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tv   News 7 at 11  ABC  January 16, 2017 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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a shooting, hostages and jonathan: first, a wild chain of events ends with a man killed by the police. before that, a shooting, barricade, a hostage situation. alison: this played out in herndon in the middle of the afternoon. tonight, two people are still on the hospital with gunshot wounds. jonathan: tom roussey joins us with the latest. tom:
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and the fire department left a couple hours ago. after they did, the police investigation began in earnest. they are investigating near a doorway where the suspect was shot earlier today. he later died. [explosion] tom: monica ramirez was recording on a shot was fired. moments later, the fairfax county swat team approaches and throws what is called a flash bang. then eventually, the suspect comes out. he has been shot by the police but is still conscious. medics rushed him to the hospital, where he is later pronounced dead. the police say this started when brothers inshot two the mcnair farms neighborhood. they escaped and went to the hospital. fairfax county police what was called out
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police wanting was called out. >> they were in position. on thew a gentle man balcony and the police were saying, put your hands up. >> the cops were saying, put down your gun, and he went back inside. tom: another man called 911 and said he was being held hostage inside. then things get worse. >> the suspect apparently set fire to the house. at the same time, was firing the handgun in the house. tom: it becomes a two alarm fire. eventually the suspect comes to the door. >> he came out. tom: that is when he is shot, allegedly holding a knife. the hostage is eventually freed. he was not shot but treated on the scene for smoke inhalation. back live, the police are still investigating right where the suspect was shot and also near where he came out and fell to the ground after he was shot. the
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quite sometime tonight investigating. as for the two brothers were shot initially, they drove themselves to the hospital and their injuries are not considered to be life-threatening. live in herndon, fairfax county, tom roussey, abc 7 news. throughe made it monday. now we have showers, not amounting to a whole lot as we move through the overnight. oxon hill, old town alexandria, that is where the wet weather will stick around another hour or two. once this moves out, another round of showers move in tomorrow. morning temperatures generally 40 to 45 degrees, scattered showers, patchy fog. leave extra time heading out the door tomorrow morning. a nice warm-up in the afternoon, middle 50's. a big warm-up on the way for the middle of the week, and talking about inauguration day in just a few minutes. alison:
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you then. stay connected with abc seven when there is rain on the radar by following us on facebook, twitter,, and download the stormwatch app. jonathan: just four days until inauguration day. tonight, antitrust protesters were on d.c. streets, peaceful protests. inaugurations are historic event's. it is a who's who in the political world. tonight, making headlines are those who are not going to be there. tim barber joins us now with some new names on this list that continues to grow. tim? tim: one of the latest is maryland representative anthony brown. he said he was trying to figure if you would attend the inauguration, and made up his mind. >> my decision not to attend the duration. tim: representative anthony brown
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after president-elect trump criticized his colleague, john lewis. the present like tweeted that l ewis was all talk and no action after lewis said trump. was illegitimate disrespected the civil rights icon, but also congressman john lewis and the office he represents. tim: brown is one of dozens ditching the inauguration. >> we hold our elected officials to the highest standards, and we should. and i hope that president trum p appreciates the responsibility and the weight of the office. tim: the president-elect still claims his inauguration will be bigger than expected. representative anthony brown says he will not just be staying home. you will be working in his
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live in northwest washington, tim barber, abc 7 news. jonathan: democrats are rallying behind lewis, saying that some of you was nearly beaten to death by the police during a 1965 civil march has earned the right to speak his mind. for thee spoke publicly first time, singh that he does not believe donald trump is the legitimate president. lewis iseted that john all talk and gets no action or results for his crime infested district. representative lewis: never give up, never give in. stand up, speak up. when you see something not right, not fair, not just, we have a more obligation to do something, say something, and not be quiet. toathan: of the dozens announce they will not attended the inauguration, more than 30 are congressional democrats. alison: in support or opposition, more than one million
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d.c. later this week for the inauguration. while many will be here to celebrate a record number of protesters are expected to make their voices heard as well. no matter their reason for coming, people need to eat, and that is why businesses like this pizza shop are making sure they are ready. >> as much as we have the pizza line for the people, it goes all the way out there. alison: with barricades already up, security getting tighter, businesses at the capital, the mall, are being asked to have deliveries complete by wednesday. jonathan: stay with abc 7 on-air and online at for continuing coverage all week long. alison: new tools to catch a killer, the i-team obtained a preview of new billboards aimed at finding out who killed democratic national committee worker seth rich. the artwork will appear on billboards and bus
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neighborhood where he was shot to death last year. also tonight, a new website was launched to help track down his killer. communityright now, a is in shock after a beloved woman in a wheelchair was gunned down in southeast washington this morning on her way to the grocery store. the woman and a man were both shot. jay korff is live at police headquarters where the investigation is happening now. jay, our win a closer to capturing the people responsible? jay: we certainly know the authorities are in hot pursuit of a suspect or suspects in this case. we should tell you this community is angry and scared. darkness can up secure many things, but on this night, the scars of violence are in plain sight along the 2400 block of eldon's road in southeast d.c. one bullet hole ripped through
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that alerts passersby there is a crime camera in the area, another through another sign below the camera. a camera the police hope salty double shooting that left a 68-year-old woman dead. >> to just open up and fire gunshots in our community, we don't put up with that. jay: the beloved figure the neighborhood was in her wheelchair outside of her apartment heading to the grocery store when a gunbattle erupted. two people were hit. a man in his 20's is expected to survive. the mother and grandmother had nowhere to run and was killed in the crossfire. >> is heartbreaking for me, for the residence. c commissioner says that something must be done to deal with the violence that has touched this neighborhood too often in years past. >> it's unacceptable for anyone to be shot like this. it's unacceptable. as a community, we need to come together.
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tonight, the victim's granddaughter told us her grandmother did not deserve to die like this. live in the district, jay korff, abc 7 news. alison: jay, thank you. a three-year-old dog is recovering tonight at an animal hospital after firefighters rescued him from a house fire. the fire broke out in northwest. nobody else was home at the time. firefighters say the dog is an italian sheepdog. he is hooked up to oxygen tonight. everyone is hoping he makes a full recovery. jonathan: an annual martin luther king day tradition. the procession walking down martin luther king avenue, featuring musical performances, tributes, bands. d.c. bureau chief sam ford was the master of ceremonies. alison: vice president-elect
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cameras were there as he visited the mlk memorial along the tidal basin, shaking hands with people there and paying tribute to king's legacy. present like donald trump mart with martin luther king -- met with martin luther king iii today. jonathan: a man with his hands in the air, then six officers on top of him. what he is accused of, the mistake, and the big
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great savings. and a whole lot more. alison: millions of people are underwater weather alerts after deadly storms in the central u.s. an ice storm is now responsible for nine deaths. they stretch from oklahoma to nebraska, draping ice on trees and power lines. in some cases, the ice is up to an inch thick. suingan: a phd student is police in illinois for violently taking him down, accusing him of
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this is newly released video of the 2015 incident. the police say woman called 911, said she saw a black man in a hoodie trying to blake in a car. a car stop they wrestled him to the ground. they started throwing him to the ground as he was tried to explain -- >> this is my vehicle, sir. jonathan: the police department says they will no longer require suspects to be placed facedown on the ground. alison: turning to the war on terror, and arrest after tear at a nightclub in istanbul. the police have caught the gun man who killed 39 people during a new year celebration. identified.has then turkish media reports he was captured during a police raid in istanbul. he was reportedly staying there with a friend. jonathan:
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orlando nightclub shooter has been arrested. noor salman was taken into custody in san francisco this morning, charged with obstruction. her husband, omar mateen, killed 49 people, wounding more than 50 in the attack in orlando. the best to get a say he provided material support to a terror organization. we expect more details when she is in court tomorrow. alison: an urgent search for the gun man behind a deadly shooting in a nightclub in mexico. five people were killed, 15 wounded. this happened at a music festival near cancun. an canadians,, an italian, colombian are among the dead. authorities say this was not terrorism. jonathan: new question surrounding the present likes choice to lead the department of health and human services. cnn, georgia
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thousands of stock in a medical device company. days later, he introduced a bill to delay regulation that analyst said at the time what effect that company. price promise to sell his stock to comply with federal ethics laws. alison: the obama family started making their transition today. we have new video of the moving trucks right outside their home and the new home in the kalorama neighborhood. the family will be moving out of the white house friday. that section of d.c. is proving to be popular among high-profile families. the vaca trump and her husband will move in just a few blocks away, and "washington post" owner jeff bezos also bought a house in that same area. at a special donation from the obama family. the president nated the white house swingset to a shelter in southeast. it now sits at the jobs priority shelter. in 2
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installed on the south lawn for his daughters. president obama offered it to butp for his son, baron, trump declined. jonathan: robert law had no pulse during an asthma attack. apartmentto was quickly, brought him back, kept him alive. today he surprised them with a token of gratitude. >> you brought me back from the dead. i was dead for five minutes. i show my love and appreciation because you save my life. those lifesavers happen to be from a fire station on martin luther king jr. avenue. today, he handed out cpr coins and a certificate of appreciation. steve: the temperatures right now are in the 40's. typical for what we would normally see during the daytime hours for this time of year in washington. not a typical winter for us.
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radar, a few showers out there, mainly around the capital beltway. these are moving to the east at about 15, 20 miles per hour. it will not last very long. but if you are inside the beltway, seat pleasant, toward silver hill, anacostia, old town alexandria, chevy chase, bethesda come you are looking at rain right now. the further west, also looking at scattered showers. that means grab the umbrella as you head out the door because more than likely you will need it at some point during the day tomorrow. tonight, scattered showers through the area, fog, middle to upper 30's. tomorrow morning at the bus stop, taking the dog out for a walk, a little chilly. upper 30's, lower 40's, but not staying there very long. daytime highs eventually near 50 degrees, 55 degrees. shower stick around most of the day.
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widespread later in the afternoon into the early evening. stormwatch 7 futurecast, it is around0 tomorrow morning the capital beltway. the for the west that you go, hagerstown, winchester, woodstock, the panhandle of west virginia, that will be wet. lunchtime recess likely in jeopardy for some of the kids depending on where the showers set up at noon time. then we clear out just a bit at 5:00 in the roadways begin to dry out nicely. wednesday and thursday look absolutely awesome. friday, so much going on around the dmv, inauguration at high noon. clouds and showers, upper 40's. for the parade, showers are likely to continue with temperatures in the low 50's. the 10-day outlook, middle 50's saturday, near 60 degree sunday. it stays mild and brighter as we move through theid
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jonathan: a school worker fired over a tweet. never a was conversation about not engaging with students. jonathan: it started with a spelling error. but was in a fire rubble
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jonathan: a frederick county school employee fired because of a tweet is speaking out. katie nash was let go from her social media job because of a response to a student misspelling tomorrow. nash responded, how would you learn how to spell tomorrow? >> really saw it as an opportunity to go back and forth in a lighthearted way and correct the students spelling -- student possibly know tomorrow. jonathan: twitter users seem to like her humor. the studen
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her a note saying that he appreciated her message and what she was trying to do. we will find a what happens tomorrow. alison: even dad is on her side. to the school can bring it back a little bit. robert: i was a horrible speller. jonathan: can you spell hot? robert: to the school can bring it back a little bit. pickiz, the caps, a team. john wall mix a statement. and the caps over the penguins.
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>> and now the toyota sports desk, brought to you by your local toyota dealers. robert: cap siphon penguins, 15 goals title in this game. -- caps on and penguins, 15 goals total in this game. nine goals scored in the second alone. here is all the madness right here. braden holtby was pulled from this. long story short, this goes to overtime. and to do not take long for the penguin's to end it. 34 seconds into overtime. that was his second goal of the game. the nine-game winning streak for the
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they lose 8-7 in overtime. the was earns remain on the road. -- the wizards remain on the road. my, john wall look like the all-star we all love. nobody made a bigger statement than john wall. trying to make a case for new orleans. the left-handed slam, 24 points. isn't he an all-star? i think so, especially when he does this. the dish to martin gortat. 120-101 was the final. and the hoyas fall to providence in college hoops. in the big east and now knife in the conference. jonathan: it takes pressure off the caps, losing one like that. robert: yeah, and john wall should be in new orleans for the all-star game. alison: thank you, robert.
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alison: a multimillion dollar makeover could be coming to the eiffel tower. the mayor of paris proposed a million upgrade to the landmark that would include better elevators, more security, new lights. jonathan: that looks pretty good. alison: it does, all in an effort to help paris secure the 2024 olympic games. it is beautiful. steve: beautiful weather on the way once we get past tomorrow. showers on the way tomorrow, highs in the middle 50's. same onwednesday, dry, thursday. friday we are looking at showers midday through the afternoon and evening. we will update the forecast later. jonathan: jimmy kimmel is next. alison: have a good night.
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>> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live!" tonight -- amy adams. from "moonlight," naomie harris. and music from blink-182. and now, look at this -- here's jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> jimmy: thank you. very nice. appreciate that. i'jimmy, i'm the host of the show. thank you for watching. thanks for standing in the rain to be out here. it has been raining here in l.a.


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