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tv   News 7 at 11  ABC  July 12, 2017 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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steve: tomorrow we are gearing up for the hottest day of the year. and an alert for verizon customers. dats for millions leaked online. what you need to do right now. plus -- >> he's very sick. jonathan: an amazing recovery made by one of d.c.'s youngest athletes, next. >> now, abc 7 news at 11:00, on your side. jonathan: we start the evening on stormwatch. it will be another scorcher tomorrow, may be the hottest day of the year so far. alison: are you ready for this?
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here. steve: we are looking at temperatures at 11:00 at 84 degrees at reagan national, the heat index values in the 90's. in terms of the heat advisories, that will go into effect tomorrow afternoon, extending through the afternoon and early evening. orange including the district, arlington, alexandria, all of southern maryland will have temperatures closer to 105 degrees come and i would not be surprised if we see 107. upper 90's, near 100 tomorrow. trekking a cold front coming up in a few minutes. alison: new at 11:00, as francent trump heads to to mark bastille day, new video of a 2013 business dinner with the president and members of a wealthy russian family. also when the video is the family pub
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he is the one who set up the now-infamous meeting last summer between donald trump junior and a russian lawyer who claim to have damaging information about hillary clinton. in a new interview with reuters, the president denies knowing about this until just a few days ago. he said his son did nothing wrong by taking the meeting, which also involved his son-in-law jerod kushner and campaign manager paul manafort. donald trump said the woman did not have information about hillary clinton and it was a ruse to get face-to-face meetings. jonathan: two democratic members filed an article of impeachment against president trump. nancy chen has what this means. it's a long shot, but they are taking the step. nancy: this is being described by most as a true longshot bid against president trump, but the move to take the first formal steps is certainly getting a lot of attention.
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comeys firing of james from the fbi constitutes obstruction of justice come on the heels of revelations about donald trump jr. the constitution provides for the removal of a president for high crimes and misdemeanors. they have acknowledged the unlikelihood of house republicans moving forward. of russiae topic dominated questioning during today's confirmation hearing for fbi director christopher wray. the nominee disputed the president's the special counsel investigation is a witchhunt. >> i do not considered director mueller to be on a witchhunt. effort tonsider an tamper with the investigation unacceptable and inappropriate and it needs to be dealt with very sternly and appropriately. alison: the
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in for him basis since the president fired james comey in may. jonathan: chances are you use one of these websites every day -- today, twitter, facebook, and amazon protested online against administrationmp ruled to roll back obama administration rules. more than 80,000 websites disagree. net neutrality allows those of us who go online to do what we want to do without interference. jonathan: net neutrality rules stop interest service providers from displaying certain websites fastly. they believe that they could create fast lanes in s slow lanes. republican mitch mcconnell will release a new health care bill.
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break will start on time. jonathan: he was one of two people shot in borge town -- georgetown it with you go. dozens gather to honor the 19-year-old who was killed. anna-lysa gayle is live at the story that you will see only on 7. anna-lysa: there are still dozens of candles left behind following the vigil of the 19-year-old who was shot to death between the capital crescent trail and the potomac book club. members of the club say they still notice the bolo whole following the shooting -- the bullet hole following the shooting. under thethe picture whitehurst freeway bridge days after he was gunned down in the area. two shotwas one of before 3 a.m. on water street. the second victim survived.
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she talked about the future he had. >> i'm sorry. he was a kid filled with love and happiness. anna-lysa: olivares was an aspiring rapper, known by the nickname little flacco. friends and family remembered him as a vibrant young man. >> would not believe this happened. ? why anna-lysa: so far, no connections have been national arrests have been made in the murder and the police have provided no connections. members of the georgetown cupidity said they noticed an increased police presence in the area following the murder. a 25,000 other reward is being offered for information leading to an arrest. anna-lysa gayle, abc 7 news. alison: anna-lysa, thank you. only on 7, a professional photographer accused of taking nude photo
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is out on bond. they say that he secretly recorded the teenagers as they changed for photo shoots in his home. he ran "dark photography" out of his home. they say the sisters, ages 13 and 14, discover the hidden camera and told their mother. the police are concerned there could be more victims. jonathan: a man is in jail, accused of hitting a transgendered woman with his car and on purpose. she is in the hospital fighting for her life. northeasty is live in washington where the investigation is going on now. tom? jonathan: we are told the victim in this case had been celebrating july 4. this happened early in the morning of the fifth. the victim was hit on k street, the car kept going, and the driver was not caught in till today. >> we cannot definitively say it was not a hate crime, but we cannot rule it out. tom:
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in the hit and run of a transgender woman a week ago. the victim is still in critical condition, unable to speak, but expected to survive. the police arrested an 18-year-old driver, anderson, of fort meade. >> we believe the vehicle was used as a weapon. tom: this person runs in lgbt center where the victim is well known and liked. the police say the victim was hit early july 5 on k street northeast near 4th street. if you guys were hollering at girls and got into an argument with a group the victim was with. one of the guys made a threat, and soon after the victim was hit. >> there are women having conversations with men all the time across the city. they don't get run over. trans women of color tend to experience violence that is always over the top. tom: the
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, anderson come is charged with aggravated assault while armed. the police say the weapon was the car he was driving. live in northeast, tom roussey, abc 7 news. alison: the house has postponed its official photo for the 115th congress until louisiana congressman steve scalise can take part. tonight the majority whip is out of intensive care for a second time. he remains in serious condition and is still been treated for an infection. scalise shot in the hip last month when a gun man shot at a softball practice in alexandria. jonathan: d.c. police out with an alert about a con being played in georgetown. it has to do with drivers with dented cars. the police say these guys were spotted a georgetown. if you fall for it, you could be out hundreds of dollars. tim barber has that story. how are they pulling this off? tim:
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people on the street. we talked to a professional come how they fix a real car the real way, and how you can spot the fakers targeting people on wisconsin avenue and m street. christopher ray has been repairing dents for more than a decade, so he knows it takes experience. 's warning drivers con artists are posing as professionals to rip people of they're using crowbarsf. >>. tim: investigators say the criminals were most recently spotted in a dodge charger with d.c. tags on m street and wisconsin in georgetown. >> they need to get control of that. tim: they often charge hundreds of dollars, but use cheap fixes that only last a few days, and sometimes spray paint over marks. >> you are conning me out of my money. tim: ray
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in action >> i tried to stop them as much as i can. tim: and tries to warn people. >> it is so disrespectful. jonathan: 7 on your side with a consumer alert -- data from millions of verizon customers leaked online. this was a case of human error. somebody misconfigured a security setting that made phone numbers, names, and pin codes available online. verizon says there has been no loss or theft of 6 million accounts. in the fall you go therefore foot wall. tonight you go therefore food -- you go there for football. tonight you go there for food. a lot of the focus tonight at fedex field was using food and drink from local vendors. servicealso expect changes like digital menu boards and quicker preparation. jonathan: hungry just watching. alison: that looks good. on the espys
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we watched story after story about amazing feats of athleticism, but this may take the cake. i believe in god and i trust in god and he said i can do it. jonathan: this little boy overcome in then hit the ice. his story just ahead. >> get the camera off right now, i mean it. alison: a
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jonathan: in pennsylvania, there is a desperate search for four young men who have been missing for several days. released the name of a person of interest to was released on bail last night. they are searching property with backhoes and by hand. have not yet recovered any human remains i can report, but we have recovered several important pieces of evidence at thissite. jonathan: the police have re- arrested the man and they ar
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22 years old. they were led to the property by a cell phone ping, where they found a missing car of one of the young men. doctor is in custody, accused of writing unnecessary prescriptions for powerful drugs that contributed to the death of at least seven people. -- diamond of texas howard dimon of texas faces several charges, and in each case people died within one month of filling their prescriptions. >> the car was running when we left. reachedtemperatures northern than 100 degrees in st. louis and the humane society said when it rescued a little it was more than 130 degrees inside the car. the story has a happy ending and the dog will be fine, but it's an important reminder about how hot it can get inside of a c
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the owner could face neglect or animal cruelty charges. jonathan: tonight we watched as the country's best athletes received rewards, but a germantown boy could be of the stage for an espy one day. escott abraham reports, he has already fall and conquered his toughest battle. scott: hockey practice awaits. >> my teacher was teaching me how to skate. 11-year-old jackson gilmore has come a long way in a short amount of time. >> i trust in god and he said i could do it. scott: this was jackson in october 2014. he cannot talk him a had involuntary movements, and struggled to walk. >> he was very, very sick. he had his trust in god he would get better. scott: he had a rare autoimmune disease, when the
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the brain. after months of rehab, the germantown native is on the road to recovery. >> he has a strong belief in who he is and who he wants to be. he has that perseverance and drive and is not giving up. to say the least come it has been a long journey for jackson and the gilmore family. again, can just be a kid and he is staying quite as a. besides hockey, he plays basketball and baseball. >> he wants to do everything. i think it is so important he plays in team sports. scott: working hard and dreaming big. >> i want to be a professional baseball player. scott: smart, athletic, and driven -- the right combo for success. alison: and we are all rooting for him. from the ice
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the beach, the beach at ocean city, maryland, is getting much needed funding. the u.s. army corps of engineers awarded nearly a $13 million contract for what they call " each nourishment." that means a company will move 900,000 cubic yards of sand to the beach to help believe coastal storm damage. work is expected to begin after labor day. steve: beach weather heading our way for the weekend, but we have to get through the next couple days which will probably be the hottest we have seen this year. the high today was 95, well above average this time of year, 89 where we normally are, 99 the record in 1908. past 11:00 am it is still around 85 degrees out of reagan national airport. looking for cooler temperatures come head to the mountains, the blue ridge, allegheny, in the upper 60's. the feels like temperatures not dropping a lot through the overnight. still hanging onto 94
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at reagan national come even hotter downtown d.c., where we have all of the concrete. the feels-like temperature closer to 100. satellite and radar partly cloudy skies right now. we will look for temperatures tomorrow morning to be warm and humid. 70 to 75 early on. a quickthe midmorning, increase, temperatures skyrocketing well into the mid and upper 90's. futurecast, we can see a little relief from the heat and humidity briefly for the afternoon with a few showers and thunderstorms. they could pop up, limited to a 30% risk, many of you will see nothing at all. -- if you do see the storms, they will not last long. tomorrow, highs eventually into the upper 90's, close to 100 degrees. a heat advisory in effect for the d.c. metro and
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to 106 degrees, especially in the afternoon and early evening. take it easy, drink plenty of water, try to find a little shade if you are outside in the afternoon. a cold front late friday cooling gusoff, cutting the humidity saturday. highs back into the lower 90's sunday, monday, tuesday, mid 90's by thursday of next week. jonathan: tysons can be a traffic headache, and it's about to get busier. alison: if you can imagine that. brand-new plans have been approved.
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alison: turns out amazon's prime day on tuesday was one for the record books, saying it was their biggest sale day in company history. blackwere higher than on friday and cyber monday combined. the biggest seller was the speaker, followed by the fire tablet, kindle devices, and a programmable pressure cooker. jonathan: one of the biggest retail centers in the area is about to get her. fa
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to capital one's corporate headquarters building in tysons. market,clude a wegmans a game field, and a plaza. a lot going on. speaking of games -- erin: yeah, imagine if the and kirk cousins cannot reach a deal by monday what would happen. i asked former redskins quarterback joe theismann, and he thinks he has the answer.
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>> and now the toyota sports desk, brought to you by your local toyota dealers. erin: time is winding down for the redskins and kirk cousins to reach a long-term deal before monday, and it does not appear the sides are close. if a deal is not release -- if the deal is not reached, cousins will be the first quarterback in franchise history to play under the franchise tag four consecutive seasons. i asked joe theismann if you thought the sides would get a long-term deal done. joe: i thought when derek carr got his 125 million dollar contract, i thought that might spur more movement with regards to kirk. i would love to see him stay redskins. if a contract
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in the next week, i would be very surprised if kirk cousins was a redskin in 2018. erin: the wizards taking on the heat, summer league action. wiz trail by one, under 10 seconds to play. mack is blocked at the buzzer. the wizards hope that what happens in vegas stays in vegas because they have not won a game yet, 0-4 after the loss to miami. at wimbledon, a shocker on the men's side. andy murray upset by american sam querry in five sets. to speed up nba games, there will only be 14 timeouts instead of 18.
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alison: we have been talking all week about tomorrow being really hot. steve: by this time tomorrow night we will say, hey, it was ok. 100 the daytime high, a cold front on the way. less humid saturday. jonathan: jimmy kimmel is next.
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tonight's "jimmy kimmel live" is brought to you by the u.s. presidential order of succession. the 13 people standing between us and president ben carson. >> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live"! tonight -- adam carolla. from "spider-man: homecoming" jacob batalon. floyd mayweather jr. and conor mcgregor. the 11th annual belly flop competition. and music from the kills. and now, look out, here's jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] ♪


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