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tv   ABC7 News at 6  ABC  April 15, 2017 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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kimberly: straight ahead, a tax day protest. while americans scramble to pay uncle sam, they call on the president to release his tax returns. tensions come north korea parading its new arsenal of weapons as the world braces for what could happen next. avoiding another viral video, united airlines announces changes to prevent passengers from getting bumped after they have boarded. now, abc seven news at 6:00, on your side. kimberly: from florida to chicago to write in the nation's capital, thousands took part in the text a march. the message, as we finalize our tax sheets, president trump should release his tax returns. john gonzalez
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the day with protesters and joins us live from outside of the trump international hotel. not everyone has the same position on this one. john: that's right, very divided, president donald trump is the first u.s. president not to release his taxes since richard nixon. 74% of americans believe he should. today, thousands took to the streets in d.c. ur money that he is spending as president of the united states. he should be representing the market people. john: protesters are demonstrating on the west lawn of the u.s. capitol. i don't believe the president of the united states should lie to the people of the united states. we need to know come as people have known for the last 40 years, with the president's tax returns say. several national protests in 150 cities,
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release his tax returns. marched several blocks, from the national mall to the lincoln memorial. >> people are outraged that president trump said he would release his taxes and he has not done that. we don't know what he is hiding. spot it was here at this where the group became very vocal of president trump's -- at president trump's international hotel, currently at the center of legal cases for conflict of interest. some disagree and feel the country should just move on. >> i think the president is trying to move the country in the right direction. john: doesn't matter at the end of the day what his taxes are to run the country? >> not to me. john: president trump has said time and again that his 1040 form has nothing to do with how he is running the white house. the white house announced days ago they filed a financial disclosure form to make it easier for the public to understand the process.
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john gonzalez, abc 7 news. kimberly: you may have seen the trump chicken, the unofficial mascot of the tax day protests. the activist who came up with the idea said she chose the chicken because in her mind the tosident is too scared release his taxes. the president claims his recent tax returns are still under audit, although that does not prevent him from releasing them if he wanted to. california, the police arrested more than a dozen people after fights broke out between trump supporters and protesters. about 200 people were gathered when somebody started pushing. your by police in riot gear responded quickly. there are no reports of serious damage or injuries. clouds, but a picture-perfect day to get outside. a little bit of rain in the forecast. we go to meteorologist josh knight. josh: we have a little
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most of this week and is lookingdry. 77 degrees right now at belle haven country club. tomorrow we will add about 10 degrees come certainly starting to feel summery. that i drew on here, the warm air lifting to the northeast. for us, we are in the warmer sector. that means we bring in fuel for some showers, maybe even a quick thunderstorm, but most of these are fizzling out further to the west. zooming in closer, switching over to just radar, the only thing that is moving through has had a tough time getting into prince william county for stop a slim chance still until about midnight, but most of us will stay dry. in parts of8:30 loudoun county. closer to 11:00, may be a quick shower around the d.c., but that is it. if you're thinking about going into town for the fireworks, more than likely it will stay dry. overni
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60's in the morning. easter forecast is looking good. more on that and when the rain should show up coming up. kimberly: josh, glad to hear it, say you then -- see you then. vice president pence is in alaska now, meeting with the state governor while the air refusals. the is about to begin a week and a half trip to asia. his first stop after alaska is south korea. that is strategic after a short force from north korea as the secretive nation celebrates the birthday of its founder. it wasd wright explains, not missiles or nuclear tests, as some expected and feared. david: a powerful display of military might. north korea putting its newest weapons on parade. unader kim jong applauding. these may be
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ballistic missiles, possibly capable of reaching the united states, and the newest weapons and north korea's arsenal, submarine-launched missiles. >> its concerned because a submarine can hide off the coast of korea or japan. the larger missiles are most concerning. first time we have seen them. the capability on display here is quite disturbing. david: vice president mike pence is headed to south korea to try to ease tensions. at the same time, the aircraft carrier uss vinson is headed to the region and the u.s. is conducting military exercises across the border. north korea is threatening retaliation, threatening to hit american bases within minutes of any u.s. strike. koreaofficial with north told the associated press it is the u.s. that is threatening us. we are told the president is getting regular updates from his florida resort this weekend. mar-a-lago now outfitted with a makeshift
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north korea is not the only nation with new weapons. the u.s. has the ability to defend against possible strikes using high-powered microwaves and a burst of electromagnetic energy. >> they have put this into a stealthy cruise missile and it will fry everything underneath. nobody gets hurt, but everything stops working. it uses electricity. the world hoping that the war of words does not turn into actions. kimberly: the number of isis fighters killed by the so-called mother of all bombs in afghanistan has climbed to 94. that is a big increase from the original 36 reported killed when the bomb fell on a cave complex this week. isis maintains that none of their people were killed. no civilians were hurt in the attack. it was approved by the afghan president. a gruesome scene in after a car bomb killed at least 100 people in the city of aleppo. the attack
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evacuees waiting to board buses. they had left their villages as part of a population swap between the syrian regime and rebel groups. other buses made it to their destination without incident. developing now in arizona, a tragic circumstance. police say that former baltimore ravens player todd heap accidentally killed his daughter. he was moving his truck in his driveway when he hit his three-year-old daughter. paramedics rushed the girl to the hospital, but she did not make it. the driveway is the most dangerous place for small children. heap played 10 seasons with the ravens and two with the errors on a cardinals before retiring in 2012. [bagpipes play] solemn ceremony and boston marking the fourth anniversary of the marathon bombings for stop the mayor rate a wreath, honoring the three people
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wreath honoring the three people killed. today encourages random acts of kindness and for people to give back. this year's marathon will happen monday. most apprised him united airlines making a change. coming up, what they will do to make sure you do not get onto after boarding to avoid a repeat of last weekend's scene in chicago. and it's a boy, april finally had her baby. we will check in on the new mom and her calf coming up. and here is a sneak week of what's happening monday. >> monday on "good morning washington," have you still not filed your taxes? what to do if you wind up owing. >> president trump's first easter egg roll. >> and keep it here for traffic and weather every 10 minutes.
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kimberly: ne not surprising developments involving united. not airline says it will bought by passenger once they are seated any longer. the change comes after this man was dragged from an airplane after refusing to give up his seat for united employee. the incident and the response from united caused a public relations nightmare and a pending lawsuit. covering metro, safetrack sirs 14 is underway on the green line happening in two phases. the greenbelt station will be closed for a full month. phase one closes the greenbelt and college park stations, -- todayhrough through april 9. there are free shuttle buses to get around the closures, and it's the final leg of the safetrack work.
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despite a tiny bit of rain in the forecast, josh explains why it will be ok for the easter sunday.
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and help make tomorrow possible. ♪ you're only a day away. kimberly: back at the firehouse, they affectionately called him skillet. today, friends and family honored prince george's county firefighter john ulmschneider with a blood drive. he was shot and killed one year ago. his attacker was sentenced to four years in prison on weapons charges yesterday. >> i think everyone who is able to donate blood should. kimberly: this morning, loved ones remembered ulmschneider
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with a graveside service. a second firefighter was shot lumpkin whoy thought they were breaking into his home. the long wait is finally over. a live look at april the giraffe in her den with her new baby calf. it's a boy. april gave birth this morning with 1.25 million people watching the live stream. i posted it on my facebook page. it's the first time a calf was born at the animal park in upstate new york. we don't north that is the dad in the side pen, but he was definitely pacing. when the baby boy came out -- there he is in the shade -- he kind of jumped. so, really awesome. the miracle of birth. story toua has a scary te i
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emergency vet because he drank liquor and was showing signs of alcohol poisoning. officers found the owner heavily intoxicated behind the wheel of a car. the 44-year-old had spilled some liquor and maxwell drank it. he was stumbling around just like a person would. doctors say maxwell is back to being his ordinary cell. the owner is in jail, facing dui and animal cruelty charges. to have to work inside right now, because it is so beautiful outside. josh: it really is, blue skies, middle 70's. tomorrow it will almost feel like summer -- not quite ready for that, it will be a little hot. to timeout.e rain 76 degrees right now at reagan national, the breeze out of the south. that
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have warmed so much heading into tomorrow. also why we will stay mild tonight. showers from cumberland stretching down into harrisburg. to thethese try to move east. a lot of them break down all the way across the mountains. we hang onto a slim chance of a shower but that is about it. hours,on, the last few it moved a little, but not really past warrenton. i think the same thing will happen with this batch, but may be just a few make it across, soy slim chance. if you are heading out to the fireworks this evening, you may find a few raindrops, but more than likely dry, about 65 to 70 degrees. the fireworks officially starting at 8:30. through the evening, futurecast at 6:00, some of the rain holding together. a lot of it breaking down across the metro area. of rain will be towards the shenandoah valley, winchest,
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further east towards annapolis it makes down. tomorrow morning, 7:00 a.m. easter sunday, a lot of sunshine, great weather to get to the early church services, brunch, everything is fine. later in the afternoon, rain just to the west of winchester, pushing across closer to 4 p.m. about 5 p.m. is when we get some showers across the d.c. area. they move along quickly, so not a washout. closer to dinnertime is when we get the rain around the metro area. monday morning most of this has broken down. we start off with more cloud cover, but turns into a nice afternoon for the easter egg roll at the white house. time, 72, 82 by 2 p.m. a little breezy, so some relief from the heat, but it will be hot. 83d.c., 87 fredericksburg, annapolis. looking for the rain after
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so probably just wrapping things up by the time the rain comes in, maybe a rumble of thunder. 8 a.m., cloud cover, mid 70's by 4 p.m. tuesday anddays wednesday, wednesday also the most likely day for rain. looking ahead to next week and, dry weather saturday, rain moving in sunday. kimberly: let's turn now to scott abraham, rocking the red pocket square at the verizon center, hours away from game two between the caps and maple leafs. scott: you have to love playoff hockey, the anticipation already building. alex ovechkin all business, making his way into the locker room in preparation for the game.
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>> and are now theoy
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local toyota dealers. scott: i'm scott abraham, live at the verizon center. we are about 30 minutes away from the opening face-off between the caps and leafs. let's be honest, washington was awfully fortunate to get the game one overtime victory thursday night. the hero of that game, toronto native tom wilson, breaking the hearts of his hometown team, his first playoff goal a game winner. the caps know that they can play much better. walton aup with john little bit ago at verizon. how important is it to get off to the good start, drop the hammer tonight? john: i think is important tonight and also for the series. you don't want to give toronto any optimism they have a shot to win the series. they already feel a l
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and to overtime in their building. they want to squash that tonight and set it up for a good start aim three. head coach barry trotz said this was a little wake-up call for the team. is that a blessing in disguise, thursday? john: we called it a cheap lesson on radio. justin williams comes in with a couple goals, veteran leadership shining through, and find a way to get the win in the playoff series where the first one can set the tone for a lot of things. both teams will adjust. by the time you get later in the series, there is not a whole lot you can do once you get to about game three, game for. scott: the fan base is hungry for playoff hockey. how important is it for the caps to win tonight, hold serve in game two, and head up north? john: toronto will be absolutely fired up
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important to take care of business tonight in game two, which in talking with some of the players and coaching staff today, they feel at this will be a better start tonight than in game one. scott: always great to get some insight from john walton, one of the best in the business. if you got outside today, you quickly realized it was a good day for baseball. back home,ls continuing their series with the philadelphia phillies this afternoon. jackie robinson day all around major league baseball. whenars ago today, robinson broke the baseball color barrier for stop washington down 2-1, but not anymore. chris heisey, solo shot, tied at 2-2. the phillies came back in the eighth inning, caesar hernandez with his second home run of the season. a two-run blast. the nats fall 4-2. and d.c. united heads to the
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tonight on news channel 8. puck drops here at 7:00. every fan inside of the verizon center -- we have some cowbell action. it will be loud inside the arena. rock the red is the common theme. kim, you got one coming your way when i get back to the studio. kimberly: thanks, scott.
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easter is coming.... and kmart's got the sweet deals you need. so hip hop in -- and get your groove on. ♪ kimberly: easter looks good? , a few showers about dinnertime, but for brunch, lunch, easter egg hunts, looking good. it will be warm, mid to upper 80's. kimberly:
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tonight, show of force. north korea sending a message to president trump, showing off what could be new missiles. the big question, can that artillery hit the continental u.s.? as tensions rise, our martha raddatz in the region tonight. breaking news. pro-trump and anti-trump forces clashing in the streets, this as thousands of others march across the country, including near mar-a-lago, demanding to see the president's tax returns. breaking overseas. the powerful blast killing scores of people, including children in syria. the families trying to evacuate the region as a huge car bomb exploded. also breaking tonight. an arrest in the case of the google account executive murdered while going for a run. and travelers on edge.


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