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tv   News 7 at 11  ABC  April 29, 2017 11:00pm-11:30pm EDT

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kimberly: straight ahead, neighbors say it was chaos, d.c. respond ems called to to a person with a knife, only to find the apartment in fire. the president celebrates his 100-day milestone by giving himself and all some report card. and records tied, broken across the area. josh lets us know if we have another summerlike day in the spring. the new starts now. >> now, abc 7 news at 11:00 am on your side. kimberly:. i'm kimberly suiters. when the fire department
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with a knife, they found the apartment on fire. anna-lysa gayle walks us through. anna-lysa: the police remained at the apartment building for hours this afternoon after taking one person into custody. neighbors described a frightening and chaotic scene that played out. >> one of the neighbors called. anna-lysa: commotion required a response from police, d.c. fire, and ems. when they arrived, the apartment was on fire and they were told somebody inside had a knife. the authorities found somebody inside, but she did not have a knife and she had to be rescued. a second person was treated for minor injuries. this neighbor believes there was a domestic dispute between two transgender women. >> first, the ambulance ca
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it was something serious. anna-lysa: he was watching as emergency responders assisted the two, one in handcuffs. he believes the fire was intentionally set. >> anytime you set your apartment on fire with three other buildings, you are not thinking about anybody else. this time, no other injuries were reported beyond the two acquaintances that knew each other. they are still investigating the cause of the fire. anna-lysa gayle, abc 7 news. warm, butit is still a bit of a cool off tonight after a record-setting heat. meteorologist josh knight has the first look at the forecast. josh: that's right, it is feeling like a summer evening for us. the temperatures in some places hanging close to 80 degrees. the crescent moon at the national harbor. we have some n
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thunderstorms further to the rightmoving through indy now, but for us just breaking down the cloud cover. there is quite a bit going on that does not show up on radar. switching over to the temperatures, look closely, all of these arrows out of the north theeast, closer to d.c., mason-dixon line, further to the south come everything coming out of the south. this is where the stationary boundary is setting up. that is what tomorrow will be cloudier and cooler as well. in d.c., frederick 70, 80 fredericksburg. that sort of spread is what we look for tomorrow is the temperatures range from low 70's to 90 degrees to the south. looking for more cloud cover in the morning. about 77 closer to launch time, topping out near 84 degrees.
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well above average. a chance of a few thunderstorms tomorrow. coming up, where i expect them to pop up and a much wetter monday forecast all is well. kimberly: the search continues , the marylandon prison inmate who escaped his guard outside of a psychiatric hospital in jessuop. howard county police suspended the ground search, saying that there were no leads. watson is serving 100 years for trying to kill police officers. the police warn they consider him dangerous postop you are told not to approach him if you see him. just call 911. there first to know when is a break in this case or any breaking news at all by signing up for text alerts at /text.
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trump celebrating his first 100 days in office in pennsylvania, where he proclaimed his administration is a solid success. but the president also missed a well-known dinner where for one night presidents get to poke fun at themselves. reporter: on the night of his 100th day as president, donald trump went back to pennsylvania, where voters put him over the top on election night. >> more than 100 miles away from washington. reporter: stiffing the annual , thespondents dinner, first time a president has not gone in 36 years. at a campaign style rally, the president boasted he has gotten off to a rolling start. 100 days of devotion, hard work, and love for our great country. reporter: in fact, he
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bills so far. >> 100 days of failure! reporter: across the country, protests over climate policies. >> republicans control everything. the president faces the second 100 days with a long to do list, the signature border wall in search of funding's. overhaul isacare still being hammered out in the house. i will be so angry if we don't get that passed quickly. >> i think he has done a great job. days i --not fix the fix the problems in 100 days. kimberly: across the country, thousands marched. there were rallies
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people's climate march was held in 300 cities in response to the trump administration's stance on climate change. more thhn 200,000 people marched on the national mall. organizers expected between 50,000 and 100,000 participants. they came from across the country to protest the rule in back of obama-era initiatives. for some, the issue is versatile. shorterr is becoming and more frenetic. recently, the epa removed most of the climate change information from its website, saying it is being updated to reflect the approach in new leadership. the move is not sitting well with environmental groups. new information about north korea second failed the nuclear missile test. u.s. officials said the missile never made it out of north
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launching. it is thought to be a new type of mobile-launched weapon. and ad nerves tonight family-friendly germantown neighborhood. in a home, were shot a 19-year-old man died, three survived but injured. montgomery county reporter kevin lewis talked with neighbors who were surprised to wake up to a crime scene. kevin: the police tape made it crystal clear that something bad happened in this germantown townhouse. about 1 a.m. saturday, at least one person open fire, hitting four people, killing one. >> this is a very quiet, family neighborhood. kevin: crime of any kind is rare in this neighborhood. >> i was in bed and i heard two loud noises that i thought were gunshots. i'm retired military, so i know what that is. kevin:
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the police said the murder victim was 19 years old. johnson had a lengthy rap sheet and lives about a mile away. the killer or killers are still at large. >> it takes your breath that --it takes your breath away. kevin: they say they moved in in the last two months. >> i was walking my dog early this morning. there were a lot of police around, so i thought something major happened. kevin: one eyewitness said that he saw a suspect fleeing in a black honda civic. the police have not released a moto. kevin lewis, abc 7 news. kimberly: another man is dead after an argument turned into gunfire. fairfax county police say a little after 7 a.m. that a man shot and killed another man on washington drive in the alexandria area of fairfax county. th
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it's not clear if that person is the suspected shooter. a solemn ceremony filled with happy memories for family and friends of larry hogan sr. >> larry hogan sr. was my hero. and the man that i am most proud of. kimberly: governor larry hogan delivered his father's eulogy at st. mary's catholic church in annapolis. the elder hogan served in congress and was the very first republican on the house judiciary committee to call for president nixon's impeachment. up next, a virtual hostage. the latest on the hacker holding a netflix hit for ransom.
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it is one of the most popular streaming tv shows, so popular hackers are now targeting it. they have hijacked the upcoming season of "orange is the new black."
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a ransom, then released 10 new episodes when they do not pay up. those shows will not be available on netflix until june. much of the central u.s. is dealing with severe weather. oklahoma's governor has declared the entire state a disaster area after yesterday's flooding and tornadoes. heavy rain caused flooding in , wheres, and missouri fire friends had to evacuate stranded residents. in indiana, a lightning strike is being blamed for a huge house fire. everyone in the house made it out safely. snow, a springto storm dumping at least eight inches of fresh snow in the denver metro area and about a foot further out. this picture was taken at the broncos practice facility. and the athletes were playing soccer and lacrosse today. we had a lot of heat that was brutal today. josh:
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for a lot of us. the weather changes quickly here, but out there is another world. the big picture of the map, showing everything across the country. , andve snow, thunderstorms for us it is really just about the heat. we don't usually see the blue color on the map this time of year, but colorado, western oklahoma, northern texas hanging onto snowflakes. for us, we are still on the dry side of this, so we just get the warm air riding in out of the south. meanwhile, severe weather has been riding along the front, working its way closer to indiana right now. 91 degrees was the high at reagan national. 89 at dulles, beating the record of 87 setback in 1974. not quite a record at bwi. more interesting, tonight, as long as we do not cool below
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a.m., this will be the warmest overnight low that we have ever seen in april. pretty wild weather this weekend. reagan national, 77 degrees, where things are still warm. as this cold front drops through, we could see a quick isolated shower. it looks like most of us will trend on the dry side. he getst is where stuck. that is why tomorrow's temperature forecast is tricky, but also why we have such a big spread. further northeast maryland, close to 70 degrees for stop fredericksburg close to 90. what i really want to point out is winchester, hagerstown, just west of leesburg, western maryland and west virginia is where we are more likely to see showers and thunderstorms tomorrow.
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think will stay dry, starting cloudy or more sunshine later in the day. the same frontal boundary bringing thunderstorms right now in the midwest starts to push monday late iny the afternoon, especially monday evening. i think the real action will be after 6 p.m., first moving through west virginia, then closer to d.c. it's really monday evening when i think we you will need the umbrella. tomorrow morning lows, 70 d.c. 66 andrews and leesburg, a very comfortable morning. at the natsrees game and should stay dry. frederick.s, 78 south of fredericksburg, 90 again,, 89 culpeper. heading west,
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festival, a chance of spotty thunderstorms. in general, a nice day. off bynd, we are cooling the middle of the week, back into the 70's, below-average by thursday. kimberly: that will be nice. what does this loss mean for the capitals tonight? ofert: they have to win four their next five to advance. kimberly: ouch. robert: the wizards need another m.v.p.-like serious from john wall. and sports is next. - whoa, you got him to mow the lawn! - ever since i opened virginia529 accounts for the kids he actually hasn't been so bad. (glass breaking) - that garden gnome came outta nowhere. - but he still has his moments.
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>> and and now the toyota sports desk, brought to you by your local toyota dealers. twort: caps-pens game tonight, and it was lopsided. capitals on the power play. matt: winds up with the rebound come short-handed goal. it is only downhill from here. moments later, the caps strike back. , with the past, tied at 1-1. later in the second, pittsburgh strikes again. sidney crosby, between the legs, the go-ahead. pulled braden holtby in the third. the capital fall, 6-2,
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to pittsburgh down 2-0. t their archmee rivals the boston celtics in round two. in thell had 42 points sixth game against the hawks. 37% wall has only shot against the celtics this season. regardless of that, head coach scott brooks says wall will do what he has to do. he is not just one of the point guards in the league that's one of the best point guards in the league, he is one of the best players in the league. we have a lot of good players who help us win game, but his leadership and bradley's leadership is great. for young players in this league, i cannot ask for two better guys. robert: tip-off will be at 1:00 in boston right here on abc 7.
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draft party today at fedex field, always fun for the fans. , thisa defensive lineman is where it all began, and now things come full circle. cool to be able to come back and play for the redskins. , it's so fun, job but ready to get to work. it something you only hear about in stories. now that it happened, it's really just a blessing. robert: here is what the redskins did in the later rounds. defense wins championships and washington took six defensive players out of their 10 picks. jay gruden today said the draft was "very smooth." the next step for
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minicamp and a couple of weeks. nats-mets today. adam eaton was placed -- adam eaton was placed on the 10 day dl because of a knee strain, that was the report earlier, now there are reports he is out for the season. 4-3.trailing the mets get some insurance in the ninth. jose reyes, solo shot. the mets take the first two games of this series. and in across, fifth-ranked maryland defeats eighth-ranked johns hopkins. 2-0, going to pittsbur
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a florida woman proves you are never too old to learn, earning her phd at 80 years old. this is her third degree from the university of florida. she now has a doctorate in historic preservation to go with her bachelors in fine arts and masters and museum studies. she's a not even pursue higher education until nearly 40 years ago. >> just keep thinking and keep doing. i think it keeps you
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gets you out of bed. kimberly: her research will be published online. she says she plans to do consulting work on preserving historic buildings. as the saying goes, live and learn. blanche celebrated her 80th birthday in pennsylvania by doing both. she has been taking classes as part of a007 senior citizen tuition waiver program. she has been taking an advanced sign language class. theirassmates say she is inspiration, and even threw for a special surprise birthday party.
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kimberly: hobby horse enthusiasts, unite.


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