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tv   Good Morning Washington 6am  ABC  April 24, 2017 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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you know it we could be looking ahead at 90 degrees. [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] veronica johnson is tracking a rapidly changing forecast as we say good morning to you. larry: glad you are here with us for a last monday in april. next time we talk, it will be may. veronica johnson is here with what is ahead. ononica: eileen is working some other weather updates for you. take a look at our radar this morning, showing a lot of green. green, but out there of this morning the roads are little wet. light showers coming to our area , we will have more of that to come for later today as the showers continue moving out of the area down around south carolina. joint racew, andrews, 54
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fredericksburg, coming around 50 today with a rise in temperatures today only nine to 10 degrees. wementioned, let the time get to the end of the fourth week, how much rain we could get today, as well as tomorrow, going to stop it here today. 8:00, one third to half an inch, not too much. morningng the late hours we could pick up another half of an inch to an inch of rain across the area and by 11:00 in the evening when it starts to wind down, an inch, maybe an inch and a half in some locations. this is rained for our area. we will talk about how the rainbow impact other areas, coming up. looking around the capital beltway, we are dealing with light showers, allow for extra time on the roads as you continue to make your way around town. let's start off
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show you what's happening with the blue and silver line. we have delays due to a deer that was struck earlier this morning on the track. delays are forming northbound i-95 out of stafford continuing from the exit heading northbound towards quantico and dale city, trying to get past the prince williams parkway, pushing northbound, trying to get across the occoquan. checking in with us this morning, looking at some delays, expecting a slowdown there. outer loop towards four corners, that area of university boulevard, definitely have some of theon the top side beltway. for those traveling in doubt on 50 and the bw part of, the parkway is now starting to see some slowdowns as you travel south. that's the traffic watch. back in the next 10 minutes to update your ride on 270. larry? larry:
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this morning, james mattis making an unannounced stop in afghanistan. sam sweeney has the latest of a live desk for us this morning. >> the unannounced trip coming as the trump administration sense for troops left aniston. we learned of a possible suicide blast on another airbase there in a pakistan border, about four hours from where the secretary landed. the visit comes just three days afghanore than 100 troops were killed on an army base in northern aniston. toldop general recently congress that he may need a few thousand more troops in that troubled nation. this visit the sixth and final destination for the secretary after a weeklong trip. right now we are to get more information about the blast on the airbase near the pakistan border and as soon as we have it, we will pass it along. autria?
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tackle the budget after a brief rate. the deadline to avert a government shutdown is friday night. president trump demanding that the budget include funding for border wall that democrats have vehemently opposed. wednesday he is scheduled to outline his tax cut plan that would include a massive tax break for individuals and corporations. another priority is repealing and replacing obamacare. his aides insist that could be accomplish this week. barack obama making his first public address since leaving office, taking part in a town hall type discussion at the university of chicago. he met with at risk boys on the south side of chicago. obama listened to their stories and struggles and even shared some of his own. happening right now, d.c. police trying to get to the bottom of a bizarre robbery. a bit ofhis has everything. car crash, cash fly
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q mccray has more. a crash,it ended with guys. i have pieces of the car here to show you now. this is where the car hits the tree, jumps the curb, according to police, and let down this embankment over here. you can actually see the damage that was done to the car. it happened at around 2 p.m. according to metropolitan police , not too far away from here, 40 miles away, and exxon gas station, which is where they say the robbery happened. the man had a backpack and the money and he was robbed by two guys. money started flying out of the get but the guys actually in the car, they don't make it far before the crash. here's where it gets more interesting. an off-dutyhere was law-enforcement officer out here at the time and the person who witnessed everything ran over
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suspects until the police showed up. one of the suspects here was arrested, but the second with the bag of money was able to run off. as it stands right now, they are searching for one suspect. once we know more we will let you know. that's the latest from northwest, i'm q mccray. also happening today, aaron hernandez, the former nfl star and can -- convicted laid to rest. be he hanged himself in a massachusetts prison last week just days after he was found not doublein a denver -- murder trial. he was already serving a life sentence without parole for the friend,f his former oden lloyd, in 2013. his family may sue for negligence over his prison suicide. clawinghe capitals their way into round two of the playoffs, pushing their ticket
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on sunday, five of six games in the series were decided in overtime. scored thensson game's winning in series clinching goals as well. finish, winning two to one in overtime. now it is off to face pittsburgh. game number one is thursday night at the verizon center at 7:30. game number two, they had to pittsburgh for game three next monday and game four, also in pittsburgh. they knocked the cap -- the caps out one year ago. we have a bone to pick with them. chaos overnight paris. why cookies just be the start of what's to come?
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veronica: it's a raingear kind of mourning this monday and you will need a nice warm jacket.
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carolina, western virginia, under a flood watch until late this evening. there may be some delays. the rail is not seeing any delays whatsoever. the evening rush is coming up. wet roads continuing. around north carolina, you can see the heavier pockets approaching right now around charlotte. here, locally, we are seeing scattered, light showers. staying in the 50's, it will be another cool day for us. as the kids get off the bus, there's a big warm up coming up. at delaysre looking around the beltway because of the light rainnd
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problem where the deer were struck around addison road. delays to two single tracking around addison road and morgan boulevard. loop of the beltway as you try to make your way past 50 on the john hansen highway we have reports of an accident on the left side of the highway, so expect delays. 495 making her way towards that accident. towards buoy and the beltway. back in the next 10 minutes to update this ride on the east side of town. stay with us, we have more coming up at the -- after the break.
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for a busy night firefighters in montgomery county, for people lost their home in damascus overnight, take a look at these pictures. 60 firefighters worked to gain control of the fire after 7:45 last night and this is what it looked like inside on butter wing court.
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the fire stop things from spreading and likely the family wasn't home at the time. investigators say that it started in the basement and is not suspicious. chaos in the streets of paris, protesters lighting fires in the wake of a heated election headed for a runoff. two people arrested this morning after voters in france but enough support to two fringe candidates to force a runoff election for president. populist marine le pen facing off against an outsider, emmanuel macron. marie le pen touts a french first platform and wants to close borders and bow out of the european union. forrun up vote is scheduled may 7. a new organization fighting back against the growing number of hate crimes the area. they held the first
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chase high school. 50 organizations are joining forces. this was exactly the right response to the hatred that has been's huge. -- need to to spit stand up and say is not acceptable and find ways to combat it in this is a good one. the group will push for public policies and programs that tackle hate and discrimination. the hotline is available where people can get help. of patriotism at one logan county high school. right now loudoun county in leesburg, students will be holding america monday, a day to celebrate the united states. a group of seniors that call themselves young conservatives organized the event. administrators were hesitant over concerns that things might get to political, but administrators say they never rejected the plan because the students never brought it to them. >> it's good to be great. we will be happy
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wearing red, white, and blue. >> our student body will be coming together to celebrate the one thing we have in common, america. larry: students say they don't want things to become political at all in joined with the school's democratic political group to promote the event. autria: the conservation research center at the holocaust immortal museum will be officially opened today at the chapelle center in buoy. the center will be used to preserve artifacts, historic bok -- historical documents, and billgraphs. larry: o'reilly may be tv but he is releasing the latest episode of hisnews posit cast -- news podcast for years tonight. this will be the first time he will speak to audiences after being booted from fox news after numerous sexual harassment claims. here to give us a dreary forecast, vj? veronica:
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spring around here, and we will have that for the next few days. with even a little bit of summertime thrown in. five of the next 10 days will feel like summer. here we go with the forecast. today will be every bit like spring. waves of rain coming through today and tomorrow thanks to one little area of low pressure well to the south and on friday, more like summer with a chance for thunderstorm coming with the wet weather coming through. right now you can see the first wave coming to the area. gaithersburg bear, zooming in, the showers are mainly light around the beltway. exam rick rear, mount vernon, clinton, spotty showers there, moving towards shady side getting that weather in the next couple of minutes. you're around westminster, the damascus area, more around the columbia maryland area and ellicott city.
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quarter of an inch of rain, you will need just the medium-sized umbrella. not the golf umbrella. the golf sized umbrella, though, he will need that tomorrow as you will need more heavy rain and wind picking up for tomorrow. 56 around 1:00, maybe 59 in areas to the south. low-to-mid 50's this evening with what weather continuing on through your evening rush. the weekend, a different story, chance for a shower or a storm of friday as mentioned. sunday again, look at the higher temperatures, much higher as we go from spring to summer close to 90 degrees. a lot of wine tasting festivals are going on. for the early part of next week, headed back to the 80's with eckstein next week. over the were all place of their temperatures. we will track the rain hour-by-hour for you, coming up.
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lanes are open in spite of the wet pavement at the wilson bridge. where we have problems are on the outer loop of the beltway approaching 50. sky track 7 is up and about this morning, hovering above the scene. you will find all of the activity off to the shoulder, involving a fedex truck. outer loop of 495 trying to make your way past route 50, the john hansen highway. back to the map, updating the accidentswhere, no but definitely traffic that has bunched up coming out of manassas towards the capital beltway. a two minute ride, incident free , eastbound on 66. back to the rails, the blue and silver lines are no longer silver track -- single tracking. that's the traffic watch, back in the next 10 minutes to update your ride on 395. larry? larry:
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what was life like in them month that his daughter was mincing
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father ine girl of a tennessee, speaking out after his daughter is gone for more than a month and found safe more than a thousand miles away. we have more in today's gma first look. >> it was just amazing to finally be able to get to see her. >> anthony thomas, relieved to have his daughter back. missing for over a month, her former teacher in fbi custody, facing federal charges for kidnapping her. >> it's been a roller coaster for her. >> new details about how the teenager spent his final days at this remote cabin. getting her back, her father says, is the first step in a long journey ahead. to need traumag therapy. >> to see her struggling with all of this now? as a dad? >> it's very hurtful. i'm sure as it goes along we will find out more and more things that have bee
6:25 am
heartbreaking. >> we have a live report coming up at 7 a.m.. with your first look, i'm eva pilgrim.
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>> now, "good morning washington," on your side. landmarks taken down, where did local authorities move confederate statues and why did they specifically wait until you were asleep to do it? larry: a frightening fall, a little girl falling out of the back of a moving us. wait until you see what happens next. autria: and a wet start to the work week. how long will this rain last? as we say good morning to you on this monday, i'm autria godfrey larry: and i'm larry smith. to right now, including a foggy start your day. veronica: we have got wet weather across the area right now with scattered showers. if you don't have the rain falling in your neighborhood right now, you will before long and certainly by the time we get to lunchtime today. in the lowerwe are
6:30 am
we get into the later part of the days when things get more steady. umbrella, yes, even a nice warm rain jacket or us. with the grey sky that we had in the wet weather that's falling, it feels quite chilly. 59 degrees today, only 59 into d.c.. 50 two and culpeper. areas like college park coming in at 54 degrees. if you don't have the wet weather where you are, you will before long. light showers now, southeast on the beltway you maryland 637, we are wet in the walker mill area shady side is getting that rain headed towards -- area. shady side getting that rain. things getting heavier and steadier, we will talk about the amounts coming up in terms of how much rain will be falling around here.
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around the capital beltway and we have got them, especially if you are making the trip in virginia, little river turnpike. thecrash with police on scene directing you buy, one direction at a time. the traffic watch 7 weezer's --wazers, checking in with delays. from 202, moderate traffic is slowing your role back towards the new york avenue split. a lot of folks checking in right now on southbound kenilworth avenue with heavy volume approaching eastward, slowing and headed back towards the d.c. line, and you will find delays on the suitland parkway. towardslume coming alabama avenue and thankfully, no incidents, just volume. back in the next 10 minutes of down your ride. larry, back over to you. larry: d.c. police
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are trying to get to the bottom of a bizarre robbery. q mccray has more -- has more, lila macarthur boulevard. two suspects were responsible for the craziness that happened yesterday afternoon. slamming into the tree, jumping the curve, landing way over there down this grassy embankment. to show you of the scene here from yesterday, it's around 2:00 yesterday afternoon. according to police this all started at a station not too far away, there was a man with a backpack full of cash and these two guys show up, snatch the money from them. as they are running away from the man the money starts running out of the back back. in the meantime these guys get into the car, step on the gas,
6:33 am
before the crash. there is more to the story. one of the witnesses out here was either off duty or retired law enforcement. he runs to the car once it crashes, hold down one of the suspects until police shows up. guy, who had the money, he made his getaway, so the search is on for that person right now in once we get a description of that person we will let you know as soon as possible. morning, theis president of china is calling korea.ling with north he said that china strongly nuclearnorth korea's weapons program in hopes that all parties will avoid aggravated situations on the korean peninsula. autria: bernie sanders will speak today on a discussion about resisting the trump agenda. hotel,place at the activists across the country are taking
6:34 am
pledge to run for office. sam sweeney is at the live desk with new video as she's coming in. sam? sam: the mayor of new orleans decided to do it and was asleep because of the death threat -- death threats that people made. for confederate monuments coming down overnight. take a look as crews began removing the liberty monument he's by piece just after 3:30 this morning. if the first one to go, many people see it strictly as a monument to white supremacy. these are the four moneymen slated to be removed. the open list that you just saw, roberte statue of the eva lee confederate. president jefferson davis and confederate general -- confederate general pgt, who were -- who won the first battle of bull run. the mayor of new orleans has said that all four are going to come
6:35 am
from the live desk. as soon as we have new details, we will bring them to you. autria: new information about an confrontation between an american airlines attendant and a crying mother. you probably saw this video on your social media feeds over the weekend. she was traveling with her small children when witnesses say that a flight attendant yanked a stroller away, nearly hitting her child. the passenger the confronted the flight attendant could face charges because it is against federal law. >> you do that to me and i will knock you flat. >> american airlines has suspended the flight attendant as they investigate. the passenger could face a $25,000 fine. no word on whether of anyone is pressing charges. set -- sailingn into the
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larry: president trump, giving a congratulatory phone call to the international space station.
6:39 am
space area doing her third longest duration stint on the iss in the only woman to serve as station commander twice. good for her. wonder she can see our rainy weather from way up there. veronica: probably. this is a big system for areas .own to the south south carolina, north carolina, areas around southwest virginia, a lot of rain and clouds down there. clouds and rain have in making their way up through our area ever since the early morning hours. you can see the green here through areas where the biggest wave is, but i think at the afternoon and evening rush will be impacted in a bigger way. not only will it be wet, but look at the wind, we could have wind gusts up to 25 miles per hour today. how much could we get out of the system? take a look. things keep changing with new
6:40 am
of an inch is expected in d.c., half in leesburg, areas like all pepper getting a third of an inch as well. by late tomorrow, 5:00, most locations around one inch, picking up more as we approach the 11 a.m. to midnight hour before things start ending and winding down. to get the landscaping the you are trying to do today, maybe prep your garden. not a good day to put down any weeds, but you're not going to need to water, 75 on wednesday, julie, i'm going to show you the summertime type of heat that is due to make its way in by the end of the work week. wet pavement in some areas, slowing down your role, we will get to it and start on the virginia side. best of 395 the police are on the scene of this crash, you will follow police dirti
6:41 am
westbound lanes are blocked, eastbound some traffic is able to get through, not affected by the accident, definitely starting to see the slowdowns heading north of landmark. road, andl near kirby on 270 coming out of germantown this morning they are already starting to see the volume delays. overall a 25 minute commute towardsrg southbound the beltway. that's the traffic watch, back in the next 10 minutes to update that right at the wilson bridge. autria? autria: the back door of a church bus, flying open mid-ride , a little girl goes tumbling onto the highway. got to see of this ended, straight ahead. plus, down to business on capitol hill. new deadlines making this one of president trump's most defining weeks in office. john? john: this apartment building in fort washington is now missing a roof
6:42 am
the entire building has been condemned. now that the smoke is cleared, stories of survival. we will tell you about them and show you the images, com
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morning,:44 monday taking a live look at capitol hill right now, congress is back in session and front and center is a budget to keep the government running. a critical week for president trump, trying to push funding for a portal wall and if the new health care plan. larry: saturday marks the 100th -- autria: saturday marks his 100th day in office. log onto now to let us know what you think. stephanie ramos has more on the looming budget battle. >> it has been 100 days since president trump took office. >> we are going to defend the workers, protect the jobs, finally putting america first. >>'s administration has been through a tough week with lawmakers, complicated by a potential showdown with the border wall
6:46 am
president trump demanding that congress put up the money for it, but deck could be to a government shutdown. >> that's a fight worth having and a conversation and debate worth having for 2018, but we the government right now. >> jeff sessions suspending the requested that american taxpayers begin paying for the wall, despite promises that mexico would pay for it. >> i can imagine the democrats would shut down the government over an objection to willing a down payment on a wall they could end of the lawlessness. >> democrats not buying it. >> to think that he would consider shutting down the government of the united states of america over this outlandish , itosal of a border wall isn't stopping the president from tweeting about the latest poll. a 42% approval rating. trump
6:47 am
that the media is fake. for mike pence, he's rushing back to washington, cutting short the trip overseas. telling abc news that he wants to be in the capital sooner to deal with the issues facing the white house this week. stephanie ramos, "good morning washington." sam: local rapper and musician, michelle indigo a cello's mother missing. the 72-year-old went missing in oxon hill back on april 10. she could be driving a great ford taurus. she is about five foot five inches, 150 pounds, last seen wearing a light colored top. if you have information about where johnson might be, you are asked to contact
6:48 am
larry: chaos in the streets of paris overnight, fires in the heat of an election. two people arrested this morning. lending enough support to fringe candidates to run off an election for president. marine le pen facing off against emmanuel macron. macron support is in the european union, but marine le pen wants supporters to bow out of the eu. the runoff of is scheduled for may 7. developing right now, people in prince george's county, forced from their homes after a fire would rips through an apartment complex. john gonzalez is there live with the cleanup underway. john, good morning. john: this was a violent fire and residents didn't get much of a warning. we understand that eventually they didn't have much of a choice. take a look at
6:49 am
morning. the entire building is condemned and some of the residents were jumping out of their balconies. just an intense fire, 30 people now displaced without a home. some may never come back. several of these units are absolutely destroyed. the red cross is assisting with the families. look at this video here, it's intense, flames ripping through at around 8:00 yesterday morning. the gums telling us that they have never seen a fire with this fast. a number of people became trapped, including a handful of children. one woman lowering her in front -- infant to bystanders from a second-floor balcony. another man climbed up and down several times to rescue his girlfriend and their two children. firefighters arrived in about six minutes using extended ground ladders, making extended rep -- rescues themselves. thick smoke consumed the stairwell. once a cleared, investigators found inside several spent
6:50 am
extent wishers. it appears that residents attempted to put the flames out on their own, but they were too intense. back your live you can see these on the ground and it has been determined that the fire alarms in the building were never pulled. fire investigators wonder if perhaps there was just not enough time. five people were treated at the scene, two of them taken to the they are all expected to survive but the cause of the fire is still under investigation. reporting live, john gonzalez. 10 minutes before 7:00, in queens investigators are searching for answers and the cause of this deadly house fire. explosive ship -- flames shooting from the windows of a two-story house. five people are dead, two of them children. the secondspread to story before they were brought under control. caught on camera right now, a terrifying incident in crawford county, arkansas. a four-year-old girl fell out of the back of a missing church bus
6:51 am
it was all caught on camera. the bus driver was aware of what driving.but just kept a certified emt and volunteer firefighter happened to be driving behind the bus, dash cam rolling. when she fell out, he rushed to her aid and his girlfriend called 911. >> once the adrenaline and the shock kicked in and in her body, she started screaming for her mother, things like that. stuff like that is really heartbreaking. atria: the girl suffered broken jaw, but that's it, she will undergo surgery. the church says they are no longer using that bus and it is not clear what caused the door to suddenly open. larry: the capitals clawing their way into round two of the playoffs. five of the six games in this series decided, and here it is. marcus johansson scoring the game-tying goal
6:52 am
and game clinching goal as well. over one in overtime, cap's get the win, on to face off against pittsburgh at 7:30, that is when the puck drops before they had to pittsburgh for game three next monday and game number four. remember, the pens knocked them out of the playoffs last year. scored to be settled. autria: the nationals playing a primetime matchup against the mets. murphyoaded, daniel drilling one to right center, heading out of here it's a grand slam home run. york,tionals sweep new 63. larry: that's like three grand this week. look at you, learning the lingo. hot but what today? veronica: exactly. summer by the end of the week.
6:53 am
just in time for folks heading to the amusement parks. minor issues on aerial roads, impact goes up to moderate with the more moderate rain that we will have. coming our way for the afternoon and evening rush. ponding late in the day, let me show you what's going on right now. nothing too heavy. generally light showers moving through. right now, we are going to stay kind of flat, maybe 57, 59 for a high temperature. here, thebreak or two bigger changes for us coming from 59 today to 75 degrees. for saturday.rmth
6:54 am
sunday, maybe a lake a shower. julie? looking at problems on the outer loop of the capital beltway traveling from maryland to virginia, the crash occurred at the american legion bridge. because of this incident, heads coming from river road towards tysons. temple hill near curvy road, that has been reported in that direction. follow police direction in order to get by. in virginia, 395 is open for business trying to get past edsall road. eastbound traffic has been able to get by. us this in with morning, train them or
6:55 am
10 to 15 minutes behind schedule, that's because of a car that was stuck on the tracks. stick with metro as your workaround. back to you guys. mcdonald's employees are not fans in the change in the uniforms. take a look, some people comparing them to something that see in star wars, or "the hunger games." , together by fashion designers this is the first time that the chain used a fashion designer to larry: their new look. i like it. i'm old enough to remember when they have the paper hats. kids, people, it looks good. kidd: as a former
6:56 am
employee, my first job, when i was 14, transferred to drive through in the first week. larry: it's that personality. autria: never met a microphone he didn't like. pull yes, ma'am, sir, around. i was 14, ok? [laughter] an elementary school in montgomery county has caught the attention of jimmy fallon. -- $13,000onation donation to your school. raisinglations on $26,000. kidd: they use the game inspired by the show to meet their goal. throw in a gun your face, something jimmy fallon does. they raised an additional huge amount of money. time for your 60 second express. >> two presidential candidates in france. the globalist, macron, and populist and traders, fo
6:57 am
le pen, started lighting cars on fire. the door sweeps open, hanging onto the door. emtingly, a certified rushed to her aid. >> some residents choosing to jump off the balcony here. lowered her infant from a second-floor balcony. >> he was robbed by two guys. starts falling out of the bag. they don't make it far before the crash.
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good morning, america. president trump faces a possible government shutdown and takes another run at health care reform as he closes in on his first 100 days. >> no administration has accomplished more in the first 90 days. >> our new poll this morning showing less than half of americans approve of the job he's doing, but his supporters standing firmly by him as he starts a critical week of his presidency. on alert. tensions at a boiling point with north korea. overnight, president trump calling allies in the region as north korea detains a u.s. citizen and threatens to sink an american aircraft carrier. u.n. ambassador nikki haley here ahead of her high-stakes meeting with the president. terrifying close call. frightening dashcam video showing a 4-year-old falling out of the back of a moving bus, dropping onto a highway.


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