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tv   ABC7 News at Noon  ABC  March 16, 2017 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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the savings in bloom event at havertys. life looks good. [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] noon, onbc 7 news at your side. jummy: count them out, we are just four days away from spring. it seems like we just cannot kick the cold, old man winter still packing a punch leading to incidents like this one. look at new york, all of that snow on the tracks. the snow and ice forcing our wonderingmany are when the sun will come out and stay out. doug hill is here. doug: the sunshine is key. even with taliban test temperatures -- temperatures on the chilly side, the radiant
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son will help melt the temperatures. close to 40 degrees in most areas this afternoon. 36 degrees right now at reagan national airport and a west, northwesterly wind at 17 miles per hour. wind gustsl getting and wind chills not feeling good at the moment. far as the wind speeds, 16 to 21 miles per hour, less windy than yesterday but the cold wind still making it feel quite uncomfortable so the gusts will be an issue through the afternoon. they will drop off this evening so the weather pattern will change, and look at the low temperature tonight. they will be colder but reasonably cold for this time of year. a more noticeable warm-up coming this way for our weekend. jummy: thank you. now we want to turn to the fesident's
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earlier today he unveiled his spending wishlist for 2018. sam sweeney is breaking it down. sam: 54 days after the president took office, has budgeted for 2018 discretionary spending is out. at the government printing office you can see them stacked up. the budget calls for cuts that we have not seen since the end of world war ii. there are a number of winners but a number of losers. some of the winners, homeland security, veterans affairs, and defense, they will all see increases in spending. homeland security will see a budget of $44.1 billion, a 7% increase over the 2017 budget. now let's talk about the people and organizations that will be the biggest losers. epa will see the biggest cut, 31%. state department and development down 28%. agriculture, labor
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department, and justice department will also see double-digit cuts. some of the proposed cuts, public broadcasting. epa, and allthe funding for climate change research. we hit the streets in d.c. to hear what people think. >> there is so many problems just programs out there, national parks are a big deal. defense we already have. i think we have a lot bigger problems than that. >> i would say it is about like making sausage. the budget is the starting point, not the ending point. is only a blueprint as the president as calling it. this has to go to congress to figure out what passes and what does not. jummy: president trump's revised travel ban hit a bit of a speed bump. does go federal judges, one from hawaii and one from florida, blocking the executive
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ban has been blocked from the courts and as it stalls, demonstrators took their frustration to the white house. john gonzalez is outside. john: this is the second time, and we are once again hearing the voices of the demonstrators, refugees, faith leaders and lawmakers have gathered in front of the white house. the group is growing as we speak. they have gathered to protest against president trump's travel ban and are applying recent court decisions in states like hawaii and maryland, the executive order signed march 6 banning individuals from six muslim majority nations for 90 days, all refugees for 120 days. let's speak to a plaintiff and the court decision in maryland. >> we got a good decision from the court in hawaii and just after from the court of maryland saying that the president's
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basis of nationality and race was not likely to be constitutional and therefore has to be stopped at least temporarily. john: chanting has started behind you. what is the message? >> the message is that discrimination based on race, nationality, or religion is not american and we should that make policies that discriminate. repeatre here to just and to make clear that we are going to stand against this as long as it takes. john: this rally coming just hours after that decision came lens, athe eye restraining order in hawaii against president trump's latest plan. that to you inside. jummy: overnight the president took to the airwaves to back up his wiretapping claims. he went on fox news to address the accusations he made against the bomb, saying -- president
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ordered it to be wiretapped. he said he got it from the new york times. >> there was an article, i read other things. i watched your friend brennen beyer the day. when he was talking about certain complex sets of things happening, and wiretapping. jummy: none of those reports support trump's claim and despite tweeting the accusation, trump claims he used the word " wiretapping" ". about two events in france that is leaving residents on edge. a letter bombas explosion at the imf office in paris. one person suffered minor injuries as a result. the offer -- office was quickly evacuated as military officers
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it is unclear who sent the homemade explosives. the office headed -- received threatening messages and just a short time later a student opening fire in a high school in france, injuring the principal and two others. arrested andwas police do not believe the shooting was terror related. this comes as france remains under a state of emergency following a deadly string of attacks over the past 18 months. jummy: university of maryland officials are trying to find out who placed racially charged posters around the campus that read "a notice to all white americans, it is your civic duty to report all illegal alien activities to immigration and customs enforcement or co-those worst -- enforcement."
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there, white nationalist people on campus, it is scary. >> it surprises me because i do not feel that is the culture around here. jummy: the university president says the school stands for excellence and inclusion, and campus police are investigating the matter as hate violence. coming up, an update on the crash that killed a budding ager league baseball star. plus, jumping like her life depended on it. what led to a wild scene in alabama. what is worse than standing outside in the cold waiting for a train? probably this. now a check on our traffic with angela foster. angela: thank you so much and good afternoon. we have a run of midday road maintenance operations going on a long account of dutch capital
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yellow line is single tracking between pentagon city and l'enfant plaza. butave got a lot of green we have some work zones set up and forced phil and annandale near braddock road. our cameras are showing the work zone delays on interstate 95 traveling through dumfries on the right side. you can see the southbound slowing. the maintenance vehicle takes away one of your travel lanes, the same thing on the capital beltway. as you pass new hampshire avenue the roadway is blocked due to maintenance. as you pass through chantilly on virginia 28 you will see the work zone blocking the left lane as you pass the air and space museum parkway.
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>> you are watching abc seven news at new, on your side -- at noon, on your side. jummy: we have an update to that tragic boat accident that killed miami marlins star pitcher jose fernandez. he was at the controls of the boat when it crashed into a miami beach jetty, killing him and two others. the fwc's final report confirmed up a hall and drugs were involved and concluded fernandez violated multiple boating laws. he had cocaine in his system and a high blood-alcohol level. .n alabama a scary scene a woman was able to free herself from a kidnapping. this is at a birmingham gas station. , his trunkves away opens up, and a woman falls out and runs for the gas
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she said that man held her at gunpoint outside the gas station and forced her into the trunk. the suspect is still on the loose. emotional testimony from the wife of a man killed during a carjacking during the holiday season four years ago. gio benitez has more on what she had to say to the suspects. gio: it was the holiday mall shooting that shocked the country. shot right in front of his wife, jamie. the first of four suspects accused of the horrific 2013 murder on trial. >> what had been a good day became the worst day of jamie's day of dustinlast friedman's life. gio: just 10 days before christmas they went to the short hills mall in new jersey for some shopping d
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when i got back to their range rover she says two men confronted dustin. >> i saw him put the gun to dustin's head and i heard bang, bang, and in the window shattered. gio: jamie says she all but froze. >> you don't know what to do in these situations, it was so fast. he opens the car door, he leans in, he points the gun at myself and says get out of the car. gio: the carjackers flee but the horror was prolonged when it took an ambulance nearly 30 minutes to arrive after the first 911 call. >> i called 30 minutes ago, where are they? i was screaming, stay with me, stay with me. finally an ambulance showed up but not really because they could not get it into the parking deck. he is literally bleeding out on the ground. gio:us
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hospital. jamie also wants the malls owners held accountable, filing a civil suit claiming they did not provide adequate security. >> if you invite the public to shot that your mall you better make sure it is safe. they need to step up to the plate and take responsibility. jummy: that was gio benita is reporting. tracking widespread damage from this weeks winter blast. from new york, where you can see the sky is falling, snow and ice crashing down. it when the trucks are coming, it is like a railroad, and you have to run underneath the highway. >> it broke a window and a lot of glass came in. it brought a lot of snow with it and hit the window. that is what broke it. jummy: windows on both sides of the streets were blown out. falling
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a problem for years but no damage has been reported until now. the cityter, new york, is buried under two feet of snow in some places but a truck caught fire overheating trying to get out of it. no one was hurt. the best video of all, this is an amtrak train barreling into the station over snow-covered tracks. that is when people on this side got caught in the snow. apparently no one thought it was going to happen. the train pushing all of that snow as people get caught in a massive snow wave. would you have known to move out of the way? doug: i think you see it coming if you were paying attention but by the end of the frame we do not see -- no, he was watching too long. he got nailed. we are almost out of this, out of the deep freeze. it will be a slow slog into the
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no indications we will get warm fairly soon. jummy: oh, good. doug: some years we go right into springtime. not going to happen this year. the little varmint in pennsylvania was right. jummy: that is the last time we talk about about punxsutawney phil. , ag: in frederick, maryland lot of blue sky and 30 degrees. this is a live camera at the st. john's catholic school. ,ven with the cold temperatures if we can get sunshine there will be some decent melting. the problem is we will head to the low to mid 20's tonight so whatever melts will re-freeze. we will have melting and then it will run across roadways and sidewalks and parking lots and free solid again tonight. after that, things are looking a little better. we have areas of clouds coming across the mountains, northwesterly winds, and some
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wind chills and the teens and 20's across the area. satellite and radar and a little more detail, have had flurries across the area, mostly in pennsylvania, they are drifting to the southeast. a couple of flurries are not out of the question. i think we will wind up getting more sunshine than yesterday but it will not be a crystal-clear day. temperatures in the upper 30's to about 40 before slowly falling overnight. overnight lows in the mid to upper 20's, a big change of her recent nights, and improvement. tomorrow, upper 40's and maybe close to 50. there could be some showers moving through the area or some snow on the mountains. into saturday it looks like most of it should be out of here and we should see some improvement. 40 degrees for a high today.
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not better levels, just annoyingly cold -- bitter levels, just annoyingly cold. tomorrow morning, 28 degrees and light wind. into the afternoon and evening temperatures will be around 42 degrees, and a slight chance of showers in the afternoon. we will quickly go through our weekend forecast showing upper 50's on saturday, breezy and cooler on sunday. when i come back we will look at the 10 day. jummy: my favorite. i hope for some 70's. apparently business is booming for the trumps. why a
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jummy: back
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look at the trumps family brand. the president ex-wife announced a new book, questioning about whether the family is profiting wrongly from the presidency. >> my kids, my family have been so unbelievable. loves to bragrump about how great his children turned out, especially don , butr, ivanka, and eric ex-wife yvonne is says she is the one who raised them and says she is ready to tell all in a book she is writing. >> donald always had a great head on his shoulders and i saw the potential. >> the book will detail her whirlwind romance that played out in a divorce. marla, i love am your husband, do you? what did you say? >> i said get lost. >>
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lay out the lesson she taught her children ivaney were growing up, jumping on as the trump brand is taking offna. >> when you have the power and majesty of the president -- presidency at your back it is hard not to benefit. severaltalking about upcoming benefits to take place at trump golf courses. , whose brandrump was the target of boycotting campaigns and dropped or fell out of favor by stores like in theom and tj maxx wake of a bruising political campaign, has seen an increase in sales, the company telling abc news february was one of their best performing month. >> trump supporters may have rallied around the brand. we look to the next three and a half years or so and i think we will see a number of ups and downs for the ivanka trump brand. >>
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hiccups, including this one from tolyanne conway have led questions about whether the trunk family is profiting from the white house. >> she's beautiful. she's powerful. she is complicit. >> saturday night live poking fun with a satirical look at and ivanka trump fragrance. >> complicit. jummy: tom llamas reporting. still another blister a cold day. when we will find a restart to wa
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jummy: imagine this, you are nine months pregnant and there a massive snowstorm coming your way, and you go into labor. that is what happened to one new mother in massachusetts. at the height of the storm tuesday, kelly and adam cooley welcomed their second child into the world and aimed -- named her after the storm, stella. .oug: here is the next 10 days you were talking about 70's in the 10 day, not going to happen. we will warm up a little bit and some 50's on saturday, and maybe by next weekend we will get close to normal temperatures again. then again, maybe not. jummy: you never know these days
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>> you know, there's a famous saying: "it's not what you know. it's who you know." but whoever said that clearly never watched this show. this is "who wants to be a millionaire." [cheers and applause] [dramatic music] ♪ ♪ hey, everybody. welcome to the show. you guys ready to play "millionaire" today? [cheers and applause] all right. our returning contestant is here because of one person: his mother. and she will be really happy to hear he is only four questions away from a million dollars. from staten island, new york, please welcome back alex fumelli. [cheers and applause] how you doing, man? >> good. >> good to see you again, alex. [cheers and applause] he's back, and he's got a million dollars in his sights. um, we talked a little bit about your mom and how she got you here,


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