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tv   ABC World News With David Muir  ABC  June 15, 2017 6:30pm-7:00pm EDT

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tonight, breaking news. the stunning medical condition revealed. severe brain damage. doctors late today on the american college student brought home from north korea. how did this happen. also late today the jurors in the bill cosby sex assault trial, revealing they are deadlocked. what the judge told them next. republicans and democrats taking the field tonight, new details on the congressman in critical condition. and major news tonight about the gunman. his wife speaking out moments ago. the white house reacting tonight to reports from the washington post that the president is now being investigated for obstruction of justice. and falling from the sky, the blimp bursting into flames, the crash and the rescue near the u.s. open. good evening and it's great to have you with us here on
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several developing stories as we come on. and from washington tonight, this moment, just a short time ago at nationals park, democrats and republicans both there. lawmakers feeling in prayer on the field before the game. we'll take you there live in a moment zmrmplt but first here tonight, the stunning reveal from doctors, the american college student brought home from north korea, has extensive brain damage. otto warmbier had been sentenced to 15 years hard labor. sent home in a coma. tonight, doctors explains his condition and the mystery now, what did the north kroreans do o him? >> reporter: tonight, after 18 months held captive in north korea, otto warmbier's doctors say he has extensive brain damage. >> he has spontaneous eye-opening and blinking, however, he shows no signs of understanding language.
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awareness of his surroundings. >> reporter: but how and why is still a mystery. but what they do, his brain was deprived of oxygen. how that happened is unknown. >> in general, respiratory arrest in is rare event. generally caused by something like intoxication or a traumatic injury. >> reporter: the north koreans say he contracted botulism and fell into a coma after taking a sleeping pill. >> we see no ed of an eye cute or healing pack church including the skull. >> reporter: it's a devastating prognosis for the university of virginia student who was accused of stealing a propaganda poster -- and sentenced to 15 years hard labor after a one-hour trial
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warmbier's father railing against north korea today saying they brutalized their son. >> i'm able to talk to you on otto's behalf and i'm able to wear the jacket that he wore when he gave his confession. >> linzie joins us live tonight from cincinnati. the president reaching out the the family. >> that's right, fred warmbier said the president called, asking how he's dealing. said secretary tillerson worked hard to secure his release. david. >> linzie, thank you. to the other story playing out at this hour the congressional baseball game in washington. republicans and democrats hoping to set an example tonight as we learn new details about the
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congressman in critical condition. here's abc's mary bruce. >> reporter: lawmakers turned ballplayers, arriving ready for the big game. those lsu hats a tribute to the player not on the field. second baseman, louisiana congressman steve scalise tonight, hospitalized in critical condition. shot down when a barrage of gunfire tore through the republicans' final practice. senator jeff flake tweeting, "we're all pulling for you, republicans and democratic alike." overnight, the president visiting him at the hospital telling reporters today scalise is in "tough shape." >> it's been much more difficult than people even thought at the time. it's been -- he's in some trouble, but he's a great fighter and he's going to be okay, we hope. >> reporter: this morning, a third surgery for the congressman. the bullet that hit his hip injured his internal organs, fracturing bones and causing severe bleeding. today in congress a standing ovation for the victims and
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heros of the shooting spree. and at the stadium tonight, unity and some friendly competition sxl we want to beat those guys and they want to beat us. afterward, we're going to give each other a hug and drink beer zbrs mary bruce joins us from nationals park in washington. congressman scalise on everybody's minds tonight. not the only one still recovering. >> still hospitalized in good condition that capitol police officer crystal griner and matt mika remains in serious condition. both of those people very much on the minds of these lawmakers as they get ready to take to the field tonight. >> the game of course comes as we learn new details tonight about the gunman. the video of what he said at an occupy wall street rally and late today, his tearful wife speaking out just moments ago. here's abc's brian ross.
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>> reporter: in an emotional appearance outside her home. >> horrible, horrible. >> reporter: james hodgkinson's wife of almost 30 years, sue, said she cannot explain what her husband did on that ball field. >> i just don't know what to tell you people, i had no idea this was going to happen and i don't know what to say about it. >> reporter: she said her husband made preparations to go to washington at the beginning of the year, selling off almost all he owned. >> that he wanted to go up there and work with people to change the tax brackets. >> reporter: tonight, federal agents are still trying to learn how hodgkinson's political activism turned into political terror. six years ago, he was among hundreds in the occupy wall street movement, speaks speaking to a local fox affiliate in st. louis. >> the 99% are getting pushed around and the 1% are just not giving a damn. >> reporter: but friends and family say hodgkinson became distraught over the election of donald trump. and his comments on facebook took on a dark tone.
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on march 22nd this year, hodgkinson wrote "trump is a traitor. trump has destroyed our democracy. it's time to destroy trump and company." two days later neighbors called police to say hodgkinson had fired off 50 shots into the air. >> that's when brought the little kids in and called the sheriff. >> reporter: the sheriff's report says no charges were brought, because he had a valid illinois firearm owner's i.d. card. >> he said he would quit shooting and that he would actually take his gun to a gun range, where it was safer. >> reporter: a few days later hodgkinson left for washington, living out of a van in the parking lot of the alexandria, virginia, ymca just across the street from the baseball field. >> i can't believe he did this, i cannot believe. >> brian ross with us tonight. brian, they believe this man was acted alone, no accomplices? >> that's right david. as his former lawyer put it, he was a
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very big chip on his shoulder. we turn next tonight to the white house, responding to the report from the washington post that president trump is now being investigated for obstruction of justice. the white house saying very little, being careful with what they said today. the president meanwhile, tweeting all day. here's abc's cecilia vega. >> reporter: inside the white house today president trump ignored questions about that bombshell report he's under investigation for obstruction of justice. >> mr. president, do you believe that you are under investigation now? >> reporter: but he lashed out on twitter calling it a phony story saying, "you are witnessing the single greatest witch hunt in american political history -- led by some very bad and conflicted people." the white house tightlipped refusing to say who those bad and conflicted people are. but "the washington post's" report that the president himself is now a subject of special counsel robert mueller's investigation comes as a major turning point in the russia probe. a
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president fire former fbi director james comey because of the russia investigation? comey says yes. >> i was fired in some way to change, or the endeavor was to change, the way the russia investigation was being conducted. that is a very big deal. >> reporter: now it's no longer just he said/he said. investigators are looking into whether the president repeated something he did with comey, telling all government officials to clear out of a white house meeting so he could be alone with cia director mike pompeo and the director of national intelligence dan coats. there, the president reportedly asked coats to intervene in the investigation into fired national security adviser mike flynn. during his testimony on capitol hill, coats refused to answer most questions but said he never was pressured to intervene. >> confidential conversations between the president and myself i do not believe it's appropriate for me to address that in a public setting. >> the president also reportedly called coats and nsa director
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them to publically declare there was no collusion with russia. they refused. according to "the washington post," rogers' former deputy wrote a memo at the time, documenting that phone call. and now the special cousel investigators want to talk to all three men and with this questions swirling, the president is still tweeting, hammering hillary clinton, the democrats and what he calls that phoney story. >> cecilia, president trump as we all know has hired his own personal lawyer to deal with the russia probe. tonight, there's word coming in that the vice president mike pence is doing the same. >> the exact same. his name is richard cullen. cullen will respond all special counsel-related inquiries. he looks forward to a swift conclusion of this matter. >> cecilia, thank you. another major headline from washington tonight the senate sending a strong message t
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russia for its meddling in the election. in a rare bipartisan move, voting 98-2 to impose new sanctions on russian businesses and requiring the white house to get congressional approval to soften or lift existing sanctions. the measure goes next to the house for approval. next here, developing news in the bill cosby sexual assault trial. jurors revealing today they're deadlocked. what does this mean? and what the judge then told them. >> reporter: today, tempers flared outside of this pennsylvania courtroom, between cosby supporters and an alleged victim. after the jurors reported they're deadlocked. after reviewing testimony and nearly 40 hours of deliberations. . judge telling them to try again. in the hopes of avoiding a mistrial. as bill cosby waits in the courthouse, his spokesperson outside thank you the
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but with cosby's fate hanging in the balance his accuser appeared relax, sending her own message. andrea constand who claims that cosby drugged and sexual assaulted her in 2004, tonight, tweeted out this lighthard eart video. her case against cosby is the only criminal prosecution stemming from allegations from more than 50 women who accused him of sexual assault. this woman has been here for two weeks from california. >> i feel very deflated. i'm worried. i'm holding on to some hope because the judge is telling them to go back in there and work on it. >> linsey davis has been covering this case from the start. linsey f the jury is
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reach a verdict, the judge can declare a mistrial, then what happens? >> yeah, you're exactly right, if they come back deadlocked one more time, it very well could be declared a mistrial. at that point, bill cosby would walk out a free man. it would be up to the district attorney's office if they want to try him again. >> linsey, thank you. next to major developments after that devastating high-rise fire in london. tonight, the first images now coming in from inside that building. abc's james longman from london. >> reporter: the twisted mess of ruined lives, a first look inside the london inferno. nothing left but charred rubble. and there are still bodies in here. though it's not clear how many. the search still too dangerous, the fear that the number of dead will soar well past the 17 already confirmed. >> what floor are you on! >> reporter: t
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grief has turned to anger here. look at this wall of condolences and look at some of these messages. jail those responsible. >> this is an accident that never needed to happen. and questions for the building managers -- did the insulation and exterior cladding, recently installed, cause the fire to spread? and crucially, where else is that material used? an expert tells abc news that it is part of commercial construction in the united states including new york city. tonight sniffer dogs have been sent on a grim search for bodies in the tower behind me, parts of which still too unsafe for firefighters to enter, david. >> james, our thanks to you again tonight. criminal charges this evening against 16 people most of them turkish security agents after those rare images, they are accused in the violent assault on protesters outside the turkish ambassador's residence
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it was earlier that day, turkish president erdogan who was visiting. falling from the sky the fiery crash tonight. the blimp bursting into flames. the race to rescue the pilot. the blimp going down near the u.s. open. the nationwide manhunt, the possible sighting of two dangerous fugitives and where authorities believe they could be tonight. and the daredevil wife, breaking her own husband's record, hanging over the niagara falls by her teeth. stops. awww. try this. for minor arthritis pain, only aleve can stop pain for up to 12 straight hours with just one pill. thank you. [ upbeat music playing ] you can't quit, neither should your pain reliever. stay all day strong th 12 hour aleve.
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crash. during the opening round of the u.s. open golf tournament in wisconsin. >> oh, there it goes. >> reporter: the blimp ground in front of thousands of fans. >> it just exploded. when you see you it go down it's holy cow i can't believe it. >> that's the blimp, that's not good. >> reporter: rescue teams quickly rushing to the scene. >> we have a blimp down. manned aircraft down. >> reporter: the pilot going down with the blimp. >> the patient is out however he is injured. >> reporter: rescue crews pulling him from the wreckage just in time right before the explosions. >> we have a 200-pound male patient, 40% burns on his back. >> reporter: he's carried off on a stretcher and loaded into a waiting medevac chopper. the owner of the blimp "irsign telling abc news they don't know yet what caused the crash, but that it happened shortly after the blimp refueled.
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life threatening. >> alex, our thanks to you when we come back here -- the nationwide manhunt at this hour. possible sighting now. also that murder suspect crying in court, accused of killing that mother and two daughters home from college, in additional to another couple and that daredevil wife high above niagara falls. how long did she dangle therebye her teeth? struggle with which ones to make. well, what if you kept making good ones? then? you could love your numbers. discover once-daily invokana®, a pill used along with diet and exercise to significantly lower blood sugar in adults with type 2 diabetes. it's proven to lower a1c better than januvia®. invokana® works around the clock
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college-aged daughters. brinkman arrested after a standoff with police, he's also linked to the deaths of another couple. the judge setting bail at $75 million. we turn our attention to yoko ono now, getting credit for one of john lennon's most iconic songs. national music publishers association announcing she'll now share credit for writing the song. because the lyrics and the concept came from her. and the flying wallenda, erendira hanging above the niagara falls by her teeth. she did it for ten seconds and then five seconds. it was five years ago that he performed his wal
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just ask your doctor about taltz. finally america strong. the game will go on tonight. just as it has for more than a hundred years. ♪ take me out to the ballpark. >> reporter: it's a 108-year-old tradition played by democrats and republicans, taking the field. it first began back in the summer of 1909. woodrow wilson ready for the game, standing behind the players. very little has stopped these games, the great depression and
6:58 pm
the wars would get in between the game. over the years, familiar faces and a familiar president. speaker of the house, tip o'neil taking a swing. both teams back on the field. they're all raising money for charity. more than a million already and sending a powerful message that country comes before politics, before division the players hoping to lead the way. >> we thank you for watching on a thursday night. i'm david muir. hope to see you right back here tomorrow to finish out the week. good night.
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