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tv   ABC7 News at 4  ABC  June 2, 2017 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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stephen? stephen: right now, bryan moles is still here at federal court. he appeared before a judge moments ago. she agreed to release him under some pretty stringent restrictions. we have some video of dr. moles, yesterday when he appeared in superior court. he is charged with weapons offenses. two weapons offenses. one a d.c. charge, the other a federal charge of unlawful possession of a firearm. he is alleged to have had loaded glock handgun and an assault rifle on him and numerous rounds of ammunition. he is alleged to have demanded a meeting with president trump and planned stay here until he could meet with the president to discuss corporate medicine and the pharmaceutical industry. these are the restrictions imposed on him for the release. he must be supervised and in atlanta, georgia, by 4:00 p.m. on monday. he must forfeit his firearm. he is alleged to
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of weapons at his home near pittsburgh. and must undergo mental evaluation and treatment at the v.a. there. he has been ordered to stay away from the district of columbia except to meet with his attorney and court appearances. and he must stay away from the white house, the perimeter around the white house and the trump hotel. he will be back in d.c. on june 22 for a preliminary hearing. reporting live, stephen tschida, abc7 news. michelle: thank you. abc7 has been following this closely over the past three days to see all of our original reporting, log on to and search "moles." you know we have seen a lot of incidents a it the white house over the past few months including this arrest of a woman police say tried to jump the bike rack barrier last month. i-team investigator scott taylor takes a closer look. scott joins us live outside the white house. scott, what is the secret service doing to prevent this from
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scott: well, over the past couple of years they have been doing a lot. let me show you what is happening in front of the white house. we have your usual group of tourists here, enjoying the day. what we are talking about is the fence behind them with the spikes. the secret service is moving forward on the plan to build a higher fence that surrounds the white house. if we look at the numbers like we did, the white house knows there hasn't been increase in fence jumpers. as the u.s. secret service still works on plans to raise the fence by several more feet around the white house, people continue to try and scale it since president trump took office. 38-year-old marcy wall arrested three times near the white house, including earlier this year after she got her shoe laces stuck on top of the fence. 26-year-old jonathan tran actually got over the fence and on to the white house grounds. with the numbers the i-team has obtained, there hasn't been any increase in fence-jumpers in the trump administration but we have to
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different from jumping a bike rack like 58-year-old william rawli ineson did earlier in year. it's a different security intrusion compared to what keagan did after driving up to white house checkpoint and told the officer he had a meeting with president trump and according to later said, "there is a bomb in the truck." two years ago the secret service added spikes to the top of the fence. next year the 3,500 foot fence around the white house will increase by 24 inches to just over 13 feet. nancy: that was abc7 scott taylor reporting. meantime, a new policy from the secret service. the agency appears to be relaxing the marijuana standards trying to boost the agency recruitment. the director telling reporters applicants used to be automatically disqualified for using pot more than a few times but now candidates will be considered based on the last time they used and when they applied. a look
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afternoon. for once it appears we may be able to squeeze in a good weekend. stormwatch7's chief meteorologist doug hill has the all-important timing on the potential storms. tell us you have good news, please. doug: i do, nancy. this is a pretty typical summer weekend forecast here. it will be nice. looking at the beaches now at ocean city. already pretty good activity on the beaches for friday. clear skies, sunshine and the warm temperatures. tell you the story as we get through the rest of the afternoon. we will hold in the lower 80's. lower 80's. the air is dry and comfortable. zero chance of rain. just a few clouds at most. delightful weather outside at night. for hourly temperatures we will drop from the upper 70's to the 60's late. probably 60 by early tomorrow morning. the great news here is high pressure will hang strong. for tomorrow, sunshine. comfortable air around 80. we get to sunday and the winds turn southwest. we will warm up. i mean we are talking a big warmup over the weekend. on sunday to the upper 80's. maybe a storm late in the day.
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going to the downtown herndon festival this everything. gorgeous weather. more good weather news to follow with a complete forecast and the ten-day outlook in 12 minutes. john? jonathan: see you then. thanks. president trump made up his mind he wants to renegotiate the united states' place in the paris climate agreement. that's come with steady dose of criticism abroad. becoming one of three countries not involved. but as we report, the white house claims to be committed to a clean environment. reporter: climate change, real or hoax? >> global warming is a hoax. it's a money-making industry. reporter: president trump with a firm san francisco on the campaign trail. the white house says the stance has evolved, e.p.a. director scott pruitt not saying if the president believes the science. >> yes or no, does the president believe climate change is real and a threat to the united states? >> what is interesting about all the discussions we had through the last several weeks have been focused on
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singular issue. is paris good or not for the country? reporter: pruitt defending trump's decision to withdraw from the agreement signed by 200 countries to fight climate change, saying it would hurt the economy and criticize the worldwide outrage. >> the world applauded when we joined paris. you know why? they knew it would put the country to economic disadvantage. >> i was elected to represent the citizens of pittsburgh, not paris. >> the mayor of pittsburgh speaking out joining the dozen of american leaders vowing to comply with the paris accord. >> pittsburgh is the example of what is at the heart of the paris agreement and how the city was facing economic collapse was able to come back through innovation and change. >> people have called me a climate skeptic or climate denyer. i don't know what it means to deny the climate. there are climate
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exaggerators. reporter: as oklahoma attorney general scott pruitt sued the environmental protection agency that he now runs over efforts to regulate pollution. in president trump's latest budget it proposes cutting funding for e.p.a. nearly in half. in northwest, abc7 news. michelle: around the country and the world, support for the worldwide climate agreement. nancy: washington, boston, new york, paris, among the many going green committing to the pack regardless of the president's decision. michelle: richard reeve continues our team coverage with an eye on the private renewable energy businesses in the area. richard: it's amazing how many businesses are going green. check out the roof. 29 solar panels. they are already generating 30 kilowatt power a day. for all their needs. the company that installed them n
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around since 2012. the first year they had 20 or 30 installations. five years later, they are installing 80 solar energy systems. they are not alone. in sterling, virginia, pro shred is shredding 9 tons of paper a day. a thousand pounds of the computer chips and the hard drives a month. it's recycled and the computer metal as well. the paris accord or not, the industries are growing. >> people realize how much money they can save. you can make money doing a lot of things. if you make money and go green at the same time that is a win-win. richard: some of the green companies are using the paris accord what happened as a motivator. coming up at 5:00, you meet the owner of the house and see what may be the loudest green company in the
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richard reeve, abc7 news. jonathan: thank you. the president's decision is lauded in cold -- coal country, no surprise. trying to revive an industry struggling for years. >> go to pennsylvania, west virginia, there are people laid off for years. they have been forgotten. jonathan: that man is kenny smith, a retired coal miner. he is a democrat who voted for president trump. check out the pictures. these are important. if you look at the ship, carrier, and a task force with it, another carrier over there. the joint exercise between u.s. warships and the japanese warships. they are training together and doing it close to the coast of north korea. the u.s. says this is not an effort to try to intimidate kim jong un and it's just an exercise. this comes two days after the pentagon shot an i.c.b.m. out in the sky at the reaches of space. nancy: developing now isis claims to be behind an attack
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that left at least 35 people dead yesterday. a lone gunman storming to the resort in manila requiring rounds from assault rifle before setting fire to gambling tables. most of the victims died from smoke inhalation. the shooter found dead after shooting himself. >> we are still investigating and trying to ascertain why somebody would be so senseless. nancy: the philippine government is fighting isis-affiliated group near manila but so far they say the attack was not terror-related. jonathan: coming up next at 4:00, if you are at work. the reason you should go home right now. nancy: also next, a downtown scare. the terrifying moment one of them takes flight with kids inside. michelle: what in the world is this? how d.c.'s mayor is helping the environment and bringing attention to gun violence all at the same time. horace: a thunderstorm, a flooded basement and a real problem with mold. that is when our viewer
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me to listen carefully. i'm ralph northam,aught and when survivors of the virginia tech shooting asked me to support an assault weapons ban and close the gun show loophole, i took on the fight.
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as an army doctor during the gulf war. now, i'm listening carefully to donald trump, and i think he's a narcissistic maniac. whatever you call him, we're not letting him bring his hate into virginia. michelle: really scary video from mexico. bounce houses go flying as kids are playing inside. the wind ripped through, blowing them in opposite directions. one is even thrown violently in the air. over a fence. landing in a parking lot. at least four kids were hurt. one seriously. the bounce houses were tethered to the ground
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wind was so strong it sent them flying. >> you can see all the way under. nobody else is under? >> no. nancy: reminder to keep a close eye on your kids as the temperatures start to rise. a little boy in florida swam under a dock. he got stuck there. firefighters had to lift the whole thing to pull him out. the boy was scared but he will be okay. jonathan: wow! well, this sculpture might look crazy but d.c.'s mayor is hoping that it could bring attention to gun violence in the area. q mccray with a story behind the unique piece of art. q: d.c.'s mayor and police chief held center stage at the earth conservation corps for a special unveiling and dedication. this piece of art. >> it will be a mess for the beautiful osprey. q: florence couldn't have been more proud. >> i think it will make a difference. i hope it would anyway. q: her son was 19 years old when she was shot and killed on his front porch 14 years ago.
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>> he was a good person, wasn't he, y'all? he was a good person. q: this nest isn't only meant to attract birds but promote peace. it's national gun violence awareness day. these were once illegal guns on d.c. streets. >> we are turning confiscated and decommissioned weapons into sculptures. q: here is a closer look at the nest. it's made up of eight guns, mostly rifles and shotguns. all were once illegal guns on the street. look here, they added metal flowers to the tip of the barrels. a warm touch for a young man who is memorialized with 25 owe e.c.c. volunteers. all victims of gun violence in washington, d.c. >> i think it's ridiculous someone could kill an innocent child. q: in southeast, q mccray, abc7 news. michelle: employment grew in may but they were weaker than expected. 138,000 jobs
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economists had expected a gain of 185,000. the unemployment rate fell to 4.3%. the numbers suggest the fed will raise interest rates later this month. that means borrowing could cost more. you know those to i knowing pop-up ads we all see everywhere? well, google wants to do something about them. it plans to clean up the web with a chrome add blocker next year. however, it won't block all ads from the web. it will only target ads too intrusive and includes those that take up the full screen when you launch a site. jonathan: move over 7-eleven. new store on the block in boston. called 6-twelve. i'm not making that up. the owner of it once owned a 7-eleven. he decided to open up his own store after an ugly legal battle with the franchise. he said the 7-eleven food never sold and wanted to get rid
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>> what we want we can bring in the store but we have no option. no choice. jonathan: exactly. he eventually lost his franchise and he settled out of court for undisclosed money. but it worked out in the end. loyal customers who used to visit his 7-eleven are constant shoppers at the 6-twelve which is right across the street. i'll meet you at the 7-eleven. no, no, go to the 6-twelve. it will be 4-ten and 8-15. it will be awesome. nancy: virgin galactic is testing another test. it took place in the southern california desert. testing the movement of the wait and shifting center of gravity within the aircraft. it's not clear when the space vacationers will climb aboard. this is cool. researchers in brazil
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building. it's taken with ultrahigh ultrahigh-speed camera. you can see when it jumps up to meet the bolt. it's dramatic and pretty to look at. michelle: it is. especially when they slow it down. jonathan: doug, that has to excite you. you hear the clouds, to ground, or ground to cloud and you never understood it. you do, but not folks at home. now we see it. doug: the first part is a step leader. that there. what is so bright is the return stroke. that is the bright that is startling. but cool to see in a step-by-step. i have my geek moment of the day. this is one of the best weekend forecasts in a long time. hopefully it's accurate. tomorrow is perfect. most of sunday is fine. question mark is late for sunday. we will get shower and thunderstorm chances.
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7:00. closer to 7:00. most of today is fine. this is mclean, white -- the hyatt out there. fair weather clouds like all day. zero chance of rain for any activities tonight. the temperatures in the low 80's in spots like quantico and fredericksburg. 83 in warrenton. 70's to the north and west. martinsburg and gaithersburg at 78. 79 reported in college park. the air is nice and dry. for this evening, this is good for the 2nd of june. 77 degrees with full sunshine. 7:00. 75 degrees at 8:00. a few degrees cooler at 9:00. overnight with the degree skies, light wind and dry air we will drop to 60 for the average temperature. in the weekend, we are in fine shape. tomorrow, lots of sunshine. any cloudiness will be a few puffy cumulous clouds. temperatures at 80. just about average for early june. winds will be light and the air is very dry. so good outdoor
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weather. we get to sunday and the picture will change. warmer as the winds go to the southwest. more humid. that is a summer like of 87. late afternoon and evening, thunderstorms, not% risk. we get to monday the storm chances really go up. if you are headed to the beaches, it will be in the 70's. that is cooler with the wind flow. but very nice. sunshine. right through the weekend. mid-70's. any rain chances will be late sunday night. the extended outlook, look how we evolve. every time we warm up, boom, it will slam back and cold chilly weather. the power is changing to a summer like pattern. saturday, sunshine all day. d.c. united take on the galaxy at r.f.k. tomorrow live on newschannel8. plenty of sunshine. warm and muggy on sunday with the late day showers and storms. showers and storms are likely with a strong front. cooler and 47 with isolated shower on tuesday. more showers wednesday. cool. rm
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perfect weather. isolated showers and not worried about that, now. and next weekend, back to sunshine and warm weather. >> that is correct. 20 rounds back and forth. epic spelling bee final that went deep in the night. the winning word next. jonathan: plus, mold in a veteran's home. a can doctor blamed. so who will fix it? "7 on your side" gets involved. see what happens at 4:30.
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jonathan: i don't know about you, but i get nervous watching the spelling bee. did you watch it? rivetting television. nancy: i could not stop watching. there was so much on the line. tonight one 12-year-old is still riding high after taking the crown. she did a great job. jonathan: 12. michelle: after so many rounds. sam sweeney with the winner. sam: clash of the nation's fiercest competitors, the best of the best, face to face. steph and lebron? no way. rowa northbound ananya vinay. >> give me a definition. >> part of speech. sam: the national spelling bee. the bee has it all. nervous kids, proud parents, and even old guys attempting to be hip. >> suggested she post a
4:25 pm
photo where she is not wearing a bogota if she wants to get less creepy responses. sam: round after round, hundreds of kids taking a seat after hearing -- [bell ring] >> dang it! sam: the dreaded bell means you are done. then the final two. rohan rajeev, 14 from oklahoma. his favorite book "charlotte's web." and ananya vinay, 12 from fresno. a steph curry fan. >> that is correct. >> that is correct. >> that is correct. sam: back and forth way past the bedtime. >> man, that was really impressive. >> for to rounds until -- >> marram. [bell ring] >> the veteran rohan rajeev takes a seat. then ananya vinay, the sixth grader has to spell one more correctly. >> a-i-n. >> that is correct. >> congratulations! you are the champion.
4:26 pm
shocked? no. the steely glare of a true competitor, in the zone. just like steph. sam sweeney, abc7 news. nancy: all business! michelle: i know. they were going for it. jonathan: it looked like? who else? anybody want a piece of me. bring that 6-year-old up, i'll take that 15-year-old boy. nancy: great to watch, too. at the same time as the nba finals. michelle: you knew who was winning that by halftime. nancy: this one was a battle for the ages. so downstairs in the newsroom, that is the best side of working in the newsroom, so many television. we had every tv on everything. amazing to watch. jonathan: every year that is on, i'm a history ma -- history ma -- major so i haven't even heard that word. michelle: a lot were based in french. jonathan: i love what is the origin? outer space. michelle: coming up for us next at 4:00, knock, knock, anybody home? the hunt for
4:27 pm
suspect in maryland. we have the video. next. >> left knee injury. oh, boy. jonathan: a teaching moment at the french open. it's not just grace in defeat but in victory as well. nancy: then coming up new at 5:00, most of us don't bother with wrong numbers. but find out how a mistake in a text pai ♪ pressure.
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and now, dominion energy is investing $15 billion to build and upgrade our electric and natural gas infrastructure... creating jobs now and for the future. across virginia, we're building an economy that works for everyone and dominion energy is helping power the companies that power our economy. the insurance companies and the credit card companies and the wall street banks - that's what tom perriello is about. i was proud to stand with president obama because progressive causes have been my life's work. i'm tom perriello, and i'm running for governor to reduce economic inequality, raise wages, eliminate the burden of student debt and protect our climate. together we really can build a virginia that works for everyone.
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announcer: you're watching "abc7 news at 4:00". on your side. michelle: take a good look at this. montgomery county police looking for a man they say tried to break into a home in bethesda. he was naked. that's why we have it blurred out. he got up close to the home. sensors picked him up. shining a bright light on everything. this is back on may 17. if you recognize this man, give police a call. jonathan: whatever floats your boat. michelle: right? got a shot. this is something that homeowners look for after a heavy rain. did rain water get in the basement? jonathan: a bummer if it does. if it does, it can cause problems. the most serious is mold. that is what happened to one viewer. when she called an insurance company to help that is when her problems got worse. she called "7 on your side"
4:31 pm
troubleshooter horace holmes. he has the story. horace: all the problems for yvonne brooks started two years ago with a thunderstorm that knocked the power out in her house and flooded her basement. >> if this whole area is covered with mold and this goes to the ventilate, into the house, to my kids, i have a dog and myself. i'm a disabled veteran. horace: she says the mold throughout the basement was caused by the work her insurance company recommended to come clean up after the flood. she says the contractor built this near the sump pump and it began to grow mold. now she can't get the contractor or the insurance company to fix the problem. she called "7 on your side" call for action for help. we will tell you more about the fight with the insurance company and your rights in cases like this at 5:00. in stafford, i'm horace holmes, abc7 news. jonathan: you know what is
4:32 pm
when it's gray and foggy and rainy out, you didn't feel like getting out of bed. when it's gorgeous like this, you don't feel like going to work. doug: this is national leave work day. jonathan: and doughnut day. they coincided. doug: winning combination. i'm still here and i haven't had a doughnut yet so all good. good stuff at the national harbor. a few fair weather clouds. get out and enjoy every minute of it. the weekend is nice as well. big number now. 82. the current temperature at reagan national airport. a lot of sunshine. dry air and comfortable conditions. through the everything, temperatures will drop through the 70's. by 9:00 to 10:00, we are in the upper 60's. pleasant for any outdoor activity or any event you have planned. the winds will be light. we wake up tomorrow morning. it with will be cooler, upper 50's to 60. sky condition wise, we are tracking cloudiness across pennsylvania. a few showers.
4:33 pm
like it will track northeast of baltimore. a come and go thing. most of the area will stay clear to partly cloudy. overnight temperatures 56 to 63. light winds. comfortably cool as we get in the first weekend of june. the planner tomorrow is 59 for average temperature. 7:00 a.m. 78 at 12:00 noon. 80 or 81 as we head through the afternoon hours. d.c. united takes on l.a. galaxy. the temperatures should be perfect for the game. looking ahead for the next ten days a big jump. 87. southwesterly winds. more humid on sunday with the afternoon or everything thunderstorms. watch for that. a few showers lingering tuesday and wednesday. then temperatures come back again. we leave you with a big number. 82. finally, jon.
4:34 pm
jonathan: that is a nice number. the metro bus and street carr collided. 11 and h street. ten people treated near the scene. some with the minor injuries from the bump. the only damage appears to be damage on the bus's bumper. no word what caused the two to come together. michelle: metro service is crose to normal for capital pride weekend. it will operate largely free of the scheduled track work. the only exception is the ongoing safetrack work at five orange line stations between new carrollton and minnesota avenue. hundreds of thousands are expected to attend the pride festival. abc7 and the sister station are proud to televise this year's parade. watch it live next saturday june 10 on newschannel8 or from 4:30 to 7:30 p.m. jonathan: president trump's decision to pull out of the paris climate agreement is
4:35 pm
condemnation. we have a closer look at the impact of exiting the dial. >> in a move to fulfill a key campaign promise, president trump announced the u.s. will pull out of the paris climate agreement. >> if we are going to deal with climate change, deal with it on a fair basis and what makes sense for america. >> in the first remark since trump's decision, rex tillerson and former exxon-mobil c.e.o. said the u.s. will continue to cut gas emissions despite leaving the accord. >> i don't think we change the ongoing efforts to reduce emissions in the future either so hopefully people can keep it in perspective. reporter: but the exit is sending shockwaves across the world. the main goal of the 195-nation deal was to combat climate change and reduce carbon emissions. only two others did not sign in
4:36 pm
>> the other countries understand the importance of the paris accord. it was a compromise. reporter: trump says it's unfair and leaving it will lead to job growth. the democrats slam the move. >> it was a stunning abdocation of american leadership walking away from a agreement is extremely dangerous. reporter: it will take the u.s. four years to withdraw from the paris agreement, after the 2020 election when the next administration could choose to rejoin the accord. jonathan: this is tiger woods at police station in florida. he is taking breathalyzer test after being taken in after suspicion of driving under the influence. the test confirms he wasn't drinking. 0.0. he was asleep behind the wheel of a running car and the dash cam showed him struggling with the field
4:37 pm
a massive recall issued by harley davidson. michelle: our rising star proves age is a number. we introduce you to a 75-year-old swimmer with an incredible story of perseverance. >> julie wright has a look at how to start next week with "good morning washington." >> thank you, michelle. mont on "good morning washington" -- >> everyone wants to get ahead in their career. are you clawing your way to the top at any cost? the warning signs you have an ambition addiction. plus the secret to stress-free traveling with the kids. don't leave home without these road trip sanity savers. >> keep it here for traffic and weather every ten minutes starting at 4:the on "good
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jonathan: some must-see video. remarkable show of sportsmanship from the second round of the french open. watch here. nicholas is forced to retire after he suffers a knee injury. he collapsed. you make hit the far and the injury sidelines you. he is upset. the competitor, look at him. he gives him a big hug. he has been through the injuries himself and he knows the frustrations. he gets it. he helps pick him up off
4:41 pm
court, brings him to the chair. give him support, a little love. everyone is standing up aplodding. that is good sportsmanship. michelle: nice to see. absolutely. the nationals senior games kick off in birmingham, alabama. just a few days. 57-year-old kate has competed in the games before but after a recent fight with cancer she says this year is special. scott abraham introduces us to the rising star. >> i learned this from michael phelps. scott: getting ready to channel her inner olympian. >> i wait for the horn. i'm off. i'm off. scott: 75-year-old kate sisken in the pool training her next big meet. >> for me, swimming is back. there is a lot more for me to learn about. a lot more competition. scott: the montgomery county resident is one tough cookie. overcoming a serious back injury and then in february, beating cancer. >> for all of you folks out
4:42 pm
there that have been through cancer, i understand your pain. i'm a lucky one. >> in her cancer fight she picked out a long-term goal of competing at the national senior games in birmingham, alabama. that dream is going to become a reality. in a couple of days kate will be in the pool going stroke for stroke with women across the country in six events. >> my kickback to cancer. this is my redemption swim. scott: continuing to prove age is just a number. >> my goal is when i'm 90 i will get a cold medal. i would like to live to be 100. scott: a grandma on a mission. watch out for kate. i'm scott abraham with the rising star. michelle: good for her. next on "abc7 news at 4:00" -- is it a rare white wolf sighting in michigan? jonathan: wow! michelle: what do you think. or is that a
4:43 pm
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the insurance companies and the credit card companies and the wall street banks - that's what tom perriello is about. i was proud to stand with president obama because progressive causes have been my life's work. i'm tom perriello, and i'm running for governor to reduce economic inequality, raise wages, eliminate the burden of student debt and protect our climate. together we really can build a virginia that works for everyone.
4:46 pm
jonathan: we are following a crash in only. we are told that five people have been injured in the crash. it's not clear how severe the injuries are. as we get more information about what happened we will let you know. this is closed down. michelle: betsy devos made another stop in the district today. this is a different scene that this visit. this was in february. our suzanne kennedy was at the school in southeast when devos arrived. suzanne: secretary of education betsy devos spent a good portion of her morning here at the eagle academy public charter school in southeast washington. the four-year-old school
4:47 pm
third graders. charter school, education model of which devos is a proponent. this different is one from the dcps elementary school in february. protesters tried to block her efforts to jefferson middle school to show the opposition to her education policies. after visiting both public and charter schools in the metro region, i asked the secretary the difference between the public and the charter schools. >> there are many, many great schools in this area. and all of them are trying to meet the needs of the students they are serving. my hope is that every student and every family will find the right school and the right fit for their children and their side. suzanne: this is the second school she visited in the washington area since she was appointed. in southeast washington, suzanne kennedy, abc7 news. michelle: all right. we have serious business to discuss here. this has many in one michigan town stumped. is this a
4:48 pm
just a big dog? the animal has made frequent visits to one farm. it looks like a fluffy pup from afar but when you get closer it looks more like a wolf. >> this is an old 55-gallon drum which gives you a good idea of size. >> things we look for in something like this are like the shape of the ears. the size of the ears relative to the head. kind of the shape of the muzzle. michelle: in general wolfs with white coats are rare if you don't live near the arctic circle, which they don't. the only way to really figure it out is if a white wolf, if it's there and you document the features that it has and sightings. or if you get up really close to it. but it might be too late. jonathan: i'm going with the white wolf. sounds better. how about this? a "7 on your side" consumer alert. riding a hog, harley davidson. there is recall ahead of a great weekend to get out and
4:49 pm
46,000 motorcycles. oil line could come loose spewing the liquid in the path of the rear tire. that is never good. the 2017 electric glide road king street glide and the road glides built between july of last year and may are affected by this. all right. we go to the live desk. larry smith has a first look on what to expect at 5:00. happy friday. larry: same to you. we are hearing from the new superintendent of fairfax county school about his plan of the job. as years at one station come to a close find out where they replace escalators next on monday. the painting has begun on the new mural at ben's chili bowl. we find out who is on the wall. a student was told she needs a note to wear a hijab. we'll have more on that when nancy and i join you at 5:00. michelle: the arlington county is wishing the police department a happy doughnut day. posting this tweet.
4:50 pm
jonathan: custom. michelle: wheels replaced with the doughnuts. you can see the fire department preference is chocolate iced. jonathan: few you are not sugar induced coma from doughnut day, you looking for something fun to do. there is a ton of stuff to do. michelle: and kidd o'shea will help fill the planner with the weekend kickoff. kidd: here is what is happening this weekend in d.c. tonight head to columbia heights for the first movie nights in the heights. the first at the year at the harriet tubman field. they will show "space jam." it starts when the movie gets dark at 9:00. but get a blanket and get there early and enjoy a picnic. then kick off the summertime season in the nation's capitol on saturday and sunday at the
4:51 pm
enjoy limited taste of wide and different food options. sunday don't miss your chance to see grammy award winning chance the rapper at jiffy lube live at 7:00 p.m. i hope you do something to make you happy. i'm kidd o'shea. have a great weekend. jonathan: thanks. to brighten your day a little. it's national leave the office early day. did you know that? you can leave the kitchen, too. you are encouraged to head out when you complete the task and get approval of course. that takes all the fun away. the day was created by employee productivity specialist who found americans work 350 more hours a year than most european do. the producer conveniently put this at the end of the hour because if we leave, he won't get in trouble. how much fun would that be. michelle: walkout. you should do everything once. jonathan: you can do anything in life once. steve: but you might not have the opportunity to return back. jonathan: that's why i said
4:52 pm
steve: the weekend is finally here. and earlier this week, we had question marks and were not excited about the weather on the way but it's changed. you will love what you will see her. grass pollen still bothering folks with the mold because of the rain we have had and because everyone is mowing the lawns to make them look sharp for the weekend. looking at the temperatures right now. lower 80's at reagan national airport. cooler to the west. look at oakland, maryland. at 63 degrees. how refreshing is that? satellite and radar from stormwatch7, no clouds now. looking beautiful. waking up early to go for a walk, grab a cup of coffee or going to the farmer's market. the temperatures mid-50's to the lower 60's. they are not going to stay there long. the future cast, beautiful sunrise early tomorrow morning. few added clouds in the mid-day hours but it will stay dry. humidity levels will stay low. very, very comfortable. the day planner tomorrow, highs around 80 degrees. heat index values are
4:53 pm
problem at all. 37 annual herndon festival this evening. it looks great. 75 degrees. 80 tomorrow. sunday looking at 85 degrees. the delmarva beaches, looking good! 7 on saturday. 7 a on sunday. we took -- 74 on saturday. 75 on sunday. we took thunderstorms out. we may see thunderstorms across the immediate metro area. late, late sunday. into monday and then we will cool it down by the middle of next week. get a check on traffic. as the folks head out the door. maybe to the beaches. julie wright? julie: hey, guys. not only is it busy around time at this time but think about something for tomorrow. for your excursions to the and from georgetown and virginia. by way of the key bridge. construction is in place tying up the right lane at 7:00. yes, it's back! the roadwork that has been scheduled for the last couple of weeks but it's put on hold because of mother nature. this weekend, they will start tonight working again at the neabasco creek bridge. expect the heavier than usual volu
4:54 pm
bailout using route 1 for the work-around. race for respect taking place saturday june 3. street closures begin at 2:00 this morning along pennsylvania avenue. 13, 12, 11, 10th street. and also metro. we have work done on top of safetrack. redline operating nine minutes. expect a wait for those on the silver and yellow and the green line. that is the traffic watch. back to you. michelle: all right, julie. is yellow gold coming back? i hope you didn't sell in the cash for gold craze. the three reasons why it's much more than a fashion statement n
4:55 pm
4:56 pm
4:57 pm
john: have you looked at jewelry or watches lately? if not, you will be in for a big surprise. yellow gold, the status symbol of the 1980's and the 1990's is back in style. five years ago we couldn't get rid of yellow gold fast enough. prices hit all-time high. women everywhere were selling back their gold chains and bracelets. going home with nice checks in many cases. after a fade-out, yellow gold is making a comeback. not the level of "dallas requests and "dynasty" yet but stores are stocking more yellow chain and gold watches leaving some wondering if they shouldn't have sold grandma's ol
4:58 pm
from the doesn't that stink, one reason it's coming back. white gold the popular replacement is a bear to keep clean. it gets dull easily as does sterling silver. doesn't that stink? if you are tired of the silver look and tired of cleaning it, see what gold you have left and queue up the old vhs tapes. if it's high quality hold on to it. at some point it will be fassable again so you don't waste your money. larry: "abc7 news at 5:00", on your side. two students at freedom high school are forced to carry notes explaining it's all right for them to wear hijab. northern virginia mur row chief jeff goldberg is trying to sort out out. jeff? jeff: in a few months both of the students will be off to college to start the
4:59 pm
year but say the senior year at freedom high school in woodbridge presented many challenges. they both say they felt it was time to speak out. they are first cousins and both are about to graduate from freedom high school in woodbridge, a name they find ironic. >> all year, the school administrators required them to carry signed notes from the mothers to give them permission to wear a hijab. she says yesterday a staffer asked for her note and she did not have it. the staffer said take off the hijab or go home. >> i refused. i'm not taking at it off. >> they don't understand how it feels to go to school every day and then you have to
5:00 pm
about okay, did i bring my note? are they going to stop me again? >> it's about race. >> i apologize to the family. >> mike mulgrew is the assistant superintendent for the schools and said staff members shouldn't require them to have notes to wear hijabs. >> i think they have a misinterpretation. we use to give passes to assist students to carry out the prayers. somehow that message got lost. we will fix that and move on. jeff: he says he will look into the situation to try to prevent it happening again in the future. coming up at 6:00, we hear from one of the mothers of the young women who say she is concerned about the safety future generations of students. until then, life in woodbridge, jeff goldberg, abc7 news. nancy: thank you. today's white house press briefing included the head of the environmental protection agency


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