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tv   America This Morning  ABC  April 20, 2017 4:00am-4:30am EDT

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making news in america this morning, fired by fox, bill o'reilly booted from his long-running show after a series of allegations against him. his old program already has a new name. >> the trump administration facing serious foreign challenges from iran and north korea. the secretary of state making one thing clear, the u.s. won't be waiting around to take action. details live from washington ahead. new video, the frightening moment as smoke fills a passenger plane. look at that. the jet's pilot with a request that probably didn't make too many people comfortable. a truck's strange cargo on the highway. a car dragged for miles. we'll show you more on that video.
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on what's turning out to be a busy thursday morning. we begin with a new era at fox news one that doesn't include bill o'reilly and his no spin zone. >> fox wasted no time removing his name from the show he made so factor renaming it "the factor." his career crumbling under the weight of sexual harassment allegations. fox news' biggest star now out. >> you are about to enter the no spin zone. >> reporter: overnight the network addressing bill o'reilly's departure. >> bill o'reilly who hosted this program for 20 years is leaving the fox news channel. >> reporter: a statement from 21st century fox says after a thorough and careful review of the allegations the company and bill o'reilly have agreed that bill o'reilly will not be returning to the fox news channel. the ouster reportedly pushed by lockland an james mur
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$13 million in settlements over claims of inappropriate behavior and sexual harassment dating back to 2002 and wednesday -- >> first mr. o'reilly said nobody calls in to our hotline so we took him up on it and c l called in. >> she shared this. accusing riley of leering, grunting and calling the african-american woman hot chocolate while they were alone. the pressure mounting for the murdochs to take action. at least 83 companies pulling their advertising from the "the o'reilly factor" and he said it is tremendously disheartening that we part ways due to completely unfounded clays but that is the unfortunate reality many of us in the public eye must live with today. he was supposed to return to his though this coming monday after vacationing at the vatican
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over his slot. >> the chairman of the senate judiciary committee says the supreme court justice may soon resign. senator charles grassley expects a resignation as soon as this summer. he did not name a justice but two possible candidates may be justices ruth bairder ginsburg and anthony kennedy both in their 80s. the court is back at full attendance after a battle to replace antonin scalia. neal gorsuch reported to work monday. they blasted it as a failure. >> rex tillerson accused iran of supporting terrorism and destabilizing the middle east. this as tensions escalate with north korea. >> abc's janai norman is following these from d.c. good morning, janai. >> reporter: it has been a busy few weeks for the trump administration when it comes to foreign policy. from the u.s. strike in syria to bombing afghanistan, escalating tensions with north korea and now iran. >> iran is the world's leading state sponsor of
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>> reporter: secretary of state rex tillerson announced the administration is reviewing the obama era nuclear deal. >> an unchecked iran has the potential to travel the same path as north korea. and take the world along with it. >> reporter: on the campaign trail, trump the candidate promising to renegotiate it. >> they're doing the iran deal. it was so bad, so pathetic i looked at it, i looked at the way they negotiated. i said, these people don't know what they're doing. >> reporter: the trump administration also now trying to clarify possibly misleading statements about the location of the nuclear capable aircraft carrier said to be headed to the korean peninsula. >> we are sending an armada very powerful. >> reporter: but the statement to fox business news wasn't true. "uss carl vinson" wasn't on its way but 3,000 nautical miles away headed in the opposite direction for military exercise
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but reports of the carrier group dominated asian news. a leading south korean newspaper with the headline, trump's lies on the "carl vinson." xi jinping and putin must be laughing. the white house insisting it's not. >> the president said he had an armada going to the peninsula. that's a fact. it happened. it is happening rather. >> reporter: the "uss carl vinson" is expected to arrive in the sea of japan next week. meanwhile, u.n. ambassador nikki haley says the u.s. isn't trying to pick a fight with north korea saying the ball is in their court over what happens next. adrienne and kendis. >> yeah, that new warning from nikki haley. janai, thank you. moving on, it may be another sign of the steep decline in relations between the u.s. and russia. another reported flight by russian bombers close to alaska, the second in as many days. the first one was on monday and about 100 miles away. then on tuesday, the jets were reportedly about 36 miles off the coast.
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should point out russians weren't actually in u.s. space either time. >> syria still has up to three tons of chemical weapons, the assessment comes after that horrific attack that killed more than 80 people and the head of the international chemical weapons watchdog says the lab tests show undeniable evidence that the victims were exposed to sarin gas or something similar. meanwhile, syria has reportedly removed its military jets from the blaise hit by the u.s. missile strike to a russian base to protect them from further attacks. this is interesting. the trump administration is about to face the same judge who the president railed against during the campaign. u.s. district judge gonzalo curiel has been assigned to the case of manuel montez, a 23-year-old deported to mexico even though he has status which allows undocumented immigrants to stay in the country if they were brought here as children. now the judge oversaw the lawsuit against trump university and you may ral
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trump questioned whether he could be impartial because of his mexican heritage. the powerful republican chairman of the house oversight committee is not seeking re-election. jason chaffetz says he wants to spend more time with his family and he will not be a candidate for any office in 2018. chaffetz led the investigation into hillary clinton's e-mail use. he was criticized for refusing to look into president trump's business empire. a pennsylvania man is facing death after a jury convicted him of murdering a state trooper. nearly three years ago eric frein led authorities on a 48-day manhunt after attacking a state police barracks. corporal bryon dickson killed and trooper alex douglass was badly injured and the penalty phase of that gets under way today. >> wow. a strong system could bring some dangerous and damaging weather to parts of michigan, indiana and ohio. >> well, right now the strongest part of the storm is over wisconsin which is seeing severe
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thunderstorms and heavy rain overnight. yesterday, hail at the university of nebraska softball games in both the huskers and jayhawks fleeing for shelter. eventually they did get that game in. >> so did the cleanup. the popular headphonemaker accused of collecting users' data. plus, a pilot attacked at an airport. what the passenger said he did on the plane causing all of that to happen. >> outrageous. smoke in the cabin of a different flight. lots of questions about how the pilot reacted when this
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and liftoff. >> and they're on their way. a soyuz capsule bringing two new crew members to the international space station taking place overnight in central asia. the first time in space for the american astronaut, he joins a
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their five-month orbit in space. good luck, guys. terrifying moments for passengers aboard a nigerian an liner as it filled with smoke. it was minutes after it took off. the pilot told the terrified passengers to calm down and about a half hour later they landed at their destination safely. >> interesting to find out what that smoke was from. the new hampshire prep school grad convicted of sexually assaulting a classmate will not get a new trial. owen labrie was convicted and was sentenced to a year in prison for misdemeanor sexual assault. he was asking for a new trial claiming his lawyers were, quote, ineffective. but the judge called those claims absurd. american airlines passengers facing an assault charge after an argument with a pilot turned violent. that passenger identified by police as edward f
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here on surveillance video, this is at kansas city's airport where he suddenly drops his bag and shoves a uniformed pilot. the scuffle then escalated into the terminal. witnesses say foster lashed out at the pilot who was traveling as a passenger at the time. foster accusing him of taking up too much room in the aisle of that plane. >> that's crazy. well, cigarette prices in new york may soon climb even higher. some people calling that crazy. the mayor wants to raise the base price of cigarettes to $13 per pack, the highest in the nation up from $10.50 a pack. the mayor says smoking plays a role in each of the leading five causes of death in this city. a popular electronics maker facing accusations of spying. a lawsuit claims bose headphones track and share their users' information without tempting them and claims they collected users' music and audio choices through its mobile app. no response yet from bose. the prison death of
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something new and very cool from the empire state building overnight. instead of colors to celebrate a special occasion, new yorkers saw photographs of celebrities, classic covers from "harper's bazaar" being dubbed the world's lastest fashion show to celebrate their 150th anniversary. >> very cool. beautiful sight to sigh of the new york skyline. taking a road trip, those driving from new york into the ohio valley may encounter wet road, flooding in the central plains, watch out for wet roads in louisiana and the northwest and slick conditions in the rockies. >> weather related airport delays possible in detroit, cleveland and washington, d.c. we're learning new details about the suicide of fallen nfl star aaron hernandez. a bible verse written across his
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on his hands and feet. >> but those close to hernandez say they gout he committed suicide. abc's eva pilgrim with the overnight developments. >> reporter: questions surrounding the death of former nfl star aaron hernandez. his body now with the state medical examiner. abc news learning he was found in his cell with john 3:16 across his forehead. referencing death and eternal life and prison officials called it a suicide saying he hanged himself with a bedsheet tied to his prison cell window. mike pouncey posting my heart hurts as i got the worst news i could have imagined. it was just a day ago we shared our last convo. >> something is not right. something doesn't add up. >> not guilty. >> reporter: pointing out 27-year-old hernandez was just a acquitted in a double murder emotional in court blowing kisses to his daughter. >> guilty of murder in the first degree. >> reporter: and appealing that life sentence for another murder, a stunning fall from grace for the fme
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for the patriots, once with a $40 million contract, cut by the team after being led from his house in handcuffs arrested for the 2013 murder of his friend, odin lloyd. his lawyer saying there were no conversations or correspondence from aaron that would have indicated anything like this was possible. aaron was looking forward to an opportunity for a second chance to prove his innocence. his cousin remembering those bett better days. >> he was the first one to make it and from our side of the family he was the first one. >> reporter: eva pilgrim, abc news, shirley, massachusetts. >> eva will have more on "gma" later on today. well, there is another odd development in that casing, by the way, hernandez technically died an innocent man under an obscure massachusetts law. if someone dies before all appeals are exhausted all convictions are vacated. >> interesting. along southern california highways commuting is never much fun but this
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dragged for four miles and there are people inside. other drivers trying flagging the tow truck driver or whatever truck is pulling this car because we're really just staring at the back of the car here. no wheels. finally the truck stopped. the driver of the car got out appearing dazed. >> oh, wow. >> but not hurt. >> interesting. >> that's crazy. for the last time a killer whale as been born at a seaworld park. th takara was pregnant when they announced they were ending the breeding program. orcas will live in the company's three parks. sports and highlights from the nba playoff. >> head on over to espn. good morning, america. he's stan. i'm neil. talking with my hands this time. >> playoff basketball to talk about. thunder and robert mcdonalds game two all rockets in game one. russell westbrook, nine turnovers in game one.
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is. brody. >> unofficially. >> kenyon martin talked about it. >> he calls everybody brody instead of calling him brody. brody, 10 points, 8 assists -- i'm not sure he endorses that. people are trying to make it stick. westbrook, 51 point, 13 assist, 10 rebounds. not enough, harden with 35. rockets up 115-111. damian lillard said portland and 6 made him smile. skinny pop. >> lillard, klay thompson blocked and then curry said, yo, splash bro, splash brody. thompson, rise up. warriors win by almost 30. >> so they're making it look easy so far. >> very easy. the over/under was 6. >> without
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♪ ♪ give extra. get extra. ♪ it is your "pulse" on this april 20th. 4/20. the day celebrated by marijuana advocates. >> pot sellers in states where the drug is legal expect to double their usual sales today. yes, in denver the international church of cannabis opening its doors for the first time
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congregation of so-called elevati elevationists. >> then on capitol hill a joint session, advocacy group passing out free joints hoping to persuade congress to reauthorize a law banning the feds from interfering in state medical marijuana programs. >> good luck with that. >> good to know that coughing cleared up. next up the patriots are at the white house moving on. the super bowl champs honored by president trump who received a team jersey with the number 45. >> yeah, so quarterback tom brady wasn't there spending time with his ailing mom. gronk was there. >> can i just -- >> need some help? [ laughter ] >> i think i got this but thank you. maybe. >> all right, i'll let you do it. >> thanks, man. i'll see you in a minute. that was cool. >> he should have made gronk take over. gronk also posted this. he
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gronkowski clearly dominating the west wing. >> nice to add humor to these event, a lot of pomp and circumstance. smile. it appears the mascot of the university of florida does it all. >> all while watching a baseball game with a young fan bail bert gator shields with a kid. by taking a shot on the snout himself. even if you're a well patted up with good morning washington. it's april 20th. we like to call it friday eve, as we get closer to the weekend. and before we do-- we'll have to deal with some warm temperatures in the dmv. good morning washington. toss to eileen
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- rain likely sunday today: partly sunny and much warmer. isolated shower or thunderstorm. highs: 81-85 winds: sw 5 mph tonight: partly cloudy. stray shower. mild. lows: 60-65 winds: ssw 5 mph friday: partly sunny and warm. isolated shower or thunderstorm. highs: 81-86 winds: sw to wnw 5-15 mph an update now on severe storms from
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earlier this month. the national weather service -- now confirms seven tornadoes hit our area. that includes this twister- caught on tape, near the tidal basin. the severe weather hit us on april 6th. other tornadoes were confirmed in fauquier, orange, and fairfax counties. we are learning more about the fallout caused by the so-called "facebook killer" steve stephens. he's the man, accused of killing an elderly man -- then posting it on facebook. in the video-- stephens mentions the name o
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ex-girlfriend "joy lane". now she is speaking out. lane says -- she found out about the murder... when a friend called her last sunday. she said -- the days that followed, were devastating. lane and two of the victim's daughters met wednesday . both -- said they felt better after meeting. the daughters told lane- she shouldn't blame herself. still developing this morning-- there is growing unrest among immigration advocacy groups after the deportation of a so-called "dreamer." 23-year old juan manual montes believed he was protected from deportation by the "deferred action for childhood arrivals program" or daca. he filed a lawsuit tuesday claiming he's been deported twice, despite
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until 2018. the news has other daca recipients worried. the department of homeland security released a statement saying montes lost his daca status when he left the united states without advance parole on an unknown date prior to an arrest. it went on to say.. "departing the country without advance parole terminates protections." on capitol hill-- a major power shakeup is brewing after one of the top-ranking house leaders says he is not coming back next year. republican congressman jason chaffetz announced on facebook that he will not run for re-election when his current term ends. representitive chaffetz is chairman of the powerful house oversight committee. the utah representative said he has no ulterior motives, but he is ready to return to the private sector. it's xx and we're just getting started. a warm wet weekend on the way, as the temperatures
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go up and some rain starts falling down. stormwatch 7 meteorologist eileen whelan is breaking down how much rain you can expect, in the days ahead.. coming up. good morning washington. - unseasonably warm today & tomorrow - thunderstorm chances both days (not severe) - cool & unsettled weekend - rain likely sunday today: partly sunny and much warmer. isolated shower or thunderstorm. highs: 81-85 winds: sw 5 mph tonight: partly cloudy. stray shower. mild. lows: 60-65 winds: ssw 5 mph friday: partly sunny and warm. isolated shower or thunderstorm. highs: 81-86 winds: sw to wnw 5-15 mph
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