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tv   ABC7 News at 5  ABC  April 14, 2017 5:00pm-5:47pm EDT

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covering metro ahead of the next safetrack. it starts tomorrow. it will keep the green line station closed for a month. amy aubert has what we need to know. a lot of people are affected by this one. amy: well, absolutely. tomorrow is the big day for safetrack surge 14. signs are posted. this is the breakdown of what is happening on if
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surge 14 is separated to two phases. tomorrow, the line between the greenbelt and the prince george's plaza are closed. they will have the shuttle bus through the area. the second phase is at the end of the month on april 30. the greenline changes will shut down between green belt and the college park station. >> i will try to do to a different station and try shuttle bus service here from greenbelt. i can telework or work from home. >> this will shut down the yellow rush trains. there are two more surges after this. you can stay a step ahead. at the "live desk," amy aubert, abc7 news. jonathan: thank you. check this out. the police wer
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run-away horse. nancy: look at him go. jonathan: he has speed. they were able to use carrots to capture the horse. he was freaked out. nancy: done in by carrots. doug: what is better for our horses is peppermint candies. they would take your fingers to get one. if they think have one in your pocket, they go after it. cool. good to know. oldest trick in the book. jonathan: keep them in the car. doug: always works. nancy: look behind us. this is gorgeous. jonathan: super bloom. growing up in california you see it from time to time. doug: wild flowers. jonathan: yeah. the desert sage that comes out and comes alive. gorgeous. nancy: i see allergies. that's what i think of. doug: i wonder if they haven't gotten some relief in
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drought. all good. the weekend is all good. we have the shower chances in the afternoon but beyond that it gets better. here is the story for you. >> this is the time lapse. late will be mostly cloudy. 75 in culpeper. 65 in baltimore as we speak. through the evening hours the clouds increase. tomorrow morning the range is 47 degrees. in the morning it's cloudy. there could be i
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morning showers. if the future cast turns out right, it looks like there is a slot of the clearing skies in the early afternoon. then the showers roll back in and we will get in a warm sector of air overnight. this is 8:00, depicting a chance of showers but a big warm sector ahead of the cold front. the forecast is partly sunny, breezy and warm weather. like the mid-summer. 85 is the forecast high for sunday. then the cold front, the timing wise. probably won't get in until late in the evening. 8:00, 9:00, 10:00 the final frame. then cloudiness will linger on monday morning. turning sunny and pleasant. the easter weekend forecast. the showers between 4:00 and 7:00. there are a lot of clouds with afternoon sun. 72. partly sunny. 85 on sunday. by the
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the national park week. the temperatures are 69 with the showers or the late day storms there. weekend admission is free for all national parks. get out and enjoy. the easter egg or easter egg roll weather, somewhere in there is what it is called, 64 with the partly cloudy on the morning. hitting 75 in the afternoon. we have big numbers there. we have come out of the pattern that we have had in the late wenter to the early spring. it will get mild for a day. then we get warm and not as warm. >> 85 on monday. >> a couple of shower chances and no major storms or cold air. how are we doing with the rain? >> in the d.c. metro area a moderate drought. thank
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jonathan: a warning about the popular teething tablets for kids. nancy: plus, what is keeping a police cruiser out of commission for a few weeks that has nothing to do with the cops. >> stensing for a man who shot a firefighter who thought he was an intruder. we will tell you much time he got coming up. jonathan: now a look at what is coming up on monday on "good morning washington." >> monday on "good morning washington," are you one of millions who haven't filed the taxes? don't miss the tax tips what happened to do if you wind up owing. >> it's president trump first eager egg roll. join us live to see how it plays out. >> keep it here for traffic and weather every ten minutes monday morning starting at 4:the on "good
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and sniffers, [ inhales ] all giant produce is triple checked. farm, crate, and store. we're focusing on fresh... you don't have to guess. my giant. jonathan: new information tonight regarding the deadly mass shooting at the pulse nightclub last june. a new report reveals that half of the 49 victims that were tilled in the attack died on the dance floor with no chance to react. the surveillance video captured gunman omar mateen running from the main floor to the bathrooms before dying in a shootout with police. nancy: sentencing today for the prince george's county man who shot tw
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being. the maryland bureau chief brad bell live in upper marlboro. he was in court when lumpkin was sentenced to four years in jail. brad? brad: four years may not seem like a lot. someone was shot and killed but the conviction had to do with illegal possession of a gun. john ulmschneider killed a year ago by the man whose life he was trying to save. it happened when lumpkin's brother called 911 to say that lumpkin may be in medical distress inside the home. after knocking loudly many times, ulmschneider and the volunteer swaim forced entry in the house. immediately lumpkin opened fire hitting ulmschneider, swain and his own brother. lumpkin told police he thought they were
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of murder charges. >> the judge has done what we believe given charges in the case and hopefully brought in a measure of healing to the knife. >> hundreds attended his funeral in southern maryland last april. given the nick anymore "skillet" as a youngster, what was a man who wanted to work hard, help people and take care of his wife and 2-year-old daughter. today the pain was relived when swain with two bullets in his body led the volunteers in his court. he told the judge what happened changed him forever. for lumpkin, he will begin serving his sentence for the illegal gun possession in one month. he would not comment on camera but in court he did apologize for what he did. something that everybody agrees with this has
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this is not done in court becausesism lawsuits filed against -- because civil lawsuits filed against lumpkin. the wrongful death lawsuits play out in month ahead. in upper marlboro, brad bell, abc7 news. >> if i am able to save one little girl from all of this exposure it's worth it for me. nancy: she changed the way d.c. police report missing person cases and she is talking about the policy that captured national attention. jonathan: this class of police are you scrut include a woman looking the honor her father and his sacrifice. >> it has been ten years since the shooting of virginia tech. a father shares his powerful words ten years after the loss-his daughter. that comes up after we
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nancy: this weekend marks ten years since 32 people died at virginia tech. and jeff goldberg show us that families of the victim continue to fight for changes honoring the loss of the loved ones. >> mary was comparing and compassionate and
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jeff: when peter thinks of his daughter mary he remembers her smile. >> she was studying to be a teacher. mary, a 19-year-old freshman was one of the 32 people shot and killed in the worth school shooting in u.s. history. ed this weekend, peter, and his wife will travel to blacksburg to mark the ten year anniversary of the tragedy. >> it seems like a lifetime. other ways it seems like yesterday. >> paul is the executive director of the virginia tech victim's outreach foundation.
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one of the effort of campaign 32, so those that are deemed to be a danger to themselves or others like the virginia tech shooter are entered in the national criminal background check system. >> peter feels the same way. he knows he is not alone. >> her legacy will be there to inspire us and help us. >> they begin tonight with a quire performance and run and picnic tomorrow. on sunday, the anniversary. many events will take place including a commemoration service that includes the reading of the biographyers of the 32 victims. >> it was remarkable. you talk about those impacted from the tragedy have formed
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family onto themselves. be they will find joy and comfort with one another. >> they share bond but they get strength. >> it's remarkable. there is optimism even going into a difficult weekend. jonathan: thank you. the daughter of a new york police officer killed in the 9/11 terror attacks just joined the force. 22-year-old brittany roy was one of 424 recruits sworn in the police academy in queens yesterday. she says she has dreamed to become a police officer every since the day. >> it has been a dream to be one of them. especially what my dad had done for the nation and the country. ans is pir ration to follow in the footsteps. >> her father timothy roy was off-duty on the day of attacks but he rushed to the scene to help when he
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happened. >> a poised young woman. jonathan: we thib them congratulations. nancy: absolutely. meantime to entertainment. new developments for jennifer garner and ben affleck. weeks after they were trying to reconcile, they filed for divorce. they are seeking joint custody of the three children after ten years of maje. >> this comes as they celebrate the 40th anniversary of the first film with the galaxy size celebration. >> the "star wars" lovers found their own galaxy not so far away in florida.
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>> it's really bizarre. >> amazing. it was amazing when it was a hit. >> the director george lucas teasing harrison ford over the mishap. >> in the end i said this is about spaceships and flying. stuff like that. do you know how to fly? >> fly, yeah. land? >> the first trailer if the "star wars" the last jedi released. showing a glimpse of carrie fisher as princess leia. >> it's so clear, her value. and what she brought. ly miss her. >> the moving words from her daughter.
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andtarirying on what she stands -- carries on what she stands for. >> it includes an ominous scene with luke skywalker. >> time for the jedi to end. >> what does it mean? >> be patient. >> so it may not hit theaters until december but people are lining up already for tickets. >> tents set up. the last episode we were on a mountainside and we got to see luke. older but still a jedi. >> you can watch the entire trailer at jonathan: still ahead. plenty of police tape but no crime. find out why the cruiser isn't going anywhere. >> why the french elections could have an impact in the united states.
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a major airline changes the policy. the carrier offering $10,000 if you get bumped from a
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steve: the weekend is here. passover, easter. showers early on. it shouldn't amount to a lot. highs are 72. easter sunday we are looking at 85 degrees for a daytime high. cold front in the day may trigger showers or thunderstorms. we have the white house easter egg roll on monday. the temperatures start in the
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60's. back to 80 on thursday next week. stay with us. you're watching "abc7 news at 5:00". back after this. (announcer) there's more to life than the climb. there's the view.
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jonathan: "7 on your side" with health matters. highland teething tablets are being recalled because they could be toxic. they are meant for those teething but it can have ah that can be poisonous. nancy: this next story is for the birds. that is the reason the police squad car is out of commission. the officers don't want to move it because the dove is on two eggs. they don't want to make the life harder for them. >> it will probably be another week after that before they are the age to fly. >> she is li
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an angry bird. i'm fine on my own. jonathan: leave me and the babies alone. jonathan: the u.s. naval academy is showing off the art and the poetry. they are displaying works since the may 26. 100 pieces by 40 midshipment, and poetry. open seven days a week. all you are asked is to sign the checkout desk before going in. no charge. >> the police commander that changes how the missing people and the cases talks about the reaction from all over the country. nancy: he may smaller than the average lacrosse player but the rising star measures up to the competition. we'll introduce you to him
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jonathan: we are following a story out of new england where boarding school is admitting sexual abuse on campus. this is in connecticut and they are outlining dozens of alt
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school from 1953 to 2010. this is the seventh boarding school to come forward recently about the abuse of the students by the faculty members. nancy: in the past few months there is a fire storm surrounding the issue of the missing girl in d.c. there was a disappearance that all of a sudden a record number of girls were going missing when they were using a new method of putting every missing person on social media. as alison starling reports, commander chanelle dickerson started this. alison: when the metropolitan police department came to dickerson's d.c. high school for an assembly on the police cadet program she never looked back. >> i got her to sign that. that was
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something great. >> so at 17, she signed up. now she the commander of the service division. she noticed the large number of the missing girls in the city. >> thigh look like me. i went to be in the 12 -year-old. >> they had discretion of which cases to sublyize. she wanted that to change and she posted each on the social media. many were run-aways returning home in a short period of time. >> the volume of the young girls that are going missing there is a deeper issue. if i can save one, it's worth it for me. >> but it caught attenti
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about it. and along with that, the misperception that the girls were kidnapped, taken or lured by the traffickers. it brought attention to the commander. >> i will never regret it. it's a concern. this is an issue. >> most of the girls are the run-aways but they are at risk to be victimized. listen to the children. know the e-mail addresses, password and watch what they do on social media. nancy: there is controversy with this, but if you can help one person and change one person's life it would be worth it. jonathan: she didn't add names that were not there. she has a passion for her jo
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>> speaking of the d.c. police the options are out to name eaglets born in the nest at the mpd training academy. both of them are out. they are chilling out with mom and dad hanging out. faith, valor, spirit, glory, resist, courage, honor and persist. we have the link that you can vote on this if you want to, go to the website, take your pick. nancy: great names. we shall see. we have a chance to vote on the name of the eaglets at the national arboretum. more? jonathan: these look like the ones we just showed. nancy: oh, no! maybe it's long lost cousins. >> pulling a fast one i think. we can show you random picture of eaglets. there you go. nancy: the other thing with the eagle cams, you can watch it for ours. i remember the one that came out that was viral. a year or so ago. i would keep it on a live stream. watch it all the
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they are adjusting the nest. nancy: let's look at california. this is dangerous. the wrecks slowed down the plow trucks. this shows the time of year now. there are all different seasons. jonathan: some of the best skiing. the friends describe as the epic snow conditions. nancy: let's go to california. jonathan: weather center to find out what is happening.
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could have showers but that is it. we are looking good on friday afternoon. 71 in the direction. we will have clouds and showers and a cold front late sunday night. overnight it's going to become cloudy. winds will be light. the temperatures are 48 to 54 degrees by early tomorrow morning. there are showers fridayricks burg. we could get sunshine in the day. late afternoon through the everything and this makes case of showers coming through. we will jump in the midsummer
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conditions. there will be showers. look at the next ten days. the numbers will go down breezy. 60's for tuesday. back to showers on wednesday and 71. 80 on thursday. 76 on friday. next weekend we will settle down to a nice partly cloudy and a typical mid-april weather pattern. have a great weekend. jonathan: look at is that. it's like herding cats. this was the scene this morning. one of two d.c. schools to hold a pep rally in honor of the capitals. they got a chance to rock the red. the caps took a 1-0 series lead against the maple leafs in the first round of the stanley cup playoffs. they did it in overtime. get in the fun. send us the ph
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nancy: we think they are cute but we have an upcoming goalie. erin: i love that they did that. mascot was there. last night was fun. nancy: a little too exciting. ends right? overtime. game one. this is my favorite time of year. caps in the playoffs and so are the wizards. and washington back on the practice court prepping for the series against the hawks. game one is sunday at the verizon center. tip off is at 1:00. the catholic university men's lacrosse team is doing big things on the field for the past couple of seasons. but they couldn't done it without today's rising star.
5:52 pm
>> team keith has a knack for scoring goals. >> nothing beats it. >> he is an all-american. last season he scored 49 goals leading the cardinals to the second straight land mark championship. >> on the field it's all business. >> he might be 5'6", 155 pounds but he is big in heart. >> tim plays much bigger than his size and the height and the weight. he does an amazing job. to get around quicker. >> hi is a starchedout on the field. he is a standout in the classroom. a biomechanical engineering major with a 3.78 g.p.a. earning the big honor of the scholar all-american. >> a lot of my friends call me a nerd. >> you have to practice and get good
5:53 pm
to continue going to be the second nature. >> i'm scott abraham with the rising star. >> he is bringing books on the bus. no one will laugh at him when he is successful. nancy: have the title proudly. >> when we come back a look at the preview in the upcoming election in france. why the results could make a difference in this country. >> we go to break, presidential history for you. 1910, president william taft threw out the home pitch at the washington senators home opener, the first to do so. jonathan: when the president stood up in the seventh inning and so then everyone around him stood up to give birth to the seventh inning stretch. how it started is still up for debate because the washington senators coach is the one who did it because his legs were tired. nancy: we'll see about that.
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nancy: one week from now voters will go to the polls in france with good reason. plenty are paying attention. what happens there could have a far-reaching impact on the united states and the rest of the world. one woman leading in the polls and the controversy. chief political correspondent scott thuman went to france for the story. scot: she is one of the most polarizing politicians. what is it about lapen that has all of france on edge and the u.s. and russia watching closely? the support is widespread. >> we will challenge
5:58 pm
and terrorism. >> she paints a picture of the future. >> it's her idea. we are the only party offering protection. if you work for us, it will stop. we can go back to the golden edge. scott: we take you to paris to examine the growing populous movement on the next "full measure. nancy: you can see more sunday morning on "full measure." announcer: from abc7 news, this is a breaking news alert. jonathan: first tonight a shocking twist in a hit-and-run that left the woman dead. police say he didn't know who the woman was he ran down. it happened on route 50 west of the intersection with the fairfax county
5:59 pm
brianne carter is covering the story. you spoke to the police. he hit her once and then backed up to hit her twice? brianne: that is right. getting an update in the last half hour saying that this man facing robbery charges for stealing jewelry from a woman. and then the intersection at route 50 and rugby road. this man struck the woman and then again. the woman is 75-year-old maria acensio. she is said to work near the intersection and walking in the area when she was struck. they saw her lying in the road and then the car run over the woman. this happened at 10:15 this
6:00 pm
12:45 this afternoon we understand that the police spotted the suspect in the shopping center after a woman saw him in the shopping center the woman tried to take a photo of him and he assaulted her. then he took the jewelry from the woman. they found fronted end damage on the car. he was taken in custody. listen to what the police had to say. >> he did not know her and he struck her. >> we know that he is facing felony hit-and-run charges. robbery related charges. so many roads in the area for the majority of the day are shut down for the ongoing investigation. jonathan: we jus


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