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tv   Good Morning Washington 430am  ABC  February 8, 2017 4:30am-5:00am EST

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immigration - banning travel from seven majority-muslim countries - in now in the hands of federal appeals court. but as the new president tries to fulfill his campaign promises-- he's facing another challenge in the senate. abc's maggie rullie has more.
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as maggie rulli mentioned-- history was made on the
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pence became the first vice president to cast the tie-breaking vote in a cabinet nomination... he swore in betsy devos as the 11th secretary of education. like many of the president's nominees -- devos is a billionaire. her husband's family founded "amway" and the couple are longtime republican donors. democrats and teachers groups opposed devos' nomination -- citing a perceived lack of experience and her advocacy for school vouchers and charter schools. after that historic confirmation in the u-s senate, many public school advocates voiced their displeasure with devos's new role. however-- supporters say devos has been a champion of what's called educational choice, which in part uses public funds to help students attend private and religious schools. devos also
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choice in washington dc. in fact some 40-thousand students attend charter schools in the nation's capital. two former presidential candidates took the stage last night to debate one of the nation's most important issues-- healthcare. vermont senator bernie sanders and texas senator ted cruz, took part in a town hall meeting last night on cnn. the two traded shots about several health-related issues, including, of course, the affordable care act. senator sanders favors a single-payer federal health care system -- with the government providing comprehensive care. senator cruz, meanwhile,
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repeal obamacare. an update this morning on a local elementary school-- now closed due to a serious bedbug and rat infestation. . savoy elementary students will return to class for the first time this week. the children will all be transported to ferebee hope elementary school shuttle buses will be provided. savoy will remain closed for several weeks, as exterminators treat the building. coming up-- terrifying storms cut a path across the gulf. but lawmakers-- seeing a silver lining despite all the damage. the details.. coming up. plus, an unusual home hazard. a family finds a mysterious liquid running down their walls... and when they figured out what it was, there was an even bigger problem. we'll explain coming up.
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(records not likely) - rain to snow overnight - cold & blustery thursday (chills in the 20s) - warmer weekend today: partly becoming mostly cloudy. still unseasonably mild. highs: 62-65 winds: n 5-10 mph tonight: cloudyw
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after midnight. rain changes to snow. lows: 35-40 winds: n 5-15 mph thursday: snow tapers off by 8am. cold and very blustery. scattered afternoon snow showers. highs: 34-38 feels: 20s winds: nw 10-20 g 30+ coming up-- a home destroyed,
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a home destroyed, as stunned neighbors look on. the story behind this amazing video.. coming up. plus, emotional testimony from lawmaks
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pennsylvania debates a controversial health bill. why one state senator says fellow lawmakers stepped way over the line. thats coming up.
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happening now.. a state of emergency is in effect in louisiana.. after at least four tornadoes tore through the state. at least 20 people are injured.. and hundreds of homes are damaged or destroyed. phillip mena has more. now to the war on terror.. more fallout this
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terror-raid in yemen. the country says it
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troops into the country on special operations counterterrorism missions. that's the word from "the new york times." the report says the decision is in response to a january 29th raid by u.s. troops. a navy seal was killed in a shoot-out, along with 14 al-qaeda members, and several yemeni civilians, including an eight-year-old girl. the raid's apparent target, the leader of al-qaeda in the arabian peninsula, was not killed or captured. an update on the west virginia man charged with fatally shooting an unarmed teen after they bumped into each other.. william pulliam is now facing indicted federal gun charges. he's been in jail since november, when charleston police charged him with first-degree murder. pulliam was not legally allowed to possess a firearm, because of a 20-13 domestic violence conviction. the indictment unsealed yesterday alleges.. he lied on federal forms to purchase a revolver. a bill in pennsylvania that would ban abortion after 20 weeks now goes to the full senate. the bil
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senate judiciary committee monday. right now in pennsylvania.. abortions are allowed up until 24 weeks of pregnancy. one state senator-- the only woman on the panel-- got emotional as she used her personal struggles to illustrate why she opposes the bill. supporters of the bill point to emerging science that fetuses are viable sooner than previously thought. critics say it attacks families who are facing heart-breaking decisions. if it passes-- the governor is promising to veto the bill. a landslide destroys a california home, and it's all caught on camera. take a look at this a police officer responding to the scene shot this video. the landslide swept through a california community, destroying this two-story home tuesday morning. almost three inches of rain fell the night before. two neighboring homes have also been ruled unsafe because of dama
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one was hurt. a very unusual discovering inside a home in texas. the residents were scratching their head when their walls started leaking-- and it wasn't water. take a look. see that-- that's actually honey! and that of course lead to their second problem-- honey bees! they eventually discovered a huge hive in the wall. plus-- last year they were added to the national endangered list so killing them is out of the question. owner's say they've tried smoking out the bees, and have evicted more than 50-thousand of them. but - they say they haven't found the queen. at xx time for weather.
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winter storm watch tonight through thursday morning nw of d.c. - another warm day (records not likely) - rain to snow overnight - cold & blustery thursday (chills in the 20s) - warmer weekend today: partly becoming mostly cloudy. still unseasonably mild. highs: 62-65 winds: n 5-10 mph tonight: cloudy with precipitation developing after midnight. rain changes to snow. lows: 35-40 winds: n 5-15 mph thursday: snow tapers off by 8am. cold and very blustery. scattered afternoon snow showers. highs: 34-38 feels: 20s winds: nw 10-20 g 30+
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from tornadoes in new orleans to record-breaking warmth in the dmv. !get ready! we are in for a dramatic change as a winter storm watch is now issued for parts of the region. good morning washington i'm autria godfrey. and i'm larry smith. let's get things started with the lady of the hour - stormwatch7 meteorologist eileen whelan winter storm wath


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