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tv   ABC7 News at 6  ABC  January 3, 2017 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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that followed. kristine: monday night, house republicans voted to gut independent watchdog office. tuesday they retreated. but the damage had been done. >> horrible for the future, working together. >> they left an opening politically. kristine: president-elect donald trump backed the republicans via twitter saying with all that congress has to work on do they have to make the weakening of the independent watchdog the act and the priority? less than two hours after the tweet, the house g.o.p. backed off the plan to rename the office of congressional complaint review. subject the office to oversight from the house ethics committee and end anonymous complaints and tips. since the establishment in 2008, the office of the congressional ethics opened dozens of investigation into members of the house. including the representative from oklahoma.
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>> since i was 28 i have been self-employed. now they assume there is a conflict of interest. they want me to figure out how many hours i spend on my ranch. kristine: some believe it's not been effective. >> we have had 160 cases. only 26 were found whereondoing. >> representatives disagrees. >> i think it worked well. i think that this is not the way to start a new congress. kristine: they have amended to a broader house rules package. in a statement the congressman said the proposals have been misrepresented by the opponent and by some member of the media. on capitol hill, i'm kristine frazao, abc7 news. jonathan: the swearing in of a new congress means a change for the maryland delegation. chris van hollen was sworn in office today. the now for
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taking over the seat held for 30 years by barbara mikulski who is now retired. both van hollen and mikulski are democrats. maureen: new developments in the search for the killer of democratic national committee staffer seth rich. republican lobbyists jack burrman is now paying for adds to raise aware -- ads to raise awareness of the crime. rich was walking home in july when he was shot to death in the bloomingdale neighborhood. today would have been his 28th birthday. $130,000 reward is offered for information leading to an arrest. jonathan: the murder of a 16-year-old girl in her bedroom may have been random. that is information we get from police as we learn her killer. police today say 16-year-old sean crizer broke in charlotte zaremba's home on saturday night, shot and killed her and took a shot at her mother injuring her. she is okay, though. crizer turned the gun on himself.
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>> as you can imagine, the victim's family is in shock. our hearts go out to them. we do everything we can for them. jonathan: police believe crizer broke into at least two other homes in the ellicott city neighborhood. the gun used in the murder was stolen from one of those homes. maureen: concern is growing in prince george's county over marijuana. one year after maryland criminalized the possession police say they are seeing more murders tied to the drug. as maryland bureau chief brad bell reports the issue has gotten the attention of the county of police chief. brad: for the second year in a row the number of murders in prince george's county increased. in 2016. 97 people were victims of homicide. that is increase of 20 over the prior year. increase in violence at time when most other categories of crime are down. the number one
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homicide that the police responded to in 2016 was domestic violence. but a close second was drugs. now the prince george's county chief of police drawing a link to the maryland decriminalization of marijuana. appearing on newschannel8's "news talk" today, chief hank stawinski said demand for weed is up there. remains no legal supply chain. we have controls of what is contraband that is leading to violence and deadly confrontations. >> that is astonishing to hear that. >> the county resident derek miller says the community itself must fine solutions but thinks police have to pay a role, too. >> solve the problem i think. >> he is o
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the way they police the community. maureen: the district decriminalized marijuana in july of 2014. we asked if metropolitan plicit department if they had seen similar problem to the county. but they reported homicides are down 17%. jonathan: ahead at 6:00. >> we'll have them over the back porch. oh, yeah. jonathan: excitement for president obama's future neighbors. the big changes they are already seeing. and the other new neighbor on the way with the last name of trump. >> also ahead, why a restaurant that served food since f.d.r. was in the white house may be shut down by inauguration day. jonathan: first, how police are explaining a crash involving a stolen car and three police cruisers. doug: it's cloudy tonight. areas of fog,
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announcer: you're watching "abc7 news at 6:00". on your side. maureen: prince george's county police officer is recovering after a
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overnight crash. police say a man driving a stolen car lost control of it on benning road. crashed into several carers and slammed into a utility pool. among the vehicles hit were two police cars from prince george's county and one m.p.d. cruiser. police say there was no chase going on. the police cars were just in the wrong place at the wrong time. >> well, we may have had rain and drizzle around the area but that storm system connected all the way down to the south. look what was left behind. they had very damaging winds. they are not sure if it's straight line winds or tornadoes. five people killed. a man drowned in a florida panhandle. four others were killed when the mobile home was crushed by a tree in alabama. all across the southeast people spent today cleaning up to a night of severe weather. >> i thought it was hailing. the window to my room blew in. >> look at the mess.
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service is investigating a dozen reported tornadoes. >> authorities in turkey say a selfie is the best picture they found of the man wanted for the terror attack in istanbul in which 39 people were killed. airports and the border crossings in turkey are at high alert as the intense manhunt for suspected gunmen continues. despite releasing the picture the police are not releasing the suspect's name. we learned today he used flares to light up the darkness and shoot the victims. he changed his clothing and faked a limp to blend in with the scene. isis is taking responsibility for the attack. coming up next, d.c. neighborhood preparing to welcome president obama gets another surprise. the other family moving in who will also have secret service protection. jonathan: we may have been flirting with winter but we are about to get winter here.
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that could bring us snow in the next couple days. maureen: but first a look at what to expect tomorrow on "good morning washington." >> thanks, maureen. tomorrow on "good morning washington." suffering from p.m.s.? find out what is best to eat during your time of the month. >> a look at the plans to save obamacare and the impact that it could have on you. >> and stay with
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maureen: the days may be numbered for the florida avenue grill. a long-time fixture in northwest d.c. is in foreclosure and is expected to go on the auction box january 18. the grill will be sold to the highest bidder. the owner has go week -- two weeks to work something out with the bank. jonathan: governor larry hogan outlined the pirates for upcoming legislative session that include training 1,500 workers for jobs and renewal energy and green technology, more tax credits for people who buy electric cars and
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ensure they lead the way safeguarding the environment growing the jobs and the improving the economy. jonathan: he says $56 million in investment could be offset by the money that exelon paid to the state as part of the purchase of pepco. maureen: virginia governor terry mcauliffe says he will veto any bill banning abortion after 20 weeks of pregnancy. he called similar bans of other states socially divisive. he says he doesn't typically talk about the proposal legislation but want to reassure the companies thinking of investing in virginia such a bill would not become law. jonathan: we know four of the five living presidents will be in attendance at the upcoming presidential
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for weeks only the carters rsvp but today george w. bush will attend and now president and mrs. obama. the inauguration is here soon. it's 17 days away from swearing in on january 20. d.c. is going to get another new family. ivank trump and her husband will be moving in the home in the northwest d.c. neighborhood. it was sold two weeks ago for $5.5 million. maureen: it's less than two blocks from the future residents to the current first family. president obama and michelle obama will move in an 78200 square foot home after the -- 8200 square foot home after the inauguration.
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the future home of the current first family got outfitted with a secret service hat and other equipment. >> it's exciting. >> they have gotten briefings from the secret service. >> the north road is going to be blocked off. >> today those visiting had to park several blocks away. where some usually put vehicles was off-limit. the inconvenience is fine with them. >> we understand it's for their security. >> she wants to make the obamas feel welcome. >> we will have them over that
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yeah. >> did you send an invitation? >> yes. >> it will continue not in this form but it will be closed in some way as long as the obamas are living here. >> keep in mind the obamas are renting, not buying. stephen tschida, abc7 news. jonathan: waiting for the kids to get out of school. maybe they move back to hawaii. who wouldn't? doug: it's january. so we have bouts of snow. friday we could get a little. maureen: no, we won't. doug: we will find out. see what happens here. we have had rain. this is the rainfall total for the last 25 hows. .86 at reagan national. the most in a 24-hour period in a while. scan the map for any higher totals. don't see it. we win the breeze.
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only a few hundred in frederick. the rain is over. now fog to deal with. we are tracking the visibility. eighth of a mile in winchester. five miles at frederick. three miles at b.w.i. the rest of the area is ten. there could be fog overnight. but the skies will brighten considerably. chilly temperatures in the mid-40's in the city. outlining areas in the 30's. after a touch of fog we will turn partly sunny and cloudy. we have 56 for the high. winds gusting to 25 miles per hour or higher. the change is coming. westerly winds developing develh the sunshine. we will progress there wednesday to thursday, the colder air will move in. thursday night low pressure moves in and friday we could see a dusting or co
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ordinarily not a big deal. when it happens just before rush hor or beginning of a rush hour with cold temperatures, it could cause issues with the commute. the mother storm will be on the coast to head out. it could be the measure rabble, more than an inch of snowfall. the skies should clear out later friday afternoon. we think the effects will be there early. the light accumulations and it could impact the commute. stay tuned as the system developing and gets closer so we can narrow it down impact wise. 56 tomorrow. in the 30's on thursday and friday. saturday a dry, breezy and a cold day. sunday the highs of 30. went chills on sunday morning are -- wind chills in sunday
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then we will start a warmup again and be back to 50-degree range by the middle to the end of next week. back to you. maureen: thank you, doug. jonathan: capitals are finally back on the footing. erin: nice! it seems like it's coming together for them.ú the capitals get set to take on one of the hottest team in hockey. and what is coming for john wall and the accolade that the point guard added to his resume when we come back. oh, how was the open house? so good! did you apply? oh, i'll do it later today. your credit score must be amazing. my credit score? credit karma. it's free. that's great! um hm. just whip bam boom, it's done. that apartment is mine! credit karma. give yourself some credit.
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erin: so far 2017 has been good to the capitals and the maple leafs. the two hot teams meet tonight at the verizon center. washington is seeking the third straight win as the caps hope to climb from fourth in the the metropolitan division, while toronto is on a five-game winning streak. earlier, robert burton caught up with defenseman allsner about the matchup. >> the maple leafs, what are you expecting? >> a good high powered team. skilled players. we want a little payback. >> what the morale like in the
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>> it's really good. we turn a corner a little bit. the last games have been better. we have good team and leadership. we have guys with experience. we don't seem to get down a lot. erin: so the caps are at home and the weather are on the road in dallas. john wall and the wiz could be too much to handle a day after wall was named nba eastern conference player of the week. today, named player of the month. he is averaging 23.6 points, leads the league in steal and third in assists. louisville women's basketball coach is a very smart man. he had his players line up on the wrong side of the court. look at this. duke bought it. leading to a very easy layup for cardinals. i can't believe more te
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[laughter] it's embarrassing. i don't know if duke will ever fall for it again. it didn't cost them in the end, though as they won 58-55. who is laughing in the end? be sure to tune in to sports talk tonight at 9:00 on newschannel8. i will be joined by kevin sheehan from espn 980. we will talk about the redskins and a hangover from sunday's game. jonathan: tricky in sports the the best. erin: so much to watch. maureen: flakes coming our way? doug: friday morning. tonight is cloudy with area of fog and tomorrow is partly cloudy, breezy. mild. 56. thursday cloudy and colder at 39. we get through thursday night and friday morning. it could affect the morning rush. we will update you at 11:00. maureen: "world news tonight" with david muir coming up next. jonathan: see you
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tonight, the drama in washington. president-elect donald trump sending a message to congress after a late night effort to get rid of an independent ethics board. their first order of business, the fallout tonight and the big headline involving the bushes and the clintons and the inauguration. the deadly twisters on the scene tonight. now heavy snow and freezing rain moving into the northeast. the urgent manhunt apt this hour spreading across several states. people trapped in airports coast to coast and computers crashing. now we know why. and the toddler who survives this dresser falling on top of


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