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tv   Good Morning Washington 430am  ABC  February 3, 2017 4:30am-5:00am EST

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against iran could come as early as today.. that's according to senior white house officials who say new sanctions are "in the works". this as president trump continues to turn up the heat on iran.. while defending a reported heated phone call with the australian prime minister. abc's elizabeth hur is in new york with details elizabeth pkg: from talking tough.. to taking action. ((sot)) potus: "that's what id
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fix things. we're going to straighten it out." president trump.. ready to impose new sanctions against iran. ((sot)) flynn: "iran continues to threaten the u.s. friends and allies in that region." the white house.. first put iran "on notice" earlier this week.. after iran tested another ballistic missile.. iranian officials fired back.. saying they they don't need permission to defend themselves. now.. president trump says.. taking military action is also an option. ((sot)) potus: "nothing is off the table." the president.. defiant.. saying the u-s will "straighten out the world".. taking on countries like mexico, iran.. and even one of america's closest friends.. australia. ((sot)) mccain: "i called the australian ambassador to reinforce to him our commitment to australia and our relationship." senator mccain.. trying to mend fences after the washington post reported president trump.. reportedly told the australian prime minister on the phone saturday.. that of the 4 calls he had that day with foreign leaders.. "this was the worst call by far".. slamming an agreement australia
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obama to resettle some 12-hundred refugees in the u-s. on twitter.. calling it a "dumb deal".. but later on camera.. the president sounded more diplomatic. ((sot)) potus: "the previous administration does something. you have to respect that." ((sot)) lindsey graham, south carolina senator (republican): "i think the president should sleep more and tweet less." elizabeth oncam tag: senator graham.. is among the 20 senators.. from both parties who signed a letter.. urging pres. trump to hold iran accountable. the white house has not yet released any details but again, the announcement could come as early as today. eh, abc news, ny. president trump also weighing in on the violence at u-c berkeley wednesday night. he tweeted thursday-- floating the idea that the school could lose federal funding if does not allow free speech. protesters ripped down barricades, started fires, and threw rocks-- while denouncing a visit from conservative speaker yiannopoulos. several people suffered minor injuries. new this morning. the senate is getting to work early today for an important vote.
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vote to advance betsy devos's nomination to serve as secretary of education--- at 6:30 in the morning. senate majority leader mitch mcconnell says the move is intended to offset democratic efforts to delay the vote. according to senate rules, by starting the vote at 6:30 this morning-- republican supporters will likely be able to confirm devos sometime on monday night. this week 2 republican senators say they will not vote for devos, citing her lack of experience. that could mean lawmakers are in a 50-50 tie, with the vice president casting the tie-breaking vote. an update now on first lady melania trump's defamation lawsuit against the u-k-based daily mail. that lawsuit--- is now dismissed. mrs. trump claims the uk-based paper made false and defamatory statements about her alleged involvement in an escort service. the publication later retracted the story. mrs. trump could refile her lawsuit in another jurisdiction. she also filed a similar suit against the maryland-based tarpley blog, which also retracted the story. that case is still ongoing. happening now..
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department alleges racial discrimination within the prince george's county police department. the hispanic national law enforcement association and the united black police officers association filed the complaint last year. about 74 officers have signed on. they say they weren't given the same promotion opportunities as whites.. and were even disciplined differently. a few months ago, police chief henry stawinski started creating a panel. it will examine the agency's practices, promotion processes, and discipline patterns. in the day ahead-- a hearing is scheduled for the man charged with a quadruple murder in northwest. police say new dna evidence further links daron wint to the murder of the savapoulos family and their housekeeper, vera figueroa. wint was arrested a week after fire was set to the family's 3-million dollar home in 2015. he is charged with murder, kidna
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extortion, and arson. also happening today-- loved ones will say a final goodbye to former laurel city councilmember-- paul duncan. a funeral mass will be held this morning at saint nicholas church on contee roard in laurel. the event is open to the public. duncan passed away last month at the age of 81. breaking right now paris police report that a soldier opened fire outside the louvre museum. no other details to report. we are working this story and will bring you the very latest as we get it. "i feel very violated, i can't even walk into my house." coming up. a family in shock. their dog stolen in a burglary-- and then days later, they got a call from from the thieves! what they said.. coming up. plus, an unusual combination. more on a new treat-- designed for people with an iron stomach. the details.. coming up.
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mostly cloudy and chilly highs: around 40 saturday: mostly sunny and cold highs: 34-39, wind chills
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following that advice today. here's what's happening behind the headlines. united van lines released its 2016 movers study. it tracks state-to-state migration patterns. this includes the origin, destination and reason for each move. in general, people are moving from the northeast to the west. the south is also experiencing gains at the expense of the north. according to the report, retirees are resettling in the mountain states and the pacific northwest. oregon, idaho, washington and nevada are high-destination states. retirement and job relocation are the most popular reasons given for moving to southern states. new jersey, new york, connecticut and pennsylvania experienced the largest losses.
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highest inbound state. 68% of the moves were people resettling there. at the other end of the spectrum with 63% of people moving outbound was new jersey. these figures align with census bureau numbers for population shift. better job opportunities is the most popular reason why people move for economic reasons. oftentimes they follow companies abandoning higher tax and higher regulatory states. to comment, go to behind the headlines dot net. i'm mark hyman. we continue to follow that breaking in paris paris police report that a soldier opened fire outside the louvre museum. this is a picture from the scene. reuters is now reporting that a the soldier opened fire on a man armed with a knife after he
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musuem carrying a suitcase. according to reports-- the man was trying to get into the museum's underground shop and had attacked another soldier before being shot and seriously wounded. police say the area had been evacuated. we continue to follow this story, and will bring you more updates as they come in. only on seven.. a former prime mister of norway is still stunned that he was given extra scrutiny after he flew into dulles airport. he flew to the u.s. wednesday night for yesterday's national prayer breakfast. and he was held up and questioned at dulles over a prior trip to iran. tom roussey has more. the man accused of fatally shooting former n-f-l player joe mcknight is now charged with former n-f-l player joe mcknight is now charged with
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dog while burglarizing a home are demanding a ransom for the animal's safe return. burglars broke into the house on saturday. they ransacked the house, and snatched a toy poodle named murphy. one of the occupants says the next morning, someone called the
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online about their missing dog. she believes it was one of the burglars who stole murphy. when the suspected dog-napper called back about murphy, a police officer answered.. and the person hung up. the burglary victims then received a text. it said, quote: "no cops. you're not cooperating. we're not going to help." atlanta police are investigating. kit kat is out with an unusual new treat. sushi bars. they come in three flavors. there's tuna sushi, which actually tastes like raspberry. the seaweed sushi omelet is actually a pumpkin pudding kit kat. the sea urchin sushi consists of melon and cheese. all flavors have a base made of puffed rice with white chocolate and a hint of wasabi. you probably won't be eating these bars. they're available only in japan. at xx time for weather.
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today: mostly cloudy and chilly highs: around 40 saturday: mostly sunny and cold highs: 34-39, wind chills teens-20s through the morning winds: north/northwest 10-15 mph
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coming up-- amazing video--
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and witnesses are blaming something.. pretty minor for all the trouble. the details.. ahead
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a parking garage parking lot. it happened when the driver lost control flying off
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amazingly the driver wasn't hurt. moments later you see him walk away somewhat suprised to still be okay. even the parking garage's owner was suprised. coming up at 5-am. we are following breaking news in paris. a shooting outside the lourve museum. the latest from paris, coming up.
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there are reports that a solider on guard outside a museum opened fired on a suspect..who reportedly attacked with a knife. video is just coming into our newsroom. the attacker is said to have been trying to enter the museum. a big security operation is reported to be under way at the louvre and a nearby shopping centre. the area has been cleared. the museum in the center of paris is one of the french capital's biggest tourist attractions. it is also home to the mona lisa. soldiers on patrol are part of security measures that have beefed-up in the wake of terror attacks in france in 2015 and 2016. we willo


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