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tv   America This Morning  ABC  April 19, 2017 4:00am-4:30am EDT

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making news in america this morning, breaking overnight results just coming in from another high-profile special election. a 30-year-old democrat nearly winning outright. some calling it a wake-up call for the republicans while president trump claims victory in a tweet. why this race is so important in a live report. a health scare for former president george h.w. bush hospitalized for the second time this year. what doctors are saying. the new report saying bill o'reilly's days are numbered at fox. amid new harassment allegations. the outline of a man's iphone seared into his side. how he got those second-degree burns.
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we do say good morning to earn. i'm kendis gibson. >> and i'm erielle reshef. the special election that captivated president trump and others is headed to a runoff. >> john ossoff came close to an outright victory and janai norman is tracking it. >> reporter: good morning. that seat became vacant when president trump tapped representative tom price to lead the department of health and human services. some believe this could serve as an early gauge for republicans ahead of midterm elections. democrats hoped for a knockout in the battle royale over georgia's 6st congressional district looking for the one-two punch to take the long republican held seat and offer a sign of strength among voters who oppose president trump. >> president trump embarrasses our country or acts recklessly i'll hold him accountable. >> reporter: but young democrat john ossoff came up short against a
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failing to reach the 50% threshold to win the 18-candidate primary outright. now headed tore a june runoff against leading republican karen handel. >> we need someone in congress who is going to be serious about getting the job done. >> reporter: president trump offered his support raging on twitter that ossoff would be a disaster in congress and recording this fine message. >> liberal democrats from outside of georgia are spending millions and millions of dollars trying to take your republican congressional seat away from you. don't let them do it. >> reporter: ossoff's make trump furious campaign fired up the president's critics. records show democrats from out of state poured in $8 million worth of support and overnight the president taking credit for ossoff's marginal loss tweeting despite major outside money fake media support and 11 republican candidates, big "r" win with runoff in georgia. glad to be of help but the
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aide is already looking ahead to june. >> let's show what people power is all about. >> reporter: and numbers overnight show the leading republican karen handel with just under 20% of the vote. ossoff had just over 40%. kendis and erielle, that's more than the four leading republicans combined. >> so a showdown on june 20th there, janai, thank you. breaking overnight the white house says it has started a full review of the iran nuclear deal. >> but in a somewhat surprising admission, the trump administration says iran is complying with the obama era agreement that donald trump railed against during the campaign. in a letter to congress announcing the review secretary of state rex tillerson says iran remains a leading state sponsor of terrorism. also overnight vice president mike pence issuing another warning to north korea. pence addressed troops aboard the "uss ron nall reagan" south
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response to nuclear weapons and assured japan the u.s. is hoping for a peaceful resolution. >> the united states of america will always seek peace, but under president trump the shield stands guard and the sword stands ready. >> pence added that the trump administration would continue to work with allies to apply economic and diplomatic pressure on north korea. we're learning this morning the aircraft carrier that president trump referred to when he said he was sending an armada to deter north korea was nowhere near the korean peninsula. it turns out the "uss vinson" was 3,000 miles away heading in the opposite direction for joint exercises with the u.s. navy. it was difficult to roll back the story with the president playing up the use of force. the ship is now on course and expected to arrive next week. and the president is promising to make sure that more products are stamped with the words made in
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president trump signed his buy american hire american executive order at a wisconsin tool factory looking to reform the h1b visa program for highly skilled foreign workers and would aggressively make sure american labor is hired to do those jobs. former president george h.w. bush remains in a hospital for observation admitted several days ago with a persistent to have that wouldn't let him get enough rest, a recurrence of the pneumonia that sent him to the hospital in january. his spokesman says the 92-year-old is in good spirits and had lunch with bill clinton last week. investigators say a triple murder in fresno, california, was soelgly based on race. cory ali muhammad is charged in the rampage through the city's downtown. all the victims white men. police say muhammad told him he wanted to kill as many white people as possible and shouted an arabic phrase when arrested raising thoughts of terrorism. police say, however, that's not the motive.
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>> he yelled out ali akbar as he was seated in the backseat. based on the information we have been provided this is solely based on race. >> muhammad is charged in a fourth murder from last week. he admitted to that killing, police say. his criminal history dates back more than a decade. it includes making terroristic threat. residents of galveston, texas, are mopping up again this morning. nearly a foot of rain fell in just a few hours flooding more than four dozen homes. some roads were closed because of the flash floods and a school district canceled classes yesterday. residents say they can't remember anything like this. well, still ahead new guidelines about who should be taking statins to lower cholesterol. new details about the oklahoma deputy killed in the line of duty. what investigators say he did even after being shot. plus, how doctors say a man received second-degree burns from his iphone.
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this procession for a fallen law enforcement officer in oklahoma, deputy david wade killed in the line of duty in a shoot-out and investigators say a man -- say the man shot and killed wade as the deputy served an eviction notice in an oklahoma city suburb. the 40-year-old is an army veteran and leaves behind a wife and three children. one of his children is currently serving in the military. the logan county sheriff says wade continued to fire at the suspect even after he was shot. >> deputy wade lived, yeah, he lived like a warrior and died like one. you know, he gave his life
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don't think you can have a bigger honor than that. >> authorities arrested the accused shooter, investigators say the eviction notice being served was not for the suspect and there was no motive in that shooting. it could be weeks before authorities in colorado know what caused a deadly house explosion. charred debris is being cleared near the scene near denver. the remains of two men have been removed from the home. they were installing a hot water heater at the time of the blast and a woman critically injured and a young boy who was hurt has been treated and released from the hospital. the ncaa has ended its boycott of the state of north carolina. the change comes nearly three weeks after the state repealed part of the so-called bathroom bill that affected lgbt protections and the ncaa canceled championship events scheduled in north carolina after the measure was passed including the men's basketball tournament. boycotts were expected to cost the state billions.
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out of a job. "the wall street journal" is reporting that fox is preparing to cut ties with o'reilly has pressure mounts over sexual harassment allegations and settlement and another accuser comes forward. protesters have been rallying outside the fox news headquarters while o'reilly is on vacation and a 21st century fox meeting may finalize an exit agreement in the next few days. we're learning about what hillary clinton said to president obama on the phone on election night. the new book "shattered" details the moment secretary clinton n conceded the election to donald trump. she said congratulations, donald. then it was time to speak to president obama. according to the book she said, mr. president, i'm sorry. when we come back we're learning the final moments in that massive manhunt for the so-called facebook killer. how mcdonald's employees used fries to help take them down. rude
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wisconsin cheeseheads may be weeping this morning after this tractor trailer caught fire in suburban milwaukee. it was carrying 20,000 pounds of cheese all reduced to a gooey mess in a store parking lot. the drivers saw that it was on fire and quickly unhooked the cab. no one was hurt. in wisconsin and much of the north the problem will be water on the roads, not cheese, but water. wet roads also likely in east texas and the carolinas and flooding in the plains. if you're flying airport delays are most likely in minneapolis, kansas city, chicago and detroit. the manhunt in the so-called facebook killing came to an end thanks in part to the staff at a fast food restaurant. >> authorities say
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being tracked down in an erie, pennsylvania, mcdonald's. a worker recognized him after he pulled up into the drive-through and the owner came up with a lie to keep stephens there until police arrived. >> i pulled my front drive-through girl out of the window and had myself and my supervisor present at the window and basically just told him it was going to be a minute for his fries which it wasn't. we were trying to make sure she got in contact with the state police. >> stephens shot himself during a car chase with troopers. a daughter of his alleged victim says she's not happy he's dead. she wanted him to face his crime. it's still not clear if those mcdonald's workers will get some of the $50,000 reward. it turns out no one at united airlines will be fired following that flight fiasco in which a doctor was dragged from his seat. ceo oscar munoz also says that there was never consideration given to firing anyone. he calls the whole thing
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system failure and says united is changing policies to make sure it never happens again. and adidas is apologizing for its own mistake. it sent an e-mail with this subject line, congrat, you are survived the boston marathon. it was sent to those who finished monday's race and prompted outrage coming four years after the deadly bombing near the finish line. in its apology adidas says clearly there was no thought given to the e-mail's wording. a new study about statins say many more should take them. about 39 million take the cholesterol fighting drugs. researchers say they can lower the chance of a heart attack by 36%. that new study suggests as many as 26 million more americans should be on statins based on guidelines from top advisory groups. that would mean nearly half of americans between the ages of 40 and 75 would be taking a statin but, of course, check with your doctor. a man in texas says he suffered a severe burn from a iphone and he has the evinc
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to prove it. luke got into a pool with his iphone so he tried drying it out in a container of rice. the phone still did not work so he went to bed with the phone and rolled over on it giving him that second-degree burn, he says and reported the incident to apple. so far no republican response from the company. surveillance video shows a burglar making himself at home at preschool after entering through an unlocked window in what almost looks like his jammies. he helped himself to some snacks then as you do in preschool he took a nap. just like the regulars at clara's little lambs preschool then when the sun came up, he climbed back out the window with his two bags of loot. police are still looking for him. maybe he's napping somewhere. >> he couldn't fit in the crib so we imagine somewhere else. in last night's stanley cup playoffs, the rangers, blue jackets and sharks were winners. >> the nba playoffs and highlights from espn. >> g
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"sportscenter" from los angeles. i'm stan verrett. guess it's just me. bulls and the celtics, one of three nba games on tuesday. the celtics lost game one at home. bulls trying to take a commanding 2-0 lead on the road. isaiah thomas dealing with the loss of his sister before the playoffs began. and the celtics not at their best once again, jimmy butler, 22 points for him in this game. thomas had 20 points but gets that one blocked and rondo nearly had a triple-double and the buts up 2-0 on the celtics now as the series shifts to chicago for game three. clippers in the same situation trying not to go down 0-2 at home. the jazz without rudy gobert. at center and blake griffin taking advantage getting into the lane. he had 24 points. chris paul creating space for the jumper. he had 21 points and 10 assists.
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deandre jordan, 18 points and 15 rebounds as griffin knocks that one down. that one really helped put it away. steve ballmer digging it and clippers even the series 99-91 as they head to utah. on tuesday the raptors even their series with bucks. game three coming up as that shifts to milwaukee. that's it from here. back to you. >> all right, appreciate it. up next in "the pulse." remember this family. the kids who interrupted an interview. wait until you hear what they're up to now. >> how could you forget them? the missing wallet found after nearly 60 years. on our facebook page a story getting a lot of shares. what landed richard simmons in the hospital. on
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♪ we're going to start your wednesday "pulse" with the family who gained instant internet fame. you remember this in how could you forget. the viral video when a professor's children famously interrupted him during a live bbc interview. now there will be a cartoon based on this family. >> so, the show follows the globe-trotting misadventures of a young girl named mina, her baby brother jack and her dad a united nations official. the real-life family is totally on board. tennis matches are known for interesting noises, grunting and groaning but it was a little different at a florida match. >> now, mind you the score was 15-0 and it became obvious that a whole lot of loving was going on nearby. shall we call them sex
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>> oh, the irony. >> lasting several minutes interrupting the match. a mom in the audience trying to cover the ears of her young son. the noise is heard on the tv broadcast. the announcer and player reacting like this. >> well, that is the most bizarre situation. what is going on? >> it can't be that good. [ laughter ] >> he said it can't be that good. who nows. officially the announcer said he thought it was an adult video being played on someone's phone. >> one guy on twitter said, i live with three roommates. we've all been there before. >> all right. so, you never know what lost wallets will show up. >> one woman in washington state lost hers in the late '50s and it just showed up this week. it was found lodged in a drainpipe of a macy's store being demolished in spokane. >> inside were i.d. cards, credit cards, receipts,
4:24 am
stamps, amazingly preserved. the piece of history is actually now being sent to her family, but just imagine her reaction getting all of that back. >> yeah, all those mementos you thought you lost forever even the most basic ones. so special. >> like a time capsule. all right. we can't find anything around here. if i leave it in a cab. >> we're fordeathful on this show. what can we say? >> more news after this.up withd morning washington. it's april 19th, and we made it to hump day. but before we make it to the weekend-- we will may have to deal with some severe weather. good morning washington. toss to eileen - cloudy & cool today - warm & humid tomorrow - cooler/unsettled weekend (rainy sunday) today: mostly cloudy & cooler. isolated showers. highs: 60-64 winds: sse 5 mph tonight: mostly cloudy with patchy fog. isolated showers,
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thursday: partly sunny. warm and humid. isolated pm thunderstorm. highs: 80-85 winds: s 5 mph right now-- police say they have
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who attacked and robbed a metro rider on easter sunday. this- afte metro released a poster and high-def video of the suspects. police say the group was riding on a northbound train near wheton when they demanded another rider's cell phone. and when he didn't hand it over, they beat him. investigators say it's almost impossible to commit a crime on a metro train, and not get caught on camera. "it makes you feel more secure, there's a check on criminal behavior.i ride it almost every day, and i've never had any issues."
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victim's credit card. police are investigating whether the group is tied to any other crimes. in the day ahead, the man convicted of killing former new orleans saints star will smith will learn his fate today. cardell hayes was found guilty of fatally shooting smith during a road rage incident. a jury rejected the prosecution's push for a second-degree murder verdict, which would have meant a mandatory life sentence. the d.a. is now pushing for the judge to sentence hayes to 60-years behind bars. today-- the judge will also hear arguments on a motion seeking a new trial. developing now... a judge in massachusetts has ordered the man... accused of killing a jogger... held on ten-million dollars bail. angelo colon-ortiz pleaded not guilty to attacking vanessa marcotte, last august. police arrested him over the weekend after investigators said -- they linked his d-n-a to the crime scene. defense attorneys expect colon-ortiz, who does not speak
4:28 am
english, to be charged with murder in the coming weeks. investigators say -- colon-ortiz was a delivery driver and familiar with the area where marcotte was murdered. a major search effort resumes this morning in canyon national park-- after a mother and son fall into a creek. the pair lost their footing on saturday during a family trip and were swept away in the creek's water. loved ones are hoping the two are on a boulder or found a cave for shelter. crews are now using drones and helicopters to aid in the search. the jokers jinx roller coaster will be back open today at six flags in upper marlboro. the ride stalled last week- leaving 24 people stranded for hours! no one was injured. a spokeswoman for the park says technicians fixed a problem with a wheel on the train - and inspectors cleared the ride to resume.
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it's xx and we're just getting started. breaking news-- a special election in georgia-- in the national spotlight. why the race has everyone, including president trump, talking this morning. good morning washington. washington. - cloudy & cool today - warm & humid tomorrow - cooler/unsettled weekend (rainy sunday) today: mostly cloudy & cooler. isolated showers. highs: 60-64 winds: sse 5 mph tonight: mostly cloudy with patchy fog. isolated showers, especially nw. lows: 52-58 winds: s 5 mph thursday: partly sunny. warm and humid. isolated pm thunderstorm. highs: 80-85 winds: s 5 mph
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also breaking overnight. a special election in


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