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tv   News 7 at 11  ABC  July 3, 2017 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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of sex assault. >> abc 7 news at 11:00 starts with breaking news. jonathan: we begin with breaking news from gaithersburg -- one person injured when a fire broke out in a townhome that caused a deck to collapse. alison: tim barber is live on the scene with the investigation. what can you tell us? tim:
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are wrapping up, but the red cross is working to figure out how to help this family that has been displaced by the fire. one person was taken to the hospital with minor injuries. the amazing thing is the fire did not spread to other townhomes. there are townhomes throughout this complex, so it's amazing the fire did not spread across the townhomes. only one person was injured with minor burns. they will be ok. the cleanup and the investigation as to how this started his ongoing. possibly a it was grill fire on the back deck, which caught fire and collapsed, the fire spreading through three stories of the townhome. we are trying to confirm that information, but right now the focus is on the red cross helping the family. as soon as we get details about the
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you live on abc 7 news. tim barber, abc 7 news. jonathan: more breaking news -- north korea has fired another missile into the sea of japan, a ballistic missile. this is the 11th test this year. aboutent trump tweeted north korea's leader, does he have anything better to do with his life? he then suggested that china and this nonsense once and for all. as presidentmes obama is visiting south korea. alison: a parent's nightmare come a man who worked at four maryland schools charged with sexual assault. officials say that carlos bill assaulted 10 victims, all middle school boys. aidehan: and the teacher's and track coach is hiv-positive. he also made pornographic videos of the students on his phone. alison: this disturbing cases still unraveling as the police try to figure out if there are
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anna-lysa gayle is live in waldorf with the latest. anna-lysa: superintended amberly hill is vowing comprehensive and transparent review into charles county public school safety protocol. she also sent a letter home to parents. >> i feel really bad for the kids. anna-lysa: parents are deeply disturbed and left with many questions following's arrest. -- following carlos bell's arrest. they say he sexually abused several boys and created child pornography on school property and at his home. they have identified seven victims but believe there are 10, some as young as sixth grade. sheriff'ss county office is not only searching for more victims but testing the victims they have found because of bell's hiv-positive status. >>
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something like this could take place in a classroom, in a school building. anna-lysa: dr. kimberly hill said that bell was hired in fall 2014. he had contact with students. he was removed from his duties in december, the same month that the sheriff's department received testimony of the allegations. >> that is sickening. anna-lysa: superintended hill is promising counseling for the children who were victimized. bell could face more charges. live in waldorf, anna-lysa gayle, abc 7 news. alison: this is a gutwrenching investigation for the parents. the police want to hear from anyone who has information as they try to figure out if there are other victims. we have the number to reach the investigators at jonathan:
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talking about the all-important fourth of july forecast. so many people have come to town to enjoy the celebration. steve: and the forecast is improving for that import 9:00, 10:00 hour. we will get the fireworksin, bottom line, and it's looking better than seven hours ago. tomorrow, june for comfort, stay well hydrated. plenty of water. the high temperature near 90 degrees. 8 p.m., 9 p.m. tomorrow night, most of the showers and thunderstorms should be north and west of the d.c. metro. if you are going down early tomorrow to the national mall to get that perfect spot to view the fireworks, you may run into some problems. a freshly updated feature cast and what to expect tomorrow afternoon early evening come in tomorrow night coming up. parade,ourth of july it's all happening. it's incredible. we are planning to get out early.
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planning to be up early in the fourth of july in the nation's capital. jonathan: tonight there was a dress rehearsal on the mall. you could hear some of the stuff. jay korff was there. the dress rehearsal is sometimes better, minus the fireworks. jonathan: indeed, thousands attend at the dress rehearsal. it just wrapped up a short time ago. , rightge just behind us now hundreds of thousands of people clicking about how they will wish america a happy birthday. ande are signs, literal figurative, on every corner of the national mall, alerting something big is about to happen in washington, d.c. >> a good old american fourth of july. jay: the stewart family of vermont as an ambitious itinerary. going to the declaration of independence at the national archives, watching the
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enjoying the evening fireworks. >> we are planning to get up early. jay: they know that most roads along the national mall will be closed. taking public transportation is strongly encouraged. access for the national mall will begin at 10 a.m. tonight, concert on the west lawn of the u.s. capital. public access for this 8:00 p.m. event begins at 3 p.m. for both events, you will have to go through security screening. >> to just experience the freedoms that we have and the people who have really sacrificed for us. this, you do not have to just be along the national mall to enjoy the fireworks. a couple of great spots on our side of the river, gravelly point and the marine corps war memorial. jay korff, abc 7 news. jonathan: if you want to keep up with the events tomorrow, because there is a lot going on,
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we have road closures, the updated forecast, we have it all. stay connected by following abc 7 on facebook, twitter, and alison: fast-moving gun thieves learned their fate. we showed this stunning surveillance footage from back in the spring. the suspects got in and out of the gun store in less than a minute. as tim barber reports, their conviction was also swift. arrestede men were just days after being caught on camera stealing guns from stores from across virginia. tonight, two are convicted felons. >> that's what we were hoping for when we first down out our store had gotten broken into. tim: in march, that the use stole 35 guns -- theives stole 35 guns and 45 seconds. they got away with $20,000 worth of guns.
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nearly $13,000 alone and is usually near the front. preston holmes and matthew jones were arrested. because the stores are federally licensed, each is facing 10 years in prison. a judge will sentence the 23-year-olds in september. >> stealing firearms, you are looking at possibly a 10 year conviction. tim: tim barber, abc 7 news. asson: around the same time those break-ins, we showed the surveillance video of a theft in montgomery county. makeen armed with crowbars short work of this rockville gun store, stealing 31 expensive guns in less than 90 seconds. tonight the police are still searching for the men responsible. near boston'ss logan airport on a busy travel day. a taxi plowed into a group of people, injuring 10. alison: nancy chen is at the live desk.
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accident. nancy: sources telling the abc affiliate in boston that the driver hit the gas instead of the brake. this happen where taxi drivers park near the airport. the driver ran into 10 people before then hitting the building. he is being interviewed by investigators. a lot of damage. the taxi visible with the airbags deployed, the front crumbled by the force of the impact. nancy chen, abc 7 news. alison: nancy, thank you. college7, a montgomery worker accused of stealing vans and other items from the school. the grand total of the thefts, more than $35,000. the police say that michael truckse stole vans and and drop them at an auctioneer. he worked in the office of procurement. the school says he is on unpaid administrative leave, but his
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police also say that he stole a golf court, four atv's, and six landscaping blowers. the new jersey state three-day government shutdown is over after the governor and lawmakers reached a deal. the beaches will reopen tomorrow and 30,000 workers are back to work. governor chris christie took a lot of heat for using his state-owned vacation home on a closed beach during the shutdown. alison: still ahead -- it might be in your inbox. the police are warning about a realistic email scam. jonathan: and how did a 2000 pound artifact vanish? that happened here, and there is a push to
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authorities are not sure why the truck dumped 6000 pounds of chicken onto the pavement. >> all right, folks, we're going to get a little wet, sorry. jonathan: that is the pilot saying we are crashing into a pond. what he did not tell them is who was in the pond -- gators. the hot air balloon had to make the emergency landing. it ended up in the pond. the pilot was calm. the pilot and 16 people on board, nobody was hurt. the pilot said a sudden change in the wind direction forced the emergency landing. now they have a story to tell. winning herr opening match at wimbledon, venus williams her composure when asked about the deadly car accident. the police say that williams was at fault in the crash that killed a 78-year-old man. >> there are really no words to
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devastating and -- yeah, i'm completely speechless. it's just -- yeah, i mean, i'm just -- maybe i should go. filed athe family has wrongful death suit against williams. she was not charged or ticketed in the crash. jonathan: tiger woods says he is on the mend. he completed an intensive treatment program. he was arrested in florida on suspicion of dui. he said the incident was an unexpected reaction to pain medications he was taking. his first court appearance is sometimes next month. and a 7 on your side consumer alert about any mail scam. this one looks legit when you get it. the email looks like it is from your bank, even has the logo on the
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because of suspicious activity and says that you need to e-verify your account to reopen it, and that's when they get you. the police say delete the email and notify your bank if you get it. there is a new push to find an age-old symbol of freedom on independence day. alison: it is a 2000 pound replica of the liberty bell. somehow it's missing. 50, the bell was given to d.c. by the federal government. used to be housed on the steps of the wilson building. it was then moved to a park nearby. in 1980 it was moved again and never made its way back. >> this is a bit of a hail mary, throwing the search open to the public. it occurs to me if we have a missing national symbol, the time to put out the call would be right before our national holiday. jonathan: it is believed the bell disappeared between 1979 a nd 1981.
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scrapped. it would be very hard to hide. investigators are asking for tips, like if your neighbor has a bill hanging in his backyard. age.on: if it is in your gar jonathan: oh, the liberty bell? bald eagle is now healing in dcu city wildlife has been caring for the birds since it was found lethargic and unable to fly. saturday the bird is now eating and acting more like an eagle, which i guess is a good sign for stop more steps are planned before they can release it back into the wild. -- an: and look at this pretty cool image that we found as we get ready to celebrate the fourth of july. somebody in fauquier county, virginia, has mowed a giant american flag into the field. sky track 7 spotted this. virginia was named the most patr
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jonathan: and that is well done. great job. when you think of the fourth of july, you think about pools, cookouts, sunshine. alison: what about skiing? conditions in northern california are just right to ski and snowboard on independence day because the snow has not completely melted. one resort says it's the fourth time in its history it has stayed open so late. jonathan: mammoth mountain, you can ski with your shorts on. steve: here we are come early july, and they are still skiing. the temperatures right now, the highs today 91 degrees at reagan national. the average this time of year, aboverees, so a little average, not terribly humid earlier this afternoon. that will change as we move through the day tomorrow. 74 right now at dulles, 82 reagan national, 75 fredericksburg. a little cooler to the west, garrett c
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maryland 64 degrees. stormwatch 7 satellite and radar, partly cloudy skies, the temperatures not dropping a whole lot more through the late-night. early tomorrow morning in the district, 75 degrees. it will be a little cooler northern and western suburbs, upper 60's, lower 70's not out of the question. degrees morning, 69 columbia, maryland, 70 college park, 70 fairfax and woodbridge. the freshly updated futurecast, noontime tomorrow, all fine around the capital beltway. between noon and 3 p.m., showers and thunderstorms develop. right around in this area. we are looking for the showers and thunderstorms to move through. once this happens, a little bit of clearing, and most of the activity, by 6 p.m., north and west of d.c. and the all-important 9:00 p.m. fireworks
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have partly cloudy skies, i do expect most of the rain if not all of it will stay away from the d.c. metro area, good news. the daytime highs tomorrow, lower 90's. if you are getting out early to find the perfect spot to watch the fireworks, have plenty of water and a little bit of rain gear. fireworks, lower to middle 80's. and slightly above average for this time of year as we move next weekend and early next week, upper 80's, low 90's. jonathan: 'tis the season for eating contests. how many burgers could you put away in 10 minutes? alison: a mom wo
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alison: like it or not, tomorrow wi
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island. today it was burgers in d.c. the third year in a row, molly skyler won, downing 21 burgers, with buns, in 10 minutes. she is a mother of four and took home $1,500. jonathan: they were not the only ones having a eating contest. we had our own. robert: it got a little messy. twinkie eating
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and the now the toyota sports desk, brought to you by your local toyota dealers. baseball, nationals kicked off their three-game series with the mets today, and once again the bullpen blew a lead. granderson,rtis high and deep. it eventually comes down, home run, 2-2. cespedes charging, slides, but cannot come up with this. matt wieters scores. the nats walk off a win against the mets. they play bright and ea
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kevin durant and the warriors have agreed to a deal, $9 million less than the max deal. he did this he said to keep the roster intact. the bootleg version of the hot dog eating contest. tonight on "sports talk" on new channel 8, instead of hot dogs,, twinkies. who was the twinkie master? it was not me. kevin schaefer of 106.7 the fan. we both pretty much chumped out. it was nasty. at least for tonight, kevin, a.k.a. "mr. clean," is the twinkie master. i can safely say that i don't want to eat another twinkie for a very long time. no, and
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around me afterwards, either. tips about theor hamburgers. steve: hardly any effort in that. robert: you know what -- alison: he looked uncomfortable the whole time. jonathan: if you have ever seen him take on a mcdonald's big mac, 15 seconds. robert:
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visit your volvo dealer today and get up to $4,500 in allowances. alison: we are still talking about food. the next contest. robert: next year. weather, tomorrow we have scattered showers and thunderstorms through the afternoon and evening, lower 90's. the fireworks, we will get them in. sixthan: three twinkies in minutes, i have a six-year-old who could do better than that. jimmy kimmel is next. alison:
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my name's dorothy. i'm the owner of everett and jones barbecue in oakland, california. our special tonight is our homemade meats. that comes with two sides of cornbread for the price of $18. let's get this show started! [ cheers and applause ] >> dicky: from hollywood it's "jimmy kimmel live!" tonight, sarah silverman, from the chicago bulls, jimmy butler, judge james, "this week in unnecessary censorship," and music from post malone. and now, hang tight, here's jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] ♪


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