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tv   News 7 at 11  ABC  July 10, 2017 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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abc 7 news at 11:00 starts with breaking news. alison: we begin with breaking news at our airports, fumes at an faa facility disrupting air travel. in leesburgtion affecting thousands with a drowned stoppage. less than an hour ago, that ground stoppage was lifted and flights are landing. alison: tom roussey joins us from reagan. what is it looking like now, tom, any better? tom: better, but still a long way from good. planes are finally taking off and landing, but what a mess at all three major airports in the area, a lot of flights canceled. there is finally some red, which is a good thing compared with an hour ago. in the last hour the planes finally moving again at reagan national. i'm told there's a similar situation at dulles
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starting a little before 7 p.m. the airplanes just sitting, not getting in or out, creating a mess for passengers. i talked with some folks who had to rebook for tomorrow night. a lot of frustration. threesat on the plane for hours. a were trying to decide what to do with us. they finally decided to let us off the plane and rebook. >> nobody could answer your on the phone or at the window. that's it, you are on your own. they were telling us we could not get out tonight. tom: this is video from dulles. the planes were not taking off or landing earlier because of the air traffic control center in leesburg that handles high-altitude planes. check out this image from flight aware.
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east coast, except when you zoom in on d.c., where pretty much absolutely nothing was happening for horus. back live, folks are still trying to rebook. this will definitely linger until tomorrow. reporting live at reagan national, tom roussey, abc 7 news. alison: what a mess, and the issue also affecting bwi. we will keep a close eye on a are as things return to normal. stay with us at at and on "good morning washington" starting tomorrow at 4:24. nancy: in northeast, one-year-old boy has been shot. anna-lysa gayle has the latest. nancy, the one-year-old boy was shot at about 9 p.m. chief newsham said he has been to the hospital. there is police activity in this alleyway. he was hit by a stray bullet during a
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the new condos surrounding the block. the roads are blocked from 13th and h to 13th and i streets. the descriptions are vague. one of the suspects about six feet, the other the same height, one with dreads and a baseball cap. back to you. breaking in this mississippi tonight, a marine corps transport plane crashed late today, killing at least 12 people. are searchings several miles for any survivors or dish and all victims. air traffic controllers said the plane had some sort of structural failure at 20,000 feet. we will bring you updates as soon as they are available. i'm michelle marsh at the live desk. the fbi
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staying put, remaining exactly where it is come at the j edgar hoover building downtown. published reports sing the federal government is canceling a project that would have put the fbi on a campus in the suburbs. by idea was to pay for it selling the old building to a real estate developer and using almost $2 billion of taxpayer dollars to cover the rest of the costs. for years, fbi officials have cited security concerns for wanting to move. this evening the chair of the fairfax county board of supervisors tweeted she is disappointed with this decision. michelle marsh, abc 7 news. the first forecast from stormwatch 7. the heat index still feels like the upper 80's downtown d.c. it will be a warm and humid overnight. the satellite and radar from stormwatch 7, showers around i-81,
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they are fizzling out, not expecting anything severe, but if you are out and about the next half hour, 45 minutes, you'll find a little wet weather. the temperatures tomorrow will make it into the middle to upper 90's. to heat index values closer 100, and even hotter as we move into wednesday and thursday. more on that, plus the timing of a cold front later in the week that will give us a little it of relief. alison: steve, thank you. we have exclusive video of a damaged van from a police involved shooting in mount a irey. tim: tonight, a closer look at the damaged van at the center of a deadly police-involved shooting. detectives said they were trying to stop this when the suspect driving the van rammed the howard county police cruiser, then sped towards the officers. two officers opened fire, killing th
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this woman was across the street. >> i heard a gunshot and a bunch of police sirens. tim: what did you do? >> i quickly told my mom, she locked all the doors, and we stayed in place. tim: we visited manor drive for a home was burglarized before the deadly shooting. >> this is normally really safe. i guess this is a wake-up call he can happen anywhere. tim: tim barber, abc 7 news. d.c. families tonight cannot go home as the police try to figure out who did this and said it on fire along wheeler road in southeast. anna-lysa gayle spoke with residents were trying to pick up the broken pieces. turner spent monday afternoon sorting through debris and anything she could save following this massive fire investigators believe was intentionally set. she walked us through what is left.
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anna-lysa: there were about eight people in the house sunday morning at 3 a.m., including an eight week old and one-year-old. >> all my kids, my grandkids were in the house, sleeping. we could have died. that's something to think about. anna-lysa: two nearby homes were damaged in the fire. this video shows how quickly the flames spread. >> my neighbor is left without a house, we are left without a house. anna-lysa: turner does not know who is responsible for the attack that has this message. >> you put my family in jeopardy. it's wrong. anna-lysa: anna-lysa gayle, abc 7 news. nancy: today congress return from its recess, and so did protesters. capitol hill police arrested 80 people opposing the repeal of obamacare. the senate is hoping to introduce a new draft replacement bill next week. alison:
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reporting donald trump junior aew before admitting with russian lawyer that information promised about hillary clinton was pot of moscow's efforts to help the trump campaign. the president son-in-law and campaign manager also attended the june 2016 meeting. in a statement donald trump junior said it was clear the woman had no meaningful information and wanted to talk about other topics. the senate intelligence committee tonight once answers -- wants answers. >> we want to ask donald trump junior as well as anybody else who may have attended. we have some very serious questions. alison: donald trump junior says he is happy to speak with senators. has hired ans son attorney to represent him in this and other investigations. nancy: decades in prison for a heinous crime in montgomery county. the man convicted was on the run for 11 yrs
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ultimately landed him in prison was a post.- facebook tom: era follow received 75 years for raping two eight-year-old girls in 2004 in gaithersburg. >> they were the children of his lover in gaithersburg. tom: the montgomery county states attorney's office said rather than face trial, he fed to -- led to el salvador. the judge went ahead without him. >> the trial happened in absentia, which means he was tried without being present. tom: last year the victims found a shocking thing on facebook, pictures of the man, but he was not in el salvador. >> he stuck back into the united states and spent time in texas. now-21-year-old victims alerted authorities and the man turned himself in. >> he knew that he had been made. tom:
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he was intoxicated and could not remember what happened in gaithersburg that night and he regrets fleeing. tom roussey, abc 7 news. nancy: the judge gave him 75 years behind bars. one victim talked in court about how difficult this has been for her and her sister, saying off-camera they are very satisfied with the verdict. the university of maryland school of pharmacy is adding an entire program on medical marijuana. this is an online course about a new direction in medicine, they say. right now only 24 students are taking it, but the school says they eventually expect thousands to take it. the idea of starting early in a budding industry. >> what is the process, how do you take the plan, how are you going to package it. alison: the course costs between $200 and $450. still ahead, 7 on your side gets answers after road crews
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neighbors and their hyattsville home. nancy: stunning video from tibet, where there is having. alison: in good news for coffee drinkers. could a morning cup save your life? nancy: in its underway right now and it only gets better. what you need to know about the
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nancy: terrifying images from to bet. -- from tibet. caused this huge building to topple. the good news is it was evacuated before the disaster. but look at this park truck ingng swept into a rag river. amazingly, no injuries were reported. alison: incredible. topening now, a wild dash safety in the west, nearly 70 major fires burning right now, thousands evacuated and thousands of firefighters move in. many return to homes reduced to rubble. right now there are no reports of serious injuries.
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want to see if you are on vacation in the outer banks. a water spout called on tape, a harbor.w the stunning images were also on social media. this led to tornado warnings, but no reports of serious injuries or damage. getting on your side answers after hyattsville neighbors were trapped in their homes. road crews moved into build sidewalks along old landover road, blocking driveways and trapping residents. 7 on your side asked questions. the county said they posted door notices, but that does not mean everyone got the news. >> they blocked us in. it's totally wrong. totally wrong. >> there's no way -- >> you could still leave it where people can read it. how do we get out? said: county officials they truly
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contractor should have given residents a temporary way to access their driveways. for manyew at 11:00, of has been weeks of struggle. the tragedy of a 17-year-old murder -- he was walking to her mosque. now there are plans for programs to help a community in mourning. since the murder, many have struggled with their pain. last month, she was beaten to death while walking to her mosque. >> her death was so tragic. her life was so beautiful. anna-lysa: members of her mosque are finding ways to help young people were struggling with their grief. they have implement that year-long programs. >> we have the opportunity for them to sign up for therapy, art and music therapy, trying to come to closure with this. anna-lysa:
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front of their peers, most recently at nabra's vigil. >> when i heard about it, i ran out to where it happened. i was screaming, i felt like i was going to cry. anna-lysa: parents will also be provided with support through the programs. anna-lysa gayle, abc 7 news. nancy: 7 on your side consumer news -- take money could be on the way for wells fargo customers. a judge has given preliminary approval for $142 million settlement in the fake account scandal, the money for customers names being used in the fake accounts. this is not a done deal. final approval will not be until next year. alison: amazon prime day is underway. you have about 28 hours to cash in on the savings. they kicked retail off at 9 p.m. every fivein
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will continue to do this for the next 30 hours. to take part, you have to have a prime membership. you can still get one if you don't have it, costing $99 per year. devicewant an electronic but you don't want to set it up, amazon has that covered because the text giant announced its new amazon smart home services store. when you purchase any item, you can choose setup and installation appointment as well. nancy: every five minutes, wow. do you want the new iphone? you better start saving. experts say it could cost $1200 and even more for stop the phone is expected to launch this fall with a series of high tech updates. and 7 on your side with health matters -- good news for coffee drinkers. two studies have found your morning habit could mean a longer life of one study found people who drink two to four cups per day had an 18% lower ri
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don't drink coffee. researchers showed coffee lovers -- coffee lower the risk of heart disease, cancer, stroke, and other health issues. alison: steve is cheering. steve: i'm going to be around a long, long time. [laughter] steve: daytime high today was 90 degrees, above average this time of year. day number one of the heat wave, with several more to go. the best chances to break or tie records will be wednesday or thursday. at dulles and bwi marshall. a little harder at reagan national, where the high as 100. the feels like temperatures in the upper 80's. if you are thinking about turning off the air conditioning, don't, it will warm quickly through the morning tomorrow. and we have some showers. along i-81 at this time, but they are fizzling rapidly. if you might make it into western montgomery county, loudoun county over the
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hour or so, but other than that, not expecting anything significant. definitely nothing severe. the wake-up temperatures tuesday morning, lower 70's for most of the area. 69 degrees manassas. dress for comfort tomorrow and get the umbrella ready. you may see some showers and thunderstorms over your neighborhood. not going to amount to a lot, widely scattered in the afternoon. may find heavier downpours and lightning, gusty wind, but after that things clear out. it will stay warm -- make that hot and humid. and it will get hotter wednesday, thursday. highest tomorrow near 95 to 98. the feels like temperatures in the upper 90's. then we really crank up the heat and humidity wednesday, feels like temperatures in the afternoon around 101. thursday feels like temperatures around 100 to 105. thursday will be the hottest day.
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lowering temperatures just a bit for the weekend. speaking of the weekend, upper 80's saturday, lower 90's back sunday. a brief cool down again monday. in the heat and humidity is back for the middle of next week. askedxt four days, you for summer, you got it, temperatures are around 98 degrees, the heat index hotter than that. alison: did we ask for? nancy: i don't remember. alison: this next one you will love, a family stunner. after 137 years of only boys, there is a baby girl.
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alison: a baby girl always a bundle of joy, but this might take the cake. nancy: a south carolina family has had four generations, 137 years of only boys. but a gender reveal party was stunning. alison: the streak is broken with the birth of carter louise. it is such a big deal, there is even a be aboard -- there is even a billboard to celebrate. nancy: she is adorable.
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spoiling her. alison: a spoiled little girl. robert: spoiled already, her own billboard. superstars in miami tonight, letting bombs fly. the home run derby. ♪ ♪ award winning interface. award winning design. award winning engine. the volvo xc90. the most awarded luxury suv of the century. visit your volvo dealer today and get up to $4,500 in allowances.
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>> and now the toyota sports desk, brought you by your local toyota dealers. robert: the home run derby tonight in miami. not sure i have seen baseballs hit like this. we'll most had a major upset. a local product from westfield high school, then george mason university, flexing serious muscle, 22 home runs in the first round. it looked like he would knock off the favorite, aaron judge, but judge had 24, cruising to the finals. with the flick of a rest. judge, the 2017 home run derby champ. the derby tonight, but they are well represented in miami. ince harper will start right, batting third, joined by daniel murphy at second and ryan
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max scherzer and stephen strasburg also are on the squad, with scherzer getting the start. >> for me to get the opportunity to represent the national league is something you never forget. when you get the opportunity, i'm so happy to be able to pitch. robert: we have had this day before, trying to warm up before his match. jumps into the doorway, bangs his head on the doorway. ouch. another look. that had to hurt. shook it off with a little laugh. was not laughing at the
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alison: no escaping the heat. steve: no, and it's only getting hotter tomorrow and wednesday and thursday, daytime highs tomorrow in the upper 90's.
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the heat index values near 105. a cold front arrives friday, bringing showers and thunderstorms. 80'stle cooler, upper saturday. lower 90's sunday. alison: jimmy kimmel is next.
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mango, put it in reverse. oh, lord jesus. oh, lord. geez. what you doing? >> announcer: tonight's jimmy kimmel live is brought to you by fireworks and terry. back up terry. >> dicky: from hollywood it's "jimmy kimmel live!" tonight -- kit harington, from "girls trip", regina hall, and music from trey songz. and now, here's jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ]


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