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tv   World News Now  ABC  March 24, 2017 3:30am-4:00am EDT

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this this morning on "world news now," now or never? president trump's late night ultimatum to congress after that crucial vote on the new health care bill was actually pushed to today. but are all the republicans on board? and the heroic acts on display in the face of terror. what we're learning about the victims of the deadly terror attack in london and how the city is standing strong. >> and new this half hour, the scho lunchroom save. >> a student starts to choke on his food and signals for help. a fellow student jumping in with that life-saving maneuver. >> and john mayer revealing he wrote a song about an ex-girlfriend. so which one is it? jessica simpson, jennifer aniston, jennifer love hewitt, katy perry, taylor swift, vanessa carlton. >> we'll be
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♪ you come crashing in >> announcer: from abc news, this is "world news now." >> she's a beautiful actress, but i can't confirm minka kelly. we don't report things we can't confirm. >> it was in the "enquirer." >> then it must be true. >> it's true as we learned in "time" magazine today. first up this morning, so first up this morning, so first up this morning, the fate of the president's health care bill. possibly on the brink of failure. >> the vote scheduled for last long morning right there on e capitol hill. the lights are on but apparently iday.'s going to be a long y so many are wondering whether they have the votes to pass this bill later on today. >> president trump has issued a one and done ultimatum saying if the bill fails to pass today, obamacare will remain the law of the land. abc'
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preview of what's coming up next. serena, good morning. >> reporter: forget the art of the deal, this is the art of the repeal for president trump saying it's time to get it done or move on. health care chaos. president trump trying to close the deal with an ultimatum. vote friday or leave obamacare in place. threats came after an expected thursday vote on the bill to repeal and replace rut affordable care act was delayed till today. republican lawmakers gathering for a late night huddle trying to come to an agreement. >> congressman, what's your response that negotiations seem to be over now? >> its unfortunate. >> it's going to pass. >> if it doesn't? >> it's going to pass. >> a lot of passion and emotion. >> reporter: the meeting a last ditch effort by republicans to get the ultraconservative freedom caucus on board. it follows an all out scramble thursday from canceled conferences -- >> mr. speaker, why cancel the meeting? >> reporter: -- to the white house the president and vice president summoning lawmakers to work it ou
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they would get it done thursday. >> today the house is voting to repeal and replace the disaster known as obamacare. we'll see what happens. it's going to be a very close vote. >> at this point, is there an acknowledgement perhaps there does need to be a plan b if this doesn't happen tonight? >> no, plan a. >> reporter: when they didn't, trump's top aides trekking to the hill with a presidential ultimatum. get it done. lawmakers offering changes to the bill hoping to shore up that magic 216 number needed to pass the house. the concessions to conservatives? revisions to lower premiums with language that gets rid of requirements that insurance companies cover basic health services like maternity care, substance abuse treatment and wellness checkups. while dedicating an additional $15 billion for states to address their own health care needs. those changes making it harder for moderate republicans to support it. on fox news thursday night, sean spicer saying this is it. >> this is the train that's leaving the station. this is the choice we've been waiting for.
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this is the pledge the people have made to the american people. >> reporter: paul ryan leaving the late night meeting promising today is the day. >> for 7 1/2 years, we have been promising the american people we will repeal, replace this broken law because it's collapsing and it's failing families. and tomorrow we're proceeding. >> reporter: it is literally do or the bill dies. while republicans may have offered concessions to get the freedom caucus on board, a new quinnipiac poll shows only 17 of -- 17% of americans approve of the legislation. >> we'll keep a very close eye on this. thanks so much for that. turning now to overseas where there are new developments in the terror attack in london that killed five people near parliament including the attacker. >> an isis affiliated news agency claims the group was behind the car and knife attack. the perpetrator identified as a british born 52-year-old. his name khalid masood long known to authorities as an islamic radical with a 20-year record of violent offenses. >> three women and five men have
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since been arrested across england on wider terrorism charges and police say a sweep of even more addresses is ongoing. and we're hearing new details this morning about all of the victims including those injured. there are at least 40 of them representing ten nationalities including a american couple from utah. they were celebrating their 25th wedding anniversary. 54-year-old kurt cochran was killed on the bridge, his wife melissa remains hospitalized. a british teacher who was walking across the bridge to pick her daughters up from school was also killed and a 75-year-old man also on the bridge has died now in the hospital. and being hailed as a hero is that police officer who was just inside the gates of parliament, 48-year-old husband and father keith palmer was stabbed multiple times as he tried to stop masood from storming into westminster hall. >> to israel now where police have arrested a 19-year-old in connection with a series of bomb threats against jewish community centers and schools here in the u.s. as well as other countries.
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the suspect is jewish with dual citizenship in the u.s. and israel. his lawyer says he has a brain tumor that could affect his behavior. police say the suspect's father may have been aware of the threats or may have been involved himself, but he denies any knowledge or any involvement. young people and lawmakers are expressing concerns over what appears to be an increase in missing teens in washington, d.c. 500 young people have been reported missing in d.c. this year. many of them black and latino. 22 cases are still open. d.c. police chief says a change in the way cases are reported has led to a perceived jump. that explanation, however, didn't stop one teenage girl from getting emotional during a community meeting. > we live our life without somebody trying to put their hands on us. >> the congressional black caucus is asking the justice department to help d.c. police investigate the cases. the group wants to determine whether they're random or if there's an underlying trend here. the arkansas senate voted to
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exempt college sports events from a new law allowing concealed handguns on college campuses. the senate bill now moves to the house. the new law which the governor signed into law earlier this week allows concealed firearms at state colleges, government buildings, some bars and the state capitol, all places where that was previously not permitted. >> now to a health alert about cancer and your dna. a new study finds a cancer diagnosis may come down to bad luck. researchers found more than two-thirds of cancer mutations are due to random dna copying errors. even with those findings, they say 42% of cancers could be prevented with improvements to lifestyle and the environment. >> and firefighters in santa monica rushed to the rescue of a little dog that was pulled out of an apartment fire. overcome by heat and stroke, not breathing and without a pulse, well, they didn't give up. they saved his life with cpr and mouth to snout resuscitation.
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within 20 minutes, he was breathing and walking again before being taken to a local vet. oh. >> on national puppy day no less. >> i know. >> it's great that it ended that way. hey, so we're celebrating in case you missed it. the united states won its first world baseball classic ever. >> world baseball clack. >> shutting out puerto rico, 8-0. >> unlike the world series where they only play teams from the united states. that's a whole other issue. look who got the parade. puerto rican fans and players celebrated the island's wbc run. the team was a perfect 7-0 before the final. players even dyed their hair blonde in solidarity. >> okay. i guess that's a sign of solidarity. fans did the same thing which led to the island running out of blonde hair dye. >> wait a minute. they had that little amount of blonde hair dye in puerto rico? they need to go to l.a., an endless supply there. good for them. >> exactly. celebrate puerto rico.
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they had a great season. just because they didn't win the championship doesn't mean they don't deserve to celebrate. >> back here at home i don't think the guys who won, do they even get like a discount at the chick-fil-a? >> need to adopt more of that lifestyle. celebrate everything. coming up, how to save a life. a quick thinking student rushes to the aid of a classmate when he starts choking. > and carrie underwood passing along her love of fitness to her son. taking the child's pose to the next level. >> not to quibble but that's not child pose. >> it isn't? >> that's upward dog. >> you're being a yogi. but first a look at today's forecast. >> announcer: "world news now" weather, brought to you by weather, brought to you by stamps
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a high school freshman from lacrosse, wisconsin, is being hailed as a hero for quick thinking that saved the life of a classmate who was choking. ian brown was eating lunch in the cafeteria. his friend will started coughing and motioning for help. they thought he was choking at first until his face started turning color, and that's when he jumped into action there. brown employing the heimlich maneuver four times and in a matter of seconds saving his friend's life. >> i felt thankful. i felt thankful i had ian, a friend there that had the training to do what he did. i'm very, very lucky. i could have went the opposite way. >> wow. brown says that he learned to do
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training class at the local police department. emts say that his technique was absolutely flawless. >> wow. >> great for him to spring into action like that. amazing. republicans and democrats don't agree on much these days but they do agree on one thing, putting an end to those awful robocalls. >> for many people, they rank up there as some of life's great scourges like carbohydrates on the day after thanksgiving. that's that bad. here's rebecca jarvis. >> the fcc cracking down on your biggest complaint. >> hello, this is rachel at card holder services. >> reporter: those unwanted robocalls flooding our land lines and our cell phones, about 2.4 billion of them each month. not only annoying but potentially costly too like this irs phone scam which claims you owe money. >> don't disregard this message and do return the call before we take any action against you. >> reporter: just this week a police officer in eau claire, wisconsin, turning the table on
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one of those fake irs agents. >> who would actually be coming to arrest me? is it irs or how do you do that? >> you know we will download your arrest warrant to your local sheriff department. >> reporter: but now, some help on the horizon. regulators moving to let phone companies target and block those calls from ever reaching your phone. and in the meantime, many carriers will already let you block unwanted calls, plus there are apps like nomorobo and mr. number that will help you block those unwanted calls. rebecca jarvis, abc news. new york. >> it won't help with ex girlfriends though. >> probably not. nomorobo. >> nomorobo. >> i actually downloaded it. >> when we come back, john mayer isn't over katy perry and wrote a creepy song to prove it. >> it might be sweet and romantic. meanwhile, carrie underwood is showing off her adorable new workout buddy, and that's so much cuter. "the skinny" is coming up next. buddy that's so much
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♪ skinny, so skinny there's so many. >> we're starting the "skinny" off with john mayer. kendis is putting his journalistic skills to the best use doing a lot of research on john mayer's past conquests. >> all his past girlfriends, katie perry, renee zellweger rhona mitra, scheana something, marie, jennifer anniston, minka kelly, jessica simpson, jennifer love hewitt, vanessa carlton, taylor swift. >> this pales in comparison to your list. >> that list is just -- let me show you that list. that's it. it's a bracket list. but he's doing a tribute sort of to one of the women on that list. >> okay. >> katy perry. >> yeah. >> still feel like your man is meant for her. >> let's hear why katie out of
3:49 am
all his many publicized paramours was the one who got away. ♪ i still keep your shampoo in my shower in case you want to wash your hair ♪ ♪ and i know that you've probably found yourself some more somewhere but i do not really care ♪ >> it's kind of -- >> that was a little creepy. i tried to defend him about you, >> i kind of liked it. he said relationships, his relationship with perry was really the only one he's had for the past five or six years. >> now as he's approaching his 40th birthday, he's ready to settle down and thinking about kids and he added "i'm right on time with my career but i'm running late for my life." i support it though. >> he's being reflective. >> it's never too late to go back. right or wrong. >> doesn't fit on camera. now to a man who barely does press.
3:50 am
>> bob dylan. >> he sat down for a surprisingly detailed and extensive interview. we're learning some pretty interesting things here. >> did you know he meant old blue eyes frank sinatra, hosted a dinner party in the '90s and turns out sinatra was a friend of "forever young." >> he talked about teaming up with the king, the one and only elvis. elvis didn't show for their session. turns out it was dylan and george harrison who didn't show up. who stands up elvis? >> those are two big people. >> as for more recent artists it turns out the folk singer was a huge amy winehouse fan. of course, she died in 2011 and he said that she was the last real individualist around and he liked her music. what biggy pop iggy pop? like iggy pop, as well? the rock band serafhonics and imelda may, as well. >> turning now to another artist, beyonce. there's never a bad time for
3:51 am
>> the queen is back like to listen to a little beyonce when i work out. sometimes as a mom you have to multitask to get a session in. why not bring your kid along for a workout. >> and listen to beyonce. >> two of my favorite things. e 34-year-old posting the video on instagram. whatever works. ♪ >> and i guess there's another set of images out there showing off mom and kids -- oh, there you go. >> aw. >> there you go. now, that's -- >> that is my little bug nina. i'm biased. i think she's the cutest little bug in the world. here's my little bug cruz. >> you prefer cruz. >> he is a mama's boy. >> i follow your instastories. it's clearly like nina is the second child. >> he's the baby. baby gets all the likes, kendis.
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al-b. brush like a pro. ♪ this week's headlines like so many in our recent memory, with terror raining down on a major european city. >> here at home, there was no rest for the politically weary. there was no shortage of hearings and there was no vote on health care. here now is our weekly "friday rewind." >> this guy got his knife above his head. he was coming towards the policeman. >> there was bodies literally. >> must have been about ten bodies. >> this method that he used is one that isis has said to their followers to go out, get a car, get a knife, get a rock. throw people off from a tall building and go out and kill people. >> was the president's statement that obama had his wires tapped
3:56 am
in trump tower a true statement? >> i have no information that supports those tweets. the department of justice has asked me to share with you that the answer is the same for the department of justice and all its components. >> is the president prepared to withdraw that accusation, apologize to the president? >> we started a hearing. it's still ongoing. >> i have seen intelligence reports that clearly show that the president-elect and his team were i guess at least monitored and disseminated out in intelligence. >> do you feel vindy indicated by chairman nunes? >> i somewhat do. i must tell you i do. >> did your administration wiretap donald trump? >> five or six times. >> the house bill ends the obamacare nightmare and gives health care decisions back to the states and back to the american people. >> i believe the house bill does not accomplish the task in front of us. >> we have no idea where tad
3:57 am
cummins has elizabeth thomas. >> she said, you know, if i'm not back by 6:00, an you need to come find me or call the cops. >> please let us know you're all right and please come home to us. >> while i'm being tied up, i'm like are we going to die? he duct taped my face. he pulled me towards him at like the front of the bed. i thought okay, this is the moment, they're going to rape me. i fully mentally prepped myself. >> i think a lot of women feel pressure to have kids especially when you get engaged and when's the wedding and when are you going to have babies. for me, i don't want that pressure on myself. >> hate seeing another week with another terror attack. it's just the news you never want to hear. >> but it has become the new norm. lightening things up, the cherry blossom festival gets under way this weekend in d.c. beautiful weather for it. 75 degrees. >> don't miss our updates on facebook. check us out. >> this is abc's "world news
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making news in america this morning, health care showdown. overnight president trump's aides in closed door meetings hoping to sway republican support. the president giving an ultimatum after the delay. the vote today or obamacare stays. we're live in washington. remembering the victims in the london terror attack. the overnight vigil. new details about the american victim and the last picture of the officer who was stabbed to death taken just moments before the attack. plus, what we're learning about the killer and the missed warning signs. breaking right now, the desperate search to find two children. they were inside a car when it was stolen. the details just in. plus, this -- >> very, very luck y i could have went the opposite way. >>


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