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tv   World News Now  ABC  June 6, 2017 2:37am-3:00am EDT

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correct version they submitted to the supreme court. but he is criticizing his own justice department. and in a so-called watered down travel ban that he himself signed. jonathan carl, abc news the white house. >> the federal contractor with top secret security clearance has been charged with leaking classified information about russian election hacking to the media. the first criminal leak case under president trump. 25 year old reality winner, accused of taking nsa report from the government facility mailing it to the intercept. yesterday, that website published what appears to be a redacted version of the report. it describes how russian intelligence infiltrated a software company that handled voter related information, targeted local election officials. it doesn't indicate whether or not they succeeded in obtaining that information that they needed. president trump will not use executive privilege to stand in the way of former director, james comey, as he prepared to testify
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the white house said the president wants to facilitate a swift, thorough examination of the facts. comey is expected to discuss their private conversations. lawmakers want to know if the president tried to obstruct or influence the investigation, into russian election meddling. >> president trump calling on kong recongress to privatize th traffic control system. signed a memo and a plan to transfer flight control from faa to private nonprofit organization. he insists his plan to modernize the system would increase safety and cut wait times for passengers. opponents say it would give too much power to special interests, and the airline industry. >> move on to sports shall we nashville predators the best home team in the stanley cup playoffs. proved it again last night. predators broke a 1-1 tie in the second period of game four. against pittsburgh. nashville went on to a 4-1 victory to even up the series at two games apiece. the predators
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home ice in the post season. the series though, moves to pennsylvania. is that charles barkley up there in the stands? loving the game. moves back to pennsylvania. thursday night for game five. >> oklahoma beat florida, 7-5, game one of the women acollege world series. the game took 17 innings. actually just ended. >> the longest game ever in the women's college world series. all most 5 1/2 hours. the sooners are defending champions. the gators, are the top seed. >> all of hank williams' friends, juniors friends are coming become to monday night football. williams, all of my friend, song is set as the the -- the opening theme for espn's broadcast. dropped in 2009 after williams made controversial comments involving then president barack obama. the song returns for the september 11th opener between new orleans and minnesota. >> there is something new at eiffel tower. >>
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starts on the second floor, 400 feet above the ground. the ride opened yesterday. but will be open for one week. passengers carried half a mile at 60 miles an hour. lasts less than a minute. >> looks slow until you see ricochet at end. isn't the first time zip lining has been offered from the building. the last time it was from the first floor. the eiffel tower, also has the a third floor by the way. maybe next year, we'll see. maybe even higher. >> then of course it reaches, you know, more than 100 feet tin the air. >> go straight for it. >> just go off to the top. >> none of this ease, go for it. coming up. the apps on your phone that nay be spying on you. how your phone might be tracking not only your shopping habits but your every move. >> the harvard hopefuls who weren't private enough with their online comments. why the school has rescinded, the admission to several incoming freshmen. first, a look a
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dozens last year. >> two men facing multiple charges. here's abc's danyabachus. >> nearly sex months after the fatal warehouse fire in oakland. >> today my office filed felony criminal complaints against derek amena, and max harris. >> reporter: two men facing 36 counts of involuntary manslaughter. one for each person who died in the devastating december fire last year. the alameda county district attorney saying ghost ship warehouse founder and his associate max harris knowingly created a firetrap. >> with inadequate means of escape they then filled that area with human beings and are now facing the consequences of their actions. >> the da saying the men illegally turned the building into a residence and allowing this. >> endless clutter. floor to ceiling storage of flammable material. and make shift staircases lit and difficult to navigate. >> o
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particularly, they actually blocked one of the points of egress leaving one way to got out of the second floor of that building. >> the da also saying almeda illegally used warehouse for music events and social gatherings. on the night of the fire nearly all the people who died wear tending a dance party on its second floor. almena and harris face up to 39 years in prison if convicted. several weeks after the fire, al mena's attorney said he did not engage in conduct. and responsible for not cracking down on code violations at the warehouse. diane, kendis. >> turning to a medical headline and babies where they should sleep. the sooner infants are placed in their own room the better they sleep. study find 4-month-old babies sleeping by themselves average 45 minutes more uninterrupted sleep. at 9 months babies sleep uninterrupted 40 minutes longer and
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the study contradicts american academy of pediatrics which recommend, infants, parents share a room up to a year to reduce sids. scott mills is walking again despite a spinal cord injury five years ago. he fell 24 feet while building a tree house. no one thought he would ever walk again. well, now he is the first graduate of a program in north carolina that trained him to walk with a $95,000 exoskeleton. one place he plans to walk soon is down the aisle. >> good excuse. >> with his girlfriend. motivation for you. >> iffage agone of his big goa. >> girlfriend in the video. her name is tanya. >> very cool. the company is carolina rehabilitation in charlotte. very cool work. >> coming up. harvard is slamming the door on nearly a dozen incoming freshmen. their acceptances rescinded. that's next.
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♪ ♪ ♪ school's out for summer ♪ school's out for summer >> school's out. >> school's out. >> taking on different meaning for former harvard hopefuls, scrambling to find schools to attend this fall. >> the good news you have been accepted to harvard. the bad news, we're going to look at your face book page. yeah, harvard pulled back on at least ten incoming freshmen because of obscene memes they shared on a private fa
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page, nicole burly of powerhouse station in boston has the story. >> reporter: the hallowed gates of harvard closed to at least 10 perspective students. >> social media lighting up after harvard college rescinded admissions offers to those incoming members of the class of 2021 for posting explicit messages and memes in private facebook group chat. >> made the decision to put their admission at risk. stand behind harvard's decision. think it is harsh. the harvard crimson outlining the content of the memes. some sexually explicit, others, targeting ethnic minorities. harvard releasing a statement, saying, we do not comment publicly on the admissions status of individual applicants. adding, harvard college reserves the right to withdraw an offer of admission if an admitted student engages or has engaged in behavior that brings into question their honesty, maturity, or moral character. >> i think it
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harvard is a safe community for everybody. this is behavior that has no place in our community. >> students now a days they don't realize what they think is private will become public. >> very happy that none of these things were around. >> ha-ha. >> like facebook. >> applying or in college. >> you wouldn't make it past the, the strict parameters of getting into bu. >> i went to bc. i know you just say that to annoy me. >> ha-ha. >> how was oswego? they were strict? >> it all depended on how much you can drink in a night. that was their parameters, state university of oswego. >> didn't have computers back then, you were in the clear. >> surprised we made it into tv. all we had, was the talkies. >> coming up watchful eye of big brother. in your pocket. >> oh, boy. those apps on your smart phone to cash in on great deals may be chipping away at your personal
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big brother is watching you.
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♪ ♪ >> there is a camera creeping on us right now. >> figuree where that was. it is right off to our right. >> what could possibly be more convenient than getting an alert on your smart phone about a great deal while you are in a store? >> very convenient. >> winning. >> great deals may be costing you a big chunk of your privacy. here is becky worley. >> reporter: have you received notification on your phone from one of your favorite brand. seems ridiculously well timed. >> all of a sudden, the gap, will pop up on my phone. saying i have a coupon the i can go shopping. >> every day.
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>> ever get ads on your phone that seem to know where you are? >> absolutely. >> he says urban outfitters app has his number. >> when i come been like 50 feet, get, hey did you know there is a sell ending in a couple days. >> reporter: not just coincidence. shopping apps from macy's, urban outfitters use the phone's gps to access your location. >> they have technologies that can follow you as you walk through sectors of the store. and connect to your data. so, they know who you are. >> sure enough after i installed the app it pings me as i work into a store in philadelphia. in san francisco. it was all most a block away when the app lit my phone up with noteifications. it makes sense, their best chance to get me into the store is when i am close by. macy's notifications were even more interesting. they pinged me when i entered the store in philadelphia. just put my hand on the door handle. notification popped up,
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they know i'm here. then again in san francisco, two timely notifications. not in a macy's store, get this while in other stores. sent me a 30% off notification while i was in this store, one of their direct competitors. they also ping me while i was in a small independent boutique. literally in the dressing room. in addition to gps, stores are using bluetooth, wifi and phone microphone to let them know where you are. selectively target you with ad. retailers hoping to keep your money in their stores and off the internet. >> make stores into the internet. >> yeah, essentially be able to track people in stores, like we track people online. and then connect the two. ♪ >> thanks to becky there. macy's told abc that its app send relevant stores to users who opted into location based communication when they are geographically near a m
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charged with giving top secret info about targeting voter information. does this signal the start of a larger crackdown. >> new information learning about the suspects in the london terror attack. the mayor speaks out about extremism and donald trump. >> we are breaking down the best days for the best travel deals of the season. which day is the cheapest. why that is a good thing as the summer holidays approach. >> okay, we know gas prices are rising, but this is just a little bit too much. going to find out exactly what is going on here. and perhaps an


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