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tv   World News Now  ABC  April 28, 2017 3:30am-4:00am EDT

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this morning on "world news now" -- the search for specifics in president trump's tax plan. after the white house reveals a one sheet outline, hear how the president responded when asked how he will pay for what has been promised. the biggest tax cut in american history. >> breaking overnight, the isis takedown at an american airport. authorities saying the suspect was trying to fight with the terror group. >> new this half-hour, the nfl's draft. >> getting our first look at who will be joining next season's freshman class. as well as the our first look at football's most fashion forward rookies in a live report. >> speaking of fashion forward. groovy, baby. yeah hear what mike myers is saying about a potential fourth austin powers movie. fuel details later this half-hour in the "the skinny" on this friday. ri
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>> oh hey. snoip from a >> announcer: from abc news, this is "world news now." ♪ ♪ >> man, i love the theme for it. that's all we'll, we'll just. every time i have trouble parallel parking. think austin powers. >> that's how i dance. think of dancing. >> every time you dance, i think of austin powers. >> pretty sad. start with the presidential we? getting together with one of his early supporters. set to deliver a speech today at the nra. >> president scheduled to speak at national rifle association annual convention in atlanta. the first president to do so since ronald reagan. secret service says, guns will not be allowed inside during the speech. >> meantime, the president is defending his sweeping tax reform plan. still not offering specifics. but he insists the plan will pay for itself. here's abc's cecelia
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>> reporter: in rose garden president trump making a surprise appearance for take your child to workday. as he signed autographs, abc news asking the president how he will turn his tax plan into reality. amid estimates his massive tax cuts could balloon the deficit by trillions of dollars. >> anything about paying for the tax plan? any more specifics there. >> gret. when you see the growth. growth will pay for it. >> how, how soon is that growth going to happen? >> it will happen quickly. >> reporter: the president says he will provide more details on the plan very soon. that single page double spaced outline revealed about 200 word long. it is short on specifics. on gma, treasury secretary pressed repeatedly for answers. >> can you guarantee that no one in the middle class is going to pay more? >> that's our objective. absolutely. >> a guarantee? >> i can't make any guarantees until this thing is done and on the president's desk. i can tell y
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joke ti objective. >> reporter: no firm promise. we asked again. >> why is it the secretary could not guarantee no one in the middle-class will pay more under the proposal? >> i think everyone in middle class should know this president's plan is going to make sure they have more in their pocket. >> guarantee from the white house, position from the white house right now? americans should not worry? >> the goal of this thing, president's tax plan ties provide them and loper income people with more money in their pocket and a tax cut yes. >> press secretary sean spicer conceding there is a long way to go before this blueprint becomes reality. >> we have a lot of work to do with congress. i think moving in a positive direction. >> plan would reduce number of personal income of tax brackets from 7 to just 3. slash the corporate tax rate by more than half. and eliminate all deductions except for home mortgage interest and charitable contributions. that means deductions for state and local income taxes will no longer exist. a
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americans in high income, high tax states. including several east coast blue states and california. ooechb so even some republicans raising concern. >> think this could hit your district. >> talk of losing a deduction. that's something. if there is a better way to achieve this tax policy. open to that. i think that's the conversation we'll have. >> with the 100 day mark around the corner on saturday. the president is expected to play up the tax plan big during a rally. in pennsylvania. but, right now, it is still very much remains in draft form. on the single page document, and you heard the members of congress tell us, they are ready to hear some details. cecelia vega, abc news, white house. >> busy day in washington ahead. clock ticking toward a possible government shuttledown with the deadline to strike a deal just hours away. senate democrats blocked a vote to keep the government owe any nother
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schumer, insisting on a final bill without proposals on abortion and other stipulations, the house votes on the extension. senate may vote before the deadline. >> jordanian in the u.s. legally is in custody on charges that he wanted to join isis. he was arrested at cincinnati's airport. prosecutors say he was trying to fly off to the middle east to team up with the terror group. he was under fbi surveillance since january when he told authorities, you are going to regret this. after he was removed from the turkish embassy in washington. >> now, breaking overnight. state of arkansas executed the fourth inmate in eight days. kenneth williams pronounced dead late last night after given a lethal injection for the murder of cecil boran. serving life sentence for a murder when he escaped and killed him, who lived near the prison. now, his family says, waiting all these years williamson's execution has been
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>> we just lived two miles from the prison. still right down there. every time tie go down the highway or back up the highway, i look over there and i know he is there. well just before williams was put to death he apologized to the families of his victims say he senselessly, wronged and deprived them of their loved ones. >> tensions arising between syria and israel. assad government blames israel for missile streak on a military installation near damascus airport. rebel sources say it was an arms depot run by hezbollah movement. which israel considers its biggest threat. israel though won't officially confirm or deny this strike. two u.s. army rangers were killed. in the same region where the u.s. deployed its most powerful conventional bomb two weeks age the army announced it will send 1500 soldiers to afghanistan this summer. >> pope francis heads to ee jept today for a two-day tour. security will be tight in the mostly muslim country.
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terrorist attacks against coptic christians. the pope expected to highlight the plight of christians in egypt when he talks with egypt's secular and religious leaders during the visit. >> back here at home, the city new attraction has a basing purpose. pretty hefty price tag. >> the attraction is a public bathroom. right behind the new york public library in bryant park. it has imported tiles, fresh flowers, art work, and even -- classical music. >> sounds awesome. >> private company that manages the park picked up the tab. it cost $280 t. >> whoa. >> golden that? >> estimates say more than a million people every year will use the facilities there. there you go investing in our enjoyment. >> does look like a high tech japanese, japanese toilets. >> o., my god. they're
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and afraid to push an of them. >> you don't know what it means. you get on there it's heaven. coming up. this year's top picks, at the nfl draft. who made the cut, so far? and, even more importantly, who were they wearing? >> in the meantime, the nfl isn't getting a whole lot of love from tom hanks. the oscar winner is threatening to boycott the league. first, a look at today's forecast. >> announcer: "world news now" weather brought to you by my pillow.
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because your carpet there's resolve carpet care.
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resolve carpet care with five times benefits ♪ ♪ ♪ you mess with one man ♪ the boys of fall >> oh, yes, boys of fall. thinking of them in the spring. day two of the nfl draft kicks off at 7:00 p.m. tonight. >> that's right. day one is done. aside from all of the details on who got picked first. what we really want to know is what was everybody wearing. >> yeah. >> go to abc's maggie rulli for that. you look fantastic to
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look last night. >> would have fit in. kendis said i look like a flight attendant. >> last night at the draft. they were all sorts of magic happening on the red carpet. besides football and inspirational moments importantly. talk about fashion. we have some of the best and most interesting looks from the nfl draft. >> with the first pick in the 2017 nfl draft, the cleveland browns select, miles garrett. defensive end, texas a & m. >> snagging the big bucks, miles investigate out of texas a & m picked first bay the cleveland browns. number eight, christian mccaffrey. back at super bowl 33. supporting his dad. nfl great, ed mccaffrey, the stanford running back bringing his foot work to the panthers. no, not a time-lapse. this passionate moment from
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he made to his grandmother. >> my dream is to play in the nfl. i'm a here, man. i completed the promise. that means [ bleep ] everything to me. excuse my language. find me later, man. means everything to me. >> as young men are watching the fate of their futures fold out on national television. many make it a priority to look good or at least memorable. twinning with their babies. daring with a bold pink. it was the lavender sass squatch suit set the tone. notre dame, qb, for a cause. sponsored the sasquatch, foundation provide financial aid to young adults with cancer. jamaal adams described his look as a balance flash and style. new, new york jets safety. rocking white window pane plaid double-breasted suits and shade nearly all night. first round pick, desean watson, custom lined
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very own michael strahan. completing the look with spiked louis vuittons. >> was. >> so cool. >> no, they're not. >> the cost of the spiked, flat smoking slippers, around $2,000. >> what. i know. >> maybe, it will be $2,000. $425. i don't have. i am not wearing michael strahan. not wearing strahan's own. >> boring. >> seriously. >> why didn't they act like they have been there before. >> they haven't. because they haven't. >> it is -- >> i love the guy, fire me later. >> find me later. find me later. >> but it wasn't always like this. take a throw back to 1991. check out this picture that was tweeted out. brett favre, when he got drafted in '91. he is rocking shorts. >> draft day. >> back in '91.
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>> stepped it up since then. >> they have. jump jorts. >> to custom made jackets. aw as sasquatch jacket. >> can i get some peanuts. >> for the last time this is a look i have. >> exits are this way. plez st please stay in your seat. i have no nut as barred this craft. >> if you were united you would be dragging me out of here. obviously you are not. >> too soon. >> you look fantastic. thank you for joining us. >> just going to roll. >> all right. >> ha-ha. >> when we come back. see why tom hanks may boycott the nfl. >> what mike myers is saying about the new austin powers movie. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> all right. we are going to start off "the skinny" with the new comments from austin powers himself. >> part of a huge cast reunion celebrating debut of austin powers 20 years ago, franchise creator and star has told "hollywood reporter" he is kidding another sequel. >> yes, mike myers says he would love to do a fourth austin powers. the director of the original said essentially the ball is in myers' court. awe good thing. tells the magazine they have been discussing the fourth film for 15 years, 15 years. >> oh. >> but as of yet. he says they haven't come up with a new concept that myers feels he can liv
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>> i would love to do a fourth but -- >> but -- ♪ ♪ it's more like that, right? >> yeah. >> no, looks like you are samba now. >> no. we get confused. >> so many dances, so little time. so much lack of rhythm. next, an a-list invitation from scarlet johannsen to her twin. >> denver joel showed a photo of his grandmother saying she was 22 years old in the photo and looks like scarlet johannsen. well, apparently, scarlet johannsen, she thought so too. >> holy crap. i want to meet you in person. i saw that you were "drunk as a skunk" when taking that photo. and i would like to see your drunk face. i want to share a drunk face with you. let's have a drink, geraldine. >> wow. >> she then invited geraldine to join her at the premie o
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"rough night." set for release in june. >> so cool. after sharing the video, denver joe told reddit commentators his grandmother was literally jaw dropping dumbfounded by scar-jo's invite. says we are so taking them up on their offer. by the way he warns, my grandma can get down. >> scarlet johannsen is in trouble then. >> watch out. >> con probably drink her under the table. >> next to the nfl. not feeling so much love from tom hanks. >> not happy about the's move to las vegas. so deep is his love for the oakland raiders, that he told "the san francisco chronicle," that he is vowing not to watch a single nfl game for two years after the relocation takes place. >> uh-oh. hanks told the newspaper you cannot take the silver and black. put them in an air conditioned dome in the desert. make them play on artificial turf.
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>> yes you can. just get the fans there. >> little bit -- little upset. >> he has two years to get over it. the biggest headline out of this year's tribeca film festival. robert de niro made his debut on snapchat. >> wow, this must be great. alex berry, finalist in the tribeca snapchat shorts, gave the screen legend a tutorial. check it out. >> alex. >> bob. >> show how to use snapchat. snapchat send it to your friend. immediately disappears. >> to your friend. it goes. and disappears. >> this is a voice changer. >> smile. >> great. >> ha-ha-ha. >> isn't that the best. pect de niro to become a we
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all right. another busy week of political news headlines. beth here at home and abroad. >> but we still found some time to squeeze in some dirty jeans, some off-key singing, and so much more. check out our weekly friday rewind. >> two outsiders defeated mainstream parties in france to advance to a presidential election run-off. >> this is being seen tonight as a blow to trump-style populism. >> tonight it appears there has been major movement. is president trump now willing to put funding for the wall on the mexican border on hold at least for now. >> the wall is going to get built, folks. in case anybody has any question. >> today a turning point. top republican and democt
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emerging in agreement saying flynn likely broke the law. >> willful and knowing concealment of information, like, getting these kind of payments, could be considered a crime. >> president trump unveiling what the white house is calling the biggest tax cut in american history. >> the outline rolled out by the treasury secretary and president's top economic adviser would cut corporate tax rate from 35% to 15%. >> it's just one page. obviously tax reform, much more complicated when will we see the details. when will we see the actual plan? >> well are moving quickly as we can. >> chris soules captured america's part. this morning soules is facing a different reality. arrested early to tuesday. >> charged with leaving the scene of an accident causing death. >> republicans buy more time to avert a government shutdown. >> republicans introduce aid short term measure keep the government running through m
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heavily distressed we mean it looks like they're covered in mud. >> this will be high-end jeans. >> yeah, yeah. guess it takes a while. >> we need some more water. >> let's just go full-on. >> there you go. yeah. >> and you -- ♪ by the dawn's early light ♪ light >> i think what we learned, we are more patriotic than stephanie. >> hey. ♪ what so proudly >> little behind the scenes camera action. so, stephanie ramos our correspondent sang that once on tv. tried to have her do it again. no, only do that at baseball ♪diums. ♪ somniacs for two decades. . >> announcer: this is abc's "world news now," informing in
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making news in america this friday morning -- it's day 99. the the presidential benchmark less than 24 hours away. overnight, president trump givering a new interview, saying the job is harder than he expected. >> i thought it would be easier. >> plus, a comment about north korea involving the the possibility of major conflict. severe storms on the radar. powerful winds knock out power to parts of l.a. overnight. there's a weekend warmup on the way. the host of the popular show "fixer upper" named in a million-dollar lawsuit. what chip gainess' former business partners accuse him of doing. and draft night. tears. surprises. and this year, there was


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