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tv   News 7 at 11  ABC  July 7, 2017 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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on your side. alison: we start on storm watch tonight, with another round of rain and storms this friday evening. nancy: we are on the other side of it now and there is good news about the weekend. steve rudin joins us. steve: huge improvements for the upcoming weekend. the temperatures right now, 73 degrees leesburg, 76 reagan national airport. thesatellite and radar, rain is long gone. we had severe thunderstorm warnings this evening. although that moisture has disintegrated over the delmarva peninsula. to the west, another band of showers and thunderstorms likely , withact the i-81 area little impact on the media metro overnight. overnight falling into the 70's, a little bit of clearing around the immediate metro. coming up, the rest of the weekend, a chance of
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lower humidity, plus a big-time warm up next week. steve, thank you. happening now, concern about an intersection of suitland parkway after a serious crash left a child in critical condition. alison: three other people were also injured in the accident. anna-lysa gayle joins us live from the scene with the latest. anna-lysa? anna-lysa: alison and nancy, this intersection was closed for about three hours tonight. it just reopened a little after 10 p.m. three people are stable at the hospital, one child is in critical condition. a look at the scene from earlier tonight, it appears that several cars were involved in the crash on suitland parkway and naylor road. accident reconstruction is underway, but so far no word on what caused this crash. we spoke with some parents who say this intersection is known for being dangerous. they hope at
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done about it in the near future. four has been like a nice accidents, you know what i'm saying. they need a better light system and more lights, you know what i'm saying, some will be safer for the kids and everybody. anna-lysa: as you heard, lots of concern about the child tonight. we have an update on the child's condition -- a soon as we will let you know. anna-lysa gayle, abc 7 news. nancy: this just into the newsroom, metro pulling ads for ghtontroversial alt-ri figure. the ads were removed from several stations. metro says they violated a policy. alt-right figure says it is discrimination. he is publishing the book himself and is suing his publisher. alison:
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impact where you park your car over the weekend. ives are swiping airbags out of cars in alexandria. tom roussey has more on this. tom? in this apartment community, the general manager sent a letter to residents warning about this after several cars were hit. orthis case, the thief thieves who did this when not worried about the fact this is a gated community. >> you feel violated. what can you do? tom: she was about to drive to work early friday morning when she noticed her car window was shattered. inside, glass, and an xbox was gone. then she looked at her steering wheel. >> i was afraid something was going to blow up. tom: she parts underground at the town square apartments. hers was not the only car hit.
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exact same type of damage, and its airbag was missing, too. the other thing the cars have in common, they are hondas. this appears to be a growing problem. thieves reportedly target hondas because they are the black market for honda airbags. >> very safe community, gated. i pay high dollar to stay here. and i park underground. i would have never thought that. tom: this is not the only community that has been hit recently. in mid-may, arlington county police reported five cars had their airbag stolen on 29th street south in shirlington. live tonight in alexandria, tom roussey, abc 7 news. alison: tom, thank you. developing now, a charles county science teacher set to face trial for sex abuse accusations. ronald wells worked at lackey
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high school. the allegations are from april of last year. thes was moved to administrative offices after the allegations surfaced. the trial starts in july. this after shocking sexual assault from a teacher's aide in the same district, carlos bell, accused of abusing at least 10 students and revealing he has hiv. new developments in the murder of an elderly man in fairfax county. it is believed the person who killed him is now dead. he was found dead in april at a fairfax retirement center. the police say the body of the man who killed him is in vietnam. they are not naming the person of interest. they only say that person knew the victim well. alison: new details on the man who went on a two day killing spree last may. he will spend the rest of his life in prison. a montgomery county judge sentenced tordil to
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consecutive life terms in prison with no chance of parole. prosecutors say he killed his wife because he was upset about his crumbling marriage and financial issues. a day later he try to carjack several people, killing two in the process. >> this was a man who left behind a note that indicated he intended suicide by cop. he intended to go out in a shooting with the police. he did not have the courage to take his old life, but he was willing to take the lives of others. alison: tordil declined to apologize today. he still needs to be sentenced in prince george's county pled guilty to murdering his wife. [sirens] in germany, a remarkable scene, protesters outside of the historic meetings inside. alison: michelle marsh is keeping track of the g 20 summit. some of these protests have been violent. michelle: so
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injured as a result. a frightening scene in germany. protesters setting fires in the streets, burning stores and hurling rocks and bottles at the police. [shouting] michelle: dozens of people have been arrested. , waters fired tear gas cannons, and flash bang grenades to control the crowds. all of this outside as world leaders tackled sensitive issues inside. it is arguably the most highly anticipated meeting of this year's g 20 summit. secretary of state rex tillerson give us a peek inside the over to our meeting between president donald trump and russian president vladimir putin. >> there was a clear chemistry between the two. michelle: he said the president pushed putin right away on russian meddling in the u.s. presidential elections.
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more than one occasion involving russian involvement, and president putin denied such involvement. foreign: the russian minister said that president trump except that the denial, but a senior administration official said that is not the case. the white house says the two countries now must move forward. >> it's not clear to me that we will ever come to an agreement on a resolution on that subject. the question is, what do we do now? michelle: russia and the u.s. also agreed on a cease-fire in southwest syria and discussed what to do about the ukraine. during meetings with other world leaders at the summit, president trump says he still wants mexico to pay for a border wall. he also talked about climate change with german chancellor angela merkel. she called his stance on the topic unfortunate. alison: we have an update on the violent inauguration riots in d.c. today, a florida man became the
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role during the riots. he will spend four months in jail after a judge suspended the rest of a three-year sentence. during the inauguration, hundreds of protesters took through the streets, damaging several businesses. more than 200 people were arrested and charged. nancy: video of the deadly car crash involving venus williams. the impact is in the distance of this footage. the police now say that williams had a green light and legally enter the intersection in florida before being cut off by another car, setting off the chain reaction. an elderly man inside of a car was killed. williams has not been ticketed or charged and the police say she was not distracted or drinking. the family of the man killed in the crash has filed a civil lawsuit against her. alison: george clooney writing a scathing op-ed, calling out a d.c. lobbying firm. the movie star says lobbyists are making big
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representing a country with ties to terrorism and genocide. tim barber spoke to the firm has both sides of the story tonight. tim? tim: the people here at the firm say it is better to work with sudan, but critics disagree. tonight, george clooney is calling out the d.c. lobbying firm squire patton boggs for representing sudan. in a time magazine op-ed, he said the firm will be paid $40,000 per month by a government that the u.s. state says sponsors terrorists. she works for a local nonprofit focused on the crisis in sudan. >> we want stronger sanctions and support the people who really want freedom and democracy in sudan. tim: the op-ed points out that did genocide. the obama administration lifted
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reviewing that decision and is expected to make an announcement on july 12. the firm gave abc 7 a statement saying, many believe that engagements with sudan produces meaningful gains in humanitarian assistance and working with rather than against sudan is a more constructive strategy. the firm had a lot more to say about this. we have the full statement on tim barber, abc 7 news. alison: tim, thank you. still ahead, preparing for real-life star wars by sending u.s. troops into space? nancy: a proposal on the table in the house right now. and male costars taking payments from >emma stone? >> it is a weight off my shoulders to have something done about this. alison: a custom smart
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a brave u.s. service member.
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incredible video of life-saving care with some during a flash flood -- life-saving heroism during a flash flood in tennessee. he and a ranger on the ground rescued an entire family in serious danger. they had to pull each person out individually and fly them to safety. today he talked about the tense moments as he rescued a child. >> the first time he was submerged, underwater 5, 10 up 20, 30 feet downstream, crashing into rocks and all sorts of obstacles. nancy: the pilot said the boy was knocked unconscious but was eventually able to stand up on a rock and they pulled him into the helicopter together. alison: right now, surveillance images that police in montgomery county want you to see, a thief snatching
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the police say he has 11 victims. he has targeted schools and day care centers from silver spring to germantown. >> it is a huge pain in the neck. i had to replace my id, drivers license, bank card, cash. alison: the police say he has racked up more than $13,000 of stolen credit cards. if you have information, call police. nancy: also caught on tape ,two armed men holding up a restaurant in mount rain year this morning. gun to aolding a worker's head and stealing items out of his pocket while another armed robber grabs a female worker and takes the rings from her fingers. detectives have few leads and are asking anyone to come forward with information. the galaxytecting with u.s. troops, a real proposal. nancy: a congressional committee wants to
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the air force. the troops would be ready to "fight and win wars." the act is headed to the house for a full vote. alison: a new dialogue about equal pay tonight from actress emma stone. she told "out" magazine male costars have taken pay cuts so she could be on their level. she says the actors voluntarily took cuts for fairness purposes. a new moviein called "battle of the sexes," about women's rights activist billy jean king. --
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billie kean king. alison: a touching story of generosity from a local veteran. the u.s. army staff sergeant christopher walker survived an ied explosion that took his left leg in both arms and shattered bones in his face. tonight, he is finally able to settle down in a new home made specifically for his needs. the gary sydni's foundation gave him this house in alexandria with wider hallways and bathrooms, as well as an ipad back injure -- as well as an ipad back in control everything. >> it is definitely a weight off my shoulders to have something that is done, not having to worry about it. nancy: a new beginning for walker and his girlfriend. as will as his daughter. steve: here we are, friday
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night. thank goodness it is friday, national harbor, the skies are clearing out a little bit. the heavy rain that we had earlier is long gone. wasnight, the high today 91. the record, 2012, 105 degrees. mid 60's feels like reagan national airport, cooler to the west, upper 60's winchester, luray, 66 cumberland. stormwatch 7 satellite and radar, quiet and dry conditions at this hour. severe thunderstorm warning we had earlier this evening is long gone, but still to the west a cluster of thunderstorms just to the west of elkins, west virginia, likely to bring some thunder as it moves to the south and southeast. if youon't be surprised hear raindrops later tonight, along with some lightning strikes and thunder. 68 to 75
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closer to town, partly cloudy skies. it will stay warm and sticky, and it continues into early tomorrow morning. taking the dog out, grabbing coffee, going to the farmers market, upper 60's, lower 70's across the immediate metro. futurecast, a nice sunrise early tomorrow morning. and baltimore,s towards gaithersburg germantown, and a few showers to the north and west. likely linger into the mid day. not going to amount to a whole lot, but be forewarned you may see a few showers. if they pop up, they will not last long, definitely not severe. once the showers are out of here, cooler and dry air arrives tomorrow afternoon into tomorrow evening. the humidity levels will drop, bringing us a beautiful sunday. degrees,orrow near 88 near average this time of year. going to the beach tomorrow, be prepared for stray storms during th
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the lower 80's. the 10 day outlook, if you like it hot and humid, tuesday is the day, with highs near 95. the heat index values closer to 100. stay in the 90's wednesday through friday of next week with a nighttime lows in the 70's. tgif. alison: we are all excited about that, steve, thank you. we all do this -- take off your jewelry before washing the dishes. that turned into a nightmare for a woman. nancy: her wedding rings vanished, but tonight an
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nancy: a virginia woman got her wedding rings bac after they wound up in a landfill. alison: she met her husband in 1956. he died in 2013, so her wedding rings had a lot of sentimental value, but she accidentally threw her rings of the trash after taking them off to do the dishes. nancy: she asked county officials for help and three employees searched bag after bag at the landfill. they found her rings. >> i said thank you, god, for giving them the eyesight to find these rings.
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, because i was look at him to say good night, it's time to go to bed, and i said did you send your guardian angel down here today? i know you did. alison: not just eyesight but patients and generosity. that was such a kind gesture. nancy: you are really looking for a needle in a haystack. those rings and all that trash. from i would love to hear them, what they went through and what inspired them to do that. nats fans were vocal last night. tonight they were screaming for ♪ introducing the new sleep number 360™ smart bed. the only bed smart enough to change sleep as we know it. it senses your every move and automatically adjusts on both sides to keep you comfortable. and snoring... does your bed do that?
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>> and now the toyota sports desk, brought to you by your local toyota dealers. erin: after a brutal rain delay thursday night, it was business as usual tonight for the nationals against the braves. max scherzer became the first pitcher in baseball history to have 10-plus wins and 100-40 plus strikeouts before the all-star break in five straight seasons. the nats were down 4-1 in the ninth inning. stephen drew scores, 4-3.
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fly send the game to extra innings. the braves outfield had to play shallow with the leading runner on third to have a shot to throw out the runner. the problem, murphy sends it right over matt kemp's head, a walkoff victory for washington. the number one pick in this year's nba draft made his summer league draft for the lakers that made his summer league debut tonight. the pinpoint lob pass to brandon ingram. -93.clippers win, 96 the cavaliers have reportedly agreed to a deal with former georgetown
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i'm joey. >> i'm brian. >> we're bartenders at the heavy dog in cleveland, ohio. >> tonight jimmy welcomes michael keaton, anthony davis, and charlie wilson, featuring robin thicke. >> since you're up late anyway you can come down to the heavy dog and get a hot dog with froot loops, bacon, macaroni and cheese. >> enjoy the show! [ cheers and applause ] >> dicky: from hollywood it's "jimmy kimmel live"! tonight -- michael keaton, from the new orleans pelicans anthony davis, soccer superstar neymar jr. and music from charlie wilson featuring robin thicke. and now, heads up! here's jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] ♪


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