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tv   ABC7 News at 6  ABC  June 29, 2017 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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she was bleeding from a facelift. the tweets rubbed quite a few the wrong way. the abc7 instapoll tonight how would you describe the president's tweets? self-defense or online bullying? go to to weigh in. take a listen to how some in our area are reacting to this. >> it's what we have seen in this presidency. everything is fair game. it seems like a total hypocrisy and i don't find it surprising. >> i think people should ignore this. this is a distraction from looking at the underlying issues. nancy: the white house reacting to trump's tweets a few hours ago. jonathan: there are so many issues on the table people are discussing. this is taking everyone's attention. scott thuman is breaking it all down for us. secretary ofscott: yeah, well, e white house is firmly defending the president's tweets saying he is taking heat from all si
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sarah huckabee sanders taking criticism from press corps saying president trump is the same man in office as the one the supporters voted for. >> i don't think is it a surprise to anyone he fights fire with fire. i think american people elected somebody tough, smart and a fighter. that is donald trump. scott: the first lady's office standing up for the president. her communications director reminding the world that the president bunches pack ten times harder when he is attacked. melania trump as you may recall made it her mission to confront cyber bullying. jonathan: before we let you go. the white house receiving a bit of a threat from congress. what is happening? scott: the house intelligence committee that threatened to subpoena documentation and any tapes that might exist from the president's meeting with former f.b.i. director james comey. the president alluded to the possibility and then denied it via twitter. the comm
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formal explanation just the presidential tweet. if not, they will send a subpoena. that is heating up as well. jonathan: scott thuman from the "live desk." in less than with the hours president trump's travel ban is set to go into effect. the ban does limit immigration from iran, libya, somalia, sudan, syria, yemen. if somebody from a restricted country wants a visa, they have to prove bona fide relationship to somebody in the united states. the administration is defining that as family. anything else will be based on a case-by-case basis. nancy: thousands are hitting the roads ahead of the july 4 holiday. a.a.a. predicting a record number of drivers on the roads. kevin lewis is live where traffic is jam packed. kevin: this is going smoothly right now. i wouldn't say jam packed but definitely an uptick from when we first got here. it took us 75 minutes actually to drive from downtown silver
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sandy point state park. beautiful afternoon. but that increase in the amount of cars in the roadway a.a.a. saying because of the record number of motorists leaving the homes. in the washington metro area alone 1.1 million expected to spend a night away from home. that is 16% of washingtonians. the vast majority, 87% to be more precise will travel by car. the rest will be flying, riding the rails or using other mode of transited. a.a.a. credits the surge of the july 4th vacationers to the strong economy, cheap gas and a good weather forecast. according to google maps the drive time from downtown d.c. to ocean city right now is a touch over three hours. from downtown to deep creek lake in maryland, it will take you nearly four hours. we take a live shot of the bay bridge, you can see a steady flow of traffic. no bumper to bumper action. as we march closer and
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to the official weekend, i'm sure that will change. we are live at the bay bridge, kevin lewis, abc7 news. jonathan: thanks. tonight a virginia family left heartbroken after the 13-year-old girl, the daughter hit and killed by a train near clifton. she was hiking by the tracks near bull run ridge when her brother and cousin when the v.r.e. train approached. they were able to hop over to another set of tracks and out of the way but she was struck and killed. >> i was in shock. she was like my sister. >> i don't want people to mourn or be sad. that is not what she would want. i want people to celebrate how awesome she was. jonathan: this would have been the year she would have gone in the eighth grade. ed a lake braddock secondary -- at lake braddock secondary school. the two c.s.x. workers killed
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by an amtrak train identified. one of jake lafave and the other is stephen deal. amtrak suspended all service from philadelphia to d.c. because of the incident. the authorities tells us the pair was inspecting a c.s.x. train when they were hit. nancy: covering metro now. the protesters piling in at the columbia heights metro station over the recent fare hikes and the service cuts on the same day that metro thanked the riders for getting through safetrack. transportation reporter brianne carter in the midst of it all. brianne? brianne: take a look behind me. this is the rally for transit. folks gather here outside the columbia heights metro station in the evening rush hour. as you said, protesting the fare hikes and the service cuts saying they would like to see others chip in to pay more for the system. suggesting that the developers and the big business should pay for it. as you mention it come
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the evening rush as well. today metro employees, hundreds of them fanned out across the 91 metro rail stations handing out thank you cards to metro riders. on the thank you card a free coffee from mcdonald's to all those riders thanking them for enduring safetrack. we know it is three years of work combined to one wrapped up sunday. so riders getting that and a leaflet from the largest union. on it saying ride others not to drink the kool-aid when it comes to the thank you note from metro. we talk to riders. what do they think of it all? take a listen. >> they give us like a way to show they really care. >> i don't care about free coffee either. i don't even like coffee. i just want to get on a metro after 12:00 instead of paying a bunch of money for uber. brianne: one of things many of t
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common they said they know the system needs to be fixed but many don't like the shorter hours specifically in the week. others saying they know it needs to be fixed and know it will take time. reporting live, brianne carter, abc7 news. jonathan: thanks. murder over money. the crime one former redskin says he considered. nancy: plus, hogs on the highway. how these little piggies wound up weaving through rush hour traffic in texas. doug: warm summer evening underway. the temperatures in the 80's now. mid-80's later tonight. no rain this evening. but ahead the higher temperatures and increasing thunderstorm chances. we will lay it out in forecast coming up at "abc7 news at 6:00".
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nancy: cardinal george pell is highest ranking vatican official ever to be charged. police are not providing details in the allegation but pell has previously been accused of covering up sex abuse cases for over priests. this is the fist time he is facing charges himself. >> these matters are under
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>> he is scheduled to be in court july 18. jonathan: now a montgomery county firefighter heading to court after a prostitution sting. the 33-year-old exchanged text messages with an undercover police officer. they discussed everything from prices to a place to meet. once he got there he wasn't arrested. but the officers did get his information. he is expected to appear in court on july 13. consumer alert before the fourth of july holiday. thousands of fireworks taken off the mark. 36,000 of the tnt red white and blue smoke fireworks being recalled due to some of them exploding when they are lit. they are not supposed to explode. they are supposed to emit colorful smoke. sold at wal-mart and kroger in illinois, ohio, vermont, wisconsin. nancy: c
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in five "star wars" films sold at auction for $2.75 million. luke skywalker's famous sidekick fetched the hefty price at l.a. auction house. the droid is the only r2 in public domain. no word on who the winner bidder. jonathan: nothing like a summer road trip. a driver made sure they didn't forget anything at home. look at this. that got him in trouble with the law. we'll explain. nancy: talk about overpacking. >> get out of the way. nancy: and this! you might not want to tick off a pregnant woman. what drove one to mow down somebody in the parking lot of a wal-mart.
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jonathan: there are a report that a former redskin wanted to kill his manager after he lost millions
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>> he thought they took away his ability to provide for the family. jonathan: an nfl costar said portis was too generous with the money. but the future is bright. just in the "washington post" reporting the legal battle over the redskin team name is over. the native american group backing out. this follows a supreme court ruling that asian rock band can trademark a name some found extensive. >> the suit is asked that the districts give them the same opportunity to girls as boys. they are only allow to play in an all girls tackle league. >> this is not okay for boys to have more opportunities than girls. >> if they
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jump at the chance to do so. nancy: the school districts cannot assume there is interest in all girls football. a school district in the suit has not commented. jonathan: this is a case of bad luck. this is a sinkhole. that is somebody's car. not somebody's. a couple got out of the car. thigh walked in the gym. sinkhole opened up before 7:00. to think it was the exact spot. they did it because it was the closest to the front door of the gym. you can walk further. no word on what caused a sinkhole but the owners hope somehow they will get paid back from the car. >> get out of the way. j just a wild scene at the parking lot of a wal-mart in north carolina. pregnant woman run over a man who smashed the purse from inside the car and took off. held to the curb and taken to
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injuries. the woman behind the wheel was arrested and charged with assault from a deadly weapon. >> for those ready to pack up and hit road for the fourth of july stop and look at the tv. don't do this. i need to say that? troopers in washington state stopped a van for having too much luggage attached to the roof. police tweeted the picture reminding folks to please don't do this. >> here is something you don't see every day. they got a taste of the freedom after the tractor trailer tipped to its side and caught fire in the morning rush hour. the pigs are like we don't want anything to do with the fire. most of the pigs were fine.
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nancy: the one oinking. doug: sound effect at no charge. the storms are watching. we expect it north and west of the metro. hazy and humid but it's warm through the evening. the temperatures overnight are dropping from the 80's to 65 to 72 by the morning. we check it out and it could be isolated thunderstorm. it will feel warmer due to the moisture level. we get to the weekend. get used to temperatures 90 or slightly higher. the humidity levels go up saturday and sunday. good chance of thunderstorms on saturday. only isolated storm or two on sunday. we will get into monday and get a break from the humidity for one day and then the heat and the humidity will team up again on the fourth of july on tuesday. there will be a 30% chance of the afternoon showers and thunderstorms. we are hopeful they will be out of the picture by
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fireworks time. if you are going to the delmarva beaches this weekend i think it will be fine. low 80's on the beaches. the rest of the weekend is fine with the temperatures in the mid-80's. a lot cooler than the landlock areas. on the fourth, late afternoon chances of thunderstorms could pop up as well. beyond that we are locked in to an extended period of the typical heat and humidity. we will go through 60% champ of storms on saturday. isolated sunday. 30% chance for the 4th, 5th, 6th. for the end of week the temperatures will settle to 90. upper 80's for the weekend. a lot of stuff in the potomac at t.p.c. where we find scott abraham. what are you checking for us there, scott? scott: a hot one in general. hot one out here on the course. the best of the pga tour
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scott: hello, everybody. i'm scott abraham live at t.p.c. potomac for the first round of the quicken loans
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the course today. fans getting a chance to see some of the best golfers in the world. fan favorite rickie fowler putting for birdie on number nine. chirp, chirp. finished even par. number four. david from the fringe of the green. look at the roll. perfect touch. knocking in the birdie. that gets him to six under. he is the leader at five under par. a one-stroke lead. the course proving to be a difficult challenge for all the golfers. >> this is one of those golf courses you can't take a shot off. you have to be full go every time. the guys are going to struggle. good shots aren't rewarded out here. this is a golf course. you have to stay positive and patient try to make as many pars as possible. you have a couple of birdie looks to roll it in when you
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can. >> it should be a great three days of golf here in potomac. donning flags from each branch of the military, the military heroes wall at quicken loan national offers fans an opportunity to write personal messages of thanks and appreciation for the men and women currently serving our country. by the time sunday hits the wall is filled with the heartwarming messages. golf fans embrace the chance to say thank you. >> what do you want to say on this wall? >> i said thank you for everything you do and we don't take our freedom for granted. it's not lost on me. appreciate everything they do. scott: it's special how the tournament honors every branch of the military during the week. there is national pride out there among the fans on the court. plenty of red, white and blue. certainly puts a smile on your face. nancy: definitely does. the weather outside looks decent, too.
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that is good. warm everything like this. the breeze will cool you off. look ahead. tomorrow is up to 92. warmer than today. more humid than today there. may be an isolated thunderstorm like today west of the metro area. steve rudin is back from the folklife festival to check out the high heat and the humidity. back for the weekend. check out the fourth of july locally and the beaches as well. preview of what we have now. 60% chance of thunderstorms saturday afternoon. definitely hot and humid. sunday only isolated storm chances. monday little bubble of the high pressure will try to cool us off and give us drier air. the heat and the humidity with fireworks in the sky for mother nature before fireworks at night on tuesday. jonathan: we just need tuesday a little less clouds and a little breeze. doug: working on it. >> barbecue. "world news tonight" with david muir up next. jonathan: leave it to nancy to make sure we didn't forget the food. see you tonight at 11:00. have a great ni
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leeroy yarbrou tonight, breaking developments as we come on the air. president trump's vicious twitter fire storm. the personal attack against a female tv host. the harsh backlash against the president, even from republican senators. all in the middle of trying to strike a deal on health care. and the big meeting just announced. president trump and vladimir putin face to face. this as abc news first reported one of the president's closest aides now facing questions in the russian investigation. also tonight, deadly collision. tennis star vee nis williams blamed for the crash killing a 78-year-old man. why police say she was at fault. what williams just said. tornado outbreak. more than two dozen twisters reported across four states.


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