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tv   News 7 at 11  ABC  February 10, 2017 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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news at 11:00 am on your side. jonathan: fast-moving new developments about president trump's stalled travel ban. 24 hours ago he promised a supreme court fight to bring it back. instead, he may issue an executive order. alison: many are watching and waiting to see what happens next. jeff goldberg spoke with a college student directly impact it when the ban was in place. jeff: she is a senior at george mason, but a week ago she had doubts she would ever see the campus again. >> i'm still very stressed, kind of recovering. jeff: she was on her way to dulles airport when president trump signed a travel ban. she was stuck in london for a week, but finally made it back to northern virginia. now she is considering going to try to its goal in canada if a new travel ban is enforced. >>
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i cannot just a another three years without leaving the country. >> people are very engaged and will stay engaged. jeff: virginia senator tim kaine says he is encouraged by the rallies and protests across the country protesting the executive order. kaine called the court ruling against the ban a big win. >> we are slowly moving the debate our way. there is a tremendous energy. >> i don't have a problem with the ban, depending on how it is implemented. jeff: he believes the president is right to tighten the immigration system. in fairfax, jeff goldberg, abc 7 news. jonathan: 20 years behind bars for the caregiver who killed a nine-month-old baby. deal dobson hauled off to prison -- gail dobson hauled off to prison as the parents are speaking out. alison: tom roussey has the
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9 in talbot county, but to ensure in impartial trial, the trial was moved to kent county and montgomery county was asked to do the prosecution. yesterday they got a conviction and today the sentence. >> he was smiling, happy, chubby cheeks, bright blue eyes. parents sayrich's he was healthy. after just two days in the home day care of gail dobson, prosecutors say he received injuries from shaking that killed him. >> it is heart wrenching. parents answered questions the escape from their eastern shore home. >> he is not here. he should be eight years old and in the second grade. tom: dobson has been convicted twice of second-degree murder and child abuse resulting from the death.
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children's national medical center before he died. dobson's defense said that the medical examiner's diagnosis was incorrect and trevor died from something else besides shaken baby syndrome. >> we are speaking for these young children who cannot speak for themselves. tom: the montgomery county state's attorney said the evidence proved dobson's guilt. upone experts they relied to get her a new trial are outside of the mainstream of medical science. tom: tom roussey, abc 7 news. jonathan: developing now, the police are searching for a killer in montgomery village. a man was shot to death on hawk north terrace this afternoon. the victim has not been identified. in seat pleasant are asking for help to catch whatever is behind a deadly stabbing. officers canvassed the area today. the murder happened tuesday,
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avenue. surveillance video shows two men who may be connected with the killing. if you have information, call the police. jonathan: the new secretary of education block from a d.c. public school. you do not represent anything they stand for! jonathan: exclusive video shows protesters keeping betsy devos out of jefferson middle school, blocking her. and the opposition has not slow down even after her swearing-in. anna-lysa: in this exclusive video, protesters use their bodies to keep out education secretary betsy devos. as she tried to visit jefferson middle school academy friday. >> it makes me sad. my kids went to the d.c. public schools. i would love for the secretary of education to be welcomed. anna-lysa:
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graduate school of education and human development at george washington university. have you ever seen something like that? >> this kind of protest against a particular secretary of education i have not seen. eventually made it inside the building through another door, where she met with the chancellor. devos released a statement that said, "i respect peaceful protest and i will not be deterred. no school door and america will be blocked from those seeking to help our children." , tryinghe manages now we hope to find some way to bring some unity over some of these issues, that's going to be the test of her skills as a leader. anna-lysa: in southwest washington, anna-lysa gayle, alison abc 7 news. a montgomery
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equipment full stop jason white was supposed to be managing the fleet of vehicles, but he was caught swiping equipment for the black market. taxpayers $13,000. he is now facing charges. jonathan: two popular georgetown restaurants shut down by the health department. dean and deluca forced to close because of a rat infestation. also closed down, the mai tai in georgetown. it started as romance and turned into disaster. aison: one woman lost nearly quarter million dollars because of an online relationship. jonathan: online dating horror stories and important warnings in our 7 on your side special report tonight. steve: and a nice warm up on the way, just in time for the weekend, but it ready, we are tracking a strong co
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wind out of the southwest at 4 to 8. we start the day saturday with clouds, until about lunchtime. been a good amount of sunshine before the clouds reappear again late tomorrow evening. things will stay dry tomorrow. a cold front is on the way sunday. highs eventually into the lower 60's, clouds later in the day. the average high this time of year, 46 degrees. we are about 15 degrees above average. sunday, front timing the first half of the day will be fine. once the cold front moves closer, clouds increase, likely see showers. once this moves through, it will be windy late sunday into early monday. we are talking would gusts upwards of 35 to 40. 62 saturday, 67
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degrees sunday. with 40's monday, windy, gusty wind. 53 degrees valentine's day. wednesday, upper 40's. ,nd looking ahead, next weekend look at the nice warm up, the temperatures in the middle 50's, then middle 60's. a lot can change between now and then. nice to know that as of right now, no big snowstorms in the next 10 days. alison: this winter will be over before we know it. jonathan: i'm not feeling let ft out. that will do it for us. coming up next, a 7 on your side special report. alison: have a good weekend.
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>> from abc 7 news, this is a 7 on your side. have you been the victim of a contracting scam, has a vendor sold you a defective product? looks: the 7 on your side into potential wrongdoing, misunderstandings, things that put viewers at a disadvantage and worked tirelessly to get results. jonathan: we begin with a look at the online dating world. have you ever gone out on a first date with somebody that you found online and it ended in disaster.
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sites have a horse story or two to tell. with valentine's day around the corner, horace holmes shares important information about how to avoid the wrong person online. horace: the world of online dating, experts say come has become the path to follow to find love in the 21st century. >> i've met some decent guys on their. horace: 15% of americans have used in online dating site or app. >> he was definitely old. he cap saying, hey, babe. not my style. met data it my i best friend three months before and turned out to be a stalker. i had to get a restraining order. horace: this professional dating coach -- >> i would never work anymore. horace:
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find your perfect match online. real red are some flags to look out for. >> people think, well, this person fits all of my credentials, education, religion, age, but the reality is you don't know chemistry until you meet in person. horace: and you don't know who you are dating either. >> i trusted someone, which was a mistake. horace: if years ago, she was looking for but i find a companionship, until she saw a commercial for an online dating site for those over 50. she found a guy she thought was perfect. john, a tall, good-looking polish man who said he ran a mining company in virginia beach. a perfect gentleman, with a neck for turning a phrase and turning ladies heads. >> how wonderful you are, how much you mean to me. horace: a few weeks later, she
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john was asking for help. he went to africa on a mining trip. and his request, she began wiring money to get him some equipment home. there were love letters and late-night calls. for money didleas not stop until the bank account ran dry. >> i said i have no more money. horace: in total she gave john 00, and this is a man she never met. >> it's a horrible mistake. it's like giving money to a ghost. horace: some advice -- be honest filling out your online profile. don't under or oversell yourself. we quickly so you can see who you're dealing with. and if a particular site is not working, go to another site. andrea finally did find love, at church, and got married happily ever after. she has not been able to get her money back that flew to africa.
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alison: what a story. 7 on your side now tracking tax dollars. we all know that driving in the district is expensive, but it's not just traffic cameras in the cost of gas. chris papst uncovered millions of dollars paid out winter list government workers get into accidents and every cent comes straight from taxpayers. rice.cken and want chicken and rice, you likely have to wait in a long line. >> mild, medium, or spicy? : these are some of the busiest food trucks. year, it4 days last did not take an order because the air conditioner and part of the roof were slammed into an overpass by a ddot tow truck. >> i g
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confused. i was like him are you serious? him 14 days of work and cost taxpayers more than $3,300. >> the truck is huge. the goal under an overpass without thinking about it is careless. the i-team obtain every accident over the past three years where the district was at fault. fire hoses damaging cars, social workers hitting pedestrians, the police side swiping parked vehicles, or pothole the i-teamy accident over the repairs. claims,there were 2,280 more than two per day, totaling $4.3 million in payouts. since d.c. is self-insured, all of the cash comes straight from taxpayers. payingtrict is not alone out millions. the i-team request at the same data from the large jurisdictions in our region. prince george's county had the second-most most accident claims, $3.1 million.
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$333,000, prince william county $441,000. >> one claim is rtoo many. chris: his agency handles the claims and tries to find ways to reduce them. do a always strive to better job protecting our revenues. chris: ross told the i-team that the district carries insurance, but not for accidents. the bowser administration is shopping policies, but they are also focused on better employee training and education. >> we are trying to me today stronger and safer place. chris: the totals that we mentioned do not count the cost to repair government fleet vehicles, just personal property damage. the onlyy county was jurisdiction to not fulfill our request for the crash claim data. chris papst, abc 7 news. jonathan: coming up next on the 7 on your side s
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jonathan: if you are having trouble with a contractor or bought an appliance that you cannot get fixed, 7 is on your side. partner,ve a powerful call for action, which has worked for decades across the country solve a consumer problems. horace holmes tells us more. horace: when you seek help from call for action coming you are getting in touch with a powerful consumer advocacy organization that reaches across the country. >> we 27 partnerships across the country in 25 cities. all of the offices are staffed by volunteers to provide access to consumer help hotline. horace: the headquarters is located in the same office as the d.c. branch. some volunteers take local calls, others take calls where call for action does not have an office. >>
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heat. i'm going to check on that. horace: how does helping solve that problem benefit us? >> last year, when the irs scam high, we couldly tell which cities were being autodial based on the spike in calls. horace: that means gathering information and building relationships with companies large and small. and getting out important information to help inform consumers. ,> we have done project privacy project credit scores and what they mean. i kind of thing, those are consumer education projects we work with. horace: now all of this is at the disposal of the 7 on your side investigative team. to gather -- together we are 7 on your side call for action. >> that will carry a lot of weight. horace:
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jonathan: how do you get a hold of us? if you need help with a consumer complaint, just reach out to you can also just give us a shout, 301-652-help. the volunteers are specially trained to resolve consumer issues. and if you would like to be a volunteer, joined the team. here is another number -- 800-647-1756. alison: 7 on your side with a consumer alert, and arby's customers listen up -- the company says a data breach may 5,000affected more than 35 credit and debit cards, the same type of malware attack behind the earlier breach at target and home depot. this happened between october 25 and january 19. hackers stole data as the card was swiped. rb
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rby's says the problem has been taken care of, but keep a close watch on your bank statement. data,apps using monthly costing money on time. scott taylor takes a look at what you can do to avoid big bills and data slowdowns. scott: teresa spends her downtime on her phone. she does not use her phone much, so the big phone bill was a surprise from just playing games. >> it came out of nowhere. scott: her bill jumped 25%. >> all of these charges every six hours, to the minute. scott: a2015 study revealed one third of users reach their maximum amount of data. 27% say their bills are higher than expected. >> it can get out of control. scott: he has hear
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>> she had a family plan with four people and her son was using about 10 gigabytes per month. up to date,ep apps the phone uses background processing. >> the applications are running and using data, even if they are not opening them. scott: this computer science professor says apps can run in the background. >> the phone uses data when you are sleeping. scott: data usage grows and so can your bill. >> you don't when you are not using it. scott: go to settings, then go to an app that you don't use a lot, and turn off " groundapp refresh -- background app refresh." she also purchased more data to avoid overage fees. >> you had no choice. i guess
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scott: you can also turn off wi-fi assist. scott taylor, abc 7 news. jonathan: and you will find that your battery lasts longer, too. alison: good information. jonathan: up next, a look at the latest investigati
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y29kuy ysty jonathan: when you see ads for big sales, they are all the time. alison: but when you get the checkout, how often do you get a real bargain? when is a sale really a sale? horace holmes says you will be surprised by the answers. jonathan: he teaches us the difference between hype and a true deal, monday at 11:00. have a nice evening. remember that 7
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tonight. alison: jimmy kimmel live is next. have a good night and a great weekend.
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>> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live"! tonight -- jamie dornan from "big little lies." dred scott. and now, from here on out, here's jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] ♪ thanks for coming. so much to get to, starting with tonight's primetime episode of "the celebrity president."


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