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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  May 4, 2017 7:00am-8:59am EDT

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good morning, america. breaking overnight, republicans say they have the votes to repeal and replace obamacare. >> we will pass this bill. >> do you feel good were it? >> i feel great about the count. >> after reaching a deal on pre-existing conditions, but critics say it does not do enough to cover millions of americans as president trump returns to new york for the first time since the inauguration. breaking news as we come on the air, the surprise announcement from the royal family. an emergency meeting called overnight. the staff summoned to buckingham palace where we're live this morning. flooding disaster. entire communities under water this morning as rivers rise forcing people from their homes. this cabin swept up in the water smashing into a bridge. >> oh, my god. >> this entire church underwater, and a school bus full of children caught in the flood. the race to rescue
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and a family saying they were kicked off an overbooked delta plane and threatened with jail after being forced to give up a seat they purchase for their baby. >> this is a federal offense. you and your wife will be in jail. >> what the family is now saying this morning. and good morning, america. we have a lot to get to. >> we do. >> this nurse morning, that big announcement from buckingham palace. you see it there live. prince philip is retiring from public life. we'll have more on that ahead. it is international firefighters day and michael is with the fdny on his way to a very special event that honors the boldest and the bravest and we can see you're in great company there, michael. >> i am here with denis leary, robin, and george. say hello, denis. >> hi, guys. >> gearing up for our big firefighter challenge heading to salute our boldest and bravest and i'm going t
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it on live tv and you don't want to miss it, but -- >> you don't want to miss it. >> yeah, i'm a little scared but -- >> i'm not scared. >> he's not scared because i'm the one who has to do it. he'll commentate the whole thing. you know what, i'll throw it back to you and see you in a little bit. >> i guarantee you we won't miss that. news out of washington, hours away from the big vote and their new bill to replace the obamacare act has enough support to pass the house. president trump will sign an executive order relaxing restrictions on political activity by churches and charities making good on a campaign promise and heads to new york this afternoon, his first trip back to his hometown since the inauguration. >> first to capitol hill where the health care vote will get under way. the republicans making some major changes overnight. adding an $8 billion amendment to help cover pre-existing conditions. our congressional correspondent mary bruce has more details for us. good morning there, mary. >> reporter: good morning, robin.
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well, for seven years house republicans have been waiting for this day and now after weeks of debate, phone calls, even some arm twisting and personal pitches from the president, house republicans are poised to act on their signature promise to the american people, to repeal and replace obamacare. overnight the house majority leader confident, republicans are on the cusp of victory. >> we're going to pass it. we're going to pass it. let's be optimistic whether life. >> reporter: announces they have enough votes to hold the vote. >> you feel good about it? >> i feel great about the count. >> reporter: the last big sticking point concerns the bill would undermine protections for americans with pre-existing conditions but on wednesday two key republicans struck a deal with the white house to bring the bill back to life. >> with this addition that we brought to the president and sold him on in over an hour meeting in here with him there were both yeses on the bill. >> reporter: a new amendment giving states $8 billion over five years to help cover americans with pre-existing conditions. is this funding enough to protect people with p-e
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>> i asked the question whether the funds would be sufficient and the answer was, yes. >> reporter: the medical community overwhelmingly disagrees saying that's just a drop in the bucket. the american medical association warning that people with pre-existing conditions will get second-class health care coverage if they are able to obtain coverage at all. house republicans have spent weeks tweaking the plan in order to obtain enough support to finally dismantle the affordable care act. the current bill phases out obamacare subsidies in favor of tax credits to help americans buy insurance. ends penalties over time with americans without insurance and phasing out the expansion of medicaid and optss -- lets stats opt out of other provisions. now, democrats are blasting the bill saying it will have dire consequences. the original version was projected to leave 24 million more americans uninsured over the next decade. now, house republicans are moving forward today before the new version has bee
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meaning we still don't know exactly how many americans stand to lose coverage or how much this bill will cost. >> and we do know, mary, this bill still faces an uphill bill in the senate. >> reporter: yeah, if this goes on to the senate it is likely to be ripped apart. they are going to scrutinize this all over again on everything from medicaid to how americans will pay for their coverage. this is a big day for republicans but the bigger fight, robin, is far from over. >> it is. all right, mary, thank you. let's get more from our chief white house correspondent jonathan karl. a couple months ago when they pulled the bill the president see seemed to give up but got re-engaged over the last several days. >> reporter: he did in a personal and direct way, take the case of congressman billy long. a relatively junior member from the state of missouri, who was a no vote after he announced he was no, the president spent 20 minutes on the phone with him the night before last going over his concerns and then he brought him here to the white house with that small group, spent over an hour as you heard i
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proposal to address his concerns. the president has been doing this over and over again with individual members of congress and small -- the kind of stuff president obama hated to do. >> as mary suggested in some way house members are flying blind with the vote and don't know the full cost of the bill, don't know how many people it will cover. i was struck yesterday, you were in the briefing room with sean spicer. he seemed to admit that which means it could face multiple different challenges in the senate. >> reporter: it certainly -- remember, there are only 52 republicans in the senate so it's a very small margin of error. really any republican senator can put this in jeopardy, george. and there are a number of concerns. you heard mary mention some of them. what it does with medicaid. overall concerns on cost and coverage. but i think it would be a mistake to assume as many do that this would be dead on arrival in the senate. republicans have been campaigning on this for seven years. they're working on addressing this is
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they can get this done in the senate even though the odds are very large. >> the criticism from senators has been more muted this time around, okay, jon karl, thanks very much. and, george, the president not only facing a big day for health care, he's also heading here to new york city this afternoon. where security is stepping up ahead of his meeting with australia's prime minister. now, before he heads here, he is planning to sign that executive order focused on political activity by churches and charities. our senior white house correspondent cecilia vega with those details for us. good morning, cecilia. >> reporter: hi, robin. good morning to you. this will be all part of the national day of prayer that takes place later today here at the white house. the president expected to sign this executive order that essentially eases restrictions on religious organizations that participate in politics. this has to do with that six-decade-old rule known as the johnson amendment that the president promised to destroy. let's look at what this new executive order would do. it allows churches and other
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oppose candidates without risking their tax-exempt status and offers regulatory relief for religious objectors to an obamacare era mandate that required contraception. it had been scaled back by the courts and not told details on what relief would entail. >> but still a lot of people are not pleased with this and a lot of protests are planned when the president comes back to new york city for the first time since his inauguration. tell people about the preparations here in the city. >> reporter: you're exactly right. law enforcement preparing for big protest, this, as you know, will be the first trip for the president back to his home in new york city. he's going there today to meet with australia's prime minister. part of that will take place on that decommissioned aircraft carrier, the "uss intrepid." we are told among the things they will be talking about today that all-important issue of north korea. >> yes, and being here back in
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new york city, of course, he'll be visiting with his family and opened up about his family in a recent interview. >> reporter: a rare opening up from the president. this took place in bloomberg. the president says that the first lady and his son barron, his 11-year-old son will be moving here to the white house, robin. he says they just got barron into a good school here in washington. >> all right, cecilia, thank you. >> we'll find out soon what 2z. we move on to james comey grilled on capitol hill over his decision to publicly re-open the hillary clinton e-mail investigation just 11 days before the election and the continuing investigation into any ties between the trump campaign and russia. our senior justice correspondent pierre thomas covers the fbi. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, george. we've never seen comey quite this animated. this emotional as he gave his most detailed account yet about his impact on last year's election. >> tell me what you would do. >> reporter: an emotional james comey in perhaps his most dramatic testimony as fbi director. >> look, this is terrible. it makes me mildly nauseous to think we might have had some impact on the election.
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bombshell moment in late october when he made the decision to reignite the closed investigation into hillary clinton's e-mails. wounds that still run deep. just this week clinton in part blaming comey for her november loss. >> i was on the way to winning the election had been on october 27th i'd be your president. >> reporter: that's the day that comey's staff requested an urgent meeting telling him they discovered thousands of potential new clinton e-mails in connect with the sexting investigation of anthony weiner, the husband of one of clinton's top aide, huma abedin. >> we may be finding the golden missing e-mails that would change this case. >> reporter: with that the fbi director said he faced a critical dilemma. >> would you speak or would you conceal? speak would be really bad. there's an election in 11 days. lordy, that would be really bad. >> reporter: that meant notifying congress the clinton case was back open 11 days before the election which was surely to leak and concealing, keeping the investigation
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be catastrophic. not just to the fbi, but well beyond and honestly as between really bad and catastrophic, i said to my team, we've got to walk into the world of really bad. i would make the same decision. >> reporter: the renewed clinton investigation ultimately yielded nothing significant. >> thank you, all. >> reporter: democrats are angered at even as he investigated clinton comey never revealed he was also investigating alleged ties between trump associates and russia in the days before the election. comey offered no apologies refusing to give details on that case but that investigation is ongoing and now takes center stage. george >> that's right. more hearings next week. president trump is now tweeting this morning about susan rice, president obama's national security adviser, she's not testifying. she says she will only steph if it's a bipartisan request. so far it is not. >> up early tweeting again. all right, george. now to breaking news overnight, the royal family summoning staff to buckingham palace for an emergency meeting about prince philip. our chief foreign correspondent terry moran is outside the
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palace with those details. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. it feels like the end of an era here. for 70 years almost every time we saw queen elizabeth in public engagements there by her side supporting her, her husband, prince philip, the duke of edinburgh but this morning the plaza announcing that beginning in the autumn prince philip will no longer carry out most public engagements. he will be stepping back from public life and so beginning in the autumn when we see queen elizabeth at those engagements she'll be going it alone. a stunning announcement this morning from buckingham palace. prince philip, the duke of edinburgh will be stepping down from public life starting this august. the announcement a source of intense speculation overnight as the queen called her household to a meeting just hours ago setting off wild rumor mongering that the family could be announcing an illness, an abdication or a possible marriage proposal. just yesterday the 95-year-old prince philip was seen greeting
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ceremonial ribbon at this cricket event. but his health has become a frequent source of speculation the last few years. this past christmas phillip and the queen who had been married for 69 years delayed their annual holiday after both coming down with heavy colds. he was also hospitalized several times since 2008 with chest pains. he has been by his wife's side while she rained for nearly seven decades. >> he gave it all up to do his job to be the support for the queen. i doubt they could do it without each other. >> reporter: when he turned 90 he mentioned his desire to step back from public life and spoke about his motion important duty. >> so your first duty first and foremost to support the queen. >> yes. >> what does that involve? >> helping her and supporting her, doing anything that is valuable to her.
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that the royal family is now in a period of transition. prince charles and camilla will take on a bigger role as will the younger royal, prince william, kate and prince harry. george. >> as you said the end of an era. thanks very much. we bring the folks back home to that record flooding in the midwest. rivers have burst from heavy rains damaging hundreds of homes, closing roads and highways and alex perez is on the scene in missouri. good morning, alex. >> reporter: hey, good morning. here in this neighborhood the river and this street has become one. it's been a nonstop operation to keep the water from getting inside homes. overnight, a flash flood emergency for arkansas residents. with entire communities like pocahontas swallowed by overflowing water. >> today they have identified nine levee breaches. >> it is so going to hit the bridge. >> reporter: the current sending this cabin on the loose slamming right into a
7:15 am
>> reporter: in missouri residents still on high alert. >> you could see the debris that the river has swept on top of the bridge. >> reporter: as the merrimack river continues to swell now 27 feet above flood stage damaging at least 200 homes nearby with many roads and highways across the state shut down. eureka, emergency crews and at least 2,000 volunteers worked around the clock filling over 250,000 sandbags. >> the results of all those volunteers working, the sandbags held. the pumps are still working and there's no water in these businesses. >> it's going to get stuck. >> reporter: in louisiana all students on this bus safe after this scary situation, stuck in floodwaters at an intersection before the bus tipped to the side. after severe storms dropped about 8 inches of rain in some areas. and no relief here just
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more rain expected today before they can finally begin assessing the damage here. george. >> yeah, those waters are high. alex, thanks very much. amy with today's other top stories. manhunt over in maryland. >> that's right. police in maryland captured escaped prisoner david watson. they used night vision to track him to a drainage pipe where they say he had been hiding. he had been on the run since last week when he escaped while being transferred serving a 100-year sentence for attempted murder. well, two people are dead after a shooting inside a sports bar in arlington, texas. police say a man shot and killed an employee after an argument and another customer with a concealed handgun shot the gunman possibly saving other lives. investigators near boston say a freak suv crash that left three people dead was a tragic accident, not intentional. the suv suddenly accelerated smashing through the wall of a car auction. one of those killed was an employee and mother of three. it was just her first day on the job. well, in
7:17 am
bus dash cam captured this crash. look at that. a truck veering into oncoming traffic flipping over. three people were injured but everybody on that bus was okay. an important warning if you use gmail. a scam is targeting up to 1 billion accounts. it comes in the form of an e-mail from someone you know asking to open a google doc. do not open it. it is a worm that could steal all of your data. all of your contacts information. google says it is now taking action to stop it. finally, we want to recognize a police officer who went the extra mile to protect and serve. when atlanta officer shane milton caught a 12-year-old stealing a pair of $2 shoes for her sister, he decided to investigate. he took her home and found a family in dire need. not only did he buy them all pizzas and drinks he is helping to collect clothes for the children, redefining the term of community policing. it is an incredi
7:18 am
friends in atlanta and the community there is really responding and helping out that family but for the police officer in his own pocket to pay for the pizza and everything and make sure they got the assistance they needed. >> talk about doing your job well. >> hey, ginger, we're looking behind you. don't like what we see. >> it is not over, not over at all for the midwest and now spreading east. my heart sank when i saw the bulletin, life-threatening flooding likely and this was for the black river that you're seeing there, the levee failed and that water just rushing over. can you imagine being in one of these vehicles and coming up to this. it's unbelievable to see and unfortunately we will see more because as alex mentioned, the rain is not over. we have a few flash flood warnings still in place. those watches that stretch from mobile there through missouri up into even toledo, ohio, this morning because that low is moving east we've got 24, at least, major rivers and in major flood stage. it'll come here not quite as heavy.
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cloud cover both days. showers are possible saturday and possibly lingering into sunday, so keep your stormwatch7 asonllevels bylowly climb back e late next week. day:increasing clouds. breezy. ghs: 68-71 night:in develi,g 20+ becoming heavy and eady after 3am. lows: 55-59 nds: se 10-15 g 20 mph heavy rain, isolated thunderstorms, through 8am. mostly cloudy, windy & warmer. pm showers. winds: se 10-15 g 30 mph enjoy any sunshine this morning with clouds ickly increing ll climb into the upr 60s with y southeasterly winds. rain develops this evening, maly west of c., and overspreads pect heavy rain from. ahead for a slow pl morng rush tomorrow. isolated showers are possible throughout the ternon
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and coming up, ivanka trump under fire for her new book. we'll tell you about it next. and that fight on a delta flight caught on camera. the family who says they were kicked off the plane threatened with jail over a seat their baby was sitting in. we'll talk about that. come on back. icken coop. where our founder discovered a retired teacher living. no home. no healthcare. so she said "no" to this injustice, and "yes" to transforming lives. it's this drive, this compassion, that inspired aarp. today, we empower people to choose how they live as they age. we advocate for health and financial security. we strengthen communities everywhere. we are aarp. creating real possibilities. find fast relief behind the counter allergies with nasal congestion? with claritin-d. [ upbeat music ] strut past that aisle for the allergy relief that starts working in as little as 30 minutes and contains the best
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kohl's. >> good morning washington here is a check of your top stories racist incident on another local college campus. school says it was found last week. maryland's president called it despicable and there will be a thorough investigation. this comes after a racist incident at american university on monday when bananas were found around nooses written on the bananas kkk. fbi is investigating this as a hate crime.
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we'll check weather and traffic for you after a quick break.
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>> we may have early day sunshine. we are going to see the clouds rolling quickly. lunchtime cloud cover, jacket weather, highs mid to upper 60s. it is a weather alert day storm watch 7. high winds could see more than an inch by the morning rush up until noon showers sunday, only a few 40% chance, much cooler all next week. >> veronica, this morning, looking good for a friday eve. we have a couple of issues on the 95 corridor. it is 95 northbound two problems making their way away from the aqua
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trailer blocking trave
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available now, at macy's. ♪ free your mind and the rest will follow ♪ yesterday, foreigner. today, en vogue. whoo. that is "free your mind" and the rest will follow. a little throwback thursday concert. part of our "gma" ultimate mix tape. en vogue here performing live in our final half hour. >> the best week. >> i know. i'm reliving my youth. it's amazing. thank you, "gma." >> nice to work here. we're here for everyone. also right now house set to vote on president trump's health care bill this afternoon to repeal and replace kelly osbourne. republicans say they have enough votes to pass it. critics say it doesn't go far enough. president trump returning to his hometown for the first time since his inauguration inauguration to meet with
7:31 am
australia's prime minister and attend a ceremony at the the "uss intrepid". international firefighters day and honoring our bravest. michael doing it by finding out how hard their job is. hey, michael. >> hey, george, i'm all suited up, man. we're here at the fdny training academy and we are -- i'm here with denis leary and we're honoring so many heroes out there, international firefighters day and you know what, this place is called the rock. >> yes. >> that building is called the leary building for all the things you've done. you have your own building for training firefighters. >> it's a high-rise simulator building, yeah. >> we have somebody -- i'm looking up there and we have our producer, sharon. she is literally dangling off the side of the building. do you have any advice for her. >> my advice to her right would be don't look down, don't look down. she's -- she's
7:32 am
listening to your advice. i tell you what, she is very brave and everybody here, every firefighter, international firefighters day, they're all so brave and we're here to honor them and salute them and i'll throw it back to you guys. >> denis has been a real advocate for firefighters. >> for a long time and farran is a real at let. >> ran the half marathon this weekend too. the controversy surrounding ivanka's new book. now the first daughter is ins t catching some heat for some of the quotes she used. >> ivanka wrote it before her father took office. in it including quotes from those who inspire her and hoping her own experiences as an executive and entrepreneur and a mom would help empower others. but her efforts to connect with other working women may have fallen flat. she's the white house's self-proclaimed champion of
7:33 am
>> at my father's company there are more female than male executives. >> reporter: frequently touting her agenda on everything from paid maternity leave to closing the wage gap. >> he will fight for equal pay for equal work and i will fight for this too right alongside of him. >> reporter: but this morning, ivanka trump is facing criticism for her new book, "women who work: rewriting the rules for success". reviews calling it a strawberry milk shake of inspirational quotes. another reflecting on trump's inability to truly recognize how her own privileged upbringing was key to her success. the professional advice book includes hundreds of quotes from leaders like oprah and gandhi as well as the 35-year-old mother of three's own rues for balancing work and family. but many are calling it wildly out of touch. thanks to admissions like the one that she was so busy during the 2016 campaign that honestly i wasn't treating m
7:34 am
massage or making much time for self-care. >> ivanka trump is obviously going to be criticized because of her father and that's going to happen to her throughout his presidency. i suspect that this same book would have done just fine if he were not president. >> reporter: now trump also getting some blowback from some whose quotes were used in the book. in a statement, famed chimp researcher jane goodall criticizing the white house's position on conservation saying, i hope ms. trump will stand with us to value and cherish our natural world. reshma saujani saying don't use my story. it hasn't stopped her. she's donating part of the proceeds from her book to charities empowering and educating women and girls. >> it's better to have ivanka trump in this administration than not to have ivanka trump in this administration from the perspective of
7:35 am
about women and families in this country. >> reporter: now, in a statement then publish ersece it highlights her continuing work to empower he women. her retail brand remains strong after dipping a little in january, online sales soared in february and march. and that title "women who work," it actually comes from a marketing program from her brand. >> it seems the book is targeted to a certain group of women who have a lot of help around them and how to help your help. >> what you're hear something that it's an earnest attempt to connect but she's speaking to other executives, women who come from a certain place in society who have a big team around to support them. >> all righty, then. thank you, mara. now to that incident on a delta plane, a family saying they were kicked off an overbooked flight and threatened with jail because they didn't want to give up their baby's seat. abc's gio benitez is here with that story. good morning, gio. >> reporter: good morning. we're hearing more and more about these stories flying home from a hawaii triphe
7:36 am
and had to buy tickets on another. >> i bought that seat. >> reporter: this morning a california couple says they were kicked off an overbooked delta flight and threatened with jail when they wouldn't give up the seat they bought for their child. >> this is going to be a federal offense. and then you and your wife will be in jail and your kids will be in foster care. >> reporter: brian schear and his family were flying home when a flight attendant asked them to give up the seat their 2-year-old was sitting in because it was overbooked and suggested the little boy sit on his parents' lap for the duration of the flight. the schears initially refused. >> as a mother and you have a 1-year-old and a 2-year-old it doesn't matter whether, you know, it's true or false that that just -- it put fear in me. >> reporter: schear says he purchased the ticket in the nail of his other son, mason, but when mason left the trip early, he put his 2-year-old in that seat. >> they scanned our tickets and let us on the plane. >> reporter: delta knew this was the plan they say but once seated airline employees ask
7:37 am
another passenger. >> i told you that in the beginning you had two alternatives and now it's gone too far. >> what are we supposed to do? i got two infants, nowhere to stay. should we sleep in the airport? >> sir -- >> you should have thought about that before you overbooked that flight. i paid for that seat. so we're -- >> which option did you want to take, do you want to get off the plane on your own? >> so, wait, what are we supposed to do once we're off the plane. >> that's not up to me. >> reporter: schear says he spent $2,000 to fly his family back home the next day, overnight the family telling abc news, they don't want money from delta. they want answers. >> the whole idea of a customer has been somehow lost now. >> i just don't understand how those people can even look at us while we have our babies with us. too bad. >> and delta telling abc news this morning that the company is sorry for what this family experienced. they say they'll be talking to them to better understand what
7:38 am
resolution. >> wow. and we just did a story about how you shouldn't put your -- that you shouldn't carry your baby on your lap on a plane. that you put -- actually have their own seat. >> and a lot of airlines actually encourage families to carry babies if they're under 2 years old. >> they paid for the seat bottom line. >> i bet they'll be getting some money back. could be wrong. we'll see. gio, thanks very much. coming up in just two minutes big "fixer upper" lawsuit. did the show's star dupe his former business partners? hey where is the... nevermind. the moment you realize, "how could there possibly be this many blues?" at lowe's, we take the worry out of choosing the best paint because we guarantee you'll love it or we'll replace it. all projects have a starting point. start with lowe's. hurry in and get new lower prices on paint and primer now starting at only $17.98 at the lowe's "paint away event."
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(athere's the view. there's more to life than the climb. you've gotta stop and look around a little. come, shed life's layers in asheville. let the child inside you out to play. remember who you are. life is for the taking, not for taking it easy. asheville. discovery, inside and out. back now with that "fixer upper" feud. hgtv star chip gaines facing a million dollar lawsuit from two former business partners and, amy, you have the details in more than 3 million people tune in to see the transformations on "fixer upper" helping turn the gaines into real estate moguls but they're accused of cutting out their business
7:41 am
right before their empire was about to take off. >> are you ready to see your fixer upper. >> oh, my god. >> reporter: they are the dynamic duo behind one of the highest rated shows on cable. hgtv's chip and joanna gaines. >> we take the worst house in the best neighborhood and we turn it into our client's dream home. >> reporter: their farm house chic renovations and texas size family. >> what is happening in here? >> reporter: turning them into america's design sweethearts and the town of waco into a new tourist destination tripling the number of visitors in just one year but as the gaines' magnolia real estate empire has turned into a multimillion dollar enterprise including a retail store, even a bed and breakfast two of chip's old business partners are now suing the couple saying they knowingly duped them out of the chance to cash in too. >> over the last eight years we had four kids and renovated over 100 properties. >> reporter: chip and two partners started magnolia in 2007 as a real estate management company wi j
7:42 am
in 2013, chip bought out his partners for $5,000 just two days before hgtv signed a deal to produce "fixer upper." they now claim they deserved a chance to profit from the gaines' new venture. the suit claiming chip gaines forced the sale of the business for a fraction of its true value by hiding the fact that magnolia was soon to receive nationwide advertising and branding. >> they say they were friends with chip for years before they sold their business and not only did he leave them high and dry professionally but also personally and say they never hear from him anymore. >> reporter: chip tweeting his response to the suit writing, fyi, i've had the same cell number 15 years, same e-mail for 20 years. no one called or e-mailed? 4 years later friends reach out via lawsuit. hmm. now, the gaines' lawyer goes on to say the events in the lawsuit supposedly happened in 2013 but the first time he heard about these issues was three
7:43 am
later. lewis and clark's attorney told "people" the accusations are all completely true and supported by actual facts so this one looks like it is moving forward. >> yeah, but so far from over. all right. coming up on our big board, backlash growing over american airlines' plan to cut your legroom. are other carriers about to follow? we are back this just two minutes. hit it! ♪ ♪ now look what you made me do♪o ♪ bringing new moves to the old school ♪ ♪ time for the whole world to enjoy the view ♪ ♪ we can go left they can go right ♪ ♪ save me a dance for the end of the night ♪ ♪ when i'm with you it's a party ♪ ♪ don't care where we're going ♪ ♪ 1, 2, 3 get loose no♪! ♪ it takes two to make a thing go right♪ ♪ it takes two to make it out of sight. ♪
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predictable is one thing you need in retirement to help protect what you've earned and ensure it lasts. introducing brighthouse financial. a new company established by metlife to specialize in annuities & life insurance. talk to your advisor about a brighter financial future. we are back with our big board. rebecca jarvis here at the table. we're get to you in just a minute. first we have facebook's big announcement on how they're planning to battle violent content. mark zuckerberg says they're hiring 3,000 employees to screen the site for graphic material, of course, there have been several recent incidents including that murder in cleveland posted on facebook and becky worley here to talk about it. this does seem like a step in the right direction. >> george, facebook connects us with the best of humanity and the absolute worst. as you mentioned live videos recently suicides, murder, beatings, child
7:46 am
facebook has been testing our artificial intelligence and want to help determine which live feeds are inappropriate but that technology is clearly not there yet. yes, a step in the right direction. 3,000 more employees taking their screener employees up to 7500 and want a faster response time getting those videos down but announced nearly 2 billion facebook users so this hire is just a drop in the bucket. >> 2 billion. you think about way back when when facebook got starred it was just a way for, you know, connect with family and friends and then it's taken on so many different ways that it's being used. is the company just having a little bit of a difficult time with how it has become such a behemoth? >> well, i think you nailed it, robin, with the history of this company. when mark zuckerberg posted about this hiring move he wrote, we've seen people hurting themselves and others on facebook and i think it's heartbreaking and i think that word shows the sentiment.
7:47 am
side of humanity and optimistic about people and technology and i think that's caused some naivete and, look, the business model, have you ever tried to call a web service company and get a real human to help you with customer support? silicon valley not so good at the messy side of humans but humans, that's facebook's business. >> it's so true. just think about how they got started and the reason for it. hey, becky, thank you. next up fight over space on a plane. we told you how american air lines is planning to shrink legroom on some of its economy class seats by two inches on new planes set to roll out later this year. now the backlash is, indeed, growing and so this is -- size does matter in it does. these are two precious inches and as you can imagine people are sharing their displeasure on social media as they are doing frequently. one person writing the standing seat is nearer than you think. another, i'm 6'4". don't do this to me. i have a husband who is 6'4".
7:48 am
that extra legroom is and then finally, maybe we will be charged more to bring our legs with us. so, yeah. >> being charged for everything. why not that. >> you're being charged for everything. this is the state of affairs and comes at a time, you know, gio shared his story this morning about the family being kicked off the flight from hi high. you had the ana flight aboard that flight from tokyo to l.a.x. these two passengers literally throeing punches and then, of course, the video that started this whole thing weeks ago. the passenger being dragged off that united flight eventually settled by united and then, of course, you have all of the executives from these airlines just a few days ago on capitol hill answering to congress, these changes not necessarily what congress was pushing for. fewer inches. >> we happen to have airline seats here. >> just so happen to. >> bring your airline seats to work day. the changes -- hey, guys,
7:49 am
are you, brenda, blake and casey here. do you mind if i take your seat. i'll sit down. if you take a look over here. right here, this is the 31 inches so from the back of the seat to the front of the seat in front of you, that's 31 inches and you guys are going to help us out and shift it. because now three rows on airplanes are going from 31 inches to 29 inches apart. >> let's see it. >> so, brenda is here from texas, i imagine you took a plane here. >> i did. >> how did it feel when you flew here. >> it was actually crowded. i didn't have any elbow room and i had someone sitting next to me that was snoring and falling over on me. >> how does this feel? >> it's very tight. >> do you think this would be a nice way to fly home? >> no, no, i don't like it at all. >> all right, so that's it, guys. >> is this going to become the norm with other airlines. >> a lot of airlines have followed american on fees. they were a pioneer there so it's likely we'll see a number of them follow them on this too. >> we've had
7:50 am
fall asleep on planes. we feel you. >> i'm going to take a nap right now. is that all right? >> thank you. >> okay. >> thanks for coming in. thank you, rebecca. coming up, international firefighters day. we've got our "gma" firefighter challenge. michael getting ready. he'll run into a burning building live. >> what? >> see right there. yeah. lergies, it can seem like triggers pop up everywhere. luckily there's powerful, -hour, non-drowsy claritin. it provides relief of symptoms that can be triggered by over 200 different allergens. live claritin clear.
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7:54 am
wraps around an you can see three plus inches close to indianapolis there up through toledo over to cleveland as it moves east and we'll get it on the east coast. beautiful shot to leave you
7:55 am
"good morning america" is brought to you by panera bread. food as it should be.
7:56 am
>> good morning washington i am melanie hastings with top stories. escaped prisoner in maryland back in custody david watson found hiding in a drainage pipe. watson escaped while being taken to a hospital friday serving more than 100 years for attempted murder and we'll learn more at a news conference at 9:30 this a.m. republican leaders forced to pull a bill because of lack of votes. this time around they say they have the votes, if 22 or more vote no bill fails.
7:57 am
undecided. cool morning, let's get an update from veronica. >> we may have early day sunshine. we are going to see the clouds roll in quickly. lunchtime cloud cover, highs mid to upper 60s. little warmer, it is a weather alert day because of the heavy rain, high winds could see an inch by the end of the morning rush up until noon. showers saturday, only a few, 40% chance, isolated chance sunday, much cooler all next week. veronica, this morning thankful for the dry pavement and sunshine. we have an earlier issue 195 top five beltway, jam-up due to a stop and go pace on our maps you can see. volume delays
7:58 am
topside of the beltway. travel lanes open new hampshire avenue. melanie, back to you. >> thanks very much. more news, traffic and weather up days on "good morning wash did you know slow internet wash can actually hold your business back? say goodbye to slow downloads, slow backups, slow everything. comcast business offers blazing fast and reliable internet that's over 6 times faster than slow internet from the phone company. say hello to internet speeds up to 250 mbps.
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good morning, america. it's 8:00 a.m. new this morning after an emergency meeting at buckingham palace, the announcement from the royal family that prince philip will retire. all the details at this hour. breaking overnight, republicans say they have the votes to roll back and replace obamacare after making a deal on pre-existing conditions. but will the plan actually cover millions of americans as president trump heads back into new york for the first time since the inauguration. parenting alert, the alarming new study about your children and screen time. new research looking at the link between the time your kids are on tablets and delays in their speech. ♪ fireball get ready for "deals & steals on wheels" rolling coast to coast across the country. after going to bat in tampa tory is pitching in with
8:01 am
from florida this morning. all 50% off. >> we did it! ♪ go big or go home for the first time on live tv michael and jesse head to the most rigorous training in the u.s. for firefighters as we honor the boldest and bravest, the "gma" firefighter challenge. >> as we say -- >> all: good morning, america. [ cheers and applause ] good morning, america. international firefighters day, we have some great members of the fire department of new york right here in the audience with us this morning. >> we are honoring the boldest and bravest and michael is with "rescue me" star denis leary. are you ready for your challenge, michael? >> i'm ready, robin. i'm ready because i have the bravest with me right now. okay? that's why i'm ready for this firefighters event. they're inside right now
8:02 am
i'm going to run in with some of these guys and put that fire out. they do it all the time as part of their training so they're ready for everything and, denis, i'll ask you, you've done it before. what can i expect? >> you can expect to be really scared, a lot of smoke, a lot of heat, a lot of fire but you just have to, you know, brave it through. >> brave it through. >> suck it up and just don't panic. >> no smoke or heat or fire out here but the scared part is out here with me because i'm frightened but i'll do it. >> you're going to be fine. you're surrounded by new york's bravest. you'll be fine. >> i'm surrounded by the bravest and you know what, this is international firefighters day. i'm honored to be here to do this. we'll go fight some fights, yeah, we're going to do it. i'll throw it back to you because we're getting closer. >> something they do every single day. we appreciate that so much. we're counting down to the premiere, "guardians of the galaxy: awesome mix: vol. 1"
8:03 am
coming out two. all the star, big one today and the big mix tape. we're talking en vogue is with us. ♪ >> oh, my gosh. [ applause ] >> it appears we've gotten the smoke machine under control, i would like to say. day five i feel like we have it under control. ladies, you're looking great. we'll see you coming up. [ cheers and applause ] >> a lot of fun for amy. she has some work first, the morning rundown. >> good morning, everyone. we begin with the health care battle on capitol hill. house lawmakers are voting today on a revised plan to replace obamacare. it adds billions of dollars to help cover people with pre-existing conditions. and abc's mary bruce has the very latest for us. good morning, mary. >> reporter: good morning, amy. well, in just a few hours house republicans will vote to fulfill their central promise to the person people. it comes after they made last-minute changes to address concerns t
8:04 am
undermine protections for people with pre-existing conditions. they're now setting aside $8 billion to help cover people with these conditions, but medical experts say that money is far from enough. the bill also phases out the expansion of medicaid and ends the obamacare penalties for americans without insurance. democrats are warning the consequences could be dire. the original version of the bill was projected to leave 24 million more americans without insurance over the next decade but the current version of the bill has yet to be analyzed so we still don't know the full extent of the impact on all americans. amy. >> all right, mary, thanks so much. president trump is signing an executive order today on religious liberty relaxing political limits on churches so they can endorse candidates. the order also aims to make it easier for employers with religious objections to exclude birth control from their health plans. and emergency meeting at buckingham palace briefly raised concern about the royal family but it turned out the palace was
8:05 am
retirement and terry moran has all of those details for us, good morning, terry. good morning, amy. for seven decades prince philip has been doing his duty. tens of thousands of public appearance, hundreds of foreign trips always at queen elizabeth's side but this morning, the plaza announcing that beginning this autumn, the prince will step away from public life. he will no longer carry out most public engagements. he's put his royal feet up and certainly has a right after all these years. that means that the queen for the most part will go it alone in public and her children and grandchildren, prince charles and camilla, prince william and kate, prince harry, they will carry more duties. amy. >> all right, terry moran, thank you. unfortunately more rain on the way for people coping with historic floods. in arkansas and missouri, the merrimack river knew st. louis 127 feet above flood stage closing roads and highways and in northeast arkansas the national guard has been deployed after a levee breach.
8:06 am
manager has been sentenced to six years in prison for stealing more than $7 million from morissette and his other clients blaming a gambling addiction. my favorite story of the morning, one teenager who can actually say she is more educated than every one of her fellow classmates. raven osborne is getting ready to graduate from college before she even gets her high school diploma taking part-time college classes while attending her charter high school in gary, indiana. she is picking up her sociology degree two weeks before her high school diploma. she had four high schools, five college classes and then for college next year she is going to be teaching at her high school so getting her -- >> going straight to work. >> she got a job. that's incredible. >> i've never heard that have. >> i was so impressed when i saw her story. congratulations. >> we have to have her. >> we'd love to have her there. >> thank you for
8:07 am
with lara? [ cheers and applause ] >> thank you. we'll be happy. i know you popped into my office and saw what i was perusing. your wish is my command, my lady. melissa mccarthy, we'll begin with her. she had to pull some strings to get this next big role starring alongside a bunch of smart mouthed puppets for an upcoming feature "the happy time murders" set in the underbelly of los angeles where humans and puppets co-exist. her and herpuppet partner is finding out who is killing the cast of the gang. she says between the comedy and naughty puppets it's like her dream has finally come true. i totally relate. i love a dirty puppet. i really do. i miss that little shrimp, that little puppet prawn. the movie as a matter of fact will be directed by one of the henson, brian, the son of muppets creator jim henson now chairman of the jim henson company set to begin production in august. before that
8:08 am
"saturday night live" later this month. get ready for sean spicer. [ applause ] her portrayal of spicer is not to be missed. also in "pop news" this morning, wow, been a big week for paris jackson. she made her met gala debut monday night. at the ripe old age of 19 wearing calvin klein. now we hear she has landed her first feature film. the daughter of pop icon michael jackson will play and edgy 20 something in the dark thriller being produced for amazon. get this, co-starring david oyelowo, charlize theron, amanda siegfried. quite a cast. already this year, paris has appeared in tv shows, on magazine covers and landed a huge modeling contract and attended the grammys, all that and the year isn't even half over. finally a job opportunity, amy, listen up in case you want to moonlight. i think you and i could handle it together. no one can whine about this op
8:09 am
bl imagine getting paid to drink wine and travel our beautiful country. >> that is my favorite dream. >> that is mine. [ applause ] i got a fever right now and only one thing can cure it, it starts with an "r." ends with an ose. if you get it with oregon's union wine company they're looking for what they're calling a can-bassador for their underwood wine while being served in cans and you get to drive a vintage citroen and drive coast to coast singing the virtues of canned wine checking out wine festivals and music festivals to tell everybody to crack open your can of vino and enjoy the day. i think it's a great opportunity. please don't drink and drive. >> no -- >> i say wine not. >> oh, good one.
8:10 am
>> gayou made it to thursday. >> i did. i'm trying to be more restrained. >> thank you, lara. coming up, michael, minutes away from his firefighter challenge. [ cheers and applause ] "gma's morning menu" brought to you by chick-fil-a. they only gave me one. are you serious? wait- mama, you're going to be an abuela your face yeah, this is how she tells me the uncertainties of hep c. wondering, what if? i let go of all those feelings.
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8:14 am
that suggests a link between babies' screen time and speech delays. our senior medical contributor dr. jennifer ashton is here. so the study is saying what now? >> so it is the first time a study has shown an association between screen time with babies and subsequent delays in language. they looked at 900 babies starting at six months and looked at them at 18 months. a fifth of them had screen time use of half an hour day as recorded by their parents. what the study showed, the more
8:15 am
exposed to, the more speech delay they had and so, again, it doesn't matter what they're doing on the screen. they could be doing quantum physics and they'll still learn to speak slower. >> some people on twitter were saying pbs kids that their kids had learned so much then they were a little surprised. >> more important to raise the questions than state the answers at this point because we need more research. we don't know if speech is affected for the negative, could something be affected for the positive? so could they have better math or science skills? we just don't know. a lot of screen time can be educational but babies need human interaction to learn how to form those words. >> did you see this video a while back where a baby had a magazine, did you all see this and thought it was a screen and kept trying to swipe. kept trying to swipe at -- right there. >> look, they can learn a lot both for the good and the bad. i think the key is any parent knows when a baby is crying
8:16 am
appease that baby. >> so what are your suggestions? sometimes people are just trying to quiet their child. >> of course, every parent as been there. you won't find these in any formal review. crying is okay. but, again, be creative. sometimes you hand a baby a sock and they'll be quiet. >> all right. do you know how difficult it was with these firefighters right behind you in my eyesight. >> i know. >> to hold focus. to maintain focus. >> yep. >> wow, because, michael, michael is with the fdny moments away from our "gma" challenge. firefighter challenge. come on back. i was always "the girl with psoriasis." people don't stare anymore. i never joined in. that wasn't fair to any of us. i was covered. i tried lots of things over the years. but i didn't give up. i kept on fighting. i found something that worked. that still works.
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8:20 am
time-out for "gma's" pollen report. i don't know if you've heard me. i've been congested like crazy. this guy has too. firefighters even get allergies. the grass out of control and that's exactly what i was doing, i was laying inside. rough, oh, my goodness. look at those areas. 60s. expect a good bit of cloud cover both days. showers are possible saturday and possibly lingering into sunday, so keep your stormwatch7 asonllevels bylowly climb back e late next week. day:increasing clouds.
8:21 am
night:in develi, becoming heavy and eady after 3am. lows: 55-59 nds: se 10-15 g 20 mph heavy rain, isolated thunderstorms, through 8am. mostly cloudy, windy & warmer. pm showers. winds: se 10-15 g 30 mph enjoy any sunshine this morning with clouds ickly increing ll climb into the upr 60s with y southeasterly winds. rain develops this evening, maly west of c., and overspreads pect heavy rain from. ahead for a slow pl morng rush tomorrow. isolated showers are possible throughout the ternoon with highs, per 70s with gusty all right. things are about to heat up on "gma." michael is at the fdny training facility here in new york city gearing up for a major, major challenge. are you ready for this, michael? >> oh, i'm ready, robin. you're right. it is heating up out here. denis leary, frank rossiano, the chief here and captain brian boos right here. i couldn't do this alone. i needed someone from the "gma" family to help me so i reached out to jesse palmer. come on in here, jesse. >> hey.
8:22 am
he's looking good. but how are you feeling, man? >> not great. i've never been around a real fire like this before so i'm glad we're not going in alone. >> we're not going in alone. i might ask questions so we can get an idea what's going on. denis, you played a firefighter in "rescue me" so you trained like one as well. >> yes, we did. >> what kind of training? we did everything you can possibly do on the job. too many things to describe. but what you're going to do today is the basic thing which is going in and dealing with an emergency fire situation, i mean you don't know -- you might not be able to see. you don't know -- you know what's generally supposed to happen but you don't know what's really going to happen. don't panic and trust your teammates. you should be used to doing anyway. >> i'm used to doing that. >> it's all about teamwork and getting in there. if you make a mistake somebody will help you out. >> chief, what we're doing right now, this is something that the firefighters, they cycle through
8:23 am
be prepared and once we cut the lock and go into this mock restaurant here that's on fire what can we expect? >> you can expect smoke and heat, simulating a real fire so that we can train under real conditions. >> this is a simulation, but captain boos, when you're out there and -- this is what you do every day. when you're if a real-life situation, what's going through your mind when you know you have to run into a burning building. >> we train all the time and try not to think about what bad is it going on in there. we have a job. we work as a team and knows everyone is panicked and trying to find the fire and do our job. this is why we train. >> let's get to it right now and get the drill started and, chief and denis, you'll commentate while jesse and i go through this so let's go to work. we're going to do this, people. come on, jesse. >> fix that. >> that's tight
8:24 am
>> is that good? >> putting the gear on. cutting the lock. now they'll take the rolldown gate and roll it up. this is the most important part. they know what they're going to do while they're doing it. >> all right. we're about to go, everybody. >> listen, we'll go in there, are you ready? >> i'm ready. >> okay, let's do this. >> denis, you'll see when they go in, the lower you are, the heat will be less the lower you are. so you want to stay low if you're going in. also there's less smoke heatwise. okay, jesse is coming in with a line now. shot the water. >> michael went in and they're
8:25 am
jesse is going to go in. michael will go in. >> they go in there with no experience going in. >> you know what, this is all about teamwork. >> you can see they're experiencing the conditions. right there with the fire. you've got the water. he's hitting it high cooling down the combustible smoke that's up high. >> he's doing a good job. >> he's doing a great job. now they're going to continue to search to see if there's more fire in the building. as they move through if there's more fire they'll bring jesse with the line to that fire and knock that down too. see, he's saying low and moving in and found another fire. now it'll get jesse to that fire. they found another egress so that's the way they'll move out of the building. they come out as a team. everybody is safe. >> wow. unbelievable. unbelievable. >> oh.
8:26 am
gives you so much more respect for what these guys through every day and see why they are the bravest. that is not easy to do and, captain, thank you very much. >> good job. >> you're the only cowboy fan fighting this fire. you guys, thank you so much. international firefighters day, please, see a firefighter, just go up and hug them. >> nice job. >> that's what you guys do. wow. thank you for what you do. we should be cheering you. what are you talking about. we'll be right back. "gma's" pollen report is brought to you by nondrowsy claritin and clarispray products.
8:27 am
>> good morning, in hours we are expected to learn about the escaped prisoner, david watson was found near the same psychiatric hospital. he was serving 100 years for attempted murder. news conference about his recapture set for 9:30 a.m. washington capitols have their backs against the wall. caps facing elimination down by one goal in the second quarter, demee tri accidentally
8:28 am
puck in his own net. game five saturday at the verizon center. if the caps don't win then they are out. you'll need a jacket this morning, here is veronica johnson. >> we are going to see the clouds roll in. jacket weather, highs mid and upper 60s, tomorrow warmer. weather alert day because of the heavy rain, high winds could see an inch by the end of the morning rush. up until noon tomorrow. showers saturday, only a few, 40% chance, isolated shower sunday, much cooler next week. >> already noticing the cloud covering coming through to the traffic cameras. 395 northbound looks like hov lanes before you get to the 14th street bridge report of crash activity. live look t
8:29 am
bridge leaving at least the
8:30 am
♪ back here on "gma" as you know celebrating international firefighters day here in times square and out on randall's island michael and jesse's adrenaline must still be running after that firefighters challenge. we'll check in with them in just a moment. but first, boy, oh, boy, we have a guest that went from the wrestling ring to the big screen. he was once a wwe heavyweight world champion, now he's drax in "guardians of the galaxy volume 2." dave bautista. [ cheers and applause ] ♪
8:31 am
how are you? >> good to see you. a hug, welcome. >> thank you. >> big teddy bear. big teddy bear. >> thank you. >> how are you? good to see you. >> how are you? >> you're so good in these movies. >> thank you so much. [ applause ] >> they like you. >> yeah, they like you a lot. we got firefighters our back to just in case he gets in there. here we go, the second time around. >> yeah. >> first of all, it's exciting, fun, it's funny. you have to work your comedic chops in this one. >> a little bit. i have them actually which a lot of people are surprised for some reason. >> did we read you didn't think you were funny. >> i don't think i'm funny at all. >> come on. >> no, not at all. >> got a new one out and you have to do that one too. excellent. let's show a little bit of the movie. not only funny but sentimental. a scene with you
8:32 am
>> i first met pie belove at a war rally. everyone in the village flailed about, dancing, except one woman. my ovette. i knew immediately she was the one for me. most melodic song in the world could be playing, she wouldn't even tap her foot. wouldn't move a muscle. one might assume she was dead. >> that does sound pretty hot. [ cheers and applause ] >> when i first read that scene i didn't see the humor in it at all and just didn't get it. no, i read through it and was like, that's not funny then i didn't realize till we did the tape amongst cast and i was -- people are just laughing out loud and started to click how funny it was. i don't find myself funny. >> it's pretty funny. now we heard zoe saldana's makeup regime. yours is pretty involved as
8:33 am
and sauna and shaving cream. >> oh, yeah, it does. so, that's to remove -- yeah, the great part about it it goes on very fast. about an hour and a half which is great for me. the first was four to six hours. the bad part is that it's very abrasive like glue so to get it off i have to sit in a sean ma for about an hour and so what we do is first they rub shaving cream all over me because it helps to loosen up the makeup. it's really awful. we've gotten some strange looks but so i got my team, they rub shaving cream all over me. i get in the sauna for 20 minutes by myself then three guys join me and they start, you know, scrubbing this make enough on. >> did anyone take video of it. >> i'm sure we have some very embarrassing -- >> just a fair question. >> yeah. >> that is a journalist. [ applause ] >> talk to us about kurt russell. we've heard gat
8:34 am
your co-stars about him. were you starstruck a little bit. >> i was a little tar struck. so first i was starstruck when i met him at the table read i couldn't help but fan boy on him. i had all the usual questions, and he was a little -- i think he was a little annoyed but he just kind of -- he put up with it. >> sounds like august of you were doing it. >> chris pratt. >> how can you not? looking at this guy he's hollywood royalty to us and watched him growing up but the best thing about him is he just blended right in with us. didn't set himself apart. he wanted to be a part of the cast and very, very social and down to earth and he's a conversationalist. he really likes to talk. i clicked with him on everything except politics. don't talk politics with kurt. but, yeah, no. no, i just -- i just love him, man. such a great guy. [ applause ] >> you know, did a little research on you. what is this about vintage lunch boxes that you're
8:35 am
>> that's right. >> i think we may have one to add to your collection, sal is going to bring it out to you. >> here's one. >> not exactly vintage. >> no. >> all right. so this is my publicist says they have a gift for you and i said is it a "good morning america" lunch box. they said no. >> there is now. >> thank you so much. this is awesome. >> thank you. congratulations. [ applause ] >> "guardians of the galaxy volume 2" hits theaters on friday. it was fun last night out there at the premiere. everybody had a great time here. back down to michael on randall's island where he and jesse just ran through a burning building and they did it on purpose. great job, michael and jesse. >> these two -- >> thank you, robin. thank you, robin. you know, running into a burning building on purpose was not something i thought i'd ever do but jesse and i did it. which gave us so much more respect for what these guys do
8:36 am
known around the firefighting community for a long time is here with us, denis leary. and i'm just curious how did that start with you? how do you get involved. >> my cousin jerry was a firefighter up in worcester, massachusetts, the hometown and he died in december 3rd, 1999 in a famous warehouse fire up in worcester along with five other brave men, firefighters that day and i started a foundation to help out with the worcester fire department and the families, the kid that were left behind, the sons and daughters of those firefighters and when it took a couple of weeks to -- it was a big warehouse fire and the fdny and a bunch of guys i knew were some of the first guys up to help find the bodies and after 9/11, the worcester fire department, those guys were some of the first guys to come down to ground zero. part of that brotherhood. so i just kind of grew into helping the fire department down here through a friend of mine terry quinn that was a firefighter eventually on
8:37 am
that's how i got involved and started and we were lucky enough, this event that we're holding today is because -- >> great event. >> and this is really for us for the leary firefighters foundation to be invited to the greatest training academy in the fire service on the planet here in new york is just a real honor and a privilege. >> because we're here for fdny firefighters challenge and denis leary's firefighters challenge and all the work you do is absolutely amazing. you bring so much light to this crew of people and, guys, and women who are out there on the front lines who deserve every bit of the respect and honor that you guys -- you guys deserve it all. >> i want to make sure people understand like what we do is where the public funding stops is where we help. we get new vehicles and build new trading facilities and new pieces of equipment that every fire department across the country needs and that's what we're doing today is raising money that will help the fdny as well as fire departments all over america. >> not just right here. helps everybody. >> if people donate within six
8:38 am
a truck or building or tool used by the fire department right away. >> i got to say thank you, man. thank you for all of what you do and thank you guys for all of what you do. back to you guys. >> thank you, michael. thank you, jesse, for that. we got "deals & steals" coming up next but a little bit later, en vogue. our dancers are excited. en vogue. performing live right here on "gma."
8:39 am
8:40 am
8:41 am
♪ never gonna get it back on "good morning america," tory on the boetsch in florida with huge "deals & steals," so much excitement for that and for this, that's right, en vogue is here. hmm. some of my favorite music videos of all time. we are so pumped. you guys -- i'm going to just go ahead and get this dance move down. oh, my gosh. so much fun i today - heavy rain friday (mainly am rush) - 25-30 degrees cooler than last weekend - any may warmth in sight? today: increasing clouds. breezy. highs: 68-71 winds: se 10-15 g 20+ tonight: rain developing, becoming heavy and steady after 3am. lows: 55-59 winds: se 10-15 g 20 mph oh, lara, as excited as amy was for foreigner, i am so pumped for en vogue coming up in a moment. >> you and me
8:42 am
that is coming up but right now time for "deals & steals on wheels." we are roaring into florida this morning at the historic hotel on st. pete beach. tory johnson taking over that town. first we have divers from the florida aquarium in tampa who went underwater to welcome tory but got to say the big moment last night at the plate, tory throwing out a pitch at the tampa bay rays game. tory johnson, you outdid yourself. how was that for you? how was it, girl. >> oh, my gosh, lara. you are very kind to me there. i got to give raymond all the credit. in high school i was on the debate team, not the baseball team so i was terrified. but i am so excited to be here with this great crowd in st. pete. we've been having so much fun and let's get to our very first deal. first up you have even it on "shark tank," a "gma" favorite from corder roys,
8:43 am
demonstrate how it goes from a chair into a bed in just seconds. there's nothing to inflate. you pull it open. you fluff it up and there's the bed. we've got three sizes, raymond can vouch for us they're company. youth, full, queen and king sizes, normally 100 to $373. slashing it how much, raymond. in half so everything is 50 to $185. a really nun family owned business. pillow talk gifts so they've got fabulous things, the footie slippers i love, lara, i'm buying you whine a little, laugh a lot. they're so super cozy, blanket, pillows, delaney, show us this hug me blanket. starts like this. it's got these special pockets, folds over. no hands and feet are going to get too cold from that. adorable blanket, fabulous pillow, huge assortment when you go to our website. normally these range from 14 to
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but everything is slashed in half. $7 to $30. tervis. three generations, third president of the company, rogen's grandfather started tervis. a company so many know. we've got these in our homes but to know that it's all made in america and it's based right here is pretty spectacular. there's an enormous assort many. seven different designs, we've got cup, tumblers, wine glasses, sort of something for everything as you go from spring to summer event takening to keep them cold or hot, whatever it is, they have you covered and we have jim's dive shop to help reveal the deal. normally $17 to $70, but slashed in half. everything from tervis $8.50 to $35. okay, bourbon and bow ties, i love all of these bracelet, lara, i'm bringing you some of these too. all fabulous, you see
8:45 am
top department stores, the stones, they are so spectacular. the colors, they come in singles and in stacks depending on what you choose. normally $22 to $92 but carly, the owner is hooking us up with this super sale. $11 to $46. depending on the set and i know, lara, you're always obsessed with her so you had a question for carly. >> they are absolutely gorgeous. love the stackables and bracelets are so special because women including moms make every single piece and they do it at home so they can have a flexible schedule which is so fantastic. tell us how it works. how you came up with the idea. >> yes, we just grew really fast and found such honor in our community to provide more than 400 jobs. the women are stay-at-home moms so really honored to do that. >> listen, we love the idea. >> yes. >> we love the idea. we want to help you even more so we're going to give you $10,000 to grow your business.
8:46 am
>> even more. >> thank you. >> how do you feel? >> that's amazing. >> our sponsor, carly, our sponsor vistaprint wants to help you expand your business. vistaprint believes in you. >> we are a part of an organization here in the tampa area so we'll donate this back to the community, probably ronald mcdonald house. >> wow, the giving continues. >> that's great. we thank you, vistaprint. we thank you, tory. >> we're bringing fun stuff home for you. >> you know what, you already brought us stuff for our audience. we love our studio audience and we didn't forget you. everybody here thanks to tory is going home with drinkware from tervis. [ cheers and applause ] so don't forget that and we have partnered with them for all the deals. get the details on our website and tory is heading to dallas to bring you deals from the lone star state. come on down, join her
8:47 am
next up, en vogue. "gma's"
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rrator: "the time is to do what is right. ralph northam. army doctor during the gulf war. volunteer director of a pediatric hospice. progressive democrat. in the senate, he passed the smoking ban in restaurants, stopped the transvaginal ultrasound anti-choice law, and stood up to the nra. as lieutenant governor, dr. northam is fighting to expand access to affordable healthcare. ralph northam believes in making progress every day. and he won't let donald trump stop us.
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no, you're never gonna get it. >> yeah. we have been holding on oh, i love that holding on all morning for this. en vogue struck gold 25 years ago with "free your mind." and the rest will follow. and "my lovin'." now of this's got a brand-new single out, "i'm good" they're kicking off a nationwide tour next week. >> we have our own pose, the "gma" girl, shall we? first they are performing a medley of their greatest hits. give it up for en vogue. >> whoo. [ cheers and applause ] ♪
8:50 am
>> good morning, america. ♪ ♪ ooh my first mistake was i wanted too much time i had to have it morning noon and night ♪ ♪ if i would have known then the things that i know now ♪ ♪ i might not have had a thing to complain about ♪ ♪ don't waste your time fighting blind ♪ ♪ find it ♪ hold on to your love ♪ you've got to hold on ♪ you've got to hold on to that love ♪ ♪ hold on to your love baby hold on ♪ ♪ hold on to your love
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♪ never get it [ cheers and applause ] >> more. ♪ free your mind ♪ i wear tight clothing high heeled shoes it doesn't mean that i'm a prostitute no, no ♪ ♪ i like wrap music, wear hip-hop clothes ♪ ♪ that doesn't mean that i'm out sellin' dope no no ♪ ♪ attitude why ♪ can't change my mind you can't change my color ♪ ♪ why oh why must it be this way ♪ ♪ ooh ooh ♪ before you can read me you got to learn how to see me i said ♪ ♪ free your mind and the rest
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hamilton was losing hope and my husband and i were losing hope. my sister and i we challenged ourselves to help figure out a way to help them. our kids bought us a quilt machine. it was very humble beginnings. we were just this cute little shop, just like everybody else. one day al came in and asked me if i wanted to do tutorials and i was like "sure honey what's a tutorial?" i had not a clue. hi everybody i'm jenny from the missouri star quilt company. youtube gave us the opportunity to really differentiate, we got to a 1,000 subscribers year one and now we're at 300,000 subscribers. we started carrying all the fabrics that mom would use in the tutorials. now we're the world's largest provider of pre-cut quilting fabric. in the beginning we were just shipping 10 orders a day. now we ship 5,000 orders a day. opening a business in hamilton kinda sparked things. we've got 14 quilt shops in town, three restaurants, a little hotel, we had over 100,000 people come to hamilton last year. we love jenny. my whole life i've always wanted to own a business.
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been possible without missouri star quilt company. all i have to do is open my door and bake my goods and missouri star does the rest. youtube has enabled my family and i to bring hope to the town and to the people who live here.
8:56 am
did you see these firefighters getting down to en vogue? thank you so much. i know you're going on tour next week. new music out is good and we're good with you here. >> thank you. thanks pore having us. >> big good-bye to michael, jesse, denis leary, all our firefighters, great day today. >> thank you guys, thank you very much. >> "good morning washington," i am melanie hastings. house is set to vote on
8:57 am
'obamacare.' it will be close. senate is expected to pass a spending bill that funds government through september. speaking out on the hill, after a racist incident at american university monday when bananas hanging from nooses were found around campus, written on the bananas, kkk referencing the all black sort. >> we may have early day sunshine. we are going to see the clouds roll in quickly. lunchtime cloud cover, jacket weather, highs mid to upper 60s, warmer, it is a weather alert day on storm watch 7. high winds could see an inch by the end of the morning rush up until noon tomorrow, showers saturday, onl
8:58 am
chance, much cooler all next week. >> veronica, that cloud cover rolling through the area at this hour. we have delays, 270 southbound. earlier crash after shady grove road within your volume. already slow on the beltway, i-95 over the georgia avenue on the outer loop. live look 270, montgomery village avenue, southbound after the crash activity. expect volume out of germantown. ride 395, did block a right lane, melanie. >> you can get more news traffic and weather updates stronger is blasting her tumors... without risking her bones. it's training her good cells...
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>> announcer: it's "live with kelly and ryan!" today, richard gere. and, from the series "one upon a time," lana parrilla. plus, performance from recording artist prince royce. all next on "live!" ♪ [cheers and applause] and now, here are kelly ripa and ryan seacrest! [cheers and applause] ♪ >> kelly: oh, my gosh. >> ryan: good morning. >> kelly: good morning.


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