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tv   News 7 at 11  ABC  April 22, 2017 11:00pm-11:30pm EDT

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nancy: coming up on abc seven news at 11:00, on this earth day, hundreds of thousands across the globe unite for science. and a big intersection in arlington closed for several hours. and it was rainy to start the weekend, but looking like a better finish. the news starts
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with breaking news. nancy: a fire at the skyline plaza condominiums in fairfax county. brianne carter has more on this breaking news. we have firefighters from fairfax, alexandria, and arlington counties. this is the complex where this happened. firefighters responding your a of the fire because scope of this building. itefighters are telling us was a big fire on the seventh floor of this complex. believed by residents to be contained to just one unit on the seventh floor. what we also know is one individual was transported from the scene, no word on this civic injuries related to that at this point.
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residents who live in the building that they heard the alarm go off. not asked to evacuate or that sort of thing, many just came out to see what was going on and make sure their neighbors were ok. we are now being told one person has been transported t from the scene. the cause remains under investigation. brianne carter, abc 7 news. nancy: it was a rainy, dreary start to the weekend, but we are finishing better than we started. meteorologist josh knight has a first look at the conditions right now. for most of us, we are getting a break from the rainy right now. the last time we looked at this picture from the national harbor, raindrops on the lens, but a much cooler evening. radar, the cold front gives you a good idea of where the chilly air is. we are in the low 50's alth
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the rain, just a few showers towards harrisonburg. fredericksburg, overnight rain to the southern areas, but that is about it. in general, cloutier skies. we hang on to that for a lot of tomorrow. sunday coming here is the good news, we don't really see any rain during the day. we start off chilly, upper 40's for most of us, close to 60 degrees. a little sunshine, especially the further north you live, but then the clouds move back in, more rain sunday night through monday and through tuesday. a very rainy start to the week, heavy at times. in about 10 minutes, i will time it out for you and let you know when you really need the rain gear. people waiting for that. calls for action from d.c. and new
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the north, hundreds of thousands showing up for the march for science, with evidenced-based policies to protect federal funding. at home, those braved the rain and it goes way beyond politics. anna-lysa: despite an undesirable forecast, tens of thousands marched from constitution avenue to the capital. the march for science, joining them big names like tv host and scientist bill nye the science guy. also leading the march, some familiar faces. first stepped into the spotlight when she wrote a letter to president barack obama. >> kids were getting lead poisoning. anna-lysa: how does that make you feel? >> mad. anna-lysa:
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on this person's shoulders through the march. >> i think this march is very much about the bipartisan theme. we have to be careful to ever think it is partisan. withlysa: many held signs messages directed at president trump, urging him to continue providing federal funding to organizations that rely on science. we have't like the fact people in power who do not recognize the very valid science. anna-lysa: president trump tweeted this -- i am committed to keeping air and water clean, but always remember the economic growth of environmental protection. jobs matter. on the abc 7 news. national mall, anna-lysa gayle abc 7 news. day,cy: in honor of earth nasa released these images from the international space station from 250 m
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president trump under pressure as he nears completion of the first 100 days, and it will be marked by a busy week as congress returns from recess monday. the first order of business, avoiding a government shutdown by passing a spending bill by friday night. during the campaign, the president laid out what he had hoped to a cop listen the first 100 days. funny thing is donald trump set the bar on this. i think he talked about this 17, 18 times about how successful his first 100 days would we. nancy: the president plans to unveil his tax reform package wednesday. today he visited veterans at walter reed medical center, presenting a purple heart to a sergeant who lost his leg in afghanistan. bracing for one of the
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contentious presidential elections in history, and what happens there could have an impact around the world. there are 11 candidates. tomorrow's election in france comes on the heels of the shooting of three police officers thursday night. president trump told the ap that attack was "probably helping the far right candidate," who was threatening to crack down on immigration and extremism. obama callingnt to offer his support to one of the other front runners, and upstart centrist. the french government has more than 50,000 police officers in place to protect 70,000 polling stations. w tonight, a man fighting for his life after losing control on his moped and hitting a poll on glebe road in arlington. that shut down the nearby streets. they have since been reopened.
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a new on-ramp from massachusetts avenue open today. one atp replaces the old 3rd street. construction and repeat evening -- construction and repaving should wrap up by the fall. american airlines the latest airline in the spotlight as a flight attendant was placed on leave after a confrontation with a passenger. >> hey, bud, you do that to me and i will knock you flat. nancy: another passenger shot video on board the year american gate in airplane at the san francisco. a woman from argentina was traveling with her children. she was upset when a flight attendant told her she had to gate check her stroller because it was too wide for the airplane's aisle. witnesses say that he yanked the stroller, nearly hitting one of the children, leaving her in tears. >>
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it violently. >> a baby almost got hurt. that is what fired me up. nancy: the woman in her children were put on another flight and upgraded to first class. american airlines has apologized and is investigating. coming up, raging wildfires forced people to run. firefighters struggling to contain dozens of wildfires amid concerns about possible arson. >> they said they would give us $20 each. who knowd how kids right from wrong helped the police catch a serial burglar. in 7 on your side stepping and delta stepping up.
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nancy: a state of emergency in florida because of brush fires. homes evacuated as firefighters struggled to stop these swift moving flames in three counties. at least
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it started. reporter: the flames and choking smoke are chasing thousands from their homes. >> they said we had to evacuate. then we saw the smoke in the sky. reporter: 115 fires raging across florida. >> we were squirting the trees and the fires. reporter: moving too fast for firefighters. >> there was a big old ball of fire. reporter: people forced to run, wondering if they will have homes to return to. this couple saved what they could as a neighbors house disappeared into the flames. >> one of the houses on the other side is just completely gone. reporter: this baby deer trying to outrace the fire. arek hawk helicopters dousing the inferno from above as residents try to salvage what they can. >> i ran back
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here through the smoke and fire to try to save our last tractor. reporter: near orlando, flames shooting into the year, officials putting possible -- onsts unnoticed notice. >> you will be locked in jail. reporter: and in fort myers, authorities say a cigarette sparked this blaze that spread to miles and destroyed for homes. a lack of rainfall elevating fire danger levels. the florida national guard now helping with evacuations. nancy: three middle school boys from texas are being called heroes for helping the police catch a man accused of a string of burglaries. officers were looking for the man when a boy walked up to the patrol car. they said that a stranger offered them $20 each if they helped him hide. instead, they pointed officers in his
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him hiding in an empty house. >> always do the right thing, even though it was a big offer, to still do the right thing. nancy: good boys. the police showed their appreciation by giving them special certificates and surprising them with brand-new bikes. and if you think about it, $20 versus a brand-new bike? good guys. they know cool, and right from wrong and do what to do. nancy: how is the weather? josh: tomorrow is an improvement. goinge the big 10 miler on in alexandria, but i want to start with the temperatures right now. we are having a big change tomorrow morning. right now, low 50's, but most of us are in the 40's. here is the difference from this time yesterday, a lot of us are about 20, almost 30 degrees colder.
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you're making plans for church in the morning or early soccer games, it will be a chilly start. the good news is all the rain we had today pretty much got rid of most of it. just a few showers around harrisonburg. i think they will start close to fredericksburg, south of d.c. overnight, but by tomorrow morning, they should be out of here. the cold front drop to the south, starting to develop as the next wave of low-pressure. that will ultimately work its way towards us, bringing rain sunday night, monday, and tuesday. tomorrow, this high pressure further to the north brings sunshine to pennsylvania. i don't think it will quite clear skies for us. we hang on to a fair amount of cloud cover, but we are looking at dry weather sticking around. by sunday evening, it makes room for the rain to move up. here is the wave of low pressure, really taking its time.
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carolinas, over the coast. monday morning, already bringing us heavy rain. it looks like a heavy band moves through right around noon time monday. through the day we hang on to the chance of rain, but barely moving. while tuesday morning may start dry, we will have more heavy rain, the yellow, working its way into tuesday afternoon. there is a good chance if there are baseball games, things like that, monday, tuesday, probably going to see some cancellations. overnight tonight into tomorrow morning, starting in the 40's, much cooler in the morning. 49 at 8way classic, a.m., 57 by noon. it will stay cloudy but in general nice temperatures for a long run like that. it should stay dry, the rain sting to the south. 60 degrees the high temperatures. the showers move in sunday night late and stick around monday and tuesy.
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50's, but we rebound quickly, above average wednesday and thursday. 83 degrees thursday and friday. saturday, back into the mid-80's. the only thing, with the extra heat come a chance of thunderstorms. the best chance right now, thursday and saturday. monday and tuesday will be washouts. nancy: which happen to be scott's days off. scott: thanks for reminding me. i think those will be netflix days. the nationals looking for their sixth straight win today. and game three of the wizards-hawks.
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creating a cleaner environment by using cleaner energy sources like solar, wind and natural gas. we've reduced carbon emissions by nearly 25%, which is the equivalent of taking close to two million cars off the road. cleaner air and cleaner water. it's good for all of us. dominion. depend on us for more than energy. >> and now the toyota sports desk, brought to you by your local toyota dealers. scott: it has been said that a
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start until somebody loses at home. handled the first two games of their series with atlanta. the challenge now, trying to win on the road, game three tonight in atlanta. but johnds down early, wall was a bright spot. from theed 10 of 12 field with a team-high 29 points. bradley beal did not finish well, is a rough-six from downtown. -- 0-6 from downtown. paul millsap led the hawks with five assists. the wizards lose this one, 116-98. they still hold a 2-1 lead in the series. game four in atlanta monday night. >> we have to make sure if we are not making shots, they are not making shots. we were hoping that they would miss instead
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they played a good basketball game. >> we were not making shots or playing great defense, and that hurt us. we let missing shots dictate how we would play defensively. scott: the wizards need to bounce back monday night. concerns after last season, i think bryce harper has proven he is still good at baseball. a good start for the season. you do not win m.v.p. awards in april, but harper is showing that he is back to the player he was when he won the m.v.p. in 2015. fourth and in matt wieters with a base hit into right, bryce harper scores. daniel murphy waved around, but he is out. 1-0 nats. ryan zimmerman, base hit into left. trea turner on his horse, sl
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game three is a prime time matchup tomorrow night on espn. d.c. united up north battling new england. tied at 1-1, beautiful pass. get a tie.nd red washington spirit on the road, 61st minute. kick, jensen, the header, the back of the net, her first career goal. however, this game would end in a 1-1 tie. maryland visiting ohio state, the cross. gets the juicy rebound, shoots and scores the game-winner. terps fall in overtime, 11-10. the valorball, hosting
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touchdown come his third of the game. the valor fall. they are now 1-1 on the season. former maryland basketball star juan dixon has been named the new men's basketball coach at coppin state. this will be his first head coaching job with that program. the famous maryland terrapins hoping he can carry that success to the coppin state m
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nancy: 7 on your side is getting results. couple of weeks ago, scott taylor met with a group of montgomery county high school trip to whose 10-day europe was ruined by the delta airlines delays. with theireunited luggage that had flown to atlanta without them. the next day, scott reached out to delta to share their stories and we found out that delta paid for a canal boat tour in amsterdam and a couple nights in a hotel, plus some stops in london. they thanked troy, the delta agent who helped them. and a 7 on your side consumer alert about a food recall. they are
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in d c,ozen hash browns maryland, and virginia and several other states. hashbrowns may contain pieces of golf balls that were gathered with the potatoes. recalled bags have the product code b170 what made two guys build race car engines in their own shop? what made them believe that a two-ton behemoth could compete in a track race? or that they could take on the elite in world motor racing, and win? we may never truly understand what drives mercedes-amg. but here's to another 50 years of it. mercedes-amg. half a century of driving performance.
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nancy: you know the riddle, why did the siegel cross the road -- why did the seagull cross the road? yeah, that does not exist. was caught on video crossing the street right in the crosswalk. scott:


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