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tv   World News Now  ABC  June 27, 2017 2:37am-3:00am EDT

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so anytime something like this goes through, there's anxiety involved. >> oh, my god. >> reporter: 21 wildfires continue to burn across eight states. officia officials blaming the mixture of triple digit heat, bone dry terrain and high winds. red flag warnings continue through much of the west. in arizona, chopper the fight this from above. nearly 1,000 acres in the prescott national forest burned. meantime crews in california are allowing residents back in to about 100 canyon homes north of l.a. over the weekend, the fire consumed close to one and a half square miles, closing a major freeway. alex stone, los angeles. >> and the conditions fueling the fires aren't getting any better. >> accuweather's paul williams is tracking the fire. >> fire hazard still elevated, because we're expecting very
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we have a zonal flow with the jet stream. it's still remaining hot in the desert southwest although more seasonal. we have dry conditions and the wind's picking up more momentum. add to that the fact that we already have moderate, at least moderate to possibly severe drought conditions in the southern portions of california, at least significant dry places throughout the desert southwest. we'll have the steady flow, and that jet stream is set up like that and it causes more wind. by midweek we'll look for cool weakening offshore flow. that combinations more winds to make it even more of a volatile mix for that fire. >> something they not want to hear, all that wind. thank you, paul. the nba held its first-ever awards show last night. it was all about showcasing the league's individual talent. >> first off, malcolm brogdon of the milwaukee bucks is
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rookie of the year. he was not picked in the first round of the draft. >> and russell westbrook of the oklahoma city thunder. named the league's most valuable player. this was a big award of the night. westbrook lid the league in points, rebounds, assists per game and became only the second player ever to average a triple-double for the entire season. >> now to the important part, though, the red carpet. >> oh. >> well, a guy who got the most attention on that front was draymond green of the golden state warriors. his shorts? they got a lot of attention on twitter >> come on, drey month, whaymon you doing? obviously, he was cheering the free the knee campaign. he >> draymond green moved on from kicking people in the groin and moved on to his own pod cast. it's a tough listen. it's a tough
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>> ouch. >> drake actually has great comedic timing. >> let's take a look at the reaction from that guy behind him, though. did you see? that was pretty hilarious. and it appears that drake's joke might have been pay back. apparently, draymond had spent the entire evening clowning drake on social media, making fun of his outfit. >> i see, they had a score to settle. >> yeah. coming up, there's something a little off about this rugby fan. she's n he's not wearing any pants. so did he spill his beer? >> it's part of the free the knee campaign. i had a business owner stop an attempted carjacking and jumps into action using pepper spray to get the suspects to back off. see how it all ended. you're watching "world news now." "world news now" weather, brought to you by car
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fuel it because strong is beautiful. ialmost everything. you know, ke 1 i n 10 houses could get hit by an expensive septic disaster. but for only $7 a month, rid-x helps break down waste. avoid a septic disaster with rid-x. take a look at this waterspout on lake erie making its way across the lake just off the coast of ohio. now waterspouts are rare in june but pretty dangerous. they can pack 70-mile-per-hour winds and can flip small boats. >> and you can see from the trees how windy it was on the lake. >> what a sight. and in florida, an afternoon of shopping turned into a crime
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they sprayed a security guard. the shoplifter took off with a bag full of stolen merchandise. and in new mexico a business owner didn't hesitate to take action on a carjacker. >> the man was able to hold off the suspect until police arrived. stacy ramirez with our story of. >> reporter: take a look at the suv in this parking lot. in seconds they rush over and try to force the driver out of his car. >> i'm looking at security cameras, like oh, crap. >> reporter: he was watching the carjacking on surveillance video inside the building and jumped into action. >> i had pepper spray on a table, i grabbed it and ran downstairs as fast as i could. >> reporter: the pepper spray worked, but they fought back. >> i saw this guy had a huge rock in his hand. i was worried he was going t
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he was trying to throw it at me. >> reporter: he tries to hold the suspect down until police can get there and tells the officers responded pretty quickly and took that suspect into custody. >> oh, wow. >> quick thinking and quick reflexes too. >> our thanks to sandra ramirez. alaska airlines is gearing up for the total eclipse. on the morning of august 21st it will travel down the west coast giving those on board a unique view of the eclipse. >> you can't buy a ticket on board the plane, but the company is running a contest to win a seat next month. the august 21st event is the first coast-to-coast total solar eclipse in the u.s. since 1918. >> oh, my word, that's pretty cool. >> you got to get those special glasses so you can look at it. >> they did something similar
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ago, where there was an eclipse that was visible but only if you were flying from hawaii to anchorage or seattle, so they did one of those flights, but this is cool. total eclipse visible from the u.s. ♪ total eclipse of the heart ♪ >> i thought it was the sun. i get that wrong. coming up, kristy turrelling ton's brush with death. >> you're watching "world news now." i had frequent heartburn, but my doctor recommended... ...prilosec otc 7 years ago, 5 years ago, last week. just 1 pill each morning, 24 hours and zero heartburn. it's been the number 1 doctor recommended brand for 10... ...straight years, and it's still recommended today.
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almost died after giving birth but was saved thanks to modern medicine. >> now she's going deep into africa on a mission to help other mothers. we're up all
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chang. >> reporter: it should have been one of the happiest days of her life, but for world famous model christy turlington burns, it was almost her last. >> i had such a great pregnancy and was so ready for it, but the post delivery almost blindsided my. >> reporter: it almost killed you. >> i suffered a hemorrhage. it was scary but also very painful. and i was so grateful to have the people in the room that knew what was happening and were managing my care. i want that for every mother. >> reporter: which is why, with her modeling career in full swing, she founded every mother counts, helping other mothers around the world. >> the beauty of this is that 98% of the deaths are preventible. and 98% of the complications that arise are also preventible. >> when i hear tiffany, i think iconic. >> reporter: she still models for iconic brands like tiffany and calvin kline's
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starring here with husband ed burns. she graced nearly 1,000 magazine covers and cemented her '90s icon status in george michael's "freedom." was it fun being the super model of the '80s? '90s? and beyond? >> i would be lying if i said no, but there's so much of it that i'm like, ooh, ooh, it doesn't feel like me, and now i can never really escape it. but the job itself, it's not very stimulating. >> reporter: so 13 years after that harrowing childbirth, she's here in rural tanzania, pounding the pavement. where down a dirt road, past the vibrant colors of the african countryside, we see her life's mission in action. >> is she dreaming? she is. >> reporter: we're at the maternity ward of fame medical. a life-saving oasis in one of the most underserved areas in the country. 500 babies, many with life-threatening complications were
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alone, thanks in part to christy's foundation. >> every time i've come it's grown exponentially. this building didn't exist two years ago. this for anyone's standards is incredible. i would prefer to give birth here than where i gave birth. >> reporter: so to raise funds and awareness for mothers and future mothers all over the world, christy and her team cap off their trip by running the kill mawn jar owe half marathon, motivated by these women every step of the way. >> i think it's a sisterhood. the capacity to carry a life that unites women and girls. it's a powerful thing. >> reporter: and you want all mothers to survive pregnancy. >> survive and thrive. ju ju jang, abc news, new york. >> what an amazing cause. >>
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all right, time for a "this happened". we're kicking things off with a photojournalist who was just trying to do his job when -- >> oh, oh. >> listen to the sound he makes. can we hear it again? >> it's okay. >> ooh! >> that's on channel 3 there in dublin, ireland. i love that his co-workers reacted pretty much how we would have reacted. >> absolutely. they would not let him gloss over that. they decided to call him out on it over and over again. >> quite a gust of wind there. >> props to you, derrick. he put his umbre
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together as best he could and carried on with that report. >> whether he got his man card back for that skeequeal, oh, nellie, the breumbrella is gone. let's go down under for the latest attempt in the free the knee. a man enjoying a rugby game, match here. >> he took it very seriously, the free the knee campaign. he took it really far, this free the knee. a >> what's going on? streaker! >> apparently, he's screaming "free the knee", as he goes across. >> i didn't hear that part of the report. that's really interesting. >> this all happened in new zealand. the guy waited very patiently for the rugby game to hit exactly the point that he wanted so he could get up and go. he managed to evade security for quite some time before they finally tackled him. >> he was actually q
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>> there you go. perseverance and patience, even when you're streaking. >> pitch evasion. sometimes, we know how this feels. you've just got to dance, and zola the gorilla knows what we're talking about. >> this has been so popular, because it captures pretty much every one of us on a friday. >> this is when you don't think anybody's watching, you just go -- ♪ she's a maniac, maniac on the floor ♪ >> thanks for cooperating, tony. >> does it mean anything that zola is a better dancer than we are? >> oh, those are where i get my dance moves. where do we get one of those? to give us comments, what do you think of zola, our free the knee campaign. let us know if you're enjoying it. send us a photo of when you join the free the knee campaign. >> we'd love to hear from you on facebook or
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this morning on "world news now," the republican health care bill hangs by a thread. >> with new numbers out estimating millions of americans would lose coverage, the republicans lose another senator, so will the vote still happen this week? >> and while obamacare is attempted to be overhauled on capitol hill, president trump is chipping away at his predecessor's legacy, charging president obama with colluding with the russians, meanwhile, the obamas don't seem to be letting any of this bother them. and battle of the sexes. serena is firing back. and get ready to be creeped out and learn the hair-raising history of a


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