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tv   News 7 at 11  ABC  February 2, 2017 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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jonathan: sky track 7 is flying over a huge fire at the fairfax county landfill and recycling center on furnace road in lorton . new reports so far of injuries. the fire department is there with the entire area surrounded. we don't know how the fire started. as soon as we get that, we will pass that along. top story, they are officers of the law, but dozens of prince george's county officers say they are victims of racial discrimination. jonathan: 74 our lodging a complaint to the department of justice. anna-lysa: the complaint filed by the hispanic national law enforcement association and the united black police officers association claims a number of issues, including racial discrimination at the prince george's county police department. >> african-americans are treated one way, and white officers
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fired, another guy just gets fined. roughly 74 officers have signed on to the complaint according to bob ross, the president of the prince naacp branch.ynaac >> i believe this is beyond discrimination and it's a culture that exists, and they need to correct the culture. >> there have been written attempt to try to get to the exact complaints. anna-lysa: leaders with the police department say the current administration wants to deal with problems if they exist. a few months ago, chief stawinsk i created a panel that would look at promotion processes. >> he is going proactive, not reactive. it's all disheartening the way it has been handled. anna-lysa: we spoke
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delegate darryl barnes, who says he plans on meeting with fraternal order of police monday. the department of justice says the complaint has been received and will be reviewed by the civil rights division and they will respond. anna-lysa gayle, abc 7 news. alison: anna-lysa, thank you. a woman dead after being struck by a car in fairfax county. flew over then scene of little river turnpike. the car stayed on the scene. the circumstances are under investigation. jonathan: an elderly man gunned down in his own backyard in lorton almost a year ago and we still do not know who pulled the trigger. tonight, the police are hoping a new detail major dog somebody's memory. tim barber has the new development. tim? tim: a neighbor spotted a black pickup truck in the neighborhood of the night of the murder, and for the first time, the police sure
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public. it has been nearly a year, and family members are still looking for answers in the shooting that killed 83-year-old johann de leed. tonight, a new piece of information. detectives say that summary spotted a lack pickup truck and mason neck just after 1 a.m. the night that a bullet was fired into his house, killing him. they were told about it last year after the murder, but just released the information to the public. last year, this neighbor told us a retired world bank economist, was a good man who helped him raise $200,000 for a trip. >> somebody know something. tim: fairfax county investigators are not certain if the pickup truck is tied to the crime, but nearly a year has passed, so they want to see if that detail will jog anybody's memory. if you have any information that could help the fairfax county police department, call them or crime
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alison: such a mystery, tim, thank you. parent credit, a it with stopping a possible school shooting attack in california. two students were arrested in los angeles area after a parent heard them discussing a plan to shoot up their school. it is the second foiled plot in a week. withhan: keeping up president trump's actions for his first 100 days come in today more tough talk when it comes to international policy. the president now says nothing is off the table when it comes to iran. that country was put on notice for a ballistic missile test this week. new sanctions could be announced as early guest tomorrow. attendingtrump, while the national prayer breakfast, he promised to destroy a tax rule that bars churches and religious groups from endorsing political candidates. uc berkeley still recovering after riots on campus last night.
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planned appearance by an old right speaker. president trump treated wet -- tweeted about the situation, threatening to remove federal funding to uc berkeley. ceo is dropping out of the president's business advisory council. you may have seen the backlash on social media over his seat on the group. there were even calls to boycott the rise your service. onsaid in a memo that being the council did not mean an endorsement of the trump agenda. jonathan: something you do not see a lot on a busy thursday in new york city, bodegas closed, in protest of president trump's immigration orders. an estimated 1000 yemeni- americans shut down their stores today. yemen is on the list of seven countries where citizens are not allowed in the u.s. for 90 days. protesters in
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felony riot charges for this mess during the inauguration, the violent protest that took place that day. their next hearing is mid-march. alison: a local couple is back home after being stranded overseas because of president trump's immigration actions. they were heading home from their native country iran when the water took effect. flights in change amsterdam, but could not leave and wound up spending five days at the airport. the couple, who have immigrant visas, landed at dulles late this afternoon. >> it's unbelievable, i think. i did not think i could come here at all. i'm speechless right now come in tears, emotional. but we made it. we made it. alison: senators tim kaine of virginia and chris van hollen of maryland worked with a team of lawyers to get the couple cleared to reenter the u
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hacking of d.c. police cameras is an international situation tonight. according to "the washington are," a man and woman accused of hacking storage devices that record data from surveillance cameras. forpolice say the security the inauguration was not impacted by this, but they believe they were part of an extortion plan. no money was ever paid. steve: partly cloudy skies right now, a cold night ahead with temperatures falling into the 20's. then a chilly start friday, but at least it will be drive. middle 30's by the afternoon. daytime highs will eventually make it too close to 40 degrees. talking about a cold weekend ahead and a big warm up next week. how about 60 degrees? more on that in a few minutes. jonathan: the former prime minister of norway thought it would be an easy trip coming to the u.s..
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for the national prayer breakfast. wasom roussey reports, he held and questioned at the airport over a prior trip to the middle east. >> i visited both president bill clinton's group and the white house. tom: former new region prime minister kjell bondevik said he never had trouble entering the u.s. until tuesday at dulles. >>. i was surprised tom: he was held an hour for questioning. obvious he is no terrorist. his passport even says he is the former prime minister of norway, a u.s. ally. >> they need to understand i don't represent any problem. said he wasondevik told the problem had nothing to do with president trump's temporary travel ban but a law signed by president obama in 2015. customs agen s
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visit tofor a 2014 iran for human rights conference. there were 38 countries whose citizens do not need visas to visit the u.s.. norway is one, but the 2015 law says if they have recently traveled to one of seven countries, including iran, they now need a visa. and he says his office was told by the u.s. embassy and i'll slow prior to this trip his passport and a separate electronic travel authorization were all he needed. he said the embassy did not ask about countries he visited, but this is not his first trip to the u.s. since the iran visit. >> what kind of reputation do you want to make? customs and border protection said they cannot comment on any one individual's experience. we know the law being enforced was designed to prevent terrorists from coming into the country, and i'm told that a one hour wait for extra screening is not that unusual.
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are made on a case-by-case basis. live at dulles airport, tom roussey, abc 7 news. alison: thank you, tom. impending trouble when you travel? new estimate show more people are flying. at this rate we are on a countdown to overflow. >> we are not ready for it. our airports do not have the facilities, the screening areas, the technology. it will be a mess. alison: they say this is not a tenure problem. it will be upon us in five years. jonathan: this is must-see video from pittsburgh. watch this video. , flying off the parkway, crash landing in a parking lot of an automotive repair shop. the owner said shockingly the driver was not hurt. the scary thing, this is not even the first time. the owner of the automobile shop says this has happened eight times in nine years. alison: a
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two-time cancer survivor wants everyone to hear the morning. >> i was doing everything to keep cancer away, and i put a device in my body that caused cancer. alison: 7 on your side investigates.
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alison: a 7 on your side consumer alert for anyone who has breast implants was considering getting them. investigatorsumer kimberly suiters says there is a growing concern over certain kind of implant that may be linked to cancer. disease is called alcl, very rare, and it can be deadly. publishedda first information about cancer in 2011, there were only 62 reported cases worldwide. today, out of millions of implants, the fda is aware of 258 confirmed cases, 192 unconfirmed cases, and at least
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7 on your side found out the warnings are not making it to women who might be at risk. rayleneancer survivor claims she was never warned the type of implant that she chose for reconstructive surgery in 2008 could give her cancer a second time. >> i was doing everything to get rid of cancer, yet i put a device in my body that caused cancer. the fbi had 2011, identified a link between breast cancer and lymphoma. they put in place a database to track alcl cases and put a warning in the packaging. 2013, when her breast tripled in size in a matter of days, she became the 25th document a case in the u.s. she had never heard of alcl. >> i've lost my chest. i have not lost my voice. kimberly: a
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foundation calls for mandatory warnings for women who already have the implants and those getting them. >> this is creating a certain amount of anxiety and concern among the medical community. kimberly: he is a world expert on alcl. other showh and three quarters of surgeons are not discussing it with patients. >> we would like more patients to receive the information. kimberly: a former fda analyst patterns problems and in medical devices, but the numbers are difficult to pin down. ,> the findings indicate alcl but that did not show what because they did not check the death box. in the u.s., the lifetime risk of developing alcl is low, at worst one in 30,000. 000.ustralia, it is one in surgeons say they want to inform, not frighten.
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rare. you don't yell fire in a theater when there is no fire. kimberly: any implants are appealing to women who want a more natural shape. believe that this creates lymphoma? >> they don't know what creates the lymphoma. kimberly: we are getting closer to the truth. the reasone fda said increase. for the first time the world health organization recognized alcl as a new lymph foam of. cancer network developed the first international standard for diagnosis. and a french agency warns there exists a clearly established link between implants anticancer. for these reasons, one of the leading advocates of breast implants rarely uses th
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this woman would have liked to of known. they say you chose the implants. i do not choose cancer. i guarantee if i had a choice and i knew the implant i was about to put into my body was a going to give me cancer, that's a choice. kimberly: kimberly suiters, abc 7 news. 7 on your side alison: -- abc 7 news. alison: 7 on your side reached out to the breast implant manufacturer, who said -- find the full statement on our website, after a high today of 50 degrees at reagan national, we have cooled down to 37. cooler to the north and west, hagers
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the satellite and radar, from stormwatch 7, a few clouds, partly cloudy overnight. if you are looking for rain, you will not find it around the mid-atlantic. it is suppressed well to the south and west, and that is where it will stay the next 24 hours. 0 overnight, partly cloudy skies. a cold start to the friday. the temperatures early on will be in the middle to upper 20's, not gaining a lot of traction with the daytime highs, but eventually we make it too close to 40 degrees. the futurecast shows cloud sticking around early on. the morningry for rush, clouds break apart. a little midday, then sunglasses , you will need them by about 3 p.m. until sunset at about 5:30. upper 30's, near 40 degrees tomorrow are the highs, sunshine later in the day.
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meaning temperatures don't make it out of the 30's, but warmer air is on the way. we will start to feel the warmer air monday and tuesday of next week. outlook, 38 degrees saturday, 45, maybe a sprinkle sunday. don't count on a lot of anything at all. monday, lower 50's. look at tuesday and wednesday, high temperatures upper 50's, lower 60's. a cold front late wednesday will drop high to about 40 thursday, middle 40's friday of next week, back into the mid 40's the following weekend. jonathan: what does that look like to you? sushi and candy? that's coming up next. ♪
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alison: ready for a midnight snack? ben & jerry's are now serving ice cream's finest bowl. they are called point slices, your favorite flavor is dipped in chocolate and you can hold it in your hand. jonathan i will take ice cream and raise you this -- looking for something exotic? how about sushi featuring kit kats.
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they come in three varieties, to know which taste like raspberry, then a pumpkin putting candy. all of them have a base made of puffed rice with white chocolate and a hint of what sabe. -- and a hint of wasabi. erin: i think i will take the ben & jerry's. alison: i was going to say, i will take the ice cream. jonathan: how do people think that's good? erin: it looks nasty, just being honest. dio was ats' dynamic it again. dyna --mic du
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>> and now the toyota sports desk, brought to you by her local toyota dealers. erin: it's hard not to have fun when you are winning, and the wizards are doing both. beat the l.a.gton lakers for their 16 straight win at the verizon center, the second august home winning streak in team history. second quarter, john wall with the bounce to bradley beal, reverse jam. that is the wizards' version of showtime. fourth quarter, wall trying to put l.a. away, wall with 33
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all doubt, chasing down the angela russell and coming up with the monster block. getting it done on both sides of the floor. win.08, wizards 13th-ranked maryland women taking on purdue. rihanna fraser came off the bench and scored 17. theland is now 22-1 on season, 85-70 the final. steph curry got a shooting lesson this week. after all, that is who taught him out to play. del curry hit this pregame 30-footer, in his suit no less. why are youg like, acting like i don't do that all the time, making it look easy. the mystics could be the next team to contend for a title after landing former wnba
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's former m.v.p. everybody is winning at the verizon center,
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jonathan: back to the breaking news -- dozens of firefighters on the scene of this huge fire at the fairfax county landfill and recycling center. hazmat teams are also responding as a precaution. we will have the latest around-the-clock at, and also tomorrow morning on "good morning washington." a lot of firefighters on the scene. hazmat indicates there might be something in the air, but they do have the situation controlled. steve: it will cool down tomorrow, highs only about 40 degrees. jonathan: jimmy kimmel is next. alison: have a good night.
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>> from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live!" tonight - oscar nominee viggo mortensen -- from "how to get away with murder," charlie weber -- mean tweets, nfl edition -- and music from bj the chicago kid. and now, while we're at it, here's jimmy kimmel! ♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> thank you. i'm jimmy, i'm the host of the show. thank you for coming. we have a special all-new edition of mean tweets for you tonight on the show. but before we get to that, i want to wish each and every one of you a very happy and


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