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tv   News 7 at 11  ABC  February 9, 2017 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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>> every day that i have to wake up without her is the worst day of my life. unthinkablether's pain, her daughter killed by a falling tv. if i've dollar item can save a life, but it can be hard to find. the 7 on your side investigates just ahead. jonathan: president trump prompting a legal battle over the travel ban. a federal appeals court refused to reinstate the order. it had banned refugees from seven muslim majority countries for 120 days. trump tweeted tonight, "see you in court." alison: first, a health alert, 80 kids sent home sick from an elementary school. they all reported a severe stomach illness. jonathan: still no word on what happened. >> not fun.
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saying about the virus that is wreaking have break at oak ridge elementary -- wreaking havoc at oak ridge elementary. they had the virus, along with nearly 80 other kids. >> this is the first time we've had it in about two years. we count our blessings for not having it as bad. health officials are trying to figure out if they had the nora virus. people can get it from contaminated services or water. it spreads quickly through day care, cruise ships, and schools. >> keep the kids home when they are sick. the cdc, most to outbreaks happen between november and april. >> it will prevent them from getting sick. tim: wash your hands. >> because we don't want to get sick. tim:
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alison: this just into the newsroom, a whole foods store in northwest washington shutdown. these are live pictures. orderedth department them closed because they failed to get rid of insects and rodents. this is the location along wisconsin avenue. the closure is temporary. jonathan: a federal appeals court keeps the travel ban on hold. alison: the white house is vowing to fight back. jonathan: tom roussey joins us. so far, we can tell you this -- it is far from over. tom: the president is vowing to fight on. that said, the judges in the appeals court ruling said to showattorneys failed a likelihood of success as the case moves forward. travelresident trump's ban was in effect, we saw scenes like this at dulles airport as travel was restricted from seven countries.
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more than a week because a washington state judge halted the executive order. the appeals court ruling in california means the halt will continue at least for now. today we got local reaction. saidepublican board chair that trump is within his rights. another said it was awful. >> it's way beyond the effect of those traveling full stop it affects their families, their companies, it affects probably 10, 20 times more people than just the people traveling themselves. >> i think the ruling will be overturned by the supreme court. it's seven countries where we cannot get reliable information about individuals were refugees, who want to come to the united states, and that was the basis for the executive order. tim: cory stewart said this is headed to the supreme court and most legal expe
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that is where the final decision will be made. jonathan: one woman's case is a rallying cry for immigration activists. the dead states illegally, arrested in 2013 for using false papers. immigrations and customs checked in with her every two weeks, but she was arrested and deported yesterday. >> it was really hard. >> we want her back, back in our arms. jonathan: the white house is refusing to comment, saying this was an ice issue. is almost weekend here, and a cold start friday. the temperatures early on, lower to middle 20's. daytime near 30 degrees. in the afternoon, clouds, daytime highs upper 30's near 40. if you have had it with
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today cold, tomorrow cold, well, the week and has some nice changes, back into the 60's. i will talk about that and looking ahead. snow squallssaw during the evening commute and flurries creating slippery conditions. but just like that, the threat of snow has left. and it may feel like spring as early as this weekend. alison: they are digging out after the northeast was slammed with snow. in some places the snow was falling as fast as four inches per hour. the schools were closed, roads were treacherous, travel halted. flights were00 canceled during the height of the storm. one woman in connecticut was trying to get to the hospital to give birth in the middle of the blizzard. >> i was screaming. i was telling them to hurry up. i thought the baby was coming. my water broke in the car.
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well tonight. >> yes. it came down on top of me. news photographer in california trapped in a landslide a month ago. again,ek, it happened another driver was under the weight of a mount of snow on the same stretch of roadway. >> i could feel the truck getting raised up on two wheels, and the sound was deafening, getting pushed across the highway. boulders and branches were coming in, and i thought this is it, i'm done. jonathan: amazingly, no drivers were seriously hurt. alison: his livelihood when up in flames, and months after a terrifying fire, he is telling abc 7 about the scary moments. you may remember the
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november on the george washington campus. bus on fire, its owner in critical condition. doctors used skin from his thighs to repair the third-degree burns. the fire was caused by a generator issue. is sufferingan physical and emotional trauma after being beaten while walking his dog near logan circle last night. the victim said the attack was unprovoked. im yelled,o beat hu "this is what a trump america looks like." >> i cannot remember everything. jonathan: the police say the man was targeted because of his sexual cloudy and are treating this -- it is of his sexuality and are treating this as a hate crime. alison: the prince george's county police department is facing
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allegations. anna-lysa gayle has been covering the story since it broke. what are the policing tonight with the photos? chiefysa: alison, the open to the press conference by basically saying he is speaking out in hopes of dividing the community with the peace of mind as he waits for a response from the department of justice's civil rights division. for the first time, we are seeing some of the images included in a complaint with the department of justice from the hispanic national law enforcement association and united black police officers association. this license plate is one of those found offensive. >> it was suggested to me that you obama, and i rejected that. i found it repulsive and it does not represent the prince george's county police department. anna-lysa: they
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officer who owned the license plate to remove it within 24 hours. to picks anmage image with "african-american" crossed out. >> miami standing is this is a locker where our ceremonial squad keeps material. it has been done, discrimination, and it's a culture, and they need to correct the culture. anna-lysa: the president of the union said he will make sure the department conducts a thorough investigation into each report. anye will not stand for type of environment in the workplace where anybody feels discriminated against. anna-lysa: the department of justice has only acknowledged they have received complaints. they declined to provide any further, to. -- they refused to provide any further comment.
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jonathan: an anti-semitic valentine was sent out on a school campus. it references the holocaust full stop this happened at central michigan university, sparking protests. the card was in a bag handed to students this week. group is apologizing, saying it did not knowingly send the card out. the president of the university says he is deeply disappointed. 7 on your side now investigates a simple mistake that could cost a life. >> don't chance it. anchor it right now, today. if you cannot, get it out of your home. >> if we had known, it would not have happened. jonathan: 200 children have been killed by falling tv.
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alison: parents know this -- there is nothing we would not do to keep our kids safe, but sometimes the greatest dangers ar
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jonathan: today, senior investigative reporter lisa fletcher exposes a threat in your home that puts more than 17,000 children per year in the hospital. lisa: right now, you are watching tv, but if it is not secured to the wall, it could tip over and hurt a child. falling furniture sending children to the hospital every 30 minutes in the united states. in this case, a toddler rescues his twin brother. unfortunately, there are more cases of everlasting heartbreak. >> [yeley] yelling] >> she was very rambunctious. soul, her mother says, is in heaven now. >> the pain is as strong as the day she left, every day that i have to wake up without her. it'
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lisa: that they started like any other. at the family farm in ohio. she and her mom took an afternoon nat. when the little girl woke up, she ventured into the living room. her mother was still asleep. >> the thing i remember was the sound, just a loud noise woke me up. the wall,rushed down finding the large television and stand toppled over, her daughter underneath with no pulse. she called 911, but it was too late. >> there was nothing they could do. was rocked.e it really was. just like that. more thanis one of 17,000 children sent to the emergency room every year, all after getting injured by falling
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has done the research. >> the numbers show what is happening at an increasing level. lisa: over the last decade, more than 200 children have died. one child every 30 minutes is hurt a television. many times the result of using a dresser or bookshelf as climbing toys. >> is hundreds of pounds of weight falling onto their head or neck and it's very serious. lisa: the injuries most commonly happening to children under 5. left aree, all that's pictures and the memories. but what keeps her going is the mission to protect. warning parents of this hidden hazard in the home. she started a facebook page, urging action to prevent tragedy. >> don't chance it. anchor right now, today. lisa: buy
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straps designed to secure the television to the furniture that is designed to hold a tv. --h a few screws it ties the tv to the furniture. if necessary, you can get a furniture strap to attach the furniture to the wall. just make sure that you are going to a stud, not just the drywall. if a kid decides to climb, this does not fall over. >> if we had known the steps, it would not have happened. lisa: the u.s. consumer product safety commission started an anchor it campaign. voluntary safety standard was updated, requiring large pieces of furniture be sold with anti-tipping devices. do notow, televisions have that requirement and anchoring devices are sold separately. the
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television and hide the cables. these straps are not expensive. they go for as little as five dollars. but we do not find the tv straps as readily available in the stores as the furniture straps. we ordered ours from amazon. most of the big box stores have them as well. resources on our website,, under 7 on your side. steve: a cold evening right now. current windchill factors heading out the door the next half hour, taking the dog out, looking at eight degrees the feels like temperature at dulles. at least the wind will settle down. earlier today, we had snow in western maryland, 4.5 inches frostburg. chantilly and reston picked up a half-inch of snow during the snow squalls. very light snow showers out
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then the skies begin to clear and we have a nice sunrise early tomorrow morning. although it will be called. 5,ghttime lows, 18 to 2 partly cloudy, the wind out of the northwest. tomorrow morning, we are talking 20 to 25 degrees early on, sunshine may be deceptive. a cool start, but then we warm up during the midmorning. the highs still below average this time of year. clouds increase through the midday hours. drive for lunchtime. outdoor recess for the kids. clausen the forecast for the evening rush-hour, but it will be dry. the forecast highs tomorrow, only around 40 degrees. clouds later in the day. the average this time of year is 46. if you like milder temperatures like we had yesterday, when we broke the record at 74
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degrees at reagan national, i promise warmer weather is on the way, sooner than you think. 59 degrees the high saturday. middle 60's by sunday. a chance of showers late in the day early monday. wendy and cooler monday, -- windy and cooler monday, but valentine's day lower 50's. falling into the upper 40's wednesday and thursday. jonathan: not too bad, steve, thanks. it is national pizza day, and if you are bored with standard there is a chicken-based pizza, only available in singapore. alison: 2017 is quickly becoming a big year for twins, famous twins. today, george clooney and his wife announced they are expecting twins. the babies are due in june. this is just one week
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are having twins as well. on death he was a dog
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>> and now the toyota sports desk, brought to you by your local toyota dealers. erin: washington capitals have run their home winning streak to 11 games, averaging more than five goals per game and allowing just one goal per game. very impressive. finds third, t.j. osche john carlson. one-timer come impossible to stop. later on the power play, nicholas backstrom serves it up. his second goal of the night. caps win again,
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it was not the birthday andre burakovsky had a plan. in the first, he went to take a slap shot and reportedly broke his hand. the caps have avoided any major injuries until this point. there he trots said he will miss -- barry trotz said he will miss time, but did not say how much. maryland did it again, destroying illinois tonight. walker-kimbrough scored 29, as the terps run their record to a staggering 24-1. well done. college of charleston clinging to the one point lead against northeastern tonight. dj, the jumper is short. slips towards the basket, beats the buzzer. finally, bob
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stepping down from his olympics duties at nbc and will be tirico.d by mike t alison: everybody says if bob costas steps down, they like tirico.
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valentine's day looking nice, lower 50's, then falling into the 40's. jonathan: jimmy kimmel is next. alison: have a great night.
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>> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live!" tonight -- kerry washington. alicia keys. and this week in unnecessary censorship. ♪ and now, hold on, here's jimmy kimmel! ♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: hello, welcome to the show. i'm jimmy, i'm the host. thanks to all of you for coming. that's very nice. i'm glad you're here. how many of you in our studio audience tonight are visiting us from the east coast? this is a good time for me to tell your families, these people are never coming back. 73


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