding several preview days. if you want to find the dates go to honey, look what i bought today. larry: where do you put it? at the kitchen table. make room for abe. alison: that might be creepy. larry: more coffee? sorry. alison: let's get a check of the weather. doug hill is standing by. the end of the week is when it gets interesting. doug: yeah. we will see the changes on the pleasant side tomorrow after a night cloudy of the area of the fog. hold in 40's by most of the evening. in morning we
5:50 pm
from 38 to 44 degrees. fog early on but it will go away as the high pressure will build in for one day. it's a pleasant and a midday and the afternoon. partly cloudy. breezy weather. hays to 56 degrees. thursday will go the other way with the colder air moving in the picture here. the future cast thursday shows clouds increase through the afternoon. there could be a flurry in the mountain. overnight through friday we think light snow and gusting to a glaze. an inch at most but it could fall at the beginning of the friday morning rush hour with the sub freezing temperatures to effect the commute. cloudy through the morning. clear out in the afternoon. after that it's cold talking about the bag of snow. defined as a tenth of an inch or more.
5:51 pm
after the weekend we will start to warm back up. there are the numbers. 56 tomorrow. then the 30's. near 30 on sunday. chilly monday. get through tuesday, wednesday, thursday, friday and it will warm back up again. back to you. alison: okay. thank you. larry: what do you got for us? erin: it is rising star time. a young woman her name is destiny slocum, a freshman at maryland but she is standing out on the basketball court. her leadership skills stem from having to be a leader at home before she was even a teen. can you imagine? scott abraham introduces us to today's rising star. scott: playing beyond her years. >> that is four threes in the second half for the freshman. >> i am a freshman. scott: maryland's 19-year-old freshman sensation, destiny is taking the women's college basketball world by storm. >> having confidence in my game. knowing that really age is a number. >> a
5:52 pm
the court. >> shoot and score. >> i have a competitive mind set. anything i do i want to win. if we are playing tic-tac-toe i will play until i win. scott: becoming the offensive engine and the floor general for the head coach. >> she has the intangibles as a point guard. leadership, the poise, the confidence to run this top ranked team. scott: born and raised in meridian, idaho, destiny is extremely close with her family. she has four siblings. at 10 years old she had to become the leader of the family. at the time her mother christina was diagnosed with breast cancer. that experience shaped the point guard to the person she is today. >> i mean i became the mother of the family for a small time. i know that was a big thing for me growing up. that humbled me. sometimes you have to step up and be a leader.
5:53 pm
>> flay -- playing for the name on the front of the jersey instead of the back. >> i want to bring accomplishments that i can. i want to win a championship. that's why i came here. scott: i'm scott abraham with the rising star. erin: i love it. that is a lot to take on and use it to take the leadership skills from the family to the court. larry: they are a strong program. imagine having a young person added with the character and the talent to that. erin: it's great. alison: big things to come from her. do you know someone in the d.m.v. that is overcoming athletics? e-mail at larry: we'll see you at 6:00. the approval rating is so high people call him uncle joe. alison: whenco bamk, vice -- when we come back, th
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alison: updating the breaking news off the earthquake off the coast of fiji. people are being urged to evacuate. the city on the main island so the quake was 7.2 magnitude. it hit 140 miles offshore. wi will continue to monitor this. jonathan: joe biden welcomed members of the senate for the last time. a look at some of the best moments. >> you can come. i'm not sure about the other guy. >> c'mon, man! you can't back out now. >> how are you guys doing? who is that beautiful
5:58 pm
>> we are having a conversation. [laughter] i was talking to her. you will have a hard time keeping boys away from your sister. keep the boys away from her sister. >> dads are hard to raise. be patient. fathers are hard to raise. >> so help you god. >> i will. [laughter] maureen: you can see why they call him uncle joe. alison: right now on abc7 news at 6:00 -- congress embroiled in controversy before it
5:59 pm
convenes. what is the plan to gut an ethics office and why the republicans suddenly back down. why the police chief says a change in state law may be partly to blame. the first family and we have learned that the obamas will have a neighbor named trump. >> now, "abc7 news at 6:00". on your side. >> congratulations. you are all now members of the 115th congress. [applause] maureen: cheers and applause on capitol hill after hours ovigers and angry questions for the new congress. the outrage came as the news broke last night that house republicans voted to gut the independent office of congressional ethics. jonathan: this afternoon the backlash caused congress to backtrack. we look at what inspired the prop
6:00 pm
that followed. kristine: monday night, house republicans voted to gut independent watchdog office. tuesday they retreated. but the damage had been done. >> horrible for the future, working together. >> they left an opening politically. kristine: president-elect donald trump backed the republicans via twitter saying with all that congress has to work on do they have to make the weakening of the independent watchdog the act and the priority? less than two hours after the tweet, the house g.o.p. backed off the plan to rename the office of congressional complaint review. subject the office to oversight from the house ethics committee and end anonymous complaints and tips. since the establishment in 2008, the office of the congressional ethics opened dozens of investigation into members of the house. including the representative from oklahoma.


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