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tv   ABC7 News at Noon  ABC  March 7, 2017 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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>> now abc 7 news at noon. on your side. jummy: we are following the fallout this noon over the affordable care act replacement plan. it was unveiled yesterday and serious questions remain like how much the new plan will cost and how it will affect the 20 million americans currently covered under obama care. we have more on the proposal. reporter: the republicans promise to repeal and replace. president trump: i'm calling on this congress to repeal and replace obamacare. reporter: one week after president trump called on congress, they outlined a plan to overhaul obamacare and it swaps subsie
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to help americans buy insurance and ends penalties for americans without insurance and gradually ends the expansion of medicaid which provides coverage for more than 10 million americans in 31 states and ends funding for planned parenthood. but the white house offering to keep funding if the organization stops offering abortion services. >> this isn't a law that can be fixed. this isn't a law that can be saved. it has to be repealed and replaced. we promise the american people people we would do that. we're going to keep our promise. reporter: the plan keeps two of the most popular a.c.a. provisions, coverage still can't be denied based on pre-existing conditions and young adults can stay on their parents' plans until they're 26. but republican jason chaff either -- jason chafe either on cnn acknowledged the plan will shift more of the burden to individuals.
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jason: americans have choices and they've got to make a choice so rather than getting the new iphone they love and want to spend hundreds of dollars, maybe they ought to invest in their own health care. reporter: president trump tweeted it's wonderful but even some republicans are voicing concerns. rand paul tweeted the plan, quote, looks like obamacare light. abc news, washington. jummy: the white house also announced its new travel ban yesterday, sparking protests this morning in northwest. five people were arrested including three george washington university students. they were protesting inside the lobby of the reagan building. suzanne kennedy was at the demonstration. suzanne: we're on 14th street where a protest is taking place outside the reagan building. people are here protesting the latest what they call muslim ban. they have signs that say #nomuslimban and over here you see this one in the shape of a heart saying you are welcome. all of this in opposition to the president's latest
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they say it's wrong. they say they want to fight it like the first one. they say it's not kinder or better than the one that the president signed back in january despite taking into consideration some of the problems with that one. they say banning someone just because they are from a certain country is unacceptable. >> what is shocking is that trump would be so kind of open about the reason he's doing it. we still have national security but all along the campaign trail trump has made it very clear he doesn't want muslims coming to this country. suzanne: this group says the president's executive order is based on racism and islama- phobia, two values they say have no place in the united states. suzanne kennedy, back to you. jummy: this just in, more threats against a jewish community. the anti-defamation league and several other jewish community centers across the country are reporting a new round of bomb threats. authorities have been investigating more than 120
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threats in several states over the past two months. on friday a missouri man was arrested for allegedly making at least eight of those threats. and today the senate committee is expected to weigh in on president trump's new pick for national security advisor, the lieutenant general h.r. mcmaster. they need senate approval when promoted or get new assignles. the panel will vote whether mcmaster retain his three star rank. to capitol hill now where long time maryland federal prosecutor rod ronstein has been confirmed -- has a confirmation hearing for the job of deputy attorney general. he faces tough questioning from democrats about how he'd oversee the probe of russian involvement in the u.s. presidential election. that's because he'd likely head up the investigation after attorney general jeff sessions recused himself. and we should point out the tours at the white house are up and running again. the visitor's office had been closed since inauguration day
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trump, as you see here, welcomed a small crowd of visitors to the east wing with lots of cheers and screams there. by the way, all tours are free but requests must be submitted through your member of congress. the national weather service is out today surveying damage after a nasty system tore through the midwest. there are reports of more than two dozen possible twisters from kansas all the way to illinois. this video from missouri shows a roof completely off the building and debris everywhere. officials report several people suffered minor injuries. here at home, luckily no tornados but some rain is headed our way. our chief meteorologist doug hill is here with a look at our forecast. doug? doug: a layer of marine coming ahead of a cold front but very breezy and warm with a quick update on the cherry blossoms. the park service a forecasting the peak from next tuesday to friday, march 14-17 and we've been going through the time line of different developmental stages and last night the park service said we've reached the
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getting closer and closer to peak bloom, something we'll keep a close eye on. definitely will be earlier than average and if it blooms on tuesday it will be the earliest on record. look at this, 67 now with mainly cloudy skies and gusty winds across the area. the rain is well to the west and moisture coming up ahead of the cold front and if you look far enough back to the west you see the cold front but the point is we're not going to miss it. we'll get rain showers later this afternoon, especially this evening and tonight and in the overnight period as well. it will take until morning to get all this through the area but when it does, a breezy and dry day tomorrow. here's our time line for the rest of the afternoon. we'll see sunshine at times, holding in the upper 60's and rain moves in late afternoon or evening and we'll check out the weekend which may include maybe wintry weather, maybe. we'll find out. join you in the studio in nine minutes. jummy: we'll see you then, doug. thank you. 5 a driver is facing charges after smashing into
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and happened overnight. our john gonzalez explains what happened. john: that's right, yet another vehicle into a building. we've been getting a bunch of these in the d.c. area this winter. this time unclear why the driver lost control and went off the road here at valley trail lane but boy did he leave a mess. he took out a light pole, the entire pole. he destroyed one of these cable unit boxes for the community, took out a tree, and his minivan ended up inside the dining room of that bottom floor apartment right there. still a lot of debris everybody where. you see the amendment is boarded up. look at the video here. our cameras were rolling when the man behind the wheel was detained and arrested. you see him in handcuffs and police telling us he was immediately charged with reckless driving. more charges are pending, we're told. fortunately the family inside, two adults and four children are not in the dining room. >> i
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the scream. it was like nothing i'd ever heard. >> the driver? >> yes, the driver. >> i see a car sitting in my downstairs neighbor's house. it was crazy. >> with a do you think about it? >> it's nuts. we see people flying through this corner all the time. >> serious damage not only to the structure but the minivan looks like a democrat mission derby and the accident happening 12:30 this morning and no injuries but more charges are pending. back to you inside. jummy: now let's head over to angela foster. she's got a look at how things are looking on the roadways. angela? angela: thank you so much, jummy. the midday rye ride is not very complicated. we have a few mid zones that set up around the capital beltway but showing green. most work zones not tying you up tremendously. a brief tap of the brakes here and there. our big picture map not inled indicating the work zones set up in d.c. now. dr. c.
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northbound work zone at east capital street. as we head outside to our traffic lane cameras, you see the traffic flow not a problem on interstate 95, especially through dale ste and dump friss where we have a work zone set up. sewhere, i-270 the ride is problem-free between frederick and the spur. back to you. jummy: coming up, casey anthony finally speaking out six years after she was found not guilty of killing her daughter. hear what she has to say coming up. richard simmons has within out of -- has been out of the public eye. now there are speculations someone might be holding him captive. a local school canceling classes tomorrow the reason and why it's causing controve
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jummy: around the nation, casey anthony is breaking her silence about the first time about her daughter's death and it's been early nine years since her daughter went missing. she sat down with the press and most of the world believe she killed her 2-year-old daughter but anthony does not know what happened to kaylee. casey: everyone else has their theory. i don't know. reporter: so your parents had her? casey: my dad did. reporter: next thing you know caylee is missing. how did it play? casey: i don't remember too much of what happened. jummy: anthony now live with a private detective in south florida. happening tomorrow, alexandria city schools will be clos
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members asked for the day off. that's because many of them plan to celebrate a day without a woman. it's a national protest spot lighting equality. our sam sweeney has more on that story. sam: students are in classes today in alexandria public schools but tomorrow will be a much different situation and the school district says to close the schools was not an easy decision but something they had to do. with more than 300 teachers expected to call out tomorrow, it wasn't safe to bring the kids into school. some people say why not bring in substitutes? there's only about 100 substitutes available so there wouldn't be enough to cover all those teachers. they want to make it clear that this was not a political statement. we should also say students will not be forced to make up this day because there are enough days built in the schedule for snow closures. as we all know we haven't had much snow this year so that's not an issue. we reached out to parents this morning dropping their kids off at school to see what they had to say.
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>> it's a great idea. we support women. we have to support women. >> i do feel it wasn't necessary to close the entire school system down for the women's day. they wanted to call in more substitutes, they could call the guys in for the day. >> i don't have a problem with it. if it were a snow day they would close. sam: as for this movement, women from 50 nations around the world have pledged to take place here in the united states, organizers are asking women who can take the day off to do so but if you can't and still want to support the movement, they're asking women to wear red. as for other school districts in our area so far no others are closed but if it changes we of course will let you know. reporting in alexandria, i'm sam sweeney, back to you in the studio. jummy: right now you can get your hands on free food all while supporting a special cause. grab the syrup because it's national pancake day. eileen shows us how to get a short stack on the house at i hop.
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eileen: it's pancake day and we're at the first i hop on alabama avenue in d.c. here are my friends. let's introduce the former nfl player and franchise owner. tell us about the great deal people can get at i hop today. >> today is our super bowl i hop, national pancake day so we're giving away pancakes, we sell 700 million annually but want to give away 5 million today across the country and worldwide so supporting a wonderful cause and leukemia lymphoma society and get you a free short stack of pancakes and lots on the menu and drop in a couple dollars to raise money. we're trying to raise half a million to fight against blood cancer. eileen: tell us more about specifically the national area chapter of the lymphoma and leukemia chapter. tell us where the money goes. >> it's going to fund research and patient services and it's going to fund access for patients
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therapies and cures. eileen: tell us what it means to be here today. >> it's exciting to be in the community and showing people how to flip pancakes and have a smile on their faces and invite people to come and donate to l.l.s. i did win miss america but indulging in a short stack of pancakes today. eileen: everyone has to. it's time to flip our pancakes. we'll see you at your local i hop, so from all of us at the alabama avenue location. back inside to you. jummy: ooh. let's go get pancakes after the newscast. doug: not a bad idea at all. another wild week of weather. so upper 60's today and we're looking at the weekend of turning colder and there's a chance and i'll explain it all on the map but nothing to get excited about. just a chance there will be wintry weather. jummy: you know i don't get excited about wintry weather. doug: 65
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country club in alexandria. beautiful sky. there will be sunshine at times. the big thing is gusty winds. no wind advisories but we'll have winds gusting 25 miles per hour through the day. as far at the cloud, we have a fair amount of cloudiness and rapidly boosting temperatures east of the mountains. a bit colder in cumberland. all due with the approach of the cold front and rain as far as hagerstown and most of it moving to the northeast and we think it will probably be 4:00 or something like that when showers come in the metro area and it may an long duration sort of deal. no long term heavy rain but the chance of rain going long term from 5:00 or 6:00 tomorrow morning because there's plenty of rain to come through. you'll see the showers break up mid evening and other lines come late tonight and this is the actual cold front around 11:30 and this analyzes pretty good downpours and the win changes direction and will turn into a sunny day and
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then start to cool off a little bit as we head through thursday and especially into friday and the weekend. as far as what's coming up in the forecast, 65-70 is the range. warm and windy, scattered showers developing with a little bit of sunshine and tonight we'll drop and hold in the mid 40's to lower 50's with more showers likely with southwesterly winds and winds turn to the west-northwest tomorrow and will be breezy but hits 65 and sun sheen and a nice day and then as we look towards the weekend is when it changes. highs near 40 and sunday only in the upper 30's with a wintry mix and has to do with the storm center that may form and hasn't formed yet and over the pacific ocean and if it does form and move to the south, at the same time cold air moves from the north we have the basic set of ingredients to possibly get wintry weather but very mild, turning colder and look at our reminder to turn the clocks forward one hour saturday night before you go to bed and early next week we'll start to stay chilly and warm up a little bit as we get towards spring. that's about it. we'll be in springtime by then i thin
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jummy: cold, possible wintry mix and lose an hour's sleep. doug: but an hour later sunset. it's a good trade. jummy: it's not warm to enjoy it. doug: it will get warm again. jummy: are you sure? i worry sometimes. doug: don't worry. jummy: thank you. here's a look what's coming up tonight at 5:00. >> today on abc news at 4:00, think you are feeding your kids a healthful meal. we'll let a registered dietician look inside your pantry and this mom did that and was surprised when several red flags shot up. one is egg whites which everyone thinks are perfectly healthy. what to look for on an ingredients list. and a rule of thumb from separating the good from the
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jummy: fitness guru richard simmons has been missing from the public for more than 1,000 days. can you believe it? the most popular podcast in america is on a mission to find out what's going on. nick watt>2 is in los angeles with the details. >> sweated to the oldies for a decade, and that smile. an omnipresent national treasure, he'd often greet tour buses near his home. >> we're nothing but trouble. nick: now his shuttered simmons studio in beverly hills, no reservation system, no priority list, $12 a class, everyone was welcomed. now 1,100 days since simmons last seen in public and what happened is heating up thanks to the number one i tunes podcast, missing richard simmons. in the latest episode, a former friend and masseuse alleges simmons' long time housekeeper won't let him out of the house. >> richard look at me and say you got to go. really
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now? and he said yes. nick: simmons' rep denies the allegations and said richard just decided to step back from the spotlight and live a more private life. but his friend is sticking to his story, last year telling me something similar. do they want his money? >> what do you think? his house alone is worth $10 million. nick: the purpose of the podcast is to just make sure the deal a meal founder is ok. >> just trying to figure out why he would do this. nick: simmons made millions over the course of 0 years, saved lives in the process. richard: i don't have to work anymore. this is my passion and this is my mission. you can't fake this. >> this isn't a witch-hunt. i wish him well. but i haven't talked to anybody who thinks richard simmons is fine. nick: simmons' p.r. agent of 20 users said we didn't cooperate or collaborate with this podcast. these unfounded attempts to diminish the legacy
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simply shameful. jummy: nick watt reporting. keep your umbrella handy. we could see showers today and also some precipitation of a different kind this weekend. maybe. doug hill has a final check of the forecast next.
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the pesky co-workers away. google chrome has released a browser extension called nope. first you install it in your computer and when someone comes to your desk you don't want to talk to, you tap the n button and the phone rings and a man's voice tells you exactly what to do and say. don't try to bother me, doug, i'm going to get a phone call. doug: there you go. see if it works. let's give you a look today. we'll see sunshine at times. breezy for sure. upper 60's, near 70. showers this afternoon and likely tonight with a cold front passing. tomorrow, beautiful, breezy, 65, a bit cooler thursday and turning colder friday and over the weekend there could be a wintry mix briefly. a couple flakes friday morning and you see the weekend. yuck. we'll see. jummy: see you at 4:00, doug. thanks for joining us. have a great day.
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>> some people in this world think they have all the answers. well, if you happen to run into one, send them our way because i would love to give somebody a million bucks. come on. let's play "who wants to be a millionaire." [dramatic music] ♪ hey, everybody, welcome to the show. you guys ready to play "millionaire" today? [cheers and applause] just 23 years old, today's contestant recently graduated magna cum laude and is hoping the hours of studying will pay off for him today. from fort wayne, indiana, please welcome carson royer. what's up, man? how you doin'? >> i'm doing great. >> carson, you're 23? >> i am, yes. >> are you sure? i need to see some id. >> i've been getting a lot of that recently. >> i bet you have. you almost graduated early from h


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