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tv   ABC World News  ABC  April 22, 2017 6:30pm-7:00pm EDT

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tonight, the clash inside an airplane involving a mother and her children. the run-in with an american airlines flight attendant over a stroller. the incident nearly leading to a fistfight in the cabin. >> i don't care what the story is, you almost hurt a baby! >> inside the hideout. how that teacher accused of abducting a student hid from police. that teenage girl now back with her family. tonight, her brother speaking with "abc news." on the march. tens of thousands rallying in the name of science and against the polices of president trump. this, as the president announces plans for a massive tax cut and faces a budget deadline. state of emergency. homes destroyed, thousands evacuating, more than 100 intense brush fires burning right now. plus, moment of panic. the desp
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this woman trapped inside her car. and good evening. thanks for joining us on this saturday. i'm tom llamas. and we begin tonight with a new clash caught on camera on board a major airline. witnesses claiming american airlines flight attendant's angry outburst with a mother of two young children over a stroller, brought her to tears. some of the escalating drama captured on video by a fellow passenger. as tempers flared. tonight, american airlines is responding. that flight attendant grounded for now. abc's adrienne bankert starting us off tonight. >> reporter: tonight, a fight nearly breaking out on a plane. >> hey bud, hey bud. you do that to me, and i'll knock you flat. >> hey, you stay out of this! you stay out of this! >> come on. >> reporter: an angry passenger confronting this american airlines flight attendant who shou
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the man who took this video says it started when that crew member took the woman's stroller out of an overhead bin, insisting she check it at the gate. accidentally hitting her and just missing her children. according to the witness. >> sort of violently yanked it, and then stormed off the plane with it. >> you don't know what the story is. >> i don't care what the story is, you almost hurt a baby. >> reporter: you can hear another attendant try to calm things down. >> it was an accident. it was an accident. >> it was not an accident. >> reporter: the mother, carrying her two infants, sobbing, while pleading to get her stroller back. the passenger who stood up for the woman explaining himself. >> a baby almost got hurt. that's what just fired me up. >> reporter: american airlines quickly responding, "we're deeply sorry. the actions of our team member do not appear to reflect patience or empathy, two values necessary for customer care." the statement from american in sharp contrast to the way united airlines responded when a man was pulled off one of their flights, united taking several days before making an apology.
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tonight, that flight attendant removed from duty, pending an investigation. >> and adrienne joins us live. the flight attendants union has a response out now with a warning to the passenger who intervened? >> reporter: that's right, tom, in fact that union sending out a reminder it's against federal law to threaten a flight attendant with violence. they're also asking for the full story and asking that the company nor the public rush to judgment. american airlines refunded that woman the entire cost of the ticket and upgraded her and her family to first class all the way to argentina. tom. >> clearly making sure she got home comfortably. all right, adrienne, thanks so much. next, we're learning more about the hiding place a teacher from tennessee is accused of taking his former student while on the run. take a look, a glimpse inside that secluded california cabin. abc's eva pilgrim with that.
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>> reporter: tonight, the family of the missing tennessee teen, speaking for the first time since being reunited. >> we're all excited. it's like just pure joy. >> reporter: 50-year-old tad cummins in fbi custody and facing federal charges after allegedly kidnapping elizabeth thomas and going on the run for over a month. >> what is she like right now? >> well, right now, she's -- i mean, in ways she's like herself. but in ways she's not. and that's kind of distressing to see her like that. it's troubling. >> reporter: this as we are getting a look inside the remote california cabin where elizabeth was finally found. >> the food i gave them. >> reporter: inside, plywood walls, leftover food sitting on bare floors, along with survival gear, toilet paper and very little else. no electricity or running water. >> the search warrant papers. >> reporter: these documents left behind by investigators, listing some of the items seized as evidence -- bed r
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the nationwide search began when they disappeared march 13 from columbia, tennessee. two days later, video captured will them at a walmart in oklahoma city. they stayed at a commune. officials caught up to that pair in the cabin. where the caretaker said he saw an amber alert post and called authorities. surrounded cummins surrendered without incident. he's expected in federal court on monday. he's facing a long list of state and federal charges. taking a child across state lines alone could carry a ten-year sentence. tom. >> eva pilgrim for us tonight. eva, thank you. now to that state emergency in florida, scorching brush fires in three counties wreaking havoc, 6,000 families forced out of collier county, at least nine buildings wiped out, many of them homes. with many more now under
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abc's maggie rulli is in the fire zone. >> reporter: tonight, flames engulfing homes, the danger zone growing, florida in a state of emergency. residents salvaging what they can before they're forced to leave. >> i came home and there's a big ball of fire. >> reporter: 115 fires burning across the state, forcing thousands from their homes. near orlando, flames shooting up to 150 feet in the air, fire officials now saying they suspect arson. >> it is strange that the fires are popping up where they're popping up. >> reporter: meanwhile, dry conditions are fueling this blaze near naples, which tonight is only 20% contained and at least 6,000 homes evacuated, as black hawk helicopters douse the flames from above. >> came home and there's a big ball of fire.
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>> reporter: and near ft. myers, plumes of smoke filling the air. authorities say a cigarette sparked this blaze that spread two miles and destroyed four homes. >> a police said we had to evacuate. and then when i came out, i saw big smoke in the sky. >> reporter: a lack of rainfall in the drought in parts of the state, elevating fire danger levels. >> maggie rulli joining us live. rain is helping firefighters out a bit tonight. but not enough to make a dent in the drought, correct? >> tom, exactly. this rain at best is just a passing drizzle and with dozens of fires still raging here in the state, and with the severe drought still in place here in this area, it's going to take several inches of rainfall to make any serious dent here in the drought in southwest florida. to washington now and a big week ahead for the president. a plan for a massive tax cut, health care, a lot on his agenda as he faces a looming deadline. abc's david wright reporting from the white house tonight. >> reporter: the president and first lady took th
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visiting as he put it the bravest and greatest americans. president trump pinned a purple heart on the collar of army sergeant first class alvaro barrientos who lost his right leg in afghanistan. >> when i heard about this and i wanted to do it myself. >> reporter: the president fast approaching his first 100 days in office. also fast approaching the day the federal government runs out of money, midnight friday. that's all the time lawmakers have to pass a spending bill. democrats say they may not vote for a budget that includes the border wall or undermines the affordable care act. republicans are trying not to alienate tea party members who allowed the government to shut down under president obama. in the midst of all that, president trump plans to introduce his long-awaited tax reform package. >> it formally begins on wednesday. >> reporter: today, the vice president is in austra
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shortly after taking office, the president had a testy phone call with him. the australian leader pressed trump about an obama administration promise to resettle syrian refugees. the issue apparently now settled. >> president trump has made it clear that we'll honor the agreement. it doesn't mean we admire the agreement. and david wright joins us live from the white house. the president tweeted that reviewing the first 100 days is a, quote, ridiculous standard. but he'll be marking this moment in his own way. >> reporter: that's right, tom. a campaign rally, fourth in recent weeks, paid by the trump campaign, this will be held one week from tonight, harrisburg, pennsylvania, in a venue that can hold up to 10,000. tom. >> 10,000, we'll see if they sell out. all right, david, thanks so much.
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tomorrow on "this week," the new poll on how americans view the trump administration's first 100 days and george's interview with attorney general jeff sessions. thousands rallying across the country and around the world to promote support for scientific research. abc's gloria riviera reporting from washington. >> reporter: tens of thousands of scientists and their supporters taking to the streets. from big cities -- chicago, new york, d.c. and london, to many places in between. red states and blue, alike. >> what do we want? >> science. >> when do we want it? >> now. >> reporter: with quirky signs, think like ra proton. >> there's a lot of hope and a little bit of fear. but a lot of hope. >> reporter: the rally's described as nonpartisan but many motivated by concern over the trump administration's positions. including a budget proposal with cuts to the epa and climate change research. >> i'm hoping that
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administration is hearing from constituents across the country today. >> reporter: as a candidate, trump said climate change was overhyped. >> it's a hoax. it's a moneymaking industry. and vowed to bring back coal. >> today we stand against an administration that places profits over people. and tells us that science isn't real. >> reporter: no mention from trump on today's protests. but this on twitter. "today on earth day we celebrate our beautiful forests, lakes and land. we stand committed to preserving the natural beauty of our nation." president trump's proposed budget does protect investment what the white house calls high-priority science. they say that's simply not enough. tom. >> gloria, thanks so much. we want to head overseas now to the devastating a
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afghanistan, more than 100 afghan personnel killed or wounded. officials say ten gunmen dressed as military stormed the compound shooting soldiers as they prayed in the mosque. the taliban claiming responsibility. next to that presidential election in france, capturing much of the world's attention. violent protests breaking out the day before they head to the polls. as alex marquardt reports, it's one of the most contentious contests in memory. with one of the leading candidates being compared to president trump. >> reporter: tonight, france bracing for a contentious election. divisions on full display on is the streets of paris today as trade yuanists clashed with police. the effects of the vote will be felt around the world. an election even more uncertain after thursday's attack on thursday that left one policeman dead. trump telling the ap, the attack will probably help far-right candidate marina le pen, as she promises to pull france out of the eu and vows to crack dowon
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immigration and islamic extremism. russian president vladimir putin showing his support for le pen in a surprise meeting in march. but she faces a tough battle, neck and neck with three other candidates for a spot in the second round. each trying to convince their voters her radical proposal isn't the way to go. one of them emmanuel macron, 37-year-old upstart. who has never held an elected office. other voters may be looking for a steady hand in these uncertain times and turn to embattled former prime minister. the top two candidates tomorrow will move on to the final round due to be held in two weeks. this election is wide open. what's clear, its ramifications could upset the order here in europe and beyond. tom. >> and that's why the world is watching. all right, alex, thanks very
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back now with an oklahoma woman who owes her life to complete strangers. she was trapped in her car after it slid into a creek. abc's phillip mena has the frantic video. >> reporter: a dramatic rescue caught on camera. watch as this fedex driver jumps into cold, chest-high water after seeing a car slide off the road, flipping into a creek outside tulsa. worried bystanders calling 911. >> we already told them. they're co
6:47 pm
>> reporter: but with water quickly rising and a woman trapped inside there is no time to wait. >> someone in need and needed out that car quick. >> reporter: a second good samaritan jumping in to help, too. a third man already on top of the vehicle as they desperately try to save her. they pull on the tire, trying to flip it over. they try rocking it too, the man on the left kicking a window. nothing seems to be working. >> anybody in there? >> reporter: the water rising with each passing moment. then, suddenly, the woman emerges. >> i can't believe that she wasn't hurt. >> reporter: firefighters arrive, using a ladder to get her out of the creek and into safety. the woman, shaken, but unhurt. >> i really didn't think she was going to make it out alive. >> reporter: phillip mena, abc news, los angeles. >> incredible she was able to make it out. still ahead -- a warning of charging batteries in your devices. a drone explodes, the tips you need to hear to avoid a similar problem.
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time now for our "index." surveillance cameras rolling as a california store owner fights back against robbers. two men in construction gear inside the jewelry store in walnut creek, one maces the owner and a customer and another smashes the display case all at the same time. the owner then gets his gun and the robber stops snatching watches and runs out of the store. police are still looking for them and their getaway driver.
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to safely charge devices after a drone exploded. the drone was on a pool table in a house in massachusetts when it overheated. and caught fire. take a look at that. smoke detectors alerted the family and they got out safely. fire officials advise not putting on objects on soft surfaces while charging. all right, your chocolate addiction will soon be healthier. hershey announcing half of its sweet treats will have fewer than 200 calories. this isn't happening until 2022. its famous chocolate bars will have easy to read nutrition information on their labels. to england now, an important piece of american history. just the second known parchment manuscript copy of the declaration of independence found in the records office in west sussex, england. the other parchmenting of course, in the national archives in washington.
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who clearly know right from wrong. turning down a bribe from a suspected criminal to help police and they even got a bigger reward in the end. here's abc ron claiborne. >> reporter: ft. worth police were searching this neighborhood for a serial burglar. >> this actor had been breaking into people's homes and stealing property. >> reporter: as officer j.r. cox cruised down the street. three boys flagged him down. >> they started waving their arms, and i was, "whoa." and so, i stopped. and before i can even get out of the car, they surrounded my patrol car, and they started telling me everything. >> as soon as we seen the cop, we just ran to it. >> reporter: they told officer cox a suspicious man had just come up to them as they were walking to school and offered them money to help him hide. >> he said he'd give us $20 each if we hide him. like, "nah, nah." >> i knew it was bad to take it. >> reporter: the boys, kenyon, david and trevontae, pointed to where they saw the suspect headed. police found ricardo rojas in a closet in an empty house and arrested him.
6:58 pm
efforts, these three young heroes were honored at their school. >> thank you, guys. >> reporter: recognized with special certificates from the city of ft. worth and a big surprise. >> whoo! >> reporter: a new bicycle for each of them. >> if it wasn't for these kids, there's no way we would have found him that day. >> reporter: for these boys, it was a lesson they didn't have to learn. they already knew it. >> always do the right thing, even if it's a big offer. still do the right thing because you don't know what happens next. >> reporter: ron claiborne, abc news, new york. >> good kids. we thank ron for that story. and we thank you for watching. i'm tom llamas in new york. "gma" and "this week" in the morning, and i'll see you right back here tomorrow night. have a great evening. good night.
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