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tv   News 7 at 11  ABC  April 19, 2017 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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female service members shamed. >> they are looking at my pictures, oh, look at her. nancy: now the military is putting new rules in place. jonathan: thieves with assault rifles target an armored car. >> score! nancy: and a huge night
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sports. star players reacting to big wins tonight. news at 11:00 am on your side. jonathan: tightening security at the white house, new restrictions in place right now. nancy: this after a series of security breaches this year. tom roussey has the changes. tom? it is a fairly good distance now you have to stay back from where you used to go. in the past, you could go up to the black fence, even put your camera through to get an am instructing -- to get an unobstructed shot, but no more. >> i was here about two years ago. i was able to get right to the fence. tom: from now on, this is how it will be. the sidewalk next to the black fence is closed. visitors have to stay behind this barrier. although the secre
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says the move will not "obstruct or hinder picture taking" -- >> now you have this concrete barrier in front of you. you have to crop it out of the shop. >> for this being the people's house, i think we should be able to get as close as possible. tom: the idea is similar to other barriers already in place on the north side. the secret service is changing the south side to help stop fence jumpers, who have become a big problem during the obama and now trump administrations. in september 2014, one jumper made it into the white house. >> things have changed, so it's somewhat understandable. it's sad at the same time. nancy: there is also a taller, more secure fence scheduled to be put in starting next year. i asked the sigrid service if the new changes per minute. they said they cannot answer that question for
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reasons." tom roussey, abc 7 news. ak-47's heldwith up an armored car in northwest today. jonathan: they do not get away with a whole lot. nancy: stephen tschida has the latest on this investigation happening now. obbers meantse r business, arming themselves with ak-47's, but apparently did not get away with what they were after. >> i heard the was an armored car robbery. men around noon made a move on the armored car. they took off towards kennedy street, hopped into a waiting vehicle, and took off down east kennedy. when the police arrived, guess what they found, the bag which had just been stolen. >> grabbed
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who works atman the check-cashing business said the armored car driver came here to collect money but he waved him away. as the man walked out without cash in his bag, robbers struck. what they made off with, the police are looking for dark-colored vehicle and three suspects, the two robbers and the driver in the getaway car. and all of this went down right underneath a police camera. is surveillance video, we assume investigators are reviewing it. stephen tschida, abc 7 news. developing now, metro police have arrested a man in connection with a robbery on a red line train over the weekend. marcus lee is facing criminal charges. we have been showing this video since early this week. the police are looking for all of them and say they may be conn
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nancy: our first look at the metro budget report, and it appears metro needs $15.5 billion over the next 10 years to stay safe and reliable. if it does not happen, service would need to be reduced or more public funding. what is at stake could be safety. if funding stays the way they are, metro officials believe it could erase the good that has been done by the safetrack efforts. >> if this region once a third world transit system, and embarrassment, keep doing what you are doing. is just a proposal in several discussions will be held before the budget is finalized. steve: the first forecast from stormwatch 7, clouds are trying to break up, mainly south of d.c. once that happens, patchy fog early in the morning. a big-time warm-up on the way for the day tomorrow. settling into the lower 60's. we
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15, 20 degrees, into the lower 80's. another warm day ahead friday, and a cold front. the weekend, much-needed rain. could be a washout sunday. more on that coming up. nancy: new tonight, the national weather service confirms seven tornadoes hit our area earlier this month, including this twister caught on tape near the tidal basin. the severe weather hit us april 6. other tornadoes were also confirmed in fauquier county, orange county, and fairfax county. jonathan: a man is in jail and two kids are back safe with her family afternoon attempted abduction on easter. man tried grabbing the children from a silver spring playground. he told them that he wanted to play with them in his apartment. he is charged with attempted abduction and indecent exposure. nancy: a memorial event for the service member k
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jeremy tomlin's service will be held saturday. the military is trying to figure out why the chopper crashed onto the golf course in leonardtown. jonathan: the u.s. is not engaging in direct talks with north korea at this time, he tends situation playing out. -- a tense situation playing up. vincent and its armada of ships have been extended and are heading to the korean peninsula. vice president mike pence says north korea is a dangerous and urgent threat. syria has moved its military airplanes to another base after u.s. airstrikes targeted the base earlier this month. the strikes were in response to a chemical attack in syria. the syrian planes have been moved next to a russian base in syria. new fallout after the duplication of a
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after the gilmore tatian of a so-called dreamer. he was deported. anna-lysa gayle has the efforts to help the man. this is where protesters gathered this afternoon, calling for what they say is justice for jaun. this on the same day the department of homeland security gives their side of the story. some say they are not buying it. advocates protested outside of the immigration enforcement office wednesday afternoon. a a day after juan manuel mont attorneys filed a lawsuit. he was deported from california to mexico in february despite having daca status. he was deported again when he attempted to enter the u.s.
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security shared a different story, saying that he lost his the status when he left united states without advance parole. they are proactively attacking and persecuting immigrants. anna-lysa: this man is also protected by daca. he came to the united states from mexico at 10 years old. he is worried this may be a sign president trump is changing his views on daca. >> he is very obvious with these things. anna-lysa: the national immigration law center has started a petition online, calling for the department of homeland security to bring juan back to the united states. so far that petition has 23,000 signatures. anna-lysa gayle, abc 7 news. nancy: it is an issue on a lot of minds,
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president trump signed a new law allowing veterans to get medical care from private doctors until there is a plan to get around the v.a. this after alarming warnings about the d.c. va hospital. president trump says next week we he will hold -- he will hold a news conference to talk about veterans issues. jonathan: many workers at washington airports are getting receiving a base wage increase of more than four dollars. wages go up incrementally from two years after. benefit,ers will including wheelchair attendants and baggage handlers at reagan national and dulles. night, d.c. sports fans celebrating, two teams,, two playoff victories. jonathan: the wizards won in game two at the verizon center tonight. they pulled away at theend, putting them up 2-0 in
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series against atlanta. nancy: the capital celebrating as well, beating toronto 5-4, tying the series 2-2. the caps will be back in the verizon center friday. we will half all highlights and a live report from the verizon center coming up later in sports. nice to see. i know everybody was talking about the panic button. jonathan: they had four goals in the first, and do not score again until late in the third. nancy: i heard a lot of cheers coming from the sports department tonight. jonathan: the military is cracking down after a lewd photos and all left female servicemembers humiliated. >> talking about who they would rather sleep within the photo. nancy: new women coming forward as a new social
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r tag and get 16% below msrp on select silverado 1500 pickups in stock. find new roads at your local chevy dealer. marsh at michelle: i'm michelle the news desk. -- u.s. navy and rain core and marine corps have barred
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nude photos without permission of those in the pictures. tonight, victims are speaking out. they say that their photos were often cast it with degrading and sexual comments. all of them say they were blamed for top brass turning a blind eye. tell iupervisor could was really -- i mean, i was on the verge of tears, but he said if i go forward, i would get in -- ile because it would be would be seen as a distributor of pornography. michelle: every marine has to sign their name, technology and the social media policy. there is also punishment in place for violators and a new reporting structure in place for victims. jonathan: aaron hernandez's former agent is disputing claims the former player killed himself. prison guards say that he hanged himself in his cell. he was serving a
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for the 2013 murder of his friend, odin lloyd. tonight, the fathers of the victims are speaking out. as a person, he would never like for anybody to die. jonathan: his bench warrant will be dismissed posthumously. legally, that means he dies an innocent man. nancy: new information in the case of steve stevens, accused of killing an elderly man and posting it on facebook. his ex-girlfriend said she found out about the murder when a friend called her last sunday. she said they were devastated. >> i feel -- i feel bad. i feel a lot of things he said with my name he did not know me. i have gotte
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i've been called every cuss word in the book. i've been told i'm the one who should have died come he should have killed me. nancy: both said they felt better after meeting the daughters of the man who was killed. jonathan: former fox news anchor bill o'reilly called his situation disheartening. will notsays o'reilly be coming back to the network, after reports that o'reilly and fox news paid nearly $13 million in settlements over inappropriate behavior and sexual harassment. he leeredsaid that and grunted at her and called her "hot chocolate." o'reilly called the accusations unfounded. 70 advertisers have abandoned the show because of the allegations. nancy: 7 on your side --credit card information was stolen at the holiday inn and crowne
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registers. they were infected with malware. if you stayed at one of their hotels in that timeframe, it's recommended that you check your statements. jonathan: tonight, warned that a top banking regulator failed to act during the scandal that wells fargo. regulator was aware of 700 complaints of wells fargo sales tactics but it was not until last year that millions of fake accounts were discovered, leading to the firing of 5,300 workers. it is believed that several people at the top turned a blind eye to the allegations. nancy: facebook apparently wants us to forget our passwords. they are checking -- testing a new system. if you need to get into your email, you may have to verify the faces of facebook friends in photos. steve: allergies still bothering you today?
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category. if you are suffering, better news on the way. heavier rain. i knowi know you don't want to r about the rain, but it will clean the air out. tonight, 52 to 57, isolated showers mainly north and west of dcu otherwise, patchy fog before the skies clear out a little bit. nighttime lows and morning temperatures generally in the 50's. tomorrow morning, light jacket, sunglasses, and an umbrella. showers arrive in the late morning, into the afternoon. cloudy updated forecast, skies early on, more sunshine south of us. notice what happens through the midday. outdoor recess for the kids come exercise during the midday, looks fine. late afternoon come early evening, a few showers, even thunderstorms on radar. nothinse
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the east. then skies clear out a bit tomorrow night. another warm day friday, with highs in the middle 80's. tomorrow, looking fantastic. today the high was 63. thursday, lower 80's, clouds, showers late in the afternoon. the high temperatures on this map, 85 degrees downtown dcu 5:00 degrees downtown d.c. friday. however, a cold front eventually trigger showers and thunderstorms. out, this is the next big weather maker. late saturday night into sunday, rain, heavy at times will develop. the weekend come if you had to pick the better of the days, the arlington festival at the yards, saturday is the pick day. showers late in the day, about 75 degrees. lots t sunday,
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the good news is the heavy rain will clear the air a bit. and it will wash your car. the 10 day outlook from stormwatch 7, lower 80's thursday and friday, middle 60's saturday, upper 50's sunday with heavy rain. we clear everything out for the beginning of the new work and school week, middle 60's monday, back into the 70's wednesday and thursday. near 80 by the end of next weekend and into the following weekend. nancy: just in time to go back to work. jonathan: we usually don't look forward to monday, but we are looking forward to monday. each year the white house correspondents dinner is filled with big names. nancy:
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jonathan: you talk about an exciting opportunity, some of the country's youngest journalists will be at the white house correspondents dinner. nancy:
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all expenses paid journey to the dinner, thanks to the huffington post. their superintendent says they are thrilled they will have this once in a lifetime opportunity. nancy: i think about what stories i wrote in high school journalism, the was about elections. i don't really remember. something we will not forget is what happened at the verizon center tonight. robert burton is joining us. you look pretty calm considering this was such a great night. robert: that's because i wiped off the sweat before coming on. a bigwin for for the wizards. we will break it down, next.
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>> and now the toyota sports desk, brought to you by your local toyota dealers. robert: welcome back to verizon. tonight was definitely a family effort. john wall, bradley beal, and brandon jennings showed up tonight. this is where the wiz pulled away. wall
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long pass, slam. 103-98 wiz. clock.wiz working the beal sinks the three, and that would oce ot. wiz win. all about mind over matter in the playoffs. everybody is mentally and physically drained at this point in the year. it's a matter of how bad you want to win. it's a mental challenge more than anything. >> we took care of home court advantage and now we take the fight down there. >> we know their crowd will be amazing. we know they will play good basketball. robert: not sure where you put the panic button when you are done with it, but throw it in the cabinet. caps trying to avoid going down 3-1 in the series. four
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the first, tom watson scoring twice. caps win 5-4. they come
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nancy: you know the old saying that showers bring may flowers. steve: we will get a lot of flowers after sunday. tomorrow was looking ok if you don't mind the rumbles of thunder in the afternoon. . lower 80's lower 80's again friday. a cold front will drop the temperatures into the middle 60's saturday. sunday, ugh, looks like a washout right now, upper 50's. we clear out monday. then we warm up towards the end of next week. jonathan: jimmy kimmel is next. nancy: have a good night.
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>> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live!" tonight -- julia louis-dreyfus, kevin nealon, cousin sal does funny things, and music from yo gotti. and now, if you don't mind, here's jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> jimmy: hi, everybody, i'm the host. thanks for watching. thanks for coming. i'm glad you're here. i'm glad i'm here. i will say, i'm glad everyone here's. did you know we almost got hit by an asteroid today? true. a 2,000-foot asteroid came within 1 million miles of earth. sounds far but i


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