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tv   World News Now  ABC  May 9, 2017 2:37am-2:59am EDT

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the investors were also defrauded were part of the scam. >> turning now to another outrage. this one over the mishandling of packages delivered by amazon. home surveillance camera in south miami caught a currier employed by amazon itself. ringing the driveway, call button. without waiting for a response. hurling both packages over the fence. amazon spokesman responded saying the woman has been identified for future training purposes. the boxes by the way contained bicycle helmets. >> help they didn't break. that would be, maybe she was just trying to, to effectively test. >> test tichlt. >> test the merchandise. >> inspected by. just a tester. >> inspected by. every mother can use a little help some times. and mama duck is no exception to that. >> new hampshire police officer is being credited with saving a clutch of ducklings trapped in a storm drain. all took place, the mother duck looked on. eight ducklings were
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they ran straight to mom. mom said okay. be on our way now. >> just went on with their business. d didn't thank her. >> scenarios. massive amount of ducklings. the ducks know how many. they sit and wait. like, uh-huh. there is another one. >> as she does right there. >> all right. i know they keep coming. all mine. let's go. still another one down there. >> very cute. nature. >> some people look at a
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jr. returning to the spotlight right here on "world news now." >> get out of here i's his double. >> owe. not today. not us. >> no, for real. the real freddie prince jr. that's coming up. you' a look at toda
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irreplaceable monkey protection. detergent alone doesn't kill bacteria, but adding new lysol laundry sanitizer kills 99.9% of bacteria with 0% bleach. daughter: uh oh. lysol. what it takes to protect. ♪ ♪ back with the controversial case in texas. two teens are now speaking out for the first time about the confrontation with police that left a 15-year-old boy dead. >> this comes after the boy's family filed a lawsuit against the officer and the police
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department. abc's correspondent has more. >> reporter: the night jordan edward was killed is still fresh in the mind of twin brothers maxwell and maximus everett. >> somebody else could have got killed too. and just -- i still, it still hit me, really hasn't hit me yet. >> reporter: they were in the back seat of the car edwards was in leaving a house party when the 15-year-old football star was shot in the head by texas police officer roy oliver. >> i was just shaking his jacket to see, still breathing. pretty sure he was shot he was dead. >> reporter: the department initially defended officer oliver saying the car was backing toward him in an aggressive manner. after reviewing the body cam video the department could see the car was actually driving away from him. officer oliver was promptly fired and is now facing a murder charge. >> we send our prayers over off to the family. >> reporter: the edwards' family asking the community for peace as they pursue a wrongful death lawsuit against the police depart
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citing multiple incidents in the officer's record, the suit claims oliver's violent temper led to edwards' death. officer oliver out on bail but could face life in prison if convicted. >> all right, thanks there for the latest. also hearing from a brave 10-year-old who managed to escape from the jaws of an alligator. >> she says she was in a foot of water ein a florida lake when a gator attacked her, the 9 foot long animal clamped down on her. instead of panicking she remembered what she learned at a nearby alligator park. she told the story to "inside edition." >> what they taught me at gatorland. i put my two fingers up its n nostrils had to breathe from its mouth. let my leg out. the alligator didn't do nothing, he was too busy biting my leg and holding on to the sand. too busy with that. he don't have any
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moves to, to take out my fingers. >> wow. >> smart girl. says she tried hitting the gator first. that didn't work. she thought of the, if i plug his nose he has to breathe through his mouth. after all that, other than a few stitches she is fine. the area where sunny was swimming as you might imagine is closed off this week. >> 9 years old. brilliant move right there. >> thing is people are inclined to panic. in a situation like that. then you can't think of anything. amazing how calm she was able to stay. all right, coming up. freddie prinze jr. back in the spotlight. >> biggest star to appear on this show since william shatner is here with us. oh, well. not here with us. >> ha-ha. you don't even want to know protection detergent alone doesn't kill bacteria
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>> so, from william shatner to sysco by phone, kermit, we have had hey lot of big a list stars and weird al. >> yeah. >> continuing in the great fra di -- great tradition, freddie prinze. >> taking his talents from hollywood to the kitchen and pursuing his first passion. >> here is nicky batiste. >> with freddie frinze jr. >> i made that bet before i knew you, lady. before i really knew me. >> and i know what you did last summer. but, he is also a chef. even has a cookbook out. >> i do. i haven't earned the title chef. awesome you gave me the love. i actually dropped out of cooking school. >> you spent years cooking with your mom. >> my mom was a chef. food is a big deal. i do a ton of the cooking. share it with my
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for him to pull off cleaning. water, soap, shoot the stains, violent, a boy. shoot the stains, clean them up. we want people to have fun. >> now, freaking out. we are here with you. tell me what we are making. >> this is the sauce. easy enough, right. this is, pancetta. 3 ounces of this diced up. do way more if you want. cook this, 2 to 5 minutes. depending medium low. stir it a bit. don't need to add salt. little bit of pepper. put in there. >> stir. >> don't need to stir. let me work for you. here, cook on medium low. low. want it to get little crispy. want some fat into the pan. once this cooks, two to five minutes. add ground beef and ground pork. half pound each. like i said. want more. big family. do more. all you want to do, is break it down a little bit. not too, too much. going to let this, brown in here
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minutes again depending on temperature. chopped up garlic. nice, easy. two to four cloves. how much you look. once this browns. it will start to stick to the bottom of your pan a little bit. take this red wine, add it into the pot. if you want to do it you can do it. >> if you stan me, it is on. telling you right now. >> any old red wine. >> if you will drink it cook with it. don't drink it. don't cook with it. once the wine goes in. crank your heat up. boil the alcohol out. makes it taste good. your kids can eat it. once that bills out. we'll add tow mmato sauce. cut the heat. bring to low. be pash end. get that in there. nice stir. salt and pepper to the sauce. bring this to a boil. you want to cut the heat. put it on low. cover that. and -- covering it will keep liquid in. leave a little space there. that liquid will escape. and make it more t
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opposed to a looser sauce. >> how long are we letting it sit while we walk away? >> if you can let it go for an hour. awesome. let it go for 90 minutes. it is unreal. the next day it tastes even better. so this is our sauce. super delicious. like i said. dip anything you want in it. or serve it on pasta. >> freddie fprinze jr. >> i had two posters when i was 13. about to taste his sauce. >> delicious. >> delicious. i will taste it again. >> freddie prinze jr.'s the sauce. >> fun to eat out of the pop. >> cheers. so fun to eat out of the pot. >> teen heart tloethrobheartthr. >> former teen heartthrob. thank you for having me. appreciate it. >> delicious. >> did you hear anything. >> former teen heartthrob. still a heartthrob for
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like right here. >> wife, of course. >> sarah michelle geller. adorable kids. >> buffy. >> let's fwreend. let's be friends.
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delivers mega support. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> ha-ha. >> kendis. >> getting into it, bruno mars. and key change. graphic change. >> okay. it means it is time for this happened. >> we'll start with psa, public service announcement of sorts. this california man, out for a nice bike race when a rogue drone comes out of nowhere and then my god. >> okay. >> oh. >> oh. >> oh.
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>> there tip is. >> seemed like he recovered from the drone crash situation. he's like i got this. i got this. no. no. no. he doesn't. oh. that's such a horrible fall. the cyclist in this case, suffered gravel rash. the drone pilot came forward and offered to buy that injured cyclist a new bike. before you start thinking to yourself, who flies a drone during a bicycle race. would you look to know where the video of the crash came from? >> from a bike -- >> drone. >> did it really? >> really lousy looking drone. but, that's cool. see, there, we need how to have drone videos out there. >> not supposed to hit the actual cyclists. good to know. now to the uk. a woman who, was trying to be very efficient doing her chores. you ever try take the garbage out. you sort of chuck the bag. you know. a hole in one. >> oh. >> here is a
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you don't want to drag the bag along the concrete before trying that whole throw it in the trash can move. >> she is look i am not going to get dressed to come out. 19-year-old student. >> no one is going to see mean anyway. >> and retweeted nearly 100 times. >> before we start this next story. should state no guineas were injured in the making of this video. a man in ireland, got a little thirsty. >> so, the staff at flanagan's on the lake were there to help out. they served him his beer. then they saw. >> there he is. >> whole time on a hydroboard. what they're called. he doesn't spill a drop. >> holy cow, a professional. >> a degrog eat dog world out there. never more true when you are trying to east a burger. when they say dog eat dog they
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good morning on "world news now." dramatic testimony on capitol hill. >> former acting attorney general sally yates discusses concerns about national security adviser michael flynn. hear why she thought flynn was at risk of being blackmailed by the russians. >> a serial sniper charged, a break in a case that terrorized an american city. the man in custody linked to 12 shootings. >> then, check out the neighborhood heroes. caught on camera. that is a group of people channelling their collective strength, to lift a car off the child. >> then, who is on first? oh my god what exactly is on second. the creepy, slithery, unwanted guest that delayed a baseball game.


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