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tv   World News Now  ABC  April 20, 2017 3:00am-3:30am EDT

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this morning on "world news now" -- the king of cable. now dethroned. >> bill o'reilly out at fox news, fired after numerous allegations of sexual harassment. the show's new look debuting hours after the announcement. full story ahead. >> deal or no deal. trump administration not worried about making friends. announcing a nuclear treaty will be reviewed. this as some asian countries call the president a liar over that u.s. warship that was headed in the wrong direction. >> the deadly clash between police and protesters in south america. demonstrators running and jumping through sewers to escape tear gas. organizers calling it the mother of all marches. >> we do say bottoms up. all right. so admittedly it may be 420. but never a bad time for a cold on
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find out why one brewer is taking on the fake news phenomenon. we'll get straight from the tap. on this thursday, april 20th. it's 420 day. >> announcer: from abc news, this is "world news now." good morning to you on this april 20th. >> yes. >> a lot of people know it as a day in spring. >> a day in spring. >> some are using it as day of celebration for marijuana enthusiasts. talk about that later in the show. >> remember to celebrate it except they got high. but we are going to start. >> forgot what day it was. >> we'll start this half-hour, with the ouster of fox news anchor bill o'reilly, fired overnight after an investigation into growing claims that he sexually harassed female workers. >> changing the cable news landscape. o'reilly outside the vatican shaking hands with the pope when fox news announced his departure. he says in a statement he is disheartened calling allegations
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unfounded. >> get this, fox news has already changed the name of the show that bears his name. renaming it, last night, the factor. we get details from abc's rebecca jarvis. >> caution you are about to enter the no spin zone. >> reporter: no spinning it the king of cable news dethroned. bill o'reilly host of cable's most popular show for 16 years out at fox news. in the whaeak of that growing sexual harassment scandal. the murdochs, executives, reportly pushed for o'reilly's ouster. their father, rupert murdoch signing off amid a growing scandal. 21st century fox announcing after a thorough and careful review of the allegations the company and bill o'reilly have agreed that bill o'reilly will not be returning to the fox news channel. bill o'reilly releasing his own statement. it is tremendously disheartening that we part ways due to completely unfounded claims. but tha
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reality many of us in the public eye must live with today. >> o'reilly's statement comes after the new images showing him on vacation, shaking hands with the pope at the vatican. back in new york, fox executives, clearly were not forgiving. and an advertiser revolt, at least 83 pulling their commercials from his show. new accusers coming forward. including this african-american fox employee, her attorney says this picture shows her calling the company's anonymous tip line. alleging o'reilly would leer and grunt at her calling her hot chocolate. one of the few who publicly defended o'reilly when the scandal broke, president trump. telling "the new york times," i think he a person i know well. he's a good person. personally, i think he shouldn't have settled. >> trump reportedly a friend of o'reilly's for years. and a frequent guest on his show. after the release of that infamous access hollywood
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i'm not going to play too much of it because the it is crude guy talk. >> then candidate trump also defended former fox ceo roger ailes before he was forced out last summer after his own harassment scandal with multiple accusers coming forward. after 20 years, a stunning fall for the fox host. one of o'reilly's accusers, radio host, wendy walsh saying she doesn't want money. >> we know this is the tip of the iceberg. >> reporter: an in ternl 21st century fox memo obtained by abc news, the company says it reached this decision following an extensive review in collaboration with outside counsel and that memo was signed by rupert, laughlin and james murdoch. rebecca jarvis, abc news, new york. >> move on right now. the trump administration reviewing the iran nuclear deal after declaring it a failure. secretary of state, rex tillerson said the deal struck in 2015, only delays iran's goal of becoming a nuclear
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and he warned, an unchecked iran could travel the same path as north korea. now mind you the same state department had acknowledged that iran was complying with the terms of the agreement. but tillerson complained that iran remains a leading sponsor of terrorism. >> whether it be assassination attempts, support of weapons, mass destruction, deploying, destablizing militias, iran spends treasure and time disrupting peace. >> well, tillerson stopped short of promising to scrap the nuclear deal and reinstate sanctions, but he said the trump administration will not pass the buck on iran to a future administration. >> the white house right now is under fire for contradictory statements on the whereabouts of aircraft carrier group of ships. president trump said he was sending the ships to the korean peninsula as how of force. but at the time, the uss carl vinson was 3,000 miles away
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direction. this morning, asian newspapers are accusing the u.s. president of lying. uss carl vinson air craft carrier finally en route to sea of japan. the white house insists it did not mislead any body. >> republican senator believes there will soon be another high court vacancy. chuck grassley chairman of the senate judiciary committee expects resignation as soon as this summer. grassley did not name a justice. two oldest justices, ruth bader ginsburg and anthony kennedy both in their 80s. the court is back to full attendance currently after neil gorsuch sworn in ten days ago. one justice short for nearly 14 months. after the death of scalia. >> turns out a bible verse written on the forehead of former nfl star aaron hernandez. his body found in his massachusetts jail cell. dead from an apparent suicide. and there are reports this morning that hernandez smoked a synthetic marijuana called k 2 before his death. that drug has
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effects including erratic behavior. we get more know from our correspondent. >> guilty of murder in the first degree or guilty of murder in the second degree? >> not guilty. >> reporter: days after he was found not guilty for the 2012 murder of two men, aaron hernandez used a bed sheet to hang himself in his jail cell. it happened here at a maximum security prison in massachusetts. where hernandez was serving a life sentence for murdering his friend, odon lloyd, semiprofessional football player who was dating his fiancee's sister. the prison saying hernandez showed no signs he might try to hurt himself. his family in disbelief. >> he was the first one to make it. and from our side of the family. the first one. >> reporter: hernandez rose to fame, all american tight end playing for the university of florida, winning the 2009 national championship. he played for the new england patriots from 2010 to
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the team cut hernandez in 2013, following his arrest for the lloyd murder. attorneys for hernandez promising a separate investigation. hernandez was just acquitted. now the fathers of the victims speaking out. >> he sat there, his reaction as a christian, as a person, that he never likes for anybody to die. >> according to reports, a legal technicality could mean hernandez died an innocent man because his legal team hadn't exhausted all appeal options. to venezuela now where at least two people are dead after protests against the government turned violent. opposition leaders prom igsed what they called the mother of all marches. all in hopes of forcing the president there to hold elections ahead of schedule. tens of thousands of people turned out as you can seep. and so did police. and paramilitary. venezuela's economy in severe
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the supreme court dissolved the parliament transferring legislative power to its self. >> back here at homeowner of holiday inn crown plaza and other properties says hackers accessed credit and debit card info from guests at 1200 of its hotel properties over a three month period. the intercontinental hotels group says malware stole identifying information from customer payment cards. the company warning any anyone who stayed from september 29th to december 29th to check bank card statements. >> also, popular high-end headphone maker is now facing accusations of spying. a lawsuit claims that bose tracks and shares user information without telling them. the law suit alleges that bose collected users music and audio choices through its connect mobile app and that information was then allegedly shared with third parties including a data mining firm without permission. bose has not commented on the suit.
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absolutely riveting, kiss a kia contest much of the last three nights. >> oh, my. >> all contestants kissing a kia. came down to -- a -- no. it was a draw? >> well, listen. there was a number of different people. their lips stuck on a car. this optima sedan at a dealership in austin, texas. the winner of the drawing, this woman here, 30-year-old state health lab technician. after 50 hours of kissing that car. that is insane. >> so the six remaining contestants received lesser prizes. interesting techniques. >> she won a car. they won like, tickets to a music festival. >> 20 people began kissing the kia 7:00 a.m. monday with ten minute breaks eve. hour. >> look at this. facebook live streamed. >> trust me. i watched it. now to know it came done to a draw. i feel gypped. >> a lot of them
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over the overnight hours. 50 hour straight of keeping your lips on everything, got to be wearing. >> moving on. >> yeah. coming up. the fiery collapse of a power line tower, drone video captures the scene as a fire causes it to collapse. >> according to a new book, the clinton campaign collapsed on itself. the fascinating look inside the election and learn where hillary's run for the white house apparently went off course. >> and check out our behind the scenes pics on instagram. promise won't show you, kendis gibson kissing a kia. >> or anything for that matter. >> you're watching "world news now." the all-new that might help. show me the carfax? now the car you want and the history you need are easy to find. show me used minivans with no reported accidents. boom. love it. [struggles] show me the carfax. start your used car search and get free carfax reports
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drone video capturing the dramatic moment an electric tower collapsed on to a busy highway. watch as this plays out. all of this taking place in the philippines. see what happened there. the tower of course caught fire. and then came crashing down. it happened during the morning rush hour. there were no injuries ho
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>> back here at home we have new details on the shooting rampage in fresno, california. investigators treating it as a hate kriechcrime. the suspect allegedly targeted white men. >> reporter: the shooting rampage took less than four minutes. we just got another call in, with six shots fired. >> reporter: shaking the city of fresno to the core. zachary randalls died behind the shattered windows of the utility company truck. it was his first day in the field. 37 year a-year-old mark gassettd up food at the catholic charities office. >> good hearted person. caring and loving. >> 58-year-old david martin jackson killed feet away from gassette. 39-year-old kori ali muhammad was targeting white people. in his social media accounts he railed against white devils online. and talked about destroying the white man's world. >> he was going t
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white males as possible. that's what he set out to do that day. >> reporter: police say muhammad spared the lives of a hispanic family trying to flee the area. he pointed a gun right at the female passenger but didn't pull the trigger. >> well coming up in the next half-hour, an apparent incident of air rage, and it was caught on camera. an irate passenger gets into a shoving match with a pilot no less. so what allegedly sparked the altercation. >> first an explosive new look inside the hillary clinton presidential campaign. the new book that portrays a presidential bid, plagued by missteps and missed opportunities. you're watching "world news now." ugh, yellow... what do you use? crest whitestrips crest 3d whitestrips whiten... 25 times better than a leading whitening toothpaste i passed the tissue test. oh yeah. crest whitestrips are the way to whiten clearasil rapid action begins working fast for clearly visible results in as little as 12 hours. but can ot fix this teens skateboarding mishap?
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so let's be clear: clearasil works fast on teen acne, not so much on other teen ings.
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a good morning to you on this thursday. no secret that many hillary clinton supporters are still bitter over her election defeat. >> but according to an explosive new book, many of the supporters should have seen this all coming, well before election day. here is abc's tom llamas. >> this the night for donald trump. he is now going to be the 45th president of the united states. >> the headline that rocked the world. and shocked so many. but the news shouldn't have ta
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surprise. just months before election day, a long time clinton adviser, drafted a memo telling the campaign, donald trump could win. and not to underestimate him in battleground states. >> this adviser says donald trump can win this election. fact, he says at the top of the memo. and then, as the memo goes on it says, i would add, three or four points to every poll you see to trump's numbers. >> reporter: that report part of a gripping new book shattered. inside hillary clinton's doomed campaign. the book, outlining how even before clinton launch her 2016 campaign, she instructed her it team to download top aides' e-mails from her 2008 run trying to pinpoint which staffers leaked to media and track down infighting. then, early on in 2016, while battling senator bernie sanders in the primary, the authors claim clinton admitted she couldn't get a handle on the new wave sweeping american politics.
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populism. she is on a plane with one of her close aides. and she is, basically questioning what is happening in the country. she doesn't quite understand it. >> reporter: the book also details how clinton herself created tension in her campaign by surrounding herself with rival aide inside and outside of the campaign. and some of those closest to her, like huma abadeen couldn't be honest with the caratic nominee. >> she had trouble telling hillary the truth. she was a gatekeeper for people to got to hillary clinton. >> in the campaign autopsy, the writers found unlike the trump campaign which ran primarily on gut instinct. >> i just get the feeling we are going to win in a landslide. >> the clinton campaign relied heavily on voter data. and some key battleground states, that data hurt more than it helped. even causing a rift between bill clinton and campaign manager robbie mook. >> her team decided more
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persuade people who didn't agree with her. and spent more and more time focused on the people that they thought they could turn out. >> still clinton's message wasn't resonating in certain voters. >> do you think donald trump beat hillary clinton or do you think hillary clinton beat herself? >> i think hillary clinton did so many things to damage her own campaign that sunny was not able to beat a flawed candidate in donald trump. and a big part of that was not understanding what was going on in the look toelectorate, same donald trump and bernie sanders were able to tap into. >> in the final chamters of the book, play-by-play from election night. how clinton apologized to president obama for losing. and making that call to the future president. >> so she calls up donald trump, and she says those words, she never thought she was going to have to say. congratulations, donald. >> tom llamas, abc news, new york. >> emotional moment for her. no doubt. but also for so many of her --
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those who loved her and wanted to vote. >> more difficult moment to call president obama and say i'm sorry. going to church on 420, of course.
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♪ ♪ >> okay, it is 420. for those of you who don't know, it is a high holy day for those who enjoy marijuana. >> marijuana. >> weed. >> uh-huh. >> ganja. purple urkle. >> mary jane. >> some calling it sacrilege. others say hi, hallelujah. starting a church of cannabis. and open today. and welcoming elevationists it calls members. home to adults everywhere to those who are looking to create a best version of themselves by way of the "sacred plant." >>
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>> yeah. see how long that lasts. >> the cush. >> okay, we get it. thank you. thanks. moving on to the next story now. >> move on. >> talk about beer. all of the vices this morning. >> all the vices. becausa adrienne its here. we love this. some folks in canada have come up with a new branding for beer. called fake news ale. guess who is on the cover? >> my goodness. >> they went with our president. it is only sold in canada. direct delivery only. it will be available mid june. they claim that 5% of sales will go to help reverse questionable policies. whatever that means. >> yeah. >> good luck with that. good luck with that. okay. this is. >> did i do ganja, say ganja? >> no. >> favorite story "the mix." dipping sauces. what do you look to dip your chicken nuggets in?
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steak, salmon? >> m stereotyping. >> a sauce from 1998 sold on e bay for $14,000. the tiny square like, that you dip the chicken nugget in. just sold for $14,000. why? because people are crazy. >> judging. >> the sauce, released as promotional item for disney movie mulan. and they were cleaning out the car. person sold it. cleaning out the car. found the sauce. >> probably good stuff. >> heap put it on line. >> go to churches. fried chicken that is. >> $14,000. >> dipping. >> that will be a whole -- >> apparently. >> new level. >> they're asking for the sauce to come back. >> craziest air bnb here. >> rich
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this morning on "world news now," iran on notice. conflicts with syria, russia, north korea and now the trump administration turning its sights to iran. the world seemingly on the brink. >> the stunning fall from grace for icon of conservative television. how the decade's long career of a cable television colossus who reigned supreme for more than 20 years on fox news was undone in three weeks. >> a pilot approached by an irate passenger. the two get into a shoving match. what the passenger says the pilot was doing that started it. >> wow. >> and ready for the spotlight? after years of worrying about his whereabouts and general well being, fans making contact with richard simmons.


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