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tv   ABC7 News 11PM  ABC  April 16, 2017 11:00pm-11:30pm EDT

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>> i don't know what i'm going to do. q: breaking news, a massive anhunt for the man who shot victim and broadcast the whole thing on facebook live. >> i cannot get it out of my head. and strangers rush to help after a deadly crash. and after a
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weekend, some rain. joss explains in the stormwatch 7 forecast. -- josh explains in the stormwatch 7 forecast. mean, he is a good guy. he would give you the shirt off his back. q: a grief stricken family desperate for answers. tonight, the fbi joined a nationwide manhunt. the police a that a man shot and killed a random stranger on the street and broadcast the whole thing on facebook live. and he may have more victims. >> found me somebody am about to kill. i'm going to kill this guy right here. ,eporter: this senseless murder i man identified as steve stevens gets out of his car and stops in apparent stranger. >> can you do me a
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joy lane? this is the reason this is about to happen to you. how old are you? >> hey, listen, i don't know nobody -- reporter: shooting him at point with a pistol, broadcast on facebook live. >> this is a random person he picked out. we don't know why. reporter: the shooter then gets back into his vehicle and calmly drives off. he claims to have killed many others. the victim was identified as 74-year-old robert godwin senior. his family is in shock. >> i don't know what i'm going to do. reporter: so far, no additional victims have been found. stevens was last seen in a white ford fusion. he is 6'1", 244 pounds. >> we want him to turn himself in. we will look unt
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facebook said this was a horrific crime and we do not allow this type of content on facebook. atvew tonight, a pack of drivers it legally on the road. they were traveling east on route 50 in arlington at about 7 p.m., then passed into alexandria. alexandria police say they lost sight of the pack on southbound route one. ifice want to hear from you you recognize them or see them riding around tonight. a first today at nationals park, the team hosting its first ever easter egg hunt during its kids celebration. lucky kids found special eggs in the outfield with golden tickets inside, redeemable for nats gear like jerseys and autographed memorabilia. president trump and first
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are back at the white house tonight getting ready for tomorrow's easter egg role, a tradition that dates back to 1878. there is president obama behind us. we will be there. washington" will be there bright and early at 4:25. that said, the big question right now is, will it rain on the kids taking part in this event? josh: q, you're setting me up for failure here. we are dealing with a few showers, but not all day long. rain through parts of ohio, west virginia, if you thunderstorms. unfortunately, that gets stuck in lingers the first part of monday. right now, this is north of winchester, frederick county, virginia, and off towards frederick. light rain, nothing severe. as we zom outom
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out, futurecast through the overnight come a lot of this breaks down trying to move through. the parts that hold together come through early tomorrow morning, about 6 a.m. dealing with showers until about 10 a.m. about lunchtime is when we dry out. the temperatures feel really nice, mid-to-upper 60's through the morning. that is when we are dealing with spotty showers. lunchtime, the rain breaks down and more sunshine in the afternoon. about 74 degrees by 2:00. the temperatures are good but you will probably want to keep the rain gear handy. if your kids have school tomorrow, by the time they get home, tiptop shape. cooler weather in the week coming up. the ep qnan eye on weather by downloading the stormwatch 7 app. a day of solemn remembran
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and honoring 32 people killed at virginia tech 10 years ago today. northern virginia bureau chief jeff goldberg takes us through the emotional weekend. a. alamadine. jeff: students and staff members, women and men from different places. thetonight in blacksburg, 32 victims of the virginia tech shooting were honored for having lived their lives. >> ♪ and cherish every jeff: today's ten-year anniversary of the tragedy marked by a series of events at virginia tech. this morning at 9:34, the exact moment the shooting began, governor terry mcauliffe laid a wreath. later, the biographies of all 32 victims were led allowed.
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then governor of virginia, speaks about how this was the single worst day of his life. biographies inhe stories of each of these 32, i begin to have a sense of what the commonwealth lost, of what the country lost. "taps"]plays t also a sentiment of hope and to share the hokie spirit. cane as a hokie nation guarantee the memories of our fellow hokies will live on and we will never forget. jeff: last night, a candle was thiso mark the start of day of remembrance and today it
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into the hall on campus. 20,000mated 10,000 to people were expected to be on hand this week and for the memorial events. jeff goldberg, abc 7 news. q: jeff, thank you. a crime alert and prince george's county. the police say that a woman was stabbed. then she knocked on a front door asking for help and collapsed in the front yard. she died at the hospital. police tape was wrapped around two front yards as part of the investigation into the murder. at we have to stop this foolishness. >> the blood on the streets. it just does not seem like a logical thing. q: the police say the woman did not have identification on her. focused a lot of attention on the silver vehicle parked in front of one of the homes where the woman collapsed. alexandria polic
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for a man who took aim at an a 4700nt building with block of kenmore avenue, not far from where another shooting happened earlier in the week, wednesday night. nobody was injured in either case. maryland, the police said that alcohol was a factor in the crash that killed two people in charles county late last night on leonardtown road in hughesville. as cheryl conner told us, she talked to people who try to help after the deadly crash. >> it has gotten better. they have the physical and mental scars from a crash that ended in their front yard. >> i punched it once and then i used my hands to make a hole so they could get out. cheryl: a suburban that you can barely identify. >>
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of my head, people crying, "help me, help me." sure: skidmarks an issue left behind. bam. was just cheryl: jodie said that the suburban did notbrake at all. they came across the front lawn and crashed, sending flames halfway up this pole. maryland state police say that the suburban hit a jeep driven by a waldorf woman they do not want to identify, but they shared these pictures. >> i can see somebody coming at a high speed behind me. i said they are going to hit me. cheryl: she and her passengers are ok. they say that speed and alcohol were factors in the crash that killed the driver of the suburban and a passenger from waldorf. four others escape, including a
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suburban. >> i hope people do think and consider that before they drink and get in the car, before they send a text. cheryl: cheryl conner, abc 7 news. ,: flames and smoke right now but as bad as it looks, nobody was hurt in this east baltimore fire. it took firefighters about an hour to get control of the flames. no word on what started the blaze. coming up -- the u.s. vice president gets as close to north korea as you can without crossing the border. why it is a personal visit for mike pence. and an easter surprise that took five days to pull off. but the megawatt smile makes it
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pence isresident mike in south korea visiting a military camp near the demilitarized zone
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visit for pence. his father served with the u.s. army in the korean war. >> on the way here, we saw some of the terrain that my father fought alongside korean forces to help her and their freedom. thoseare grateful to all who each and every day stand together for freedom. visit comes just one day after a failed missile test by the north. it is the beginning of a 10-day trip in asia. a london museum found the remains of five archbishops of canterbury and a secret tomb. they released video the smiling. the tomb was found about a year or so ago during a renovation. -- they released the video this morning. so far only one of the remains were identified. playedthe archbishop who
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a major role in the adoption of the king james libel. more trouble for united airlines this weekend, a week after united had the bad publicity a forcibly removing a doctor from a flight. >> pulled off the airplane for apparently no reason. even though we moved to the right seat, still taking off the plane. q: mike claims that he and his fiancée were removed from their saturday flight to costa rica on the way to their wedding. the airline said the couple repeatedly tried to upgrade moving from their assigned seats, so the pilots had them removed. a flatbed tow truck wiped out the front entrance of a chase bank during an attempted robbery. in california, near los angeles, respondent when the alarms went off and the alarm company using real-time surveillance cameras reported the truck acting into the glass front entrance
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the front entrance and doorway. the suspects were later spotted inside the bank. by the time the police arrived, were long gone. the truck was found abandoned later that morning. that is some craziness. josh: did they get away with anything? q: maybe nothing. josh: a dented truck. q: the weather? josh: a chance of showers in the morning. i was hoping that we could sneak them out of here before the but if you have the early-morning timeslots, think about the rain gear. the good news is a will not be too chilly. right now, 72 degrees in rockville, drive. rain showers will be tough to get through most of the night. i think that will get here sunrise. if you places with evening showers, frederick county, hagerstown, west virginia.
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comfortable for a lot of the area. as we zoom out, this cold front stretches through pennsylvania, ohio, kentucky, parts of indiana, where we see the rain. the rain just lags behind just a bit. i will run through the big picture first. the cold front dropped through overnight into the morning. here we are at 7 a.m., but the showers are behind the front and they take a little while to break down. us, not until closer to dinnertime tomorrow. tonight, the temperatures about skies,6, mostly cloudy scattered rain come a few thunderstorms not out of the question, but a link severe. the temperatures, we stay mild. in the 60's tonight, even some rain pushing in. tomorrow morning, the showers are here for all of us, but fast-forward to about 1 p.m.,
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think the northwestern regions, including loudoun county, close to winchester, hagerstown, drive by about 1:00. d.c. will be closer to 2 p.m., same with mornington and manassas as the rain drops to the southeast. warrentone thing with and manassas. waldorf drive by about 3 p.m. southern maryland is where it will take the longest, some of the shower sticking around until about 5 p.m. tomorrow, weut warm quickly come into the mid-70's for most of us. rain in the morning, then the drier weather takes over. a veryrrow to comfortable tuesday, 70 with mostly sunny skies. cool, cloudy, 64 wednesday, but warming right back up thursday, 82. wednesday is more of the day that is the gray one, a good chance of rain. heading into thursday, warming backup. , lookeekend
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60's, dry weather saturday, rain moving in sunday. q: you talked about a lot of changes to the weather, but another change for our viewers at the verizon center. take a look at this. to the hardwood, this is the time lapse. the verizon center pulled off a nelnet are after the double overtime -- pulled off an all-nighter after the double overtime game for the caps last night. the wizards play the hawks. which was successful. robert: yes, very successful. do those guys get a bonus? q: the game was at 1 p.m. today. robert: yes, 12:30, and that has to be a long, long night for stop my goodness. the great wall shut everything down as they change the floor. sports is next.
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>> and and now the toyota sports desk, brought to you by your local toyota dealers. is becoming the great wall of china town, john wall is -- innt in the so season the postseason, hitting on also motors. john wall had 14 assists. by 10.[ career-high 32 points, thanks to nifty moves in the lane like this. the other half of the backcourt, bradley beal also contributed, 22 points. lead, taking game one, 114-107. game two wednesday night. baseball, nationals hosting the phillies.
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hold of one, gone, two-run shot. nats take the lead. fireworks, bottom of the ninth, two on for harper, and there it goes, three run walkoff homer. the nats rally in a thriller, 6-4 the final. and stay up with us. it is abc 7 "sports sunday. , the capitals and maple leafs face-off tomorrow night in toronto. that is at 7 p.m. q: they are going to bounce back, the caps, i'm not worried. robert: i'm not worried either. it's the second round. cap's, go wizards, go d.c. united. robert: go everybody.
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q: christians around the world celebrated easter today. pope francis celebrate it with masses at the vatican. president trump celebrated at a service in florida. the british royal celebrated in a church near windsor castle. and there was a celebration of the site where jesus
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have been crucified and resurrected. and here is an unbelievable easter homecoming surprise, it took staff sergeant matthew hauck five flights and more to get from afghanistan to the nebraska area, where he got suited up like a regular player. he was the honorary captain of the spring game. and then he took off his helmet. said they were really excited, to say the least, to have him home for the easter weekend. welcome back. one final look at the weather, next.
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q: you have to check out this footage, the


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