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tv   ABC7 News at 4  ABC  April 19, 2017 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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extremely rare. thankfully the one at the white oak apartment complex was thwarted. two boys, 8 and 9-year-old cousins were on a play ground here. i was easter sunday around 7:00 in the evening. that is when the officers say jemberu geda grabbed both boys' wrists and tries to bring them back to his apartment. the 37-year-old allegedly promised the boys food and drinks and described wanting to account play." the boys broke free of the grip, ran home and told the parents. the police later spotted geda standing on his back patio and they arrested him. he reportedly walking on the playground and exposing himself. residents are disgusted. one neighbor who didn't care to show her face on camera called geda a weirdo. >> he is looking -- any visitor i have, they alwa
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guy? i said i don't know. he's just like that. i mind my own. i don't know what's wrong with him. kevin: geda that neighbors tell us lives alone is charged with attempted abduction and indecent exposure. they are worried he victimized other children. live in silver spring, kevin lewis, abc7 news. jonathan: thanks. a week after beating a double murder charge, ex-nfl star aaron hernandez was found dead in his prison cell overnight. officials with the department of corrections say it's an apparent suicide. as we report, hernandez's attorney is launching his own investigation. >> guilty of murder in the fist-degree or guilt of murder in the second-degree. >> not guilty. reporter: days after he was found not guilty for the 2012 murder of two men, aaron hernandez used a bed sheet to hang himself in his jail cell. it happened here at a maximum security
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was serving a life sentence for murdering his friend odin lloyd, a semi-professional football player dating his fiance's sister. they say there was no sign he would try to hurt himself. >> it was a shock for me. reporter: a sheriff who knew hernandez from another facility is surprised to learn of his death. >> i have known him to be in complete control. reporter: he rose to flame as an all-american tight end playing for university of florida winning the 2009 national championship. he played for the patriots from 2010 to 2012. the team cut hernandez in 2013 following his arrest for lloyd's murder. now the attorney for hernandez promising a state investigation. a senate senator pointing for a bigger problem in the state prison. >> massachusetts has among the highest suicide rates for prisoners and correction officers. reporter: his former teammates not commenting spending the
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president trump. according to reports, legal technicalities may mean he died an innocent man because they had not arrested all the appeal options. nancy: a lot of reaction online from the death. lindsey mastis has that side of the story from the newsroom. lindsey: some of his former colleagues in the nfl are expressing the condolences not just for him but for everyone affected by his actions. former football safety gerald alexander who writes, "tragic story of a man's life decisions who affected so many families including his own." max garcia of the denver broncos and former gator writes "condolences to the hernandez family. they have endured plenty the last few years." stallworth who once played with the patriots write, "many are ecstatic about aaron taking his life, let's not forget about the sweet little 4-year-old baby who has to grow up with
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"sports illustrated" tweeted a quote from editorial today that says, "spare no sympathy for hernandez who was blessed with rare ability and potential but left a swath of ruined lives." nancy: that was lindsey mastis reporting. there is breaking news to pass along. bill o'reilly vacation from fox news now a permanent one. they announced that o'reilly and they agreed to part ways. this is the same day a "hollywood reporter" published a storying saying another woman has come forward accusing o'reilly of sexual harassment. many of advertisers cut ties after the reports. michelle: we are tracking a developing story on capitol hill today where big changes are expected to happen now that republican congressman shafe shafe shafe announced -- jason chaffetz announced he won't seek re-election. he is the chairman of the powerful house oversight committee. he said there is
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motive. >> i spend 1,500 nights away from my family. time to re-calibrate. michelle: he said he won't run for any other office next year. jonathan: the battle of the congressional seat in georgia isn't over yet. democratic candidate and political unknown jon ossoff shocked many in the red state receiving 48% of the vote despite being in a field of republicans. the efforts weren't enough. it's now headed for a runoff and analysts says it looks bad for president trump. >> the fact this was a squeaky, narrowly beating the '% margin is not good for trump. in this su purr been a republican district is trump brand isn't selling. jonathan: president trump doesn't agree with that and he took credit for what he called a win for the big "r" on twitter. ossoff will face karen handle in a head-to-head raceo
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20. the seat was tom price who left to head health and human services. nancy: the trump administration is doubling down to the allies. vice president mike pence spoke to the u.s. and the japanese troops aboard to uss ronald reagan in tokyo pledging to stand against north korea and any other threat. pence called north korea the most urgent and the dangerous threat to peace in the area. >> the enemies of our freedom and this alliance will do well. not to test the resolve of the president or the capabilities of the armed forces of the united states of america. and our allies. michelle: this is part of a ten-day trip to asia. most of the conversation has been focused on north korea. michelle: president trump is going to deliver the commencement address at the coast guard academy next month on may 17 in new london, connecticut. the president typically delivers the commencement speech at one of the u.s. military service academies. it
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commencement address this year. he is scheduled to speak with the graduating class at liberty university in virginia on may 13. jonathan: well, a bit cooler outside today. the rest of the week and we actually saw rain this morning. chief meteorologist doug hill is in the stormwatch7 weather center. it wanted to rain but just wouldn't happen. doug: not much at all. drizzled and the patchy fog tonight. tomorrow and friday we will bounce back to summer. this is the view at hyatt regency out of tysons. gray. look at the numbers. we have the southerly winds so we are locked in a humid air mass. 26 in washington. 61 in warrenton and leesburg. 58 in baltimore. through the evening we are watching patches of the light rain. we need fog for the late night and early tomorrow morning. temperaturestemperatures will dd hold in the 50's through the overnight. through the day tomorrow, maybe fog. we will break in sunshine. warm to 81 with the scattered
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in the afternoon. more significant changes to the weekend weather pattern. we check that and the next ten days in ten minutes. nancy? nancy: thank you. new plans on expanding 270 in maryland. brianne carter is live in potomac after governor hogan unveiled the plans today. hey, brianne. brianne: hey there. right now things looking good but this road 270 has been called the most congested in the state. the governor revealing plans to take it to go. reducing delays for drivers. >> it will save commuters 30 minutes just on their morning commute. between i-270 and 495. brianne: he announced this fall they will begin on a project to break the bole
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270. as we first reported tuesday, it includes 23 new lane miles. metered ramps, cameras and sensors to optimize traffic flow. >> improvements are not a magic fix or the only solution. they will provide noticeable relief to congestion. brianne: however the action committee for transit says the plan suspected innovative and it won't fix backup. hoping for more robust ideas, today, the montgomery county counsel gave governor hogan this letter asking for additional improvements like expanded h.o.v. lanes and he versable hot lanes. >> my for and reversible hot lanes. >> my fear is after the governor will say done. no, it's not done. it's only just begun.
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this is part of the $450 million dollars invested in montgomery county in transit. this project expected to be completed in 2019. reporting live, brianne carter, abc7 news. michelle: after nearly two years of construction, the new onramp from the massachusetts avenue to i-395 south is set to open on saturday. that means the onramp at third street will close. it should improve traffic flow and be safer for the pedestrians and the bicyclists. we have a closer look at 5:00? president trump talked about public-private partnerships to revamp the nation's infrastructure. still ahead for us a local project that could set the standard. nancy: plus, you have seen the video of them exploding in people's pockets. find out what the f.d.a. wants to do about the electronic cigarettes. michelle: later, what has the press corps taking pause in sean spicer's daily briefing?
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outside the white house. but will it make minds change in the white house? we will explain in
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jonathan: "7 on your side" with a consumer alert. investigation in a data breach in a major hotel span seems to be expanding. the international continental hotels announced problems at a doesen in february. now it's up to 1,200
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i.h.g. owns crown plaza, candlewood and tempton hotels around the world able they say the hackers did install malware on the payment processing systems. nancy: the largest airline in the middle east is cutting bans. emirate is reducing it to five. orlando, boston, seattle, los angeles will be impacted. michelle: the trump administration has been underfire for the plans to drop out of the paris accord and gut the environmental protection agency. today a small group of protesters gathered outside the us who in the march for science. rich is live outside the white house to explain. rich? richard: a small protest this morning. several dozen people. precursor to a larger protest this weekend.
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they are urging the president to take climate change seriously and not roll back on the environmental regulations. they are mixed in among the visitors at the white house. three dozen protesters in support of the action on the climate change. this is as trump and his staff consider whether or not to join in on the paris climate accord. that would allow the country to set own goals for reducing the carbon dioxide emissions for climate change. in the campaign the president tweeted out that climate change is a hoax, perpetuated by the chinese. an argument made by scott pruitt is it's changing but unclear how much the man made emissions play a role. it would hurt the energy. >> we have responsibility of the footprint on the earth. we shold
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because the resources are limit -- stewards because the resources are limit and it's our planet. >> the march for science is expected to draw 150,000 people. coming up at 5:00, more on both sides of the argument including the opponents to the paris accord who says it could cost the u.s. trillions of dollars. live from the white house, richard reeve, abc7 news. nancy: thank you. today, d.c. attorney general announcing the city is joining five others attorneys general in a lawsuit to defend federal lightbulb regulations. the national electrical manufacturers association is suing the department of energy about the latest energy efficiency regulations. attorney general says the common sense regulations save energy and money. jonathan: this is an odd one. people in the florida panhandle are seeing spots. the state department of the environmental protection wants to know why. it's not something they see with their eyes. it's all around them. dozens show the brown spots on boats and air
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one man said the spot ate through the clear top coat of the hood of the s.u.v. so far the environmental investigators checked the industrial facilities nearby and they have not found signs of potential source. that would be damaging and frustrating. michelle: a mystery there. nancy: absolutely. doug: not good. michelle: today is gloomy today. jonathan: our spots were wet spots on the ground. doug: a couple of brown spots but not due to pollution. jonathan: sharing too much, doug. we have talked to you about this. nancy: the magic of tv. doug: happy grandpa. we do the flip. here is what we have had. tomorrow and friday we are back in the 80's again and then really chilly by late in the weekend. jonathan: perfect. doug: can't make up the mind. this is a time lapse. it's 59 degrees. look at the clouds. overcast day. this was from earlier this morning. see how much sunshine we had today. i'll tell you in a second. zero acr
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not much rain. we saw it on the radar. here is a group of showers but not much more than a sprinkle. that didn't help the drought or wash out this. grass still in the low range but that time is coming. probably early may, we'll pick up the grass pollen in the air. this is what i mean. the patches of rain. by they are not amounting to much at all. more chances. calling for the patchy late rain and drizzle. there is a change underway. we will start to see things brighten up and turn partly sunny. temperatures are 80-81. friday is similar with the partly sunny skies but it is about the timing of the cold front depending how
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we may or may not have the showers or the thunderstorms in the area. the thought is the farther south and the east you are from washington, the lower by a and the middle peninsula, it might have a better chance. heating up for the afternoon to see shower or am to. then we look west. a significant storm system. this is looking like a rainy day with the potential of a soaker. we could get substantial rainfall. 82 tomorrow. a chance of showers and storms friday and 82. then you will see things up and down. 90% chance of rain for friday. then it will improve next week. then it looks good. mid-to-upper 70's. >> i like that it's n
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doug: the timing, by monday it's nice. i know. nancy: monday is fun day. look at that. michelle: coming up at 4:00, why it will take three men to do this woman's job once she leaves the police department. nancy: but first, what richard simmons says to the
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nancy: new information today about former president george h.w. bush's health. a folksperson for the family says the 41st president is recovering from a mild case of pneumonia. the 92-year-old was admit friday after he couldn't shake a cough. he had pneumonia last year as well. michelle: richard simmons says he is not missing, he is just under the weather. he thanked everyone to what has shown concern and sent good wishes. that is the fist public comment since he spoke to entertainment tonight last year. he has been out of the public eye for three years sparking questions about his well being and a podcast about missing richard richard simmons. jonathan: every year
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united states 50,000 children with autism turn 18 years old. we will look at the challenges that the families face when the children become adults. jennifer gilbert reports for sinclair cares. in the basement of his home, he reflects on the major league career. but his role as a dad brought him struggles. he and his wife have four grown children, including mason who just turned 25 and still needs help shaving. mason has autism. taking care of him is a full-time job. >> if we didn't have a day program we wouldn't
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life. >> good morning. >> thank you. >> he spends his days at a day program that provides young doesn'ts with autism job training. to help transition to the real world. there is a stark reality that every family faces. >> there is a world in autism falling off the cliff. >> when the service and the support available to the school age children are gone. there is another reality. mason's transition to adult life bring its own challenges. his part-time job gives him independence. but it isn't easy. for every child with autism there is the question about the future. >> what happens to him when
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that is many parent's biggest fear. >> for sinclair cares i'm jennifer gilbert reporting. michelle: coming up at 4:00, the videos are all over the internet. find out how they want to stop the e-cigarette explosions. >> the express lanes are a success story in the area but there are questions whether it can translate to a national infrastructure plan. answers coming up. nancy: at 5:00, it is almost grab season. just
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jonathan: something we are getting in newsroom, after months of protest, workers at dulles and reagan airport are getting a raise. they voted today to require companies that do business at the airport to pay a base salary in january. it will go up 20 cents in 2019. another 60 cents after that. michelle: the fire on interstate 85 in georgia raised questions about the state of the nation's infrastructure. but how to proceed to fix all the roads and bridges is a big question.
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the answer could be in your backyard. >> a few years ago paid express lanes and the hot lanes were unfamiliar to many drivers. some stay away. >> it's ridiculous how it's expensive in the rush hour. >> it works. >> president trump called for $1 trillion infrastructure plan where the public private partnerships are expected to play a major role. as the traffic increases so, too, are the hot lanes. it's more profit for workers. >> transportation analyst is an adviser to the white house on the infrastructure plan says while the public private model works well in densely polllated areas it's not the case in
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traffic. where a private investment won't benefit a private company. >> thigh have to support the facility to get their money back. make a profit. >> one more complication that is sure to be difficult to get past congress. jonathan: president trump is supposed to speak to the nasa on monday. gibson will mark her 535th day in space. while sean spicer says it will elp for women to pursue careers in science and math. michelle: nasa today with what winter looks like on mars. the gullies are active in the winter because of the carbon dioxide frost.
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nasa facility caught a radar image of an asteroid making a fly by earth. the j025. they flew by earth to come within a million miles of the planet. the asteroid rotates every five hours. it's a big one. michelle: it's great they are able to capture the video but glad it's far enough away we won't have to worry about it. doug: that would not be good. weather is what it is. it's not pouring down rain but the dampness will help. tomorrow and friday will feel like summer again. so let's tell you what to expect for the remainder of the day. more cloudy skies. no heavy rain. through the night we call it cloudy. there could be isolated shower, drizzle and fog. but that is it. through the early morning hours after we get
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low cloud situation with the temperatures in the mid-50's. the numbers are making a climb to the 50's and early in the morning. patch of light rain and drizzle. in the early morning we are brightening up. partly sunny. mid-to-late afternoon, scattered thunderstorms are a possibility. 80 degrees for a high. we will clear back out tomorrow night. going through the day on friday we could do it again with another chance of the showers and the storms and the low 80's. saturday may be the day to do stuff outside. then late day showers and a high of 65. sunday could be a washout. period of rain could be heavy. highs in the upper 50's. steve rudin will have a ten-day outlook coming up. jonathan: today assistan
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move to the next chapter. >> she had the quality of the modern cop. she was on duty more than less 24 hours a day. but today she announced her retirement. the police brass said goodbye to one of their favorites. at age 50 retiring after 27 years on the force. >> i look out in the room. i see my tireless dedicated commander.
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relations. >> she was ever present at the community meeting we had in the city. i say every one i don't think she missed one. >> he is dividing her citywide patrol in two. hooded by one in the south and another in the north. >> we hope to keep the momentum and the trend going. >> they crowded around her to wish her well. some describe her as a cop's cop. >> i will miss all of you. it's not goodbye. see you later. thank you all. >> retires from the d.c. police department but not leaving d.c. she is about to take on a big new job in the city. we will tell you what the job is. you will hear from the members of the communit
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"abc7 news at 5:00". reporting live, sam ford, abc7 news. michelle: thank you. "7 on your side" with a consumer alert. days after e-cigarette battery exploded in a man's pocket, the f.d.a. is searching for answers. amy aubert has been following public workshop and joins us from the "live desk." lindsey: this is day one of the two-day meeting where they will focus on overheating, fires and the other scientific data. some of the media coverage that the electronic nicotine delivery system including the e-cigarettes have gotten. stories about catching fire and exploding. this is what happened on sunday to a las vegas man who says the battery blew up in his pocket. he is now recovering from the second and the third degree burns. >> it sounded like someone had taken a
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it on the ground. the next thing i know there is a flame coming from my shorts. >> the f.d.a. wants to look at the best way to get information about the risks associated with the batteries to consumers, retailers, distributors and the general public. at the "live desk," amy aubert, abc7 news. jonathan: people are being let back in their homes this afternoon after a fire in florida that broke out this morning at a pallet company. a firefighter was hurt fighting the flames but he is expected to be okay. they are still trying to figure out what started the fire. michelle: people love melted cheese. but probably not like this. 20,000 pounds of cheese. this truck caught fire on the wisconsin highway. the driver pulled over and tried to put out the flames himself but it did not work. the fire department says the combination of the cheese and the diesel fuel made it a
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the truck was carrying velveta and kraft cheeses. jonathan: you just need tostito chips. that is a messes. coming up, forget the rainbow and the glitter. find out wha ♪makes leave it to the pros? i am a pro. i made this lawn from seed pride, and less water than you'd think. to those who'd say the grass is greener on the other side.. i politely disagree. pennington smart seed. guaranteed to grow with 30% less water. reclaim your turf.
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magazine thinks julia roberts is the most beautiful woman in the entire world again. this is the fifth time the mattress put the actress at the top of the list. the first time 26 years ago when she was 23. michelle: lauren hutton is ready to get back to modeling. the 73-year-old will be part of calvin klein's latest underwear campaign. she appears with an open blouse and talks about avoiding advances from men. the campaign also features actresses rashita jones and kirsten dunce. jonathan: are you looking for a unicorn? it looks like you can find one at starbucks. yeah. the company is out with a unicorn frappuccino. look at the colors. it is said to change color and tastes, starting with the purple and blue swirls. do i sound like i'm doing a commercial? when you mix it, it turns pink and tastes tart. they use the pin
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blended to a cream frappuccino with mango syrup and soft blue drizzle. i have no idea why -- how many calories is that? michelle: too much. jonathan: how much does it cost? dunkin' donuts, $2, cup of coffee. michelle: too much. i won't order that. coming up at 4:00, the patriotic turn-out at the white house. what happens when the supper bowl champs came to town? robert: i'm robert burton. coming up later, do you see the white towels? d.c. family. it will take
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michelle: the new england patriots at the white house an hour ago. president trump welcomed to team to celebrate the super bowl victory. the memories of this. they came back from a 28-3 deficit. to force overtime. that was epic. six players declined the trip and the quarterback brady backed out at the last minute to attend a family matter. >> the greatest moment today
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gronkowski. he came in backdoor. are you good? do you need help? sean spicer said i think i have it. everybody laughed. michelle: that was a great moment. jonathan: the caps and the wizards are hoping for a trip of their own. robert, we want to see more drinks. >> more layups and the three pointers from the wizards. the white towels say d.c. family. it will take a family effort tonight in game two against the
4:47 pm
is the season the same as the post season? scott brooks seems to think so. >> your have to play with together, passion and is that is how you play in the regular season. the court is the same, the basket is the same height. the minutes might be increase but you have to stop them from scoring. get your rest. a lot of time and days off between games. that shouldn't be a problem. >> yesterday i asked if you are pressing the panic button. somerville are and some are not. this is a big
4:48 pm
here is barry trotz. >> this is who wants it more? >> you all go at it and play hard. whoever wants it more will win. you need breaks and opportunities. we didn't cash in on the opportunities. we are down. robert: people will come to verizon and go home with a souvenir. for me this is for wiping my farehead. i sweat a lot when i get nervous. jonathan: don't be nervous. they will win. michelle: all right. we're cheering for them. michael phelps isn't ruling out a come back to swimming. the winningst athlete tells the press he is enjoyed being married and being a dad but the maryland native says he could hop back in the pool if he gets the itch. he won 28
4:49 pm
gold. jonathan: fish out of water. get back in there. win more gold. don't expect to see serena williams on the court. you know why? she's pregnant. congratulations. she made the announcement with a snapchat post. how else do you announce it? she is 25 weeks along, 35 years old and just got engaged in december. congratulations. that is fantastic news. michelle: cloudy and cool. you can see the forecast. we are looking at the temperatures that are on the cooler side. the forecast low temperatures waking up early tomorrow -- there we go! 55 in bethesda. 54 in fairfax. is looking at the future cast for the day tomorrow, we start off with the showers north and west of d.c. dry around the capital beltway early on.
4:50 pm
throughout the day. warmer temperatures on the way. we will see the rebound for the highs tomorrow. well in the 70's to the lower 80's. friday another warm day before a cold front moves through. this wants to show the daytime highs around 80 to 85 degrees. a big drop on saturday and sunday. the next big weather maker, the rain maker late saturday to sunday. that is going to give us a washout on sunday. in the day on monday. the weekend is looking ahead. 65 on saturday. upper 50's on sunday with the-years of heavy rain. >> thanks. homeland security secretary john kelly says we are
4:51 pm
homegrown terrorism. michelle: political correspondent scott thuman takes a look at what the government is doing about it as it faces biggest challenges. >> in his first wide ranging address since taking office, a sobering assessment from the d.h.s. secretary john kelly. >> homegrown is difficult to predict, detect and certainly almost impossible to control. >> there are plenty of arrest like the chicago men last week accused to support isis and plotting isis and the oversees killing but the investigations pile up quickly. >> as i speak the words, the f.b.i. opened the terrorism in all the 50 states. >> they are acting. in the past year there have been 36 homegrown terrorist cases in 18 states. since 2013, 37 isis linked plots to attack from inside the
4:52 pm
>> dr. matthew levitt says it can hinter dramatically. >> we are doing this overthe social media platform. it is hard to identify someone. power grid and the water treatment plants top the list of concerns. >> the good news is the pre-empttive effort to prevent radicalization make a difference. >> hopefully if we see the department of security under trump administration back policies we could see us being able to get ahead of the curve on the cad radicalization problem. >> budgets are always an issue and he warns if congress trims funds to agencies like the department of health or education that is
4:53 pm
programs it will make it harder to stop the attacks. capitol hhll, scott thuman. >> today marks 22 years since the bombing at the alfred p. murrah building in ellicott -- n oklahoma city. >> moment of silence. jonathan: asking for a moment of silence. 168 people were killed. 500 were injured in the deadliest act of terrorism in the united states. ben carson spoke at the memorial service. >> no terrorist or weapon could take away that strength of purpose or innocence of character. >> none of those who died here, none of those who survive. none of the fellow americans will allow something like this to destroy who we are as a
4:54 pm
nation. >> timothy mcveigh was convict and later executed. michelle: today is also the anniversary of the ends of the standoff at the branch davidian compound in waco, texas. 81 people died when the agents stormed the facility after 51 days. jonathan: coming up next at "abc7 news at 4:00" -- how to protect yourself against scammers that mak
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michelle: you might be skeptical of a foreign number but what if it looked local? john matarese has the warning. >> there are urban mick and hoaxes. the best bet is not forward them. the one warning is real. greetings from jamaica are great when a friend sends you a postcard. not so great if a scammer calls you. a viral post tells you to never answer the phone if the call comes from the area code. there is a lot of truth to the warning. some innocent looking area codes relong to foreign countries so it mighh be a scammer calling. they don't look like the international calls on the caller i.d. but they are. so, from the doesn't that stink file, area codes to be su
4:58 pm
bahamas, ge that day, and 876 ja payca. never call the number back or you will say doesn't that stink? not only might you call a scammer be you could be charged $3 or more for the call. not all the calls are scams. the u.s. laws don't apply. be careful so you don't waste your money. i'm john matarese, abc7 news. announcer: now, "abc7 news at 5:00". on your side. larry: a community startled. nancy: a man accused of trying to lure two children from a playground on easter sunday. larry: they say this man grabbed both boys by the wrist but that is not where the story ends. nancy: kevin lewis has more on how they got away. kevin: the police say the elementary school age boys were brave enough to fend off the alleged abductor. it hape
4:59 pm
silver spring apartment complex during daylight. with the witnesses to boot. a group of children passing easter sunday and the playground when jemberu geda allegedly expod and fondled himself. he then reportedly grabbed the wrist of two boys. cousins. only eight and 2 -- 9 years old. geda promised them food and drinks and described wanting to play with them in his apartment but the boys broke free of geda's grip. they sprinted home and told the parents. officers later caught geda standing on his back patio, seemingly unfazed. the accused attempted abductor cuffed and arrested. today his neighbor didn't care to show her face but told us he made an awkward habit of surveying people from behind this pane
5:00 pm
>> every visitor i have asks what is wrong with him? kevin: a blue latex glove rests on the stairwell outside the ground floor apparent where he lived alone. parents are panicked. >> the police charged him with attempted abduction. and indecent exposure. the detectives are fearful there are more child victims out there. i'm kevin lewis, abc7 news. jonathan: former president george h.w. bush is in the hospital but gaining strength. he has pneumonia again. he was taken to the hospital on friday for what started as a persistent cough. they are adding it is a mild case. but a couple of months ago the senior bush was in the hospital for the same illness. michelle: president trump


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