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tv   News 7 at 11  ABC  April 17, 2017 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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michelle: sexually assaulted in a busy shopping area. key evidence that could lead to an arrest. jonathan: a military helicopter crashes into a golf course. >> the grinch you almost stole in easter. the sly fox that ransacked a party, next. >>
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am on your side. jonathan: a black hawk helicopter crashed onto a golf course. one person dead, two others wounded. >> let's get to tim barber, who is live in letter town. you have been talking to people who saw this happen in leonar dtown. site is crash surrounded by houses, so we spoke with people who saw the helicopter crash. phone video shows this mangled black hawk after witnesses saw it slam into the hole of the golf course. >> my brother-in-law said, it's going sideways. then it went down. tim: one service member was killed. two others were flown to the hospital. the black hawk
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doing training exercises. this 12-year-old saw the helicopter spinning out of control this afternoon. >> it was going like this, justin circles, and descending. tim: this former military man says that he hears blackhawks training here all the time. i know what the guys that work with these are going through. it's not easy. in: one crew member is serious condition, another is in critical condition. investigators are expected back at the site tomorrow to figure out how this happened. tim barber, abc 7 news. nancy: tim, thank you. into on your side digging the history of the black hawk helicopter, which is known as very dependable. have been black hawks built since 1979, but since 1983 at least 60 soldiers have been killed in crashes. the worst was in kentucky in
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17 soldiers. again, far too soon to know the cause of what happened today. the firstthat you are to know when we are tracking breaking news by signing up for text alerts at jonathan: no word on what sparked a fire at a recycling atnt and rockville atlantic recycling. flames destroyed several cars, but no one was hurt. metro transit police are looking at afour men who be passenger sunday afternoon. the victim said he was attacked when he refused to give the man his cell phone. the victim's credit cards and while it were also stolen. the thieves got off at whaeton station. ifou
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video, the police would like to hear from you. nancy: a robbery and sex assault behind a busy strip mall over a year ago. the police thought they could track down who did it, but they don't have much to go on except one important clue. tom roussey is live at commerce plaza in springfield. tom, what's the latest? therene year ago today, was a giant dumpster in the spot behind me, where this rape allegedly happened. this may look like a desolate area, but you have busy amherst avenue over there and it happened within sight of that apartment complex. >> that car had some unique markings. tom: when the rape and a robbery happened a year ago, the police had high hopes of solving it. they had surveillance of not just the suspect but his car also, which was red with a distinct gray patch on the door. but 3
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little to go on. >> at this point we are asking the community to help us. tom: the woman was walking to work behind a plaza at 6 a.m. wednesday, march 30, 2016. the police believe this man dragged her into the dumpster, robbed, and sexually assaulted her. fairfax county police say they are mike giving up. tonight, they handed out flyers at the shopping center and a nearby apartment, lex. -- at a nearby apartment complex. >> he is a criminal and he has done great harm to someone. tom: this is the flyer the police handed out. they say it is not as easy as in the tv cop shows to enhance the image. this might their best efforts, they cannot read the license plate, but the believe the car of the suspect was from maryland. if you have information, please contact them. live in fairfax county, springfield, tom roussey, abc 7 news. nancy:
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all-out search for the person who stabbed an elderly man to death while his family was at easter services. he was found in the 600 block of e street yesterday. there is a 25,000 other reward for any information leading to an arrest. first stormwatch 7 forecast, the skies are clearing nicely overnight. tomorrow we are a little cool, at least early on, middle 50's downtown d.c. afternoon, upper 60's, lower 70's the high temperatures. the next best chance of showers, and looking ahead to the upcoming weekend. the weekend is a bit of a mixed bag. more on that coming up. nancy: happening now, we are .racking a national manhunt take a look at this face. the police want everyone to know to watch out for this man, suspected of killing someone and posting video of it on facebook.
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the live desk. jay: the police say they pinged his cell phone and it was in pennsylvania. tore is a reward of up $50,000. this crime was committed by steve stevens. the video shows stevens going up to robert godwin easter sunday and shooting him. the police say that it was a random act of cold-blooded violence. >> we are beyond shocked. our heart is ripped out of our chest. >> what in the world could have happened to this man that he became so undone? stevens was apparently on ads because of possibly gambling debt, relationship problems. the police say right now they cannot speculate on the motor. nancy: an
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update on arkansas's plan to execute eight men before the end of the month. the arkansas supreme court has stop the execution of two men said to be put to death tonight. the arkansas stockpile of a lethal injection drug expires at the end of april and the state has not found a new supplier. arkansas has not executed anyone in more than a decade. jonathan: after a failed missile launch, north korea now says it will test missiles on a weekly basis. when asked today, president trump said the country needs to "behave." vice president mike pence echoed that message during a visit to the demilitarized sewn between north and south korea. deception, broken promises, in nuclear missile tests. north korea's deputy ambassador blames the u.s. for escalating tensions and says the road could break out at any
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undocumented immigrants have been arrested since inauguration day, a large increase from last year for stop of those arrests, 5,400 do not have criminal records. hyattsville is deciding whether to be essential worry city. nancy: that would mean that it refuses to get involved in federal immigration matters. michelle marsh is live with the vote that happened a short time ago. michelle: a lot of strong opinions, hyattsville voted yes on becoming a sanctuary city just over an hour ago. the rules stop the city from giving information about immigration status to the federal government, including the police/ -- including the police. there was applause at the end of the vote, but the issue was hotly debated. president trump has said that sanctuary cities would lose federal funding. that means the
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lose $21,000 per year in federal grant money. both sides are speaking out tonight. >> this could be suicide for hyattsville. i'm deeply troubled and concerned about the logic of his actuary city anywhere in our country. >> we as a people must unite. >> [speaking spanish] >> it is time for us to feel protected by one another. michelle: the final vote was 8-2. washington, d.c., is also a section where he city. video fromew atlanta, where road crews are working through the night to repair a major interstate, and not the one from a couple weeks ago. part of interstate 20 buckled this afternoon. this injured a motorcycle rider. there is no word on what caused the pavement to rise three feet. the site is just a few miles from last month's fire t
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those repairs should be complete sometime in june. nancy: and they are counting down the days until june at this point. jonathan: an elaborate easter egg hunt foiled by a fox. >> my husband is saying, "somebody took them." nancy: the bizarre easter mishap, next.
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jonathan: ok, i'm not sure if you can see that, but that is a little fox, looking around before he goes in for the kill. in this case, eggs. the fox nearly ruined a special easter egg hunt and fairfax county. nancy: a man put out the special eggs for the easter egg hunt, only to find out they were stolen by the four-legged thief. jonathan: and this was all caught on tape. family is still talking
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that began as an annual tradition that will never quite be the same. >> my husband put out some eggs at about 11:00 at night. jay: they have surveillance cameras outside of their home in vienna. you can see the homeowner hiding the eggs around his property saturday night so that his children could partake in the easter egg hunt sunday morning. each plastic easter egg had a chocolate treat inside. >> i looked out the front door and do not see anything, then i looked around and did not see any eggs. we all came outside and there was about one or two in semi-plain sight, and my husband is mouthing to me, "somebody took them." at first, she suspected sticky fingered teenagers. >> we spot at the fox taking in a golf of one of these bushes. the fox took about 30 eggs. it was not ruined.
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brunch and everyone enjoyed themselves. the kids still had plenty of candy. jonathan: while on the subject of unwanted visitors, i guess this would qualify. that nine foot alligator made its way onto a south carolina porch. why is this so bizarre? the gator had to climb a 15-foot staircase and push through the screen door. animal control took him away. they thought he was on the way to the breeding grounds and the gate was closed, blocking his path. nancy: better cell phone service may be coming to your metro ride if you take the red line. wi-fi is expanding as well. metro says 30 underground stations will have free wi-fi service by the end of the year. we have a list of which ones at jonathan: abc 7 is exposing a danger on the roads. look at this.
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atv's were caught on tape in arlington last night. this was on route 50. dangerously weaving through traffic, blocking all lanes. it is illegal for them to be on the highways in virginia, but it's tough to stop. >> it's causing unsafe conditions. >> i'm scared for them because this is very dangerous for them. jonathan: arlington police have gotten multiple calls about crackand are working to down, but it is a challenge to catch these guys. nancy: 7 on your side consumer news --do you hate coffee stains on your teeth? a british company says this is the first colorless coffee on the market. arava cothat they use coffee beans and pure water, but the full ingredient list and how they make it has not gone public. good and if it tastes keeps you awake, there you go.
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bigger way to force uber to add tipping options. it would apply to other ridesharing services like lyft as well. tipping in new york city, it is likely that it would expand to other markets as well. nancy: if you thought united would bounce back from its publicly relations nightmare, think again. they posted a 57% drop in profits. tomorrow they will take questions from analysts in a conference call. jonathan: a white house tradition almost 140 years old. nancy: the trumps posted their first easter egg roll. thousands of kids got to protest of it. the first lady also read to the children on the white house lawn. each guest also got a souvenir gift bag with a commemorative wooden egg. jonathan: very nice. gooe:
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hunting, and the allergy levels, not the best. tree pollen in the high category. ne, sycamore, and sweetgum or the problem trees right now. the skies are mainly clear right now, the temperatures falling, lower 60's at reagan national, middle 50's to the west. nighttime lows from the mid 40's to about 50 degrees. that is north and west. closer to the beltway, 50 to 53 degrees with the wind out of the north at about five miles per hour. tomorrow you will need the sunglasses all day long. a chilly start tuesday, but temperatures rebound nicely. futurecast, the reason why the temperatures rebound quickly, sunshine, a lot of it. noontime, pure sunshine. outdoor recess for the kids. theerrands to run during midday or afternoon, eat lunch outside, and may be setting up
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evening. it will be gorgeous. the temperatures will be only the lower 70's later in the afternoon. clouds lateradded in the day, but it will stay dry. changes are on the way during the day wednesday. clouds arrive during the early morning hours. with the cloud cover, a better chance of showers and drizzle. time for the morning rush-hour and evening rush-hour commute. not talking about a washout, but a few raindrops around here. the temperatures a little below average for this time of year. only making it into the 60's. that would be wednesday. outlook, 73 tomorrow, 64 wednesday, showers and thunderstorms possible late in the day thursday. look at the high, lower 80's. middle 70's friday. the weekend, half and half, 65 with sunshine saturday, cloud cover and areas
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sunday, lower 60's. by the middle of next week we rebound into the middle 70's for afternoon daytime highs. nancy: steve, thank you. this is the kind of story we love bringing you, a beautiful texas as a prom queen in gave up the title to a student with down syndrome. she thought it would make the classmate happier. -- with everythis running of the boston marathon, there are hundreds of inspiring stories. jonathan: perhaps none more inspiring than the 70-year-old woman who ran today.
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nancy: look at them go, tens of thousands taking to the streets of boston for the boston marathon. this woman is incredibly inspirational. catherine switzer is her name.
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woman to officially run the race 50 years ago. jonathan: and today she completed the course in four hours, 44 minutes, just 25 minutes longer than it took her back then. nancy: that's amazing. we have seen historic pictures of people trying to pull her off the race course which he the first woman. now people are cheering. jonathan: you know what they are not cheering tonight. what is the dealio? robert: do you press the panic button? nancy: it's not over yet. robert: it's not over, but it's getting there. jonathan: i push it. familiarhe caps in territory, ano
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>> and now the toyota sports desk, brought to you by your local toyota dealers. robert: i'm a sure if this is when you hit the panic button, but it needs to be close. another overtime loss, this one in toronto. caps look like they were in control, taking an early 3-1 lead. the shot by marcus johansson. but toronto scored twice before
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in overtime, toronto scores the game-winner, 4-3 the final. he believes take a 2-1 series lead. dunk heard around the gortat disrespecting paul millsap. and it was not just a dunk. there was a shove afterwards. it has been a rough series and it's only game one. paul millsap said i thought this was basketball, not mma. i didruly don't think that. they have no idea about basketball. >> the playoffs, we did what we needed to do, win our home game. for the gametwo for wizards will
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nancy: a little cloudy, rainy through the day, but not so bad. steve: a cleared out nicely this evening, allowing temperatures to drop. a chilly start tuesday, but we will be on the lower 70's in the afternoon. clouds increase late tomorrow night. wednesday, drab and dreary, a few showers, lower to middle 60's. a warm-up thursday, lower 80's. mid 70's friday. saturday about 65 degrees. sunday, plan on going to the movies are cleaning up inside. that we the day to do it. spring cleaning sunday. and next week, back into the 70's. nancy: we don't have to clean until this sunday. jonathan: jimmy, was next. nancy: have a good night.
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>> yes. ♪ guardian ♪ guardian ♪ guardian ♪ in all you do >> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live"! tonight, the cast of "guardians of the galaxy volume 2," chris pratt, zoe saldana, dave bautista, michael rooker and kurt russell. plus music from bleachers. >> dicky: and now, just relax, here's jimmy kimmel! ♪ jimmy kimmel live [ cheers and applause ] ♪ ♪


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