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tv   ABC7 News at 6  ABC  January 14, 2017 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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kimberly: straight ahead on abc at 6:00, from a winter weather alert to a washout. what kept the ice away. >> the president-elect said he was all talk and no action, disrespected. kimberly: plus, the message coming from civil rights activists ahead of inauguration day, adding fuel to the fire as the president-elect blasts in iconic civil rights leader. >> now abc 7 news at 6:00 am on your side. kimberly: a wet but thankfully not icy start to the weekend, a different story from the southern plains where ice is slowing traffic on the roads and in the sky. here, the rain was on and off. no ice or snow ith
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meteorologist josh knight explains how a few degrees made a huge difference. josh: that's really all that it took. earlier this morning we were expected to drop further than they did. we stayed above freezing around d.c. it was a cold and raw day. let me show you what's going on, starting off with a map of weather advisories. they just added a few more. earlier this morning the area was covered in pink and purple, but now it is just to the north and west of d.c. closer to the mason-dixon line is where we have the winter weather advisory until 11 p.m. further south, howard county, northern anna-lysa:, closer to baltimore -- northern montgomery county, closer to baltimore, that is where we have a freezing rain warning. the further north you are, you could run into slick spots.
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freezing. it is as you get for the north where you will find the warmer temperatures. satellite and radar, still dealing with rain showers around d.c. as we zoom out, we still have a few hours to go. i have think it will not be until 9 p.m., 10 p.m. until we get a break from the showers. if you are going out this evening, keep the umbrella handy, the rain jacket. tomorrow looks much better. andill look forward to that the martin luther king jr. holiday, the forecast in about 10 minutes. kimberly: stay with abc seven and for all the week and weather updates. you can also download the stormwatch 7 weather app. new details on how u.s.-russia relationships may change when donald trump becomes president. the president-elect told the wall street journal he is open to lifting sanctions against russia if russia works with the u.s. we learned that
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national security advisor michael flynn spoke with the russian ambassador to the u.s. four times on the day the sanctions were announced. the senate intelligence committee says part of its investigation into russia's election meddling may include a possible contacts between the presidential campaigns and moscow. developing now, growing tension between the president-elect and the civil rights icon from georgia, congressman john lewis. donald trump tweeted that lewis is "all talk and gets no action from his crime infested district." some call his choice of words racist. the president-elect lashed out. lewis said this about donald trump. lewis: i don't see this president as a legitimate president. i think the russians
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get elected, and they have destroyed the candidacy of hillary clinton. is among 16wis members of congress who plan not to attend next week's inauguration. others say they are considering skipping the event. came before a pre-inauguration protest on the national mall. an estimated 2000 people marched on the mall to deliver a message to the incoming administration and ryan hughes was there. >> this is what democracy looks like! ryan: they chanted and marched in the rain towards the martin luther king junior memorial. network led action by reverend al sharpton leading the charge during the "we shall not be moved" rally on independence avenue.
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sixing their frustrations, days before the inauguration. sharpton is demanding accountability from president-elect donald trump and showing support for the affordable care act and protecting religious liberty. sharpton: dr. king died fighting for these rights! ryan: the rally happening only blasted civilump rights icon john lewis on twitter. lewis says that trump is not a legitimate resident. is allweeted that lewis talk and no action. >> everything is terrible, it's bad, wrong. ryan: at the national press club, the coalition of pastors says trump must begin a chance to prove himself as president. >> so many people criticized president obama when he was elected. we said we should give the managements to pve
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on, dozenslso going of pro-immigrant rallies taking place across the country this weekend. in d.c., standing room only as hundreds of people filled the ame churchetropolitan in northwest. speakers criticized what they see as donald trump in diameter and rhetoric and his pledge to build a wall along the u.s.-mexico border. >> we are a nation for all peoples, regardless of religion, regardless of background, regardless of who you love. we are here for everybody. alloware not going to donald trump to bury the constitution. kimberly: rallies took place and 70 cities across the country. trump promised to increase deportation, starting with those accused of or convicted of crimes. calling her decision to
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lapse of judgment, jennifer holliday has canceled her appearance on the national mall. she said she changed her mind after considering the feelings of her lgbt fans. the concert will take place. closures andy road restrictions during inauguration weekend, along with metro closures. find a full list of the schedule of events for next weekend at our website, those closures come with a warning from the u.s. postal service. customers and closed off areas downtown for security purposes onl not get mail delivered friday, january 20. regular deliveries resume the next day. and many collection boxes in the district will either be removed door locked. the impact of boxes will have notices posted on them. coming up next, sending a message.
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deployment in europe in decades. and an update on the plow driver and the lesson officials hope is learned from this horrifying accident. and for the second year in a row, news channel 8 will offer live coverage of the martin luther king jr. day parade. sam ford will serve as the parade mc and host our coverage. that begins at noon monday. hashtag stuffy nose. hashtag no sleep. hashtag mouthbreather. just put on a breathe right strip.
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kimberly: a crime alert and prince george's county -- detectives are searching for the suspect who shot a man in a car overnight in the lead art in. -- in glenarden. near red oak park.
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anything that can find the gun man. anne arundel county police said that a shooting in odin tim is a murder investigation. officers responding to a disturbance call on conquest way in odenton found a man dead from gunshot wounds. the police suspended talking to witnesses to learn more about what happened. developing now come an incredible story in south carolina. a south carolina woman will not fight extradition to floor to face very old kidnapping charges. williams is accused of posing as a nurse and abducting a newborn in 1988 from a florida hospital. friday, the 18-year-old was reunited with her birth parents. she also attended a court hearing for the woman she has always known as mom. identity confirmed her after a tip led investigators to a woman with the same birthdate.
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welcome after a show of american forces arrived in eastern europe. poland welcomed 4000 u.s. forces in a formal ceremony. it is the largest u.s. troop deployment in europe in decades. the soldiers are there not only to bolster ties with nato allies but to send a message to russia. >> this is a clear message that we are ready to defend independence. kimberly: a kremlin spokesman said they view a foreign entity building up forces at its borders as a threat. up, what is on the way in orbit after a successful launch today for spacex. and a live look outside, more rain falling now. the forecast coming up.
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>> liftoff of falcon 9. kimberly: that never gets old to me. blasted intoon 9 space today from vanderburgh air force base in california. it is their first launch since a similar unmanned rocket exploded three months ago. rocket is part of a private ceoany spearheaded by tesla elon musk. the goal is to take 10 commercial satellites into space for the voice and data company iridium. this will increase beat and bandwidth. a horrifying moment caught on video, one that many hope serve as a warning and reminder to let snowplows do their jobs. a semi truck driver trying to get around a snowplow clearing the highway in
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shovel and sent the plow over a cliff. feet,ow dropped 300 rolling several times before landing on its side. the driver was taken to the hospital in serious condition, but is expected to recover. afteruck driver was cited the police all the video. josh: that is incredible. you see the sign that says stay back 100 feet. kimberly: and they go so slowly that you think you can go around, but no. no snow around here for stop josh. josh: it was just a matter of a couple of degrees. that is why most of the d.c. area is just looking at rain coming down. a few things going on. the rainy picture from the national harbor, but a few places are below freezing. go from upper marlboro, prince george's county, further west. myersville, maryland,
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places where temperatures are below freezing. in those places we could have slick spots. .c. metro,the d not so much, but a lot of is very close. if you are out and about tonight, take it easy, especially on elevated surfaces come over passes, that sort of thing. really slow down. still wet, so something to deal with their. further north, a bit colder, the changeover, where the pink is, that is sleet mixing in. further north, where the temperatures are above freezing, becomes dennis freezing rain. as it hits the surface, that is when it freezes up and you get the glaze of ice which is so dangerous. -- thetheir north further north you are come you may run into icy patches. close to 9 p.m., pushing close to the eastern shore
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the bay. in the clouds break down. sunday morning a little bit of cloud cover but a much better day. warm sunshine in the afternoon, the temperatures into the mid 40's, pretty close to normal this time of year. monday, the clouds move back in for martin luther king jr. day, but most of us stayed dry. just watching for a few isolated showers likely to the west of town. recapping through 11 p.m., the winter weather advisory further north montgomery county, howard county, baltimore, harford county. that is where the freezing rain advisories are, so watch out. below freezing winchester, hagerstown, frederick, closer to baltimore. south, the and temperatures stay just above freezing. tomorrow, about 36 in the morning, 47 the high in the afternoon. a mu n
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parade, it is chilly in the morning, but then we top out at about 44, a stray shower possible further to the west. i expect d.c. to stay drive monday. tuesday, -- i expect d.c. to stay drive monday for stop tuesday, a better chance of rain. rainwe get done with the tuesday and tuesday night, we dry out and it looks like we stayed dry wednesday through friday. kimberly: you are right, nobody needs ice. josh: the forecast and not pan out, but i think as for the best. kimberly: how are things panning out for the hoyas? robert: pretty good. a lot of work to do, but it is still early in the season. georgetown played uconn. mom, i just saved a lot of money on my car insurance by switching to geico. i should take a closer look at geico...
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desk, brought to you by your local toyota dealers. robert: a classic battle on the hardwood today, georgetown and yukon -- uconn. uconn no longer in the big east, but still a rivalry. less than a minute to go in the game, l.j. peak with the drive and spin. does not give up on the play. game-high 21. georgetown up 4. before to go, a chance closing time, the three ball a short. 72-hoyas beat the huskies, 69. coach thompson: looking down the other end and seeing connecticut is a good thing. they are in a different conference, but muchf our history is intertwined. the games and players and teams
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, if you are going to have a tough out of conference game, that is an opponent that we want. robert: uva-clemson. avery holmes puts up the floater at the buzzer, good. tied at the half. cavs get the lead for good with that three. he finished with 25. uva wins, 77-73. st. louis-george mason, 40 seconds to go. mason down one, not a good time to turn it over. the slave puts it away. george mason drops this 1 -- the slam puts it away. george mason drops this one. hokies trying the old fashion role, but it does not work every time. diving for the steel and that seals the deal. hokies l
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fashion, 76-71. american-army facing off. wilson.ook to matt the eagles cannot fly today and they fall to army, 53-49. when the women's side, maryland's only lost the season after 91 straight games. besides that, the terps are still on fire. they had iowa today, and this one was close. for three,en look knocks it down. terps win 98-82. and congrats to the uconn women's basketball team, breaking their own record today, winning their 91st consecutive game come easily beating smu. the 2008 to 2011
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90 in a row. their winning streak could continue for many games to come. and john wall has been fined $15,000 for an altercation in the loss to the celtics. 91 straight games. kimberly: they are amazing.
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kimberly: take a look at this, thrillseeker's in the mountains of russia seemingly inventing a new winter sport. snowboarders tether themselves to a horse, and then they are led through the snow.
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robert: wow. veryrly: they don't seem steep, but that's fast. josh: is that one horsepower? kimberly: very good, josh. josh: talking about cold temperatures tonight, some areas still getting back to freezing. we are looking at a freezing rain advisory all around d.c. montgomery county, frederick county come off to the west is where we run into more of an issue. tomorrow much better, more sunshine. aside from a few slick spots, 47 degrees. anything that is icy in the morning will just be wet by the afternoon. cooler monday. the only showers should be closer to the shenandoah valley. a better chance of rain tuesday. the end of the week, back to the mid-50's. kimberly: for those of us outs
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appreciate that forecast. have a good night.
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tonight, states of emergency. a major winter ice storm sweeping across the nation's midsection. the national guard called in. the warnings for 20 million americans in 12 states. now the urgent call to stay off those icy roads before the worst hits tonight. donald trump taking on a civil rights icon. the war of words with congressman john lewis, but the president-elect tweeted that is sparking outrage. reunited. the baby kidnapped 18 years ago now face to face with her biological family. the woman accused of taking her now behind bars. the world's most famous hijacking mystery. stumping the fbi for nearly half a century, but did amateur scientists just discover a major clue? and liftoff.


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