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tv   ABC7 News at 5  ABC  March 20, 2017 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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safe. they are not safe at the school. >> how did two illegals 17 and 18 get registered as freshmen? that is a question in itself. >> what we know is that 18-year-old freshmen henry sanchez and undocumented immigrant subject to retainer and the 17-year-old freshman jose montano whose status isn't clear charged with a brutal bathroom rape last thursday at the school. spokesperson declined comment on the case and e-mailed the policy statement that says they admit, "all qualified school age individuals five years old or older and under 21 whether u.s. citizen or not citizen." tonight there are also many parents who stand by that policy. >> that is what the cou
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there are always bad seeds. >> that is what the country is about. i'm an immigrant, you're an immigrant. 'bama -- brad: a few minutes ago i.c.e. released information that border patrol agent encountered mr. sanchez last august in the rio grande valley in texas and at that time he was issued a document saying he needed to appear before an immigration judge. what we are told is the hearing has not been scheduled. when we come back at 6:00, ewill have strong voices saying immigration status has nothing to do with this crime. very strong opinions. different angles on the case. jonathan: i'm jonathan elias. we are covering breaking news
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the gunstores. police tell us they have arrested three men that they say helped steal guns from stores in fredericksburg and chantilly. two of them are 23. the other is 19. we did reach out to the montgomery county police to ask if they think these guys had any role in a fourth burglary in rockville. over 30 seconds stolen in 80 seconds in the burglary. the other in fredericksburg they tried to break in to s.s.g. tactical. they did not break through the fence so they didn't get weapons from that one. but there have been four burglaries and they are trying to figure out if all of them are connected. i will head to the newsroom. i will bring you new information when we get it on this case. larry? >> leaks of classified information are serious, serious federal crimes for a reason.
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larry: james comey tackling leaks and hacking in the hot seat on capitol hill. scott thuman joins us live from the capitol hill bureau with more. scott? scott: the big headlines today. you heard the director of the f.b.i. james comey seemingly shooting down the claims by president trump, that trump tower was wiretapped in the campaign by president obama. the other big one is he confirmed there is an investigation underway whether anyone from trump team coordinated with russia in possibly tampering in the election. all of this is answering perhaps some of the question. a lot can argue swirling for months now. the f.b.i. director said the efforts by the russian were based in part on vladimir putin's hatred for hillary clinton. there his desire for donald trump to beat her. but here, the moment regarding the wiretapping claims.
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president's statement that obama had his wires tapped in trump tower a true statement? >> with respect to the president's tweets about the alleged wiretapping directed at him by the prior administration i have no information to support the tweets. we have looked carefully inside the f.b.i. the department of justice asked me to share with you that the answer is the same for the department of justice and all the components. the department has no information that supports the tweets. scott: so was it enough to satiate if hungry members of congress dieing to get some sort of answers and get to the bottom of the big lingering questions. we will hear from what they told us at 6:00. the other thing we bring you is the white house response. the white house says there is no need for the president to back down from his claims. we will explain why they say that in an hour. in the meantime, live on capitol hill tonight. i'm scott thuman. back to you. larry: thanks. president trump sending several tweets in
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claims democrats made up the story about russian hacking as an execution for running a, "terrible campaign." alison: a big day on the hill. across the capitol, the senate judiciary hearing held the first day of hearings for neil gorsuch. the appeals court judge promised to be an independent voice on the court in his opening statement. >> sitting here, i am acutely aware of my own imperfections but i pledge to each of you and the american people if i am confirmedly do all my powers permit to be a faithful servant of the constitution and the laws of this great nation. >> if confirmed he would fill the seat left vacant by last year's death of antonin scalia. following the death, republican refusing to hold hearings on president obama's nominee merrick garland. larry: today, the government took a closer look at what the
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city. sam ford is live at the wilson building with more. sam? sam: d.c. gets roughly $3 billion from the federal government. $2 billion from medicaid and the other billion from everything else. now that the d.c. mayor's office has seen the initial trump budget, the reaction is they see bad news ahead for d.c. >> the day after the victory, they were? stunned silence. today, the top deputy flanked by the suggest aides used the word "bleak" describing the trump budget in d.c. that would eliminate the community development block grants. >> the $13 million that we currently receive in the community development block grant funds would go away. sam: they went through a list of the city services supported by the federal government from cops to education. based on the trump budget proposal, they saw $81 million in the cuts and the elimination of 120
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>> so there are some things that we know we can tally a dollar amount. and a position for. there are other areas we don't have enough information. >> down the hall, the counsel was holding a hearing on the bill for the city to help planned parenthood facing the cuts by requiring the insurers who do business in d.c. to have coverage for birth control for example. >> within d.c., insurers would have to cover a number of the preventful women services. sam: services coveraged by obamacare. they also talked about potential changes that don't directly affect d.c. if there is a smaller government will it mean more unemployment and empty office space?
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alison: you just mentioned obamacare. tomorrow trump is planning to go to capitol hill to push for lawmakers to repeal the affordable care act. congressional democrats are planning to hold a rally on the steps of the capitol wednesday to try to save it. house is set to vote thursday on what is known as obamacare. former vice president joe biden is scheduled to take part in the rally. steve: mostly cloudy skies out there. showers to the west of us. may make the way to the area tonight. that is if they hold together across west virginia. let's talk about the temperatures this hour. if you have to go outside. it's the cool side. we can handle it. temperatures in the 50 lz. we will see the temperatures later on in the 40's. tracking showers, a cold front and a big cooldown for the day on
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looking ahead to the weekend. larry: thank you, steve. we have breaking news from overland park, kansas. outside of kansas city. look at the aerial live pictures. massive fire at apartment building under construction. three homes nearby are also on fire because of this. you can see as we give you a wider look at this. no word on a cause orfy kind of injuries. you can see from the pictures the firefighters have a lot to deal with. this is out in the kansas city area. alison: goodness. terrible situation there. for months here at abc7, we took you along the heroin highway stretching through part of maryland, west virginia and virginia. now 11 people are under arrest after an investigation that stretched to prince george's, fairfax as well as the city of alexandria.
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jeff goldberg what details. >> these are all o'cations of heroin overdoses in 2016 that led to the start of what is dubbed operation purple rain. >> surprised. >> tragedy on every level. societal level, personal level. jeff: following the string of the overdoses across the city last year, the alexandria police and the virginia state police kicked off the string. authorities seized ten guns, 400 grams of heroin, 330 grams of cocaine. 19 grams of p.c.p. seven pounds of marijuana. $18,000 cash. >> this didn't come from a few drug deals on a street corner. the men and women were organized, part of a complex network. >> exactly how it operated the authorities will not say but it is yet another example of the growing heroi
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opioid epidemic that killed 1,000 virginians in the first neighbor months of 2016. >> -- first nine months of 2016. >> we don't have a choice but to attack it with everything we have. >> this case is complicated enough to put a dent in the city for a short period of time. >> 11 suspects range in age from 31 to 63 years old. all of them are facing the possibility of decades in prison. in alexandria, jeff goldberg, abc7 news. >> you don't come to texas. you don't steal when the eyes of the world are upon the state. >> coming up at 5:00, case closed. but with the lingering questions. where the investigators found tom brady's missing super bowl jersey and who could have been involved. larry: airlines are taking precautions against the lithium battery explosions. find out what e
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about to ban in the cabin. >> i'm a guy that tried to raise a family and be as good of a father as i could. >> how the mindset is paying off for a man looking to pave the way for the future. larry: but first, celebrating the first day of spring with an update on the cherry blossoms and giveaways to mark the change in sea credit karma? why are you checking your credit score? you don't want to drive old blue forever, do you? [brakes squeak] credit karma, huh?
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larry: first day of spring means spring cleaning for the water pipes. the aqueduct will switch to chlorine. this happens every year and it means that the water could smell or taste different in the changeover. alison: and also it's return of the blossom bus to help people get around. it follows the national circulators national mall route in red. reminder that abc7 is a proud sponsors on the cherry blossom festival. larry: the calm around the swarm around the tidal b
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reports that the tourists and the locals change the first day of spring. mike: many washingtonians ready to wave goodbye to winter. lining up for a free small cup in change of the season. dairy queen stores offered free cones today and customers were happy to dig in, even though it's fairly cold outside. >> i'm getting acclimated, slowly. mike: on the national mall, some are making a statement. bundled up to the eyeballs. >> it doesn't feel like it right now. mike: but a few stripped down to the running shorts after a roller coaster winter. >> we have had worse. mike: there is a few more days until peak bloom. hundreds of visitors are hoping to capture the perfect photo. >> we have lived here and we have never come down to see the cherry blossoms. >> many others
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crowds to the garden center on capitol hill. >> it's the beginning and about to get insane. >> green thumbs; take note. temperatures are expected to plummet to the 20's on wednesday before skyrocketing to the 70's on saturday. >> pansies, daffodils are used to the fluctuating temperatures. that is when they bloom. >> it also means spring break for the students across the region. several families play tourists visiting the museum and the cherry blossoms. >> before the real tourists come to town. >> at the tidal basin, mike carter-conneen, abc7 news. alison: happy spring! you are wearing the pastels. larry: we were texting this morning. why not? steve: let's just do it. we couldn't get alison. busy with the kids. alison: next time. steve: we will warm up for the day tomorrow. if you see the ten day, don't freak out when you see wednesday and thursday morning. that
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larry: you warned us. steve: saturday looks good. the snow disappeared over the weekend. this is belle haven country club in alexandria. the potomac in the background, looking good out there. it will stay dry through the everything hours. if you have outdoor plans this evening, go for it. if your allergies are both iring you, no problems at all. at least not right now. the trees and the mold in the low category. non-existent for the grass and weeds. it's 50 in leesburg. 56 in warrenton. 57 in fredericksburg. if you are looking for cooler air head to frederick. upper 40's at this time. the stormwatch7 satellite and the radar. lacking for glimmer of the sun, you won't find it. mostly cloudy skies out there. the clouds continue to chicken moving through the overnight hours.
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we may see a cluster or two. it will depend if this will make it across the mountains. if this holds together it won't be until after midnight tonight. it's out of here by the rush hour commute early tomorrow morning. most of you won't see anything at all. waking up tomorrow morning the sunglasses, you won't need it. not early on. 42 in bethesda. 41 in fairfax. 42 in woodbridge. moving through the midday hours we'll see our skies clear. this is a computer generated model. the skies clear and there is sunshine in time for the rush hour
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the temperatures are mild but then we will crash down. we have a drought in the area. it's severe for arlington and alexandria. further north and west, not as big of a problem. the day problem tomorrow shows the highs to make it in the middle 60's. good amount of sunshine later in the day. colder air on wednesday. 45 degrees with highs in the wind chill factors in the 30's. upper 40's and 50's on friday. look at saturday. 70 to 75 degrees. cool him down for sunday. much-needed rain across the atlantic. and the temperatures are above average moving to the middle of next week. alison: thank you. we have breaking news from europe. go to jonathan elias at the "live desk." jonathan: we are gettin
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authorities there found and neutralized eight package bombs. they were ready to go to put in mail and sent to finance officials and businesses in european countries. they found the bombs. not hearing of arrests at this point. this may be an anarchist group they have familiarity with. in is a week after two letter bombs sent to the i.m.f. in those attacks one worker was injured after opening the letter. it was a fire cracker compared to the package bombs all set to go. authorities found him and neutralized the bombs. they have more information to figure out what is going on with the situation in athens. at the "live desk," john jonathn elias. alison: keep us posted. still to come an auction house says it could fetch $60
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still to come. >> ♪ sunny skies alison: but first, helping a new friend get to "sesame street" that is a first of her kind. larry: but a look at what is coming up tonight on abc7 including return of "dancing with the stars." alison: now jummy olabanji has a look at what is coming up on "good morning washington." jummy: thank you. tomorrow on "good morning washington," filing your taxes can be expensive and complicated. now the new way you may get your tax done for free. >> from baby lotion to baby wipes. super easy nontoxic baby products you can make in your kitchen. >> stay wi
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her "sesame street" debut next month. they posted this yesterday. the clip from the first show has julia in a situation where she might not answer a new friend right away but someone who knows her explains the situation to the others. they welcome her with open arms. her puppeteer has a son with autism so it means so much with her family. larry: probably sees it and gets emotional. so neat. thank you. alison: love it. show is on at my house daily. looking forward to that. thank you. >> it's determination. >> practice but if i can do it anyone can. >> still ahead, what the marine veteran is doing to offer the hope to thousands of others like him. alison: plus, you can buy your own version but find out why the man they think wanted
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brady's super bowl jersey as his own. >> happening now. the plaza in front of the white house sealed off as the debate over a higher white house fence continues. we'll explain in a live report coming up.
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in two weeks questions about the security near the white house. richard reeve is live with new information after speaking with the secret service and the national park service today. rich? richard: the debate is becoming more immediate today. the entire plaza behind me sealed off. pennsylvania avenue is shut down in front of the white house. because of the high-level guests there today. the discussion is going on now but now they are debating 13-foot high fence. they are saying a man drove up to a checkpoint saturday night. he said he had a bomb in the trunk of his car. i was a test. then confronted by the officers he said what was in a canvas bag, was an asteroid given to him from his father who got it from a worm hol
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communicating with the telepacifickicly with president trump and the white house staffers. he is now in custody and undergoing psychiatric investigation. it's igniting a debate where a higher fence could work. let's listen. >> what do row put? barbed wire on it? this is our white house. there has to be other ways to stop people from jumping over. >> i'd like to see it and view it. but it does present safety. >> maybe trump needs more protection. i guess it's possible but i think it's fine. >> most people say look we want the white house to be safe but we don't want it to be a fortress. we are hearing the higher fence is expected next year. from the white
5:32 pm
kind. "7 on your side" making sense of air reign policy not making sense now. royal jordanian airlines sent this tweet this afternoon saying tomorrow all electronic devices will be banned in cabins on flights to and from the united states. including laptops, cameras, tablets, dvd and electronic games. you will be able to check them. cell phone and medical devices are excluded. the tweet has been deleted but cnn says it will apply to a dozen airlines that will be announced tomorrow. we are working to get more information as soon as we can. alison: "7 on your side" with a consumer alert. advanced fresh concepts is recallingedamame packages after they found potential listeria. 33 states involved including d.c. and virginia but not maryland. no one has gotten sick. but it can be deadly for the
5:33 pm
larry: 1970 terry fell 90 feet and broke hisback serving as a marine in vietnam. he made a full recovery, but 14 years later he was hit by a car leaving him paralyzed from the waist down. in his time in a wheelchair the father of two competed in marathons and carried an olympic torch. this week, something new. after years of physical therapy, you can see he was fitted for a motorized exo-skeleton. this is the video of the first steps he has taken since 1984. >> it was unbelievable to see him upright after all the years. >> you would -- i wouldn't change a thing. i wouldn't turn the clock back. i'm a lucky person. i have blessed with a great family. i doesn't think it gets better than this. >> if i can be half
5:34 pm
is when i have kids i'd be doing a good job. larry: he is training to use it tie it with a week but it's more exhausting than the four marine corps mare thans. he hopes to offer hope for others who are paralyzed and help pave the way for the future technology. imagine not walking for more than 30 years. to go through this now. alison: taking the steps. wonderful for him and for his family. wishing him the best. we all know the "declaration of independence" told us to strive for the pursuit of happiness. but the last one you'll need to go to norway. they are the happiest in the world. the u.s. 14th. falling fast. i hate to tell you. the study's author says americans have been ranking themselves as less happy for a few years now. larry: i have to work on
5:35 pm
all that glitters isn't gold. they are putting a pink diamond on display in london today. 59.6 carat gem was mined in africa and it is expected to fetch $60 million when it's auctioned next month. you van anniversary coming up soon. alison: i do! that is a stunner. larry: pocket change. alison: cheap. well, soccer club manchester united is making a pit stop in d.c. they have a preseason tour that has los angeles and santa clara. the fifth city or opponent is not announced yet. it will be a two-week tour beginning in july. larry: making a return to the u.s., tom brady's super bowl jersey. the one that went missing recovered by authorities in mexico. it was found along with brady's jersey from super bowl xlix two years ago when the patriots beat the
5:36 pm
in 2015. the alleged culprit was a credentialed media of the international media. >> it's the texas bravada. you came to the wrong state. you don't come to texas and you don't steal when the eyes of the world are upon. larry: don't mess with texas. or brady's jersey. either one. surveillance video shows the alleged suspect entering the locker room with a bag but leaving with something else under his arm. the jersey was worth $500,000. alison: "7 on your side" with a call for action after a woman found money withdrawn for something she thought she already paid for. q: do you recognize this man? he could be out pretending to be you. larry: coming up at 6:00, where this happened and the truly amazing part about
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q: welcome to "7 on your side" fighting back wall of justice. i'm q mccray. today we have a special alert from the d.c. police department from you. have you seen this man? they hope you have. he could use the credit card right now. here he is in action. the evening of february 16 when he walks in a fast food block. he looks nervous as he sways back in forth waiting to place an order. he has no qualms showing off his face. he pulls out a credit card, police say is stolen. the order wasn't just for him. he hands his buddies drinks
5:41 pm
he is wanted for credit card fraud and theft. the d.c. police department is offering up to $1,000 for any information to put this guy behind bars. now take a look at our wall of justice. arlington county police want serena brown for robbery and grand larceny. they will search for ariana for malicious wounding. prince william county detectives search for monty for choking and beating his ex-girlfriend. they want jonathan elliott for burglary and hall for stealing. if you have information about any of the fuge tiffs contact the police. "7 on your side" fighting back against crime. i'm q mccray. alison: remember, you can sign up for the "7 on your side" fighting back against crime newsletter at larry: still ahead, a local maryland boxer capturing a world title. erin hawksworth introduces us to him in sports.
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on your side" call for action after the money is drawn from the bank account for something she thought was already paid for. as troubleshooter horace holmes shows, no matter what she did on her own she shouldn't get her money back. >> something went awry here. horst it almost cost -- horace: it almost cost her several hundred dollars. it's what she says was a lack of communication between two companies she dealt with to get her car fixed. >> i had to fight with enterprise. horace: enterprise rent-a-car. she took her car to lindsay cadillac for service and they told her it would be there ten days or so and lindsy would provide rental car while it was being fixed. >> i went to the service counter for lindsay. go to the service count every for enterprise. i'm gone and bring it back no problem. horace: this time she brought it back, she said enterprise
5:46 pm
>> they left the building but like it always had, lindsay paid the bulk of the rental bill. she left the rental, got in her car and drove off. so you can imagine how surprised she was when she learned that enterprise had drawn $350 from her checking account. >> took it from me and supposedly lindsay paid you. she went to lindsay who said they had the paperwork to show they paid enterprise. >> ain't my fault either. enterprise wouldn't answer. horace: you know what she did? >> i said i'll "7 on your side." that is all we can do. horace: when we got involved they refunded her money. >> i got tickledded. i won't lie. yes! forest forest we spoke to enterprise and lindsay cadillac. lindsay cadillac says it apologizes for the inconvenience and believes the right party solved the matter. enterprise
5:47 pm
statement. "our goal is for every customer is to be satisfied. as a result we appreciate channel 7 for contacting us and bringing this concern to all attention." all's well that ends well. horace holmes, abc7 news. larry: thank you. we're following a developing story out of tennessee tonight where a manhunt is underway for a teacher suspected of kidnapping a teenage student. it's been a week since 50-year-old cummins and the 15-year-old were last seen. they were tracked down to decatur, alabama, before the two went cold. they were having inappropriate relationship. but the teenager is a victim. >> she may not realize she is a victim but she is a victim. she needs help, our best effort. she needs the attention of the country to be on the lookout for her. larry: authorities received 250 tips fr
5:48 pm
>> time to get a look at traffic with erik smith. hi, erik. erik: the tough ride continues. this is the beltway. the outer loop across the bridge to george washington parkway. you can see the crash activity to the shoulder. this is an improvement. watch out for the clean-up project. the delays for both directions. 270 is big mess. germantown for the northbound ride. the delays start in rockville. we will head to the district. a tough rye on the westbound side of the freeway. here past 7 street. busy in the downtown area of constitution avenue and northwest. 20th street
5:49 pm
a lot of people having trouble finding the right lane. wi end with a beltway. that is outer loop to the crash. this is still messy at this point. that is all from the traffic center for now. alison: it's rough out there. thank you. now a developing story out of colorado where hundreds of people are allowed back in their homes as the firefighters are close to containing a massive wildfire. no houses were damaged. larry: we can't slow the warming trend. once we get through a small hiccup. alison: it's only monday but the saturday forecast is awesome. steve: it is going to feel so great on
5:50 pm
a bump in temperatures. if the showers hold together they will move our way overnight. i don't expect a lot but if you have the evening plans you will be fine. look at the temperatures. we will take it. 50 in leesburg. cooler north of us. the hagerstown to frederick rw at 48. reagan national looking at 52 degrees. show you the forecast for the evening. once the sun goes down past 7:30 we will see temperatures that fall in 40's. it will be dry around here. the temperatures 40 to 45 degrees. moving through the afternoon hours, the more sunshine after the noontime hours. the temperatures will make it to 60 to 65
5:51 pm
we are looking at the breezy conditions for wednesday. wind chill factors in the 30's. the upper 40's on thursday. the upper 50's on friday. much-needed rain across the d.m.v. sundays afternoon to the early monday morning. alison: thank you, steve. larry: erin has sports. a great story. erin: this team player, you want to follow his career. jarrett herd had an opportunity that all boxers dream of to fight for the world title. he said the challenge came sooner than expected. but when it arrived he was ready. they call him "swift." >> i think because i'm so relaxed in the ring and i make it look swift when i'm in
5:52 pm
there. erin: his real name is jarrett herd. >> it's still overwhelming. this is what every boxer dream of. i accomplished my dream. erin: in let february, accokeek, maryland, native became the champion. >> fighting for the ibf title i got my chance. it feels great. erin: herd is 20-0 with 14 k.o.'s. he earned himself the first title belt at 154 pounds. when you knock someone out, what is that feeling like for you? >> man, it's the best feeling. once you knock them down, if he is not getting back up, you won the fight or got him. then a shot like that, especially in a fight that big. it was decided. erin: how precious is it to have the 20-0 record? the zero. >> everybody wants the z
5:53 pm
the middle of their record. 20-0, 14 knockouts is impressive. we had a conversation, me and my trainer. at 20 fights we should fight for the title. iee amazing -- it's amazing at the 20th fight we got the title shot. erin: awesome to be ready for for the moment when it arrives. we'll follow his next fight and root for him. larry: 20-0. erin: making it look ea
5:54 pm
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larry: two hours ago tim kaine got a look at how the safetrack push is going. he took a ride with the metro general manager. kevin lewis has more. kevin: it was a funny sight to see. nearly two dozen reporters and the photographers huddle around the u.s. senator on a moving metro rail ta
5:57 pm
platform and us later gripping the handrails on the moving train asking him a myriad of questions on fare increases. metro doesn't like them but they have to make the numbers work. on the 13% cut to transportation. kaine was taken back. it could starve the transit system of the oxygen it needs. one benefit of serving the metro area. every congressional office has the staff members that use the system to get two and from work. metro says 40% of the peak hour riders are federal employees. he plan to take the discussion to paul wiedefeld to capitol hill where he will try to sway the budget and the appropriation committees to do their be
5:58 pm
to -- minimize cut to transit system to washington and the u.s. >> right out of the gate. you probably have as much right after being elected. i was discouraged that the opening budget documented suggested a step back to do infrastructure down the road. kevin: safetrack is scheduled to wrap up around the end of june. light at the end of the tunnel so to speak. 30% of the metro route is fresh. there is still 70% left. that is the funding if the cults take place. live in alexandria, kevin lewis, abc7 news. announcer: from abc7 news, this is a breaking news awe letter. jonathan: we begin right awa
5:59 pm
that is coming to us from overland park, canal. massive fire at apartment building under construction that is now spreading across the neighborhood. you can see homes nearby on fire. not homes that are right next to this fire. but perhaps a block or two away. we don't have word on the cause or the injuries yet but there is a live picture on the left-hand side. they have made the progress knocking it down. there was an inferno. it looked like the other night in raleigh, north carolina. we are told six homes are burning. as soon as we get more information about what happened here we will pass it along. >> i have no information to support the tw
6:00 pm
james comey throwing cold water on president trump's assertion that former president obama tapped the phones at trump tower. that statement, though, only part of a major hearing happening on capitol hill. it began with the f.b.i. director saying his agency is investigating potential russian attempts to influence the presidential election. scott thuman reports from our capitol hill bureau. scott, this was a busy day. scott: you are right about that. listen, the lawmakers had been demanding that they get sometime with the f.b.i. director james comey not behind closed doors but instead in public and on the record to get to the bottom of the crucial questions. today they certainly got answers. >> director comey, was the president statement that obama tapped his wires in trump tower a true statement? >> i have no information to support the tweets. we have looked inside the f.b.i. scott: quieting one claim and then the f.b.i. dir


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