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tv   ABC7 News at 4  ABC  April 18, 2017 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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trapped under the limbs at independence and new jersey after right by the capitol. d.c. bureau chief sam ford is there live with the story. sam, you don't expect it on a day like this. otherwise, a beautiful, sunny day. sam: actually, michelle, jonathan, nancy, any day. thousands of people are passing by here on the capitol hill grounds every day. workers, tourists, people just walking through. well, the architect of the capitol says there are 890 trees on the capitol grounds. and one of them this morning at 9:15, a huge american elm fell and killed a man. it's estimated to be a 70- to 80-year-old tree. it had a big limb on capitol avenue. a pipefitter matthew mcclanahan hit by the collapsing branch, rushed to the hospital
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an hour and a half after the first collapse, more of the huge tree fell into independence avenue. that time police had everyone away from the tree and no one was hit. workers then spent the rest of the afternoon taking down what is left of the big tree. many of the tourists and others stopped to watch. >> there is no rain or wind, ice or anything like that to cause it to fall. something like this is unusual. sam: and as you can see, what you can see back there are the remnants of the work they are doing. they are right there in front of the longworth house office building. they have basically taken the tree down. they have taken it down and i guess they are clearing the debris from the street. obviously, rush hour has started now. no traffic is moving along independence avenue. speaker paul ryan issued a statement of
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the family of the worker. he has a wife and two children. reporting live from the u.s. capitol, i'm sam ford, abc7 news. nancy: sam, thank you. also breaking this afternoon, the facebook murder suspect in cleveland found dead 100 miles away in erie, pennsylvania. steve stephens killed himself ending a nationwide manhunt. emily is in cleveland and it has been a terrifying past 48 hours. emily: a lot of people are relieved this is all over. police had been pleading for help in the nationwide manhunt. in the end, it was a concerned citizen's tip that led state troopers to steve stephens in erie county, pennsylvania. less than 48 hours after the facebook video and the cold-blooded killing that started it all, steve stephens is also dead. >> there was a short pursuit in which the vehicle stopped. the officers approached that vehicle. steve
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life. emily: state troopers getting a citizen tip and then spotting steve stephens in a fast food parking lot. >> the units, it's behind a white ford fusion on buffalo road heading to erie. emily: pennsylvania state police say stephens was in the white ford fusion and used a pistol to shoot himself in the head. >> the goal from 2:00 today was to make sure that no one else was a victim of violence by mr. stephens. we believe that to be the case. that was the number one goal. obviously, the other goal was to bring mr. stephens in safely. unfortunately, he chose that not to be the case. emily: rambling videos posted on social media revealed a man whose life appeared to be unraveling. and tuesday afternoon, facebook c.e.o. mark zuckerberg acknowledging the innocent victim and the tragedy as a catalyst for change. >> we
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we will keep doing all we can to prevent tragedies like this from happening. emily: now we did hear yesterday reports of a cell phone ping in that same area. but just in the last few minutes we learned from pennsylvania state police they had no knowledge of that. they were on high alert. reporting from cleveland, ohio, abc7 news. back to you. michelle: thank you. the cleveland case proves how easy it is to broadcast just about anything on social media. odds are you have come across something you think shouldn't be there. what should you do the next time that happens? q mccray is at the abc7 "live desk." q? q: the cleveland murder video raises a lot of questions, especially for social media users. even facebook c.e.o. admits there is a big problem. >> we have a lot of work and we will keep doing all we can to prevent tragedies from this happening. q: facebook c.e.o. mark zuckerberg made it clear, there is a seriou
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posts like steve stephens of a murder should never make it to the social media platform. >> technology is the great enabler. on the other hand, it's technology that is putting us in the position of distributing content that is disturbing, inappropriate. q: digital strategist amanda works for chief. there has been a growing trend of people posting crimes online. >> so platforms can't do anything about the crime. so making sure that you are reporting it to the proper authorities is really important. q: flagging and reporting the online content alerts the platform of the issue but you shouldn't stop there. >> first and foremost, if you see a crime you need to make sure that you, yourself, are safe and to call the authorities. q: there is also the issue of what contented is -- content is worthy of a 911 call. >> the question of context. you might not know what you are seeing and you could have the opposite effect where people are calling 911 for things that, you know, could
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q: according to some experts it all comes down to users being more savvy online. they also put the onus on the social media platforms to make sure it happens, that they are more educated and to make sure that the proper safeguards are in place. i'm working on that story now and we'll have it at 6:00. from the "live desk," i'm q mccray, abc7 news. jonathan: thanks. you can subscribe to our text alerts to get updates as they come in the newsroom. just go to to sign up. it's free and it's a good resource to have. developing today, we are learning more about the deadly blackhawk helicopter crash in southern maryland. for the first time, skytrak7 got above the crash site at the golf course on breton bay. kevin lewis has been covering the story for 24 hours and he has an update on the crew from leonardtown. >> am just so happy it didn't land on a house. kevin: the mangled remains of the blackhawk helicopter kept the breton bay golf course
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closed tuesday. the multimillion chopper crashed yesterday during a training exercise in st. mary's county. >> did i hear that correctly? kevin: linda was at home listening to her police scanner and drove to the scene. >> i was here when the medevac chopper trooper 7 landed. i saw them put two of the crew members in the chopper. kevin: today, investigators from alabama surveyed the crash site. >> i mean it's right there. kevin: the blackhawk based at fort belvoir in fairfax county narrowly missed missy's home. >> my child said we need to thank them for not hitting the house. i said one of them died and it's just very sad. i don't know who they are but it's upsetting. kevin: no word on how long the wrecked blackhawk will remain on the grounds of the golf course. we did speak to one man today who told us flocks of buzzards often fill the skies in this
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could that have played a role in the crash? so far the u.s. military isn't saying. reporting in st. mary's county, i'm kevin lewis, abc7 news. jonathan: all right, thanks. also in leonardtown, check this out. a school bus full of high school students burst into flames. this is point lookout road. it broke out before 8:00 in the morning. the investigators say the engine was smoking when they got there and everybody got off the bus safely just before the flames started to shoot out of the front of the bus. no it clear what caused the fire. nancy: if you haven't had a chance to get outside. i was perfect. abc7 at georgetown university there, where looming finals couldn't break their spirits. the temperatures are really going to fall tonight. stormwatch7's chief meteorologist doug hill has the forecast for us. doug: it is looking terrific. the temperatures are lower 70's. there is plenty of sunshine. we are in a pattern that every day we will get something different weather wise. go to the map to show the number. 74 in warrenton and culpeper. 74 in frederick.
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71 in washington with plenty of sunshine. we are seeing the cloudiness make inroads from the south and west. it will stay clear for a good portion of the evening but then the cloudiness will increase. moisture from the west/southwest and then more moist off the atlantic to lend to the changes in the weather tomorrow. so, later tonight it will be mostly clear but overnight slowly clouds will increase. we will drop to about 50 degrees by morning. the future cast shows by 8:00 in the morning, the clouds are in and there will be areas of rain to the west of town. a lot of that will dissipate. we could wind up with drizzle or fog late tomorrow night. then another dramatic change in the weather on thursday and friday. we will highlight all of that and the next ten days coming up in about nine minutes. michelle: we'll see you then, doug. it's a murder mystery in prince george's county. police trying to identify the victim and the suspect from sunday's murder on springdale avenue. police just held a news conference in the last hour. stephen tschida is there live with the latest. stephen: about te
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george's county police department gave me a flyer. they will hand it out tonight and it has a composite of the mystery victim. we have a better image to show you now of the composite for you. this woman was found in the 3300 block of springdale avenue about 8:25 easter morning. she was in the front yard of the home. she had been fatally stabbed. no i.d., no tattoo or distinguishing characteristics no fingerprints so really no identity. this is what a detective said moments ago. >> we believe the decedent came to the house and knocked on the door, we are assuming to get some sort of help. by the time the homeowner was able to get to the front door, our
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the house. stephen: they have very little to go on. they are hoping that the images lead someone to recognize this woman and to come forward and provide some form of identification. reporting live, stephen tschida, abc7 news. nancy: thank you. in the first 100 days of the trump presidency flying by and today president trump is in wisconsin. moments ago he wrapped up an event to promote his buy american, hire american initiative to keep jobs in the country and going to american citizens. michelle: an update to a story we told you about yesterday at 4:00. hyattsville voting to become a sanctuary city. the second vote last night finished the same as the first. 8-2 to become a sanctuary city. the measure approved. jonathan: well, coming up for us here at "abc7 news at 4:00". this is a scary situation. a man is pulled over by police in georgia and pleading for a smoke the whole time. what police really found was shocking. we will show it to
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police want in connection to a murder two years ago now on the f.b.i. top ten most wanted list. upping the ante in this desperate manhunt next. nancy: also ahead, stranded in the middle of a flood. parents of a newborn desperate for help. >> we have a car that is getting flooded. we need help. >> oh, my god, they've got a baby. nancy: you won't believe what a complete stranger did before emergency crews arrived. jonathan: coming up later in the second half hour, royalty finding a common cause. a personal message from prince william and the queen of pop lady gaga
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nancy: police know who they want in a 2-year-old murder in maryland. a woman killed in a doughnut shop and her husband suspected of committing the crime. but the problem is he has been missing since then. brad bell is in millersville and today the f.b.i. upping the ante. brad: they upped the ante in a big way. this is the flier that puts bhadreshkumar chetanghai patel on the f.b.i. ten most wanted fugitive list. that means there is now $100,000 reward for information leading directly to his arrest. that means that his name and his likeness now circle the globe. a security camera captured the last moment of 21-year-old
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patel's life. the moment that -- captured the last moment of 21-year-old palak patel's life. the moment that her husband has not been seen since. the anne arundel county and the f.b.i. are now hoping that wherever he is, someone will see him and the face of his young wife and turn patel in. >> this is obviously a horrendous and a terribly violent crime. so that elevates the concern that there is an individual that conducted the level of violence and is still out in the community at large. brad: so the f.b.i. saying today that they will not rest until this man is brought in to custody. we are in millersville at the anne arundel county police headquarters where they announced he would be moving to the top ten most wanted fugitive list. when we come back at 6:00,
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have been the motive here and where the f.b.i. thinks it is possible that this man fled. in millersville, brad bell, abc7 news. jonathan: thank you very much. there is another man from maryland on the f.b.i. most wanted list. william bradford bishop jr. vanished after he was accused of killing his wife, sons and mother in 1976. that was in bethesda. a plea for a cigarette in a traffic stop could have ended badly for a police officer in georgia. i will show you why. check this out. it looks like a pack of cigarettes. it's not. it's a stun gun in disguise. see it? officers say the man they stopped kept asking to go back to his car to grab a cigarette but they did not let him. so after searching his car, the only cigarettes they found was that package right there that wasn't a cigarette at all. it was a stun gun. michelle: wow! so convincing. really looks like cigarettes. a woman from ohio is hailed a hero after helping to make a daring rescue in flash
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driving back to nashville with the newborn on sunday. it began to pour and then the car stalled. that's when a quick-thinking stranger came to their rescue. >> we were able to turn the battery off and on and get the window down. >> collapse the car seat, the handle. push him out of the window and gave him to a stranger. michelle: wow! the woman ran their son to safety. and then came back to help the couple. the car was totaled but no one was hurt. sandra patterson, the woman who helped them, said she is happy that she was in the right place at the right time. that is incredible to hear in a situation like that. she was able to get the child out of the car seat because the car seats can be tricky enough under normal circumstances. nancy: you have to think quick and move quick. jonathan: nice to see someone jump in so quickly to help. michelle: right. nancy: this is cool. check this out. >> three, two.
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one. zero. liftoff! nancy: a nasa delivery rocket paying tribute to john glenn as it brings supplies to the international space station. the unmanned rocket blasted off before 11:00 this morning carrying a commercial cargo ship named the s.s. john glenn. glenn became the first american to orbit the earth in 19662. nice day for it, too. jonathan: it's amazing how far the space program has come from when he first lifted off to now. that hookup with the international space station. doug: that is an atlas rocket. it's like the 142nd time it's been used. it's the workhorse of the rocket launches there. it's still incredible, every time i see it. nancy: the blast off! doug: this is the campus of georgetown. we saw kids on the ball field, too. so a beautiful a
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filling in. how bright green the yards are. head long to springtime. the temperatures are comfortable. the pollen count not so much. in the high range again for the tree pollen. oaks. pine. sycamore, and sweet gum. those are the leading producer of the tree pollen. grasses on the low end. mold spores in the moderate category today. through the everything, we will stay clear for a while. a few clouds later. increasingly cloudiness overnight and a drop in temperatures in the 60's. so between now and sunset, go enjoy yourself. tomorrow won't be as nice aesthetically. the clouds, the drizzle, light rain. that's murphing in the direction. here we are in the clear. we have lower levels in the south and the west. we have rain in the western suburbs and patchy light rain or drizzle for the area. this is the future cast. watch what happens in the balance of the morning. we
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light rain but more than likely drizzle in the afternoon and the evening with the winds off the ocean and the bay. the moisture is moving in from the west and the southwest. temperatures are cool. only in the low to mid-60's for the highs tomorrow afternoon. maybe fog tomorrow night. start the day on thursday. but then during the day we will break in sunshine. warm up to 82 degrees. the afternoon showers and the thunderstorms and a repeat performance on friday. a warm end to the work week. let's look ahead to the next ten days. 64 tomorrow. then jumping to 82 on thursday and friday. cooler for saturday and sunday. sunday looks like a rainy day. rain should end by early monday morning. clearing. warmup through tuesday. then we get to wednesday, thursday, friday. look at that. plenty of sunshine. a nice long stretch of dry and pleasant weather. not too warm, not too cool. just right is the way i see it. michelle: i agree. thank you, doug. still ahead at abc7 news -- plans to ease the commute on
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what is being considered before drivers have a chance to weigh in. scott: i'm scott taylor in the call for action room. if you have a consumer issue, we might have your answer. our phone bank opening up in
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call for action room. we will start our phone bank in a few moments. i want to introduce you to shirley who put this all together in this location years ago. you are still going strong. you guys all across the nation save $12 million a year for people. that is amazing. >> i think it's a lot more than that, actually, scott. i mean we will probably do that in this market alone. but we really do save a lot of money for consumers. people call us because first off they don't know where to turn. they don't have the answers. sometimes they don't have the power to get through. so we try to be an advocate for both sides. we don't take sides. we listen and we try to find a way to meet a resolution and find something fair to everyone. [phone ringing] scott: the phone is already starting to ring! you are teaming up with us and you have volunteers to help you out.
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we are a grass roots, local people and we are here to help you. that is the big thing. scott: thank you. shirley will be here all afternoon. "7 on your side" here as well teaming up with our terrific group of volunteers for call for action. all you have to do is start calling at :30. -- at 4:30. call for action all afternoon long. scott taylor, abc7 news. jonathan: thanks. still ahead for us at "abc7 news at 4:00" -- alex jones of "info wars" has been called conspiracy theorist. in a bitter custody battle his lawyer says what he really does is different. >> big changes for buses could be coming to route 1 in fairfax county. but the business owners worry it could put them out of business. that story is coming up. nancy: then new at 5:00, plans to widen interstate 270. we'll tell you where and for how much. plus -- >> an act of
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announcer: from abc7 news this is a breaking news alert. michelle: breaking news in california. we are learning that three people are dead following a shooting in fresno. it happened at a downtown bus stop near a catholic charity building. police say
4:30 pm
custody but they have not released any other details at this time. no word yet on a motive. we will continue to track it. jonathan: almost don't need to say it but commuting by car can be miserable, especially along busy route 1 in northern virginia. plans to widen the road could make it worse in the improvement project. >> the time for expansion has come. >> it has to be done. the traffic is here. too much traffic. they have to do something. >> kenneth roar, the owner of roar produce on route 1 not thrilled with the plan from ddot that could impact 200 residential and commercial properties like his. >> there is not room here for the widening of the road and the parking
4:31 pm
business. there is nowhere else to park. i'll be put out of business. >> it would mile three-mile stretch of route 1 to increase the road from four lanes total to six. it would leave space for is lanes that are solely dedicated to the bus traffic. construction is still more than five years away and vdot is only in the preliminary planning phase, some businesses are concerned they could feel the impact. cesar is manager of a long-time family restaurant. >> we can't lose the money. scary to think about it. >> clearly people who live and work in the area have questions about the project. they will start to get answers tonight at a presentation at mount vernon high school starting at 6:30. in fairfax county, jeff goldberg, abc7 news.
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wmata says the trains are much more reliable right now compared to this time last year. through the first three months, rail cars are traveling 70% farther before encountering a problem, averaging more than 80,000 miles. so far, 70% of the old 1000 series rail cars have been retired. nearly half of the 4,000 series cars have been removed from service as well. doug is back. boy, a beautiful day but the pollen feels like it is off the charts out there. we need to go to the car wash. doug: every time you clean your car off we get more pollen. it's the season for it. trees are a big story. it will be. it's beautiful out there. very, very nice. we hold on to the sunshine. the sun doesn't set before 8:00. 67 tonight. 60 at
4:33 pm
late tonight at 11:00 is 58 degrees. we'll pick up cloudiness at 11:00. then more cloudiness will move in. we have cloudy skies through the morning. especially 6:00 to 7:00, 8:00 in the morning. the lows range from 45 to 52. cloudy and a damp start with winds from the southeast that are coming from the atlantic and the chesapeake bay. cool at the bus stop with the clouds becoming lower and thicker. 53 at pickup time. 63 by dismissal. by then we have the clouds. maybe patches of light rain. patches of the drizzle just as likely. we head through the next few days on wednesday, you see the story 64. that is it for a high. thursday and friday, both days are similar. partly cloudy, muggy, low 80's with a chance of the thunderstorms. steve rudin will be here in 12 minutes to look at the next few days. that is it from the weather center. michelle: the phone lines are now open for you to call for action. the "7 o
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at the call for action office in rockville. call 301-652-4357. if you need help with a consumer problem and we might get you action. the phone lines again are open until 6:30. jonathan: this is interesting. do you know this guy here? that is alex jones. it's one of trump's top supporters and being called performance artist by his lawyer. he is a radio host and known for the conspiracy theories and now in the middle of a bitter custody battle. as amy aubert explains, jones' lawyer says the talk is part of the performance. >> i hope you can uncripple america. thank you, sir. amy: alex jones one of the biggest and the controversial supporters described as just playing a character. you might remember, the alt-right claimed that sandy hook was a hoax. >> sandy hook is a synthetic, completely fake with
4:35 pm
manufactured. >> also saying that 9/11 was an inside job. >> 98% chance this is a government orchestrated controlled bombing. i have been telling you this was going to happen. >> now his lawyer is saying jones is just playing a character, calling him a performance artist. this is in a pretrial custody hearing between jones and his ex-wife. reporter has been following the case for the paper. >> once of his lawyers -- one of his lawyers said to hold jones accountable for character he plays on-air would be like holding jack nicholson for the road he played "the joker" in "batman." >> his ex-wife says he broadcasts from home where the children can watch them. the judge saying it should be about what is best for the children. this is not about the info wars and i don't want it to be about info wars. abc news legal analyst dan abrams a good sign for jones.
4:36 pm
rayous thing is good for the ratings. it -- outrageous thing is good for the ratings. but saying really outrageous things did not help in the context of a custody battle. amy: amy aubert, abc7 news. michelle: "7 on your side" with a consumer alert. your snapchat filter is going 3d. the app launched the new feature that allows you to add sparkling rainbows or fields of flowers. jonathan: still ahead at "abc7 news at 4:00" -- didn't the u.k. just hold the elections leading to brexit? why is theresa may calling for a new one three years ahead of schedule? that is coming up. michelle: here is autria godfrey with a first look at "good morning washington" when you wake up on wednesday. >> thanks, michelle. tomorrow on "good morning washington," the six most important questions to ask before every doctor's appointment to cut down on
4:37 pm
>> plus, ever hear of "black twitter"? why it's become popular as a platform for social and the political activism. >> stay with us for traffic and weather every ten minutes
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4:39 pm
jonathan: this is fun. two loudoun valley high school students are making their mark on the pavement. >> they are twins. you are not se
4:40 pm
scott abraham takes us to the track for today's rising stars. scott: always racing against the clock. >> he is older by nine minutes. >> meet the morris twins. >> once we got to high school, she decided to do cross country. i was like okay, i'll do it, too. >> that turned out to be a good decision. the juniors are making some noise with their feet. >> you want always to do well or better than the sibling. to get a better place. >> pushing each other. this past fall, peter on the virginia 4a boys cross country championship while natalie finished second in the girls' race. >> next year we will go one-one for male/female. scott: they are late bloomers to the sport. they didn't start running until the freshman year of high school. the scary part is they haven't even come close to reaching the ceiling
4:41 pm
>> they are the true distance runners. i think they will strive when they get to college and run more mileage. scott: for the twins part, natalie needs more convincing. >> the best is yet to come. michelle: still at "abc7 news at 4:00" -- working together. we are talking about prince william and the queen of pop, lady gaga. >> we are not hiding anymore. >> it's time everyone speaks up. michelle: the common cause and the message to break the stigma of mental illness ahead. jonathan: but first, tensions rising on the korean peninsula. the latest message sent by the u.s. military to our adversaries and the
4:42 pm
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scott: i'm scott taylor. welcome back to the call for action command center. we are here. "7 on your side." taking calls now if you have a cons
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301-652-4357. if a company has wronged you and you think you have a deal that didn't come through or the company didn't help you in the hend, give us a call. we will be here all afternoon long. 301-652-4357. jonathan: thanks. president trump's tensions with korea seem to escalate and they are promising that the missile tests will continue on weekly basis. megan hughes has the latest. >> president trump talking about the domestic obstacles facing a nuclear showdown half a world away. the resolve could not be stronger. >> president trump said the u.s. couldn't police the world >> pan might need to obtain its own nuclear arsenal. >> at so
4:46 pm
say you know what? we are better off if japan protects itself against the maniac in north korea. >> the threat has called the president to shift posture toward china. on the campaign trail -- >> we can't continue to allow china to rape our country. that is what they are doing. >> after the leading in mar-a-largo with the chinese president, president trump tells fox news. >> what am i going to do? start a trade war in china with him working on a bigger problem with north korea? >> the missile test was a failure but a reckless provocation. >> i think ratcheting up the issue and the pressure is important
4:47 pm
>> tonight we expect to hear more about the u.s. military role in the region. they will visit the service members on board the uss ronald reagan in tokyo bay. michelle: ivanka trump's brand seeing major success. the first daughter's company has won four trademarks and applied for nine new trademarks around the world. now a stunning request from theresa may. an early general election. by early we are talking years. the next scheduled general election is set for 2020. may says that the successful early election would give her government a mandate in the talks to leave european union. jonathan: voting is underway right now ing
4:48 pm
congressional district. that is a nice suburb of atlanta. this is all to replace republican tom price now the secretary of the health and human service in president trump's cabinet. the democrats hope to turn it blue for the first time in decades. jon ossoff is leading the polls but needs a majority to avoid the runoff against the second place finisher, likely a republican. "7 on your side" now with the health managers. vending machines in montgomery county will soon offer a bigger selection of the healthy snacks. they required that they be half stocked with the snacks that meet the low sugar, salt and the fat levels set by the heart association. we want to update you on this. the phoenix veterans affair hospital scandal. v.a. is making it easier for veterans to receive healthcare when they need it. partnership will reduce the strain of the hospitals by allowing veterans who need the care to receive treatment at some phoenix area clinics.
4:49 pm
the result of the pilot program will be part of a report on reducing the wait times due out in fall. michelle: "7 on your side." subaru recalling 33,000 brand new cars. there is a fuel problem with the 2017 imbreza which can cause the car to stall without warning. they will have trouble restarting the car to make it dangerous for everyone on the road. so far no crashes or injuries reported. post holdings, the company behind fruity pebbles and honey bunches of oats and other cereals are buying a big brand familiar in the u.k. wheatabix. it's for just under $2 billion. part of the plan will bring it to the united states. today is tax day. if you didn't know it, you are in big trouble. jonathan: you are
4:50 pm
prost crate nowhere thinking you have -- procrastinator, thinking there is time. there are plenty of freebies to take advantage. lindsey mastis has tax day deals. lindsey: you want to treat yourself. how about a free cookie? great american cookie is giving away a free birthday cookie. you might want a beer. world of beer offering what it calls a beer refund. $5 off the select beer. quizno's is giving people 40% off the orders. noodles and company has $ off of $10 if you order online. chuck e. cheese has a buy one, get one pizza. if that is not your thing, well, kids can eat free at hooters. back to you. michelle: steve wants to go to chuck e. cheese. you are too old. i'm saying. steve: don't age yourself. michelle: i'm old. jonathan: stay right here, you have a good time and report back. get on the
4:51 pm
maybe go in the area where they have the balls, that is always fun. michelle: one member of law enforcement is slimy. they posted photos on facebook as the lizard sworn in as an officer. jonathan: this is a long-running joke from april fool's day. that didn't happen. more than a thousand statues seen for first time in 3,000 years. a stunning discovery in egypt by the nile river. ten sarcafagus found in a tomb. they believe it was built for a judge between 1500 and 1,000 b.c. the archaeologists aren't even done dig something they hope to find more.
4:52 pm
share with you. amazing. keep digging and they keep finding things. they found a pyramid they think. michelle: the one with smooth sides. steve: amazing. cool stuff. tomorrow we have a complete u-turn for the other direction. we need the rain. if you are suffering from the allergies. a little will go a long way. satellite and radar from stormwatch7 7. no problems now. to the south and the west of us. we have the shower activity to advance toward north and east. by this time tomorrow. so wetter weather on the way. this evening, the outdoor plans are okay. the cloud cover will bring us
4:53 pm
showers tomorrow. the highs tomorrow around 64. the allergies if you are suffering from the allergies. high category for the trees. the temperatures in the 70's. there is better weather on the day. the daytime highs will make it into the lower 80's. temperatures in the upper 40's. we look for the shower activity on and off moving through the mid-morning hours and into the afternoon. get a check of traffic. jonathan? jonathan: thank you, steve. coming up next for us at "abc7 news at 4:00" -- royalty teaming up. prince william and the queen of pop lady gaga. >> even though it was hard, it was the best thing that could come out of my mental
4:54 pm
jonathan: the message for friends, family and anyone
4:55 pm
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room dvr service for two years. and verizon wireless customers can stream tv on the fios mobile app, data-free. get the best. go to michelle: prince william and lady gaga are teaming up to help break down barriers when it comes to mental health. for some it comes to a stigma. for the royal family and super star, it's a person
4:57 pm
face-time chat between the queen of pop and the british prince. >> hello, prince william. >> hello, lady gaga. >> earlier, they chatted mental health. >> the little bit i have learned so far is the case of it's important to have the conversation. >> prince william on the power of a conversation with a friend or family on her own pstd after she suffered a sexual assault. >> it was the best thing to come out of my mental illness was to share it with other people and let the generation and the other generations know if you are feeling not well, you are not alone. >> the two agreed to do more to eliminate the stigma surrounding mental health issues. lady gaga planning a trip to the u.k. in october and the prince suggesting they tackle the iss
4:58 pm
>> we are not hiding anymore. we are starting to talk. that is what we need to do. >> it is time for everybody to speak up. it feels normal about the mental health. >> prince william giving another interview on the subject today saying there may be a time and a place for that stiff upper lip, but not at the expense of your health. yesterday, prince harry spoke candidly about the battle of depression after the death of their mother. molly hunter, abc news, london. larry: tonight, without warning. a massive degree branch comes crashing down steps from the capitol. the man who died on the job. a plan to ease pain on the area's busiest highways from end to end. cardiac caps. >> it gets disappointing to be a caps fan year after year. larry: what the other guys are doing more celebrating. time to hit playoffs panic
4:59 pm
button? >> now "abc7 news at 5:00". on your side. >> oh. >> the crews catching this video of a branch falling less than an hour after a man was killed by another branch on capitol hill. this is happening at the long worth house office building at the intersection of the independence and the new jersey avenue. that is where sam ford is tonight. sam? sam: at 9:is a a big branch of -- 9:15 when a big branch collapsed to crush the capitol grounds worker, a pipefitter on the irrigation pipe. the tree described by the architect employees at 7 o to 80 year -- 70 to 80 years old. mcclanahan was rushed to the hospital where he later died. an hour yeah after the first collapse -- hour and a half after the first collapse another piece of the tree went down. the police kept everyone away from the
5:00 pm
discuss how to take down the rest of the tree. tourists and the passer by stopped to look. >> the oldest brother has had the two tree tragedies in his own backyard. in the last two days. >> one of those things that is a freak of nature. the tree gets to a certain age. the branches give way. >> with news that the ground worker died, the house speaker paul ryan issued a statement of condolence for matthew mcclanahan's wife and two children. the loss is so sudden and unimaginable. i asked my colleagues and everyone in the capitol community to keep the loved ones in your thoughts and prayers. the architect of the capitol web site writes that there are 890 trees in the megablock that holds the capitol. there are signs on what type. the question is why did one fall apart today. >> we are live.


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