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tv   ABC7 News at 6  ABC  March 24, 2017 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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the breaking detail all evening and is at the "live desk" with what happens now. kevin? kevin: according to president trump, not a single democrat was going to volt for this bill. the conservative house freedom caucus put major road blocks in place. it thought this bill was too weak. paul ryan visited president trump to explain that the bill was going to die on the house floor. trump pulled the plug before votes called at 3:30 this afternoon. he described what happened today as growing pains. president trump then pointed the finger at democrats saying they are to blame when obamacare, as he put it, explodes. president trump: perhaps the best thing that could happen is what happened today. we will end up with a great healthcare bill in the future
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after this mess known as "obamacare" explodes. >> we were doing the democrats a favor. the architects of obamacare a favor passing it before it get worse. >> the bill went down today because the majority of the representatives of the american people in the house thought it was a bad bill. went in the wrong direction. left 24 million people behind. >> so he declared he is moving on to tax reform saying it interests him and one he believes will generate support from democrats. i'm live in the newsroom, back to you. horace: happening now, protest outside the capital. trump signed off on the plan that will carry crude oil from canada to nebraska. from there the oil is s
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refineries that the gulf coast. they did have one win today in federal courtroom in alexandria. a judge denied a request to block the president's travel ban. michelle: now to the war on terror in london. today police are combing through data and talking to witnesses to find out why the london attacker went on the deadly rampage. khalid masood described as having unusually friendly manner as he checked out the hotel and went to carry out the deadly plan. new tonight, six of the ten people arrested this week held in connection with the attack are now released without charges. they think masood acted alone but are looking if others had a hand to prepare the attack
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this is just in. they released person of interest in death of artist from north carolina. the man you see here often spends time around laurel and beltsville. they wanted to question him about the death of 34-year-old corrina mehiel who was found tied to a chair and stabbed to death tuesday morning. if you recognize this man, call d.c. police. horace: a developing story from waldorf, police trying to figure out why a man would shot three members of his family and then kill himself. it happened last night on townhouse. they believe goodwin shot and killed the 4-year-old and the 17-year-old daughters. their mother was hurt. the mother was seriously hurt but is expected to survive. a neighbor heard the shots and ran to the home. >> she was laying on the steps. her husband shot her multiple times. there were kids in
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horace: lashelle goodwin was a junior in high school in waldorf, honor student and mcof the academic teen. michelle: #missingdcgirls started trending today but it may be trending for misleading reasons. today the d.c. police tried to clarify why it appears that there is an increase in the missing persons cases in the district. sam ford is here to express the fear and the frustration. sam? >> police have been criticized not taking it seriously enough as when black people and white people are missing. so they came one a policy. anybody under age 15 or above age 65 who turn up missing, she would put out a critical missing persons report. the result made national news. today they talked about the missing girls from d.c. on "good morning washington" to tmz.
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the missing girls in d.c.? >> the commander chanel dickerson on facebook today explaining that the vast majority of missing leave voluntarily and show up back home later but the girls are not getting the message. >> we can't go anywhere by ourselves. we worry about someone trying to take us. >> they tried to organize an emotional town hall and says with the up in of the missing and no report when they return wants better information. >> no you have a social media frenzy happening now with inaccurate information because they are unable to get the source, get the information from the source. >> in the city, many residents don't know what to think. sad they are missing. >> it's tragic. i hope that people are able to locate them. sam: but here the girls turn up all the time. >> if you are missing for a few days and you are found, is that okay?
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>> the mayor and the police officials insist there is nothing new here except for the way to city is reporting. but today, l.l. cool j. tweeted "yo, eminem, let's find the missing d.c. girls." so this is not a problem they can arrest somebody and put a stop to it but it bears attention when so many worried parent goes to police to try to find the teenage children. reporting live from the d.c. police headquarters i'm sam ford. abc7 news. >> watch the video on to see all of our past reporting on the department's new policies about missing persons cases. horace: the man who stormed a pizza place with assault weapon is likely headed to prison. edgar welch pled guilty to interstate possession of firearm and assault.
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investigate claims of child sex ring run out of the pizza parlor but that conspiracy theer wi was part of fake news articles. michelle: this has the local police looking for a missing robber. jonathan: why the birth control pill could be life saving for some women. doug: we had a cold morning but we'll have a mild weekend. that's coming up in ten minutes at "abc7 news at 6:00".
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announcer: you're watching "abc7 news at 6:00ment" on your side. horace: firefighters are on the scene of a scrap yard fire in baltimore. the yard is filled with cars and scrap metal. firefighters had to bring in a water truck for help to knock down the flames. michelle: two passenger cars on an amtrak train headed to d.c. partially derailed in new york injuring three people. coming from boston and pulling out of penn station it was clipped by another car. all passengers got off safely. horace:
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the alt-right movement by spencer is in the middle of tax problems. michelle: he runs the national policy institute that started respecting a small office space in old town alexandria and they call themselves a not for profit 501c3. but the i.r.s. recently revoked their tax exempt status because it failed to file tax returns with the federal government. now they are re viewing if he filed proper paperwork to raise main. >> it's involving the receipt of donations and nothing to do with the npi political or the policy decisions that constitute the first amendment speech. michelle: we tried to reach spencer for a comment but we could not reach him. horace: the search is on for the mickey mouse robber. he wore the
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t-shirt in two of the five robberies in march. he carried a gun when he robbed several businesses and the citizens in prince george's county and d.c. if you recognize him, please call police. michelle: next, the big move that bouhlel took today -- that bao bao took at her new home in china. >> the six month anniversary of the national museum of african american history and culture. it has attracted more than a million people. they expect the crowd to get larger. ♪ leave it to the pros? i am a pro. i made this lawn from seed pride, and less water than you'd think. to those who'd say the grass is greener on the other side.. i politely disagree. pennington smart seed. guaranteed to grow with 30% less water.
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reclaim your turf.
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horace: bab to breaking news -- back to breaking news at the capitol hill after the leaders pulled healthcare bill because they could not get enough vote. the president trump blamed democrats for the failure. "world news tonight" will have more on the healthcare debate at 6:30 tonight. michelle: "7 on your side" with another possible benefit to birth control pills. other than preventing pregnancies. scottish researchers found woman who took the pill reduced the risk
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and blood cancers. today a major phone company hitting hangup button on the unwanted scam and the robo calls. t-mobile has two more programs. scam i.d. and scam block. scam i.d. an alert pops up to let you know when a call is likely a scammer. scam block does just that. t-mobile will stop the scam call before they get through to you. both programs are free. horace: they are celebrating six months at the national museum of african american history and culture in d.c. ryan hughes shows us what has changed in six months and what we can expect at the museum as we head to the busy tourism season. >> it has been amazing. >> the national museum of the african-american history and culture celebrating six months of a people's journey. the long-awaited museum attracting long lines and welcoming
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since september. >> it's an amazing place. the building is beautiful. ryan: chuck is a teacher from rochester new york, part of a class trip with 250 students learning about slavery and the civil war. >> we only had a couple of hours to spend in the museum. we could have spent four or five hours. ryan: they are staying up to six hours to catch a glimpse of the 40,000 items on display. >> people stay longer than they do in any other museum. >> time passes to get in until the fall. if you think the line will get shorter, think again. they are expecting longer lines in spring break and the summer months. >> it is great to see so many people excited to learn about the history. >> the building has been recognized for the design and
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smithsonian museums. >> it's miraculous. there is nothing like it. it's only the beginning. >> in northwest, ryan hughes, abc7 news. >> well, bao bao is out of quarantine and made her debut at the new home in china. born at the smithsonian national zoo but sent to china as part of a breeding partnership with the country china. >> it looks like she still has good eating there. horace: yeah. michelle: nice to sea her doing well. >> she seems happy. >> we were concerned. >> so let's get started on the warm-up. we can deliver on the promise of a warmer day ahead. this started off with chilly temperatures. 59 in silver spring. want to show you a time lapse. cloudy all morning. when the warm front passed through, the raindrops fell. widespread rain showers. not heavy rain but enough to
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the sun came out and we are in fine shape. temperatures rise in the afternoon. there is warm air. it's sweet time here but it's better. the temperatures are only going to drop in the 50's. we are holding for 59 in most of the area and then tomorrow we will wake up to temperatures at 55 in the city. a deficit change with the south and the southwesterly winds and a different air mass coming to town. tomorrow mid-70's by 4:00 or 5:00. we will stay mild. we think we hold off b
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sunset. cooler and cloudier and then pleasant outdoors and shower chances to next week. tomorrow at the monument at 7:00 a.m. perfect walking temperature in the 50's and the 60's by late morning. let's talk about the next ten days. finally a ten-day outlook without a drastic drop in temperatures. we were so chilly in the past couple of mornings so tomorrow is a high of 73. by sunday we see clouds increase. 40% chance of the showers late in the day or at night. 64. notice the nighttime lows and how warm they stay. monday and tuesday in the 70's. chance of a shower on sunday. better chance on late monday night and tuesday. tuesday they come likely throughout the day. we have 60's for next week and the weekend. more like a springtime ten-day outlook. michelle:
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thank you. michelle: this is great weekend to see cherry blossoms. if you do we want to see your pictures. sends them to horace: all right. it's not football season. football weather but football season is all year long. erin: i feel like it is. it never stops. redskins found some replacements for lost players. and john wall may not play tonight. what will keep him sidelined? we'll tell you when we come back.
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erin: the wizards can clinch a playoff spot with a win over the nets at the verizon center. detroit would also have to lose to orlando, but washington may have to do it without john wall. he is questionable with a migraine headache. this is the wizards' last home game before they take off on a five-game road trip. which starts at the cavaliers. with the playoffs approaching, washington hopes to hold on to the half-game lead over the raptors for the third seed in eastern conference. marquise morris knows at
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that is what we have to do, respect our opponent and play as hard as possible. erin: the redskins continue to overhaul their receiving corps today and added another weapon. brian quick. he gives the redskins another big-target. and earlier in month washington signed the 6'4" terrell pryor. they expect to have a healthy josh dewson after the injury plagued rookie year. redskins hope to save us watching them for the color rush uniform for thursday night game. the team described them as garish and asked for exemption. maybe we won't h
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that. the nats lost to cardinals. opening day is ten days away. michelle: the green was an eyesore. erin: it's tacky. i agree. michelle: countdown to the warm-up. doug: it is underway. we stay in the 50's tonight for lows. that is warmer. tomorrow is 73. partly sunny, a delightful day. sunday is mild enough, low to mid-60's. but at least it's 64 degrees. steve rudin will be in at 11:00 to talk about the warming trend and we look to the warming days. michelle: prince george's county police tell us the fort barricade situation we told you about at 5:00 is over and everyone is okay. horace: "world news ton
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breaking news tonight. a crushing defeat for president trump. facing a devastating loss, the president and paul ryan pulling the republican health care bill minutes before the vote. moments ago, the president responding. and saying obamacare will explode. >> we learned a lot about loyalty. >> president trump also announcing his next move. we have team coverage. severe storms on the march. heavy rain and hail moving in this weekend. 14 million americans in the path. missing signs? new information revealed about the lond t


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