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tv   ABC7 News at 5  ABC  March 3, 2017 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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the car was cut in two. the car is in pieces at the intersection. the front of the car, 100 feet away from the rest of the car. wrapped around a traffic light pole. two people were killed inside. left there for hours. awaiting the arrival of the medical examiner from baltimore. as the family member and the friends learned the crim news, they came overcome by grief, telling us that the teens in the car were seniors from nearby west lake high school. a third person was medevaced to a regional hospital. authorities said with life threatening injuries. a witness to the crash included a man who said he was stopped at the intersection when the consider blew past his truck. >> it was super fast.
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was going. if i have to guest i would say 100 miles. who knows? i could be wrong. >> it appears they were unable to stop for traffic that was stopped at the red light. they tried to avoid having an accident and subsequently struck the utility pole. sam: that is the pole they struck. you can see the markings around that pole. the pole doesn't budge. the markings around the pole. you see the sign there. of course, back here again is the scene. as they are about to take the situation away. one thing that the major said here as tragic as it was. other than the car involved in the crash, no other cars were hit here and nobody else was injured. reporting live from waldorf, maryland, i'm sam ford, abc7 news. michelle: thank you. old hundred road
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town is back open today at this crash today. intersection was shut down for hours. a woman was killed. she has not been identified and police are trying to figure out what caused the accident. horace: we have this just in to abc7 news. school driver in montgomery county arrested for allegedly sexually abusing two girls that rode his bus. he had inappropriate contact with two girls on four separate occasions. the police are looking into the possibility that there are other victims. alison: federal agents swarmed the house of a man believed to be behind one of the waves of threats against jewish centers nationwide. we are hearing his motivations may not have been political. amy aubert is following the developing story from the "live desk." what have you learned? amy: well, that man is 31-year-old juan thompson. of
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journalist made at least eight threats to jewish centers plus bomb threat to the antidefamation league headquarters in new york city. they were made to harass a former girlfriend. the police in the university city missouri plan to question thompson about the headstones knocked over last month at a jewish similartary in -- jewish cemetery in the area. >> no matter what technology you use to hide we will shine a light in whatever direction we have to. you will be uncovered, caught and charged. amy: law enforcement officials told abc7 news they don't believe that he is the mane suspect behind the recent crimes against the jewish community centers or the vandalism at the jewish cemetery at the live desk, amy aubert. michelle: before that someone vandalized a jewish cemetery in new york. a dozen
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over in a cemetery in new york. it's the third such incident nationwide in two weeks. horace: the reexcellent threat and vandalism include schools in virginia and maryland. today there was an outpouring of support for the communities. kevin lewis is live with the messages of love. kevin? kevin: it was refreshing to see so many people from a variety of backgrounds stand together in harmony. today's event took place at the vendor j.c.c. sign of the times as a security car is parked outside the front door. leaders from a globe full of faith stood on the rockville stage in a war against hate. >> hatred is evil itself. the difference is what allows evil to be strong and gives it power. >> so far this year, more than 100 jewish centers are targeted. including the bender j.c.c. and the charles e. smith upper
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>> we are proud of the diversity in the county. >> ike leggett penalled money to improve security and lighting at the jewish center. ben cardin said he has been in close contact with the f.b.i. >> we will put special attention to any hate crime in the community. we will find the people and we will keep the community safe. >> there has been a report that an arrest has been made. of an individual from missouri. >> moments later news that police in missouri caught a man allegedly responsible for some threats generated applause. [applause] similar relief and unity today. at an event in fairfax county. with awareness of a likely long fight ahead. >> today it's jews. yesterday it was muslims. who will it be tomorrow?
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people were quick to notice that larry hogan was not at the event but he has publicly condemned all hate crimes against the jewish community. i'm live in rockaway, kevin lewis, abc7 news. michelle: thank you. from 80's on wednesday to this scene overnight. we are talking snow. falling in part of the area. it may not be done yet. old man winter is not done with us. stormwatch7's chief meteorologist doug hill has the latest. doug: old man doug not done either. i have a weather story to tell on friday afternoon. we are looking at the weather bug site at crestwood middle school in frederick. sunshine but the clouds rolling in. the edge of the snowshower getting close. the temperatures are cold. average high is 51 degrees. the average temperatures are 33 in hagerstown. 37 in frederick. 40 in washington. the skies will clear. snowshowers will diminish here quickly. we have a new pa
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there. the large snow in pennsylvania today is dissipating as we expected as we approach sunset and we lose the heating of the day. the temperatures tonight under clearing skies will get cold. 20 in manassas in the morning. 22 in baltimore. 26 in washington. 24 in fredericksburg. when you get up in the morning across the area you will have the sunshine. the temperatures but the wind chills in the teens because we still have the gusty northwesterly winds. we check out the weekend an ten days in eight minutes. michelle? michelle: thank you. stay connected with the storm watch weather team online using the stormwatch7 weather app or following us on facebook and twitter. horace: a crime alert after a man sexually assaulted a woman in a fredericksburg restaurant two weeks ago. a man followed a woman in the restroom on capitol ale and that is where he attacked her. there is clear video of a man running out the back door. the man said he was from miami and has a
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he may be working at a local military base. michelle: a maryland man will spend the rest of his lay in prison assaulting five women at knifepoint at metro station. banks was sentenced to life with no possibility of parole for the attacks that happen over the span of a year. four victims were walking home from the fort totten station. horace: the maryland house of delegates disciplined its own members. they voted to rep rehend the baltimore county democrat who advocated changing marijuana licensing procedures. the changes could have benefited a company that he worked for. and which was seeking a license. alison: president trump is standing by attorney general jeff sessions. michelle: as democratic leaders continue to call for his resignation. the president tweeting out that some democrats like senator chuck sumeer should be investigated for th
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meetings with russian president vladimir putin. he attached that photo. but asmore -- more revelation surface about the campaign adviser and the president's own son-in-law analysts say republicans may be scrambling. the republicans know there is a problem here. they have to clean it up as fast as they can. michelle: the white house insist the president had no campaign interactions with russia and vice president mike pence has been a supporter of sessions. we have new video of a mexican congressman taunting president trump. take a look. that is congressman guerrera who climbed a 30-foot high border fence that already separates the u.s. and mexico near tijuana. that is part of his district. the video shows how easily he could have jumped the fence in
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he calls a wall absurd. coming up still at 5:00, a beloved accountant killed when the fire destroys his home. what may have fueled the fast-moving flame. horace: caught on video. exotic dancers attacked and robbed on stage. where was the security? the dancers say they know exactly where the guards were. alison: why schools are get -- michelle: why schools are getting a failing grade in why are you checking just want to see if it changed. credit scores don't change that much do they? really? i'll take it! sir, your credit... i better check my credit score. try credit karma. it's free. alright. check out credit karma today.
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buy 8 participating products in one transaction and get a fandango movie ticket. up to $10 total value. only at my giant. witnesses say the search by police was on a hill beyond the trees in this dense section of the park. m.s.-13 related gang crimes have been on the rise recently. in fairfax county. this could be another case in a troubling
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tate tuesday night she noticed activity in the park. >> this is an isolated park that very few people do walk. >> now she knows police were looking for bodies. >> it's unsettling to know something could happen so close to home and no one would know about it. >> the police confirming late last night investigators found two sets of human remains. the crime is gang related. >> this is out of control. we need to stop it. >> police chief said the information came from a tip and that the officers had to dig to find them. it is unknown whether the victims were murdered inside the park or their bodies were dumped here. >> we will arrest the suspects responsible for this. put a lid on it. >> they have not ruledded out the connection to two fairfax teens missing since the fall.
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police in fairfax and prince william counties arrested 16 suspects in connection with two separate murders. police say those crimes and this search are likely connected. >> we see nationwide in hot spots across the nation. this is a current hot spot. we will address it. >> two years ago in holmes run park, fairfax county police discovered the human remains of the two individuals later connected to an ms-13 murder investigation. the remains found here last night are with the medical examiner's office as the officials try to determine the i.d. and causes of death. live in fairfax county, jeff goldberg, abc7 news. horace: we now know the name of the teenager shot and killed near potomac high school in oxon hill yesterday. victim is 17-year-old holloway. police say the person who killed him is driving a light colored s.u.v. they don't know the motive for th
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they have increased the patrols. $25,000 reward is offered for information that leads to an arrest and conviction. michelle: "7 on your side" when health matters. a new study shows most schools are not doing their part to protect children from potential dangerous sun exposure. the c.d.c. researchers found fewer than one in five schools follow all recommended sun safety practices. many schools fail to preside sun screen or schedule outdoor activities when the sun is less intense. the report says high schoolers were the least protected. we haven't had to worry about that yet. doug: when i was in school we didn't know what sun screen was. somehow we survived. michelle: sooner or later we will lather up. doug: start now. summer is coming. on the way. we had an 80-degree high on wednesday. now it is cold now but on the way to spring. you will like the forecast. it will be chilly this weekend. really chilly. bright and sunny. this is a time
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damascus high school where the skies turn sunny after presunrise snow. it melted away. the temperatures got close to 40. beautiful sky. gusty winds continue tonight and tomorrow and early sunday. that combined with the falling temperatures is going to make it feel like wintertime. of course it still is for another 17 days. 37 in frederick. annapolis in 41. 40 in woodbridge. the temperatures are headed down. in the next few hours we drop in the metro to the mid-30's. the sunset at 6:03. we are coming up on the time a week from sunday when we return to daylight savings time where the sunset is an hour later. of course, sunrise same thing. sky will look different. get dark later. get light later a bit. it works out that spring march 20 will begin. the
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deal. snowshowers and flurries are ending. most of pennsylvania loaded with the snow squalls today. the pennsylvania police reporting white-out on the interstates but that has diminished as well. clear skies and the gusty winds. wind chills in the morning from the teens to the early 20's. then they will stay in the 20's hitting 30-degree mark. by saturday night and sunday morning the wind chills are in the teens again. cold sunday morning. we will see the improvement next week. tomorrow is the home opener for d.c. united hosting sporting k.c. at r.f.k. live on newschannel8. starting at 7:00. if you have outdoor plans it will be sunny but chilly. a beautiful day outide.
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warmup begins a new. 67 by tuesday. tuesday's forecast we mention 20% chance of the showers. other than that we are dry. we are under a severe drought label. one day after another is dry. we have changes in the temperatures but there are no major rain producing temperatures in site. it will drop down thursday and friday and warm up over the weekend. next saturday before going to bed is daylight saving. horace: so soon. a throwback to the 1990's for reebok. they introduced shoes with a button on the tongue. do you remember those? allen iverson. michelle: it was a pump. >> these don't pump you up. they order a
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they are linked to pizza hut. they use the bluetooth and g.p.s. to order your favorite pie and tell the delivery driver where to take it. only 64 pairs are sold as part of a promotion with the ncaa tournament. it could catch on. michelle: yeah. everybody is just ordering pies. still ahead at 5:00, woman sees a baby inside a locked car. a man passed out overdosing in the front seat. her call to 911 and what happened next. >> another week and still no word from president trump on the executive order.
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horace: the white house is violent on when the next executive order will be signed but when it is, an army of volunteers are ready to help those entering the country. we have details on all of this. ryan? ryan: more than 120 volunteers underwent training this week. immigration attorneys tell us they plan to put up a fight if needed. once they hear the detail of president trump's newest order on immigration. right now it's a waiting game here rat the dulles airport. especially at the international arrivals gat
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are afraid right now. not knowing exactly what to expect. now, the volunteers and the lawyers are making the presence known. they are holding up signs and they are offering up free legal advice. they have been on the ground since the end of january when president trump signed the executive order banning travel from seven majority muslim countries. that sparked days of protest as the immigrants were being detained. the president original order was halted by the federal judge. but concerns are growing again. travelers uncertain by the future ahead of the president new plan. the attorneys tell us they plan to put up a fight. >> we are supposed to hear something last week. wednesday, who knows? we will be here on the ground until the next executive order comes out and we see what the next steps should be. according to resident the new executive order will likely come next week.
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house is saying about this new order. we will also hear from one of the volunteers who has been here at the airport from the beginning. but for now we are live outside dulles airport. ryan hughes, abc7 news. michelle: a mexican consulate in the u.s. is running a legal center to help immigrants in the wake of the trump administration new immigration policy. it's run by the consulate that serves delaware, pennsylvania and southern new jersey. traffic to the consulate has doubled since president trump's election. >> coming up at 5:00 -- a teenager bawling as her father is led away from her school in handcuffs. the latest immigration bust sending a new wave of fear through communities. michelle: first, though, caught on video. exotic dancers beaten and robbed on stage. the security guards were in on it.
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>> a bouquet of flowers left behind for a man who died in a horrible house fire in rockville. we have the full details including his identity in a live report.
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michelle: new video now after a deadly fire at an assisted living facility in maryland. it happened at the cozy cottage in baltimore. they pulled seven people from the burning building but two didn't make it. this was a devastating fire and a deadly one. it lit up the night sky engulfing a rockville home in minutes. by the time the sun rose little was left of home but the chimneys. now we are learning more about the man inside. what may have fueled the flames. richard reeve is live at the zane with the new development -- live at the scene with new developments. rich? richard: moments ago authorities identified the man who died at the fire at 71-year-old larry paglia. someone left a bouquet of flowers here. look at the house. you the see the destruction from the fire. this morning they ris covered the body in the rumble. they have been
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trying to learn what sparked the flames. they don't know where the blaze started. the fire crews were here within minutes. house was engulfed. the fire first reported about 10:15 and may have been burning long before that. neighbors say he lived alone here except for his cat. he was well-known and a popular accountant collector and a bit of a hoarder. fire investigators are trying to see if that was a factor. >> what we can see in the basement don't provide indications of hoarding as we would identify it as large pile of personal belongings, stacked up throughout the property. richard: you can see a half dozen cars and trucks parked here on the property. coming up at 6:00, we hear from the woman who called in 911 and folks who stopped by to pay respects. richard reeve, abc7 news. horace: the hunted for the killer of
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indiana intensifies tonight. now member of the nfl are helping also. former indiana colts punter mcafee and the colts owner jim irsay donated $97,000 to raise reward money to $200,000 in the case. they hope it will bring tips to lead to an arrest. 13-year-old abbey williams and 14-year-old liberty german were killed hiking in a desolate area last month. michelle: exotic dancers beaten while doing their job in indianapolis. you can see someone body slamming a dancer then punching her. the person who did it appears to be a security guard. the dancers were attacked and robbed while on stage. >> that is just ridiculous. i got all scratches, bumps. i don't understand why all the force was even necessary. michelle: wow! threw her like a rag doll. the company who
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security guards has not commented. so far no arrests have been made. horace: back here closer to home, a frederick couple has been arrested accused of selling crack to pay for in vitro fertilization. he and his wife are charged with crack possession to distribute and having an illegal handgun. the frederick news port reports the couple confessed to police saying they needed the money to pay her brandies pregnancy. michelle: heroism on a 911 call. store manager in ohio made the call after seeing someone passed out overdosed on heroin on the front of the car while a baby screamed from the backseat. >> there is a baby in the car. busting out the window. i'm getting a kid out. there is a baby in there. >> hello. >> do you have him? >> i have the baby. he is all sweaty. >> is the baby conscious and breathing? >> yes. cryi
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and in a filthy diaper. they are not sure how long he had been there? >> she made a decision to break the window quick. they did a great job. may have saved the baby's life. >> the father survived. he was passed out in the front seat and faces child endangerment charges. horace: just ahead at 5:00 -- [crying] >> dropping his daughter off at school but he was arrested and faces deportation for drunk driving conviction that happened a decade ago. michelle: first, though, from the farmer's market to dozens of stores. the working woman behindester's granola -- behind esther's granola next. horace: then new at 6:00, what the 78-year-old woman was doing when a police officer shoved her to the ground and took out the pepper spray.
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steve: the weekend is here. it will be cold out there. keep in mind the average high for this tame of year is 52 degrees. tomorrow we will only in the lower 40's. the same for sunday but i think the bigger story is not the wind but the wind chill. waking up early tomorrow morning it feels like temperatures in the teens and the lower 20's. we will do it all over again on sunday. milder air on the way. take a look when. the ten-day outlook from stormwatch7. 43 degrees for a high saturday and sunday. upper 60's to 70 on tuesday. looking at a chance for showers later in the day. cooler on wednesday. middle to upper 50's come thursday and friday. let's talk about the following weekend.
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we spring ahead one hour. daytimes highs then are 52 to 59 degrees. "abc7 news at 5:00" continues after this.
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alison: we get ideas in a lot of ways. from viewers lake you or the reporters in the field but this came from our own meteorologist steve rudin. if you watch the forecast you know he is a huge fan of the old town farmer's market on the weekend. there is a vendor he never misses. we set out to meet escenter from -- esther's granola to meet her. this is far from her home country of israel. but the flavors and the smells bring it all back to her. >> each granola i have is inspired by my childhood memories by places i have been to. alison: like sigh truss --
5:39 pm
citrus granola. >> the whole house smelled like oranges. i loved that. >> she traveled and did her mandatory military service and then moved to the u.s. and worked in retail for ten years. one thing she couldn't find was granola that she really liked. so she started to make it herself. >> people really liked it. my family, friends and i found myself making it more and more. she says there is no sugar added. maple, agave or honey and now it is 40 stores including whole foods, online at amazon and in farmer's market across the area. >> people are locally. you see the same faces? >> yes. >> not just steve rudin. >> no, not just steve. [laughter] >> she has now quit her full-time job to focus on her food. she hopes to one day have a big section in the supermarket including savory foods
5:40 pm
alison starling, abc7 news. michelle: the woman who runs the business of facebook heading to virginia tech. cheryl sandberg will speak at the may commencement ceremony. she has been facebook's chief operating officer since 2008. horace: get this. it will now cost you more to save at costco. warehouse retail giant raising the annual membership fears for the first time in six years. the basic cold star is going up $5 to $60 a year. the executive membership will go up $10. they go into effect june 1. michelle: more jobs are coming back to the u.s.. this time at&t. the union reached a deal with the company that utah commitment to bring -- company that includes a commitment to bring jobs home and it also has paid leave for several states. the exact terms are being
5:41 pm
cream scoop could be free from the artificial food dyes. dunkin' donuts and baskin robbins will have all fake coloring out of the food by the end of next year. drivers and pedestrians sound off before d.c. council today. changes they want to see made to the city's vision zero program. horace: first, though, a father dropping his kid off at school seized by immigration agents because of an open and
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michelle: a 13-year-old girl bawling after she watches her father be led away. immigration agents swooped in and arrested man as he dropped the two youngest children off at school. as marci gonzalez reports it was all over a 10-year-old drunk driving conviction and a car registration mistake. [crying] marci:
5:45 pm
recording on her cell phone as her father who is undocumented and came to this country more than two decades ago from mexico is taken into custody by immigration agents. dressed in police jackets you see they put gonzalez in a car after stopping the father of four in los angeles as he drove his daughters to school. >> it's terrible to see your family being broken apart. marci gonzalez immigration and customs imimportant said he was targeted because he as multiple prior criminal convictions including a d. u.i. in 2009 as well as outstanding order of removal dating back 2014. under the trump administration crackdown other undocumented immigrants without criminal histories are being detained. daniella vargas brought from argentina at the age of 7 in in the process of renewing her legal status when she was taken into custody. >> path to citizenship is necessary. marci: hours after speaking
5:46 pm
opposition to president trump's immigration policies. >> she was not breaking the law. >> her attorney filed a motion to ask her to keep her in the u.s. until her case can be heard in court. as for the case in l.a., the attorney applied for a u-visa to keep gonzalez from being deported. marci gonzalez, abc7 news, los angeles >> right now the hunt for a man who stole a government car and a military uniform. they believe the man may be armed. he stole a black government owned 2015 high -- hyundai allantra. he also took dress uniform and other items and the f.b.i. believe he may be in fairfax county. horace: here we go, folks. today was the last normal metro commute for the next 37 days. starting tomorrow, the next phase of safetrack kicks in. the first phase has blue and yellow line trains single tracking around the clock.
5:47 pm
dorn and huntington station. the second affects the trains south of king street on the yellow line. in this whole time blue and yellow trains will only run once every 24 minutes. even during rush hour. michelle: time for a check of the roads. erik smith is on traffic watch. happy friday. are we seeing smooth sailing out there? erin: hey, michelle. not the case today. so far. it's been a busy friday with delays all over the place. this is 395 southbound out of shirlington. this is a typical and solid delays. northbound ride is really nasty as well. this is northbound past the pentagon heading to the city. past the 14th real estate bridge. this is all messy. heading up through the third street tunnel as well. in to maryland, 270 northbound is slow as well. lanes narrowed down beyond a spot. heading up this way
5:48 pm
gaithersburg where the delays begin. we will head to the capital beltway. where is messy as well. this is heavy in bethesda at old georgetown road. both ways. this continues a trend past connecticut avenue to silver spring as well. this is all volume on friday. same story below the 270 spur. this is the outer loop. both directions a mess. there is a stopped car on the shoulder but it won't a difference because the delays are ongoing. that is all for now. back to you. horace: coming up tonight at 6:00, vice president mike pence responds to claims that the ucla after a private e-mail server while he was governor of indiana is a lot like hillary hill's action as secretary of state.
5:49 pm
the police and what she says she was doing when all of it happened and why he says he won't be back. why arnold schwarzenegger is washing his hands of the "celebrity apprentice" after just one season. stick around for that. michelle: we are still watching and waiting as april the giraffe prepares to give birth. 15-year-old april going through labor and could deliver at any time. millions of people want to eso it happen. they have been watching the feed constantly. the zoo will hold a contest to name the baby once born. 15 months? i can't imagine. >> she is ready! past ready. michelle: we are deadfy for colder temperatures. we with looking
5:50 pm
wheel, and the national harbor. the sun goes down at 6:01 -- 6:02 this evening. clouds are snowflakes in them. not seeing the snowshoers reaching the ground locally. it's warmer south and east. 40 in the capital. it's below the normal temperatures. over the next few hours the bits of the snowshowers will diminish and bend. area wide skies will clear. hang on to the breeze. that combining with the falling temperatures to make it cold overnight and early tomorrow morning. zoom in on this for the one moving through the area of route 15 in north central and the northern frederick county. that will move south. these will weaken here in the next couple of hours that will be that. breezy and colder. the temperatures in 35 in the city by 9:00. future cast
5:51 pm
temperatures in the lower 20's in the western zone. 22 in charlestown. urbana. 23 in hagerstown. metro area wakeup is 21 in burtonsville. 22 in fairfax. upper marlboro at 24. 26 in downtown washington. the weekend, plenty of sunshine. but cold. highs of 43 degrees for weekend. for the, in seven and ten days look at the warm-up. 57 to monday. 67 on tuesday. still in the 60's wednesday. may be a shower tuesday. no sign we will get drought relief soon. temperatures are comfortably mild early to mid-march temperatures through next weekend. that is the latest. back to you. horace: that is great for march. michelle: nice. we are in the phase, the calm before the march madness. scott: one of my favorite time of the year. it's tournament time. march madness is about here. conference tournaments have started with a
5:52 pm
to begin in a week and a half. the navy women's basketball team will be the number two seed in upcoming patriot league tournament. one of the sean your leaders is the player in annapolis. justice sweat. perfect sounding name for an athlete. >> i want to be the person to bring the energy. be disruptive. >> the navy senior is a force on the court. as a freshman justice decided to go with lacrosse. >> sweat, justice sweat in there trying to get possession of it. >> that lasted a year when she went back to her favorite sport. >> it has always been basketball. having the opportunity i had to take it. >> she has blossom told a terrific all-around basketball
5:53 pm
she was named the patriot league defensive player of the year. not bad for a student athlete that started her college career as lacrosse player. >> she is a really inspirational example of someone that chose you can do whatever you set your mind to and have success in what you are passionate about. >> she is passionate about serving her country. this summer she is moving to san diego where she will be a surface warfare officer on a destroyer. >> that is why we all came here in the beginning. no matter what the reason is in the back of your mind. you want to have the honor. you want to live a life of service. >> from defending on the basketball court. >> nothing can stop me. >> to defending our country. >> justice in the midshipmen are back in action on monday to host lafayette or holy cross in the patriot league quarterfinals. good luck for the future. horace: the great story of the naval academy. serve.
5:54 pm
thank you, scott. >> drivers and the pedestrians are weighing in on the district vision zero program. and the fines. horace: how much more or less the drivers violating the rules could pay. prodders, shuckersers, and sniffers, [ inhales ] all giant produce is triple checked. farm, crate, and store. we're focusing on fresh... you don't have to guess. my giant.
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once again, this wondrous thing called "luck" shines on a new day.
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adopted in the near future. >> there are changes and amendments that could be made to the proposed regulations. if the final approval is given could go in effect later this year. in northwest washington, brianne carter, abc7 news. [crying] michelle: anguish tonight after two teenagers died after a car slams in a utility pole in waldorf. horace: plus, a school bus driver serving at least three local schools arrested. what he is charged with and what the school system did when he found out. >> there is no way that somebody my size needs to be pushed down on the ground. michelle: 78 years old and shoved
6:00 pm
police. "abc7 news at 6:00" starts right now. announcer: now, "abc7 news at 6:00". on your side. michelle: two teenagers are dead and a third seriously hurt after this crash in waldorf. abc7 was there when what we believe to be a relative arrived at the scene near the st. charlestown center. in the last five minutes police released the victim's names. they are 17-year-old colen bypatt and desmond cook, both of waldorf. a witness says that the car was speeding trying to avoid vehicles at a light and swerved and hit a utility pole. >> i don't know how fast he was going. super fast. i'd guess 100 miles per hour. who knows? i could be wrong. michelle: the third person in the crash, an 18-year-old is in the hospital with serious injuries. after days of searching, tonight police


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