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tv   ABC7 News at 5  ABC  April 25, 2017 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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they figured out that the first wife of rodriguez-cruz was an imposter and the wife hadn't been seen in 28 years. and the disappearance of his girlfriend was enough for an arrest. she was last seen february 12, 2009, entering her home with cruz. >> the prosecution laid the case out. >> in the hearing, detective fulton supported the belief that rodriguez-cruz is what pitch -- habitual. >> i didn't have anything to do with her disappearance. >> an interview from eight years ago. and it's reported he sai,
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nobody will ever find you." that woman is still alive and likely witness at the industrial. fulton's discovery, they reopened the investigation into rodriguez disappearance. they got a warrant to search her apartment last friday. >> denying bail today, judge said the defendant knows the witnesses, knows where they live and knows how to make bodies disappearance. reporting live, i'm sam ford. larry: thank you. the smoke can be seen for miles. today people living near the massive fire say they could smell it. brad bell was out there all day monday. what did the investigators learn today, brad?
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brad: they are not telling us they learned anything. i don't think they learned much at all. they did go to the area of origin. where the ladder is set up. they looked at it from the outside. one of the problems here the firefighters say is the way that the people was built. they are expected to be on scene for another night. commanders insisted that the crews remained outside directing water on the hot spot because of how the structure is filled. it is made of wood, not concrete or steel. >> we had too many firefighters across the world killed due to lightweight buildings. brad: you can see the flammable lumber used. now a total loss estimated to $40 million. firefighters acknowledge that it would meet current building and the fire code complete with an
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system. but we saw three years ago when this similar building burned in rockville. if the fire starts late in construction it is tough to fight. >> the buildings are a challenge. they are a lumberyard for us. >> a national issue says joshua who represents the concrete industry. >> it's putting community in danger, a combustible product. not necessarily cheaper in the short or the long-term. >> tonight, the p.g. county executive said it may be time to look at the current building codes. >> right now our understanding is the regulations were followed. we are going to investigate to see how to make it safer. >> so baker is not saying anything definitive. he just wants to look. we are looking at another building a new building that is going up in college park. you can see that it is concrete construction. that is an alternative to this wood construction, truss construction that was what was really burning here in this building in
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again, no violations, no regulatory problems. no code violations. a type of construction that firefighters say gives them problems. in college park, brad bell, abc7 news. larry: so much to deal with. thank you for that. 7 is on stormwatch7 as the heavy rains drenched carolinas and dumping eight inches of rain in raleigh. several people had to be rescued from the cars. alison: we have seen our fair share of rain since friday. brian van de graaff has a check on when the sun is going to return. we're ready. brian: the sun will come out tomorrow. i won't break into song but arriving tomorrow before it gets here a system barreling across the carolinas is turning south and east. we will see big time improvements. tonight what you see is what you get. we will see the light showers and maybe fog. during the day tomorrow, it won't be early on, through the day, the
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the sunshine. there are mid-to-upper 70's south and west. it will happen through tomorrow afternoon. thursday and friday we have 80's here and maybe the first 90-degree day. we look at the surging heat coming up >> we will see you then. we have new developments tonight in the case against eulalio tordil. he is the man accused of killing his wife before going on a shooting spree last year. stephen tschida is live in rockville. this is where he pleaded guilty today. stephen? stephen: 63-year-old eulalio tordil pleaded guilty to two counts of first of degree murder and two counts of attempted murder. he also faces a murder charge and attempted murder charge in prince george's county for the killing of his wife. the prosecutor laid out a strong case against tordil. power point case in which he said that tordil was driven from the career in law enforcement. almost 30 years as
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to murder by mir tall problems -- marital problems, loss of his job and looming sexual child abuse investigation. three dead. three wounded. the man who pulled the trigger 63-year-old eulalio tordil. a life-long law enforcement officer. he shot his wife gladys outside high point high school in beltsville where she planned to take her two daughters and shot a bystander who tried to intervene. the next day, at the mall in bethesda, tordil shot a woman in a carjacking and two men who tried to help her. killing one of them. half hour later, tordil attempted another car jacking and attacked a woman in the s.u.v. shooting and killing her. tordil acknowledged the shootings, the deaths in court. but he faces the murder charge, attempted murder charge in prince george's county. when he comes back i
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the possibility of life in prison without the possibility of parole. reporting live, stephen tschida, abc7 news. alison: thank you. this just in. a judge blocking president trump's order to cut funding to cities that limit cooperation with the immigration authorities. the district, of course, are one of the so-called sanctuary cities. the judge says the president does not have the authority to attach the new conditions to the federal spending. that temporary rule willing stay in place until lawsuit works its way through court. larry: we are keeping a close on developing stories. today 85 years since the north korean military was formed. the country held a exercise to mark the occasion and the u.s. docked submarine in south korea as a show of force. tom, president trump is inviting all senators to the white house for briefing on the situation. alison: the tensions are brewing be
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this is one day after the trump administration announced new tariffs on lumber. so today, justin trudeau says the country could have what he called a thickening of the border. after the 24% tax on the canadian soft wood number. it's a two-way street and millions of jobs depend on it. larry: michael flynn likely broke the law failing to disclose payments from russia and turkey. that is the view of the republican and the democratic leaders of the house oversight committee. >> as a former military officer you cannot take money from russia, turkey or anybody else. it appears if he did take the money it was inappropriate. there are repercussions for violation of law. larry: flynn was fired less than a month in the president's term for lying to vice president about the contact with the russian
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went to mark holocaust remembrance day. he called for people to never shrink away from telling the truth. >> we will confront anti-semitism. we will stamp out pressures and condemn hatred. we will bear witness and we will act. >> today's ceremony hosted by the holocaust memorial museum as it opens conservation and research center. meanwhile, a not so warm reception for ivanka trump when she started talking about her family at the w-20 summit in berlin. it's aimed to build support for investment in women's economic empowerment programs around the world. larry: police are hoping to find a person who broke into a dozen medical offices in one weekend. nanticoke
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"live desk" with pictures. nancy: good afternoon. the man police are looking for broke in 17 offices in the medical campus. this was on saturday. he was caught on surveillance camera appearing into the offices. investigators say he started by breaking into a secure lock box that held all the keys to the office. then le broke into the offices stealing cash as well as ipads. if you remember news guys in the photos call the police. alison: coming up, murder mystery after a man is found dead in a senior citizen center. what they did today to try to crack the case. >> they rush to help a driver in need.
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alison: following more breaking news where we learned a school bus and s.u.v. collided at arctic avenue and aspen hill road. this was coming from veers mill elementary school. there were six students on the bus but we understand they are being evaluated for injuries. we will keep you posted on the situation. larry: while the lawmakers on the hill work to avoid a government shutdown a dozen protests speaking out against the president's budget arrested outside the white house today. they were calling for more funding for clean water, immigration and the job creation. that comes as the clock is ticking on another possible shutdown. chief political correspondent scott thuman is live at the capitol hill bureau with a look at how the threat could be easing tonight. scott: we think there may be give and take. in the
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trump insisted wall would give bill. he would not say if the funding would come in this bill and he couldn't say how far he is willing to take the fight. the argument over building a literal wall only strengthened a figurative in washington. trump wants funding in a budget and democrats won't budge. >> if the threat of the ball is removed our negotiations can continue with a possible government down looming this weekend. >> that would be the height of irresponsibility. he would not that to define the first 100 days. >> we feel confident that government will not shut down. >> democrats saw that as a sign that the white house is backing down. president trump is alluding otherwise. >> don't lake the fake media convince you i changed my position about the wall it will get build.
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but the majority of the americans don't. recent poll show 64% oppose building it. if the two sides don't come to terms, everyone would take a hit. the 16 day shutdown in 2013 cost taxpayers $16 billion. this spending bill could be cash for border security instead of the wall. and a potential short-term deal until a larger one is worked out. >> they have the burden to >> they have the burden to keep it open on the republicans. scott: a short-term solution, c.r., a phrase that washingtonians are familiar with. continuing resolution that is the short item to allow for congress to stay in the wings and keep working on something stable long-term while they pass a budget band aid to keep the government in busin
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how quickly could it take place? scott: as you know, painstakingly, notoriously, congress has often waited until the last hour to get it done. i would not be surprised if we are here on friday discussing it, watching the clock. but it is likely because no one wins if there is a shutdown until they work to the last minute to get something on paper. larry: the more things change, the more they stay the same. scott thuman, thanks. alison: down the road before. larry: right. alison: we know the cell phones and the cameras are not allowed in the supreme court but there might be an exception for those on the bench. justice stephen breyer's cell phone rang. everyone else laughed. his face was red with embarrassment.
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>> rings at the worst possible time. brian: was it a song or a funny sound. larry: oops! alison: i think we'd be reporting that. that would be news. brian: wow! love it. let's talk about the weather. not so great out there. you want more than a song. larry: i made brian -- brian: a gold star, larry. wowsers! you think we had a ton of rain out there. a tenth at dulles. where was the money and the pile of rain out there. over an inch in annapolis and then half an inch of rain. quarter to an inch of rain. not a heavy one but enough that was drizzly and damp all afternoon. 60 degrees in the city. it doesn't feel that great out
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we have a northwesterly wind at 12 miles per hour. with the breeze, it adds a chill. bone chill out there. it's 60 in culpeper and quantico. 59 in andrews. most of us in the 50's to 60's but there is just not a lot of movement in the temperatures. not until tomorrow or midday in afternoon when the clouds break a bit. it will take time for it to happen. part of the reason that we are stuck in the pattern of the winds. they are 10, 12 miles per hour. it's not gusty but an east/northeasterly wind. the wind will come off the water and off the bay and off the ocean from that direction that will keep us in the cooler than average pattern. scattered showers, patchy fog, drizzle and mist. not heavy. not severe. but more of this. it's hard to pick it up if it is light in nature. a smattering of light green and mistiness and har
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the proper wiper speed on the car heading home. it's intermittent, the best you can do. spotty, sprinkle, and drizzle at mist. tomorrow morning i'm concerned with the fog to settle in. tomorrow could start off on the gray side. not so pretty to art off the morning. but we are hopeful throughout the day, progressively from west to east the skies will clear and give way to sunshine. temperatures could jump back in the mid-70's. typically for this time of the year we would be at 70's. look at wednesday, warmer air nudges in. so by thursday it's mid-80's. this weekend, area favorite, the apple blossom festival in winchester. the low to middle 80's. there could be storms on saturday afternoon as the heat and the humidity bubble up. we are watching a pattern change for now. we head to sunday, and there could be a backdoor front. to bring in the clouds and drop temperatures back. we could see the first 90-degree day
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sunday is cooler. spotty shower or two. next monday rain and then behind it in the mid-70's. ups and downs. 60 to 90 degrees. larry: i thought the roller coaster was behind us. i guess not. larry: a tale to the sky. alison: a former bachelor is in the spotlight but for the wrong reasons. there a veteran d.c. firefighter has faced many lives on the job but recently her life was changed. coming up, i will take you inside the reunion. >> but first a look at what is coming up tonight -- alison: and kidd o'shea with a look at what is coming up on "good morning washington." kidd: thanks. tomorrow on "good morning washington." short-term
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airbnb keeping you getting an apartment if d.c.? what is done about it now. >> the white house is gearing up to brief the senate on north korea. what to expect from the big meeting. >> keep it here starting at
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i said, "help me. this man is dying."
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a man drove a car in the lake. look at this! another man saw it, stopped his car and drove in to help. then this. a group, a huge group of bystanders all jump in to action. tonight, we don't know how he is doing. larry: a d.c. firefighter spent 20 years working to save lives but recently her life was saved by a group of good samaritans and several of her colleagues. make mike reports for the first time she was re -- mike carter-conneen reports that she was reunited at the hospital with her rescuers. mike: commissioner, boy scout troop leader and medical students were among those whom angela will forever be grateful. >> we are glad you are alive. >> they saved her life when the 47-year-old went in cardiac arrest behind the wheel colliding with another car in downtown d.c. >> she was belted. the eyes open. but rolled back. there we had to pull her out as fast as we can.
5:26 pm
start compression. >> first year med student that helped perform c.p.r. others called 911 and flagged down d.c. fire and e.m.s. passing by. >> the action by the bystanders with the most critical reason why the firefighter bodie is still alive today. mike: this happened march 28. at the 24th and pennsylvania avenue. just off washington circle. and just a block away from the hospital. >> not expecting that at all on my way to get a haircut. >> convinced that she survived through divine intervention. it happened here and each of samaritans were there and the firefighter colleagues were nearby. >> they happened to be driving by. they weren't dispatched to the location. >> the experience inspired her to pursue cardiology or emergency medicine. >> action is the main thing. don't assume someone else takes the roll. jump
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back to work. she will heal and get back to work. >> i have a second chance at life. >> in northwest washington, abc7 news. >> still ahead at 5:00, queen b holding the key. how she is unlocking the door to college for women across the country. >> new demand for metro to address safety concerns and what the largest union has to say about it coming up. >> murder that left the family, friends and the law enforcement asking why. so today the police came here for answers. i'm jeff goldberg. what they found coming up when "abc7 news at 5:00"
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announcer: you're watching "abc7 news at 5:00". on your side. larry: police say he went to the same shopping center every day at 12:00 noon. so today they went to fallen church to find out if anybody knows anything about the murder of cong nguyen. that is where northern virginia bureau chief jeff goldberg is live with new information in this case. jeff? jeff: well, at this point, law enforcement officials have been unable to identify any problems or issues connected to cong ng
5:31 pm
fixture here which is a popular destination for local on the vietnam community. law enforcement hope the flyer will answer the most important question now, why? after chatting in vietnamese for a moment, one thing is clear. >> they lieu him. jeff: that is cong nguyen who was thursday found murdered inside his apartment at the little river glen senior center in fairfax. lam is a civilian personnel officer with the fairfax county police. she is here at eden center handing out fliers to gather information on the death of nguyen who would visit the center nearly every day at 12:00 noon. >> he was a very nice guy. jeff: sandy says nguyen would pop in and say hello at the beauty supply store. >> a native of vietnam suffered upper body drawma in the killing. but detectives have no suspects and no idea why he
5:32 pm
>> they are around the clock. following any tips and type of information they can. >> hearing plenty. >> it was a nice guy. >> but very little about why he might have been murdered. >> we stopped by where they live. they have no new information or answers. >> thank you for that. an investigation in the cause of the fire at a woodbridge apartment complex has turned into a death investigation. they discovered a man's body inside the burning apartment who has now been identified as simeon lin
5:33 pm
alison: we are following a developing story from iowa where the police arrested a former star of "the bachelor." chris souls is accused of leaving the scene of the crash near his farm. his pickup hit a tractor and killed the driver. they allege he was in control of alcoholic beverages and containers. larry: one of the most popular nascar drivers will retire at the end of the season. dale earnhardt jr. will call it quits. the 43-year-old was married in the off-season and says he is not -- was married in the off-season and is ready to start a family. alison: 30 minutes ago abc7 news learned metro is adjusting staffing to address a possible sick-out. a spokesperson says they are staffing on a high number of the absence request for friday. now sources tell us metro workers are planning to take
5:34 pm
concerns but they say there will not be an official sick-out. spokes penn for the largest union says they do not support a sickout but they are looking at every legal option to address what they call a hostile work environment. larry: also covering metro tonight is the result of the safetrack surge 13. crews replacing 5,600 cross-tie in the 40-day surge on the yellow and the blue line. they replace 12,000 linear feet of grout pan, 52,000 fasteners and 1800 insulators. alison: the numbers come one day after metro received an ultimatum from the federal transit administration. transportation reporter brianne carter has details. >> people are literally in close calls on a daily basis. we just can't allow it to happen. brianne: tonight the largest worker union is applauding the latest move to demand that metro must address the unsafe conditions and t
5:35 pm
on the track or risk losing money. the workers feel like they are taking an enormous risk. they feel like they are in a hope and a brayier because protections are not what they need to be. >> there are four incidents that led to workers on the tracks or train going through the work zone. earlier metro had to open an investigation after concerns that there were proper track procedures weren't followed on the green line. potentially putting the workers at risk. last fall the workers had to jump out of the way of an oncoming train on the yellow and the blue line. however, the f.t.a. says metro made progress citing changes with the rail operation control center to improve communication. earlier in month, abc7 got a look at the new technology from the
5:36 pm
warn the trains and the traffic workers of one another. metro officials tell abc7 they, too, share concerns raised by the f.t.a. and are working to strengthen procedures. metro was given five days to respond and that is by the enof the week. we expect to hear from the general manager who is expected to have more on this at a board meeting scheduled thursday morning. brianne carter, abc7 news. larry: thank you. transit officials kicking off the campaign this morning. the public education push is designed to increase vigilance of the pedestrian and cyclists heading from spring to summer. 71 pedestrians and the cyclists die in traffic related crashes last year. that is 30% of all traffic deaths. alison: still to come at 5:00, a noise complaint that turns into a party when the cops show up.
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vienna where students are learning the a, b, c's. that's coming up in "spotlight on education." larry: it ended with a kiss. the race to save a gator's life in florida and the wild snapping battle it took toic ma it happen. man: hey baby, how are you? woman: i have a surprise for you. man: you have a surprise for me? narrator: at dominion, 1 in 5 new hires is a veteran. and when they're away, they miss out on a lot. but they won't miss out on financial support. because we cover any difference between their military pay and their dominion salary, and continue benefits for them and their families. why do we do it? because our vets sacrifice enough. "dominion. depend on us for more than energy." ♪ stand by me.
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brian: a look at the weekend outlook. a lot of things happening including the wine and the food festival at national harbor saturday and sunday from 12:00 noon to 6:00. saturday may be a hot day. the temperatures on saturday could be in the 90-degree range. hot and humid. maybe a storm or two by the afternoon. sunday, that is when it becomes a little more tricky. the new pat earn that is emerging, clouds and the cooler temperatures.
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alison: today marks 100 years since ell ab fitzgerald was born in virginia. the new exhibit honoring the first lady of song opens at the national museum of american history this month and another exhibit celebti
5:41 pm
the grammy museum in los angeles today. larry: listen to her all day long. how iconic! the world's most popular recording artist in 2016 one of the hip-hop finest. drake earning the title from the federation of the photographic industry. he had best selling album with "one dance." alison: saturday night we know can be full of loud music and partying. but look what happened when someone called to complain about the noise at the house in san antonio. one of the officers, well, he started dancing along. it was a child's dance club, having a dance off at the. everyone expected the music to stop when the cos got there. but instead one of the officers started to salsa dancing with the girl competing at the time. no wo
5:42 pm
called to complain thought about that. larry: a good dancer. alison: that changed the whole tone of everything. larry: i see the police over there. that music is still going. he won the contest. sorry. love this story. people love to look their best when you go out. your best. but would the jeans fit the bill for you? nordstrom selling the fake jeans for $425. the website describes them as heavily distressed and a crackled caked on coating that shows you are not afraid to get down and dirty. if only it was around when i was a kid. my mother used to get mad at me when i had jeans like that. alison: is that crazy? why not take a cheap pair of jeans outside and rub them in the dirt? >> there you go. well, clearly that is what they did. alison: instead of buying them. larry: when you
5:43 pm
they stay like that? alison: probably. head scratcher. head coach of the washington wizards has an urgent request for fans. what he wants you to do for the playoff game coming up. >> letters like this from the school district to home. how urgent video warning for the parents of what is on netflix.
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alison: the show on netflix "13 reasons why" has some concerned now. >> it's not part of the curriculum. they are talking about "13 reasons why." the show centers on a teenager girl that commits suicide and leaves an audiotape to give reason for those she blames. >> my fear is they will watch this and not reach out for help. they will kneel -- feel there is no rean
5:47 pm
by the arlington public schools among the concern that the series is graphic in nature. the story touches on the important topics the content is graphic in nature. we do not encourage viewing it is critical for the children and the youth to process this with a trusted adult if they watch the series. >> you might do it yourself. >> some kids, they are afraid to say something. what they seed on the tv, they might think it's okay. >> fairfax and montgomery county schools are sending out warning letters. in arlington, richard reeve, abc7 news. alison: "7 on your side" with a consumer alert as pepco tries to expand the infrastructure for the electric cars in the nation's capital. there is a proposal to launch a pilot program for the electric car owners that would offer them discounted rate and the other amenities.
5:48 pm
in up to ten apartment or the condo buildings and the public chargers around town. larry: air bus wants you to have a whale of a time on your next flight. they will decorate the next generation of the oversight cargo planes like whales. employees were asked to consider the six designs to brand the plane and the smiling beluga is the winner. why not? alison: that is interesting if you see it flying. larry: don't get caught off-guard. i just saw a -- maybe -- okay. alison: talk about the weather now. brian is standing by. we want the sun. we are ready. brian: we do. we had a reprieve on sunday. the rain is not that much. it's appreciable but it will come down out there. it's a nuisance. we upped up to 61. 61 with the high today. mid-60's in warrenton. but look at the big 7-0.
5:49 pm
afternoon we should be around 70. it's shortchanged out there. we are seeing breaks in the clouds. but there is moisture south that is going to pinwheel through. we have batches of the light rain to work the way through tonight. light rain and midst and drizzle. we could see nothing in the morning. the temperatures are not going to move much. the winds will calm down. the combination could lead to fog in spots in the morning. we will see warmer air. i want you to focus on this. to the south. culpeper, low 70's to the mid-70's around here. there will be gradual clearing. i don't think in the city and the point east it will happen until late in the afternoon or the evening. low to mid-70's. 80 for thursday, friday. warm on saturday before a possible cooldown for the back of the weekend. or
5:50 pm
we will see you then. thank you. we know scoring 300 is hard for average bowler be you one bowler in new york did this. made it look easy. not only did ben from syracuse bowl a perfect game but he did it in 90 seconds. larry: what? alison: rolling 12 straight strikes on ten different lanes. believes this is the world's fastest 300 game. it took him four attempts but he pulled it off. larry: is that all? alison: amazing! erin: i want him to teach me how to do that. larry: wow! ten different balls. wow! impressive. okay. alison: hi, erin. erin: a busy time. wizards are heading back home. with the series at two games a piece the wizards will return home to host hawks in game five tomorrow night. listen to this. tip-off is at 6:00 to make it tricky for the fans to get to verizon center right after work. but head coach scott brooks says take t
5:51 pm
need to. the wizards need you there. >> throws everybody off. an our early. we need to get out there. it is important for them to be there. the crowd is great. >> i'm sure no one will complain. brandon is one of the top distance running recruits in the country. last fall he committed to stanford to further his career. scott abraham introduces us to the week's rising star. scott: another day on the track for brandon. >> i told myself i want to be one of the best. i will work to get there. scott: it has taken -- it hasn't staken long to be considered one of the best. the seven-time all-american. >> i try to help others and motivate others and set an example of that. if you work really hard your goals will come with it.
5:52 pm
>> relentless athlete who every time i step on the track made it count. a winner. >> brandon comes from a running family and that is putting it mildly. he has other brothers who are amazing runners. the oldest at stanford and ryan attends william and mary. brandon doesn't consider it a sibling rivalry. instead he feels lucky to have pair of role models models in te sport he loves. >> brothers to be competitive wish. it is all friendly competition. we want to be the best we can be. >> one lap at a time on the track to success. i'm scott abraham with the rising star. alison: he comes from a successful running family. erin: best of luck to them. larry: cool. alison: thank you. larry: speaking of the wizards, abc7 has your ticket to watch game five between the wizards and hawks. tune in
5:53 pm
autria godfrey will join me and the gang for your chance to win. jerry had to be off today -- alison: all right. when should kids learn about managing money? larry: well, inability to's spotlight on education we will show you how an elementary school class gets kids started early to prepare for a bright financial future. alison: as we head to break, today is national penguin day. this is a live look at the penguin there at the ripley's aquarium where today two new baby penguins within on display. the male penguins were born in february. benny hill and falcore.
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alison: one year since beyoncé announced lemonade album. she announced a scholars award to be given to one black woman at four colleges. the berkeley college of music, parson school of design, spelman college and howard university are eligible for the scholarship. jonathan: how nice. many money experts tell you it is never too soon to learn the key of the financial literacy. kellye lynn takes us to vienna where the students are exposed to the essentials of the money management in elementary school. >> cash u.k. check, money order -- kellye: fourth graders learn the fundamentals of finance. >> spend money on things you need first. >> something that anthony didn't give much thought to until e completed computer program called vault. >> vault is a game to help you understand your money and what to do with it. >> budgeting, gifting spending
5:58 pm
habits. host of the money concepts. >> we learn about this and health insurance. i had no clue before. >> the 10-year-old just achieved her vault certification which requires mastery in six areas. responsible choices and making plans with the money, credit and borrowing. insurance and safety. savings and investing. >> it will benefit them since they get to college and beyond. >> april is financial literacy awareness month so this is the perfect time to talk about money. >> the students seem to be listing. >> i need a budget. and how much i want using the budget so i don't lose all my money. >> a new a
5:59 pm
habit-forming ways to handle money. >> breaking right now at 6:00, a bus slams into a home and leaves some folks on board hurt and many without a place to live. is there call for action. why firefighters say this massive fire is a perfect example of why current building codes can put people at risk. >> help me. this man is dying. jonathan: trapped under water. strangers join together to save a man strapped and drowning. feet from freedom. announcer: from abc7 news, this is a breaking news alert. nancy: we begin with breaking news in kensington, two people are hurt after a bus slammed in a group home. stephen tschida arrived at the scene. show us what happened. stephen: this is what we've got at the scene. you can see the bus behind me. you see the wheelchair there. over here is the point of impact to the right
6:00 pm
we understand six developmentally disabled adults live here. the bus was bringing one of the residents, a woman home when the driver apparently lost control, slammed into the house. the woman who was in the wheelchair, we do understand was thrust from the wheelchair onto to the ground on the bus. she was taken to the hospital as was the individuals inside the group home. you can see over my shoulder active scene. we understand that the driver of this bus is on board that bus. two people in the hospital being checked out. now the director of the group home says she doesn't believe the injuries are serious. the six vental disabled he -- six developmentally disabled adults will be placed somewhere while repairs are undergoing. jonathan: six students have minor injuries after the


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