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tv   ABC7 News at 6  ABC  April 25, 2017 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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we understand six developmentally disabled adults live here. the bus was bringing one of the residents, a woman home when the driver apparently lost control, slammed into the house. the woman who was in the wheelchair, we do understand was thrust from the wheelchair onto to the ground on the bus. she was taken to the hospital as was the individuals inside the group home. you can see over my shoulder active scene. we understand that the driver of this bus is on board that bus. two people in the hospital being checked out. now the director of the group home says she doesn't believe the injuries are serious. the six vental disabled he -- six developmentally disabled adults will be placed somewhere while repairs are undergoing. jonathan: six students have minor injuries after the
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s.u.v. at the corner of arctic avenue and aspen hill road. montgomery county schools confirm that the children on board were from veer mill road elementary school and we are told they are checked out but just as a precaution. michelle: the man who terrorized two counties pleaded guilty to murder and attempted murders. we were there last year as 63-year-old eulalio tordil was captured. prosecutors say his crime spree started when he shot and killed a wife gladys in a school parking lot in prince george's county. he shot people at random outside the montgomery mall. the lot of his job and a looming child sex investigation plagued tordil prior to the shooting spree. he faces possibility of life in prison without the possibility of parole. jonathan: there are details emerging in the 8-year-old disappearance of pamela butter. today detective fulton said a woman claimed to be jose
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wasn't. it was an imposter. then he realized that no one had heard from his real wife in 28 years. fulton said that combined with the threats against rodriguez-cruz's second wife were enough to arrest him for murder. michelle: look at that. car after car, building after building left under water after relentless rain in central carolina. many compared it to the devastation of hurricane matthew last year. one match had three feet of water in the garage. a woman crawling out the window to escape the stalled s.u.v. the same system that caused the problems in the south is what has made for the dreary days here. but there is light on the way. stormwatch7's brian van de graaff has a look. when will the sun return? brian: it will be tomorrow but it will take time. southwest of town you will get it earlier in the day. if it's points east it will take
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this system will pull away and we'll see the improvement. this is about the drizzle and the mist and patchy fog. this makes for a moist, damp not so great feel. tomorrow we have the sun break out. there is a warming trend. today, most of us are stuck in the 50's. we will look at the ten-day outlook coming up in a bit. michelle: thank you. anytime that weather threatens go to to sign up to have alerts sent to your phone. jonathan: this is the new video giving us a birds eye view of the devastation at an apartment building that went up in flames yesterday at college park. this is from roof level. look at the damages. the pieces collapsed in. a lot of water on top of the building to fight the fire. nobody was hurt. but there is
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million in damage. the firefighters say this is a perfect example of a danger they face anytime buildings like these catch fire. this was a difficult fire to fight. brad: they didn't have access to facade at the building. but you mentioned the construction. that is something that the firefighters is talk about. lightweight construction. believe it or not, even big apartment buildings like this going up several stories. the inside of them are made entirely of wood. lumber. >> just look at the damaged building from the top of the fire department ladder that may give the clearest view of how much damage yesterday's fire did. >> the building in the $40 million damage range. brad: the fire and th
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building will go down as one of the worst in p.g. county history. five alarms sounded. 60 fire trucks. 200 firefighters choking, smoke, smothering most of college park. forcing the university of maryland to close for the day. now firefighters say the way the building itself was built contributed to its own demise. it's called "lightweight construction." mostly 2 boyfriend boyfriend boyfriend -- 2 x 4's held together with metal plates. >> in living conditions it's fine, but under fire conditions they fail. >> so they can't risk to fight the fire inside the building which may collapse on them. tonight while he says the project likely met all current codes, regulations and standards, the county executive rushern baker says it may be time for the review. >> that is a problem. something we will look into. right now we are still doing the investigation as to how it started. that is a concern that both
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the fire chief said to us and the deputy fire chief. >> so back live this is a tower up against the building. they have been shooting water to the still burning structure. again the lightweight construction, roof system of wood burned and collapsed. that put a pile of wood there. they can't get water underneath it. it's not structurally sound. in college park, brad bell, abc7 news. jonathan: we have much more on yesterday's fire. video from skytrak7. ground video. the new video showing the damage to the roof. you can find all of it on the website. we put it there. nancy: we know the name of the man who died in an apartment fire overnight. they found 54-year-old simon lynn's body. he was dead when they got there. no one else was hurt. firefighters trying to figure out what started
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police in fairfax county are looking for the man who broke in inova fairfax medical center. the thief stole money and ipads from 17 offices after breaking into a lock box with the keys inside. surveillance video recorded the thief. they describe him as 5'8" to six feet tall weighing between 175 and 200 pounds. this review was ordered after two students were arrested of raping a girl inside a bathroom in school hours. the school system plans to in their words follow up on a review next week. michelle: a race to save a life. strangers been a together to pull trapped driver away from death's door. jonathan: arrests outside the white house and why the dozens rallied there and why the particular folks were ta
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michelle: democrats demanded intervention but a dozen were
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any bill will require bi partisan support. they are opposing the funding for border wall with mexico. >> we hope to get funding in that. >> this is a dangerous prospect for the administration to push so hard for such a flawed, incomplete and the unthought out proposal on must pass spending bill. >> there is word of a deal for obama care subsidiaries. spue jonathan: the white house calling the visit routine despite the continuing tensions between ally and the north korea. >> president trump is promising to combatant
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he made the remarks in a speech today. today's speech came after a series of the miss statements by the administration about the jewish history and the holocaust. michelle: michael flynn likely broke the law failing to dispose payments from russia and turkey. the white house will not release files from before the inauguration day. oh was fired for reportedly lying about the contact with the russian officials. >> coming up, a race to save an alligator. why a man spent nine minutes dodging snapping jaws in a struggle that ended with a kiss. >> help me, this man is dying. >> power of teamwork and strangers join
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jonathan: back now to the break news we started the newscast with in kensington. you are looking at it. two people hurt when a small
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this is live picture on the scene of lawrence avenue off connecticut avenue. two people taken to the hospital will survive. six people living at the home now are out of a home because of the damage done by the bus. why did this happen? that is something we're trying to figure out. when we get more information we'll pass it along. michigan incredible video from south korea as people coming together to save a life. inside the car there is a man trapped inside when he crashed into a lake. one man driving by saw what happened. he ran into the water. >> i knew he was dying. i said help, help. "mel he, this man is dying." michelle: others hurt the cryer if help and they acted and pulled out then conscious driver -- the unconscious
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do you trust a restaurant and what is on a menu? a recent seafood study finds what makes your plate isn't what advertisedded on the menu. but cheryl conner reports that overall the dinner in d.c. is actually pretty good. cheryl: it's fishy, by smell not by suspicious. we headed out to talk to the teafood lovers following a george washington study that found mislabeled fish. >> most people can't tell the difference. >> it was this species of tuna for this species. chevy but it could mean added drugs or hormones or the price
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to allow for the products to be tested. >> they will charge you for the food. >> seafood integrity comes down to trusting the supplier. one this third of the sam panels were misabled fish but not all were offenders. >> i think the d.c. restaurants did well. >> if you choose not toilet it, you shouldn't pay for that. >> i want to share video with you that can only be from florida. that takes ten minutes of dancing around, and tossing a towel over t
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success! when you have success with a gator what dough you do? you give him a smooch. >> he had that secured well. >> what is snapping back is mother nature. we need it. brian: we jump back up. hoping the drought update will go down. look at what is happening. there are folks that are enjoying the golf course. it is 58. they have had the wind gusts up to 20 miles per hour. you think with all the rain today and the amounts that is more than we have gotten. less than a tenth of an inch
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right now we have the clouds. they will be thick tonight. it will be the upper 50's to the 60's. the winds will calm down and that means we could see fog settling in. if you are going out for a run, it's not bad. damp out there. the storm is churning south. but it will lift northward. tomorrow morning we are still cloudy. by midday the clouds, well, they are on the edge. on the cusp. later in the day that we can break into the sunshine. how quickly we move in the sun will determine how warm we get. overnight we are in the 50's. a good bet. by lunchtime, notice we are in the 60's here. it's going to be late
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low to mid-70's but not until 5:00 or 6:00 at night. 60's in annapolis. charlottesville is 80 degrees. so this is all about how it moves in here. if you want it warmer, by tuesday we have numbers in the mid-80's. transitional forecast for the latter half of the week. the clouds and sunshine 75 tomorrow. mid-80's on thursday. mid-80's on friday. feel heat and the humidity building in toward the weekend. we are watching a pattern change. we could still make a run at near 90 for saturday. even the pop-up thunderstorm or two. sunday it looked identical at this point. we could get back to an easterly flow. that could send us back to a cooler pattern for sunday and monday. jonathan: thank you. good news. if you want tickets to the wizards game, we got them. just watch tomorrow, "good morning washington." we are giving away two tickets to the game five. wizards-hawks at the verizon center. you is to watch -- you have to
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watch. erin: 6:00 p.m. tip-off on wednesday. earlier than normal. they are usually around 7:00. beware of that if you are making plans to go to the game. the wizards got a wakeup call in atlanta from the hawks. how they plan to get back on top when we get back. ♪ hey allergy muddlers are you one sneeze away from being voted out of the carpool? try zyrtec® zyrtec® starts working hard at hour one and works twice as hard when you take it again the next day. stick with zyrtec®. muddle no more®. try rhinocort® allergy spray for powerful nasal allergy relief.
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jonathan: now
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erin: stanley cup playoffs are going to heat up with two of the best players. alex ovechkin and sydney crosby renew their rivalry in the second round. penguins beat the caps twice on the way to winning the stanley cup. including last season in the first round of the playoffs. >> you wanted to go up against an opponent that beat you last year. >> you want to redeem yourself. erin: i meant the second round. you have an excuse to leave work early tomorrow. the game starts at 6:00. and hay want you there on time. the series are tied with two games apiece and the home cooking could be what the wizards need to get back on track after giving up a 2-0 ser
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brooks says it is time for his squad to embrace the pressure. >> you are closer to moving on or closer to moving out. you have to embrace the playoffs. this is the fun part. erin: couple fun nights to the toyota sports talk on newschannel8 on the way. tonight 106.7 the fan chris russell will join me. tomorrow night new redskins wide receiver terrell pryor is in the house to talk redskins ahead of the draft. tune in. the show starts at 9:00. jonathan: interesting year for the skins. erin: it is. it will be fun! michelle: looking forward to tonight. get rain out of here. brian: finally! misty and drizzly tonight showers linger. but we will start to clear out in the afternoon. the warming trend will continue. for pressure look at the forecast, josh knight will be in at 11:00 with warmup on the way. michelle: thank you.
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jonathan: thank you for watching. see you at 11:00. at bp's cooper river plant, employees take safety personally - down to each piece of equipment, so they can protect their teammates and the surrounding wetlands, too. because safety is never being satisfied. and always working to be better.
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tonight, several developing stories as we come on the air. the major turn in the case of fired national security adviser michael flynn. tonight, both the democrat and the republican leading the house committee on whether flynn broke the law. ivanka trump's rough reception. her first major foreign trip. how the audience responds when she says her father is a champion of families. the deadly highway inferno. at least two big rigs and several cars collide, going up in flames. pictures coming in tonight from the scene. did police go too far? five young boys coming home from a game detained at gunpoint, one crying in fear. the plane crash. the pilot killed. the son who crawls out. >>


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