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tv   ABC7 News at 4  ABC  June 22, 2017 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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conclusion of what was a wild sequence of events. it started as an internet hoax leading a man to comet ping-pong. we have the developments and harsh words from the court today. stephen tschida? stephen: the judge jackson gave edgar welch four years in prison. now prior to sentencing we heard from the victims of welch, the owner, employees of comet ping-pong. would be of the employees said when welch stormed that restaurant with the assault rifle, he believed it was going to end up like the pulse nightclub in orlando. the owner of comet ping-pong says the bogus internet stories which drove welch to take action are a symbol of a sickness right now. 29-year-old edgar welch on route from the home in north carolina to d.c. december 4. in the recording he makes it clear to his family he expects a violent confrontation, which may cost him
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welch came to d.c. armed with an assault rifle handgun and shotgun internet on freeing fake child sex slaves based on fake stories he read online. he barged in the popular pizza restaurant carrying the assault rifle and the handgun. employees and customers bolted for exits. welch shot up the restaurant trying to locate the non-existent children. but one employee unaware of what was happening came in there the rear of the restaurant. welch turned on him with the assault rifle. before sentencing employees described the pain and trauma welch has inflicted. inability to sleep, post traumatic stress and fear. the defense said welch acted on good intend. that he really believed children were being held inside commit ping-pong pizza. the judge said she also believed welch is a good person. but good people do bad things. he left
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in his wake, she said. before pronouncing sentence she said she feared stormwatch7 might find another cause and take action again -- she feared welch might find another cause and take action again. the judge did recommend welch be sentenced to prison in the area of north carolina. so he could be close to his two children. she required him to have a psychological evaluation and undergoing treatment once he is released from prison. reporting live, stephen tschida, abc7 news. jonathan: thanks. to see all of abc7's original reporting on the "pizza gate" comet ping-pong shooting head to just search "pizza gate." nancy: now another high-profile case unfolding to the pennsylvania doctor accused of having guns outside the trump hotel downtown is back in court and will be held in jail after pleading not guilty. police found two guns and ammunition in bryan mole's car. he was previously release and told not to come back to d.c.
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right back up. jonathan: new at 4:00, the president did not make any tapes of his conferses with then f.b.i. director james comey. but he left over the possibility of recordings existing. tweeting today he said, "with all the recent reported electronic intercepts unmasking leaking of information i have no idea whether there are tapes or recordings of my conversations with james comey but i did not and do not have any such recordings." comey was fired just last month. alison: well, this was the scene immediately following senate republicans revealing their repeal and replace plan of the affordable care act. these were protests right in the halls outside majority leader mitch mcconnell's office today. some carried away, even pulled from the wheelchairs, blocking the hallway. all while members of the senate took up the issue on the floor. >> we agreed on the need to free americans from
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mandates. we'll repeal the individual mandate. we'll repeal the employer mandate. >> the senate republican healthcare bill is a wolf in sheep's clothing. the way this bill cuts healthcare, it's heartless. alison: that was some of the first words on the floor after the g.o.p. senators unveiled the healthcare overall plan. scott thuman joins us now at the capitol hill bureau. scott, as expected, there was criticism from everywhere today. scott: yeah, even from within the republican party, alison. there is a lot to consider and unpack here. first, let's take a look at the process. there has to be a reconciliation between the house and the senate. the house passed its version on may 4. that is when you saw the big rose garden celebration with the president at the microphone. the senate unveiling it is a step, a big one, but not the only one. so eventually you will have to see the house and the senate come together on a presentation that they can get through and put on the president's desk. can the senate do that? the
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challenges. we don't know they will have the votes. right now we saw in the past hour, senate ted cruz, other conservatives come forward and say they don't think they have the numbers. only three republicans would have to defect from the party on this particular issue to upset the process not allow hem to get it all the way through. the president would have to sign off. he said today in brief remarks there will be some negotiating but it's off to a good start. we still have a long way to go. it could be days before we see it on the senate floor or weeks before it would make it to the white house. alison: okay, scott. here is a question for you. are you hearing anything about an impact it may have on the job market? scott: well, we are. we spoke earlier today with the people from georgia washington university school of public health. they have done in-depth studies of the house version of the bill and now they are crunching the numbers on the senate side.
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but they belief there could be up-tick in the economy initially after passage but long-term there could be issues with jobs and you could lose up to a million jobs nationwide by the year 2026, especially in states that expanded medicaid. so there is a lot for them to consider here on the hill when the data crunch all the figures out there and see what will stick. alison: scott thuman live on the hill. thank you. scott: thank you. alison: president trump ready to raise money for his 2020 campaign. the first re-election fundraiser is wednesday. right at in addition own hotel, a couple of -- right at his own hotel a couple blocks from the white house. the campaign director says it's convenient to be there. ethics experts are raising red flags but the money will be shared between the trump 2020 campaigned the republican national committee. jonathan: let's turn to the weather. we may be feeling the impact of tropical storm cindy. quickly, stormwatch7's chief meteorologist doug hill tracking the timing of it all. she is giving them a blow in the south. doug: it's the tropical
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here, it won't be more than a rain-maker to team up with the cold front. late tomorrow night and early saturday morning. for the moment, a couple showers north and west of hagerstown. so allegany county people may see showers and storms briefly. the rest will see it develop tomorrow morning. ahead of cindy this is pushing in before sunrise. then a good portion is cloudy. maybe a shower or a storm in the afternoon. most of the activity is in pennsylvania. tomorrow is muggy and warm. we will drop in the 80's. overnight that changes here and the future cast shows the areas of the showers moving in. by tomorrow, showers and thunder and more rain is possible tomorrow night. we talk about the timing and weekend in a few minutes. nancy: thank you. montgomery county police hope d.n.a. profiling will help them track down a serial rapist targeting women at random. a small sample of the suspect's d.n.a. generated a new facial composite. montgomery county reporter kevin lewis is live to explain.
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kevin? kevin: here is that facial composite. released for the first time today. it was created by a reston laboratory, which does similar work for law enforcement agencies nationwide. now montgomery county authorities say this man is responsible for at least seven rapes of six women, all between the ages of 37 and 95. the assaults began in the summer of 2010. and continued through 2012. the suspect left behind his d.n.a. during the first three attacks. but none since. according to this profile, the suspect most likely has brown or dark brown skin, brown eyes, black hair and no frecklals. the facial composite depicting him in his mid-20's. today we spoke by telephone with a victim, now 75 years old who was raped by this man inside of her german town condo on two separate occasion
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pressed it against my temple as if it were a gun. said, "don't scream, don't scream" repeatedly. this individual isn't going to stop. he is going to keep on doing it and feel good about himself as long as he isn't caught. >> we are hoping by putting the picture out, nobody in the area, the germantown or gaithersburg or somewhere in montgomery county will recognize the guy and give us a call and give us the break we need to bring closure to the case. >> at 5:00 we will show you other facial composites and the people police later arrested for crimes and i'll tell you the accuracy can be astounding. live at headquarters in gaithersburg, kevin lewis, abc7 news. alison: very interesting, kevin. thank you. meanwhile the prince william county school system now has expanded antidiscrimination policy. last night the school board approved protections for lgbt students and employees. the vote
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the change offers blanket protections against ltd. willing -- against lgbt discrimination but instructs the superintendent not to change the policy on bathroom use. nancy: in the war on terror, new information from the champs élysees attack on monday. a man killed while driving a car packed with explosives in a convoy. the driver wanted to join the islamic state in syria and iraq and even telling his family he wanted to be known as a martyr. nobody was else injured in the attempted attack. alison: we have new video of destruction of a historic mosque in mosul. this is where isis announced its caliphate three years ago. the terror group blowing it up as it loses ground in the iraqi city. the prime minister says it's isis admitting defeat there. isis, though, says it was u.s. war planes that bombed the mosque. of course, the pentagon is denying that today. jonathan: well, speaking of isis. there is now a new record that has been set for a sniper taking out an isis agent.
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the "toronto globe" this is a canadian marksman taking enemy out from more than two miles away. one shot. two miles away. the kill shot taking ten seconds from time the gunman pulled the trigger to the bullet reaching the target. this is all according to reports. it traveled 3,500 yards in the air. some doubt the original report because up until now it was just over a mile but this is now coming to us from the canadian reports that a sniper, two miles away. alison: that would be a record. jonathan: incredible. coming up next for us at 4:00, how d.c. wants to fight the rat problem with high-end trash cans. nancy: also next, two fantastic first pitches. both will lift your spirits. alison: it's not just wind and rain from tropical storm cindy causing problems. the storm is whipping up the wildlife as well.
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nancy: this is the women's softball game. crystal griner throwing out the first pitch there. she was one of the five people hurt in the ballpark shooting in alexandria last week. i looks like a great night out there. representative steve scalise injured the shooting has been upgraded to fair condition. jonathan: it's great to see her at the game. this isn't so much the throw. it's more the catch. check this out. a great catch. eighth grader luke terry catching the first pitch from orioles legend jim palmer. terry lost his arm to cancer
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as an infant but that has not slowed the kid down. eighth grader in middle school and tennessee. he got a workout with the 0's catchers before the game. he is watcher and will be back at for next season. alison: d.c. mayor has a plan to get rid of rats in the district. not way you think. d.c. bureau chief sam ford is live. what has the mayor come up with? sam: when you think about rat infestation you don't think about chevy chase. one of d.c.'s more affluent neighborhoods. mayor bowser came today. you can hear the complaints that the rats run from the tab -- habitat to the backyards and trash bins. they have never before seen the rat problems as bad as they experience
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>> this happened the last couple of months. we lived here for 189 years and we never had the problem before in the garden. sam: the builder is building two new $2 million homes in the block where he lives. the mayor indicated rat abatement programs and we'll have more at "abc7 news at 6:00". reporting live, i'm sam ford, abc7 news. nancy: thank you. the girl scouts are stepping up to help people stay safe online. they have 18 cyber security badges for girls that will be available in september of next year. the goal is to help girls learn to protect themselves in the online world. as well as find out about the career opportunities and cyber security and information technology. who doesn't want to be king? or queen? alison: well, aapparently the royal family. that is right.
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in a new interview with "newsweek" said there is no one in the family that wants to wear the crown once the queen passes but says they will take over the throne when it does happen. he said we are not doing this for ourselves but for the greater good of the people. nancy: i'll do it for them. prince philip, harry's grandfather out of the hospital. the 96-year-old husband of the queen was brought to the hospital tuesday night to treat an infection. prince philip announced he would be stepping away from the busy appearance of public appearances last month. jonathan: tropical storm cindy made its way to the gulf coast. several inches of rain across the gulf states. marci gonzalez is in louisiana where a state of emergency was declared ahead of cindy's arrival. maz -- marci: what was tropical storm cindy making landfall and lashing the gulf coast.
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communities with a foot of rain. the effects from texas to the florida panhandle. cindy spawning water spouts and tornadoes. >> it lasted two or three minutes about it was gone. >> we came out and there is the destruction around here. >> knocking out power with winds up to 50 miles per hour. >> the wind was pretty intense. >> storm surge leaving roads under water, neighborhoods submerged. >> the water had risen so high it was getting in the truck. we got belongings and we left. marci: the first tropical system of the season coming ashore is now weakening. >> it wasn't as bad as we thought it would be. >> after the storm claimed one life, killing 10-year-old nolan mccabe on the alabama beach -- >> our prayers and our thoughts are with his family in this difficult time. marci: officials warn the danger isn't over. >> we are asking people to
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don't let your guard down. >> that is as flash flood and tornado watches are in effect in some areas tonight and into tomorrow. marci gonzalez, abc news, lake charles, louisiana. jonathan: stranded locals not the only ones floating around in the floodwaters. take a good look. blinking eyes. yep. gator. spotted in the spanish fort, alabama. tropical storm cindy giving new areas to explore for folks like these and gives locals another thing to worry about as if they needed. >> you can worry about that. that is scary. jonathan: stay out of the water. alison: exactly. nancy: we have water headed our way. showers tomorrow. doug: a couple of showers north of hagerstown. tomorrow morning maybe 5:30 or 6:00 we'll have showers and thunderstorms. more tomorrow evening. tomorrow night and saturday morning we will deal with whatever energy, the little that is left over from cindy and a cold front. several chances to get rain in the garden coming up. alison: a view from hagerstown. north and west.
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areas are in the 80's but it feels warmer because of the high moisture level in the air. these are the temperatures now. it feels like 96 in leesburg. fredericksburg is 92 in warrenton and waugh at the -- washington at the moment. warm and a muggy evening. there is a big slug of tropical moisture from the gulf spreading ahead of what used to be cindy. that is what we get in the morning. through the day it's partly to mostly cloudy and muggy. in the afternoon, the showers could pop up. by tomorrow night, the remnant circulation will be around here. west virginia, southwest virginia. the cold front approaches the two will combine for more showers and thunderstorms. a look ahead on the future cast of this. this is by tomorrow morning. the first line of moisture out of the gulf. the moisture from cindy pulled in a cold front. that will come over tomorrow night, overnight to saturday morning. if the timing works out right moss, of the rain should be out
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saturday. rapid clearing in the afternoon. sunday is spectacular. it will be specific and the beautiful weather will continue next week. the farther north and west we go, it will get two, two and a half inches. and maybe up to three inches in spots. serve days, there is 80% chance of rain. early in the morning and then in the evening, nighttime hours. high of 88. very muggy. saturday a 70% chance of showers in the morning. 88 with the sunshine in the afternoon. low humidity, the sunshine and 83 on sunday. monday, tuesday, upper 70's, lower 80's. plenty of sunshine there. that looks great. then we get in the middle of next week and we will see the temperatures rise. we go to friday june 30. it will be 89. hot and humid. the first weekend in july saturday and sunday, partly sunny hot and humid. typical early july
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with highs in the upper 80's. jonathan: appreciate it. still ahead at "abc7 news at 4:00" -- the middle east airline that wants to buy a 10% stake in american airlines. why it might be blocked by the u.s. courts. we will tell you about it coming up. >> times are changing for metro. literally. when you will be able to use the system and when you won't. the changes you need
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nancy: on metro, paying more for less begins this sunday. service cutback on buses and rails coupled with rate hikes. abc7's transportation reporter brianne carter. the drivers are preparing for a new normal. brianne: absolutely. a change to get used to likely for two years. accessing a metro system or a station like this one here at clarendon, well, you have to be really aware of the hours that will be available. many riders even today making a last-minute plea asking metro to look at the service cut. at the board meeting, metro employees and the riders telling the metro leadership they don't support major changes that include closing half an hour earlier monday through thursday at 11:30 p.m., opening an hour later at 8:00 a.m. on sunday. closing an hour earlier sunday night. well, both metro's general manager and board chairman say they would like to see more service. they say they
4:26 pm
work needs to be done first preventive maintenance. riders left wondering what they will do to get to and from work next week. >> cutting crucial bus service and raising fairs simultaneously is wrong for the region. >> brian: we hear from a rider who got rid of his car to rely on metro and now is concerned he won't get to work next week. we will scout line that and also what it means for late openings or closings for events in the district. that's at 5:00. brianne carter, abc7 news. alison: thank you. if you travel through farragut north and dupont you might notice the station is running cooler. metro g.m. paul wiedefeld says the temporary chiller systems are up and running and he says so far, so good. jonathan: coming up next at "abc7 news at 4:00" -- medical equipment not clean for
4:27 pm
the hospital involve and how many patients they want to monitor coming up next. nancy: plus, the u.v.a. student who died days after returning from north korea laid to rest. an entire community remembering otto warmbier. we take you to ohio next. alison: new at 5:00 tonight, a scary scene in baltimore when the steam pipe exploded this week. now environmental tests showing possible asbestos. we have a live report from the scene coming up at 5:00. i feel it every day. but at night, it's the last thing on my mind. for 10 years my tempur-pedic has adapted to my weight and shape, relieving pressure points from head to toe. so i sleep deeply but feel light. and wake up ready to perform. even with the weight of history on my shoulders. find your exclusive retailr at
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jonathan: hundreds lining up outside wyoming high school attars center outside of cincinnati, ohio, to say goodbye to otto warmbier. michelle: the 22-year-old died last week after his return from 17 months in detention in north korea. nancy: jeff hirsch from our sister station is in wyoming, ohio, with how the community said goodbye to the u.v.a. student. >> good evening. wyoming is 1 miles north of cincinnati. the people here call it "the bubble." it's comfortable. affluent part of town. there is no violent crime. otto warmbier was
4:31 pm
at the high school. what happened here today was a small community coming together. >> more than 2,000 people, quarter of the wyoming population packed at the high school. warmbier a 2013 wyoming graduate. >> i did a good job of kind of capturing the fun person he was. also how smart both of his siblings spoke and they were wonderful. it was just a nice way to celebrate his life as i'm sure he would want it to be. >> ohio senator rob portman said this is a day to celebrate his life and remain concern and angry about how he was treated. he had met secretly with the officials in september in an unsuccessful attempt to secure his release. >> this is a pariah nation. they have shown it time and time again with the nuclear weapons testing, missile testing and the way they treated an innocent
4:32 pm
now we see the treatment that an innocent american received as well. >> warmbier had been sentenced to 15 years years hard labor. he was on a tour. the crime stealing a political banner. no one knew until recently he was in a chroma for more than a year. he was brought back to the u.s. last week. died on monday. >> he is a unique young man and example for kids to follow. the spirit lives on. definitely. [bagpipes] reporter: following the service hundreds of people lined for a final farewell as the progression took otto warmbier to the final resting place, a cemetery a few miles away. >> he was a great young man.
4:33 pm
community. so i think people want to come here and show their respects. there were three representatives of the trump administration. they did not speak with the reporters. one of them was a state department official who negotiating warmbier's release. north korea said he contracted botulism and given a sleeping pill and never came through. a lot of people find it hard to believe. the family did not want an autopsy. they asked the coroner to the do an autopsy. the coroner trying to work with records and interviews but said at this point it is impossible to determine a cause and a manner of death. live in suburban cincinnati. jonathan: the death of warmbier is causing one person to act against north korea. an activist sending
4:34 pm
balloons to north korea accusing kim jong un of killing the former u.v.a. student. he is hoping that the message will reach north korean to change the minds about the leader and he wants the u.s. to charge kim jong un in criminal court and declare north korea as a terrorist country. michelle: dennis rodman's association with north korea is calling for a group for him to be thrown out of the bernays basketball hall of fame. the victims of the -- of the naysmith basketball hall of fame. the victims say he is coldalling the north korean regime and sakicing him out will send a message that america opposing north korea. they launched a petition and so far it has 1,000 signatures. turn the attention now to the weather with chief meteorologist doug hill. it's mild now. but we know rain is moving in soon. doug: chances of rain overnight tonight to sunrise and tomorrow morning and another chance saturday night and morning. it will calm down after that. some related to what is left over for cindy and some is not.
4:35 pm
will feel tropical for a bit here. get to the map and show what we have. the temperatures across the area are holding in the 80's. these are the feel like. it feels like 92 in washington. 93 in annapolis. 86 in winchester, milder. moisture with the cloudiness. the rain is here. they have a tropical origin out of mexico. it will move northeastward and rumble of thunder in the morning. showers are possible before the area.
4:36 pm
we have more coming up. michelle: thank you. several reports of unclear equipment used at largo hospital in prince george's county. suzanne kennedy with how many patients are affected and the hospital's response. >> this was on the largo endoscopy unit where the equipment was used. the authorities here known as the largo medical center say it was two dozen endoscopy and the colonoscopy patients may be impacted. despite the concern, kaiser says the risk of illness is minimal but the patients should be screens. they released the statement saying in part after discovering the defect and conducting subsequent analysis we determine we can't
4:37 pm
that he are not saying when this took place but if you believe you are one of the patients call your doctor immediately. in largo, suzanne kennedy, abc7 news. nancy: thank you. "7 on your side" consumer alert. qatar airways wants a 10% stake in american airlines. american acknowledges the conversations with the qatar leaders. antitrust courts will look into a potential bid to buy more than $800 million american stock. they are partners with the one alliance sharing the frequent flyer benefit. jonathan: tonight is the nba draft. marquel fultz could be the first nba draft pick. they have an amazing six number two picks and he could head to play for the
4:38 pm
traded up to number one for a chance to get this guy. exciting night for him. training your dogs to dial 911. we'll show you how it's done up next. >> this is where the scandal begins. michelle: inside a watergate transformation. taking you back to the time of the infamous d.n.c. break-in. how the "scandal's" costume designer is turning back the clock ahead. nancy: a cool story. veronica johnson has a look at how to start your friday with "good morning washington." >> thank you, guys. tomorrow on "good morning washington" -- we are in for a soggy, slippery, morning commute. the timing of the rain and which areas will be hit the hardest. >> plus, feeling tired? can't handle stress? gaining weight? you may suffer from adrenal fatigue and how to get your body back on track. >> keep it here for traffic and weather every ten minutes tomorrow starting at
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this is absolutely fine. nancy: the orange county water officials say their toilet water exceeds minimum standards. i guess it's all part of one world. michelle: we do have to conserve. nancy: there you go. all right. next at "abc7 news at 4:00" -- the facts tracking. the auto recall identification and how long it takes for the owners to find out the car needs to be taken in and the proposed changes ahead. jonathan: plus, the supreme court upholds a d.c. gang murder conviction from 1985. the ruling and why our nation's highest court was okay with the evidence that was being withheld up next. >> it look like another hotel hallway. behind the door, a bit of history. we'll give you a hinted.
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and the price is amazing too for $79.99 a month online for the first year you'll get our fastest triple play with hbo included for 2 years. leave cable's slower internet speeds behind. so hurry up and switch to fios gigabit connection for $79.99 with tv, hbo and multi-room dvr service for two years all with a two year agreement. nancy: the supreme court standing by convictions of seven men in the 1984 murder of kathryn fuller in d.c. seven men accused the prosecution of withholding key evidence in the case. the justices say the evidence wouldn't have changed the outcome. eight men in total were convicted of killing
4:47 pm
near the capitol. one died in prison. one released and 6 are still behind bars. michelle: feds in flint, michigan, investigating an attack on an officer in an airport as a possible attack of terror. a canadian man amor ftouhi who attacked with a knife wanted a gun but also wasn't able to buy one. so officials say he spoke in arabic as he ambushed the officer. the officer is recovering. ftouhi will appear in court next week. the f.b.i. says he tried to buy a gun in the u.s. but didn't get one. if he is convicted he faces up to 20 years in prison. jonathan: 7 on your side consumer alert if your car is being recalled. michelle: they want to keep the roads safe. nancy: scott taylor with a new way to check the recalls. scott: you know lisa fletcher has been all over the takoma recall. the item has been involved in making sure the consume
4:48 pm
now a national push we can get behind. that is asking the drivers to step up and be responsible. older cars being recalled is the biggest issue. only 44% are getting fixed. the national campaign is launched. the national safety council and chrysler want you to grab the vin number and go online to see if you have a recall. >> ewant them to understand that the recall fixes are free of charge. >> go to to use the link. we set up to check out recalls for yourca. grab your vin number. you will need it. you can find it on the
4:49 pm
left of the windshield. 17-character number. it's also on the insurance card or the car registration. scott taylor, abc7 news. michelle: thank you. a record number of americans are expected to hit the road july fourth weekend. a.a.a. predicting 44.2 million people will get out of town traveling 50 miles. nearly 3% boost from last year's record independence day travel. the increases are expected across the board. though most will travel by car. >> it would appear unemployment is on the rise because the number of the americans applying for benefits for the first time increasing by 1,500. the unemployment rate that came in last month is 16-year low 4.3%. michelle: dogs are already man's best friend but researchers hope to make them man's best lifeline as well. a program is teaching the dogs to talk using technology. using color
4:50 pm
different type of sensors the dogs are trained to call 911. >> a person with diabetes can have an episode where they are disoriented and they might not be able to make a phone call or call 911. michelle: they are working for dogs of all sizes can help people. nancy: now to the desk where larry smith has a look at what is coming up at 5:00. larry: heart breaking case. vets say one of the worst cases of abuse they have seen. the hound pup was sexually assaulted. he is will be okay. that is coming up at 5:00. jonathan: 45 years after the watergate break-in at the d.n.c. headquarters, fascinating how
4:51 pm
interest again. michelle: how it's being redesigned. nancy: with help from "scandal" costume designer it's getting an historic makeover. richard reeve takes unside. >> this is where it began. richard: a room with a view like any other in d.c. >> watergate used to be the place to be. the finest address in washington, d.c. richard: 45 years after the watergate scandal the storied hotel is planning a major makeover of room 205. once known as room 214. >> we wanted the homage to be there but not make it a theme park. richard: it was in this space that the staffers for nixon used two-way radios to monitor the burglary of the democratic national headquarters up there. >> a playground for powerful people. that is why the scandal happened at this hotel. >> three years ago when i took office, there were 550,000 americans in vietnam. richard: at the hotel you can al
4:52 pm
speeches put on hold. there are scandal p inspired pencil and key cards. >> it's a nod to history. richard: but 205 is getting a "scandal" inspired metro makeover with the help of the tv show costume designer. we want to give a nod to the infamy of the room but the emphasis is on luxury and glamour. >> one of the undeniable perks of the room is the view. check it out. it's right up there! the hotel will charge more than the standard $425 a night room rate. hoping nostalgia and curiosity will make the room a hit. >> i'm so excited. i can't wait. >> it will open in the fall. northwest washington, richard reeve, abc7 news. doug: the temperatures are in
4:53 pm
couple of showers from pennsylvania. hitting hagerstown. i said yesterday nay would stay ahead of the pennsylvania line. so i'm not going to say that but nothing in the metro area. until the morning. rain will develop around:00 or 6:00 in the morning with thunderstorms and southwest winds and muggy conditions. the future cast gives us a sense of timing with the showers moving in. moisture from the gulf of mexico ahead of the circulation of cindy. it will affect portion of the area through the morning rush. it's in the upper 80's and then tomorrow night a cold front will approach to bring in rain. the result is the rain could be heavy as we get overnight to saturday morning. by the time we hit 7:00 oral:00, most to -- 7:00 or 8:00, most of the heavy rain is out. the weekend outlook friday is muggy with the storms
4:54 pm
the showers and storms saturday morning, clear in the afternoon. warm and muggy and 88. sunday is delightful. partly to mostly sunny. breezy, cooler, low 80's and humidity. we will salvage a good chunk of the upcoming weekend. jonathan: coming up at "abc7 news at 4:00" -- getting out of town. the three best air fare compare sites and the deep discount
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john: this s the high price of air fare keeping your grounded this summer? we have secrets to save you hundreds over what the person in the next seat is paying. >> you want to get away so you visit airlines website or kay yok to compare fares. but financially fit and says it is the wrong way to find a deal. the best search engine for the discount flights is nothingal flights. enter the destination and date and it instantly finds the lowest fare. still not happy? set a price alert to get e-mail alerts as soon as the fair changes. but if the airline that comes
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up cheapest is frontier, allee gent or spirit watch out for the seat reservation fee and the carry on bag fees. you may say doesn't it stink? the report is $140 flight on deep discounter can add up to $212 after the fees to make it more expensive in the same route on a legacy carrier. the key if you find a great fare is lock it in when you find it. if you wait a few hours the bargain fare is often gone. have the credit card ready so you don't waste your money. i'm john matarese, abc7 news. larry: right now at 5:00, judgment day for the "pizza gate" shooter and the judge pulled no punches. the sentence and the tongue lashing the man received for acting on outlanding rumor. investigators take a huge step to find a rapist using evidence the attacker left behind. tonight, fallout from the baltimore steam explosion. the substance at the scene. >> "7 on yr
4:59 pm
>> breathtakingly reckless are the words from a judge as she sentenced the comet pizza gunman to four years in prison. larry: terrifying families were eating there. the bizarre twist he thought he was freeing child sex slaves he red about online in false arguments. alison: stephen tschida has more on what the judge said. it was pretty harsh. stephen: he gave edgar welch four years after they said welch's girlfriend and the two friends he tried to get him to come along on the venture tried to talk him out of it. he tried to find exmilitary personnel to join him in the quest. the judge jackson clearly considering this event could have a far more violent outcome when sentencing welch. 29-year-d
5:00 pm
carolina to d.c. december 4. in the recording he makes it clear to the family he expects a violent fron fronnation that may cost him his life. he came to to d.c. armed with assault rifle, handgun and shotgun intend to free fake child sex slaves on fake stories he read online. he barged with the assault rifle and handgun and employees and customers bolted for the experts. he shot up the restaurant trying to locate the nonexist tant children. one employee unaware of what was happening came in from the rear of the restaurant. welch tushed on him with the -- turned on him with the assault rifle. before sentencing employees described the pain and drama he inflicted. inability to sleep. post traumatic stress and fear. the defense said he acted on good intent that he believed children were being


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