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tv   ABC7 News at 5  ABC  April 24, 2017 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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fire. six stories up. in a building under construction. at the most vulnerable phase. built mostly of wood. the springiers not hooked up with the limited access for the fire trucks. >> we can see today how much of a problem it is. >> massive water seem to do it will to slow the spread of the flame across the roof of the apartment building. they are the of the ones in danger. the senior living center evacuated. the classes are canceled for the day at 1:00 p.m. >> it's all over college park to be honest. >> you can't even breathe. it hurts your eyes. it
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>> that smoke is and was terrible. it burned our throats and our eyes. we are looking at the origin of the fire. this is an apartment building. primarily for the students, garage on the first floor. retail on the front. not complete. in college park, brad bell, abc7 news. michelle: thank you. you heard brad mention you could smell the smoke from miles away. imagine the intensity for a danger for a building that is filled with the senior citizens next door. the building is now evacuated. stephen tschida joins us live with how seniors are coping. >> this is ho
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senior citizens. still smoke billowing over the spelman house and the senior citizens are still a long way from home. >> within minutes the thick and smell of smoke tore through the house for the senior citizens. >> so much smoke. we can't stay in there. >> it choked off the stairwells and the seniors inside got word to evacuate. >> keith grabbed cody his calt and took off. >> i got out of there. >> we found a you if dozen residents of the spelman house at a nearby rec center. some wondered when they would return to the apartments while others dealt with the effects from the smoke they endured. >> my eyes are burning. everybody eyes
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>> i spoke to a fire chief 15 minutes ago and he said there is still no timeline for when the senior citizens will return home and he hopes that it's a matter of hours and not a day or so. reporting live, stephen tschida, abc7 news. >> we will take a closer look at the effect of the fire on the university of maryland coming up at 5:30. right now on, you can get up close look at the fire. we posted the video from the skytrak7 as well as the photos and the slide show to show you detailed pictures. larry: the other big story we're following tonight, relentless rain that is becoming a fixture in the area. stormwatch7's meteorologist brian van de graaff joins us now. this is more than a sprinkle. brian: this is not moving out anytime soon. it's with us tonight and even into the day tomorrow and most likely on the early wednesday before we will start to
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transition. this is chilly. average high 69 to 70 but not there. looking ahead for the evening. more rain on the way tonight. breezy and cool. notice winds pick up out of the northeast at 10 to 20. there may be a lull overnight. by the rush, more. the period of the heavy rain off and on through tuesday. we will look at the rest of the week coming up in a bit. michelle: we will see you then. thank you. anxiety growing over the risk of a government shutdown. we are following this developing story. are they any closer? >> it seems to be get
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the senate will go back to work tomorrow after a two-week break. they have until the end of the week to secure funding and keep it operational. sean spiceer says he is confident a shutdown will be averted but he can't make any guarantees. >> i am hopeful that it won't happen. >> the season employees have seen this drama before. >> we don't think it will happen. >> bradford who worked for f.a. for 25 years says the move for the government workers under the trump administration is different than the years past. >> more anxious. we still don't know what to expect. >> the government funding expected to expire friday the possibility of shutdown emerged as president trump signaled desire to include funding for a wall along the
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mexico that could complicate negotiations in congress. thousands of workers could be asked to work without pay. the essential services like the law law enforcement would stay on the job. >> i'm an rehenceive. the membership is apprehensive. >> the president of the american federation of government employees represent 700,000 federal workers nationwide. >> loud and clear. our people want to go to work. they don't want a vacation. they want to be on the job. >> they estimate that the border wall would cost $20 million. president trump continues to insist that the mexican government will pay for the wall at some point, federal government needs
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something to get it moving. coming up we hear what the white house says about the possibility of a shutdown. until then live along the national mall, jeff goldberg, abc7 news. larry: thank you. a man is behind bars accused of being the one who rob a bank in fairfax county. kevin costello walked in a wells fargo and left with unknown cash. the photos from the surveillance video show a man that they believe costello is in a hat demanding money. he is facing charges. michelle: the death of three people in maryland have authorities bracing for overdoses from a powerful opioid. two people died after taking carfentanil. it's more potent than heroin or morphine. it's to sedate large animals like elephants. larry: metro is making a push
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is the culture of safety. but it's not on the workers. this is on the riders. brianne carter joins us to explain. brianne: this campaign is expected to launch in a matter of days. the new safety campaign that riders will see around the system. this is designed to keep everyone safe. so the riders will see the stations inside the trains and the buses. different placards like this one here is to show how to reduce the preventible injuries on the system. this comes when metro released quarterly safety report. this is something they will discuss later this weekend. the customer injury rates are down from the same time last year. it's looking at the other issues on the track related to
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derailment and fire. there were two derailments in first quarter of this year that involved the maintenance machines. they are looking to number of the debris and cable fires and the arcing insulateddors on -- arcing insulators as well. when it comes to the other like systems metro had the second highest number of fires compared to other systems. the new safety campaign, and we will see the posters in may. larry:m coming up at 52:00, the streets become rivers in the south. what we can learn about the future growing troubles there. larry: consumer alert after the fitness watch burst into flames. michelle: a mother disappears and the big clue the family received via
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michelle: police are asking for help to find helen johnson, the mother of singer and songwriter meshell ndegeocello. johnson's son is pleading for her to come home. >> i'm starting to get worried. hard to sleep. just pacing now. there is a possible clue. a toll violation on the dulles toll road hours after she left her home. larry: concerns tonight after a device intended to improve your health left a woman burned and scarred. horace holmes? horace: this is a fitbit 2. this happened to mitchell's device. she is from wisconsin and was given it for a present and opened it about two weeks. she claims she was st
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it exploded and caught fire. she said the device was defective or mad she had been sitting for a long time. treated for the second-degree burns. "7 on your side" contacted the consumer product safety commission who is investigating this. they did order the recall of the fitbit 4 in 2014 because of the skin irritation becaused by stainless steel casing but they have had no previous report of fires with any of the products. a mystery. larry: be careful. you are wearing yours. clean-up after storms left the massive damage behind. weekend caused a t
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topple in a woman's yard as she made it out in time. a road gave way in the storms and dozens of homes and buildings were damaged. michelle: in north carolina a man had to be rescued from the pickup truck stuck in floodwaters. another man with him was able to swim to safety to get help. parts of wilks county were hit with the six inches of rain in the course of two days. the same storm system and the floodwaters are so deep that the road is unrecognizable. that didn't stop cars to drive through it. that is what we warn people not to do. brian: turn around and don't drown. that is part of the same system over the carolinas to the east sending rain our way. moved in far enough south on sunday we dried out but it
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tomorrow and wednesday morning. we will be in the 80's and the 90's later in the week. michelle: talk about a turn-around. brian: we have not seen the temperatures move much today. this week the average high should jump to 70. that is wednesday. today, the best is 57 downtown. upper 50's in quantico. warrenton is 55. these are the days with the clouds and the moisture mean temperatures stay flat. cloudy and damp and period of rain. what you see is what you get. there will be high pressure off the north to have stronger
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there is waves of rain and it is going to bring it north. from the south and to the north that we see rain is going to lift northward. that is the story, the driving force for the weather pattern for the next 36 hours. by tonight is sitting there over the north carolina and south carolina. when we have a settedup, it's cloudy and cool. the rain may linger and get stops and the breaks from time to time. tomorrow morning commute there are period of rain off and on for the midday. this is slowly riding up the eastern seeboard. by wednesday it will move off the coast. still close enough wednesday that we have clouds by the morning and the cool breezes. notice the sunshine. southwestern virginia. west
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if it keeps the pace by wednesday we will see the sunshine breaking out in the afternoon. to carry us to the sunny skies and the warm temperatures through sunday. cloudy and the clouddy rain showers off and on. tomorrow nigh is gray like today. sun up tomorrow at 7:07. part of the remainder of the week. wednesday is when it starts to break. i don't want to oversell it. if the clouds linger too long for wednesday, we could see sunshine break out. temperatures could stay in the low 70's. but we could be in the mid-80's on thursday. thursday and friday appear to be warm day. that is good news as far as the temperatures are concerns. drying out as well
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and the humidity. we could see a 80-degree day. maybe a pop-up variety of thunderstorms but nothing widespread. next week after monday we cool down. michelle: that will make up for the weekend we had. larry: right. brianen -- brian: extremes. larry: i'm ready for the consistent 76, 77, sunny. brian: i just want to be average, okay? larry: one week! thanks, brian. a community swallowed by smoke. michelle: it all traces back to what could be one of the difficult fires in the prince george's county history. breaking coverage continues with the college canceling classes to protect student. larry: making history 240 miles above the earth. now a record shattering astronaut gets one-on-one time with the president. what she said and had the president quip "better you
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the stars" is back tonight with boy bands versus girls roots. that is at 8:00, followed by "quantico" at 10:00. and abc7 news at 11:00.
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>> a tremendous day for america. u.s. astronaut peggy whitson breaking the record for the most time in space by a u.s. astron
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534 days and counting. >> that is a long time. we have if historic moment and the special phone call she received. president trump: this is a special day in the glorious history of the american space flight. >> with his daughter ivanka and kate rubens by his side, president trump congratulated peggy whitson. overnight she broke the record for the most days spent in space by an american. 534. >> it's a huge honor to break a record like this. but an horror to me to be representing the folks at nasa. who make the space flighted possible and who make me setting this record feasible. >> interstellar dreams on the radar since she was a girl in iowa. at 9 she watched the moon landing and was hooked. she landed a job with nasa. but it was ten years before they
5:24 pm
stuff. in the conference call with the president she described the mission and then the moment. >> water is such a precious resource up here that we also are cleaning up our urine and making it drinkable. it's not as bad as it sounds. president trump: that's good. i'm glad to hear that. better you than me. >> by the time she lands she will have more spacewalks than any other female astronaut. the world record held by the russian who announced the retirement. abc news, new york. michelle: thank goodness! my gosh. >> i once did a week on a cruise. ready to get back to land. >> congratulations. great accomplishment.
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>> still ahead -- >> look if you don't turn bus around, it's a police matter. >> "7 on your side" i-team goes to toe to toe with a bus company that the customers say took the money and threw them under the bus. michelle: plus, back in the spotlight. former president obama's message three months after he left washington. >> six smoke from the massive five-alarm fire canceled classes. find out what is still open and wh hey allergy muddlers are you one sneeze away from being voted out of the carpool?
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announcer: you're watching "abc7 news at 5:00". on your side. michelle: back to breaking news now in college park. a massive fire gutted a large apartment complex being built near the university of maryland. fire officials say it may be the biggest response the county has ever seen for a fire. the smoke so thick it prompted a senior center to evacuate and the university of maryland to cancel classes. ryan hughes joins us live from the campus with what is being done for the students. ryan? ryan: it was bad out here. students were telling me the eyes were burning and the throats were scratchy. you can feel the smoke. we are outside
5:29 pm
ghosttown out here. there are students that board a bus and head home. this place cleared out. the students receiving an e-mail. the university letting them know that the campus is closing down at 1:00. show you video from earlier. this is why. they tell us that due to the poor air quality from the massive five-alarm fire. the baltimore is closed north bond. the students are told to stay inside and close windows and doors. the told me that the smoke was coming to the classrooms through the a.c. unit and at times it was hard to breathe. listen to them. >> it was really strong. you could see it everywhere. it was bad. i don't have breathing problems but even i was struggling. the classrooms whether or not to shut off the air
5:30 pm
systems. there is smoke in the classroom. >> the rec center is open until 8:00. all other are canceled. the parking lots are restricted until 7:00 tomorrow morning. that's the latest. michelle: be the first to know when the news breaks. go to to sign up and the breaking news sent to your phone. larry: the work underway to get utilities back after an apartment complex but damaged in a weekend fire. 11 homes damaged. some had to jump from the balconies after being trapped. no one was seriously hurt. the search for a cause continues tonight. the investigators say there are no working smoke detectors in a home that caught fire in
5:31 pm
queens sundays afternoon. that fire killed five people. four under the age of 18. one person managed to escape jumping out the second floor window. there is no word on the cause. michelle: a pile of rubble is all that remains of the savopoulos home in northwest d.c. crews began demolishing the mansion two years after four people were murdered inside. wangdarren went is the man accud of killing them will go on trial in september. larry: barack obama is back in the spotlight with his first public appearance and speech. we have more on the message. >> the former president took the stage and there was a familiar trend to the message. hope. he said the country needs to get past the red and the blue state labels that have people divided and losing faith in democracy. >> people aren't
5:32 pm
they get cynical and give up. we have some of the lowest voting rates of any advanced democracy. and low participation rates that translate to the further gap between who is goffing us and what we believe. >> he avoided talking about the successor. he only spoke in the generalities about the political issues. the final piece of the advice was to talk to people. different beliefs and listen to understand instead of listening to respond. michelle: thank you. wearing the bulletproof vests protected by the police snipers the workers dismantle the first of four confederate monuments in new orleans. wearing masks to protect identities there a
5:33 pm
protests. they used the tape to black out name on the vehicles after veeving -- receiving death threats. >> this is showing to the world we are able to acknowledge, understand, reconcile. choose a better future. >> the first monument to come down was eacted in 1891 near canal street. it will be placed placed in stoe until they find another place to house them. larry: customers saying they were thrown under the bus after ordering a charter for big vents. the "7 on your side" i-team tries to track down answers. q: if you seen this man? police say he has been swindling people out of money. that's coming up. michelle: the kennedy center is out with next year's line-up. what you can expect and the dates for "hamilton" coming up tonight at 6:00. but first, the "good morning wash
5:34 pm
sneak peek at what they will have tomorrow morning. >> thank you. tomorrow on "good morning washington," feeling sluggish? seven surefire ways to turbo charge your mentality. >> don't less stress ruin the quality of your life. the emotional detox to combat stress and feel your best. >> stay with us starting at
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brian: looking at the upcoming weekend, drier conditions and the heat building in. a local festival to the west. the apple blossom festival kicks off this week. friday looking good, mid-80's. plenty of sunshine. i talked to the organizers today. they are excited for the weekend. saturday and sunday, afternoon thunderstorm could bubble up. not widespread or hit or miss. something to keep an eye on. mi
5:36 pm
the weeks for the friends across the d.m.v. one more cool day tomorrow. wet and breezy at times for tuesday. the temperatures are in the upper 50's. by wednesday we transition. early clouds and early morning sprinkle will give way to the late day sunshine. temperatures warming to the mid-70's. mid-80's for thursday and friday. the weekend hot and dare i say humid? yes, a possibility with a hit or miss shower or storm. then next week it drops to 70's. st
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5:38 pm
q: welcome back to the wall of justice. i'm q mccray. we have a special alert from loudoun county sheriff office. he is wanted for fraud. but he is not stealing checks. he is stealing field. they need your help to identify this man. according to the investigators, he has been going into giant supermarkets throughout the county and putting the new items in a cart and walking the items up to the customer service desk and returning them using a forged receipt. he usually wears a dark colored jacket and gray dress pants and is seen driving the old red toyota camry
5:39 pm
in the late 30's to 40's and dark colored hair which is receding. 6'2", 220 pounds. if you have information about the man, contact the loudoun county sheriff department. the police say mendoza arquetta beat up a female friend. and starksburg pulled out a knife and stabbed a woman in put approximately times. she died in southeast. the d.c. police want jones who is accused of beating and robbing am woman. calvert county police want ryan watson for trying to kill someone, robbery and burglary. they also want daniel evans for burglary. if you have any information about the fugitives go ahead and contact the local police department. "7 on your side." i'm q mccray. larry: thanks. crime alert. the d.c. place look for the two guys that say the two robbed someone with a gun inside a building on 14th street and got away with cash
5:40 pm
if you know something, call the police. michelle: still ahead at 5:00, if 4-year-old falls from the back of a bus. how the girl is doing. why somebody will be charged in this case. >> oh, my god. we have a major problem. he can be there in an hour. >> also ahead, the bus rental disasters. you pay in full and the ride never shows up. the "7 on your side" i-team tries to get answer ♪ hey allergy muddlers are you one sneeze away from being voted out of the carpool? try zyrtec® zyrtec® starts working hard at hour one and works twice as hard when you take it again the next day. stick with zyrtec®. muddle no more®. try rhinocort® allergy spray for powerful nasal allergy relief.
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michelle: well, school field trip, birthday party, weddings. we rely on charter buses for many events. what do you do if they don't show up or there is a problem? you call kimberly suiters for starters. she joins us for what she found in a month-long investigation. this is fascinating. kimberly: this is a cautionary town. two local customers of a charter bus company turned to "7 on your side" to do what they could not. find the owner of the bus company that kept thousands of their dollars. for the family's last great wedding event -- >> our only brother so w
5:44 pm
>> they hired a charter bus from to take buses from the hotel to the temple and the reception. but come wedding day the bus was a no-show. the d.c. bus employee said the bus went to a different hotel by mistake. she says oh, my god. we have a major problem. he can be there in an hour. >> they scrambled to find taxi and ubers and rides and they canceled the rest of the bus. he said they promised them a refund. but six months later they are still waiting for the money. muhammad the owner of the d.c. martial art school is out twice the amount. >> do you feel the $3,703 was stolen from you? >> i feel like more is stolen from me. kimberly: he arranged the charter bus for the two dozen students in the heat of summer but when the a.c. didn't work -- >> listen, if you don't turn the bus around it will be a police matter.
5:45 pm
police and canceled the other contracted rides. he said he told the orn -- >> your service endangered the lives of young children. kimberly: he is suing in d.c. court for breach of contract. "7 on your side" tried to find out who is driving this bus. checking out public records and e-mail records, several company names show up. >> we went to d.c. headquarters for two of them and found virtual offices. we found addresses for mail, mail forwarding to annandale, virginia. claims to be woman owned but they finally identify the owner who is an approved carrier for the fairfax county public school without a required license to be a transportation of passengers broker. the d.m.v. is investigating and so is
5:46 pm
attorney general. we showed them the hidden dots we went through. the average consumer can't navigate a web like that. >> that is right. i commend you for your investigative work for looking in the concerns regarding the bus company. kimberly: no conclusions have been reached but the owner has been in trouble for the law before. jail sentence for cocaine and felony probation violation and he is in dispute with the former business partner. >> he has your name on his paperwork. how do you respond to that? >> i'm going to give it to my lawyer. give it to the fairfax county dective. >> police arrested ray on embezzlement charge. they are connected through the office and the home address and customer receipts. but he denies any collaboration today. we also reached the man listed as the finance manager. what do you think of the fact he is using your name? >> he can't use
5:47 pm
>> but he said he is a part-time bus driver. when "7 on your side" left a business card on ray's home in november, he did call us back. >> are you willing to sit down and go over the consumer complaints? we asked him to respond to all allegations but he claimed to be out of town. >> b.c. buses can run from this but they can't hide from it. >> thanks to a tip we found ray at the unlisted office. kimberly suiters, channel 7, "7 on your side." >> yes. kimberly: can we talk to you? >> sure we can, but without the camera, please. kimberly: all right. so this is what ray told "7 on your side" off-camera. that d.c. buses is a domain name. all the other company name that he registered or operates under are all businesses he worked with. the two customers who came to "7 on your side" who started it all are at fault in his words. they broke their contracts by canceling. ray told us he has since shut down d.c. but last we checked they were still taki
5:48 pm
one of our consumers called today and said ray will be in the office tomorrow >> we learned so much from the report but it took so much leg work and phone call and research. for the average person trying to book a trip how do you know if it's legit company? kimberly: with the internet today you don't know. you have to go to better business bureau and search for comments. a lot of the comments on the site didn't look real to us. we couldn't verify them. that is not legitimate. you have to call around and get good referrals. larry: another question. how does it happen? say he shuts down this, he could start another one tomorrow. we could start one and start operating. kimberly: you could. some accuse him of doing that. it is important to do research and not trust shiny, fancy website. larry: the attorney general is going to look into this. what precautions are in the system to make sure that they are licensed and legit? kimberly: that is
5:49 pm
you have to be licensed to operate. the department of motor vehicles in virginia is investigating that. but i'm glad you brought that up. use a credit card. at least you have protections there. these folks didn't. they wreck check -- wrote checks and the money is gone. michelle: at least that you can learn from. now the an update on this horrifying incident in arkansas. church bus driver will not be charged after a 4-year-old girl fell out of the back of the bus. the dash cam behind the bus recorded it. she broke her jaw and will need surgery but the doctors are confident that she will recover. the other children said she pulled the latch on the exit door and the police say it was nothing more than an accident. larry: now a consumer alert. before you get a bag of chips, frito lay recalling the jalapeno lays kettle cooked
5:50 pm
flavors miss vicky kettle cooked potato chips. there is potential salmonella in the seasoning. michelle: this is a weather to munch and eat food that is not good for you. larry: that is what i did today. >> check in where brian van de graaff for a look at the next round of the rain on the way. brian: it is still wet. radar showing showers coming through. go to to check out the radar. it's gray over the capital. 55. we should be in the upper 60's but not this afternoon. this is 53. they picked up an inch of rain. perryville and culpepper. a third at the st. indigo. we have gotten big rains. hour-by-hour, the models are keeping us
5:51 pm
uptick in the temperatures heading to dawn. we see period of the rain off and on tonight through the day tomorrow. tomorrow is like today. the temperatures may crest near 6 of 0. we will see period of rain. this will move out by wednesday. the sunshine will break through by the afternoon. we could be in the mid-70's for wednesday. looking beyond the warmer air will nudge in here. gray skies are with us and upcoming weekend we could have numbers flirting to 90. larry: ready for that. michelle: bring it on. robert: what else are we ready for? michelle: another win. robert: from both caps and the wizards. little bit in the road for the wizards. the loss in game three to the hawks. no one was john wall showed up for that game. bradley beal was off the entire night. went 6 for 20, 0 for 6 from three-point land. tonight is game four.
5:52 pm
wizards looking to bounce back. it's gotten personalty. we have name-calling. we will talk about that and hear from john wall. in hockey, long-side relief for caps fans. game six win over the maple leafs to advance to the second round. but guess who they have to play now? the defending stanley cup champs, pittsburgh penguins. last year they said whoever won the series would win the stanley cup. that happened. could be the same situation this season. the caps don't do that well against the pens in the postseason. >> we just want to get control of the puck on the face-off. they did a great job to win it. >> that is the narrative until we change it. we won overtime games. in a town where there is a lot of pressure.
5:53 pm
robert: that's why we are here. the schedule is set for the eastern conference semi-final. the opener is thursday night at the verizon center. game three and four is in pittsburgh monday and wednesday. to baseball, bryce harper making another campaign for the m.v.p. for starters he is batting .400. the best in the league. this week he turned in two-homer game including a grand slam. congrats to him being the player of the week. larry: nats have the best record in baseball. >> they are sleeping on them because of the playoffs. larry: you don't win division titles in april but we'll take it. robert: a long season. larry: next at 5:00, a show of patriotism that almost didn't happen. the re
5:54 pm
virginia students were finally able to wear the red, white,
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5:57 pm
michelle: hershey is planning to cut the calories by 2022. right now a standard hershey bar is 210. they will reformulate the treats and ajust the size of some products. larry: a show of patriotism with controversy. today students busted out the red, white, blue for "america monday." but there was a brief moment of concern that it might not happen. q: it doesn't take much to tell that is "america monday" at loudoun high school. you just have to look around and see the students that are wearing red, white, and blue to celebrate the day. but this does not come without co
5:58 pm
they organized the day but last week they were told they couldn't because the school administration balked at the idea because there were concerns it might get political. the students, their concerns were taken to social media. saying "america monday" will go on. that is what happened today. >> freedoms that we enjoy are unlike everywhere else in the world. q: the school administration told us they didn't reject the idea of "america monday" because it was never proposed to them on paymenter. but the students we spoke to said it was not the case. back to you. michelle: fire and thick smoke seen and felt for miles
5:59 pm
hallways. michelle: senior citizens sent to safety as the college campus sent home. tonight the search for what caused the fire. jonathan: and 5,000 times stronger than heroin. the drug making its way to the streets and why first responders are warned for their own safety. michelle: huge plumes of smoke billowed from a building under construction in college park. larry: a big fire here that burned the throats of everybody nearby. jonathan: it forced evacuation of a senior citizen senior and shut down the university of maryland college park campus because of the thick smoke past.
6:00 pm
brad bell has more. brad: we have been here all day and the firefighters have and they will be here all night. they are putting water on the fire. this is you still flaring up. you can see the white smoke turn black and then they focus the water on that. and try to beat it down. this has been a stubborn fire. from skytrak7 you can see how out of control the fire was. racing across the roof of the complete apartment building. among many problems the mostly wooden senior construction. >> there is -- the wooden interior construction. >> there are a lot of void spaces. >> for the rest of college park the all-day fire meant all-day smoke hugging ground. filling buildings. forcing the university of maryland to close. >> it's terrible. the senior dwelling adjacent to the burning building forc


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