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tv   World News Now  ABC  May 12, 2017 2:37am-3:00am EDT

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allegedly. officers hid behind cars but a 56-year-old man standing in the driveway was shot and killed. three police officers hurt but released from the hospital. negotiations lasted through the night, using tear gas, knocking down doors at nearby homes, even sending in a robot with a cellphone in an attempt to purchaget reese to surrender. the warrant they were trying to serve was related to criminal history. >> rescue workers came to the ald of a driver near st. paul, minnesota who had a medical issue and drove into a small pond. he is doing okay this morning. >> now to a warning be being issued about swimmerness the ocean and a video to go along with it. paddle boarders along the southern california coast were literally swimming with sharks.
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than a dozen but not on purpose. they had no idea the sharks were there. they found out when a crew in a sheriff's helicopter gave them a call from above. >> you are paddle boarding next to approximately 15 great white sharks. >> now, there were advisories posted on the beach. authorities say the sharks are not aggressive but there were more than two dozen of those sharks, more than two dozen great whites have been spotted up and down the coast this week. you don't want to run into one of those. >> you do not. >> i would rather run into no sharks. on the east coast, beach goers in myrtle beach helped a shark into the water. the shark was stuck for a few minutes before making its way back out into the ocean and out to sea. >> that southern hospitality in my home state of south carolina. >> very nice. let's be honest. we all had moments we wanted to say in a colorful way, as much as possible, i quit. a scottish woman says her grand per mother about that recently in a letter.
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the job's crap and i'm leaving. i'll no be back after june 30th. canny wait, meaning cannot wait obviously, and i like how it continues. >> it says, good luck getting some other mug to clean the place. cheerio. which that's not scottish. >> such a cheerful goodbye. >> and then it ends with the stereo typical scottish expression, yee-haw. >> maybe she is moving to the south. ♪ >> the scottish says yee-haw? >> maybe she moving to the southern u.s. >> maybe. >> yeah, giddy-up, everybody. coming up, why avocados may soon carry warning labels in one country. in the wake of an apparently festive cinco de mayo, some doctors are seeing a spike in injuries caused by avocados. >> is it a pitfall? plus, the fresh
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recent damage to one of the planes that serves as air force one could have caused a fire. that's the finding of an air force report on the botched cleaning by boeing mechanics. the report says three mechanics contaminated the plane's oxygen system last month during doing four million dollars in damage. the plane has not returned to service. >> an investigation into a growing number of bmws catching on fire while parked and turned off for hours. >> abc chief correspondent brian ross is on the case. >> reporter: the people who lived in this house outside washington d.c. were lucky to escape alive. >> i think it was a five-alarm fire? it all started according to the fire department when the family's bmw, parked in the garage, caught fire even after being parked and turned off. >> there was black smoke, a snap, crackle, pop and, boom, a flame. >> reporter: this just one of
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fires, all described as parked and turned off. discovered in an investigation by abc news in our stations around the country. >> that's not supposed to happen. >> no. when a car is off and it catches fire, you obviously have got a problem. >> reporter: bmw says it's investigation shows no problem or defect and such cases are rare, but scary. >> now it is on fire. >> i'm so scared. >> reporter: washingthat watch happens in this remarkable home video as first smoke and then flames erupt in a parked bmw. >> wow. >> reporter: in nine minutes and 15 seconds it is enveloped in flames. >> it should be investigated as to why it is occurring. >> my car is on fire. >> reporter: it is a question asked by dozens of bmw owners around the country. >> it is like my gosh, i can't believe it. why did it happen. >> reporter: and
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fire departments too. >> it is a bmw, on fire next to the house. >> reporter: in massachusetts earlier this year a fire in a brand-new bmw which had been parked for a full five hours quickly spread to the house. >> i think most people think once they turn the key of their ignition the vehicle is off and that's it, it can't accidentally catch on fire. in this case that's what happened. >> reporter: bmw executives would not appear to appear in our report, but in their statement they said a cause could be poor maintenance or even rodent's nests. bottom line is it remains a mystery with some dangerous implications. brian ross, abc news, new york. >> it is very bizarre case. an auto safety experts said part of the problem with modern cars is they never completely power down. >> right. they're always on. >> so even when they're parked and turned off, they're not completely off. >> and a bmw spokesperson suggested several other potential cars of car fires other than manufacturing defect including lack of
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improper maintenance by unauthorized mechanics. people want to go cheaper, not to the dealership because the cost might be higher. >> brian ross is on it and we are sure to hear more about this investigation. meanwhile, doctors are warning about another potential danger. they call it avocado head. >> i never heard of that. that's when people hold on to an after kaud owe, then cutting around it to remove the pit like we've seen chefs do on tv. turns out more and more people end up slicing through the avocado and cutting into their hand which could cause nerve and tendon damage. >> our nicky batiste learned this lesson right here last week, and, you know, some reporters go into war zones, they go into the center of a horrible storm. >> right. >> nicki was the brain one wve went to the avocado restaurant for us. >> we know where to send our people. it was important. it was zinc owe
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insomiac safety. nicki learned how to do it the right way. >> thank you, nicki. growing backlash about the new drama about the british royal family. >> the movie that is hypothetically looking at what it might be like after the death of queen elizabeth. that's next. 1 place... go number 2. i love you, but sometimes you stink. ♪ new febreze air effects with odorclear technology cleans... ...away odors like never before. because the things you love the most can stink. and try febreze small spaces to clean away odors for up... 30 days. breathe happy with new febreze.
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♪ i love the royals. >> sorry, i was conducting the orchestra for you. >> you were. thank you. it was beautiful. but a new controversy is brewing in the uk over a new drama that imagines what a post-queen elizabeth monarchy might look like. >> here is the thing though. it is not portraying the royal family in a flattering light. here is
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>> the queen is dead. long live the king. that's me. >> reporter: it is the brand-new royal drama igniting a firestorm. >> these are the rules today. >> reporter: king charles iii, a shocking 90-minute fictional film imagining what life would be like for the house of windsor after the queen dies. >> this is perhaps the most unstable moment the royal family will face. >> reporter: showing charles becoming king. >> my life has been a lingering for the throne. >> reporter: embarking on a constitutional crisis so extreme kate middleton is portrayed as a manipulative lady macbeth figure threatening to depose him. >> perhaps i might relieve the harshness of this mystery. >> reporter: princess diana's ghost appears telling charles he would make a good monarch. harry wants to lead a low key life. >> it is not what i wantor
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into. >> reporter: an anti-commoner living in the project and kate pushes william to take on his father. >> be the man i know you are and act. >> i'm not king. >> reporter: if that wasn't controversial enough with tensions running high, the future of the royal family reaching boiling point, camilo flaps william. some of the most heated criticism focuses on the show bringing up the question of who is prince harry's father, suggesting it was princess diana's former lover james hewett because of what some say are the similarities between the two. james hewett categorycally denies the claims. says it was deliberately trying to cause prince harry pain. >> wondering what was left on the cutting room floor. >> right. >> no, no, that's too controversy. sounds like they went down the list and tried to come up with anything they could think of. though this thing was based on a broadway and west end play t
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it will do well. coming back, looking way back to another british royal era. >> what the critics are saying this morning. if you've got a life, you gotta swiffer ♪ lysol max cover kills 99.9% of bacteria, even on soft surfaces. one more way you've got what it takes to protect. 60% of women are wearing the w...experience leaks. introducing always my fit. find the number that's right for your flow and panty size on the top of any always pack.
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♪ all right. time now for insomniac theater. >> this morning we start with a new spin on an epic tale for the age also. "king arthur, legend of the sword." charlie hunam plays the british hero in the retelling. starring jude law and a cameo by david beckham. >> all right. where do you want me? bouncing on my knee. where did you think i want you? hands on, stupid.
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performance spectacularly wooden. >> ouch. >> the movie is getting a dismal 23% splat on rotten tomatoes. lindsey bear writes like arthur you will be happy you got out alive and relatively unscathed. peter trafers is calling it a king sized pile of crap. >> he's not pulling any punches clearly. >> he is not. >> if you get to see david beckham and charlie hunam, could it be all bad? >> there you go. >> teaming up with goldie hawn in time for mother's day. stars a self-absorbed, lazy and rude daughter who loses her job and boyfriend before the couple was planning a vacation to ecuador. she persuades her overly cautious mother to join her instead and they get snatched. >> let's go out tonight. >> hair, makeup, we're going out. >> emily, i'm not going out at night. everything shouldn't be
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one in four tourists are kidnapped. >> not true. >> one, two, three, somebody's missing. >> loving the cameo by wanda psyche sikes. the thing is what is missing is love from the critics. they're giving "snatched" a 37% splat on rotten tomatoes. writes, goldie hawn's big screen return deserves better than the criminally unfunny movie. calls it lazy, sloppy and witless. >> ouch. that's tough. >> i guess if you go by the critics you are not seeing "snatched" or "king arthur" this weekend. >> i think you should see them because i don't go by that. >> maybe you should hang out with your mother. >> happy mother's day, everybody. >> that's the news for this half hour. ♪
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♪ this morning on "world news now," the struggle to keep the comey story straight. >> the white house staff laid out one narrative for the firing of fbi director. president trump took to network television to tell his version of events, setting up a scramble for answers later today. hear where their conflicting stories went astray. new details this morning on the trump administration's push for more border security. hundreds of criminals are under arrest as ice agents crack down on gang members in the u.s. illegally. later, the growing controversy surrounding the new series 13 reasons why. proponents say it opens an important dialogue about teenage suicide. how students at one high school are responding by reaching out to each other. and bulldog fever is taking hold. see why a statue in california has everyone breaking out the


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